Cirie “I ain’t scared because they’re coming for us anyway. We’re just biding our time. I don’t give a f**k!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the power of Veto on Felicia. Cameron was the replacement.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Cam’s going but he’s trying to stay.

7:10pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and America
America – I just want it to be bedtime already. Its one of those days. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are hard. Cirie – right after the backyard. Its the day after the backyard closes. That’s the hardest. We’re in this psychotic repetitive cycle. Just like literally that. America – well we’ve made it work for 70 days. Cirie – as long as we get wine, I don’t give a sh*t. America – when we get wine I am like YES! I love it here! Clink! Cirie – even though you love it you’re not tired. America – I’m exhausted. Cirie – okay good. America – okay good. And its like we’re hanging out with same people every single day. We can rotate through the rooms as much as we want .. its the same people. Cirie – this is a lot. America – everything that I was talking to him about.. he was saying every single form of alliance that you can think of .. like he is said it. Like every group of people, he said it. Cirie – I don’t know .. what is that tactic? Confusion? America – its weird. Cirie – it is weird and you see that its not working so just chill out. America – just stop. Cirie – and is it going to stop or is it going to ramp up tomorrow? I’ve heard enough, seen enough. What do you think you’re going to make me do? You can’t make me do anything. I am going to be cordial to you but I can’t sit and listen to it anymore. America – has he talked to you? Well you’re a nominee so he doesn’t really have to. Cirie – Exactly he doesn’t really feel the need. He tries to put fear in me though. He tries to put paranoia in me. We I ask when’s the real conversations .. he laughs.. like that. That’s why I know he’s toying with me and I hate that. IF you toying with me.. let me get away from you before I curse you out. I think that’s what he wants. I am not going to do it. Cory joins them. Cirie – I try to feel sorry for him but then he does crazy sh*t that makes me like, never mind. He is doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is like I love all of ya’ll, I don’t know why ya’ll think I’m a bad guy? Then a minute later.. okay I’m going to f**k you. Cory – he told me that he hasn’t campaigned to anyone but me. America – That’s a lie! Felicia and Matt join them. They guess who would get married first from the cast. Felicia thinks Jared will. Cirie – Na.. I think Jag. America – I don’t want to get married. Cory – A month a go you said you wouldn’t date. That’s all I’m saying. Matt – you said you didn’t want a boyfriend and now you have a boyfriend. Cirie – damn you fold easy! America – he’s so smooth! He’s so fly! Matt – its time to get married. Cory – if I asked her on the live finale I am convinced out of the pressure of the moment she would say yes and then it would never happen. America – it wouldn’t, I am not going to say yes.

8:20pm Bedroom – Cory and America
Cory – When I talked to Felicia I was like look there is one person that has been targeting me and has also been targeting you. That makes sense to me and obviously going down the line there are people you’re close to and I trust them. I think I’ve proved myself to be able to make big moves and I know you have too but its so scary to even mention it. She said you can actually trust me and I was like okay. I am not worried about Felicia talking to Matt and Jag because who cares. Blue is pushing Felicia. If Blue wins HOH, Felicia is going to run to Blue and I was basically like Felicia we need to stick together no matter what. If Blue wins we target Bowie. If Matt or Jag win we target Blue. Like we can figure this thing out as long as you, Cirie and America are actually united. She was like of course. America – don’t start making another four. Its going to blow up. Cory – I didn’t make this thing, this was Cirie talking to me and its not a thing. America – okay. Cory – Cirie keeps talking about you only need 3 votes. There are four of us and with one of us on the block we could be safe no matter what. I actually believe that because they want to get rid of Matt, Jag and Bowie as much as us. The problem is how do we end up on the block with one of them and not each other. I have no idea. America – I talked to Blue for an hour/hour and a half. She said that she is good with you. She said this Cam stuff got in the way but .. I don’t believe her. I do feel like she would put us both up. Cory – we’ll see. America – I am gaining weight like crazy and its making me depressed. Cory – do you want to bike right now? America – its late.

