Cam “If you make this move without telling a sole.. You’ll be a legend! You’ll be a f**king hero for this!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron & Red
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Red and Cameron are on the block. America/Bowie may be renoms if veto is played.

10:11pm Bathroom – Red and Bowie.
Red – he started giving signs that instead of looking at me like a partner he was looking at me as a threat. But I was just kind of brushing it off because he is my buddy. But maybe that’s what he feels like he has to do with his game.. its not looking good on him and he’s the one that has to answer to to them, not me. Bowie – yeah you got absolutely no problem. Red – I actually made a promise to him at one point, that if we were in this position and that if I won the veto I would use it on him to take him down because I felt like they would keep me and it would keep a numbers. I said I would promise to do that. And even though he has put me in this position and if I win the veto .. and I am not going to throw it. Bowie – you’re not going to use it on him? Red – I would be put in the position where I would have to keep my word. Bowie – yeah but at some point.. Red – but for who though? Two wrongs don’t make it right. Bowie – yeah but when someone is gunnin’.. I think you would just do yourself harm. The other option is not to use it. Red – we can have a morning time discussion after all this.. Bowie – but he also promised you that he would never vote you out right? Red – correct.. but because someone breaks their promise, it doesn’t give me the right to do so. My word is what bonds me even to my detriment. Unfortunately if it is the reason that I walk out of this house I might leave here with nothing but my integrity. And if it comes down to that I would hope that ya’ll as my friends would honour that and let me walk. Bowie – but you still wouldn’t get voted out even if you did this ridiculous plan.. America would. Red – but if no one wins and it doesn’t change that is the other major issue because at some point I also told him like a dumba$$.. I said I would go out before I would let you go out. Bowie – well I think you need to get some perspective on this. Red – I see the perspective and I see how damaging it could be to my game. Bowie – isn’t he meant to pull you down as well? Red – it was never discussed that way I guess because he felt like he was the one in danger. Bowie – I mean you might feel different when you talk to Jared and he says he was saying put Red up.

10:24pm HOH room – Jared and Cameron.
Cam – getting America out will strengthen both of our relationships with Cory. Jared – I know. Cam – I don’t want to keep her around. I don’t. I don’t want to keep her around for another minute because I don’t trust her at all. The only thing different than me and Red is Red says this sh*t. You will get a lot of steam behind that… That will level the f**king house. I am not talking about blowing it up.. I am meaning that will settle the house. Jared – even it out. Cam – because she is in every f**king pocket in this house. Jared – I have been wanting to bring this up to the mama’s so bad but I am like they are going to f**king scorch me if I do so I never proposed the idea to them. Cam – I wouldn’t bring it up to them, I wouldn’t bring it up to Blue either. But I if I win that f**king veto or if Red wins that veto.. and you turn around and put her a$$ up there you will get round the clock handshakes! Jared – you think so? Cam – 100%! Jared – the only reason why I didn’t think about it.. Cam – listen there will be no mistaking. GONE! Jared – this is why I was so f**King scared to bring it up because if Mama’s catch wind of this sh*t they is going to scorch my a$$. Cam – I am not telling a sole because you already know who is going to fight their a$$ off to get that veto tomorrow. Red and you already know I am going fight my a$$ off too. And so anyone else that gets that veto .. that is going to be top three. If something in those top three wins, and you make this move without telling a sole.. you’ll be a hero! Jared – are you sure, you don’t think it is going to.. Cam – I am 110% positive! With this move you would win the damn respect of this house. BB blocks the feeds. Cam – I cannot take it anymore. I wasn’t going to come throw this in your lap until we knew where the veto was but now you know where my head is at. I am going to be winning that veto and that is what the f**k I know would win you this house. Jared – that is crazy. You don’t think its going to upset people if I do that. Cam – the only person is Blue. Jared – I’ve got Blue. Cam – that is what I am saying, the only person is Blue. Only! Jared – I’ve got to think that one man. I am so f**king scared that is going to rub them the wrong way. Cam – I checked the temperature. Jared – that’s what I was going to do. Cam – when I was talking about a big move the other night .. this is what I was getting at. From the temperature check I’ve had over the past week you’ll be a legend! You’ll be a hero for this! No one would come after you for this. You would be pulling the trigger that no of us wanted to pull yet. Jared – oh my god. Cam – but now it is over we can’t do this sh*t no more. Jared – I know.

