Christmas “I would be thrilled for second place”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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(Christmas getting evicted final 3 is Enzo, Cody, and Nicole)

7pm Dinner time. Nicole, Enzo, Cody and Christmas.
Nicole talks about why she stopped eating meat. She says that . I saw this one calf being ripped from its mom.. Cody – I don’t want to hear it. Christmas – No! Don’t go there. WHY?! Nicole – the cow dropped to the floor it was so devastated. Christmas – NO! STOP! Nicole – its dairy products. Christmas – no you have to understand like we don’t have our kids in here! Nicole – oh, I see what you’re saying. Sorry Christmas. Enzo – NA, I don’t feel like having eggs and milk ever again now because of that story. Christmas – Sorry Nicole.. it triggers. Nicole – I was just talking about what changed me to stop eating meat. Christmas – I know but.. Enzo – when did you stop? Nicole – I haven’t eaten meat in 3 years.

8:05pm Cody and Nicole play backgammon.

8:20pm Kitchen. Cody is doing some speed question talk show. We call this the fun speed round! In the speed round I am going to ask you a series of 10 questions and you have to answer as fast as you can without thinking about it. If you take longer than 5 seconds we move onto the next question.. and if you miss more than two questions you have to drink whatever concoction Nicole comes up with.
Cody – When was the first time you pooped your pants.
Enzo – 10
Cody – is that true? Did you ever pee your pants past the age of 16?
Enzo – Yes.
Cody – you did?! What age was it?
Enzo – 16!
Cody – oh my god! Did you ever go on a date with a girl and then realize oh my god her body odor is worse than mine?
Enzo – No.
Cody – did fart while on a first date?
Enzo – No I did not.
Cody – did you ever pick your wedgy and then smell your fingers after?
Enzo – Definitely, yes!
Cody – have you ever picked your nose and eaten it?
Enzo – Definitely yes!
Cody – did you ever sneeze and then a booger came out and covered your chin?
Enzo – yes.
Cody – oh god! Have you ever walked in public and walked past someone and thought to yourself wow I hate them?
Enzo – No.
Cody – have you ever sat down on a toilet and the seat wasn’t down and then your butt fell into the toilet.
Enzo – yes.
Cody – Speed round .. good job Enzo!

9:40pm Bathroom. Cody and Christmas.
Christmas – I am going to spell it out for you. I know you will win the endurance comp and if you take me I know I will win the second comp and then its me and you in that final one. If you win it, great. If I win it, great! I take you. Take whoever the f**k you want! Like I am not asking tit for tat. I want an opportunity to do what I didn’t get to do last time. Cody – yeah totally! Christmas – and that is to go the full distance on my own merit. And I hope that from our conversation last time, that I didn’t promise anything or do anything that I didn’t intent to keep. And just to clarify with the vote with Nicole, it was real. I was told we were keeping her and that was real. She had gone back and that is when the entire thing happened. And then since then her and I have tried to mend it as much as you can mend something like that. Cody – yeah. Christmas – and I don’t know what you and Enzo have.. I don’t know what you and Nicole have but I just .. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus.. but I do think that I am your best option to go to final two.. if you don’t win that HOH competition. Cody – yeah .. Hmmm.. I mean I feel like I am in kind of a spot where anyone cuts me to be honest. I know loyalty is what I went based off of but I know that is not what other people go based off of all the time. Christmas – yeah but I am looking at this as though.. probability. You go next to Enzo .. he has flawless jury management. He won enough comps to say that he competed. He didn’t ruffle any feathers. He has great standing relationships with everyone in the jury. Nicole .. previous winner. No f**king argument there! Cody – yeah. Christmas – for me I have played comps.. I haven’t won as many as you .. I’ve ruffled feathers with multiple people in the jury. I have people campaigning against me in the jury. It is biased for me but Nicole did win comps. She is a previous winner. I am your best bet for that argument. And honestly you are my best bet too. Cody – I have to put that and weigh that. You and I never had those conversations. I always respected you being straight up and coming to me now. My biggest concern is that people have been saying he is going to be tough to beat I don’t want to be next to him. Christmas – To be honest I don’t want to be next to you.. but I will because that is what it takes right now. The fact that I don’t want to be next to you, doesn’t mean that I won’t be next to you. I would be thrilled for second place. I just want to show that I can do it. Cody – I feel you. I totally get where you’re coming from. I get that you didn’t get to compete the way you wanted to on your season. Christmas – I think you saw my loyalty in the committee. I didn’t leave that in my last season. Cody – I just have to still think about it. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10:20pm Still blocked..

11:10pm Enzo is walking around the kitchen with toilet paper coming out of his pants. Christmas – what is that?!!? What the f**k is that?! Nicole starts cracking up laughing and then pees her pants. I literally peed my pants!!! Cody – what the f**k!!

Enzo later told Cody that he staged it and put chocolate on the toilet paper..

11:20pm Feeds are blocked..

11:52pm Still blocked..

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Guy From Canada

So coins swore off of meat after slapping it around under the sheets….interesting….

And while I hate Christmas, she is correct. Cody will likely win against Coins, but guaranteed a win against Christmas. Christmas is guaranteed a loss against everyone and is 2nd place at best. No chance Coins is being cut though, and the fans are short changed again…..


cody likely beats everyone. christmas loses to everyone. i think enzo beats nicole.

