Felicia “I don’t believe he [Cameron] will put America up because he wants her in the jury house.. without him [Cory].”

The Situation:

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:26pm Havenot Room – Matt, Blue and Cirie.
Cirie – America has been chatting it up with me but not… just regular stuff. And today I haven’t really talked about anything about Felicia. That was really it. Blue – yeah.. America told me that ..she said I had a long conversation with Cirie and folded immediately. Cirie – what does that mean? Matt – wait what? Blue – She was like I had a long talk with Cirie and I folded immediately.. she is so nice. I am not targeting her. Cirie – awwwww.. Blue – I think you’re in good standing now compared to a few days ago. America told me that Felicia came to her or her and Cory and proposed a final 4. Of Felicia, Meme, Cory and America. Cirie – OHHHH!? She didn’t include Jag? I thought she liked Jag. Wow! Good for them. Blue – I don’t think America .. I think she entertained it but I don’t think she took it. America is still aiming for Felicia and Meme. Matt – I hope. Blue – because everyone is on the Felicia train right now.. even Cameron. Matt – oh big time. Cirie – Cameron hasn’t even really talked to me .. he is being sort of normal with me but not any game talk. He asked me yesterday, so what’s your plans if I stay or Jared stays.. you got to have a plan. And I was like AHHHHHHhhhh.. I don’t have a plan. I was like Cameron I am on this island by myself I don’t really have a plan. I don’t know which way is up.. I just kind of danced around that. And then he started talking about how he wants to go on survivor and is this hard to me. And I was like yeah this is mad hard.. he was like oh that makes me feel better because I guess he is hinting that its hard for him. And about feeling pressured about the thing on Thursday. Like the pressure about being watched live. That was the only conversation I had. Everything else was just regular. And I am not initiating any conversations with anyone. Blue – and I think because you just came off that Cirie train.. I think it is probably a good idea to just lay low. Oh Man I hope I win HOH! Cirie – you and me girl. Matt – I think I need to win. I think Meme and Felicia would put me up. Blue – I think so. Cirie – F**KERS! Matt – Felicia promised she would never put me on the block. But I don’t know if she is just saying that. But then who would she go for then? Blue – me and Jag… you backdoor. Matt – I won’t let that happen. I won’t let her take the HOH from me. Cirie – I don’t think Meme is going to try to win yet.. because she would then have to stand out and pick somebody and she don’t want that smoke yet. Matt – really? I think she would target me. Cirie – She won’t because then she would think that we would all go after her. And she don’t want to target Cory and America because she is trying to play with them. Blue – I think Meme and Cory are a lot closer than we think they are. Cirie – yeah that’s what it looks like. Blue – I am just hoping to won’t be a chance (HOH comp).

7:40pm – 8:15PM Havenot room – Matt and Blue.
Blue – I think yesterday’s talk with me, you and Jag was so good. It made me .. I think I might have said a little too much but I just need to get it out.. Matt – I am hoping America and Cory are solid with us over Felicia and Meme. Blue – Absolutely! Absolutely! Cory and America know they cannot win competitions. Matt – they’re going to need us. Blue – Cory and America are thinking they’re in best position. They’re thinking we’re comfortable. They are thinking they are exactly how we felt last week. Obviously they’re going to lean towards me, you and Jag because we’re the better competitors. They’re using us and are going to use us to get as far as possible. They’re obviously bringing along Felicia and Meme because of numbers.

8:40pm – 8:50pm Living Room – Felicia and Blue.
Felicia – I think Matt and Jag .. part of them doesn’t want to win because they don’t want to have to target someone now so that really leaves us females battling which works to our advantage. Blue – I am nervous. I am nervous if Cameron wins HOH. Felicia – I know that’s the only wild card because literally what is he going to do? Who is he going to put up? A part of me believes he won’t do Bowie Jane.. it could be.. Blue – anyone. Felicia – it could be literally anyone. He could put up Matt and Jag, I don’t know. He might decide he wants to keep them. He might just take a shot at them to get one of them out. I don’t believe he will put America up because he wants her in the jury house. But I could see him putting Cory up because he wants to be out there with her without him. The question is who is going to sit next to Cory? That’s the wildcard. Blue – I know .. I don’t know. It hurts my brain trying to think like Cameron. Felicia – in 56 days I have never talked game with Cameron. Not one time. Blue – and I am not about to start now.

