Cory “I hope these losers (Live Feeders) watching don’t think I am talking to them.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam, Blue

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)

12:10pm Backyard – Izzy and Hisam.
Hisam – I feel really good with you. Izzy – I feel really good with you too. Hisam – you’re my person. Izzy – yeah, you’re my person too. Hisam – I think we think the same. Izzy – I think we think similarly with different perspectives. I really really respect your perspective. Hisam – yours too. Izzy – I am so happy we found each other. Hisam – me too.

12:10pm HOH room – Cirie and Cory.
They’re talking and bonding over Survivor. Cory – the last thing I want to be is straight up in the middle. Cirie – yeah. Cory – the reason for that is it might get you through a couple weeks but then what? Cirie – right, right. Cory – I think if I have a Reilly advocating for me if for no other reason she feels good. That is enough for me. The other person to talk to is Cameron. Cirie – oh okay, because Cameron hasn’t talked game with me at all. I know he is in with them so I figured he didn’t want to talk game with me. Cory – I think he is identifying me as a person that needs something. I think those are the two people like if it came down to should we nominate Cory.. those are the two people that I think would be na maybe not. Cirie – I could be one of those people for myside. Cory – any influence I have I will use and push against you, Izzy and MeMe. I think those are the three people that I connect with most. Cirie – I have no reason, there are so many other people that need to go long ever before you. If its brought up .. you think Cory, I would be like Na I don’t think Cory. Cory – I am almost terrified to win HOH. And I don’t think I have the luxury to throw competitions. Cirie – you better not, you better not! Cory – I think you just have to figure out who is the least damaging. I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I just wish Hisam knew he is not even close to the radar. Cirie – I am going to talk to Hisam and tell him that we had a conversation and suggest that he have a conversation with you. I am telling you Hisam is a stand up person. His whole game is playing with integrity. If you bullsh*t him or ever lie to him he will know and won’t ever talk to you again. Cory – okay. Cirie – if I am ever in Head of Household you are not a target at all. Cory – here is the other thing that I think I could help with …if Luke ever wins HOH he is the only person that I truly feel like I could influence a little bit because when people say they’ve never seen the show.. Like you’re different because you played Survivor. Cirie – I really like the idea of covertly you, Izzy, me and Jared. Cory – yeah I think it makes sense from the outside. When I talked to Jared, he was open to it.

12:45pm Backyard – MeMe, Cirie and Izzy
Meme – How was Cory today? Cirie – I think Cory is realizing that.. MeMe – I don’t believe nothing he says. I’ll just say that. Like part of me wants to believe but I can’t. Cirie – right. Izzy – no, no, no everything with a grain of salt. Everything with the understanding that ultimately he is not to be trusted and is not someone to work with… BUT I think he is showing his desperation and I think he is trying to flex the fact that he thinks he knows how to play .. and I want to take advantage of that. Cirie – I think he is such a sweet man and he would love to mastermind something. Meme – but because he got a disadvantage it threw it out of wack. Cirie – yeah. Threw a wrench in that.

12:50pm Kitchen – Meme and Cory.
MeMe talks about talking to herself and then Jag walked in and asked who she was talking to. She told him she was talking to herself. She says he said oh cute. Cory – Yeah, I hope these losers watching (live feed watchers) don’t think I am talking to them, giving inside to my experience.. I’m talking to myself… you should mute me. MeMe – I think I am worse when I am home. Jared – I do too. I call myself a d*ckhead.

HOH room – Reilly and Jag.
Jag – I don’t know when they’re going to do the veto ceremony. Reilly – probably tomorrow. Hisam came in and he wants to talk to me about something. I don’t know what he is going to talk to me about .. maybe about a side alliance like he did with Blue maybe or something like that. Jag – maybe or did he talk to you about .. like he was really worried about whether there was a different plan going on or something. Like he talked to me.. he was like.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Jag – I was like dude definitely chat with her but I am telling you everything is staying the same. Because even after saying that he was like yeah Felicia is the oldest person in the house and it is really important to me that we’re not just booting out the oldest person. Reilly – he should know that I would never want that. Why would I want that. I love Felicia, like I want to work with Felicia. Jag – exactly. Reilly – I am working with her and Cirie.