8:47pm – 9pm Kitchen – Felicia and Cirie.
Felicia – you or me might win it (HOH). Cirie – if we win it, what are we doing? Felicia – that’s what we have to figure out what side we’re aligning with .. which is our better move? We could put up .. to keep everyone happy we could put up Bowie Jane. Bowie Jane is worried. She said are we okay? And I was like oh yeah you’re fine. I said I don’t think they’re as tight with Blue as they used to be.. they’ll put her yup. Cirie – girl, they lying to everybody. They’re the ones that need to go up. Felicia – they really do. Cirie – and everybody will jump on board. Felicia – I would put up one of them. Cirie – you have to put up both of them.. if one of them wins the veto then you got both of then here looking at you. Even if one of them goes its a significant edge. Felicia – now with one of them gone now they have to run to somebody here. There you go! That’s really the way it has to go. Its a hot damn mess. Can you imagine one of us wins HOH and we have that on our resume that we took out Matt or Jag? Cirie – I ain’t scared because they’re coming for us anyway. We’re just biding our time. I would do it! I don’t give a f**k! What’s the worst that could happen?! One of them here? Because they’re still going to be a bigger target than us.

9:54pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie & Felicia
Felicia and Cirie are trying to think of the longest words they can think of.. misrepresentation, biodegradability’s, etc. Cirie start studying the Clorox wipes tub for words. Cirie – how about this one – Unrecognizable?
Meanwhile the others are in the games room playing bumper pool, etc.

10:10pm Bowie challenges Cory to a game of chess.

10:17pm Comic Bedroom – Matt and Felicia
Felicia – So I am hearing a couple different things. I am hearing Cory. I am hearing Blue. Matt – you’re putting one of those ones up? Felicia – that’s what I am hearing. Matt – I think Cam wants to freak me out. He said the whole house is turning on me. For what though? You know what I mean? Felicia – he’s lying. Matt – he was like better win or you’re going to be next in jury. But its like I haven’t betrayed anyone but I do see your point. I’ve been hearing the same .. those two (Cory and Blue). What’s hard at this point is everyone wants to tell people what they want to hear. If Blue were to go put people would put Jag up. Felicia – who does Jag want to put up? Matt – I think he would go for.. Either Blue or America.

11pm – 12am HOH room – Bowie and Cameron
Cameron – The thing is I am still so very very confused. I am not campaigning .. I get it. I understand but I absolutely cannot understand why because I cannot tell you how invested in the four I was. And I know you have heard things… I don’t know what things you’ve heard and I don’t know how to justify. Bowie – well even that morning when you came to me and said there must be some truth in the Meme thing and I was like do you not trust me? Cam – well I was talking directly to you. It wasn’t like I was going around. Bowie – I was like wait!? Cam – I was really confused. You were so starkly against the Cory thing. Bowie – it was just way too much blood like.. Cam – I know. Cam – I just wish we could have talked about it and I gave ya’ll the opportunity to tell me what was going on. We could have had a conversation about it. Cam – I wish you could have told me what was happening. Cam – its not like he had any obligations to Cirie and Felicia. It was a move for me so I didn’t understand why. And I still don’t understand why. Bowie – I feel very worried talking because you’re all around the house. Cam – I’ve got nothing. Ya’ll got the votes. I have no way out of this. I am here literally just to talk to you. Bowie – Coupled with the what I had heard about my name being used as a pawn for next week. Cam – wait what? A pawn? Why would I pawn you? Bowie – if you were to be put up you were suggesting I be put up with you. Cam – absolutely not.. oh my god you’re serious!? Why would I want you up as a pawn next to me!? Bowie – because then you figured you would win veto and then whatever happens with me happens. Cam – no that would be in a worst case scenario who would I sit next to … who would one of them sit me next to come after me and worst case scenario would be you. Of course Matt and Jag sitting next to each other would be awful for all four of us. You sitting next to me would have the absolute worst case. Bowie – and there were other things. Cam – this is really eye opening. Bowie – well you’ve been talking around the house. Cam – now. ..after I was put on the block by the one person I never would have done anything to. Why would I offer you a final two. Bowie – you didn’t offer anyone else a final two? Cam – absolutely not. Who would I offer a final two to? Bowie – I don’t know. Cam – of course I had Red.. that was my final two. Bowie – I know final threes and this and that. Cam – I haven’t offered a single thing to anyone. Who could I have offered a final two to? I didn’t have the ability to offer anything to. Bowie – I was excited to work with you to be honest. Cam – I was 100% in that. Bowie – well I just didn’t think it was real. Cam – this has happened to me my entire game. Bowie – well is that because you were talking? Cam – this is a blindside to me. Bowie – come on.. when you walked out of the room you said if that’s how its going to be. Cam – a blindside to me is my own alliance putting me on the block. That is a blindside. Bowie – I was just going off little bits ..there were heaps of information. Cam – tell them? Bowie – not that you’ve been all around the house today. Cam – I had nothing to lose .. but before that I didn’t say a word. I wish it all could have gone down a lot differently. I still don’t know what you were told about me. Its not the first time it has happened to me. When I came back I was completely in it. Bowie – the Cory thing was push push push .. I would have been out next week if I had done that. Cam – by who? You not only would not have had blood on your hands.. you would have been a hero. America wouldn’t have wanted you, she would have wanted me because she would have know I talked you into it.

