“Nobody is really talking game to me at all.. If I don’t win [HOH] I’m in a lot of trouble” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey Cameron and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used on Corey. America and Cameron nominated
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

3:48 pm Jag, Matt and Corey
Matt – when I talked to Felicia she said apparently Cirie is going around I was saying, You, You and America were a final 3
Matt – I said for one if it’s true you know you can’t trust someone because they are going around telling people and Two yoularedy can’t trust that person because they are going around lying to you
Corey – I’m scared of putting up Jared and Cirie then Blue wins the veto.
Matt – she would use it.
Corey – I’m not putting Blue on the block but I think if we went to her and Said BLUE if we put up you and Jared then there’s not expectations for you to use the veto on him. She’s going to say I don’t want to be on the block and we’ll go OKAY I totally get that but if you win the veto you can’t use it on him.
Jag – Low Key it might be best. She can’t vote him out and she has to use the veto on him she can just sit on the block. she’s not going home.
Corey – she’s going to say she doesn’t want to do that
Jag – that’s how the cookout worked. YOu sat next to the person you couldn’t vote out. Our alliance is different but in this situation blue feels like she can’t vote out Jared.. BLAH BLAH BLAH
Jag – IN order to protect her game and ours her being on the block will be the move. unless she then responds with FINE I will not use the veto on him but how much do you want to trust?
Matt says if Blue wins HOH she’s putting up Bowie and MEME “She’s going to waste a week”
Jag – if Jared is in her ear will he not be SUSS that it’s not you or America?
Corey – he will be suss
Matt – if he’s going to be SUSS you might as well take the shot.
Corey – we really should push her to put up Cirie.
Matt thinks they should talk to Blue about this.
Jag says it’s better if one of their four win HOH (Corey, America, Jag, Matt)
Jag – or BOWIE low Key
Corey – anybody but Cirie would be fine.
Jag – the way I see it the best people to win it… Bowie would be fine to win it. You and America would be best, Me and Matt would be the next best people.
Corey – if me or America Win there’s no reason for you guys to play the middle anymore there’s no one left it’s just Cirie.
Jag says if America and Corey win HOH Jag and Matt will keep playing the middle until after the veto. “There’s a HUGE benefit to that.. IF JAred is on the block he chooses me, Cirie is on the block she chooses him (Matt to play in VETO)
Corey – for sure
Matt – Cam is selling us out to JAred
Corey – yeah Jared told me that
Corey says Cam told Jared that him, Jag and America were targeting Jared.
Corey – Cam’s pitch is so annoying
Matt – I know.
Corey – Cirie is telling America she swears she’s not putting her up. I’m like who the f*** are you putting up? There’s no on left. It won’t be Matt/Blue/Jared/Felicia/MEME/America.. is it going to be Bowie? I don’t think so.. She’s so full of sh1t it’s so annoying.

4:06 pm cam getting his hair done

4:07 pm Matt and Cirie
Cirie – how are you feeling?
Matt – I feel like I have to win next week.
Cirie – me too
Matt – everyone is scared to win next week too
Cirie – Scared?
Matt – yeah! everyone likes OHH I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to be smart and just win it because I know what my plan will be.
Cirie – I hope you win it.
Matt whispers that he’ll target Corey and America
Matt – put up Bowie.. Why?
Cirie – nobody is really talking game to me at all
Matt – I’m in the same boat
Cirie – Yeah yeah.. I feel like If I don’t win I’m in a lot of trouble
Matt – you’ll be safe if I Win.. or if Blue wins.. JAred can’t play.. I’m 90% sure if Jag wins we’re all safe. I know he’s getting close to Corey
Cirie lets out a giant fart. “ohh sorry”
Cirie – if Corey or America win I don’t know.. A lot of people are in trouble.
Matt – they’ll try to take shots at us.
Cirie says Corey use to always tell Izzy that he thought Matt had the super power and that he was scared of Matt in the game. “I don’t know how he feels now”
Matt – America might put me up.
Feeds flip.

4:19 pm Corey, Jag and Matt
Matt saying that MEME will target Jared. “She said she’s mad about the For real for real .. she was left out on it”
Feeds flip..

4:24 pm Cam’s hair is complete

4:25 pm Corey and Cirie
Corey says he feels like he’s in no mans land
Cirie – I feel like everyone is saying that but I feel like that Four real for real.. No pun intended.
Corey – that surprises me though.
Cirie says what happened last week was a reset. “I’ve been trying to just Chill.. I’ve been treading very lightly”
They go through all the drama that happened last week.
Corey says he went on the block this week but never left screwed by Jared. “there was every reason to throw me on the block next to Matt and Make sure I am gone’
Cirie – he wouldn’t do that.
Corey – I feel Jared and I have done a really good job mending whatever. In terms of game the way I feel about you and Jared. If there’s any possibility we can work together with me and America I am down.
Corey – In terms of human to human I click really well with Jared. WE had a really good thing going for awhile. My biggest concern it’s If I can trust these people it’s can these people trust me after everything.
Cirie is claiming if they told her about the vote flip to get Izzy out she would have asked if she could give Izzy one vote.
Corey says if he told her 5 minutes before the vote then it would look like he’s just trying to cover his a$$ if he told them 8 hours before he feels there would have been a major attempt to flip the vote back to keeping Izzy.

