Cameron “You’re not the target. I’m a man of my word but if anything comes back to me, I will turn that b***h around.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Kaboom.. Izzy and Felicia on the block.

4:50pm HOH room – Cory and Cameron.
Cory – I was a little perplexed by the Jag / Blue noms. Cameron – what about them? That I told you that was what it was going to be? Cory – NA, I didn’t tell you sh*t, you didn’t tell me sh*t. That’s okay. I was just like I feel like this is very safe noms for a very not safe position.. and now it makes sense. Now I think I get it… but f**king hell man! Cameron – Watch the chaos ensue. Cory – F**K that was crazy! That was a moment and a half. I think it was probably the right f**king choice too. I don’t know how the rest of this week plays out but.. Cameron – Chaotically with humor. Cory – I think different levels of humor depending on who you’re talking to but no matter what.. Cameron – but its humiliverse. Cory – I will say that I do appreciate in all of your diabolical plans I am not on the block. Cameron – you were never going to be. And I could not tell a single sole what I was going to do. Cory – no and I know that. It is crazy I was trying to convince people I didn’t know but I think they believed me because me and Jag were brainstorming goofy speeches. I was like I didn’t know sh*t. You not telling me.. I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t care. Obviously, I am not a hypocrite. Cameron – I kept you safe by not telling you. Cory – yeah I didn’t want to know, this is great. Cory – you’ve got me, you’ve got America and I think you’ve got Jared. Cameron – I know that. Cory – I don’t know who else is on that list but I think it is better than it was 6 hours ago. Cameron – better than it was. Cory – this week I don’t know who your target its.. you’re HOH but that’s not your job you know what I mean? Next week, two weeks down.. whatever the f**k happens. I am still very worried about Jag. Cameron – we all are. Cory – At the end of the day you kept him safe but I don’t think that stops him from putting you up next week. Can I have one note on your performance… doing Jag first would have been unbelievable. Cameron – I thought about it. I wanted to keep the two of them happy and giggling the whole time. Till it wasn’t giggles. Cory – Izzy was fuming! You doing the you.. maybe not.. and then it resulting in her ..she was f**king pissed.

HOH room – Jag and Cameron
Jag – WOW, WOW … WOW. Cameron – we’re gambling! Jag – wow! Cameron – this is my olive branch. Jag – I recognize that and I will not forget that. Cameron – please don’t. Jag – I won’t. WQW! To be honest I did not know where your head was at throughout that. Cameron – now we begin. Okay. Not a word. Jag – not from me. Jag – what a move. Do you have a target in mind? Do you want noms to stay the same? Cameron – I have an idea of what I want but I want everyone to just play for the veto. Everyone play and we’ll figure it out. Lets have a good time. I mean this might be one that you don’t have to play. That would be cool. Jag – it would be cool to play too. Cameron – You’re good! Just know you’re good. This is one that you can literally sit on the side lines and go.. I get to watch this. You’re not the target this week. But you know as well as I do I am a man of my word.. but if anything comes back to me before Monday afternoon, I will turn that b***h around. Jag – I know. Cameron – this is the olive branch and we’re going to start working from right here. Clean slate. Lets keep our mouths shut and ours ears open. That’s it. Jag – this is huge! Nothing is going to leave my mouth. I can’t tell you how glad I am that you did extend that olive branch. Thank you! I am grateful. Cameron – lets do this man.. as much as I want to say that I am doing this for you.. of course its for my game too. I want you to know that I put serious thought into a game with us moving forward. This isn’t bullsh*t. We just have to take our time and do it. And keep each others names out of our conversations. Jag – okay. Cameron – that is easy for me. Especially this week .. no body talk about Jag. Everyone is always talking about me .. that is normal f**king business for me. My name is always running around this b***h. Jag – I feel that. Cameron – lets play. Jag – no one will see this. Jag and Cam hug. Cam – I love you dude.