1:40am The house guests are sleeping..

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un autre nom

comp thoughts
spelling bee hasn’t been a comp since bb18/veleb1
slippery slope has been a veto for the last 2 seasons. It hasn’t had an immunity / safety option since bb 14, the only time safety was an option.
Comic zipline? Totally buggered in season 20. Remember? it wasn’t zipline it was obstacle with lifesize cut outs. Still indiviidual timed. issues with 20 was, at the time, color blind houseguest if i remember correctly (don’t remember who though).

I’m having an allergy issue, and even non-drowsy allergy pills make me loopy.

What i’m getting:
Cirie and Felicia have figured out Matt/Jag are just playing Cirie’s original strategy.
Cirie / Felicia might not throw anymore. Matt/Jag noms discussed.

Felicia went info-searching to Matt, who lies quite well when it’s something that can’t be fact-checked, but is more truthful when it can be fact checked. Fe revealed Jag doesn’t want Matt f2, he doesn’t win the vote easily next to Matt If Felicia wants to bury Matt/Jag, Matt named Blue and America and Cory as potential noms, but also told Fel that Cory would pawn Fel.
What that likely does is reprogram Felicia to be against Cory, which is Matt’s intent.
But, does Matt start to worry about Jag?
WHAT FE IS TRYING TO DO: get men aiming at men. She still thinks women’s alliance is going to happen.

Cirie is trying to reel in Cory/America. She’ll tell Matt what he wants her to at this point, and likely make a facail expression or eyeroll when he leaes….yup. She’s going to have to deprogram Fe for the third time in 2 days.
WHAT CI IS TRYING TO DO: reset mid ground and get both sides aimed at each other.

Cam is giving his side to no vote this week Bowie. It’s not campaigning guilt trip campaigning (there’s no other way to put it succinctly). Bowie’s mostly paying him dust.
Cam ‘reveals’ the Jag/Matt final 2 and Bowie’s just plus one material.
WHAT CAM IS TRYING TO DO: I’m clueless. OH. Is he still under the illusion that HOH’s have decided who leaves post veto ceremony? Is that what he’s doing?

Omega BB

Cirie / Felicia might not throw anymore….funny you don’t see they ar just losing.

un autre nom

if everyone else is throwing, the playing field is level.


It blows my mind, Jag, Matt, Cory, Blue, they don’t want to win HOH, they don’t want to show their hand. Cam has already told everyone your plan, the problem is, the only one who sort of believes what Cam has shared about Jag & Matt is Cirie.

Blue is stupid, she was so busy reporting back to Jag & Matt, about her conversation with Cam last night, she didn’t notice how nervous Jag & Matt were feeling.

I really dislike Blue, all of the hand gestures, Girrrl This, Miss Thang That, Blue sounds like she watched to many holla back girl movies, listening to her talk, feels like you are losing brain cells minute by minute.