9:55pm The house guests are hanging out and chatting about random things. Cirie heads to bed and says goodnight to the “night crew”.

10:05pm – 10:25pm Living Room – Meme, America and Jag.
Meme – perhaps you’re considering other alternative options (Cam). Jag – perhaps its not launchable’s (Cory) that you want. Perhaps its something else that you want… Felicia – CAM! Meme – now you being messy! Jag – STOP! I call it digiorno. America – I hope its not what its coming across as though! Jag – it doesn’t matter what its coming across as, it matters how you feel. America – its not like that at all. Jag – what’s up with lunchables? America – Lunchables and Cam talked and lunchables said he doesn’t care about.. he said he doesn’t give a sh*t about .. about like me and Cam.. like Cam teasing me. America – he is like I don’t care, you can do whatever you want essentially. I want him to care and be like Cam back off. Like come on Cory ..its been 30 days of cuddling. I thought you would care… I mean lunchables. I don’t want curly hair. I mean it fine, I’m okay but I don’t want Cam. I don’t want curly hair. Like that is not how I am feeling at all. Jag – you want lunchables. America – just a little salsa. Jag – did he talk to you about it. America – they both did .. Cam laughed about how he (Cory) doesn’t give a sh*t. He (Cory) told him (Cam) that I don’t give a sh*t what you two do. Jag – do you think he means that or that its more of a defense. Do you think that’s his defense mechanism. America – we’ve talked about it before and he’s been like I don’t care. He is very focused on the game. I am going to talk to him, like I am not in to playing games … I just haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him. I didn’t think I was going to be salty about it. Jag – I could tell something was up. America – I was being subtle. Jag – we hangout with you enough to know you. Is this just a fun type thing for both of you? America – we decided we would just be friends outside of here. Meme – I feel like there has to be enough of something there for this to even be a question. Jag – if it was nothing .. you wouldn’t even care. Maybe he address the way he does for game purposes.. because like how does it look for him to be like “You better back off buster!” Because he might be like at that point my a$$ is grass. And maybe he doesn’t want to say anything because he doesn’t want to come off as controlling. Meme – I agree. America – we will talk tonight.. its very superficial. Jag – how emotionally connected are.. America – we don’t talk that much. Meme – what do you do? America – its just a lot of (kiss, kiss sounds). Its 50 humor, 50 intelligence and 5% lunchables. I mean I need to push for it more too to talk. But if he is just going to go around saying he doesn’t give a sh*t then that’s another thing.

11pm Bathroom – Jared and Cameron are rehashing the past couple weeks again for the 100th time. Jared – according to Cory .. he was like Bro it didn’t matter who you were sitting next to BRO we were voting you out. Like regardless if it was Cirie, if it was Blue, if it was anybody other than that, we was voting you out. And I was like ahhhh.. Cam – I saw it. Jared – I was like so the only way I was safe is if I won that f**king veto. The only way. Cameron – the only way you would have been safe would have been by not putting me on the block as a backdoor. Jared – yeah. Cam – all you and to do was put up anybody. Jared – I think about that every day. Like I would have put up anybody at that point .. like f**k it. Like f**k votes.. I wouldn’t have even needed votes. Cam – nope. If you would have made that move it would have been America out the door. Jared – Something needs to get busted up in here. Cam – in due time. Jared – in due time for sure. Cam – because if I don’t make it past that hurdle and she (Felicia) gets in the jury I don’t get a vote anyway.. at least one of them might respect the move. I am thinking long game on this. Jared – if she.. What I am thinking is you’re going real soon after that. And I don’t need to f**king tell you that, you know that. Cam – right, my point is its not even me its everybody else. Whoever does get her out will NOT get her vote at all. If she is vengeful enough to get me out she will not respectfully vote on the finale night.