5pm Games Room – Cory and Izzy.
Cory – I am almost certain if you come off it would be Cirie that he puts up. Izzy – I am not going to let her go home next to Felicia. Cory – no one is going home next to Felicia. Izzy – but does it make you nervous .. did he say the thing about the house wanted Felicia? Cory – he didn’t say he had a target. I know how he talks. I said I know as HOH you don’t have a target like your job is done. Izzy – do you think I should feel weird that I am not. Cory – I think you’re the target. Izzy – me too. Cory – there is no reason to put you up if you’re not the target. If Felicia was the target he would have put up America or Meme. Izzy – right. I mean I was just yes’ing him. Cory – right now he is trying to prepare for the case that you come off the block and you’re here next week. But I think that he is also not an idiot and he knows everyone has been running around the house talking about Felicia. He should think that Felicia is going out if she is next to you. One thing I know about Cameron, these are strategic decisions. He is not a moron. Like the Jag and Blue noms would have been great for us.. but it would have been trash for him. What the f**k does that do for him? Izzy – I know. Do you think he is going to take off Felicia? And then put up Cirie or anyone? Cory – I don’t think so but I think its a possibility. I don’t think that was his plan going into it and maybe that was the scary thing with putting up Felicia is that he thinks he can just beat her in the veto and he wants to do it. But if that was his plan, wouldn’t he put up you and Jag? So that Jag could win the veto and take himself off? It gives him like way better odds. Izzy – that’s true. It would show face to the house but also make a move. Cory – exactly. What is his relationship with Jag after this? You don’t think Jag will win HOH next week and target him… he totally will. I have never seen that move ..literally tell everyone its going to be two people and then have it not be those two people.

5:35pm HOH room – Cameron and Blue.
Blue – I do appreciate you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Cameron – We’re good and if you’re as smart as I think you are you know what this means next week. Blue – I got you. Cameron – what this means next week is we have fish in a barrel that can’t win a god damn thing if Red ain’t over there. Blue – MMmmmHMMMmm. Cameron – lets clean house. Blue – ITS FAMILY STYLE!!!

5:50pm – 6pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Cirie.
Izzy – Listen, this might be crazy and I know I am getting ahead of myself but if I win the veto I am not going to put myself down. Cirie – listen, I know that we got Jared, Me, Matt, Cory, America, Blue. Izzy – I am not going to pull myself down because guess who is going up next to Felicia? YOU! Cirie – I know, I know. Izzy – so I would keep it the same and Felicia will go home anyways. Cirie – okay we’ll talk about it because we’ve got a whole night together alone. They hug. Izzy – We’re both going to stay. We have to. Cirie – and we get rid of Felicia. Izzy – Jared thinks that his ultimate plan is you. I mean I could be his plan but we’re going to f**king squash it. Cirie – but my question is will Blue and Jag now vote the way he wants because he saved them? Cirie – if he (Cam) was to win the veto.. Izzy – he would pull Felicia off and it would be me and you. Why would he want to do what the house wants. Cirie – that is scary. Izzy – I know. I know. Cirie – but he could have just as easily put me up because he knows I am not going to win the veto.

6pm HOH Room – Cameron and Bowie.
Bowie talks about how surprising the nomination ceremony was. Bowie – and the best thing was, you hadn’t told anyone! Felicia was running around thinking we all knew. And then apparently Meme was pissed but I don’t know why. I don’t know if that was true though. Cameron – it doesn’t feel good to not be told the truth does it?! It doesn’t feel good to be out of the loop. Bowie – EXACTLY! Cameron – the whole house was out of the loop. I was the one that looked like a dumba$$ on national TV (when Red was evicted) and you. AND NOW, the whole house looks like a dumba$$. Cameron – I am going to be in a few cross hairs.. If I didn’t make this move this week everyone would have been gunning for me. And people are excited that I’ve made this more.. yesterday they all wanted me dead. Its going to be an exciting week! Bowie – just let me know if you’re going to pick me for veto… I assume you’re not going to pick me? Cameron – I am not telling you anything. Bowie – Felicia is freaking out. Cameron – GOOD! She lied right to my face this morning and I told her she did. You just stay calm all week. You just be Bowie. Let it all just revolve around you. Bowie – Red would have loved this. Cameron – all of them get to feel what I felt!

