Bruno says “I am NOT using the veto. You guys have nothing to worry about.”

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11:30am In the storage room – Sarah talks to Johnny about talking to Bruno before the veto ceremony. I tried to feel out Willow and it didn’t feel like … The only person she is scared of is God. Johnny asks God, really?! She says we could try and just say there is one more option. Johnny says he’s avoiding me. Sarah says everyone is. Johnny says especially when I come in a room. It depends on how close he is to Willow and B. If he thinks he has their vote, why wouldn’t he do it. Sarah says she feels like Bruno wants to keep everything the same. But its like a bandaid once you rip it off… It can’t hurt right?! Johnny says it can’t hurt.

11:40am – 11:50amOut in the hot tub room – Willow, Brittnee, Bruno, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar, Zach, Bobby.They’re talking about Oprah and Ellen. The conversation turns to talking about divorce and relationships.

In the bedroom – Jordan and Kevin talk. Kevin says that Zach is getting Bobby to throw the HOH. Godfrey too. Kevin talks about throwing it to Jordan once the others are out of the running. Jordan says at nominations he could look at Kevin and say I nominate …Bobby. Kevin says that’s perfect! Jordan says Zach and I really want it. Jordan says its funnier if you don’t get it so then they’re surprised.

Johnny packing his bag.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-12 08-57-57-456

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I love how everyone’s name is being mentioned as a target :)


I don’t have a favourite just yet since it’s still early, but everyone is going to get blown up soon!! #drama #backstab


Sarah and Johnny need to pull Bruno aside NOW; it’ll be too late soon


So in one breath Bobby says he doesnt think Sad Sac is going to put them up and in the next says he doesn’t trust him. Oxymoron from a moron. If your numbers are low start to recruit and the obvious place to start is with the two of the block. Jonny is in a horrible position and ripe to pull in. They have blinders on when it comes to him for some reason. And so blind to the fact that Kevin is totally Zach and JPs lapdog. Bruno and God are way too confident about hanging onto power for the next three weeks….it rarely if ever happens. I had such hope for Kevin but the way he’s been dealing with Jonny has really turned me off. He acts like an unpopular high school kid who wants the cool guys to like him. I’m not buying his I’m not attracted to men shtick either. The person playing the best with the least amount of ego IMO is Bruno so far. His analysis of the game is solid he just isn’t getting the strength of the relationships on the other side or the fact that Zach/JP are coming after him and his boys. Zach has done a good job convincing them that Kevin is his target not Bobby or God or Bruno himself I hope Bruno gets smart and uses the veto and pulls Jonny in. Jonny Bruno and God would be an alliance to be reckoned with. I soooo hope these alliances blow up.


The maintenance guy gets my vote


definitely and assuming it eill be the double veto because of the stupid bb announcement. had we known it wd hv been the forced single veto. he needs more allies not less. he shd be pulling sarah in with a deal right now not just syaying shes s pawn. why is n one doing a dont put you up you dont put me up


They are too many people that don’t listen or pay any attention when it comes to votes with BBCAN, just like the veto thing, I voted for forced veto because it would of forced Bruno to use the veto even though he says he isn’t but everyone and their mother got their panties/boxers/tighty whitey’s in a wad, went voted even though they didn’t even read all the seen was double veto they automatically think oh i am voting this one because he will have to take both of them off but what they didn’t read or don’t know is in small writing it says that HOH can pick to use that one or not he don’t have to, but with the first one forced veto he didn’t have a choice. So another to be written in the books with fans going voting on something even before they knew who the nominees were, should of waited to see who was on block and read before just hitting the button then saying oh i didn’t know and they won’t let me change my vote, pay more attention.


Sarah and Johnny need to get to Bruno before the Veto ceremony and plant the seed about the Diaper Alliance and how Bruno would lose the numbers moving forward if he let Johnny go this week. Sarah and Johnny have nothing to lose and everything to gain if they can convince Bruno to use the double Veto on them and put up Zach and Jordan in their place.

I cannot believe how terrible of a player Bobby is. Is he really so blind?

Sarah seems to be the only player in the house who realizes that if you want to make it to the end you have to be willing to work with anyone, and not get caught up in your emotions.

Please BB gods force Bruno to use the Double Veto!!!


Just looked at the pol,l maintenance guy is doing surprising well lol.


Wow. This season is full of clueless scaredy cats who are to afraid to play the game. Bobby is a clueless wonder. Even Pilar has a better game than he does. It’s hysterical how they all talk smack behind each others backs. 90% of all of their conversations are complete lies and they all know it, but continue to do it.

I don’t like Bobby (or any of them, actually) but I’m pissed off at how fast Kevin turned on him. Even though Jordan (ugh) and Zach are playing the best game so far, their egos are so juvenile and over-inflated. I wish something would happen to flip this vote and keep Johnny in. If Bobby can get over his jealousy and stop obsessing about getting Kevin out, he, Bruno, Godfrey, Kevin (and thus Pilar) could work on getting Zach out like they KNOW they need to. WHY are people so afraid to go after good players? Those are the people you have to gang up on to get rid of. But, they’re all too scared. I don’t understand how people so quickly and easily lie down in subordination to those they PERCEIVE to be “great.” Gather the others and take them out if they’re so strong! Don’t let them run the game… or you and YOUR game!


