COOL KIDS “This is solid.. we have to get Demon out of here”

10:45 am Sheldon, Vanessa, Sue, Brooke, and Chris
Their alliance is called the “cool kids” (shoot me)
Vanessa – we have four people going into this competition. Numbers are in our favour we got to win umm.. yeah
Sue – and we have to get Demon out of here
Chris – demon, whose next
Sue – Demon then like JL
Brooke – yeah
Chris – I don’t know we’re pretty close to him.
Chris asks if JL harbours bad feelings for week two?
Brooke – no he doesn’t
Vanessa says JL will put up Chris and her
Sheldon – I’m leaning more Vanessa but I don’t even know he puts up Chris they’re pretty cool now
Brooke – he’s also worried about the girl to guy ration. He’ll put up two girls
Sue – he wouldn’t put up Maddy and Ria. IT’s two of us
Vanessa – Me and Angie
Sheldon says people like Angie and Maddy they bring as far as possible there’s no point getting rid of them early. They’re non-threats essentially.
Vanessa disagrees about Maddy, “These girls are coming after me”
Chris – Ri is more integrated Maddy is more isolated
Brooke – Ri is more dangerous than Maddy
Sue – get her our first

Sheldon says Minh, JL and Hira are the ones good at competitions those have to go first.

11:05 am Hira (Study help?)

11:14 am JL and Hira
2/5th of The real cool kids.

11:25 am Maddy, Minh and Ri (3/5ths the real cool kids)
Minh going on about telling the house she should get power next week because she will put up two floaters in the house. She’ll use the angle on the guys that both her floaters are girls.
Maddy – they’ll like that
Minh says she likes JL.
Maddy – he’s a number for you he said it would be awesome if Minh won power just to stir sh1t up
Minh – I trust John he’s a good stand up guy I trust him he’s like Mike
Ri – who do you think Chris will nom
Minh – might be Me because he’s close to sue
Ri – he might put up Brooke and Sheldon but I see him putting up JL and you (Minh)
Ri says Minh needs to milk Vanessa for information
Maddy – because Vanessa is close to Chris and you’re close to Vanessa on a personal level
Minh – I don’t think Vanessa is that close to Chris
Ri thinks Vanessa and Chris are just close personally but they don’t talk game together.
They talk about Sue “Playing the whole damn house”
Ri – or going with who has the power
Minh – I can’t stand people like that
Maddy – I know she tries to be that charming.
Ri – and I like her and she thinks it’s good being close with everybody but it’s starting to hurt her.
Minh – she’s sketchy as f*** (sue)
Minh – I’m telling you the moment I win power she’s going to be RIGHT up my a$$ and around the corner
Minh – I said to her .. roll the tapes. I said to her, Sue what if I stay in this game you don’t know what is going to happen. What if I stay in this game next week and I win HOH you’re going to be kissing my a$$. I said that to her face
Ri – she’s 24 and I think she’s a lot less sure of herself than all of us
Minh – You can tell
Maddy – she’s immature.
Chris joins them

12:13 pm Carol and Minh
Carol says she wants Vanessa and Minh to work toegether
Minh – I want that too
Carol – I don’t want you to screw her until final four then you’re all for yourselfs
Minh – can you help me this week?
Carol – mmmhmmm
Minh – this is what I need you to do for me to be in a better position to be able to keep my promise my goal right now is to talk to everybody in the house and tell people it’s a good idea for me to win power next week because if I win power and I get two floaters out. And you know who. Nobody gets blood on their hands I don’t stir the pot becuase I’ve already stirred the pot.
Minh – that way she’s safe (Vanessa)

12:20 pm Work outs

12:56 pm ….