1:50pm – 2:20pm HOH room – Cory and Reilly.
Reilly – next week if one of the eight doesn’t win I am probably going to go up because like I told you everyone in this house is so wonderful. I am lucky that Kirsten kind of like did shoot herself in the foot in this game because that gave me an easy out and I could just capitalize on it. Cory – but don’t you think everyone else to a certain extent feels like well she didn’t target me .. like that’s a little goodwill that you should have with everyone outside of maybe Felicia. But Felicia you said you feel good about, right? Reilly – right. Like me keeping her safe and making it an unanimous vote is like our first trust exercise. Cory – worst comes to worst .. its you and someone from the group.. you know I am fighting the f**k for you, right!? Reilly – right. Cory – If I ever hear a word about you .. like Reilly or do you think Reilly is a problem. I am coming straight to you. Reilly – I appreciate that. Jag joins them. They talk about the vote being unanimous. Jared joins them and Cory leaves.

2:45pm Cory teaching Izzy how to play chess while Kirsten and Luke watch. Meanwhile the other house guests are chatting out in the backyard.

3:25pm Kitchen – Red and Luke
Luke what did you say about “Fishlay”? Red – what did you say? Luke – what’s our mama’s name up in here? What’s her name again? Red – Felicia. Luke – what were you saying .. she was messing with Chicken and then she drank the hot sauce straight? Red – no.. so she was messing with raw chicken.. she had it in her hands and then she opened the worcestershire sauce …took the top off it was raw chicken fingers but couldn’t get it and then put it in her mouth and pulled the top off with the raw chicken juice and I was like “STOP!!” And to me that is my elder and I was raised up to respect your elders so I did not want to correct her but everything in me was like .. here let me get that and wash that off for you.

3:50pm Bumper Pool room – Red, Izzy, Felicia and Cirie are counting thing in the house / sharing info about things they’ve counted.

3:58pm – 4:25pm Havenot Bedroom – Bowie, Reilly and Hisam.
Reilly – I am super happy that you won that veto. Like I am fully on board with everything just staying the same. Like I want Miss Felicia in this house. LIKE I would die if she went home. I don’t even know what I would do. Hisam – me too. Reilly – she deserves to be here just as much as everyone else. Bowie – and it wouldn’t be your fault but you would just feel so bad. Reilly – right. And anyone in their right mind would want Felicia here. And that is why I asked her to be a pawn because I knew this would be a unanimous vote situation. 100%! And she was willing to do that and I told her in the initial conversation .. I freakin promise you .. like you have to believe me .. I am going to ensure that this is a unanimous vote and this is a safe move. Bowie – and no sympathy votes. Reilly – and everyone in this entire house is like yeah we’re good. Like was going to pick him (Hisam) for the house guest choice anyways. So I am feeling really good. Obviously sad for Kirsten but happy that Miss Felicia is staying. Just feeling like we can all now just relax for the rest of the week. So thank you for doing that. I really really appreciate you. Hisam – I trust what you’re saying. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Reilly – he (Luke) hasn’t talked to anybody so I don’t think anybody has a relationship with Luke. I really don’t know where he stands. I don’t even know if he knows what’s going on. So I think next week if there were someone for the house to go after and make it another easy kind of situation .. if I was in that position my next target would be Luke. I am hoping and praying there isn’t 4 noms every week. Hisam – I think that would be hard on a live show.

4:40pm HOH room – Reilly and Hisam.
Hisam – I am a person of high integrity. I don’t want to do anything to damage the communities that I represent. That is important to me. I promised you then if you voted for me to be house guest choice that I would retain your nominations and not change it and then nothing changed when I got picked for veto and nothing changed when I won the veto. I will say this to you .. I think you are a very strong competitor. I really like you. Reilly – same to you. Hisam – and I really hope there is a way we could work together. I think we could be really strong together. Reilly – me too. HIsam – and I also know that you could keep me safe and I would be able to keep you safe. I think you and I have been really competitive in this game and that can be dangerous.

4:50pm – 5:20pm Backyard – Jag and Kirsten.
Kirsten – I have always tried to be someone that everyone likes and try to make myself small so that I don’t even feel comfortable coming to talk to you guys when ya’ll are all together… you know what I mean? I had a moment a few days ago .. like someone came and told me the game is going on and like I get it you’re trying to be a friend to everyone but you’re here to play a game. I just took it like .. okay am I not taking this seriously? I feel like I was almost trying to be someone that I wasn’t. Oh I need to look fun. I need to say stuff. I need to like .. you know just be a part of the conversation. I just don’t even think that was working for me. I think it was the morning of the veto and I was just like f**k this. I am not doing this. I can only be me. And it sucks to think that people don’t like you or think things about you when they’ve never talked to you. With that being said, I am not campaigning against anyone. I am not doing anything that I don’t want to do morally. Jag – you’re not campaigning and I can’t tell you oh you have to campaign. That’s a personal thing. I know there are a lot of things going through your mind and a lot of things that make you, you. And a lot of values that you have that give you your character. You have to advocate for yourself and it is a game. Everyone is a real person too and I want to make sure you feel loved and that you feel like you belong here.