6:30pm Bathroom – Jared and Cirie.
Jared – the smartest thing for Izzy to do is to keep noms the same. Cirie – yeah that’s what she said she is going to do. Cirie – the only thing that I don’t understand is if I am the ultimate target why wouldn’t he just put me and Izzy up? Jared – no because if you come down from the veto. Cirie – he doesn’t think I am ever going to win it. Jared – yeah but there is still a chance so even if you’re thinking that .. the smartest thing would be to not do that because this way he can assure one of you go home and I think that is what he is fine with. I think he ultimately don’t care at this point which one of ya’ll it is. You the last target, I wouldn’t even say you’re the ultimate target.. I don’t think he is like YO I need Cirie gone. I think he is just like whatever one goes. Cirie – so do you think if he (Cam) wins veto .. does he use it and take down Felicia. Jared – that’s a possibility.. that’s a high possibility. Cirie – Wow .. and my next question is if he does that .. does Izzy have the votes over me? Jared – I know Blue is going to vote with me. Cirie – so I have you and Blue, Matt.. what about Cory? Jared – Cory, I don’t know. America, I don’t know. Meme, I don’t know. Cirie – Meme over Izzy? Jared – oh yeah, I am buggin’! It was thinking it would be you or Felicia. Jared – it would be me, Blue, Bowie, Matt and he would be the tie breaker. Cirie – there is no tie its 9 votes so 5 is enough. Jared – that’s why I want to play. I think he will pick me or Matt to play. I don’t even want to ask him to alert him. If I win I would just keep them the same.

6:45pm HOH room – America and Cameron.
America – that was so f**king cool Cam! So F**KING COOL! Cam – get it all out! America – hugs Cam. America – thank you. How dare you put me last! You are so annoying! SO ANNOYING oh my god! I was like shaking. Cam – Whoops! America – after you did I was like this is so f**king cool! I am still freaking out and I can’t really freak out with anyone downstairs because that is not the vibe right now. Everyone was like YES YES YES you know as a viewer. That was like you know LETS PLAY! Well that made me feel a lot better about us and you. Thank you. That is what I would have done if I had any power and won anything ever. Lets play! Cameron – Kiss my A$$! I am not playing nice anymore! America – good! Like I knew you were smarter than that to buy into it.

7:20pm Bedroom – Meme and Jared.
Jared – just to be on the safest side possible we keep noms the same. Meme – we keep noms the same… and I love Izzy but she might have to slide. Jared – oh no for sure! For sure that will be easy… I mean I ain’t going to say its easy. It might not be easy for Mama C but its easy for us. Meme – oh yeah. Jared – regardless she has 3.. me, you and Cirie and only needs two f**king more. I am almost positive I could pull in Blue. Now we’re just Matt, Jag, Cory, America and Bowie. Bowie was just complaining about Izzy two weeks ago.

7:50pm Bedroom – Jared, Blue and Jag
Jared – I know its far fetched but think about how far fetched it is that he didn’t put your a$$ up today. Jag – yeah that’s true. Jared – so you really got to expect the unexpected with that dude. Jag – that’s true, at the end of the day he could backdoor anybody including my a$$. Jared – yeah. So its a matter of who he sees as more dangerous. I think he leaves Izzy up there because if you’re just looking at the three.. obviously you would think that Izzy is going to win more comps than those two.

8:10pm HOH room – Matt and Cameron.
Cameron – when I won yesterday, no one got up, no one said a word. Matt – how are they feeling? Cameron give a thumbs up. Cameron – great. Matt – yeah that’s probably good for your game because that makes them owe you a little bit. Cameron – right now I trust 3 people. You, Jared and Bowie. I don’t trust anyone else. Right now the whole house is happy except for 4 people. Izzy is reeling. Cirie doesn’t know what to think and Meme is lost. Meme has had a great run and has not had to do a single thing. She hasn’t had to talk to anybody. She hasn’t had to do a damn thing. Right now those 4 people are sh*ttying their pants. Because the entire house now.. the majority flipped over night. They’re on the wrong side now. They’ve been on the right side for a month. Now they’re done! Now they’re fish in a barrel. What are they going to do win? Okay. Matt – who would you like out this week? Cameron – we’ll see when we get there. I would rather you not know my target. Matt – can you just let me know before? Cameron – I will. Matt – I mean we got to vote so I don’t want to pick the wrong side. Cameron – I will, I wouldn’t do that to you. Matt – Go out play the veto and keep it the same.. that’s what you would want right? Cameron – we’ll play it and see what happens. I mean I might go out there and Felicia .. it might be Felicia’s game. Who knows!? I don’t care. Izzy could win all the veto’s inf she wanted to. She’s practiced, she knows the veto’s.

