Brandi – “She truly said to me, you and your white girl alliance.”

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7:15pm Ari – Ross trusts him… Mark. Brandi – I know, that scares me. I told him not to. But at the end of the day Mark will go with whoever can get the most.. if its 3 and 3 he will go with.. Ari – with us. Brandi – right. Ross joins them. Ross – to avoid conflict can we just say Keshia for now? And if nobody comes off the block, lets just do it. We know what’s going on. Like that Shannon and Omarosa have a final 2. I don’t want to have a night of discussion or conflict because I don’t want anything on our faces to say anything like that. Let just all go in there now and agree on Keshia and nobody comes off the block. Brandi – I don’t agree and she (Ari) doesn’t agree so you can put it anyway you want. However if Shannon and James play tomorrow.. and you get players choice we still 100% trust James if they need to pick one person. Ross – I talked to both of them and they want Shannon to do it. I even talked to Shannon and asked won’t that make you a big target and her antenna went up right away. Ross -if I get players choice … the chances are slim, we just have to pray I get it. If I get players choice and I don’t pick Shannon … its like put big neon letters above us about what’s going on. Brandi – why does that matter. Ross – so they don’t turn now. We can’t threaten them out and not follow through or we are toast. We have to be able to follow through.

Bedroom – Brandi, Shannon, Ari, James, Mark and Ross. James – the way I am trying to think of this is who is going to be a bigger threat moving forward. My whole thing with Omarosa is that she threw out the race card. I don’t want this game to ever be about that because its not and I think its reckless with that. That is my concern. James – so do you think it makes it better to get her out quickly or worse? Brandi – you can’t tame her she is going to go her own way. Keshia I think is more tame-able. James – but the race card has nothing to do with the game .. that’s a social thing that we should talk about. Brandi – I understand that but do you want that to be a conversation for the rest of the game? Mark – I don’t understand how it could be like that when you guys were all so clicked up at the beginning. It makes not sense. Shannon – I think she’s dropped it now. Brandi – but whos to say if she doesn’t like the way things go again that she doesn’t throw it out there again. James – but from a PR perspective and America is watching and they’ve just seen her go to the hospital and the day she gets back pretty much is the day she gets voted out, that could look bad too. Brandi – I will go with the group but my point is I don’t think we should play with her going forward. I just think Omarosa will take us all down with her. Shannon – who do you think is stronger at competitions? Brandi – probably Keshia. Mark – its not even an issue. Keshia is way stronger. I think that if Omarosa didn’t go home tomorrow, she would go home anyway. James – she will be the next one unless Metta does something. Metta and Omarosa have both said that they would never put Keshia up so if we don’t get her out now.

Mark – we were all in an alliance happy as hell running around making food and everything is all great and now overnight everyone is all this? This is what they’re seeing. Brandi – but she has the ability to be believable even when she is talking out of her a$$. Mark – I don’t disagree. Shannon – she has always been portrayed as a villain and if she is throwing stuff out there .. I don’t think that will change. James – I don’t think anyone is going to be stupid enough to change what we have going on for the seven, right!? But Keshia has already gone to people and become better friends again. Shannon – right. James – she is better at that.. no one is going to trust Omarosa. Keshia is trying to play the social game and Omarosa will never be good at that. Keshia is just the bigger threat across the board. Brandi – look I will go with what you guys want. She truly said to me in the bedroom, you and your white girl alliance. Shannon – she said the same to me. Ross – but Ari is Colombian. Brandi – and you’re (Ross) not a girl. Brandi – she throws nuclear bombs. Mark – but she will do that anyway. There is no insurance policy for that. Its coming either way. James – if Keshia wins the veto, then its Omarosa. Ross – we’re going to go 1, 2, 3 anyways so what does it matter what order (Keshia, Omarosa, Metta) we make. I would like Omarosa second. James – as long as Metta stays the same, he is not really a big threat. Brandi – I will vote with the group but when it comes time for the other (Omarosa) to happen, that you guys have my back. Ross – yeah absolutely. James – can I say that this eviction is so much better than the last one. Shannon jokingly says – you better watch your step we could still backdoor you. Ross – I know Marissa was on board but can we just include her. They agree and leave the room.