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un autre nom

Do they keep Bowie and America in a closet, and just let them out for polkaroo and snuffalupogas moments?
Maybe cbs is making bowie make more overproduced songs for their procedural copshow melodramas (last one was swat i think).


I think they are mainly seen on the feeds during meal time. I did see Bowie when everyone was waking up and in the bathroom. Right now they are showing America outside soaking in conversation

un autre nom

Looked at bbtwitter for the first time this season, and i think i see something that i was worried about when i came to the conclusion Cirie should be assessed like any other houseguest and not viewed with ‘celebrity’…
take Cirie out of the game for a second. Look at her alliance without her. slut shaming mic killer Felicia, rabid crack addict 3 year old Izzy, doesn’t speak Meme, invisible Bowie, tiktok jethro clampett Red and and who hurt you to make you so bitter dr. Hasim. Don’t include Jared, because without mom he’d be bro alliance ring leader 1 million percent.

Honestly look at that alliance without Cirie, and tell me that’s the ticket.
I like aspects of some of them, don’t get me wrong, but I fear a LOT of their praise is ONLY because of proximity to this season’s stuntcast, Cirie.
I don’t want to play that game.
It’d be like praising season 19 if Paul had been likeable.
Hasim and Mecole, i see potential.
Bowie and Red? who knows.
Izzy? gtfoh. burnout by week 4.
Felicia? only way she gets to final 2 is on someone else’s back, if she hasn’t pissed them off with attitude I wouldn’t expect of someone that was a teen in the disco era. She’s all women’s empowerment as long as they dress and behave like a puritan.


Who is Meme?


I had forgotten until I heard Taran on Rob’s Podcast YouTube channel that somehow Jared got Blue to say who she feels close to AND lists them in order!!!


Hearing Hisam’s DR session as it is his turn for the HoH comp where he says “I like all 4”, I felt the unseen narrator’s voice should have said “That is going to change”

un autre nom

Not typical episode review:
high points… or whatever.

Showing Izzy knows, thinks she has power over Cirie because she knows?
Cirie and Jared pre-planned coming in.
Still 99 the rest of the cast has been told no, you can’t see a family resemblance in prodo notes, which usually happen after comp/ before feed return unless a scandal has arisen.

Cory announced next week someone will be sucked into Chenbot’s nethers or something like that.

Showmance triangle was an early edit plot point in d/r, explaining Kirsten’s showmance triangle bs that kept her targeted.
Luke and Bowie have spoken more in d/r than in the game. Red and Meme too.

ASIDE: Imagine Luke, Matt, Bowie, Red America and Meme as an alliance….
lol. Silent movie alliance. never meet. occasional head nod. no game talk.


big thing to me? side alliances is a bad thing to Cirie and Felicia in regard to Kirsten? Do Bowie and Meme know they are in an alliance with Red and Jared… and that every member of their alliance is in a core situation with Cirie and Izzy? sorta pot / kettle kindasorta. Anyone else feel Kirsten sacrifice target to keep eyes off Jared?

Noms cannot participate in the balance beam HOH. Felicia is counting on Cirie… oh.
Blue sucked (think she said threw on feed).
Cam threw but 1/2 Blue’s time.
Red leads. America threw.
Hisam 1/2 the time of Red.
BJ threw.
Riley beat Hisam.
Izzy, Cirie, Luke, Matt, Meme out with Cory d/r smack talk.
Jag threw.
Riley HOH

Felicia buses Kirsten. Jared guarantees Cirie and Felicia loyalty while busing Kirsten. Cirie trying to save Jared. Cory promises the moon.

They skip Izzy and Felicia and Jared bus routes over the Kirsten speedbump all over the bb bus route, and Felicia knowing she’s pawn.

LOTS of Cory and Cirie d/r.



I just saw Luke on the Live feed for the first time on a one to one with Reilly… cringe. His facial/eye movements/expressions completely creep me out. I can’t tell if he’s doing a long blink or if his eyes are closed…. But that too freaks me out.

I also hate Izzy’s glasses.
And her ugly yellow crocs or slides.

That’s all