9:25pm The house guests are in the kitchen trying to make whatever havenot food they can make out of the slop.

9:30pm Games Room – America & Izzy.
America – I would volunteer but I don’t have the best track record. Izzy – do you think Felicia would go? Like what are people saying? Like people aren’t going to say things about Cirie to me. America – I am closer to Jag and Blue a little bit. And they don’t think ahead like that. I don’t work with Jag or Blue for that reason. They are not very forward thinking / strategic… like you know Cory is. So as far as I have talked with them so far.. is you would stay over Felicia. Izzy – right and they don’t want to talk about replacement. America – no they’re like we have to wait. Izzy – oh my god. That kills me! America – I think Felicia against anyone she goes home.

10:30pm Bathroom – America & Cameron.
America – Yeah I hope I get picked, I hope I play and whatever you need, whatever you want.. you know I would be willing to do so.. Cameron – cool. I might do something completely off the wall. America – I know you’re so unpredictable. You’re feeling bold. Cameron – who knows what might happen this week. America – as long as its not me. Cameron – It will be incredible. It will be nuts!

11pm – 12am Havenot Room – Cirie and Izzy.
Izzy – she is convinced that Bowie is now with Cameron completely. Cirie – yeah she is right. Izzy – and that Jag, Blue, Cory and America are going to go with Cameron and Bowie. Cirie – I think they’re going to go wherever the power is honestly. Izzy – right but what do you think that means for this week? Cirie – that means whatever. Izzy – you think they will do whatever Cameron wants? Cirie – maybe and maybe not. Maybe not because he can’t play next week. Izzy – right. Look I am grain of salt with everything .. they’re saying all the right things to me. Cirie – like what? Izzy – they want me to stay. Cirie – They’re telling me the same thing in regards to Felicia. Like she has been doing too much. Izzy – what did she say to you. Cirie – that she doesn’t want to say nothing until after tomorrow because if she win and takes her self down she doesn’t need to say nothing. She said that Blue told her that she got her vote or some sh*t like that. She said that she talked to Jag and asked if he got the veto if she would take her down. And Jag said ah ah ah.. I need to talk to other people first. So Jag didn’t say he would take her down. Yes I am going to vote for you. So that is why she said that Cameron got them. Nobody will vote for Cameron to win. Cameron will never win this game. He can win every HOH from here to timbuktu and who is going to vote for him. And that would be very ICK of him but I think he’s had that all his life. He loves me and says I am good. Izzy – but we don’t trust him. Cirie – that is what I am saying he told us it was Jag and Blue .. we can’t trust anything he says.

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un autre nom

m’fqer. pull out the individual time veto, and call bbcan to ask them about those secret butt vetoes they used to have…. I’m gonna need 4.


LOL yeah Grod is going to throw every she can to save her stunt cast. Expect a ad hoc DPOV to come out of the the floor in the comic room. All you have to do is roll over on it to get it.

Those keep in mind this is Grod not some savage producer from BBCAn. She’ll keep her showmance safe and her love interest this season Matt.


I waiting for TPTB to add a twist where 2 people can win veto. Be so like them!


I challenge you to a duel at noon.

un autre nom

That’s why i said one hinky veto and 4 extras.
ONLY way Cirie leaves is if her contract was limited duration in order to improve Baby’s chances. Since Baby had advisors training him how to bb…someone had to be getting progress reports.

un autre nom

Ultimate Humiliverse Reset Button.
Think about it before saying they wouldn’t nullify both his HOH’s.
Why wouldn’t they? Especially with someone that wouldn’t tell prodo his plan.


i think grod’s fine with izzy or felicia going, they just want to keep cirie and jared in the game.