8:05pm – 9pm Backyard – Ross and Mark. Ross – I am in and to me it doesn’t matter what the order is. Mark – I agree. Ross – but do keep an eye out with her still making the case to keep Omarosa on the next one. Mark – Shannon? Ross – MMMhhhmm. Mark – I thought she wanted to get Keshia out? Ross – she does on the next one. To keep Omarosa in. I think she still has a final 2 with Omarosa. Mark – but she wants Keshia out now. Ross – yes but on the next one.. every time I say Omarosa she says or Metta. Mark – It doesn’t matter if she goes against the grain, we still have the numbers. I can’t see her wanting to take Omarosa the whole way and have to deal with that. Ross – because anyone can beat Omarosa at the end. Anyone next to Omarosa at the end is going to win. Mark – I agree but its going to be hard to take Omarosa the whole way. Ross – no its not. People are going to clue into that.. Pretty soon its going to go from getting the biggest person out to keeping the weakest person next to you because you can win at the end. That’s why she made a final two with Omarosa because she knew everyone was going to hate her. Brandi, Metta, Shannon, Marissa and Ari join them.

10:20pm Brandi & Ari take the Owl off the bed. Keshia – if he keeps me up all night I am waking you guys up. Brandi and Ari head to the bar lounge room. With the owl and hide it under the couch. Brandi – don’t let Keshia know, she’ll tell him. Ari – we need to deny everything.

11:05pm – 11:45pm Bedroom – Ross, Brandi, Ari and Marissa talk about getting Keshia. Ross – every single thing has been Shannon’s doing. Brandie and how she has a strong person beside her. Ross – Shannon is the best player to ever play this game in history. Brandi – right now is the perfect storm. We don’t get her out, you never will. Brandi – I don’t trust the three of them (Keshia, Omarose, Metta) . Ross – I need you to talk to Keshia and I need you to say that there is a way for her to stay. But if any of this gets out, you are going home. They talk about who will tell Keshi she is going home and when.

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pc ross will backdoor shannon(who he has a final 4 deal with) at final 10 even though she is loyal to him...this keeps the 2 race baiters omarosa/keisha safe for optics, then ross cant be called racist

pc bs now means you cant nom/evict a black person for fear of being deemed racist…even if its against your game interests for $250k…shannon was called a racist for merely making a game move against black girl magic alliance

also the cast is a joke…a bunch of betas being submissive to geek ross…its pathetic

where are the men? zero alphas this season…its basically an all female season

im out on this season…bring on bb canada…move in day i think is march 1, premiere march 7

Bingo was his namo…..That’s #liberallogic…..Just hand the title to Ombrosa or what’s her name, so they can get the #metoo and #whitesareraciss out of the way. Man this race baiting BS is getting so very old….

This is what I said in the first article of this season…Very obvious how this was going to go. CBS jumped the shark last season, and decided to do it again here. Thank god its less than 3 weeks of BS by CBS. Funny how 2/3 of their name includes BS.

Do you realize how stupid you sound?
Ross isn’t alpha because what? He’s chubby or because he’s gay? #caveman
And because you obviously haven’t been paying attention, SHANNON IS THE ALPHA ?


I just hate it that this has turned into a bunch of racist crap. Omarosa is the most racist person and for her to make this “social” game about that on national television is ridiculous. And what does it say about Keisha going along with it all? Their “BGM”? Seems like the blacks are usually the ones to always play the race card first….just sayin.


That you can’t see that the targeting of all the black folks is racial because it presumes they will work as an alliance on the basis of race alone AND Black Girl Magic is racial because it’s working together based on a race/gender basis alone…none of which is racist because racial is different and simply acknowledges difference/similarity with no prejudice…tells me you’re a little racist, not awful racist, just unable to see beyond your own experience racist.

You can only see the “race card” being played by black folks, whether it’s two women working together or 3 people being clearly targeted for eviction because they’re black.


Pretty sure they started with an all girl alliance plus Ross. Then Keisha was perceived to be making side deals with the guys. Omarosa spent a significant amount of time with Kiesha so of course the rest of the house sees them as a pair. Metta’s likable, willing to do what he’s told, doesn’t seem to have a plan but at the same time quick to talk strategy. I think some folks either can’t figure out how sincere he is about going home or if it’s all an act so it makes it easy to paint him as a target. It’s easier to play a game if you believe you know what the other players are trying to do.


Oh sure “working together” in Big Brother doesn’t involve targeting others outside of those working together. Of course not. BGM was actually formed to work together to solve the energy crisis and would never have resulted in targeting white HGs in Big Brother. Hrm, Shannon is white and BGM, the alliance with race in it’s name, want her gone. Oh well pure coincidence there!

Yes, yes, yes. Blacks banding together is natural and justified and white banding together is evil. Sorry, but if you haven’t noticed this double-standard is only beginning to be called out for the bullshit that it is.




