Cameron – “The entire thing has been one operation run by two beds in this house.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used.
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Cam is working to get Izzy out. So far Felicia is getting evicted.

1:20 pm Jag and Cameron
Cam – we are just about it. I ddi no realize how much of a do or die situation taht POV was for me last week until I connected all the dots this week (AKA talked to America)
Cam stresses that Izzy is a good player far superior to Felicia, “Keep Felicia in this game. She’s annoying but she cooks, Izzy BReaths this game. She will devour everything. Specifically if she continues to site next to Cirie the f**ign reality TV show social experiment veteran”
Cam – I don’t need to say more than that. If she stays in this game everyone that keeps Izzy in this game is dumb and has made a stupid decision. PERIOD, She will walk this thing home.
Cam – there’s a shot to get one of the biggest players in the game out right now. Felicia is a gnant.. She’s digging her own grave she will get herself evicted Period all day long.
Cam – Who do you think told me to put up you and Blue? it’s no f***ing secret where I feel for the last couple weeks. I knew I was next.
Cam – So I said f*** it this whole thing has to come down. I have not alliance now. I’m just here playing the game willy nilly contract style
Cam – if we let them they will pick us apart. When I say they you know it’s a core four people down there. Two of them are on the block right now.. YOU’RE WELCOME..
Cam – I don’t think you recognize how invested Blue and Jared are in that. In the core four. It has been a very eye opening week for me.
Cam – I need to work with you and I need you to want to work with me. That is the only path forward.
Jag – how do the votes fall currently
Cam – she goes home on thursday provided you go through with that.
Cam – Izzy goes out Gathers Information and brings it back to the Comic Hive. Sits on her a$$ with Cirie they cook up some sh1t they decide what to do. That is the middle of this house and I’ve said that for a MONTH.. right there.. that corner of the room is where this entire game hinges
Cam – we are letting them drive us down these roads against each other. They are driving us towards people we think we trust but are actually in on the operation I know that is a disturbing thing to hear but when I put the dots together it really SUNK me.
Cam – If you go downstairs and you talk about the things we are talking about you become tied with public enemy number one.. The only saving grace we have right now is we know who they are trying to push is with.
Cam – I am giving you so much trust right now I don’t know what to do with it. You are being led to stay with Blue, I am being led to stay with Jared.
Cam – we are constantly being cultivated by the people we think we can trust. They keep jerking me along. they don’t want me talking to America/Corey they don’t want you talking to America/Corey
Cam – I’m pretty sure Blue constantly tells you how much she doesn’t trust America
Cam says Matt is being used by “them”
Jag – what’s your idea on the strategy .. what’s the game plan here?
Cam – first thing we have to do is execute this one play. If we can’t we’ll have to punt.. Izzy needs to go.
Cam thinks if Jag tells Matt he’s voting out Izzy then matt will follow. “He understands the points they make sense to him ”
Cam says they got four votes, America, Bowie, Corey and If Jag understands.
Cam – Bowie is ready to RIDE outside of me Bowie has been screwed over the hardest by them. She’s hard after them. I don’t know where it falls but I’m sure MEME doesn’t want Izzy her either.

Cam – Cirie is afraid to pull the trigger because Izzy is her best friend.
Cam says the people that keep Izzy are the “Dumb a$$es” this week for leaving a dangerous player like Izzy in the game.
Cam – you want to make a game move and play Big Brother get the f ***ing soldiers off the field.
Jag – yeah, You also not you have to be absolutely confident where the votes lie in order to do something like that.
Cam – I’m not the one getting bamboozled, Regardless they lost a player. The thing I want after this play is done is you and me ride together because WE ARE NEXT. Whichever one of us doesn’t get Veto goes home.. PERIOD
Cam – you are in good graces with no one on that side.
Cam says he’s got a Bowie and Jag has a MAtt they can scoop up Corey and America.
Cam – this is a no f***ing brainer
Cam – you, Matt, America, Corey, Bowie are the 5 votes to send Izzy out the door.
Feeds flip, When we’re back. 1:40pm
Jag is talking about getting blindsided.
Cam brings up this other side (Cirie etc) told him they told you they’re voting to keep so you would stop talking to them
Cam – Straight up. Even I was confused… I was like that’s kinda mean guys
Cam – I got nowhere to be today so you take all day
Jag – when did they decide if they actually wanted to keep me or not?
Cam – Did I need to win that POV?
Jag – Yeah
Cam – Yeah I know that now. You went from 10-0 to a pawn what does that tell you?
Cam – You’re a tool. I’ve been a tool this whole time. I’m done being a tool. I pulled the curtain back the rest is up to you.
Jag – what is Blue’s roll.
Cam – Jared has been connected to this the entire time.
Cam says Jared’s roll was to stay outside of the (Cirie) group “As to not bring too much attention to the group”
Cam – he picked up Blue along the way so because he got blue they added her to their alliance.
Cam – The entire thing has been one operation run by two beds in this house.
Cam says once Blue finds out he’s voting out Izzy she’ll turn against him publicly. She’s already against him.
Cam – She’s playing the sh1t outta you the same way jared has been playing the sh1t outta me. The good part is we both know it.
Cam stresses if Izzy stays the two of them will be getting evicted next week.
Cam – If izzy is in the jury house you and I will not be getting confetti and You know that!