Yes! Finally ! Izzy is gonna have a melt down!


I hope it’s Cirie evicted this week. She hates people following her around. Talks about how she likes living alone. On the feeds several times she counts how many days have passed and how many more to go. She says the long the days are in the Big Brother house and she will NEVER do a competition like this again. (I hope.) Cirie may be the one to go! Then go back to her “Honey” and see how embarrassing her child is. Jared will be lost because then he can’t pass off his mommy’s moves as his own. He will take Corey’s and Izzy’s moves as his own. His brain is under cooked. Jared needs to be evicted.


Oh Meme using the word “tingent” when pouring salt into the batter. Tingent which has meaning of having the power to tinge. Tinge meaning is a slight staining or suffusing shade or color also meaning an affective or modifying property or influence.
I don’t think she knows what tingent means… She acts so superior when she is so dumb.
Meme puts me in a state of irritation. Give her a piece of peanut butter pickle pie just a tingent.


yeah meme and bowie jane are pretty worthless floaters right now. though they could maybe form numbers in an anti-cirie alliance, i don’t have much hope for either. america and cam need to alternate hohs for the next few weeks for this season to have much hope it seems.


This post makes lots of sense (d…). Cameron is an army veteran so I would like for him to win BUT THERE ARE TIMES when Cameron shows a misogynistic side.
Example: telling America to dance in the bathroom, she wiggles then when he is showing his creepy side she goes to brush her teeth then Cameron sharply snaps “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” Like America has to do what he says at all times.

I am an old lady (high 50’s age proud) I can spot a woman hater in hiding when I see him. I want to be wrong about Cameron. I want him to win a house for his daughter. I just don’t like his condescending way he talks to the women in the house.
So I am VERY conflicted.


Cam is creepy in a lot of ways, I grant you that. I’ve never been a fan of his, but if it takes that creep to turn the house upside down and dismantle the Cirie/Izzy/Jared triad, I’m rooting for him. As I’ve said on my twitter account – he may not be the player we wanted, but he might be the player we needed.

Oh, and about wanting Cam “to win a house for his daughter”, I’m pretty sure Cam’s mom wants that even more – she he can move out of her house (for real).

Verdella Fisher

I agree. There’s something wrong with Cameron on a personal level. His obsession with Reilly and saying she reminded him of his daughter, who is a young child mind you. I won’t miss him.

Spot ON

Interesting how people casts others as “haters” when actions or in actions do not coincide with one’s vision of “love”.


I know I said Bowie Jane looks like a young Pat Benatar. I have changed my mind she looks like Vera de Milo – The Jim Carrey character that is a steroid-abusing female bodybuilder with a conspicuously flat chest and bulge in her posing trunks. Vera was best known by her unnaturally deep, breathy voice and grotesque, horselike laugh, along with a small set of pigtails. I know it’s mean (terrible me!) but she is so dull


Yikes. Yeah we don’t have to like people without bullying them for their looks. You just said Cam sucks towards women(I agree). Then said this about Bowie. I think it’s interesting how we have such high opinions of these people when we sound like judgmental slobs in the comment section.

Verdella Fisher

Her use of the word tingent is one of the most petty reasons for calling a person dumb. Meme is quite intelligent. She’s a college graduate, extremely intelligent, and very successful. Meme tends to offend people who want her to be classless and tacky. It elevates their opinion of themselves. So sad. Did you call Red dumb because of his hillbilly English? We know Red was a very intelligent man. These microaggressions are so predictable.

Spot ON

It’s the “real world” on how people think of others when their opinions are not being micro-analized.

Same holds true with how people in the “real world” lie to each other straight up to their faces just like these clowns in the BB “house”.

Regrettably, that’s the reality of how society functions in real life. NOT TOO MANY genuine “honest” people left.


I think Jared is going to backdoored. I have that feeling. Earlier when Cameron was speaking in the HOH and I believe it might have been either Cory, Matt, or Jag he said this week is going “crazy” it is going to be a “family affair”.

Carlito's Way

That would be sweet.