4:28 pm Chris and Vanessa
Vanessa – just because Minh is everyone else’s target doesn’t mean she’s ours right
Chris – you talked to Carol today? I did
Chris – Hira wants me gone, dude
Vaness a- I know
Chris – he’s our only competitive threat. JL is less of a threat
Vanessa – I really want JL out bad
Vanessa says if Hira wins HOH her and chris are going up “so fast”
Vanessa – let me ask you this how do we go about it next week if you or I win HOH ?
Chris – we put up two pawns, Angie, … two of the girls
Chris – you tell the same story backdoor Minh-ly
Vanessa – yeah
Chris – but we’re not
Vanessa – We need to keep Mingh here. I know Sue wants her out bad man
Chris – we just need to get ming under control and make her understand if she blows it she’s gone everyone else wants her gone it’s week two all over again
Vanessa – why don’t you and I talk to Minh
Chris cautions against this because whatever they say to Minh gets out there.
Chris – don’t talk to her until we win
Vanessa – if Minh wins we’re good she’s not coming after you and I.
Chris says they are in a 5 person alliance. They are very close but the other members don’t know this. They Need to secure a third person. This is why he wants to bring in Sue close.
Vanessa says Brooke and Sheldon are close and are courting Sue.
Chris says get Sue emotionally close
Vanessa -t hat’s how you get close to sue
Chris – I want her to get Sheldon out before me
Vanessa – f** I wish we weren’t losing Carol, man
Vanessa says she wants JL, Ri, and MAddy gone because Kyle told her time and time again when he talked to them they said they wanted her gone.
They agree Kyle leaving has benefited their games.
Vanessa says if she wins HOH she’ll put up JL or and “one of the girls” or both of the girls (Ri and Maddy)

6:00 pm Chit chat about weddings

6:30 pm Maddy, Hira and JL
JL – Minh told me something today about Angie that kinda scared me a little bit. Apparently Chris and Nessi are really in her ear right now.
Hira – Chris and Vanessa re in Angie’s ear?
JL – that’s what I heard. Minh told me today. Getting her on their side number side. I’m saying if we can keep a really good relationship with her
Maddy – they’re down Kyle, They’re down carol those were numbers for them
Hira – they’re trying to get Angie back. I feel good with Angie
JL – keep that. Why I bring this up . If Angie were to win HOH she would probably put up someone from this side of the house
Maddy – I don’t know
Hira – If Minh is still her she’ll put up Minh
Maddy – it’s not a bad idea if Minh wins this next HOH
Hira and JL agree.
Hira – sue would be the most stressed out
Maddy says Sue gets along with everyone and hasn’t picked a side “I don’t feel she’s with us at all”
JL – her two best friends are Vanessa and Chris
Maddy – she never puts the weights away which pisses me off
They complain about sue never putting away her weights and when she finishes a jug of milk she leaves the empty container in the fridge.
Maddy – I’m like C’mon
Maddy – she burnt our only spatula
Maddy – if Minh wins this we’re in the best position.
JL – I’m definitely ok with Minh wining
Maddy – she would put up Sue and Angie
Hira – do we backdoor Chris
Maddy – I’m going to put up Vanessa and Sue backdoor Chris if it happens (BAM)
Hira says he would put up Chris right away. ‘Just sucks I can’t play in the veto I want to play in the veto”
JL – You’ve been crushing vetos. You’re the quiet comp beast this season
They talk about the House meeting last week and how what Jams was saying about Vanessa wasn’t bullshit that is why she’s been trying to reset her social game.
Hira – I feel there’s a lot of people on the same page I’ve talked to Brooke and Sheldon and they’re cool with either Chris or Minh going
JL – when I talk to Sheli he’s always like I don’t know what Chris is thinking I’m worried about him

7:53 pm Chris and Ri
They are talking about how this cast sizes up against other seasons. Chris thinks the girls are the strongest yet. Ri says after what Carol is doing now they aren’t going to want to cast older people.
Chris – the problem is when Nico self evicted it set a precedent it gave people the idea to think about it.
Chri s- Kyle and Jamar they were pretty out there you know. so whatever they did that was them. They do testing. I mean it’s a fine line you know you want to have characters like that in the house, of course, though you have to have something you can present on TV.
Ri – yeah, That’s acceptable
Chris – yeah so, I think they were a great cast
Ri – they took it a little too far
Chris – yeah

11:23 pm Playing talk show.

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another name

What does Minh ly have to do until Thursday: shut the ef up and wait for Carol to leave.
What is Minh ly going to do? Yak her ass out the door.