Corey – me and America are easy noms for a lot of people.
Corey adds that some people might look Cirie’s way after what went down last week.
America joins them.
Cirie says if she wins HOH she’s not putting America and Corey on the block “No bullshit skeazy.. like I said the cards are on the table I don’t have to lie to you or America right now.. If I f***ing win I’m not coming after you two guys. I haven’t told anybody that.. If anybody tells you that bullshit lets have another scary room situation”

4:50 pm Corey and America
Corey – I can’t believe if I win I’m putting her ass on the block.
Corey – I think she might throw it because she was so adamant she will win it.
America – what are you smiling about?
Corey – that was a crazy conversation. I don’t trust her.
Corey – I’ve been doing the math, who the f*** will she put up? None of the answers make any sense.
America – MEME and Bowie?
Corey – but she’s with Bowie and MEME
Corey brings up the issue with Blue and JAred next week. If Blue win the veto she’ll use it to save Jared. “She’s not talking about protecting Jared anymore she’s talking about protecting Jared and Cirie”
Corey – don’t let Cirie get to you, It’s hard.
America – she’s very nice. .she has a sweet little laugh it’s so shy. My conversation with her was basic.
Corey says she just told them she wouldn’t put them up.
America – I’ll do it.. you know I will (put cirie up)
Corey – me too
Feeds flip.. when we’re back. They are talking about how Jad still trusts Blue so much. They thinks Bowie would be great to get closer to. Jag isn’t as close to MEME and Matt.
Feeds flip again… (really hard to follow these convos with these constant feed flips)
Corey says Felicia is bullshitting him. He starts talking about sending Jared out then Cirie.

Feeds flip AGAIN!
Corey is saying that they both should spend the next 2 days with Cirie so make her feel like they wouldn’t put her up.

5:36 pm Jared, Matt, Jag
Jared says Cameron is telling him that Matt, Jag, Corey, America are going to target him and Cirie next week.
They go on telling each other “Shit” That cameron is saying.
Jared says Cameron has put the shades on that means he’s up to some bullshit.
matt – the old Cameron is back.

5:40 pm Corey alone
I have to get rid of Blue as soon as possible.. Jared has to be next, Cirie after that. That is where I am at.
I feel good about how this weeks gone. Being off the block is amazing. I’m really proud of myself for not crumbling this week. It would have been really easy for me to have. I am trying to stay calm. Let’s be real if Cam won that Veto I would be out of the door. I am not unaware of that. I could have survived it I had a plan. I may have been able to make it happen but it would have been sketchy as f***.
Seven person Jury is crazy and Super bizarre. That wall was bullshit. They designed the only type of wall where Jared could win. I’m pissed. (Thursday’s HOH will be trivia about 3 select survivor seasons)
For me this whole America thing is getting really complicated because I now think if I am on the block against her I go home. That was the case this week. The whole idea behind working with her is if we are on the block I would stay. This new Status quo where Matt and JAg are in charge I am f***ed. I need to avoid me and america goin gup as long as possible.
I need to build up my relationship with Jag and Matt so I will survive. I’m closer with Bowie and MEME than America is. I’m closer with Matt hopefully.. Trying to get closer to JAg. Blue is closer with America, Jared is closer to me but he’ll want me out.
I have to try and make it through next week. Matt and Jag are my real alliance along with America. Granted that is not my long term plan. They are too good at competitions they are too close. Final 6 move for me.. I’ll try to get rid of one of them during the double if I can.

6:01 pm Felicia and Bowie
Felicia says Cirie is trying to pull in Bowie. She recommends next time she talks to Cirie ask her what she’s doing if she wins HOH. “See if she bites”
Felicia – say.. Ohh I’m a little nervous if … just throw someone out there.. JAg.. I’m a little nervous if Jag wins I don’t know what they are going to do I don’t know if I am targeted by anybody.
Bowie – Yeah just have a chat like that..
Felicia says everyone is onboard for next week. They’ll likely all be putting up Cirie and Jared.
Felicia – if one comes down I don’t know who goes up. If won’t matter whichever one comes down the other goes home
Bowie – and then it’s Jury
Felicia says Cirie is spreading stories again. Cirie told her that Corey, Jagg and America had a 3 person alliance. Corey said to her that Cirie went to him and sad Felicia is going around saying that Matt, America and Corey have a 3 person alliance.
Felicia says once they get rid of Cirie and JAred the house will flip again.
Felicia is surprised that Izzy was involved in all the lies.
Felicia – I’ve realized that a lot of sh1t I was hearing.. they were making all that shit up and just stirring the pot. They would take a story and twist. Something they said they turn around and say I said it.
Bowie – Yeah
Felicia – that was going on the whole time and I never realized it.
Felicia – now I take everything with a grain of salt.
Bowie – I was put against people that now I like..
Felicia – they had you believe that all these people are bad
Bowie – yeah and they were probably the loyal ones
Felicia – exactly. I think Matt is very loyal.. MEME is genuine. I believe Jag is genuine to a extent but I still trust him.
Feeds cut.