Oops. I meant, “I don’t like Johnny.” Didn’t mean to write “Bobby” there.


If I were Johnny, I’d be going to everyone (but Jordan and Ashleigh, since Johnny knows they’re in cahoots) in pairs or threes, and saying, “Listen, have you guys noticed how Zach and Jordan have been whispering every night from Day One? They’re good with EVERYONE and talk game with EVERYONE. They’re always trying to get people to act and vote in a certain way, or how they think WE should throw a comp? Why are we letting them run this game? They’re dangerous to ALL of us. Has anyone compared notes to see if they’re saying different things to each of us? We NEED to work together to get THEM out now while we have the numbers to do it. After that, if you want to come after me, I respect that. But, I’m sick of them running this game and I’m letting you guys know that THEY’RE my target and they SHOULD be yours, too. If they’re not, you’re HANDING THEM the prize money.”

At least it’s better than laying down and dying, like Johnny is currently doing. He knows he’s out the door anyway so why not go out trying to make a HUGE move?


Britnee seems to know it’s a double veto.. She said if Bruno uses the veto who would he put up? Kevin and Pilar?

Bruno would have been told ahead of time so he could think about replacement noms, but would everyone else know?


Faces in the Crowd

Bruno- Definitely top 4 contender atm. Like his HOH also.
Godfrey- Talks a good game as of late. Lets see him play!
Bobby- Better get his mojo back.
Willow- Just a face atm
Ash- playing to many angles with showmance, chop and couples alliances. Don’t like her position atm. to much talk about who she’d go with from folks she is aligned with.
Brit- this seasons sleeper. She played an aggressive HOH and not on the block without numbers I’d call that a good week in the BB house.
Sarah- She laments constantly about being the target the poor lil pawn. She has a lot less game than she thinks she has.
Kev- on a lot of peoples radar. Get to jury he could go far. Jury is going to be tough though.
Pili- Just a face. Waste of a HG spot IMO.
Johnny- Win the KFC comp :)
Newport- I like these guys. Yeh I said it! lol Everything that has been written this season that is negative about J/Z is mostly accurate. It’s almost like their charcatures from a bad acting class. It’s a guilty pleasure listening to the strategy sessions. Some of this stuff is pure drivel. After BB USA 16 I like drivel.
Zack- “captain Canada” please I want to vomit” In his mind he’s playing the game. At times there are flashes of it. Remember Helen from BB USA and her “it’s not time to make a big move”.. Zack, Jordan, Bruno or Bobby is this seasons Helen not sure which at this point.
Jordan- the mastermind of Newport if you believe the edits. TY production Zack can hold his own in a convo.
See I like Newport for the entertainment value. Think production does to. Newport’s getting a good edit. Add the sideshow promoting Zack as a front runner there is definitely a push. Oh the fun will be watching it blow up. Hope it’s a few weeks down the road myself. Wish production hadn’t push The Shield “CRAP”. I think J/Z are far better than those 2 idiots.


*Johnny packing his bag* I feel so bad for Johnny! I really hope he tries something to shake up the house. He has nothing to lose!


Well, Johnny did something all right….he blew up his game and Sarah’s in a foit of jealousy because the powers that be in the house want him out more than


Well, Johnny did something all right—he blew up his game and Sarah’s in a fit of jealousy because the powers that be in the house want him out more than Sarah! As though it’s her fault…trash your own ally… He gave the entire lowdown that Sarah and he figured out yesterday–to Zach, of all people. The guy who is already in everone’s business. Not the brightest strategist, Johnny. Shame on you. Zach has less reason that ever to want to save your butt now, fool! Let you go and he only has a single thinker left to deal with–Sarah. Now if Johnny is the one to win the “1st 5 Evictees” Comp/twist, he’ll return to a house where Zach cannot wait to push him right back out the door. Judases always end up dead, don’t they?

I wish Sarah could engender loyalty better–does she fail to close the deal every time, or what? No one feels any sense of loyalty to her. The only good to come of Johnny’s weaselly ways is that Zach’s ego has been busted down to size….he can either get Jordan to agree to grab up Sarah as an ally, or try to win HOH and pray nothing gets blown up. The chickees and Bobby are in desperate need of a wakeup call that they aren’t in summer camp, they are adults who are there to win a game for a lot of money. Will they get it?

And will everyone realize Zach’s presence in every alliance is what they are overlooking? I keep hearing “Something is missing.” Everyone says it when thinking and talking about thegame. It’s the role Zach is playing. He could be discovered and spun out on his butt so fast he won’t remember what hit him, or he could take the ball and run the entire season without being tackled once.