“Blue is going to start campaigning I don’t know what the f*** her campaign is going to be.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is main target, America secondary, Renom likely Felicia. Jag and Matt are trying to get everyone to throw the veto to Matt.

7:30 am Houseguest waking up for the day

7:56 am Felicia and Cirie in the comic room
putting on Makeup
Felicia – I get my best light right there.. SH1t..
Bowie comes by to do her hair.

8:40 amFeeds cut to pound
9:00 am Feeds return
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie

9:09 am Felicia, Cirie and Bowie Talking about now wanting it to be individual competition
Bowie – I hate individual
Criie says she’ll likely be up in the HOH waiting for them.
Felicia – I just want it to be something I can do and do well (LOL)
Felicia – like the one we did the other day that was fun for me.

9:11 am America without Cory

9:14 am Cirie and Jag
Cirie – everyone is playing
Jatg – everyone except you
Cirie laughs and rubs Jag’s back
Jag is happy.
They speculate what sort of veto it is. Matt joins them followed by Felicia.
Jag explains to them how the stay and fold veto works. Blue joins them and Jag goes on about what they need to do so that America doesn’t win a stay and fold veto.

9:34 am Jag and Matt
Jag – this is perfect if it’s a fold and stay Blue is going to pretty much throw it to one of us
Matt – cause she’s going last right?
Jag goes on about the stay and fold competition. Jag thinks he can convince everyone to fold and throw him the veto.
matt – do you think Blue will risk it?
Jag thinks so the only person he needs to talk to is Blue

9:50 am Bowie and Matt
Matt explaining the tactic they are going to try if it’s stay and fold.
Matt – they are in on it.. (Cirie, Blue, Felicia)
Bowie – that’s weird
Matt – yeah
Bowie – we think it that but we don’t know
Matt says they’re guessing ‘Jag got called to the DR’

10:00 am America and Matt
America – out of everybody I think Cirie would have used it on Blue.
Matt – probably
America – I don’t know they seem kinda close.
Matt – Felicia might
America – I know I know. hopefully it’s something more active

10:13 am America alone
America – if Matt is being honest with me. He thinks Felicia is close to Blue. Which I don’t know maybe she is but from what I gather she’s not close to her at all. So they think Felicia and Blue are close that means Jag thinks they’re close and Bowie thinks they’re close.
America – So I let them think that I can’t be hanging in the comic room too much. They’ll see that as a threat. I have to be on my own a little more.
America – Let Blue scramble. Anybody but Blue needs to win this. The problem with Noms being the same. Blue is going to start campaigning I don’t know what the f*** her campaign is going to be. I have to win this I have to win this.
America – worst case Blue wins Felicia goes up. I play up how close Blue and Felicia are so Felicia is more of a threat. Maybe I talk to Cirie.
Jag joins her for some bumper pool and starts in on his stay and fold tactic so that they can throw him the veto. (Matt and Jag really like to get fixated on a certain comp and talk it to death. What happened to slip n slide?)

America – throw it to MAtt
Jag – Yes.. I promise you I promise you
America – there’s so much of a week left if you guys flip
Jag – I promise you we will not flip.. Everyone is throwing it to Matt.. I’m not this much of a villain.

10:36am feeds cut to pound

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So once again, Cirie’s chip isn’t drawn for a veto competition? That’s got to be a record…or fixed. No more chip draws. No one in the house thinks this is strange?

no mo bro

Some chips aren’t in the bag

Nether Region Euphemism

The HGs checked the bag, Cerie’s chip was in there.

no mo bro

I’ve stopped watching the feeds. No interest in watching a$$holes backstab each other.

I’m better than that.


They checked today Cirie’s chip was in the bag and they also checked twice before. It’s not rigged


Cirie agent was like, “and the best part, every veto you play you get xx thousand.” Big brother was like “and the best part, we save a ton of money by not making a cirie chip”

Game fan

its a good thing to play. so why would it be fixed for her not to play.

