Blue “Cameron told Matt, you got to be careful they’re going to create an all girls alliance.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the power of Veto on Felicia. Cameron was the replacement.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

7pm Bathroom – Cory, Cameron and America
Cory – this kind of looks cool. This is the batwoman .. why did you say bat woman than batman by the way? I just thought about that right now. America – is that what Cameron said? BB switches the feeds.

Meanwhile in the Comic Bedroom – Cirie, Felicia, Matt, Jag and Blue are chatting about whether or not there will be a double this week or next week. America and Cameron join them.

7:30pm Bathroom – Bowie, Cory and America.
America – they both (Cirie & Felicia) make it seem like they haven’t talked to Blue about noms or that she’s been vague with them. I don’t know if they’re lying or if its true. She’s a little bit more hesitant after .. I mean she’s not stupid. Cory – after she’s been left out of everything. America – yeah she’s not dumb. I mean she came to me ..and was like I really hope its you or me (HOH). They head up to the HOH room. Jag joins them.

7:54pm Bedroom – Cirie and Blue.
Cirie – Cory said this morning that things are getting sketchy. That if there is no safety, everyone is booking it for the HOH. Yeah he didn’t really say much of anything which is weird because they’re always hanging around him and America. It all depends on who wins HOH. Blue – Cameron told Matt, you got to be careful they’re going to create an all girls alliance. Cirie – but why is he saying that, no one said that to him. But do they believe that? Blue – I was like dude, Cameron is literally the one that came up to me yesterday and tried to get me, Cory, America, Felicia and Cirie to work together.. like he is creating this all girl alliance situation.. like its not us. When I was talking to Cameron yesterday he brough up the .. people know about the you, Jared Cirie Final 3 or whatever. But then I brought it up to Matt today, like I am not mad I am just wondering if Cameron is making it up. Or if you might have said something. He was like no I didn’t say anything and I was like okay. Cirie – he had to have said it. The night that Jared got voted out he told me .. don’t quote me but I think he said something like I heard about you and Blue Final 3 and that was… because he was explaining why everything happened when we first talked. I know you didn’t say it. I know I didn’t say it. Blue – because my thing is .. Matt said the only thing I said was I told Cameron that I told Jared that I would protect you and Cirie. I was like what made you say that? Why did that even come into conversation? He was like sh*t! Cirie – it was said to me as one of the reason as to why they had to do what they did to Jared. I am almost positive. Blue – the only thing I am worried about with me throwing it is if Jag or Matt win, I don’t think he will put either of us up.. I don’t think so but if Cory win… I think there is a chance that we both go up. Cirie – why do you want to throw it. Blue – like I said yesterday, I want Jag or Matt to do it. But at this point.. Cirie – that’s a little sketchy! When Cory was talking to me he was like you’ve (Blue) been left out of the last 3 votes. You got left out of the Izzy vote. You got left out of the Jared vote. And up until the day before you got left out of the Cameron vote. When he said that I was like Mmmm.. there is nothing for me to do about it but it is something for you to think about. Blue – why did he even mention that? Cirie – I don’t know. He was like things are looking sketchy right now but I am feeling a little better. He was like who was left out of the last three votes.. its just something to think about Blue. Blue – yeah. Cirie – when you said throwing it. Blue – I know, I think I just have to go for it. Cirie – will they let you win it though. If they don’t let you get the HOH .. you keep your guard up. I just want you to be SUPER careful. Don’t push but maybe be like hey Matt let me get it and see if they’re like no no I want it. Blue – I’ll ask them.

8:40pm – 9pm Comic Bedroom –
Jag, Cirie, Felicia, Matt and Blue are talking about what they think the Thursday night HOH competition might be and what strategies would be for the different competitions. Wondering if it will be the slip n’ slide comp with the HOH, Safety, Cash options and who would go for what.

9:38pm HOH room – Jag and Matt
Jag – no one better come up. Matt – yeah. Jag – how was you talk with Felicia and Cirie? Matt – It was good. They are anti Cory. So Cory had been telling then Blue. And then I approached Felicia and said I heard you guys were saying Blue. And she was like Man that Cory.. so its good because she won’t trust Cory. Which is good because Cory is telling me sh*t. I think Felicia is good with Blue because she is telling me that she wants Cory. Cory last night after everything we like everyone is saying Blue. Jag – didn’t Felicia ask you is Jag closer to Blue or you. Matt – she did. Jag – doesn’t that me that she would be down to get Blue?

9:40pm – 9:55pm Bathroom – America and Blue.
Blue – I think the best would be Cirie and Felicia. I think that would make the best sense. America – I don’t want to make promises. Blue – I don’t want to say names so early. America – that’s who I was thinking too. I hate to do it because they were just on together.

