Bowie “If you don’t play bumper pool with me.. you’re up for nomination.” Matt “Savage!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

10:21pm The live feeds return after being blocked for the live eviction where Meme was evicted and Bowie Jane won the head of household competition.

Games Room – Cory, America, Matt and Bowie
Cory – actually we were trying to have a conversation. Bowie – cool well you’re both up for nomination next week then! Cory – next week and not this week? Bowie laughs – uh.. this week. If you don’t play bumper pool with me.. you’re up for nomination. Matt – Savage! Bowie – well that was good. Matt – you must me excited. Bowie – yeah it will be cool to get a letter because its been so long. Cory – do you think it would be crazy if we were like the For real for real is back. For real for real is actually falling a part. America – Jared, Izzy and Meme. I will say that Seven Deadly Sins is going strong. America – Seven Deadly Sins is going strong. There’s six of you? Matt – yeah. Cory – that’s kind of suspicious isn’t it? Bowie – I am probably a part of it and I didn’t know. Cory – I am glad that we were able to get someone out of the Legend25. Wait, this guy (Matt) is in that too.. and you (Bowie) are too. Matt – put yourself up! Bowie – good idea.

Comic Bedroom – Jag and Cirie
Jag – on the bright side I am on the market. Cirie – and on the jury. You’re on the market and on the jury. Jag – Seven person jury. They done f**ked us all up. Cirie – what is it normally? Nine? Jag – nine. Cirie – oh yeah, since when? Jag – at least since when I watched it like 16 on. Jag and Cirie start talking about survivor. Cirie – I want to know what Meme is doing right now? Is she eating steak with her husband right now? Jag – I think she has to sign off on a lot of things and they have to give her all her stuff back. Cirie – I mean she’s propably eating and facetiming.

Comic Bedroom – Jag, Matt and Cirie.
Jag – if its OTEV this week then we have a good shot at it. We have to play.

10:50pm – 11:17pm Games Room – Bowie and Cory.
Cory – You know what they’re saying now? Bowie – what? Cory – oh my god Cory is just running up to Bowie. Bowie – someone already said that to me. Cory – really? Bowie – I won’t say who. No one in our group. Cory – tell me. Bowie – no one in our crew. Cory – as if we haven’t.. Bowie – how did we get to 67, that’s what I want to know? Cory – exactly. As if we haven’t been talking more than anyone else in this f**king house. Bowie – yeah I know, come on. Cory – so annoying. Bowie – and I hate that she did that because its nasty. Cory – yup. Bowie – as if I haven’t copped enough in here. Bowie – what did Felicia say to you when you spoke to her? Cory – not really since she stayed but before that she said hey am I good. And I was basically like look, I think so. Blue is still campaigning against you. She was like I know, Blue is going after me. She she doesn’t like Blue right now. Bowie – yeah. Cory – and Blue is mad at me. America – apparently Felicia pulled Blue into a room and was like I know you’ve been campaigning against me. Bowie – and what did she say? America – I have no idea but Blue is pissed. Bowie – AHhh.. wow! America – I spoke with Felicia. And she was like I don’t know what Bowie is going to do. I have no idea. And I just said I don’t know. Bowie – what do you think she (Felicia) is going to pitch to me? Cory – probably Blue and Cirie. And Cirie probably won’t say any names. Maybe Cam. Bowie – yeah. Cory – the thing is no one is going to pitch me and America because they think we’re (together). Bowie – yeah. America – to him, I can’t believe it happened twice! Bowie – in one week. America – and from two different people. Cory – okay there are two people on the block .. why are they both mad at me? Like one of them should feel good. America – and you didn’t put them up. Bowie – one of them is leaving. America – it was so weird. Bowie – people under pressure act so weirdly. All the comments come for the people that were in all of the alliances. America – exactly. Bowie – and no one made promises that I was safe this week.. like from that group.

11:30pm Games Room – Bowie and America.
America – as long as Cam isn’t buying anything that she (Blue) is selling we’re fine. And he is truly okay with all of us, then we’re fine. But if anything Blue is saying is sticking with him then we’re f**ked. Bowie – yeah I mean I will sus it out but I don’t think he is silly.. do you know what I mean? America – I don’t think he is actually contemplating it because what concerned me was that after Blue told him all this he went to Matt and Jag instead of me and Cory to ask. Bowie – oh really? America – Like why would he need to to go to them?? Bowie – that’s scary. America – because Cam can really win in competitions. Bowie – yeah that’s scary.

11:45pm Comic Bedroom – Jag, Matt, Felicia, Cirie, Blue
Felicia – I am going to try my hardest this week to not cross any lines. I am going to go down underground. Jag – I don’t those lines exist any more in this house.

12:10am Kitchen – Matt, Jag and Felicia making something to eat.

Back rub train…

12:43am The housee guests are still chatting / cooking..

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When Meme was evicted and said Cory America and Bowie were in an alliance who did she say were the three they were going to target?



un autre nom

Jag Matt and Blue and using Fe to do their dirty work.
Everything Blue told her to say.


I missed this episode because I was at my grandson’s scrimmage, but after reading this I had to settle in and watch it with my morning coffee. In my opinion Meme was a forgettable house guest but she suddenly sprang forward and did something none of the others had the inkling to do on their way out the door. Whether her statements were true or false she gave them something to keep their minds churning.

Felicias Balding Clippers

Your grandsons scrimmage is forgettable. Why would you miss live eviction for that mess?…….dont answer






Big-Jag-Zaddy-Kins showing Cirie his mommy lump. Get those jury votes.
This week will be blinded by the boredom of Bowie Jane who wants to be called Bowie but she is Plain Jane all she needs is a Barouche to go with her barrister bad back. YAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNN

Felicias Balding Clippers

What is a mommy lump. Please explain & be very detailed.