Btw: what were they drinking last night, and did the have nots have some?

If i’m talking to an ally, and that ally says ‘we just have to bury him in final speeches.’ My brain says ally wants someone with 2 hoh’s in the final 3? How about hard no.

Carol has been happier now that she’s got everyone’s promise to evict her than she has been since night one. And Sue thinks she can get Carol to change her mind? Hey Sue, shut up. The travesty of Carol bellyaching to go home HAS to end. It’s making even more of a mockery of this season than a self eviction and 2 ejections already is. Here’s an idea Sue, win HOH, put up Minh, then everyone votes her out. Done.

Guy From Canada

I kind of want Minh out just for the reason that it will drive carol nutty. No respect, if you want to leave then leave. This is wasting sheldons HOH. I hope they are referring to Minh as Demon, and she is out for Sheldons game,

another name

I’m guessing your perception is based on the episode and the d/r. Before the episode Sheldon d/r the view of the in house narrative (our feed watching perspective) was different than after. I can see why people would prefer not to give Carol what she wants. They had the chance to say no, sucks to be you, get to stepping when she asked in her house meeting. He had the chance to just not nominate her and not give in to her demands.
Is it wasting Sheldon’s HOH though? Did he have a week where he was not in peril where he had the opportunity to improve his social standing in the game? Yes. If either Nominee leaves, is there one less person in the house to battle for the prize? Yes. He’s had two weeks of safety, and three people will have left the game in that 2 week period. People he would have wanted to go? Perhaps not. But again, he’s had the time as HOH to become involved in allegiances with just about everyone, and has put three people on the block and a volunteer… and none of them are voicing they will target him at the first opportunity. In terms of Sheldon’s game, he can play off having his HOH’s hijacked in order to make it further in the game. He just doesn’t get the big flashy moment he can call upon for final arguments to show how strategic he is. That’s what he’s upset about. He wants to resume build pre-jury.
The timing of the Wendy’s necklace was inopportune.
The thing is: He went after Minh because he prefers control and she prefers chaos. That’s understandable. But was she coming after him? No. Is she under the impression she’s working with him now after last night? Yes. So would she be coming after him? No. Would Carol? Carol has been dropping Sheldon bombs of intel (real false or old material) since this morning. Carol would be more problematic to Sheldon’s game than Minh right now… and that sounds odd in my head when I type it, but it’s accurate. Still, her intel will colour perspective and make people wonder.
Case scenario: Carol stays. Sheldon in on the block vs. anyone. who does Carol vote to evict? Sheldon if he keeps her. every time. Denying her request either sends her running for the door, or keeps her in the house with one thing on her mind: screwing over Sheldon’s game.
Case scenario2: Minh stays. Sheldon is on the block vs. anyone. who does Minh vote to evict? There are only really 2 people that she would reasonably keep over Sheldon. The others she’d probably vote to evict.

Btw: Yeah, I just want Carol GONE. but i also want Minh in jury because a chaos juror is always fun to have the houseguests worry about. Imagine Sue going to jury and Minh is there. or Angie. Imagine wondering oh shit is Minh gonna Minh her vote? I don’t want a Minh win. I don’t even think a Minh win is a good punchline for a joke, because it just wouldn’t happen.


Ming the only one playing the game

V’s lobster trap

The viewers’ collective gag reflex is seriously going to be tested by this group thinking the are “cool” in any capacity. Yuck!

Minh is fun to watch! Carol self evicting may be the best thing long term for the show but short term it looks shady as fu** for production and the show in general .

At the end of the day if you’re going to leave LEAVE

Just a game

Actually it’s not shady cuz carol wanted to leave for weeks…

Bb fan

As soon as you label yourself as cool you become instantly uncool. Its like giving yourself a nickname. This season is quickly become as bad as bb21 in the us. As much as i dont like minh she is the only entertaining factor in the house.

another name

… they’re going to end up giving the cool kids a comic book style font comic book cover on the screen, aren’t they?
Of the roughly 20 unacknowledged alliances (real and fake) this season, their really going to try to push the. cool. kids.
so much shudder.