Just The Truth

This is the season of: The more that you suck at the game of Big Brother as a whole, you get a free pass to be dragged to the end.

The Beef

So supposedly, and according to Jag’s conversations with Matt, Blue is the target this week. Why then would Jag even mention the Stay or Fold comp to her, much less talk about the strategy involved in how that comp works, if they truly want her to lose so that they can keep her OTB and vote her out? If you’re Blue, and you know you were the initial target last week, would you be dumb enough to actually fall for the “throw it to Matt” pitch Jag and Matt are using on her, or would you not bust your butt to win, so that you could ensure your own safety, by removing yourself from the block?

This seems like another strategical blunder by Jag, overestimating his own “misting” ability, while assuming Blue is so stupid she won’t see straight through their plan. ANYBODY who’s on the block first priority should be to WIN the veto, at all costs, if at all possible, and while Blue may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, surely she’s not dumb enough to fall for this.

Or maybe she is. She’s yet to make an intelligent move in the game, so maybe she IS that dumb. Still stupid of Jag to explain the game to her IMHO, when he wants her out.


At this point why even have any further competitions if they are all going to ‘trust in jag’ to promise their safety, no flipping, just throw every competition to him or his boy, as to not piss them off, by having to renominate someone new and get more ‘blood on their hands’.
What a weak ass group…

BB Karma

So does anyone else find it strange that Jag is certain that the comp is fold or stay? Thinking production is rigging these comps for him and letting him know little too much info. We will know for sure if the veto turns out to be fold or stay.


Probably as HOH they give hints also America is on the block why asking America to throw the veto to Matt who is not in danger. I hope America is not that stupid.
Jag just need to stop.

Just The Truth

if production is rigging anything it is for cirie to win it all. she has not been a target because she wins nothing. so no need to rig comps for her. unless it is at the very end of the game. jag earned his wins.

un autre nom

Dear Jag,
stay or fold? It did appear during fyre/dyrefest week, but otherwise was discontinued as of 16 BECAUSE of hacking the comp strategies.

Dear Grod,
So no Cirie chip? mmkay.

Asking a nom to throw veto. That…. the gallllll. I can’t….. wtf?

Season of throwing, when the entire cast threw the wall, at prodogremlin behest most likely, shows us something. It shows us that we can’t trust what we see during comps. That’s why I went tinfoil live watching the flight training veto that Blue won.

This season is very much the result of the bbcan11 betatest, just like 23 and 24 were results of betatest bbcan 9 and 10.

un autre nom

ya i know, they made a scene about pulling out Cirie’s chip after picks. Exactly what it was. A scene.

Let’s dig into what we know because of bbcan and costumes for veto: costumes are prepped before veto picks. body types / shapes mean it’s not one size fits all. They don’t prep a costume for every hg for every comp. those costumes showed up the night before veto picks in season 7. but bbcan has had a spin wheel and a clue board to pick veto players for the last 2 seasons… yeah… wheels can be rigged, picks on a game board are easily rigged, and bag draws are easily rigged.

veto picks have 1-2 hour feed blocks for a reason.

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

The HGs checked, Cerie’s chip was in the bag.

So much confirmation bias and ignoring of evidence to tie contrary of one’s mind.

un autre nom

blue going to d/r to have the bag checked isn’t exactly doing it for me.

Game fan

bbcan 9 + 10 were awsome. no where near 23/24

un autre nom

9 storyline was an under the radar player benefitting from every twist comping out in the end vs physically inferior hg’s. So was 23.
10 was social player season. So was 24.
my prediction for 25 this season was physical comp heavy with more than average ind time comps and a manufactured comp beast after documenting season 11 of bbcan.
Look. gee.

Here We Go

Jag wins

Paul Sucks

Poll question: Who has played a more active game, Cirie or Couch?


3rd choice is Felicia’s bathrobe.