Big Brother Canada 6 Cast and News

Hey Everyone. Big Brother Canada 6 is starting today so I thought I would slap a quick update and pass along some news.

I’ll start off my saying OBB will be taking BBCAN6 off. We’re going to focus all our energies into BBUS20 this year and whatever spinoff it spawns. This doesn’t mean we’re giving up on future Big Brother Canada seasons just taking a 3 month break. We are Canadians after all.

We may post a weekly update to give people a platform to talk about the show but as far as posting videos or feed spoilers that’s not possible this season.

Sorry for this everyone. I’m going to miss the feed spoiler energy :(

With all that bad news outta the way. Here’s the cast for Big Brother Canada 6. I noticed there’s someone from Vancouver Island hurray!

There’s really nothing else to say about the cast. How they react inside the house will be totally different than what I think they will be like.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the cast and if you are planning to watch.

Paras Atashnak
Age: 23
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.

Rozina Yaqub
Age: 49
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.

Kaela Grant
Age: 25
Hometown: Saint John, N.B.

Alejandra “Ali” Martinez
Age: 30
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.

Andrew Miller
Age: 36
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.

Derek Kesseler
Age: 27
Hometown: Beaumont, Alta.

Erica Hill
Age: 23
Hometown: Pickering, Ont.

Hamza Hatoum
Age: 27
Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ont.

Jesse Larson
Age: 24
Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask.

Johnny Mulder
Age: 28
Hometown: Victoria, B.C.

Madeline “Maddy” Poplett
Age: 25
Hometown: Ottawa, Ont.

Olivia Riemer
Age: 21
Hometown: Guelph, Ont.

Ryan Ballantine
Age: 39
Hometown: Calgary, Alta.

William Kenny
Age: 25
Hometown: Trepassey, N.L.

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79 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 6 Cast and News

  1. Sorry we won’t see your updates this season Simon/Dawg, you will be missed. Any recommendations for other sites from you/users that post vids and a reliable summaries like Simon/Dawg? I already follow Hamsterwatch on twitter as I’m old and still use twitter during the B.B. season, lol.

    1. Hi Simon I enjoy chatting here, and even though you guys arent covering the season, i hope you can put up a new post each week for those who might want to chat here.

      I think Im team The Real Deal, but more so for Kaela and Paras. I also like Maddy. Some pretty nice looking ladies this season haha.

      Hope you still do your weekly podcast.

      All the best.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not going to post this year. Hopefully it gets sooo exciting that you can’t help yourself and start to post regularly. . . . .

    If not, I still appreciate the forum to chat.

    Thanks for all you do, now you can sit back and enjoy the show.

  3. S & D,

    I’m glad you’re taking BBCAN off and hopefully enjoying this season as fans, not reporters! Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna suck w/o you guys around. But, we’ll survive. Plus, you’re Canadian, eh, for god’s sake!! I hope you guys write some posts here and there throughout the season, either venting, ranting or just sharing your thoughts! Of all the spoiler sites, OBB is the best by far! Thank you for what you do!

  4. Wow! Wasn’t expecting to hear that. A little disappointed because this is my favorite BB site.
    Simon and Dawg, You have to do what’s best for you. BB20 will require a lot of time, energy ,and effort; plus a lack of sleep. Wishing you, Simon and Dawg the best. Will check in weekly

      1. You guys have been great and i appreciate the work that has been put into this for us fans. You will be missed but its BBcan (no offence to hardcore fans, I’m not expecting much game play). Have a great rest and i hope we see y’all soon!!!!!

  5. There’s no bbcanada after dark so I understand your taking time off. Enjoy this and appreciated your work and effort for years

  6. I’m really disappointed you won’t be following/updating this year. I guess I’ll just have to drink the kraken by myself now… :(

      1. feeds started a half hour later than they announced on the episode.
        The “lone wolf” is trying to organize an 8 person alliance.
        Two people are overplaying already.
        The hoh is planning to nominate someone because “the whole house” wants them nominated even though they seem to be aligned (?).
        The house has already split into those that will showmance and those that won’t.

        AAALLLLLLLL the Kraken. :)

      2. day two of feeds and we’ve already heard “we’re the only cool ones” and ” the season will suck without the two of us” from the people on the bottom of the totem pole. If one of them says “situations” i’m gonna drop.
        More kraken.

  7. Have a nice break, you need to get your strength up for the soul-sucking BBUS. Can’t wait to see you there. Thanks for everything.

  8. :( I’m just finding out now you won’t be updating for bbcan. I can understand that. Much Love to you guys!
    see you for bbus.