Let’s see is production tries to figure out how to keep that 4 some. Throw some kind a veto or special power to keep Felicia, Cirie, Izzy and Jared. They can’t let one of them go home.


If they cancel out Cameron’s HOH win again, for a second time, we can all quit watching. It’s already shamelessly stacked for Cirie and Jared.


it always is when they have a returning player. half the players just simp hard for the returnees and the other half gets targets put on their backs faster than they can get organized.

Spot ON

“If they cancel out Cameron’s HOH win again, for a second time, we can all quit watching”

And CAM should WALK OUT !

Debbie Bentley

Amen to that!!

Spot ON

Yeah….lol…. exactly….lol
It’s RIGGED !!!! lol


production doesn’t care about the foursome. they only care about cirie and maybe jared, neither of which are on the block, and both have enough allies to stay safe if izzy or felicia go.


Oh… please let Izzy pull a Marcellus and not use the veto on herself, then get evicted. Please! I wanted Cirie backdoored, until I heard Izzy’s idiotic plan.




HAHAHA felicia tells izzy she thinks it was a house decision. Yes, think that. Lose your minds. And izzy tells cirie she wont use the veto if she wins to keep cirie safe?! Bwahahahaha!!!!


Yes, she said that. Then immediately followed it by saying that he kept his actual nominations to himself before the ceremony, and he likely changed his mind (about his targets) after hearing the “story” about how/when the votes “flipped” to evict Red. So her reasoning for his nom’s actually support that they were the opposite of a house decision…


Felicia and Izzy.
He did it, he actually did it !! Let the games begin.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some action!


I just love it!!! Especially after Alison Grodner put the fix in again this year. So sad she doesn’t believe certain players are smart enough to play without her assistance.

un autre nom

lol. have you every heard of a player defying will of Grod and winning?
She decides ind. timed veto result.
she calls practice run if the wrong person wins a taped HOH.
she gives and takes away golden edits.
She rigged an entire season for an addict going through withdrawal real time to win.
Anyone thinking defiance of Grod is good for longevity in the house?
Nah. Defiance of Grod’s will is game suicide.


I’m ignorant, who was the addict? Evil Dick or someone else?

un autre nom

Every one of the examples i used come from season 20 and season 21.
veto 21 kat discussed on feed having fastest time but prodo calling jackhole winner.
practice run,20. bayleigh HOH was a redo after Rachel won, prodo called practice. revealed on feeds 2 of them talking in HOH.
rigged season. 21. Jackhole talked about being in withdrawal on feeds first week. he used the have not room for a week to be on med and psych watch. watermelon is considered a naturopathic aid to detoxing. he has since stated he was in withdrawal all season.

Spot ON

One would think production could find a better pond to fish from to select the contestants

Felicia's eyebrows





It was Jackson not Evil Dick


Production will do ANYTHING to keep the Cerie and her poo Jared “secret” LMFAO, to have either win….it’s been apparent for weeks now.
To actually be happy Cameron (who you noped, and I also wrote off for being a douche)
was the one person (FINALLY) to put up part of the “other side”….
it makes my heart happy ?

un autre nom

oh, Manson and Airhead are still noped. There is no un-noping.
Noping basically means once the threshold is crossed I won’t support someone winning, and don’t wish them well in the game. Multiple seasons a nope has won. Just means I wasn’t happy about it.


Cirie will get picked for a veto comp that’ll be a closest answer requiring knowledge about off-air experiences during Cirie’s second season of Survivor.


LOL -yeah – it’ll be naming the indigenous types of fauna on the islands she was on in Survivor.

Spot ON

I don’t know what the “love” is for CIRIE. From what I’ve seen, she appears to me to be a despicable individual.

Barney Rubble

Well … as we say in Britain … I was talking bollocks.

It may have been a word salad dribbling out of Cameron’s mouth, but it was to an end. That’s a play by him if ever I saw one and it will prompt a proper week’s gameplay.

un autre nom

Cameron seems to think Izzy’s bathroom at home is an OTEV model? She’s got copies of all the vetoes at home and practices.

Felicia is bitter that everyone not scrambling to get their stories straight last night spent time plotting to spit shine Cam’s fart box. Heavy is the head wearing the tinfoil crown.