Maddie calling anyone immature is rich. She’s as cute as a button if a 30 year old women with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old is your bag. Ahhhh Maddy lol.

another name

Carol is walking around giving everyone her intel (a lot of her intel is out of date or a little wonky).
Tells Chris and Vanessa that Sheldon and Brooke are in an alliance with Hira, Sue and JL (she thinks JL is in Jamar’s place).
Tells Angie and Vanessa they should consider backdooring Sheldon, later saying take out Brooke to cut Sheldon’s social game ability.
Tells Chris Minh isn’t a threat to him, or Vanessa or Sheldon.
Tells Minh to stick with Vanessa.

I’m not sure what was actually said in the Ri and Sheldon pool game. I’m not certain if Ri was adopting Minh’s earlier stated strategy for hoh if she wins to trick SHeldon… or if she was telling Sheldon Minh’s plan. Sorry.

Chris and Sheldon are both expressing Hira worry. Vanessa is still on the Maddie Ri bus. Sue and Minh are tunnel vision on each other.
Hira and Rianne and Maddie still seem to be on the Chris bus. Angie? I’m still thinking it’s not really worth it to discern who or what she’s doing on a game level.

I think I might have twilight zoned. When Brooke, perplexed why Sheldon isn’t as keen on Sue as she is, asks Sheldon about people he likes in the house, his order is Brooke, Minh, JL, Hira and then maybe Sue enters the mix. I’m so confused.

another name

So instead of updating the episode i’m on secret power watch.
oh no, Angie segment. If they give it to Angie…. oh. just a snapshot of my feeling about Angie’s game. falling asleep repeatedly.
oh god. not Carol. okay, just a Carol complains segment. that would be an insult.
Maddie laundry.
Carol’s house meeting. for a second i was repeating, don’t let Carol get a secret power.
Wait… this episode is about more than secret power watch? that probably won’t even be awarded tonight, just announced? OH.
Re: reactions to Carol’s house meeting. and they choose Sue to be the frustrated but understanding voice? uh. choke. choke. uh. really?
Angie. If the other nominee was going to be anyone by Minh, would you have said any of that? She doesn’t want to play this way. As opposed to how she HAS been playing? Oh. Okay.
Sheldon gets the power. Gee. give him the cheque. Wendy’s necklace. chop a vote. or spicy veto. So i’m guessing he chose chop a vote?
So… what is storyline doing with this edit?
I understand the frustration. I would be annoyed as hell to. for the love of God, I can’t take any more Carol.


I’m empathetic to Carol’s situation. HOWEVER, if she wants to leave – LEAVE. Don’t tell us by everyone voting you out it allows you to go out on your terms and retain your message (presumably to the masses of social media followers she believes she gained). I’m sorry but I feel no differently about you being voted out versus self evicting. Either way – you quit! And it’s insulting to the numerous people who DID want to play.

Ri is right this only hurts other mature adults getting cast and it pisses me off – b/c IMHO the only way to make the cast and game better is a better distribution of ages and cultures. Thanks a lot, Carol!

She also told Nessa that she (Carol) is playing the BEST game in the house & ALL HER FANS know it (ZOMG) but b/c of her back she knows she’d end up second or third. WOW – delusional at best. The reason all her intel is old is bc the house figured out you are a rat who shares information with everyone. AND the only reason you were going to get deep in the game is the best players were going to drag you there as a goat (with Angie likely ahead of you at that).

Re: the ‘special Wendy’s power’ Sheldon got. (what a wasted week to give that power). Obviously he retained it to use in the vote on Thursday since we know he didn’t play in the POV. Sue has been pushing the narrative to ignore what Carol wants & vote out Ming anyway. Well duh – you think you are Ming’s target so why wouldn’t you push that narrative. Ditto for Angie – her sole mission (other than dozing off) is to get out Ming.

Here’s the problem though
1. Each of Sheldon, Brooke, JL & others are noting how terrible the season is – AND there is a concern if another person self evicts it might mean production would just cancel the show. There is no way BS especially will want to be associated as the cast who killed BB Canada (although it might be too late already).