6:30 pm Jared, Cirie, MEME and Felicia
Felicia going on about how one of them needs to win HOH next week.
Cirie says the nominees will be her and Bowie if someone downstairs wins HOH.
Jared says if America wins HOH it’ll be him and Matt on the block. If Corey wins he doesn’t know.
Jared – the person I am worried about the most is first Corey than America. America puts one of us up not two Corey puts two of us up.
Felicia – what do you think of Matt and Jag
Jared – They will go after Corey and America for sure. If not one of them and Bowie.
Felicia – if Blue won what would she do?
Jared – Corey and Bowie
Felicia – if one of us wins what should our strategy be?
MEME – take a shot
Cirie – at who?
Felicia – I don’t see bowie as a threat that is a wasted shot.
Cirie – I don’t think anyone will TAKE a shot and Bowie.
Jared – Bowie will be the rest of the season pawn. If you get put up next to bowie Jane you know what the deal is.
MEME says they could take their four and team up with Bowie and Blue that would be a strong 6.
Felicia asks who they will put up.
JAred says if he could win again he would target Jag.
Felicia says Matt is close to Jag.
Jared points out that Cam “Put the battery back in Corey” last week and now he wants him out. “Corey’s not even on the block”
MEME says a lot of people are saying they are putting up Corey and America but she’ll believe it when she sees it.

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un autre nom

Where we are:

bb25 WEEK 7.jpg

LOL at the Unemployed Hired Gun alliance.


Jared is a power hungry mammas boy, and Blue is just along for the ride.

Matt is not playing the game. The game is playing him.

Cory is lovesick for America which is ruining his game.

America is ruining Cory’s game, and never had a game for herself.

Cam is out, Felicia is next, Jag after that.

I forgot Meme, but really, you can’t forget someone who wasn’t really in the game.

Bowie Jane is downright awesome, and legit sexy. I wish she would just take her top off, and make this season worth watching.

Anyone with me?

Spot ON

“Matt is not playing the game. The game is playing him”
EVERYONE is playing MATT…. because he’s wimpish … a true invertebrate.

Jared is not a Crip

Lol I like how the moderators respect free speech! You see that seldomly nowadays!

Spot ON

“4:24 pm Cam’s hair is complete”
CAM’s new hairstyle makes him look less ….less….hummm…. masonish ?

un autre nom

it’s actually the exact haircut manson had. the first time he straightened it week one, that was a big part of why I thought discount manson.


I love america but she needs to shower and brush that hair same for two days everyone has showered except her two days

Matt's 20/20 hearing

Maybe she showered when the feeds cut

Spot ON

How many times did you showered in your first 9 months of life?


I found this really interesting article on Reality Blurred about the BB Casting process with the Grodner and Co. How did Jared manage to pass? How did Red? Baffled.

un autre nom

Who is to say that Jared didn’t pass… but mommy swooped in to get baby on the show.
Just a thought.
Getting Cirie was considered a coup. If they had to take baby and position someone on the feedblock button 18 hours a day to get her… why wouldn’t Grod do that?


bb casting vets their contestants about as well as mccain vetted his potential vps in 2008. sometimes a sarah palin gets through.

Spot ON

Keep doing research in the library. Let us know when you find JARED’s IQ.


How interesting! Thanks for sharing


Hopefully, this week is the beginning of the Bye Bye Black Sugar biatches.


Okay racism

Spot ON

How is Michele’s comment “racism”?
Back it up. Where’s the evidence?


The words used SMH, so gross

Spot ON

Let’s go CIRIE !!! (and Jared too!)
Let’s go FELICIA !!!
Let’s go Meme !!!
Actually, them 4 above did a disservice to the viewers when they kicked out Kirsten. lol


So they should have kept her because she’s black. They are not playing the game based on race. But I guess that’s hard for you to understand!


They used the word black rather than brown which is the name of the alliance. The only reason they would choose that word is to be derogatory like including biatches. Using black in a negative way reveals their racism whether they meant to or not.

Spot ON

plural noun: biatches
used as an affectionate OR disparaging form of address.
“see you soon biatch”
So are you now contending that you were able to get into the poster’s mind to ascertain their intent of the use of the word?