11:40pm Bathroom – Cory, Jag, Bowie and America talk about the possibility of Felicia winning HOH and who she would nominate. America – what we are thinking is it would be him (Jag) and Matt. Bowie – that’s bad. Cory – I think she would target Cam, 100%! Bowie – oh that’s true. Cory – after that she would look towards me. Jag – yeah. Cory – that’s worst case but if you can matt were up .. it would be the same as me and her (America) being up basically as long as Cam doesn’t win the veto… one of you probably come off you go up and he goes out unanimously.

12:10am Bedroom – America and Cam
America – he is like flirting harder with me now which is fine. I am flirting back since it doesn’t matter right!? And you don’t care so? So I can flirt with him and he can flirt back. I am not doing it to spite you. Cory – I feel like I’ve been trapped here. America – what do you mean trapped. You’re not being trapped, I am just saying it didn’t make me feel good. Right!? And I didn’t think I would feel any certain way about it but I sort of do.. so.. Cory – none of it makes me feel good. But how am I supposed to play it, you know what I mean? America – I dont know you just have to be honest with yourself and me and like I dont care if you lie to him but like

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So the houseguests also realize the creepiness of Manson… Felicia is dead on the money about him wanting to be in jury with America without Cory there so he can get his creep on with no resistance. Disgusting…


Why are people saying this? He’s “bio” says he’s a stay at home dad. I’m thinking then is he married? Or divorced and she pays all the bills? Why publicly cheat? Not a huge fan if his (or this season) but some of this talk goes too far to crap on him.
Also these people over spill

Matthew schneider

I think cirie destoryed bb25 with out cirie jared would be long gone i think hiasm would be done to good at comps same with cameron i think the preseason favorite america would have a great chance of winning bb 25 but with cirie and jared hell no and blue would be nothing without jared

Spot ON

The endless character assassination on CAM’s good name and reputation is soooo disgusting.
Here is a guy, an honest individual, who courageously and with honor, served THIS country for 8 years, and upon his service, was honorably discharged, in order to pursue his life as best he can, and to provide for himself and his family in an honest, honorable, and lawful manner. And for him to get such unwarranted, unjustified, and dead wrong “rap” from all of these hamsters in the house is truly morally and socially obscene.


SpotOn, you spend 4 hours a day standing still saluting the flag dontcha? JROTC kinda guy? Think that just because someone is a veteran they’re a hero for life? Get real. Cam has been overly villianized within the house on a game level only, everything said about his creepy words and actions and his misogynistic views towards women have been accurate and justified. Don’t try to defend someone just because you worship the US military.

Oh my

Your ignorance is showing.


You’re not wrong. You’ll get a lot of smoke here from nationalists who deify soldiers. Cam’s a person who worked for our government. It doesn’t excuse the creepy stuff.


Wow Spot On BRAVO words! I slick talk but I try to be fair by what I have seen on live feeds. Cameron is a veteran so is Felicia(Air Force). They are BOTH hard to take. Cameron does try with America and does get bitter when she refuses the advances. It is clear he doesn’t respect her wishes of not being interested in that way. Cameron is shocked because in his mind he sees himself the better catch than Cory. It is hard to watch because he has served our country and wants to buy his daughter a solid home BUT he sees women as the breed apart which is selling women’s intelligence short. His sly comments/grunts and barking orders at America doesn’t sit right with me. He talks to women in the house like he is talking to skittish horse. Cameron wants Cory out before jury so then America and Cameron goes to jury alone. He sees her in the jury house. I just hope that America, IF she makes jury, has a lock on her door and her own private bathroom(also with deadbolt lock). It’s not crap talking him just honest observations I have seen him do. I remain conflicted on who I want to win. I just know for sure
No Jared
No Cirie
No Meme
No Blue
No Felicia
I wouldn’t be surprised that production is sculpting reality for Jared and Cirie to win just like season BB8 (I hope not but looks that way)


Bro, that’s mighty white of you bro. But bro, you forgot Jag bro.