Izzy: i’d stay on the block to save you, mom.
Meme: Love you Izzy (lie), but you may have to slide. hashtag brownsugarbabes.

Ally / trust build problem: I only trust you 3. I’d prefer not to tell you my plan / target.
Matt almost cried when Jared told him the plan is not backdoor America.


I love Cam so much right now! Such a cool HOH!


Do we think cirie is for real when she says izzy is the closest she’s ever been to anyone else?!

Rachel not Rielly

I don’t get Izzy’s plan to not use the power of veto if she wins it.
What is she thinking? I thought she was a super fan?
I hope her or Cerie or Jared go the week.


For the record, she’s not a super fan. She’s admitted to binging the seasons (twice) since she got word that she was a finalist.

Personally, I’d love to see her not use it and get voted out, but even if the POV is used and Jared or Cirie is put up as a replacement nom, I don’t think they’ll be voted out. I hope they will, but I don’t think so.

Izzy’s armpit stench

Cam went WAY up in my book….. I don’t like the trust he has in asshole Jared….. or does he? If he’s playing him, he’ll get mad respect…. Fantasy scenario is : Cam wins veto, pulls off Felicia after deal made ( she won’t honor it, I’m sure) put up fuq-boy or his mama! Finally, BB is back! Revenge time for Cameron ! Wonder if Izzy will crack & whisper the secret to someone…..nah, she’s a dumbass


Hahahaha. Izzy, Cirie, and Jared are spinning!

Felicia’s Tooth

Cam tells America, it will be incredible it will be nuts.
I’m thinking if veto is won by someone in Dumb and Dumbers group, and takes them down, everyone thinks they know who his choices will be.
But Cameron keeping everything close to his vest, does he possibly put Matt up? I believe Cam and Red chit chatted about seeing Matt trying and failing to be sneaky with convos… getting info and telling other sides. Maybe his plan is Matt.
No one would see that coming!

Sweet little Matt…. Not so much. True definition of wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s been observing his whole life, sitting back, watching people, reading lips, pretending to not know what’s going on. He knows.
Cameron sees him. They’re one in the same. One hides it, one doesn’t. I mean, they both have the sheep hair… kind of.

No one says Matts creepy about Reilly, after knowing her for 2 weeks, but that’s completely creepy. A shrine? Talking obsessively about her? This one’s for Reilly! Wait…. Who? Dude, she’s long gone.
I mea


Cameron is calculating. He saw everone’s non-reaction when he won HOH.
At least he will have realized that Legend 25 was BS. Hopefully he’s finally seen through Cerie’s duplicity. Bowie will be loyal, and Jag likely realizes that Cam is his lifeboat.

Two hour episode Wednesday concerns me. Could be something like a surprise eviction.



Cirie : Woman of many ugly faces and pissy attitude. Everything is hunky dorry as long as Mama’s
in charge. When the tide turns, the ugly beast emerges. Fake persona reverts to true self
when pressure is applied. Likes to be thought of as Boss Mama.

Jared : Idiotic spawn of Boss Mama. Coerced by TPTB to disrespect and disobey Boss Mama to
deepen plot in storyline. Considers himself as Baby Boss but earns no respect due to bad
actions and skewed logic. Know to display total disregard for norm through questionable
bedtime habits.

Izzy : Adopted daughter of Boss Mama. Jealous of Jared. Goes wherever Boss Mama goes; does
as Boss Mama directs. Somewhat favored by Boss Mama as she is keeper of Boss family
secrets. Over emotional. Hates everything and everyone.

Felicia: Elder Mama. Did not age with grace or elegance in captivity. Talkative. Not overly loyal. Gets
enraged easily. Exhibits thoughts of grandeur above her station. Jealous of Boss Mama.



Interesting that Cirie says she can’t trust anything Cam says.
What goes around comes around my dear. How does Karma taste?


Ok given that this is a humili-verse week the veto is probably going to be the prize and punishment veto so get ready to be scared when Felicia or izod are seen all week in a big old unitard.

The question becomes who will step up to win if that is the case, also being a two hour episode this could be a surprise double eviction episode but I doubt it.