Matthew schneider

Bowie has zero chance of winning big brother and her hoh win was like felecia hoh 1 of those crap shuts hoh comps where anyone can win


eh, i wouldn’t call that a crap shoot, but i do feel the comp was specifically tailored so anyone could win it. i was surprised that with the possible exception of cirie, no one seemed to obviously be throwing it.

Matthew schneider

D… i guess the biggest ass kisser make it futher than people making moves i think bowie puts up cory and america as cory is the target but cory wins veto its goodbye america it would be america and probaly mamma f as the replacement nom be honest the show would rather have cory on than america yes america has help cory flip the vote 2 times outside of that nothing cant win comps social game is just ok she really only there for showmance and flirt with cameron what a waste of 16 years watching bb for america and a superfan to play like that

un autre nom

true false memory comp is a crap shoot?
so Cam’s second HOH was a crap shoot?
It was a 50/50 more than a crap shoot.
to me crapshoot is those lame pin the tail on the donkey style comps.


Nope, not a crap shoot. Rummaging blindly in a ball-pit for pieces, NOW THAT WAS A CRAP SHOOT!

Matthew schneider

Cory and america have only won 1 comp between them and they are both making moves where jag and matt are just kissing ass


Felicia and Blue would go up. Unless one of them wins the veto, Blue goes home.

Matthew schneider

Its now obvious that bb 25 is set up for matt or cirie to win they will never be put on the block

un autre nom

this is the face of someone throwing that accidentally won.

hohwin bowie3.jpg


un autre nom

Whoa. Unexpected twist.
Bowie thinks Cirie’s social game makes her the biggest threat.
half the house is going to implode.
Mistake for so many people to tell Bowie they’re protecting Cirie. Cam, Matt, Jag, Blue all named Cirie as someone they want at the end.
Since the Red vote this has been in her system. I thought it had gone away.

Cory’s pushing Cam Blue. Can’t blame him.
Matt’s gonna plotz. Jag looked like he was gonna pass out.

Jag wants Fe / Ci to be initial noms. To bd either Cam or Blue
Matt wants Cirie happy and safe.
Cory wants Blue / Cam noms straight up.
Bowie is HOH. The boys are fully acting like she has no say.


Like Cam said when he walked in on the group of 4 plotting. Cory tells him they were discussing noms. Cam replied: You HoH? Cam said to them to let her have a fun HoH. But NOPE, Jag and Matt just seem not to be able to stop themselves.

un autre nom

Look at all the twitter video clips of Cirie and Felicia behind Bowie’s back.
Tell me she has no justification.
The house talked about her treatment as being bullied.
So she’s supposed to not feel justified?
Big turn from this afternoon when she thought Cory, Matt or Jag would be HOH.
She was in on their plan because they’d be doing it.
Matt is pushing Cam target. Bowie doesn’t want to do it for 3 weeks. When it’s someone else making the move.
Going to be less easy than the boys thought possibly.


Lots of people in her ear but she can keep it simple and nominate Felicia and Cirie, the two broads who treated her like crap. Let the rest of the BSBs see the door!


I hope for the Love of God, Bowie understands that Jag will prioritize Matt over her (Jag feels beholden to Matt for saving his game with the ‘power’) and vice versa (Matt does not want to be proven wrong to have used the power to save Jag). Jag and Matt need to be on the block post-veto ceremony ASAP. I want to see who throws whom under the bus 1st, by accident or on purpose. Blockheads.

un autre nom

Jag’s ego is getting a bit… he’s becoming a huge ass of contradictions.
He doesn’t want noms that benefit Cory. He’s getting almost belligerent in his characterization of America. He’s mad they want input. he’s throwing them under buses while saying in 60 seconds “we’re trying to help them… we’re only keeping them as shields.”
Jag kept Cory off the block. Jag feared getting Cam to switch the target. Jag needed Cory for that.
The big contradiction? Jag and Matt can’t understand that getting credit for the game move is also taking blame for the game move in bb. They want the credit without the blame. That’s not how bb works. Bloody hands are the game.


You kind of nailed it. I say kind of only because his ego is not GETTING but was GOTTEN a long time ago. When in actuality, if not for Matt saving his butt AND then helping him even more afterwards, he would be gone by now 1 way or another.

The Beef

The dilemma of the chickenshit player. How do I get the credit without getting bloody? How can I keep my ally around to protect me, but not have to deal with with his shenanigans and getting rid of him later? If I want and need the protection of 5 alliances, how do I deal with the jury management problems created when I ultimately have to stab at least 4 of them in the back later on as the game progresses?

I know that hindsight is 20/20, but do I have the foresight to know that sometimes I might need to get a “little” bloody now, to keep from getting a lot bloodier later? Maybe Jag and Matt are starting to realize that taking Cory out was the right move for their respective games last week, and if they had done so like Cam wanted to do, they wouldn’t have to be dealing with all of Cory’s behind the scene wheeling and dealing with FBJ like they are now.

There is no real alliance here. Just several mini alliances and a bunch of fake “oh yeah, we’re with you”, while at the same time winking and making the same promises to the other mini alliances throughout the house. There’s Jag and Matt, Cory and America, Cirie and Felicia (by default) and maybe Cam and Bowie, although I’m not sure Bowie is all in with him. I think Blue is all alone, and there’s no place for her to land until at least one other person is evicted, unless that person is Blue. The rest is just fake, please don’t go after me until I get a chance to go after you – or really for most of these chickenshits, until I hope somebody ELSE goes after you.