They’ve shown themselves to be shitty people. Should we not dislike shitty people simply because they are black. Look at all the major dem run cities and see where that attitude has gotten us. I’m no cam fan but damn I’d rather he won than any of the twats mayarha04 named. But keep bringing race into everything as if that’s THE ONLY trait that matters bruh.

Oh my

He barely talks to her and most of the time he’s sitting by himself. She told Cory, Cameron’s hard to read because he talks in riddles when he talks. CORY told her to keep doing what she does, “that flirty thing”. America said, he’s (Cameron’s) smarter then that. And as far as barking orders, Felicia is the worst. Cameron is a Super Fan and everything he has said about their cowardice game play is true. Everything he’s said about their voting with the house crap is true. Everything he’s said about showmances is true. Everything he said about floaters is. Everything he said about Izzy was true. Calling them idiots is true. I’ve read comments after comments of live feeders saying the same things but it’s a problem when Cameron says it. Make sense of it for me.


You conveniently didnt address any of the examples of sexist and jealous behavior he has displayed towards women and particularly those that rejected his advances. Just because he has a better understanding of the game and some house dynamics isnt a defense. Spoiler….live feeders are sexist too! If you are genuinely confused why people are saying these things then ask…be curious. I didnt see it at first but now there are weeks worth of cringey, gross situations that we dont need to ignore.

yvonne miller

You are spot on. Took the words out of my mouth.


I want CAM to win. He is playing a great game. I am not sure what the rest on doing except FLOATING on by…This season is boring. I think BB set up this Zombie return as they know the season is boring.

Nether Region Euphemism

Over 100 people who usually lurk have come forward to support a man who doesn’t respect women.

Have any of you seen the clip of Cam touching America with his leg and hand?

He doesn’t understand consent. It’s not a big leap from there to actual force himself on a woman.

After he became a zombie I started rooting for him bc it’d be a legendary win after all the game adversity. He’s playing the game.

But this week has confirmed he has some serious misogynistic views and behaviors.

Jared’s Virtuous Nature

100% agree! He is a normal, stand-up guy. They did this to Jackson Michie too. You can’t be a normal guy anymore! You have to be weak or a beta offbeat character nowadays…

Gan ainm

FYI Jackson Michie while in the house was going through drug withdrawal and Called David a n#gger.If that’s what you think a normal guy is…..

yvonne miller

Are you giving Felicia the same props for her home life and military service to this country? I hope so. I think Cam is a creep.

Oh my

Nothing is creepier then your weird fixation on Cameron.


The mysoginists have entered the chat to defend their own. These kinds of excuses about him being a veteran and stay at home dad have been used to protect lots of men from the consequences of their actions. Somehow these same people clearly see Jared as a sexist, abusive person but cant see what Cam’s doing….hmmm wonder why.


I really think America will not mess around with Cam if the two of them are in the Jury house together. I think Cam freaks her out as well, yea she has flirted with him in the house, but I really think that was just her making sure she was safe when he was HOH.

If I were America, I’d be kind of nervous being alone with Cam in the house. Cam kind of comes across as a dude who makes most women feel uncomfortable. I think he’d creep her out for damn sure if she’s alone with him, I know he’s looking forward to getting rid of Corey.

I know America is 27 years old, and I think Cam is 32 or 33, but something about Cam with America just makes me feel, they just are not a good fit. I think on a maturity level, she’s not at his speed, Corey is safe, she can control things with him better.