Felicia can give it up with the all girls alliance, the women in the house find Felicia very annoying, she’s not to be trusted with important information, she’s seen as a mean crabby woman. Nobody wants to team up with someone like that.

I think Jag shows just how much of a coward he is, he avoids Cam, has not really talked much with him, always asks people what’s Cam saying now, Jag is such a wimp, I’m hoping he does not make it to Final 2.


Blue is a totally different person in th DR, so fake.

un autre nom

So, if I understand Cirie and what she’s convinced Felicia to do:
They don’t want to be pawn with Blue.
They are actively trying to get Matt/Jag/Blue to throw HOH to them by saying Cory is their target, knowing none of them want to blood their hands this week.
They plan to push Matt and Jag are coming for Cory/America to get them not to throw.
That way they just have to beat Cory/America in HOH, or get to Cory’s spreadsheet and update it with new numbers because he hasn’t updated since the last double.

That’s what Cirie of old would do.

un autre nom

Felicia has gone off track to the Cirie plan, and Cirie is trying to reel Fe back from delusion.

Remember when Fe decided that America would push for Cory to be renom to Cam because it was good for Fe?
She thinks Matt would nom Jag now, because she wants him to. She’s decided she’s closer to Matt than Cirie.
She’s decided Cory should go before Jag because Matt will target Jag and that means she gets her women’s alliance plus Matt as her shield.

The sound you hear is a cuckoo clock.


Love your last sentence. So true.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Who else is tired of the Jag Puppet Show?

un autre nom

The funny part is Jag doesn’t realize he’s Matt’s puppet.
Jag also doesn’t realize he doesn’t originate strategy, he copies and mirrors.

Game fan

matt and jag play on bowie reminds me of chilltown
when they play jannell and erica into bad marcelles and danielle.
if im just watching the episodes i would have never belived she is going to do this.
also up 4 days ago

It's me

what is with the BATHROBES????

Felicia’s crusty feet

The bathrobes piss me off as well as Blue’s constant curler…… add Cory’s pre pubescent mustache & Matt’s floss/pic, lol

BB Fangirl

The fact that Cam and Bowie are just now having this conversation is mind blowing and so frustrating. Why did Cam not go to her with this when he started to hear rumors he was going up?? Or even when she basically told him that’s what the house wanted and that’s what was going to happen? That’s on him I guess, even though I still think BJ is an idiot not to understand the dynamics of the house. Seriously, who does she think Cam had a final two with???


Bowie Jane is really not cut out for this game, her lies don’t make any sense either. When she told Cam, if she put Cory up, she’d have so much blood on her hands, Why ??

Cirie, Blue, Cam & Felicia want Cory out. Who would have been upset with Bowie ? America who’s won nothing, Jag & Matt, these 2 idiots are still throwing HOH comps this late in the game, if Bowie would have put Cory up, she wouldn’t have had any issues.

Bowie and Cam finally talking, she was still very vague, she would not mention Jag or Matt are the ones in her ear the most, which Cam already knows it was Jag, Matt & Cory.

Bowie needs to understand that she’s the 3rd wheel with Jag, Matt and Cory And America.

At this point in the game, I’m hoping by some miracle, Cirie or Felicia win HOH, I know that’s never going to happen, but I’m so sick of listening to Jag telling Puppet Matt what they are going to do.

Blue winning HOH would be a waste, I want someone to win HOH that will go after Jag and Matt. Stop using Cirie & Felicia as pawns, you have to put Jag & Matt both on the block. This way, even if one of them win Veto, you can still weaken them, one of them will leave.

Hopefully it would be Jag leaving, Jag thinks he is so slick now, it’s time to break up Matt and Jag, you have to start planting seeds so both start losing trust with each other.

Do the same to Matt & Jag, just like they did to Cam & dumb gullible Bowie Jane. If Jag & Matt are dumb enough to throw an HOH this late in the game, they don’t deserve to keep Floating or playing the middle, they need to be sent packing.

Felicia’s crusty feet

100% in agreement

Mike Honcho

Why these people don’t verify information to sniff out a liar is beyond me. Why didn’t she go to cam after jag put the spin on his words about Bowie is beyond me. Just one bad play after another this season. Cam should have tanked Cory last week too. Sheesh.

