Blue “He really isolated me to feel like ya’ll two were the most untrustworthy b***hes in this house.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: ??
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:50pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the live eviction episode where Izzy was evicted and Jared won the HOH endurance wall competition.

Bathroom – America, Cory and Cameron.
Cameron – who was the one vote? Cory – Cirie. America – Cirie. Cory – she was mad at me because I spent the last week reassuring her that I was with her and I was with her until yesterday to be fair. And then it all turned and I said Izzy you’re good, don’t even worry about it. You know, she had every reason to be mad. Cameron – in your defense everyone else lied too.. but why you? Why is she so mad at you? Cory – well I think I was the face of it you know? That was it. Cameron – sounds good. Cory – And I think strategically it was a wise decision. Cam – so now what, now there are not even any sides or the sides are going back to where they are? Cory – there is a new HOH and everyone is going to go talk to the HOH… the usual forum.. but there is a lot of mistrust all throughout the house now. I think all three of us are in trouble. Cam – I don’t have any mistrust here. Cory – no neither do I. Cam – I have nothing else to lean on and you guys know that. Cory – no matter what the veto situation is if its two of us, if its one of us up or whatever, if its two of us off and one of us on.. I think we are all using the veto in all those scenarios on ourselves and on each other. Cam – yup. Cory – and we do the best we can.. a lot of it is out of our hands. Cam – yeah no, I let go of it yesterday. The only thing that upsets me right now is that we’re not going to jury. Cory – the jury part kills me. Cam – because I have a little kid I am trying to feed and I am not throwing guilt on you. That is literally the only place I wanted to make it to. I wouldn’t have made moves that I did over the last day or two as aggressively as I made them without that safety net. America – I know. Cory – I hope I would have but I don’t know if I would have. Cam – I didn’t have any other move. I needed her to leave immediately. I needed her to leave and that’s how I had to make it happen so I didn’t have anything else. But I you know, that’s where I am at. That was all I was thinking about and now I don’t know if I will make it there and now this whole trip to me is f**ked! Cory – And I don’t know but I think its me over you at this point. Cam – Its just whatever he is thinking. Cory – I am going to talk to him tomorrow. I am going to give him the night off. Cam – I’ll talk to him tomorrow. I have to have an awkward conversation anyways. Cory – I don’t even think it will be awkward, we aired out everything already. Cam – our awkward conversation will be because he will be upset that I said anything but he has no right to be because he ruined an actual friendship. Cory – today was a mess.

Comic Bedroom – Cirie, Jag and Felicia.
Felicia – I bet they’re glad now that they didn’t do that 5-4 split. Cirie – Girl I ain’t nobody… I don’t even want to start with that again. Felicia – we’re safe this week and all we got to do is be safe next week and then we’re in jury and I think we’re okay. We praying. Cirie – you know that’s what did it. I was praying the whole time. Felicia – I said let him be the last one standing on the wall! Come on god! Cirie – and he did it! Felicia – girl! Don’t mess around with god. Cirie – Cory must be sh*tting bricks! Felicia – Sh*tting bricks! He sat up there talking all that bullsh*t. I had to laugh when he said he was openly fighting for me today. Felicia – was thinking I can’t be the first one to drop because everyone is expecting me to be the first one to drop. Cirie – I give no damn anymore! I think I might have screamed out loud when Bowie Jane fell off. Felicia – we all did. They know we aligned with him. I don’t even care. After we accomplish the biggest goal (getting out Cam) of the season then I think one of them two (Cory/America) need to go. Cirie – you’ve got to have people on the block that are going to win the veto so that it can be used to take themselves off so then we really need Cam to be gone. So Jag needs to stay for a minute. Cirie – just on the block to get the veto. Felicia – and he has got to be willing to take that roll and sit his a$$ on the block. Now you know he going to be hot about that.