On another subject, does Cirie & Blue feel that Jared is leaving ? I know that I am hoping Jared’s leaving and Cam stays, I for one have had enough of looking at him, and I’m sure tired of hearing him talk, and talk, and talk, just shut the hell up and leave already.


Lets be real. America used her sexual experience to seduce a guy who was in the beginning clearly not interested. But she persisted and eventually he relented. In my eyes that’s far more creepy than Cam wishing she were his. She saw smart, young and determined and decided to ride that horse. She sees now, the horse is tiring. I have no doubt she will get closer to Cam or whichever other male has power. Corey see’s this now and knows he’s been used. America knows he knows and that’s why she cozening up to the next available Alpha. She’ll ride whoever leads for as long as they do, then move on to the next. She’s a buttaface and without her makeup and hair done, she looks best from behind.

And I might add, Meme is the only female in that house that I respect. It might be just because she hasn’t needed to go “beast mode” … maybe there is a tiger in there, but we won’t know unless she hits the block.

Gan ainm

Your name says it all.

Spot ON

Sure you are not talking about BLEW?


After early morning shenanigans with America,Jag,Matt and Cory laughing with them and seeing how silly/fun they can be. Blue comes in and ALL of the mood goes down. Click off Blue you tell me it’s time to turn off live feeds. Those who click the down thumbs button can go lick themselves/suck on your thumb because you don’t bother me. LOL
(BTW ALL different opinions should be valued. Some replying comments are just downright mean and shouldn’t be. Example: Trying to be snarky because someone shows respect to a veteran shows the snarky one has their own lack of mental acuity. Just saying….smh)

Spot ON

Blah, blah, blah…lol… :p


Oh Spot On I WAS defending you….;*)

Spot ON

I know….I was kidding.. :-p


I KNOW you know Spot ON so was I. Your comments from the start have always been the good, the bad, and the ugly but I for one enjoy reading them. Keep ‘em coming!


I think insulting my intelligence based on my distaste for the United States military (as I am not even American lol) is a bit too far. Was I too snarky with SpotOn? Yes. Do I stand by my opinion that American patriotism goes too far to defend questionable individuals just because they are a veteran? Also yes.

Matthew schneider

My top 3 to win bb 25 cirie 1 matt 2 meme 3 my bottom 3 jared , cory ,america . The preseason favorite to win bb 25 was america


Anyone wins next to Meme or Bowie in finals.

Matthew schneider

That preseason was before cirie was playing bb 25

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

I am very confused. America says her and Corey agreed to just be friends outside the house. She says she doesn’t want to play games. However she does exactly that when she, in her words, is flirting (and “flirting harder”) with cam. Then when Corey says he doesn’t care she gets upset with him. So does she see Corey as more than just friends outside of the game and she is clearly playing games trying to make Corey mad by flirting with Cam while also trying to protect her game.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Just my opinion, I don’t now America, nor do I want to put her down. Now with that said, I think America wanted a Showmance just so she would get more TV Time. I think Corey was a safe choice, seemed like a nice guy that she could kind take the lead with.

As for America flirting with Cam, before I thought that it was kind of creepy with her and Cam. But after reading what America said about flirting with Cam, I think Corey is kind of slow when it comes to making out, or taking the lead.

Cam is not shy, he will say what he’s thinking from what I’ve seen on this show. America had to tell Corey to grow some hair on his face, that would make him look more mature, America had to keep pushing Corey to kiss her, to make out.

I get the feeling now, if Cam and America are in the Jury house alone, who knows what would happen. You don’t keep flirting with someone if there is not some kind of attraction with the person you are flirting with. Also I get the feeling Cam would not need to be led and told what to do when it comes to just hanging out, spending time alone with America.

Not saying anything sexual, just saying that I think Cam has more experience with women than Corey. I do not know these people, so I am just assuming.

Corey making the comment that he does not care, well I think that kind of made America feel a certain kind of way, I think it back fired on her, if she was trying to make Corey feel Jealous, that did not work, when he said he does not care, that kind of says in my opinion, there’s no Feelings, or desire to spend time getting to know America outside of the house.