Jag warns there’s going to be suspicion in the house that they are working together.
Cam thinks there already is.
Jag – What’s the game plan? is it me and you versus the whole house
Cam says they form a group with Corey, America, Bowie and Matt. He adds that Corey and America see the house the way he does.
Jag – who can we trust
Cam – you can’t trust a soul the only way we have forward is to stick together with the understanding we can’t completely trust each other.
Cam – One thing is a fact. They are together and they do trust each other. They are not going to split up. There’s only one way we can take them down if we band together.
Cam – Jared can’t win everything
Jag doesn’t sound convinced that Blue has is working against him.
Cam says Blue tells Jared about Jag and JAred tells Blue about Cam.
Cam – I would have never ever Betrayed REd. What I know what they did.
CAm says Cirie feels really bad they broke up their friendship in a ugly way.
Cam – I had a future with that we were going to be partners. Of course he was my final 2.. We had a future together. Driving across the country in a Winnebago and the kids in a car behind us.. chilling with Big Brother houseguests and drinking moonshine. (LOL)
Cam – doing all the cool tikitok videos and podcasts. talking about country music and drinking beers and sh1t.
Cam – I would never have betrayed that man and they painted me as a Evil Evil person. They turned him so far against me that he was going to blow my game up from a personal level. They weaponized a monster against me all for the sake of their own game. THey had to vote him out so we would not re-kindle
Jag – that’s a lot to think about.. I WILL consider it.
Feeds cut.

4:35 pm waiting

4:43 pm Waiting

5:21 pm Bowie and Cam
Cam – you trust me?
Bowie – yeah
Cam stresses for her not to act any different.
Cam – I think Jared is working with them.
Bowie – mmmhmmm
Cam – the only path I see forward is me and you, Corey and America, Matt and Jag
Bowie – JAG? are you sure?
Cam – no I’m not sure I can pull him but I’m trying. I won’t say you talk to him. If it’s me and you alone with Jared try not to spout out a bunch of sh1t
Cam stressing to her to be normal with Jared.
Cam – you’re my only person so I have to tell you what is going on now and trust that you can keep it together.

5:26 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – with America it’s good to be closer but I don’t trust her
Jag – how do you feel about her
Matt – she’s dangerous
Jag – don’t give her any information she goes around to everyone We just have to be careful with her.
Matt says Cameron is trying to cause a rift between them. “When we were talking he asked ‘how much do you trust Jag’
Jag – Cam was saying about Jared and Blue.
Jag says they are the “Minute men”
They do their handshake and when they do it they check their fake wristwatch.
Jag – Cam is saying things to everyone I’m pretty sure he’s talking to Jared and Blue about me and you. (Sigh)
Matt – trying to split you and Blue up trying to split me and Cirie up (Sigh)
Jag – he’s trying to cause chaos..
Jag adds that Cameron told him America wants Izzy out but when he talked to her she said she wants Izzy to stay.
THey both go on about how Cam and America are telling people variations of the same story
Jag – Next week.. Bowie and America can’t win (Goddammit Jag)
Matt – Those two those two
Jag – they cannot win.
Matt – I agree
Jag thinks if America wins it could be bad for Matt and Him they could be on the block.
Jag – “I don’t care anymore.. I am down to go to the end with the 7”
Jag – Cirie/Izzy, Me/you, Blue/Jared.. those are the pairs.
Jag – out of the pair we are the most dangerous we are the biggest threat to people.
Jag – I’m close to America and Corey so if they win I can be in their ear. We’re connected with other people.
Jag says it’s way smarter to keep Izzy. “With that squad we’re set to move forward. I don’t see with any other squad that would work”
Jag goes on about his talk with cameron Being cameron trying to put a wedge between Jag and everyone.
Jag – I was just sitting their acting dumb

(So we’re back to hoping America can win out a bit to clean out some Houseguests)