9:55pm HOH room – Jag, Matt and Bowie.
Matt – lets say this happens we going into a Double where I can’t play and Cory wins what will he do? Jag – Okay if you can’t play next week and its me an Bowie Jane playing and Cory and America playing and Cirie and Felicia playing. Cirie is with us. So we put 3 versus 2, versus 1. This is what happens if Cory wins.. why would he put me and you up? He is a safe player, he is a smart player but he is safe and he wants to make it further to the end. The moment he puts me and you up who is going to be mad? Me and you and Bowie Jane is going to be mad at him because Bowie Jane is going to be what about the 5?! Why the f**k are we taking a shot a the 5!? She is literally going to be like you know what I am done! Like all of us act up. Like if you take this shot there is no 5!! Matt – the only thing is the later he gets into this comp he is going to be better. Jag – But right now we need Blue out. The next person we need out is Cory. Its Blue, then Cory. If we win after the double, we take a shot at Cory. We put up Cory and America. We don’t even backdoor, we put them up. Fight for you f**king life and try and win the veto. Matt outside of this we are the only people who have won vetos now.

11:20pm Bathroom – America, Cory, Matt and Jag talk about strategies for the slip n slide competition.

12:10am Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia are back to studying the longest words they can think of in anticipation of having a spelling comp.

1:05am – 1:25am Bathroom – Jag, Matt, Bowie and Blue.
Jag – I just want tomorrow to be over. Bowie – me too, well yes lets make sure this buddy out the door happens. Matt – what? Bowie – make sure he (Cam) goes out the door. Matt – well yeah. No whomp whomp bullsh*t. We already had a whomp whomp zingbot, that’s enough this week. Bowie – I had that dream last night that he turned it around. In my dream last night he managed to still not be evicted. Blue – stop! Matt – lets not speak that into existence. Jag – yeah lets not talk about that. At this point if you’re evicted there is no coming back. We have four weeks left. The zombie battle resurrection was there big battle back. Bowie heads to bed. Blue to Matt & Jag – Just so ya’ll two know whatever Cam said to me I don’t believe at all. Jag – I don’t even know what all he said. Blue – bullsh*t. Like literally bullsh*t! Just know that whatever he said to me I don’t believe… whatever he said to Ya’ll I don’t believe. Like ya’ll know through and through I am rocking with ya’ll. Like ya’ll know that I am loyal to ya’ll. I have been loyal from the very beginning. So just know this is it for me. Whatever he said about ya’ll two, I don’t f**king care about. Jag – yeah, yup! The conversation turns back to strategies for the upcoming HOH if its the slip n slide comp. Blue – it is the rope one though.. I’m a little bit nervous! Jag – I think we just need to hold on and pray!

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Hey all, This is a reminder that this Thursday to Sunday evening I will be away from the site. Only Dawg will be around to look after things. Although Dawg is the best in feed spoiling game He’s going to need to sleep and eat so updates will be missed.

Thank you for understanding.

no mo bro

With un autre nom’s frequent updates, I think we’ll be ok. Hurry back. Miss you already.

un autre nom

dear houseguests,
shut the hell up about slip n slide.
shut the hell up about safety option.
They did that ONCE in season 14. It’s never happened since.
There were three stuntcasts still in the game and they’d already cancelled an eviction without notification to keep the Grodcast big hair doofus type (Frank).

The comp has been a veto for the last 2 seasons. It’s had a smaller jar to fill / bigger scoop since season 20. The fatigue recuperation time as an HOH comp was screwing up production timeline. They had to push back the schedule because people weren’t cleared to compete by Sat for usual veto comp timing. That’s why they made it a veto.

The football veto is considered a slippery slope comp.

dear production,
now is when you make it slippery slope just to make me look like a raving tool.


Julie mentioned BB comics in her closing remarks last Thursday.

un autre nom

This week was scrambleverse, called the scrambleverse twist on Sunday. Tomorrow the comicverse twist begins.

Not Jasons Holly

This week coming up is comic verse. I’m guessing BB Comics will be veto Saturday.

un autre nom

Matt, pleased that he’s got people looking at Cory, reports to Jag.
Jag says Blue first or Blue and America are both after us.
Bowie joins.
Blue is asking questions about her Cam download. it’s sketch.
Jag tells Matt that Blue has already told Bowie she’s coming for Matt and Jag.
They can’t let Blue win HOH (throwback to Cirie saying to Blue that if Ma/Ja don’t throw HOH to you they’re stringing you).
Cory is predictable and safe play, he will fear going after the trio of Ma/Ja/Bo. Too much strength coming for him. Game style Blue is big move / Cory is safe move. America may wild shot as if she could win anything , Blue will, Cory will rock to 5 with the Ma/Ja/Bo.
If Cory is that bold, then The trio wins veto and Felicia goes out.
Jag says Blue out buys us a week of safety.
Cory out and we’ve got enemies.
Jag and Bowie are adamant Blue is the target.