2. Sheldon repeatedly said he likes being viewed as the good guy. If he was to push to take out Ming and FORCE Carol to stay she would be angry- but worse – she could stand up & say —- NOPE – STOP I’m leaving – Ming, you stay. If that happened all it would serve to do is let others know he’s not such a “nice guy”, is more cutthroat than he thinks they already know. AND it still might have the same result with Carol leaving anyway.

3. As Another Name noted Carol is running around downloading secrets and while the information is old/wrong all her intel has been positive about Ming. She’s telling Chris/Vanessa they are safe with her – none of the alliances she mentioned have Ming in them and although Ming hasn’t played this perfectly she has created inroads. Ming has opened the house’s eyes about Sue playing all sides & b/c of the house meeting & her jumping on Chris the very next night – Nessa is now seen as a double-dipper liar as well.

We know Chris is uber paranoid so whether he believes in the fake 5 alliance of BS/JL/Sue/Hira it’s out there now. Subsequently, Vanessa who eats up everything Carol tells her doesn’t truly trust BS & also knows despite the fight with Ming (she was the one who skewered Ming – not the other way around). This leads to Chris/Nessa not worrying about Ming (cue the chats to work with Ming throughout the week with this duo with Chris saying we wait until we are in power).

Brooke doesn’t understand why Sheldon isn’t all in to take Sue to F3 and that’s b/c she doesn’t see that Sue is more loyal to her & Chris than Sheldon (he does). His preference was to bring Carol/Sue with them to F4 & now that’s done with Carol leaving. Sheldon won’t want to battle Chris deep in the game but wants him there as a shield until JL/Nessa/Ming are gone. Sheldon probably wants to go to F4 with Sue/Maddy & Brooke.

Likewise, the group of Hira/JL/Ri & Maddy are keen to work with Ming b/c they know Ming will target Sue/Angie as pawns and then be open to a backdoor which could be any of Chris, Brooke or Sheldon.

The intriguing aspect of these conversations is Hira seems to be working with JL and he’s talked to BS about taking out JL with them pushing the narrative that they need to keep the Bull (Chris) as a shield. Hira downloads BS are good with either Ming or Chris leaving BUT that’s not what they told Hira & JL tells them BS don’t know where Chris is in the game. At some point, you would think Hira would clue in JL or vice versa that NEITHER is safe with BS. It’s mind-boggling to me that none of these people have talked to recognize BS has deals with each of them (except Angie) even if half of them are fake.

As for BS being back on the tangent of taking out JL, Ri & Maddy again (as well as Hira) wanting instead to go deep in the game with Chris (shield), Vanessa and Sue. I find this hilarious bc each of Chris/Nessa would sell them out probably before Hira or JL would.

As for Ming – she should almost adopt a Dr. Will stance of I hate you all & you all hate me so why would you vote me out – no one will work with me so I’m the easy vote out & no one would ever give me the money. I’m a safer keep than Angie. I’m not sure she’s savvy enough to pull that off (and again as Another Name notes she’s far too quick to play the game days before she needs to) but at least she plays and gives us something other than BS talking about they are the ONLY players or Carol telling us how she’s playing the best game & is leaving with her head held high.

It’s only a matter of time before Sheldon learns about some Carol’s downloads and he’ll end up more inclined to boot Carol since she’s planting seeds about him (and BS as a duo). Either way, she’s painting a target on him (not like it wasn’t there, to begin with).

At least we got “some” game talk today — but this season SUCKS — I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish TPTB would parachute in some real players as part of the reset & give us something to watch/someone to cheer for since it’s hard to invest in any of these hamsters.

another name

Remember when they used to say if you played records backwards you’d hear messages from Satan or some such? That is Minh’s game. She plays every single week in reverse.


Anyone see how many times Minh ate off that spoon while she cooked and continued to stir the pot, eat stir the pot, eat…Made me gag!


Still more entertaining to watch than the que kids. At this point they should just lock them all in rooms for social distancing, and finish out the season The Circle style.