  9. Bummed – this is the only site with feeds for bbcan & fun comments. Oh well, i’ll have to do life instead. You probs need a holiday after the toxic, brain deadening effects of celebrity bbus. Thanks for this wonderful interactive site – have a good holiday.

  10. Hi guys, so I’m trying to watch bbcan. Haven’t seen anything past season 1 episide 4. Saw that on YouTube. Any idea of where a American can watch past seasons and the current season with live feeds?

  11. Ryan is HoH.
    He is real suspicious of gatecrasher Merron.
    Ryan said Merron knew his sons name, saying..”youll get pictures of Carter”!

  12. 11:48pm HG’s are sitting in living room sofas, several individual random convos happening.
    Veronica called to DR

    Ryan goes into the bedroom, talking to camera, saying “i needed that” ..”i may have to do what the house wants this week”

  13. 11:53pm Veronica out of DR in bedroom with Ryan, sucking up!
    shortly before Ryan went to bedrrom, Merron came and sat next to Ryan on the sofa, sucking up!

    The gatecrashers are working hard kissing butt, i guess they arent safe!

  14. 11:56 Hamza and Erica in bedroom,.. Erica is crying saying it sux the way she played today,
    Erica saying she” likes everyone and cant make any moves, she cant to anything without fear of hurting people.”

    Whatever happened today, she said she “feels like she shouldnt be here”

  15. 12:32am Feeds return Erica still in bedroom crying, Johnny, Veronica Paras, Kaela, and Ali comforting her.
    Erica talking about getting in a heated exchange with Andrew

    Erica knocked him outta the hoh comp
    Ali saying Andrew told her she going after her
    ERica said he pulled her aside before vote and it was flipped, Ali was going home.

    Looks like they are targeting Andrew

    Ryan earlier said he had to do what the house wants while alone in bedroom

    Poor Andrew :(

  16. 12:43am Erica and the girls,..oh and Johnny … still in bedroom, talking about Andrew, Saying Ryan will just put him up so he can play for veto

  17. Hamza… filling in the role of the delusional dufus who runs sh!t but thinks he’s in charge of the whole game. LAME!

  18. Remember when there were two french speakers in the house and nobody knew what they were saying? How long before we get Will to english subtitles? Between his mumble mouth and Veronica saying ‘like’ every third word I’m never going to get through a conversation between the two of them….
    I give it two hours before all the supposed nice girls and the supposed mean girls have a linda blair exorcist pageant… oh they got spiced rum? okay. one hour.

  19. Noooooooo!!!! So sad to hear you’re not doing BBCAN6. It will make the season so much less enjoyable for me. But I understand it is a big committment and that you need to live your lives too! But know you will be soooo missed!!

    So missed!

    Like I kinda wanna cry, missed :(

  20. Does anyone know of any other spoiler sites to use for this season? I absolutely love this site and am sad by the news but thats life!

  21. Gee tryed the Live feeds hard to follow.. Will miss OBB trully,anyone suggest any site to follow now.. Hard to find a site that compares to OBB

  22. Story the gate crashers should have used:
    There were supposed to be 16 of you originally. Two of the others were found to be in breach of contract the night before move in. We were alternates in case anyone pulled out of coming on. We were called the day you moved in and told we had one week to get our crap together, arrange for time off our jobs, and get here for the night of first eviction to move in. Throw in the other two were even a story on global and et canada for breaking sequester and going out partying.
    Explains everything, including the luggage and doesn’t mention fan vote.

    1. First out the Indian girl, now on the block, the Black guy and the middle eastern guy! Canada is so inclusive! lol

      1. The oldest woman and oldest man in the house have been the targets so far. Their race isn’t the excluding factor. It’s their age. It’s not any better. but it’s the reality.
        I get the feeling Andrew was targeted for playing too hard to flip the house week one.
        Hamza has been doing everything in his power to target himself after playing too hard week one.
        But when the first four people on the block are the Indian woman, the latina woman, the black man, and the middle eastern man…. I can see how optically bad that is.

        1. Melting Pot implies that all of the cultures blend together to make a new culture. I don’t think Canada is a melting pot. It’s more of garden salad. All of the ingredients maintain their original tastes, but in theory combine to create something distinct.

  23. Wow! It always makes me sad to see Canadians more supportive of the USA then our own country. Thanks for the history but I won’t be back in the future.

    1. Simon and Dawg spend Hours to work on this site. After bbcelebrity, they need a break before the summer bbusa, which has more traffic on the site then bbcan. It’s not support, it’s the bloggers working full time jobs and watching 12 hours of feeds a day.