Your ignorance is apparent


If Blonde Girl Magic, or Big Girl Magic, or Bearded Guy Magic, or Buddhist Guy Magic wouldn’t qualify as race cards, why does Black.. ?

Peter holeczek

Love that ross. Brilliant nasty...

Anyone notice Brandi in the bathroom when Marissa walked in on her barely wash the tip of her finger after using the toilet, then Marissa didn’t wash AT ALL after she went to pee ~ so gross on all levels. Low class celebrities for sure. OMG wash people, takes a lot less time then smearing on all that cream you apply all day long to your face…GROSS

oh really?

so 4 thumbs down so far to washing your hands after wiping ur ch**ch. u must not wash either filthy people.


I Hope someone tells Shannon about Ross Attempt Backdoor Plan Because if Shannon hears about that Plan Ross is dead meat. I feel like he should’ve not put Omarosa and Keisha on the block because they’re not going after him he should’ve put his big boy pants on and put Shannon and James on the block they both can’t save each other and it guarantees one of them goes to home/jury because if they don’t get rid of those two and keep them in the game longer one of them will win .


I LOVE when people reveal themselves unintentionally…so the majority is so concerned with the racial aspect and how they’ll come off…yet the accepted plan is to systematically eliminate all the black people!!!

There’s a difference between being racial and racist: I definitely think aside from James (who fears Metta in comps) the ladies think the EXACT same way about black folks that they did about the men, that they just naturally will stick together and that’s why they decided to exclude Metta. He didn’t decide, they did…just like they decided to include Ross when the plan was eliminate the guys.

But that’s not racist, racist is getting the black folks because you don’t like them. It is racial because it’s assuming that that’s the biggest commonality, so of course Metta will side with them….and they know race is the motive and are going to grasp for anything they can to hide it. Because it’s socially acceptable to be boys vs girls, but black vs white…that’s not one that can be discussed with nuance.


What if you just don’t like those particular black people. It’s a slippery slope.


The Plan is to systematically eliminate ALL the other people. Metta keeps begging them to send him home, and Keisha & Omerosa have a “Black Girl Magic” alliance. The lines have been drawn in the sand there. If anyone made this racial, it’s Omerosa & Keisha!

‘Black girl magic’ is the only racist thing in big brother

Lol they assumed correctly! The two black women made an alliance within the group and everyone could see it. Putting the two of them up was the right decision game wise. I was watching scared that No one would put them both up for fear that they would be considered racist so it was refreshing to see that Ross put them both up ands didn’t tiptoe around it or let their race be a factor and not nominate them.

The only racism on the show is by Omarisa and Keisha. Black girl magic. The world would be in an uprage I’d say Brandi and ari started an alliance called ‘white girl magic’. Yet it’s okay when it’s the reverse. It’s just ridiculous that two intelligent women would create an alliance based solely on race.

The bottom line is they could’ve been any race and they would still be the best candidates for the block this week since they weren’t in the numbers and the reason for that was because the secluded themselves in this BGM and started making decisions without the group and putting their interest firsts. It was a bad game move and now they’re where they deserve to be.


Ronnie, while I respect your point of view, your thought process is eliminating the fact that they are not working under any assumptions. Keisha and Omarosa have flat out told the other houseguests that they will not vote each other out, nor will they vote out Metta…at any point during the entirety of the game. No one is merely assuming that they are working together…they were told this straight from the source. Also, many people have approached Metta because they would love to work with him and have him as an ally but he continues to turn them down and beg to go home. It is hard to justify keeping such a wildcard in the game for too long. Racism is something we should all be sensitive to, however, this situation isn’t a very good example of it once you know all the facts.


You guys are really slow on the updates. What’s the problem?


We’re Just Covering CBB casually. WE’ll be back to the regular style of coverage during the summer seasons.


And that’s the only way this train wreck of a season should be covered….
Celebrity, CBS? Really? Laughable.

As always Simon & Dawg, you guys rock out with your cocks out! Thank you for what you do!


Simon and Dawg have a lot of other things which consumes their time. Jobs, families, and a real life. This web site, awesome as it is for us folks, is mostly a hobby and sometimes suffers when things of higher priority jump into the mix. They are saving themselves for the grueling regular seasons of Big Brother. I am quite thankful for that as I know I’d have driven a screwdriver into my eye socket if I had to watch everything the last couple of seasons…Kraken may not have been enough. Maybe that’s another reason…gotta let those livers recuperate.


where website at


Did I miss something??? Someone please tell me if Shannon really did tell Omarosa they had a final 2. I don’t remember that. I know they had an “all girls alliance” in the beginning but don’t remember this final 2 stuff. Is Ross lying just to get the house against Shannon?