7:53pm – 8:30pm Bedroom – Jag and Blue.
Jag – how are you feeling? Blue – I’m just frustrated. He has been trying to talk to me all day and I am like BRO I don’t have energy for this. Jag – well listen, I got you no matter what. I wouldn’t let anything ever get between us again because even I started feeling apprehensive towards like what I could say to you or not because I didn’t know where it would go. Blue – yeah. When I first started feeling like I couldn’t trust you anymore and people were throwing out your name .. it was so hard because I was like this is the person that was my day 1 in here. And now what.. like I really thought you backstabbed me and just like everything. And just me being the last person to know you having the power and whatever like that didn’t help. And everything after that like you talking to Cam a lot and then suddenly you talking to Cam a bunch of times.. and Matt and I kept asking you what is happening and you were just being very tip toe-y. It all just felt so weird. And the same thing for America too. Jared would mention like I don’t trust Jag, I don’t trust Jag. And I would be like okay that’s you but I am me. I do trust Jag. And then after my association with Jared got stronger like then clearly a lot of like distrust started forming between me and you and me and America. And even with the whole America thing from the whole get go Jared was telling us that she was saying one thing to him and one thing to us. The America thing has always been like Rocky. We never really had a solid footing with her from the get go. It was always a little weird. It was always a little off. And whatever I will take responsibility for that, it was our fault. If this whole explosion between people didn’t happen and I won today, your a$$ would have for sure been on the block dude. And that’s what sucks you know?! I really almost threw you on the block in my HOH because of situational things of what they told me. I don’t even know where we stand… like not me and him.. Jag – the whole you telling Izzy. America told me about that. When she told me, I was in the havenot room and I refused to believe it. You can ask her how adamant I was. I was like bring her in this room and lets get to the bottom of this. Because in my mind that started painting in my mind that I couldn’t trust America. I was like how come anything happens America is always in the middle of it. And obviously that was something that you had to do based on what you were told and what you knew. For me this whole time I have been like .. I continue to believe you and give you the benefit of the doubt this whole time. She said that Blue doesn’t trust you. America joins them and they continue the talk about the past weeks. Jag – what happens this week. America – Are we f**ked? I feel f**ked! Blue – I don’t think so. We have the numbers. Its us three, Cory and Matt. Jag – who’s going up. America – its one of us if not both of us. Cory thinks he’s the target this week. Jag – Cory and Jared. Blue – they’re beefing right now. Jag – they were yelling. It was heated. Blue – I can’t believe they made me feel I couldn’t trust you (Jag). I had it all laid out. I was going to blindside the f**k out of you. America – they played everybody. Blue – From this point on whatever we say I won’t tell him (Jared). He really isolated me to feel like ya’ll two were the most untrustworthy b***hes in this house. So I apologize for that .. no I apologize for him. From this point on, I swear I won’t say anything. I am sorry I didn’t give you (America) a true shot. Jag – we got to chat with the seven. Are we going to continue to pretend or what? A bunch of stuff happened today.. Our best bet at surviving this week where you and I and Cory are still here is that I don’t f**k with you two because you two have been lying to me and now suddenly I see the light and now I am with them. And Cam drove a wedge between us. Blue – so wait.. what should I say to Jared because I was going to pop this sh*t off? I could say that I am mad at America but I need to confront Jared about us two. About him making me feel like I can’t trust you. When it is him in reality that I couldn’t trust for a minute. America – Jared’s whole thing was lying to see if it would stick. Blue tells them that Jared was never going to use the veto he just told them he was going to .. because America and Cory are just cruising and Jag was pissing him off.

8:42pm Games Room – Jared and Bowie
Jared – I am DONE even talking about f**king game play with people that I don’t trust. Bowie – Yeah. I agree. Jared – If I don’t trust you we can talk about personal, we could talk about life. I am not talking game with people no more. Bowie – well once its been breached its over really. Bowie – same for me. There are still a few people in the house .. I don’t know who they are ..well I know a few of them that are trustworthy. Jared – no I get you .. we’ll get those people out soon too. Bowie – yeah lets get the badies out and lets have a nice sporty competition at the end. Jared – yup. I agree.

8:45pm Bedroom – Blue, Jag and Matt.
Jag – this is the story .. in the conversation upstairs Cory f**ked up because he said that he knew three weeks ago and that America found out yesterday. He told America about it yesterday. However, America mentioned to us that Izzy told her three weeks ago. Blue – so they both knew. And America told me that she’s known. Jag – Cory and America .. their stories don’t line up. Clearly Izzy is the one that told Cory. Izzy is the one that told America. Cory’s story doesn’t line up. Blue – that’s our story because we need Jared to believe that we trust him. Jag – we don’t trust Cory.