5:45 pm Corey and America
They continue their debate from earlier. America wants Izzy out Corey wants izzy to stay.
America – Socially she’s better in every sense, She has Jared and Cirie
Corey – we don’t have Matt.. matt is not doing this.
America – He told me it makes sense and Jag was the one that brought up the points yesterday.
Corey says Matt isn’t flipping his vote it because of Jared.
Corey – How the f*** do I ever get jared out of this house?
America says Jared is telling her he didn’t use the veto because she would have gone up.
America – Cam wouldn’t have put me up
Corey – this was the plan.. and this cannot leave here.
Corey – the fake reason why Jared didn’t use the veto was because he thought Cameron was going to put up Blue and it was Corey’s idea because I was pushing her instead of you.
America – he really wants to work with you.. I don’t think he’s just telling me that.
Corey says something happened with Cam and Jared today he’s not sold on jared anymore.
Corey adds that Cam told him Jared is pitching him and America as targets.
America – that’s not true
Corey – I know that’s not true so I can’t trust f***ing cameron that’s my problem. I can’t trust either of them.
America – wait are you sure that’s not true?
Corey – he’s probably pushing you but you and me? I don’t buy that.
Corey – the people I trust the most in this house are you and Bowie
Corey says if it’s a 8 to 1 vote to evict Felicia he’s going to tell Bowie so she votes with the house.
Corey – I wanted it to be Matt, Me, You, Jag and Bowie but I don’t think I can trust Matt to keep information to himself
Corey – I don’t think I can Jag to keep information from Blue and then it all f***ing blows up.. I cannot get Jared out of this house. Who do I put him up against?
America – So he’ll win
Corey – just give me the answer.. he’s the f***ing problem right now.
America – him and Blue? maybe Jag? I don’t know. MEME?
Corey – last night Jared told me his noms will be Bowie and Jag.
Corey and America agree jared is a great player.
Corey – you know what his problem is? he gets in a bad mood and becomes a HORRIBLE player
Corey – it’s weird.
America – Jared wants Jag out after Cam he’s so hell bent on that.
Corey says what he needs is a Jagg, America, Corey or Matt HOH after next week “Cause Cam should go next week”
They talk about Jared winning two competitions by default.
America – I feel like jared is always going to be f***in shit up
Corey says his biggest fear is they get the wheels turning on their house flip and it gets stopped dead in its tracks because people are leaking information.
Corey – Matt starts talking… Jag starts talking
Corey – apparently Jag said you were nervous about Jared.. I don’t trust that guy
America – ahh Jag your so stupid
Corey – we can make him trust us by exposing everything
America – I tried to work with him
Corey – as long as we’re not on the block together we have enough information to sway people.
America sayus yesterday her and jag were talking Blue joined them and after jag left Blue told her she doesn’t trust Jag anymore because he was pushing for Izzy to go.

Cory says from this bed he can hear everything that is said in the Comic room.
Corey says they’ll talk tonight with Jag and Matt about formalizing something. Sarcastically adds then someone will tell Blue and it will be his a$$.

6:15 pm Dinner

6:21 pm Jared, Felicia and Blue
Jared wetting his pants about wanting Cameron out.

6:24 pm Dinner
MEME talking about working at Buffalo wild wings and Hooters in Texas.
Cameron and MEME talk about the difference between the two. Sounds like Hooters is the preferred place to eat.

6:40 pm Corey, MEME and America
Chit Chatting about University. Jag joins them. They joke around about who was a class clown.

6:45 pm

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It’s all coming out now! But Jag acts like he doesn’t believe Cam. Are all of those people blind?
It shouldn’t take a month to figure these things out. Come on, people… Get with the program!

I know that Izzy is not the only one that knows about Mama And Son. The others that know need to spill the beans. Really, they all have to know. I’m sure that it was stated in their contracts that this was going to be a celebrity season and that, by signing, they would have to agree to act shocked, pretend not to know of Cirie and Jared relationship, etc, etc. Otherwise, there could be a chance of all the other “houseguests” could scream unfair. Even revolt and stage a walkout. I don’t know how else the show could protect itself.

Well, if there was any more proof needed that this whole show is a complete setup, I don’t know why anyone would not boycott the show. I know that TPTB have to have some control over the show, but even the outcome? No wonder we get such shitty, dumb casts. Anyone that truly loves reality tv would never sign on to do this show.

Now WE know…


Simon I just love your comments on the details I laugh you say what I’m thinking the goddam jag I spit my drink out!


Season 25 – the Season of the Rat. Worst season ever! If these zombies werent bad enough – the cirie/jared twist is the worst one in the history of the game. One chance at redemption – America wins the wall this week.