    2. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. We’re also sorry we can’t invest the time into BBCAN. When we started this website back in 2007 we only intended to cover BBUS. When BBCAN started we gave it 5 years trying to make it work with our lives. We both work more than full time at our regular jobs on top of having families. We just finished covering the celebrity edition of BBUS. Covering a season requires us each to put in 8 to 12 hours a day for 70 – 100 days straight. This is on top of working more than 8 hours at our regular jobs. Its hard for us to justify giving up more time with our families. Running and maintaining this website costs us a considerable amount in both time and money. I’m sorry we aren’t able to invest more of our time and money into providing BBCAN updates at this time.

  24. Sad to see you both go for BBCAN6 this season :(. Your updates and hard work helped tremendously to get an idea on what’s really going on in the bb house. If there are any sites that you would recommend for spoilers and/or updates let me know :). Will be back on this site for BBUS20!

  25. Hey Simon and Dawg,
    Guess what you’re missing?
    Feeds have been down for over 15 hours.
    For a veto comp.
    But hey, this seasons for the fans, right?
    I think I may have spilled the Kraken.

  26. After 22.5 hours, Big Brother Canada has tweeted that feeds will return tomorrow at noon eastern time.
    Not enough Kraken for this.
    I’m out.

  27. OMG! Hamza was talking to Veronica about next HoH. He said its going to be an Endurance comp which he excels at, as long as they don’t take breaks. Veronica responds, ya it’s not fair it allows people to catch their breath and rest some,…FEEDS CUT!

    BB Canada production is a joke,…They give them breaks during an endurance comp! OMG, While BBUS shows it live on the feeds.

    What a joke!

  28. Feeds return after blackout
    Erica won veto and didnt use it!

    A House meeting was called to talk about food and house cleaning.

    Veronica called out Ryan for trying to flip the house to get out Hamza, and planting seeds.
    (apparently during the feed blackout when the veto wasnt used, Ryan tried to sway people to vote out Hamza, and also sowed seeds of doubt in people about them being targets,..(Ryan used the info he got from his 1on1 convos he had in the HoH room when he asked a bunch of people who they wanted as a replacement nom in case the veto was used))

    Ryan said he was telling the truth and how he regrets nominating is alliance buddies just to appease the house, because after he nominated his only friends in the house, no one would talk to him. (uh duh, they cant trust someone who nominates their friends because the house wants it, you bonehead)

    After the meeting there was some talk about Ryan being next weeks target, but some dont see him as a threat.
    Veronica is seen as a bigger threat, because her social game is good.

    Ali seems to be leading the charge against Veronica, at one moment she pulled Erica in to talk about Veronica,.. and Erica doesnt see Ryan as the next target. She said,..”you got to keep some targets in the house, or its a free for all, and thats not a strategic way to play the game!

    While talking to Ali, Erica slipped up and said getting Rozina out was a waste! (lol OOPS), then continued saying getting Andrew out is a waste, and it will be a waste to get Ryan out!

    Also they want to throw the gatechrashers up on the block in case they have a power, to flush it out!

  29. Best line of tonite’s episode (S06E05): “That guy’s a clown”

    WOOOORD! Ryan, Andrew, Hamza… terrible players. Hamza is delusional – he thinks he’s a 6’5″ jock with brains who can win every comp and dominate the house with his charisma. LMAO! If only he’d look in one of the hundreds of mirrors in that house. Andrew is just a complete idiot who lacks social engineering and clues. He’s got 0 sportsmanship, no fair play, his exit lack so much class, and he had the guts to say to the host that he wanted to make big moves. In order to make big moves, Andrew, you need a lot more than just being a big guy. So long, loser! Now Ryan I think is the worst! Ryan calls himself a superfan, he thinks he knows everything possible about BB, and can just go in the BB Can house and pull incredible gameplay. What a lame dude! I can totally picture him sitting home wearing one of his hideous outfits, feet up, drinking whatever junk he usually drinks, and feeling smart and laughing at BB players and mocking their game choices. I bet he’s probably never realized that BB is a very difficult game that looks easy on TV because we get to see all sides of it. He NEEDS to go. Good riddance.

  30. Hamza won HoH

    He nominated Olivia and Jesse

    Before noms he told Ali that the house wants her up, but he isnt doing what the house wants, and he tells her he wont nominate or backdoor her. He tells her to get close with Veronica, Paras, and Maddy.

    Hamza only told a few people he was going to nominate Olivia and Jesse, like Ryan, Will, Veronica. He kept others in the dark, because he wanted to see jaws drop.

    Hamza doesnt care if Olivia or Jesse goes, and might nominate Derek or Kaela if veto is used.