Minh thinks she can get 2 people if she wins hoh


Why not tell Carol they are voting her out but Vote Minh out. Then Carol sef evicts 2 gone , closer to getting this horrible season done.

another name

They’re already pushing up the release of twists they are contractually obligated to have in the show (name another season where a special power wasn’t announced a week in advance by Arisa on the air). If they end up having another houseguest self evict throwing off the numbers even more, they’ll fast track this season to the end and call it quits.

Club H.O.H

Minh’s Plan is working! She said she wanted everyone to feel comfortable to let her win HOH and so far Hira, JL, Maddie, Brooke, Sheldon, Chris And Vanessa all said they don’t mind if Minh wins HOH. Muah hahaha!

another name

With Sheldon saying he wants Minh gone this week:
where do the votes lie tonight? confirmed would 100% vote out Minh: Sue and Angie.
50-70% vote out Minh: Chris because he thinks he and Sheldon are the alpha boys alliance.
up to 50% chance be persuaded to vote out Minh: Vanessa if the whole house was in maybe. Brooke if the house was in. Hira even possibly but it’s starting to look less likely.
Who would be left out of the decison: the evicters.
Sheldon needs 2 more 100% votes. If he can’t get 4 100% votes to get out Minh, he’s dead in the water with the plan.
Time for the d/r to start flying monkey calls?

Oh wait: A secret power. ON A RESET WEEK. eyeroll. And it’s just a power he didn’t have to look for. it jumped out of the wall. IMO that’s desperate for drama bullcrap on the part of production. Not even a scavenger hunt… just here take a power after we already made you eligible for HOH instead of giving you one week immunity because other people broke the rules and wrecked your hoh. pretty much a hail mary flying monkey call that pops out of the wall.

I’m guessing the Wendy’s wall thing happened AFTER Sue went rabid?

another name

Man, It’s starting to come off like I support Minh in the game. that’s not the case to me. Entertainment value she is good for. Game? not so much. I just don’t want Carol in jury. If it means the reset with an added stupid power is pointless except to episode edit, so be it. She’s gotta go. FREE CAROL.
My desire to see Carol leave is stronger than my thoughts about her holding the house guests, and lets face it, attempting to hold production itself, hostage. Like production could be held hostage when they are the absolute control. This is fishy.

Note: production could have shut down that house meeting at any point. It was mid afternoon, higher staff volume than nightshift were on hand. They have no problem with walk outs, they have no problem with ejections. But they are going to film, edit and make a plot point out of this Carol housemeeting business with a stupidpower added into play. Are we supposed to be feeling in awe of Sheldon’s attempt to turn the tide? Are we supposed to feel bad for Carol? Are we supposed to think Angie is relevant? Are we supposed to symapthize with Sue? It’s all turning into blahblahblah now here’s how it could have happened in the episode edits (even more than usual).
This whole week is a clusterduck of Kraken. The edit isn’t helping.
Beyond flying monkey calls to the d/r flipping the house so that Sheldon can get a mastermind edit that takes out a chaos factor (good for our entertainment) in order to keep a corky and the juice pigs looking bean bag chair of suckage (entertainment value of wet kleenex), I don’t see the point.
They didn’t stop the house meeting. they didn’t try to get Sheldon to ignore her demands. So this crap is… on purpose as a plot point to storyline???? Kraken.

another name

WHY did Minh sneak into HOH and sleeep with Sheldon last night, then sneak out this morning before battery change?


Worst season ever.

Sheldon bitching constantly yet has sat pretty for 4 weeks. Including 2 straight HOHs where 3 people in your way to 100Gs walk out the door and you dont even have to budge a finger.

Carol explanation with her mental state and coping mechanisms I totally understood.

I always felt like BB could always do more in terms of offering games or fun things to do other than a damn pool table. I would also go nuts with very little activity to do. You can only talk so much game and lie around doing nothing for so long.

In my mind this season ended the minute a player like Michael gets backdoored out of jealousy and insecurity. (Which let’s face it here, he’s the real winner here cause he got away from a shitshow of a season) and when both Jamar and Kyle got removed. The cast immediately lost its spice.

Production should cut their losses. Cancel this season now because it will be eventually because of Covid-19.