I liked Ross in the beginning but fixating on Shannon isn’t a good idea. Looks like only Brandi & Ari are solidly on board to backdooring Shannon (I really hope they don’t) & sooner or later, Shannon will find out. Also, sounds like Ross is planning on dragging Victoria, oops I mean Omarosa, to sit next to him at the end. What you accuse someone else of, generally, is what you are planning.

Ross is beginning to find out that having too many alliances just complicates your game. You have to have enough people on board to carry out a “big move”.

I hope Shannon stays. And I hope she finds out that Ross has betrayed her.

As for Omarosa playing the race card…..meh….it’s desperation. Bad idea to cast her in the first place. No matter what the reason given to voter her out, she’s going to make some claim that it wasn’t her game play. Look at what she did when she lost the competition to Marissa….boom! asthma attack. Sorry, I didn’t buy it. Just another “it wasn’t my fault excuse”. She’s just extending her “15 minutes of fame” & boy, do I wish she’d just go away. Keisha let herself get misted by Omarosa & I really think she could have been a really good player. Maybe, if she stays, she’ll get it back together.

Shannon FTW!


What Yikes said.


Ross, much like Omarossa, is good for TV. Which is another way of saying narcissistic sociopath who portray as a victim forever victimized which they use to justify their backstabbing and abhorrent distortion of facts while exploiting the trust others place in them that they do not return. They work so hard to promote how loyal and trustworthy they are then in seconds discredit / invalidate the character of those they wish to justify being disloyal to while they stab them in the back at every opportunity… the ones they just aligned with.
Ross is an alliance whore – loyal to none beyond their perceived usefulness.
Omarossa so indignant when the world sees your despicable character and not the facade you think you are intelligent enough to pull off (because you think you are SO much smarter than everyone else). You talk a good game but you are too frail / fragile to even turn around a grand total of 24 times without requiring hospital attention. Your health excuse is insulting to people who really struggle with asthma and yet manage to be far more durable than you. You were cleared medically to compete by the company!! Keep talking how you are going to win competitions. Zero cred on any comps with strength or endurance elements. Which leaves the knowledge comps (there are at least 2-3 with as good a shot at beating you in those). Ross & Oma good for TV but lousy human beings.


Keisha wants to go home now – her daughter doesn’t have enough breast milk. What in the world is going on? She knew how long she’d be gone – if it was not something she was capable of doing, then don’t go on the show. Metta wants to leave. Keisha wants to leave. People that don’t need the money should not go on this show. There is no incentive for them. There are others that would have loved to be on this show. 🙁

BB CAN lets go!

Hate to say it. But, they are non committal and lazy….Er quitters….Did Matta finally figure out where he is? What a dumb mofo, the name change is a clear hint on his IQ…. Couldnt CBS do better than this class of clowns? I think this says more about CBS and their choices. What an epic fail with these B listers….


tv rating from last 8 p.m. Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (CBS) 1.2/5 4.74
Celebrity Family Feud (ABC) – R 0.8/3 3.62


i bet there twist season 20 bb like with coaches


Well, nobody can accuse Ross of not playing this game, but I prefer a bit more loyalty to an Alliance. Just pick one Ross! Please, I know all this thinking,planning,plotting,re-plotting,replanning,re-thinking is making you paranoid, but damn, pick a side!

Keshia is right to think about her child and needs to self-evict if need be. Omarossa can create another alliance and go back to playing her game of victim/look-at-me. Well, glad this is only 2-3 weeks long…I guess I hope Shannon is there at the end. Blah….


Marissa’s hair is a wig?!?!?

Anonymous too

This is lame! Keisha is full of it. Had to make sure they played the race card. Oh, and CBS needs to be slapped for bringing politics into the game.


I was disappointed too that CBS showed what Omaroas thinks about Pence and Trump!! Who cares what she thinks.


Keisha and Omarosa formed an alliance called Black Girl Magic before the first eviction. They then blame white cast members for forming alliance among themselves.

Blacks behave this way because we let them without impunity. I’m glad to see black hypocrisy being noticed for what it is.