9:30pm – 9:43pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia, Bowie, Cirie, Jared.
Cirie – Nominations tomorrow. Jared – oh yeah. Felicia – Cam, America and Cory.. are you there hanging and you know they’re worried. Jared – oh yeah for sure, they should be though. Yeah we gonna set the record! And let it be known I ain’t got sh*t to hide no more with ya’ll. Yes sir! Came out there asking everybody if they were having fun .. but he didn’t ask me though. I got some sh*t to say to Cam boy! I am just going to play it cool. You asking everybody else .. but you ain’t asking me. I am like okay keep talking about it. Talk to me about it.. all you got to do is ask me. I can’t wait. I cannot wait. I was already thinking about my speech and everything.. BB switches the feeds. The feeds come back and they’re talking about the wall comp. Jared – I can’t wait for tomorrow because we gonna set an order. We’re going to set a nice little order. Talk to Cory first, then Jag, then America .. then Cameron. And I am going to have some fun with Cameron. Its going to be some fun conversations fo show! And I told Bowie upstairs you’re 100% good with me. Same with ya’ll two.. you’re 100% good with me. I feel trust coming from ya’ll and ya’ll can trust me moving forward. Cirie – right and that’s just that. I will just leave our conversations till last because it will just be fist bumps. Cirie – well you did a great job. Just stay humble. Jared – I am definitely going to have a little fun but I am going to make sure I keep it sane .. but I still understand you have to move on and this sh*t don’t last forever.

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Thjs looks like a boring week ahead.




yeah the dude who called someone a R word. I think this is fix, because I saw how Matt and then Bowie jumped off together, didn’t even look like they were struggling to stay on during comp. They threw the comp.


i’ll be skipping this week, i’ll return during DE to see if punk ass airhead leaves


Same here! He’ll have a power trip this week! Cant wait for DE!


I haven’t been watching much of the Live Feeds but it’s amazing how Blu is so indignant. I love watching how everyone is talking about what they are going to do when they win!

Will be interesting who goes on the block! What happens if Jared doesn’t put Cam on the block? Just saying!


HAHAHA! JARED is the MAIN BRO!!!! Feast on those tears bro. Get that female Lamerica and soyboy Corny out bro! #podcastbrosforlife


Nobody likes you Izzy

un autre nom

During argument feedblock when things were going sideways, America downloaded to Blue.
That’s what I figured during Blue’s vote.
Is Blue done with Jared?
She didn’t reveal family secret.
Does she think that’s insignificant? This IS Blue. Half of the week I wonder if she has to count on her fingers to remind herself to inhale and exhale. kittykitty furball.
I think she’s positioning herself for whoever wins next HOH from a safety seat.

The cultural zeitgeist significance of the curler: me first. tradition and respect are useless unless it benefits me more than you. She’s broadcasting her game and they don’t even know it. How we know Jared isn’t the one? She doesn’t remove the curler, it’s only removed when the guy is worthy.


I can’t be the only one that turns off the live feeds when Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains comes on! The ratings MUST nosedive because he doesn’t have anything I want to hear.
Example: Meme is in bathroom (doing her hair as usual) she gives a suggestion and Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains says “I didn’t even AX (ask) you I forgot youd (you) were there!”
Jag told her yesterday how the “group” sees Meme as someone that just do what she told! How could she rock with them? She a fool!
Next week no shelter Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains MUST GO! I have an aversion to that dumb Neanderthal voice and his momma(did she marry her family member? Her offspring little boy don’t know how to act!)

un autre nom

Bowie thinks noms are Amer/Cor bd Cam
Jared tells Fel / Meme Cor / Jag bd Cam. Jag 2ndary target.
He says it would be fun to fear of God Amer that he can toss her out at any time, but he thinks she already knows she’s powerless.
His boot order he denied having this afternoon is unchanged: Cam/Jag/Amer/Cory.