Since they both said that outside of the house they will just be friends, I kind of get the feeling America was just trying to not look like she’s being played or used by Corey in the House. She was being questioned, and to defend herself, she said it was not that serious between her and Corey, especially when he said he did not care if she’s flirting with Cam.

Not really a good look on America’s side in my opinion, why fool around with Corey, and you are also flirting with Cam ? Sounds like America is just thirsty for the attention she gets from men. Like I said, I don’t know these people, this just what I’ve picked up on watching what’s happening on TV.

Another Dixie

America will do what it takes to get ahead in the game. If Corey is sent to jury, she will be crying in Cam’s arms. In my opinion, if you want to flirt, put up or shut up.

Spot ON

Anybody noticed how puny and “pasty” CORY. looks next to BOWIE in the exercise room ?? Any attempts at a “SHOWMANCE” between those two and CORY would have to be taken out in a stretcher to the nearest hospital for some oxygen.


Is it Thursday yet?


And can Thursday be a real double eviction please


why stop at a double? i think at minimum quintuple is what it’d take to save the season.


They could just pump a certain style of music into the House until all the Houseguests beg them to stop


Simon, any idea how the actual ratings are this season from people who are watching this mess? I would think they would be at an all time low.


No idea. My guess would be the ratings are mid.


Here are the ratings per episode (according to Wiki):

Week 1
Ep. 1 – 3.41 million
Ep. 2 – 3.35 million
Ep. 3 – 3.26 million
Ep. 4 – 2.85 million

Week 2
Ep. 5 – 2.89 million
Ep. 6 – 3.23 million
Ep. 7 – 3.07 million

Week 3
Ep. 8 – 3.24 million
EP. 9 – 3.29 million
Ep. 10 – 3.02 million

Week 4
Ep. 11 – 3.18 million
Ep. 12 – 3.33 million
Ep. 13 – 3.14 million

Week 5
Ep. 14 – 2.99 million
Ep. 15 – 3.28 million
Ep. 16 – 2.90 million

Week 6
Ep. 17 – 3.74 million
Ep. 18 – 3.51 million
Ep. 19 – 3.21 million

Week 7
Ep. 20 – 2.78 million
Ep. 21 – 3.48 million
Ep. 22 – 3.48 million

Week 8
Ep. 23 – 2.61 million


Thank you for this post. Very interesting.


with the hollywood strikes what else are people watching? i would think this is slightly up from recent seasons based on that alone, though network viewership is still plummeting compared to streaming.


maybe but there is lots of sports on right now….in my mind anything is better than this. I stopped watching two weeks ago and only come on here to see if ANYTHING has happened! lol


Bowie doesn’t shave. We know this because her towel slipped off in the bathroom this morning. Then it they showed the scene again. LOL.

un autre nom

Okay. Before I’m submerged in family again:
Am/Blue had a weird little exchange about 15 mins ago.
They (prodo) said no HOH tomorrow, Am questioned if Blue got the same memo. Blue feared another double.


If accurate then either the winner becomes HoH or HoH comp will be Friday morning

Paul Sucks

I can not take another Jared HoH if that is true and Cam fails the puzzle.


Jared and his mom talking about all the players in a very nasty way. Praying to God one minute and then talking nasty about the players the next. They both need to go.

Another Dixie

They can do that because they can ask forgiveness over & over again. For some reason, that justifies it.


Ok a question on what planet is Blue considered a competition threat. What has she won, how many times has she won? Matt saying that she he and jag are comp threats given who is in this house is asinine.


At this point it’s not a question of threat, but who do you want on the jury? That’s all everyone is thinking no matter what they claim about “threat”.

Nether Region Euphemism

Matt overplayed his conversation with BJ. It should send red flags for BJ that he was so intent and specific on what she should say to Blue. I hope she realized; seems she’s just taking in info now from everyone.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Ok, the fix is in, a news article popped up on my cell phone today, stating the Jared Fields has been treated unfairly, and was blindsided by the Double Eviction.