It was obvious! I wouldn’t want to get into that mine, it’s no telling what I would find LOL




Absolutely Correct!


When bye bye b*tches were created, Bowie was apart of it! So yes that was a racist comment!


Regardless of race those 4 women are all unlikable.


Yeah right! lol


Spot the Harvey Weinstein wad on this thread.


Does Blue know that Jared has a girlfriend back home?


He probably doesn’t anymore. Why would Blue care about that? She’s one of those girls that thinks “Outta sight, outta mind”. That showmance is fake anyway. She probably cares more about her social media status than any man/boy. Both showman we are just that… for the show only!


Why wouldn’t she believe the spins Jared is telling Blue?
she only knows his game persona, which has morphed into his jerk persona, which has morphed into his lying, rambling, yelling asshole persona….
Just my opinion…..


I wasnt aware of that. Its so odd Cerie doesnt seem to have any real convos with him about this. With how fast Jared cheated I dont imagine this was the first time.


Remember when they straightened Tyler’s hair? His reaction was priceless!

un autre nom

After that BSB meeting:
Meme owes Cirie and Jared nothing. She reiterated concerns about Matt/Jag’s targets if they win HOH. Multiple warnings. She was repeatedly dismissed. She even hinted that America is currently on the block. Dismissed.
Felicia could end up more pissed @ Cirie after Cirie talked about people ganging to evict Izzy. After the lie-pology… that sounds sorta now we’re stuck with Felicia.
Jag is becoming the post Cam target of the BSB. He’s the glue to the youngers.
Jared pushed Bowie as this season’s Victoria.
How they talked about pulling in Blue and Bowie as numbers in the same 2 minute span as using Bowie as perma-pawn is beyond me.
Jared did not reveal that Cory knows about BSB because he can’t blame someone else for telling Cory.

Not Jasons Holly

In the blow up, didn’t Cirie mention BSB?

un autre nom

nope. bsb and crossroads and bookends were left out.

Nether Region Euphemism

Cam can be a turd but I don’t think he’s an awful person. He seems to have some sort of social disconnect, not aware of how to relate to others.

I feel sorry for him now knowing he’s going home, but trying to at least salvage his personal reputation.

I thought it was sweet when America straightened his hair and everyone in the room was being friendly with him. He seemed happy to feel included.

Then later on Felicia starts making her mean comments that the group was only trying to keep him calm but was repulsed by the entire interaction.

I think America was genuinely trying to be nice bc she’s an emotionally generous person.

Felicia can be such a snake bc she is good at appearing to sincerely like someone that she actually detests.

Spot ON

“Felicia can be such a snake bc she is good at appearing to sincerely like someone that she actually detests”

She’s a real estate agent according to the bio, and I’ve dealt with people in that industry, and they have all proven to be disingenuos backstabbers.

The Beef

Real estate agents are really good at being fake towards people – ALL people – both the people they represent and those they’re trying to make a deal with – because it impacts their income, and they know it.

The thing I like the least about Felicia is that she seems to think she’s actually DOING things in the game, when in fact she’s done nothing really but follow Cirie’s directions and put up the players she was instructed to put up when BB generously handed her the one HOH they did in that lousy random putting comp. Other than that, she’s just one of the sheep going along with the herd, no threat to anybody, and not even close to winning a single comp nor putting anybody OTB, although she loves to talk about who she’s going to put up when she wins “next week”.

un autre nom

Earlier today, Blue told Matt she’s in the perfect position in the house.
Matt will do ANYTHING to make sure the perfect position seat is his.
He’s tattled on Blue to Jag and Cory once already (that she’d put up Cory / Bowie).
Now he’s got her admitting she’d put up Cory / America to save face with Jared.
Jared advises Matt to nom Bowie or Meme with Cory or just do Cory / America.
Matt is absorbing and giving back nothing.
This suggests Matt might actually DO the nom Blue/Jared plan.
It saves Cirie (Matt has been looking for a way to keep Cirie), Matt told Reilly he didn’t care for Blue week one after Blue suggested they ghost Reilly as a casualty of game (she said this to Jag and later to Matt). Jared is on Matt’s list (especially after Jared was insulting/dismissive about Reilly to Matt this afternoon).
Jared’s illiteracy about game continues. He believes Cory would target Bowie / Meme.

Spot ON

“Jared’s illiteracy about game continues. He believes Cory would target Bowie / Meme.”
Agreed. Bowie, Meme, and to some extent Blew, are all competing for the #2 chair in the finale because the have done NOTHING in “game”. Every one else left in the house at this moment could sit in the #1 chair and beat all three.


After the giant fart, Cirie said she needed to take a shower…. we all know why…

Not Jasons Holly

“Thursdays HOH will be about three specific survivor seasons”

Funny stuff!