The Foosa

Coins McGee will not be jettisoned. Cody needs weaker players (physically) in the final three plus he maintains being somewhat true to both of his alliances. In the final three, it’s still anyone’s game. Who really knows if either Enzo or Nicole would take Cody to final two. If Cody wins, I do think he will take Yo Yo Ma to the final.


I don’t think Cody plans on winning the final HOH…….he doesn’t want to lose a jury vote in the person he sends out 3rd so he will throw it, knowing that both Enzo and Nicole will take him. I think he hopes Enzo wins, but I think he feels comfortable enough with both taking him. Just like Tyler did in final 4 (BB20)…he didn’t want to choose between Angela and Kaycee so he threw the veto and let Kaycee toss Angela out…

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

That would be great if Cody was dumb enough to do that and one of them cut him.


I think ENZO would cut him! For 500k at that moment we could FINALLY see him make the biggest move of the SEASON!


I do not think Tyler threw it. Kaycee won it hands down and she tossed Angela. Had Tyler won the last veto then he would have tossed Kaycee. If anyone played the loyal game then its Kaycee.
Tyler didn’t play the loyal game. He had many side alliances and it cost him the money in the end.


Yet she eats fish…

If you prick fish, do they not bleed? (yes)
If you tickle fish, do they not laugh? (maybe)
If you poison fish, do they not die? (yes)
And if you wrong fish, shall they not revenge?” (most definitely)


Grass is a living organism as well. Can’t we all just get along?

This Thing is Golden

The empirical evidence would say, no.

Joelle Knox

I really hope production learns from this season. The mistake was letting the all stars know that it was an all star season. So a lot was discussed before coming in instead of organically. Can’t be mad at Cody. He played a good game. Enzo had a a great social game. Christmas bullied her way through this game. And Nicole whined and cried and sat on her but this whole game. I hated this season.


It’s not productions fault. This was not an All Star season but because of COVID, to have a season they had to go that route. You can thank Derrick for making calls and pre gaming!


production could have and should have stepped in to stop the pre-gaming. i’d much rather have had a season of 14 where nicole and cody were booted due to pre-gaming than the season of 16 that we got.

Dani's clogs

So regular people have covid and couldn’t be on the show? Doesn’t make sense nutty coco.


Look it up, they were in the final stages of interviews when covid shut down everything. Since they couldn’t finish interviews, they went with the people they already cast!

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

Easy to fix. Just don’t do All Stars again.


I feel bad for Canada!


Because of Trudeau????

Guy From Canada

Why? Our border is closed so non of these numb nuts can travel up here, the states are stuck with them ha ha


I feel bad for the States!

BB Fan Too

This season should have been divided into 2 halves. One half the pregame alliance players and
The other half the rest of the cast. Half the prize to each


I didn’t think about this theory until it actually played out but doing an All Star season means having to back stab people you know in real life……which obviously makes it harder and this cast cant do it…..hence the reason we haven’t had any back doors or blind sides. In regular BB, everyone is a stranger so you get more cut throat play. Most of these people know each other in some capacity which makes them hesitant to play dirty……disappointing! I was all for an All Star season for years but didn’t think about this aspect of it, which is ruining the season


Good point but it didn’t keep some of them from saying things that will come back to haunt them.


Ian & Memphis were blindsided!


Christmas always has thoughts of people hurting her… 1st it was Bayleigh then last night she said she was worried Dani was gonna stab her in the throat for eating the Vegan pizza. Just shows Where her mind is at. She is completely jealous of Dani, She’s crazy!

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

Nobody is jealous of Dani. She is whack.

Chima's wet headset

“I would be thrilled for 2nd place.” Sums up the mindset of this season.


People promise the moon to get to final 2 then anything could happen.

Toobin it to Xmas

I’m happy Simon and Dawg don’t turn their cameras on whilst they write this blog.




Ahh now I get it. Just read an article about the new yorker guy..


On Mondays episode they showed coins having a sneezing fit. I’m honestly surprised it didn’t come out sounding like a tea kettle…


Omg! I’m straight up busted up laughing at this comment!



Stanley meet Gloria

I just watched last nights episode (skipping most of it) but I wonder why Slots was dressed as if she was auditioning for Hee Haw? I’m was raised on a farm in the Midwest, and we never dressed like that!


Coins was going to ride Cody oops I ment to say pony.

The Beef

Simon and Dawg, thanks for the great job you guys do here and I did a long overdue contribution to your tip jar this past Sunday. You guys earned every penny of it and more. I know you guys are busy with “real life”, but I just don’t want to miss the e-mail if it’s already been sent. Don’t mean to crack the whip or anything, just didn’t want to wait too long either, if you know what I mean. 😉


Hey The Beef! So sorry we missed setting up your account. I’ll get right on it when I’m home. by all means crack the whip.

thanks for the support!


you’re all set up Beef. you should have been sent an email with your account information. So sorry for the delay and big thanks for the support that was really kind of you.

The Beef

You’re welcome and you guys deserve it! You do a great job here and like I said, I should have done it sooner. Really appreciate you and Dawg’s hard work here! Really couldn’t get through this sh!t without you guys, and I mean that.