This is TOTAL BULLS@#T, how many other people have been blindsided during a Double Eviction since the beginning of Big Brother.

There’s an entire Article in “Screen Rant” talking about how unfair it was for Jared to be evicted during the double eviction, he was not given enough time to prepare, he was the outgoing HOH, so he was not able to play, Jared was treated unfairly because all he has done is try to protect his Mother Cirie Fields, and himself.

Now, you want to take about ” UNFAIR TREATMENT “, where’s the full article for Cam, for Red, for all of the other people who have been evicted this season in Big Brother 25 ?

Where’s the article on how UNFAIR it is for all of the Houseguests on Big Brother 25, they have a Mother and Son playing the game, that is a total disadvantage for everyone else in the house.

I have no proof, but in my Opinion, Production knows what they are doing is wrong, and I have a feeling that they are going to fix it tonight, so the Cam fails, and Jared wins, comes back into the house.

You have to read the Article, I could not believe how they made Jared a Saint, built him up to be the great competitor, good person, protective of his mother, just wants to do the right thing. I was blown away by all of the BS in the article.

They did not mention how Jared flipped the vote to get rid of Red instead of Jag, because Jared was going to be exposed, Red was going to find out that Jared Lied, Cam did not do anything to betray Red.

Jared covered his Ass, lied and painted the picture that Cam & Red together is going to be a bad thing, they must get rid of Red now !! All of this was just for Jared. to not get busted about lying on Cam, turning Red against Cam.

The article talked about how boring the show would be without Jared, and how he deserves another chance, it was just so wrong the way he was treated, and blindsided, and evicted.

Like I have said earlier this season, we all see how Production is pushing for a Cirie, Jared final 2. Production has done everything in their power to keep Jared and Cirie safe.

If Production wants to be fair, then why didn’t they inform everyone of the relationship with Cirie & Jared, when Evil Dick and his Daughter played BB, everyone was made aware of their relationship on day 1.

Why has production gone out of their way to protect Cirie & Jared, why are articles being written about how unfair Jared is being treated ??????

This is total Bull Crap, CBS Should really stop with all of the stupid twists, most of the time, their Twists are very juvenile, Stupid or just down right boring and dumb, they year, this twist to send Jared back into the house, let him pressure everyone who voted him out, fix the competition so that Jared will win,

I’ve been watching BB since day 1, it was much better when Production did not interfere so much, Production did not show favoritism for certain Houseguests.

Production is ruining Big Brother, Production SUCKS !!!!!


PR must be working overtime to try and convince people Jared isnt terrible. This is an impossible task though. I bet they are preparing for when Blue reveals how she is basically held hostage to Jared or he will berate, abuse and ruin her game. Yes, she should have seen the red flags earlier but she is in too deep.

Deborah Knox

If Jared wins Thursday night I am done with Big Brother. I have watched every season. Not fun to watch when the game is interfered with.


So blatantly

Carlito's Way

Omg, could not even read the whole article! So biased and filled with misinformation I wanted to tear my hair out. Are you kidding me?


Ok went and checked the screen rant, there were two articles written by Lorianne Palinkas. One explaining why Jarat should be the returning player and one why Cam should be the returning player. I think she is giving her opinion on each. Either that or she is a cbs plant
its also comical that this same site had an article on the 6th of September slamming cbs for keeping Jarat in the game after his admission to the slur and basically claimed cbs is showing nepotism by not adhering to their own code of conduct.

so who know, we all know the internet only post the truth lol ?

Matthew schneider

Heres my week 9 predictions blue wins hoh puts up cory and america cory then wins veto takes himself off the block blue puts up felecia and they vote out america goes home not jury and julie tells america cirie and jared are mother and son america says not not right so both carmeron and america will be out . Cameron will do the puzzle and fail tomorrow