10:50pm Comic Bedroom – Red, Meme, Izzy, Cirie, Felicia, Matt.
Felicia – yeah we haven’t see Cameron come out of there (HOH room). Just go ring the doorbell and rescue him. He might want to be rescued. Red – I tried earlier. Bowie – send Matt to get him out. Meme – are you okay Red? Red – yeah like I said its not the noms. I don’t care to not tell you either.. its not the noms .. its the situation and my headspace that who put me there put me in. Being stabbed in your back by a close friend never feels good.. especially when it is a lot more than what you just thought it was and mentioned you as a nom. I don’t understand what he thinks he is gaining? Honestly! It doesn’t make any sense at all!?

11:06pm Backyard – Jag and Cam
Jag – I love you buddy. I do wish you the best in the veto tomorrow. Cam – thank you buddy.

11:30pm Backyard – Felicia, Matt, Cirie, Jag and Bowie chatting.

11:50pm – 12am HOH room – Jared, Cirie and Izzy.
The feeds come back from being blocked. Izzy – Jag, Blue, us and Felicia. Jared – I don’t know why I thought Meme was in it. Izzy – the other one is with the other 7. Cirie – The For Real For Real, but Jared isn’t in it. Izzy – yes he is. Its us, Cory, Felicia, Meme and America. Jared – I am not in no groups with America. Cirie starts laughing – are you showing out!? Jared – everyone else spread themselves wide open. Izzy – everyone but America we are messing with. Jared – okay. Izzy – so which one do you want to talk with? It should be both. Or it should be neither. Or it should be one of them. Cirie – it should be both at separate times.. you’ve got till Thursday so we can figure it out. Jared – just so I remember its me you, Izzy, Cory, Meme, Felicia. Cory is done with Felicia just so ya’ll know. Cirie – good, he should be. Izzy – me too. Cirie – me to though. Jared – he is absolutely done with Felicia. Cirie – she must have said something slick to Jag and Jag probably told him. Because Felicia is a little grimy herself. Izzy – I am just done with her. I am done with Jag. Cirie to Jared – are you picking Jag? (For HG player pick in the veto) Jared – yeah. Cirie – thats all, Im just checking. You should pick Jag. Jared – yeah.

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un autre nom

America is Charlie Brown.
Running to kick that football to level the field.
Everyone in the house is Lucy.

Jag believes Matt and Cirie.
Because Jag is gullible.
As I said in my somewhat bitchy assessment of the house last week:
What’s the point, Jag’s a lost cause.

Matt, if he actually has a plan, seems to want to save all the guys while protecting Cirie.
This fits with his week one day 1-4 plan. He, like Jared, wanted a bro-down.
His idea, I think, is to keep Red to take out his hated America, or take out Izzy. I’m not sure why his hate for America is so great other than Reilly being most upset with America.
At this point when he says Reilly the eyeroll i do hurts. Idiot likely tries to propose to her on finale night. No, really.

Jag’s plan? whatever the last 2 people said to him. To go from hearing Blue and America lay out house reality, to then hearing Matt and Cirie 24 hours later and completely falling back in line to wait to be evicted. Cowardly Lion is going to be useless.
Blue? Probably continues her America chats, but not as actual plan anymore. She’ll yes dear to Jared again and go back to having the IQ of lettuce.

Reality: Jag interrogated stupidly, thought he was being slick, got called out…and still thought he was slick, so it had to be America. couldn’t have a good read if you beat him repeatedly with a book.
What good is he to Cirie? none.
is his position better? the Cirie crew want him out next 4 evictions.
so, no.


The IQ lettuce! Hahahahahaha
You are absolutely right

Not Jason’s Holly

Your thoughts are all spot on!

I really did LOL at some of them.

un autre nom

Jag has, of course, cowardly lioned himself back into stay safe and get picked off position.
He’s trying so hard to win mr.congeniality that he refuses to acknowledge what he knows.
Reality, as soon as he couldn’t talk people into a majority group against Cirie the House, he jumped back to hide and hope nobody noticed I had anti-Cirie thoughts mode.
Blue is telling Jag she wants America as a shield.
Jag hasn’t told Blue about the Matt’s dream alliance with Cirie.
Jag hasn’t told Blue that Matt saved him.

What we’ve learned: Matt is Jag’s real number one.


I thought Cameron was talking about backdooring Izzy not America.?? He mentioned America wasn’t happy with her either.

Not Jason’s Holly

I think Cameron is smart enough not to mention he wanted to back door Izzy to Jared.

un autre nom

oh, he tried to get Jared to blindside renom Izzy.
he’s that far off on house dynamic.