Mike Honcho

It’s almost as bad as Turner voting to evict Alyssa last season. Almost…


All houseguests yesterday talking about “Six o’clock” and the time came and went with a whimper. Just like this season. Yawn.


I’ll probably post something tonight as a reminder to the readers. I will be gone Starting tomorrow morning until Sunday evening. OBB will be a one man job until I get back. Parts will be missed as Dawg can only do so much.


Have a great time where you go!!

no mo bro

Say it ain’t so 🙁 I need my updates! I can’t listen to all streams at all times. I’m not a bot like you!

Felicia’s crusty feet

Appreciate you guys


I am so grateful of Simon and Dawg taking care of us BBSpoilerFans even with the rude comments of people EXPECTING Simon and Dawg to not enjoy their own life (the NERVE of people!) and being slaves to our bbspoilers I say don’t remind them that a break is coming. Fu€k them they don’t need to be so selfish.
Have a great time stay safe Simon! Life is short. Abbondanza enjoy.
In the words of JC
“Love one another”

Meme's Muse

Here we go.. in a season that has been way too long already, watch Cory, and by association America, skate closer to the finish line. Yeah I know some things may change ..slightly.. once the Comicverse twist is revealed Thursday evening. but first..
Cory wants to take out Cirie so bad he can taste it, true to his style, he continues to slowly use others to take out stronger threats.. if they all do plan to throw HOH tomorrow then America will finally win and don’t think for one moment Amercia will make a move on who to put up without Cory’s input or Cory allowing America to think she really is the move maker, whatever it doesn’t matter as long as he is sitting in the final two spot ( he will be ) Cory has positioned both Cirie and Felicia to join him in taking out Matt and/or Jag, while pretending to be with both C and Fe. Will Cirie skate to the end, no Cory’s sense of entitlement ( the it’s all about me and my needs first attitude) has him thirsting to take out a Survivor player as well as win BB this season. Just like Jared ( America’ prodding or not it’s on his resume). Can you see Cory’s plan unfolding? Well done I say! Blue, she’s not genuine in any way shape or form that has been seen or heard and like Bowie will circle back to whatever side won’t vote her out for the week, they will keep both she and Bowie for votes but if Bowie goes she seems comfortable with going( she can hold her on). Matt is emotionally eating and is not as fit to win some of these physical comps as he was a month ago, wait until he figures out Cirie is on to him. Jag well his days are numbered even faster than Matt’s. What left.. a women’s alliance? No just Cory and America and that’s why they/he will win.


Jag cheated in the POV. Jag took the names out of the pool therefore didn’t have to go in the pool to collect the names. CHEATER!!!


Other contestants have done that in the past as well.


Perhaps a rule which states that all items taken out of the pool must be returned to the pool before the houseguest goes back up to the pad to kneel. If not, that person is disqualified. Technically, as the rules stand now, Jag didn’t cheat.


Just because he lined up pictures didn’t mean other people couldn’t take them.

un autre nom

Wed morning Coffee feeds
Bowie tells Ci / Fe about her convo with Cam last night.
She tells them that Cam telling Bowie that Meme was telling the truth then pushing other people as renom to prove he could trust her told Bowie Cam didn’t trust Bowie.

Fe is pushing we gotta get Cory to Matt, telling Matt to pass it to Blue.
Fe says Cory will throw HOH. Matt told Bowie he was confused about Fe’s angle after last night’s convo. This isn’t going to help because he doesn’t get her agency.

America and Cam discuss his view of house dynamic. Nothing new in the talk so far. America realizes she’s not really part of the storyline. Second mention of her read on the episode edit from d/r. Cam is adding in odd comments to this about America not being in danger so far this season (?) especially the week she was on the block before veto was played (Jared’s last HOH).

What we’ve learned: most of the house oddly infantilizes Matt. Whether it’s his dumb act or some misperception based on people with disability, I don’t really know. The only people that even remotely see Matt as a player are Cory and Cirie.