Meanwhile America is warning Blue that she’s the next target.
Because America. Who knows.
I feel like Blue is digging to get more Cory dirt to spin control this?

Jag/Matt have decided Cirie is their third, Bowie is their fourth now. They are undecided on a 5th.

un autre nom

Matt told Cory he slipped up talking to Felicia about noms. Felicia thought Blue wasn’t the best option.
Blue told Cirie the America info dump. Told Cirie she’s final 3 with Ma/Ja, they wouldn’t make fake alliances. Hoooooboy, who gonna tell her? She still trusts the boys. Cirie vouched Matt, questioned Jag, and advised caution and win HOH.
Blue later sketched out Matt and Jag by being quiet. Said she’s good with Cory, he told her he’s tossing her name (hinting are you tossing my name without saying it to Ma/Ja).
Blue called to d/r
Bowie Matt Jag sketched: Can’t let Blue win HOH.
Cirie / Felicia back to Jag gotta go. Felicia back to delusional cuckoo clock, Matt is trying to pull away from Jag because she saw him reading the Bible. It”s the only book they have, but mmmkay.
Blue back from d/r says to Ma/Ja Cam made it sound like Ma/Ja are coming for Blue (she didn’t rat America).
Matt, Jag, Cory and especially Blue don’t want spinning disc HOH. Being on ropes freaks Blue out. Jag has lower back issues, Matt and Cory something about dizziness.

Felicia is using the jury vote threat again. Any HOH that evicts her doesn’t get her vote is going to be her running thing. BITTER JURY INCOMING

Jag still thinks the best option is backdoor Blue with Fe/Ci noms, the entire house saves Cirie with veto. (exactly why Bowie originally wanted Cirie gone).


Did jag/Matt decide cerie was their 3? Or prod/grod? Was this after several d/r sessions?

Carlito's Way

That would have made me mad before, but now that Bowie has been such a tool, I’m okay with it. We always knew Cirie was going to be in a final 2 seat.


Yeah producers probably feel sorry for her she was on Survivor 4 times and still didn’t win so they’re probably gonna throw her a bone and let her win this one.

un autre nom

Remember the fake final three they made week 5? Matt wanted to name it “Reilly’s Promise”. Matt has been pushing Cirie in finals since week three.

no mo bro

If all of Matt and Jag’s targets banded together, they could bring Cam back and use him as an attack dog. Let him win HoH and put up Matt and Jag. This would make me smile 🙂

Not Jasons Holly

Wish there was a “?” button!

un autre nom

Do 5 people that can’t beat Cam to get to finals themselves want Cam back again?

no mo bro

Look who the jury will be. Taking Cam to final 2 guarantees Cam gets 2nd place. No one on the jury will vote for him.

un autre nom

then why are commenters pushing for him to stay? So he can lose next to anybody? Naaah. That doesn’t smell right.
That’s a campaigning response, imo.
Any of the 5, if they want to make final 2 and win money cut their odds in half if Cam is already in one of those chairs because they can’t beat him in both HOH and veto in the same week.

Queen Catia

Honestly, I would like nothing better than Bowie being the houseguest to follow Cameron into the jury house. It would serve her right!

un autre nom

Why should she play best person when everyone else is playing big brother?
Just my train of thought, not looking to kick a hornet’s nest.
Can she beat him final 2?
Has he said her name as a pawn? He asked Jared to put Bowie on the block instead of himself. He said last week pawn Bowie to bd Cory for this week to the other fugitives. That was part of the Wed info used to turn Bowie against Cam. I’m only 65% on this next bit, but I thought he told Bowie she might be a pawn to get Cory, and she said naaauuur, I don’t want to be pawn. The fake final 2 was in effect for both instances.
With that said, in addition to can she beat him, can she trust him?

If the answer to either question is no, why not target him to increase her own odds?


I hate the whole houseguests guessing the next comp thing… there should only be a couple classic comps that come back year after year and the rest they should figure out some new material!


eh, disagree. slip n slide, otev, bb comics, and the wall are all comps i look forward to each year. i wish they could bring back spelling but it was pretty clear houseguests would come in with preplanned words so that had to go. generally a mix of both is good. but the classics are classics for a reason and i generally enjoy them each season.


I hate this too b/c I think it makes the game too predictable. And it should say something to production when everyone is anticipating each comp throughout the game. A couple classics are ok but stop making variations of the same old things. That said, I think Cirie and Felicia are wasting their time, the spelling one was always a veto, not an HOH. Maybe they were going to do slip and slide, but since everyone is expecting it, maybe now they will change it up and it will either be another Q&A comp or the marionette endurance one.

Not Jasons Holly

Did you hear how JAG was strategically going to play the Who is the majority comp?
He had that figured out how to make sure his alliance would knock out the others. It sounded logical to me, so I was hoping they didn’t do that one.