Okay, since there’s no thread up yet for tonite’s eviction, I will comment it here:

Today was a great day to practice the “pot meet the kettle” saying. Keisha?! WTF is wrong with you? Well, I’ll tell you:

– Just like Metta, Keisha was homesick and was having problems to provide food for her baby. I get it, and I’d never judge her for that. But the funny thing is: why didn’t you just walk out the door? Hmm, Keisha? Money is the answer, right? You’re a hypocrite just like Metta: you wanted to be evicted just so you didn’t lose the money you were paid to enter the house + your weekly stipend. You got lucky in a way because with your “poor me” speech you convinced your friends to use their “compassion” as you put it. Luckily your former housemates understood Metta’s homesickness as childish tantrum and they didn’t give him the time of the day. He’s been missing his wife because of 10 days away from her? Pls… My honest 2 cents here: Is the situation bad? Walk out. None of you are hostages in the CBS studio. I hate people that preach but do things for money. I have no idea of what’s Keisha’s financial status, but here’s my opinion: if you’re daughter depends on you to that degree, just don’t go on BB! You are irreplaceable if she still needs your breast milk. Now, as for blowing up Shannon’s game, what a lack of class act! I’ve seen people way more blindsided leaving BB with a lot more integrity than you. Plus, you did all the very same things Shannon did and instead of leaving the house graciously, you decided to blow up her game… as if Ross, Marissa, and your other new BFFs hadn’t all agreed to go up against your decision during the first eviction. What hot mess! Shannon didn’t do herself any favors by not using the Veto but at least she still had a lot more to fall back on than you! She can walk up to James and reveal the whole plot in full… and it’s gonna sound convincing because she will be talking the truth. Now you just played yourself because anyone with half of a brain will see how you stood in the house up until today solely because of money, and then you had the guts to say to Julie that 250k would never keep you from going back to your daughter… girl… STAHP! If your baby was so important to you, why didn’t you go home sooner? See how you’re a hypocrite? Well, fear not: Big Brother is ALWAYS watching!


First things first: Although Simon and Dawg have repeatedly explained, with much tact and diplomacy, that they are unable to monitor and post updates on the Celebrity version of Big Brother with their usual frequency, the question keeps showing up in postings. THEY HAVE LIVES and we are fortunate that they are giving us WHAT they can, WHEN they can.
They have assured us that they will be back up and running at full speed when BB returns with the usual suspects, this summer. So, for now, just say, “thank you, Simon and Dawg.”


Stuntcast Omarosa was only put on to drop the occasional political opinion bomb in advance of a book deal / tour; make some nasty comments; throw out a race card or two. There’s absolutely no other reason for her to be cast.
She’ll most likely be there to final 6. If it’s not part of her contract, then d lister fear of being labelled a racist will guarantee it.
Given that the door is right there, Keshia didn’t need to wait to be evicted. Just ask Mwp directions, he’s apparently found the secret revolving door.
I give it two days before the house realizes that the only person Ross doesn’t have some kind of deal with right now is Omarosa. He’s got too many plates in the air. I give it even less time before Marissa let’s it slip that she’s in multiple deals as well, or that Shannon was a target. She’s not exactly discreet.
Btw, how often are vetoes knock out question answer? oh. pretty much never? oh.


RE: The “race card.” I hardly know where to begin. It was Omarosa who first poisoned the well. I interpreted her approach to Keisha as a strategy to make Keisha think she could be trusted as an ally. On her own, I don’t think it would even have occurred to Keisha to align herself along racial parameters. Further, I don’t even think Omarosa herself believes half of what she says. She is outrageous because it is what is expected of her.

Having said that, I don’t think any of us know how “all black people OR all white people” conduct themselves. So there is an inherent problem with labeling any ethnic group as “ALWAYS” or “NEVER” thinking or doing things in a certain way. Human beings are more complicated than that.

Next, I am sorely disappointed that, yet again, the subject of racism is tainting BB game-play in such a way as to cause ANYONE in the house, of ANY ethnicity to have to think twice about his/her strategy for fear of being labeled racist. I don’t think for one minute that any of these houseguests were ever playing based upon racial bias; and we/ they wouldn’t even be having this discussion were it not for Omarosa ‘s lack of imagination in coming up with a winning strategy. It’s a cheap trick to throw race into this particular situation, but she knew it would catapult the house into turmoil. Anyone who has followed this show over the years knows there have been times when the racism was conspicuous and blatant. The guilty parties were not subtle and their words and deeds made them easily identifiable. The subtle stuff is another matter. We have even seen ageism rear its ugly head, in past seasons. My point here is that NONE OF THIS NONSENSE APPLIES TO THIS CAST.
Omarosa’s attempt at “Pauling” her way to the end, i.e., playing “victim” is lame, at best.

I hope they can get back on track and be in that place wherein the biggest issue is how Ross & Co. can defeat the mighty Shannon and James, etc…Or, whether Ari will actually begin to play before the season ends, or, if Marissa and Shannon will still be besties when this is over… Please, anything but the toxic waste that is threatening my fun.