Horrible cast and twist. I don’t think they could’ve picked worse. The only one missing is Fessy…


OMG, Jag, Matt, and Corey are so freaking stupid and blind to the fact that Izzy is the right option to evict.
Cameron, America see what is happening and the 3 stooges can’t see it or trust what Cameron and America are saying.


I wish Matt wouldn’t have saved Jag. Cameron is telling him exactly what’s going on, and of course Jag runs to his mancrush Matt, tells him everything Cam said, and says he’s down to go to the end with the 7 Deadly Sins (all of whom, save Matt, want him out in the next two weeks).

He’s not worth rooting for anymore.

Meanwhile Jared and Blue are targeting Jav right now.

Everyone is playing for Cirie to get to F2. It’s sickening.


This season is wearing me out. The unfair advantage that Jared and Cirie have, coupled with the number of complete imbeciles is making this unwatchable.

Matthew schneider

Everyone accecpt cameron and america they dont have power of the numbers

Queen Catia

For the life of me I am completely flummoxed that Jag believes his and Matt’s way through is still with Izzy/Cirie/Jared/Blue. In every scenario involving those core 4 winning HOH I see them putting up Jag and America to BD Cameron. If Cameron is evicted next week and one of those core 4 win HOH again I see them putting up Jag and America with Jag going, so how is keeping Izzy good for Jag? I hope I’m wrong but if they keep Izzy I see all of the core 4 making it to the final 4…

Not Jason’s Holly

If America is on the block and Cam wins veto, I hope he saves America! I know Bowie will go up and maybe go home, but I want America to win an HOH to watch the house squirm.


what the hell is the argument to keep izzy over felicia? felicia’s worse at comps and worse at keeping secrets. while certainly i understand why jared and cirie want felicia out, for everyone else, keeping felicia should be a no-brainer.

Oh my

Jag is a joke. I hope Bowie wins if it’s the Wall Comp(she’s a beast at weight lifting, check out her Instagram) and puts up Jag/Ceri/ Jared. Any order is fine. Cameron protected him and he’s still being a idiot. Jared put him up after saying ” we’re good bro” and he’s still kissing Jared’s butt. What a horrible player!

Not Jasons Holly

I think he would have put Jared up as a replacement nom if he had not won veto.

Mitzy Plumb

This show is so rigged

Not JasonsHolly

I agree with everything Cam has told Eeyore (Jag). But, it seems Eeyore is a dumba$$. I hope Corey can convince Eeyore and Matt to vote out Izzy. But, i just watched Matt run straight to Cirie and tell her everything Cameron said. So they should be called “The DA’s (dumba$$es)”
If they would wise up it would be Bowie, Corey, America, DA1, Da2, & Meme* (?) voting out Izzy. Who does that leave? Cirie, Jared, & Blue voting out Felicia! Let that one sink in! Felicia should be ticked at them.

* Everyone assumes Meme is voting out Izzy. Let’s hope she’s for the “Brown Sugar Babes” because no one is discussing votes with her. Cirie might get to her and tell Meme the votes are all going to Felicia.


Corey is part of the problem. He is afraid to piss of Cirie and he know jared is an ass. But he won’t make a move against them. He’s helping them win.


This show is about be deceitful, but Jared and Cirie have taken this season to a whole new low!! Disgusting!!

Spot ON

Boy, if after all of that dialogue, JAG still can’t understand the house dynamics, he is one royal dumba**.
CAM layed out the entire path to play in order to move forward, and the guy (JAG) STILL asks: “what’s the plan?”. SERIOUSLY? lol
The entire house dynamics given to him on a silver platter, and JAG still has to think about it. One royal dumba**.
Does he know how to count votes?

The next bomb (probably a NUKE) that’s going to hit the house is when the secret of MUMMA N SON gets out. CAM IS GOING TO EXPLODE….LOL


I’m starting to think that Matt, Jag and Cory are getting paid extra to make bad choices and paid to lose. They’ve all sat with Jared while he has ranted and plotted to get Cam, Jag, America and Cory out. How are they not able to put the dots together? They have each became aware of or have caught Jared in a lie and they do nothing.

Spot ON

“America – ahh Jag your so stupid”


And why would anyone be so dedicated to an alliance that constantly flip flops and always evicts one of their own?!? How many times does jag want to be nominated?!? To continue to trust them is insanity.

Also I really appreciate when you add (sigh) to your feed updates. It makes us feel seen. 🙂

Dianna Brannan

What a cluster hot mess. Do not think it was fair to have mother and son in secret.

Donna Orem

Yeah, it IS the WALL !!!


Personally, I think this is a fantastic season and I love ceri and Jared ?