I was just saying that 1. They need to actually get people who apply for the show NOT people from other reality shows and their family members should ha e to apply not just get in because of mommy or their brother. 2.I totally agree they need to think up new comps. And 3rd this is my idea about the veto so that people stop throwing the veto theyshould make it so who ever wins the veto not only gets to take one person off the block if they want but THEY are the one who picks the replacement nom. also they show also have only one platinum veto and who ever wins that one get to take someone off the bloc and pick the replacement BUT with the platinum veto even the hoh can be put up.

BB Fangirl

Not me, skimming through only reading the parts with Cam’s name in them because no one else is even the slightest bit interesting nor says anything real/true. I guess no point in reading at all after tonight 🙁


So true I’m only reading the comments with Cameron’s name. He is by far the most exciting player to watch. I really couldn’t care less after he goes.

Not Jasons Holly

First, “bat woman made me chuckle out loud!

Second, why do the Mamas think it’s going to be a spelling comp? They already had a spelling comp earlier this season and it’s usually a veto comp!

I can’t wait to see who wins tonight since they all have been throwing comps all season.

Another Dixie

I think someone, probably production, put that bug in Felicia’s ear to keep her occupied. The moms are fixated on it because they know if it’s a physical comp, they might as well just stay in their robes and watch. I agree that they need to dump some of the old comps or at least mix them all up so they have no idea when they will do what.


What will the CreepyCamFans do now that tonight CreepyCameron’s stinky a$$ goes to jury!?!
Will they say, “Oh parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night until it be morrow” or maybe they can be penpals to criminal abusers since they can overlook CreepyCam emotional commando ways or how he tantrums when nobody listens to him or how he is disrespectful to women(but that’s ok because he is a veteran)
Either way after tonight it will become my BBHouse favorite Moments.
So far the moments consists of:
1. Izzy’s Eviction
2. Jared’s Eviction
3. *NEW*CreepyCam’s Eviction

I can hear a sobbing/laughing/tantruming Izzy screaming “That’ll do Pig. That’ll do!” as CreepyCam is EVICTED from the BBHouse….

Bwahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

Plus CreepyCamFans do some good in your life instead of thumbing down this post you can join “Letters Against Isolation” just so you won’t feel so lonely xoxox.

BB Fangirl

Sounds like you know Cameron personally. Maybe your time would be better spent pressing charges if it’s really that serious to you…Calling someone on reality tv a criminal abuser based only on what you’ve seen is wiiiild. Chill, Maya.


*me whispering*,
“Hey bbFgirl take a look at your birth certificate my name isn’t listed as your parent so don’t take what I write as g*spel it’s tongue in cheek. Sarcasm. Whatever.”
*end of me whispering*.

Being defensive as you are and soooooooo sensitive you feel like I am writing just to you. I am not. Don’t know or care who you are. The world is a big place go live in it. My opinion is just that MY OPINION. Be for real and YOU take it down some notches since you feel you are THE ONLY CreepyCamFan. I still look forward to his emotional commando stinky a$$ out the BigBrotherDoor tonight. LMAO.


You’re a creepy nut, desperate for any attention you can get. Get therapy wierdo!


“Mayarha04”, is a Izzy fan. Not surprised by the hateful rhetoric. This nasty person has spewed the same hate for several weeks, while defending Izzy’s exact same hate, while she was there.


We’ll make sure he’s voted America’s Favorite Player!!


I’m surprised Big brother approved your comment. You sound very disturbed.


I know it’s mean, but, i can’t wait to see Felicia and Cirie in a slip and slide comp.




camera may pan to an ambulance on set, ready for a broken hip.

un autre nom

Thursday morning
Bowie / Cirie
war is about to break out, be on the right side pitch from Cirie.
Cirie tells Bowie the worst pitches are the join our pair be our third.
cough cough blackwidows alliance survivor bitterness. Still.
(Ja/Ma plan to propose final 3 to Cirie today).
Bowie thinks Fe is chaotic and can’t be trusted.

Personal Thought
It’s taken 70ish days to get to jury. The show has roughly 20ish days to fill 4 more jury seats to get us to the last week final 4. Stop talking battleback people…help everyone else in the house pack.


This group this year are a joke you have the 2 old ladies that all they do is sit around in the pj’s and robes and yet they think tbey are playing the game and are going to the final 2, then Cory and America who just lay in bed and think up what their going to lie about next which I wonder if America knows that Cory is lying to her because he has already said that he is not going to continue that “relationship ” with her on the outside and occasionally Cory plays pool, then Matt and jag who are up the butt of whoever is hoh that week. And bowie up until she became hoh the only word she knew or said was “yeah”. And this group all they do is eat all the time I have read people talking about how much weight Matt has put on but every time you see him he is eating at all hrs of the day.