Don’t pen this. it’s crayon. Jared will moodswing about ten times.
We’ve yet to hear mommy’s input.

un autre nom

Why does Jared dislike Jag so much?
week two when Reilly was otb, Jared felt Jag wasn’t asking for guidance, but telling Jared what to do.
the path to power SNFU is the real issue. part that Jag admitted being chosen (Jared wasn’t). Part that Jag knows Jared got messy and narc’d to mommy.
Jag is the mess that wasn’t immediately cleaned up by mommy. Every other mess mommy knows about is out the door. Owed Reilly, broke word: out. Hisam wouldn’t bring Jared in equal as a Professor: out. Red argued with Jared in the bathroom: out.

un autre nom

Know how we’ve seen some creepy ass things between Cam / America?
Things that never came close to tarnishing Space Cowboy Edit?
Now she’s saying she likes Cam.


un autre nom

she’s wondering it the house hate on Cam that came from the Fields family is just another bunch of lies to paint a house target. ie/ Izzy hated him so everyone target him because.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I really tried to like Jag, but from what I’m reading on this site, and what I see during the TV Show, Jag is a wimp, he has no game, he floats from side to side, talks a tough game, but he is all bark, no bite. Jag is not even good at competitions, Jag can be evicted I really do not care. If Jag thinks that Blue is still on his side, he’s an idiot, Blue is sleeping with the enemy, she’s going to tell Jared everything anybody tells her.

Matt is another one, I bet he will be running back to Cirie this week, making sure that they are good, in my opinion, most of the house seems to be filled with Floaters. I don’t think Matt, Jag, Corey, Bowie or Blue actually have the nerve to make any big moves. Matt is going to run back to Cirie, and I can’t wait until they back stab him, it will be too late for him to do anything, it’s his fault for trusting Cirie 100%, always feeding her information.

This week is going to be so boring, having to listen to Jared, Bro this, Bro that, Bro, Bro. I really do not care for Jared, and Felicia is also someone who rides my last nerve, she is always talking shit, she cannot win a damn competition unless it’s by luck. I want to see Jared on the block, he can sit next to his mother, I liked Cirie on Survivor, but not really liking her so much on BB, she’s kind of a mean girl.

Cirie and her quad get pissed when anyone has the nerve to plot and plan, or think about making moves without her blessing, Cirie, Felicia, Jared feel they are the only ones who are allowed to actually try to win BB. Why did they tell Cirie they were voting Izzy out ??

Poor Cam, I bet a lot of he people in the house will ignore him this week, and I’m sure they are going to blame all of the crap that went down last week on Cam. I wish we had people in the house that really play the game, and stop being sheep led around, and do what they are told to do.

Meme was right when she told her family don’t worry, she knows all of these people are snakes, they are weak, and she does not trust any of them. The only issue with Meme, she stays in the background, and you kind of forget she’s even on the show, I wonder how she would handle HOH ? Would she play her game, or let Cirie and her group run her HOH ?

I can remember ever having a season like this, where so many people are wimps, afraid to make moves, they want to play in the middle and keep going from side to side, the way this is going, Jared & Cirie will be the final 2.

Jag is going to turn on Cam, and as soon as Cirie’s squad gets rid of Cam, it will be Jag, Corey, America and Matt on the chopping block. These people are really frustrating.

I hope Cam wins the Veto, he’s going to see now, just like America told him, he’s the target, he’s always been the target. Please let him win the Veto, let him win HOH again, hopefully in the upcoming double eviction, either Jared or Felicia get evicted.

Not Jasons Holly

I agree with everything except your last statement. I want Jared or Cirie out in the double.


What i don’t understand is, nobody watching the show is enjoying Jared or Cirie but they also aren’t wanting them on the block together. For the love of Jesus, don’t get out Feliciq!! She is useless and can go at ANY point. Take out one of the 2 slated to win for no reason other than it’s cbs’ game and they said so.


Corey and Jag are such weasels. They did too much and blew it. Why didn’t they just put a neon sign on their heads that said Danger Beware of Blindside. So disappointing.


I’m watching feeds from earlier today and all jag and Matt needed to do is say from what they’re hearing Izzy has the votes. End of story. It ain’t that difficult.