    After noms Hamza told Jesse, Derek and KAela theres a bigger plan, and the strategy to go forward is to nominate each other to hide that theyre working together..(DERP)

    Jesse thinks it’s BS, But Derek had a convo with Hamza where Hamza swore on hes fiance that he would nominate Ryan if the veto is used. (cough BS cough)

    Jesse continues BS’ing people about his plan, telling Erica in a 1 on 1 that Jesse cant go home. Jonny comes in and Hamza asks Johnny if he feels safe, Johnny says yes, and Hamza says be careful your name was tossed around a lot. (lol, more BS)

    Paras was alone talking to the camera in the bedroom, saying if shes picked and wins veto, she wont save Jesse, She doesnt like he’s coccky “everything is fine” attitude.

    Kaela is worried her or Derek will be a replacement nom.

    Also before noms when people were having 1 on 1’s with Hamza in the HoH room, Veronica and Wil were hiding in the bathtub while Olivia came to talk. They heard Olivia say that the house consensus for this week was suppose to the newbies, and when asked you she was worried about, she said Maddy’s name.

    Veronica went on to take that info and told Kaela that Olivia said her name as who Olivia was targeting, and Veronica went and told Paras, Olivia was targeting the newbies, Maddy and the showmance.

    7:35pm FEEDS DOWN (maybe pov comp)

  31. EDIT: Correction, so theres no confusion

    Hamza continues BS’ing people about his plan, telling Erica in a 1 on 1 that Jesse cant go home. Jonny comes in and Hamza asks Johnny if he feels safe, Johnny says yes, and Hamza says be careful your name was tossed around a lot. (lol, more BS)

  32. Da’Vonne Rogers BB 17&18, Jozea Flores BB18, Natalie Negrotti BB18, and Paulie Calafiore B18 will all be on MTV “The Challenge Final Reckoning” which will be airing sometime this summer!!
    Jozea is also going to be on The Challenge Spinoff: ” Champs vs Stars 2

  33. Notes.
    things that irk.
    feeds going down every time a house guest has an intimate moment with their showmance. push another location button, don’t block the feed. it’s not like they’ve only got the one camera or the one room.
    feeds going down every time any other houseguest talks about, questions, or asks one of the showmance about said intimate moments. again. change the room. it’s not like any one house guest should have a designated feed anyway. Blocking feeds for up to 20 minutes multiple times a day instead of just turning the cam to one of the people that hasn’t been getting nearly 9 hours a day of camera time might be an option. There’s a few people that haven’t shown up on cam in days, unless they happen to walk by the select few that are ALWAYS being given feed time.
    If someone goes on a reality show with supposed 24/7 live feeds and doesn’t want anything romantic shown on feeds due to cultural or familial respect and responsibility…. maybe they should just not have any romantic moments until the wrap party.
    Oh… the other thing that irks.
    Editing of episodes that completely and ridiculously retells the week in such a way that… welllll… doesn’t even work logically.
    There is some nasty re-editing business going on here that is completely making the entire plot on feeds look like a completely different house and events… i mean… at least 4 times nastier than the editing that has favored manufactured season favorites in the past. The loud d/r talking hohitis egomaniac is getting credit for a plan that two other people had to completely flip the house and then convince him about making the move. The two that put in the work… I don’t think they even appeared in the episode. it’s just magically the genius’ plan.
    the final thing that irks:
    next time a person on the block is given production notes or ideas on how to campaign: tell them not to say “and i came up with this all by myself without anyone giving me any notes or prepping me in any way shape or form” at the beginning of the pitch. really. don’t embarrass yourselves. The nominee didn’t come up with ANY of that. unless he finally found a brain last time he stuck his finger up his nose. or any of the last 23 times he stuck his finger up his nose. We get it. You want to continue his storyline with his showmance that causes multiple feed blocks, because you’ve decided she can be molded into neda 2.0 if you edit hard enough.

  34. Paras smokes, drinks, says the F word and kisses a boy on TV, but she wont eat bacon because of her religion..wheres the facepalm emoji when u need it?

  35. Its official the USA buck is worth more than Canuck patriotism…ya it does
    God Bless America…ok
    Long Live Trump…nope
    Trudeau learn to speak American english…he does
    The Walking Dead Lives as
    Edward Norton
    Burn us ALL!

  36. How to tell a season of bbcan is contrived in a nutshell? look at the coaching session given to the final three.
    Comments to the first of the final three? here’s what to say to jury.
    Comments to the second of the final three? do you have what it takes to cut your showmance for the person we just talked to?
    Comments to the third of the final three? Can you cut your showmance and take the person we talked to first to the finals?
    Gee. Wonder which of the final three production really wants in finals? The same one edits have manufactured to be Neda 2.0 when her game was Sabrina 2.0 (post canada’s hoh)? Oh. Okay.

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