Big Spoilage – Kristen and Hayden Long Time Friends? They’ve “been good” at hiding it so Far

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:50pm JULY 12TH Have Nots Kathy and Ragan, He’s going over the same thing, since the feeds started that he’s confused about everything thats going on, He’s feeling disconnected. The stress is bothering and its the constant yo-yoing that makes it so much harder. He says he’s not doing well and he’s in a bad space…. Kathy munches on her food.. Ragan eventually falls asleep.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:15pm Cabana Room Kristen and Hayden They are going over the day and Hayden wants to tell her about this saboteur theory. Hayden mentions that everyone is looking at them “I feel Weird” Kristen says she doesn’t think the house guests have been doing that “I think we have been doing a good job”. They decide to have a talk tonight after everyone goes to bed. Hayden believes the house will go to bed early cause they only got 6 beers.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Andrew joins them They ask Andrew it he has an alliance with Brendon and Andrew says no. Andrew tells them he thinks that Brendon and Rachel are too powerful. Hayden drills into his head that Annie and Brendon are way more dangerous than rachel and Brendon. He goes on to tell Andrew that he didn’t think Lane meant anything bad. Andrew get it and leaves. hayden and kristen start giggling at Andrew “i had to spell it all out for him” Kristen “it’s like he had no clue” they laugh some more Kristen asks him if he’s talking to lane alot he says yes he also feels like he’s getting much closer to him he feels that Lane will vote for Annie if he thinks it’s close but if the house is voting against her he’ll vote her out. He adds that Lane is hard to read. Kristen agrees, hayden adds your the hardest to read. Kristen says Lane is hard to read but i’m harder. She says “I’m not hard to read around you, anymore” Hayden “ya you are sometimes”… However “your not very hard to read anymore”

lane comes in and they start chatting about directions and maps Kristen shares her special skill Kristen: “I have a good sense of driection I’m like a dog”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
11:45pm Backyard girls in the hot tub enzo and lane on the couch, kathy nearby with annie acting silly. Enzo says “this is why we don’t give the have nots food they act all crazy” Monet chimes in “Stop feeding the have nots”

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Did I miss something? There’s only one sabatouer right? Where did this there’s 2 people who have been life long friends? Been trying to stay caught up lol but kinda difficult this year. Oh and bow have we not seen rachels tits yet lol? Thanks for all the updates, all of your comments either make me laugh at the stupidity or actually think lol very entertaining site


There is only one sabatouer Damien and there was a message from the sabatouer that two of the HGs have a life long relationship, which has revved up the paranoia in the house, and speculation on the boards. I think too many are making a faulty assumption that one of the two “life long friends” is the sabatouer. I believe they are totally different entities. If one of the two are the sabatouer I think they would have to keep it from thier partner which could be very difficult. Glad to back on here I totally got into this board last year… guys do a fabulous job Simon and Dawg and some of the posters make me laugh more than the house guests do. Keep up the good work!!!!


Agreed. Every year like clockwork, there’s always some crazy comments on this site from readers.


i agree totally, but look closely; their conversation makes more sense when actually they’re brother and sister. No showmance here, they have to be brother and sister, look at the resemblance.


they are not brother and sister….1. they are the same age, Im sure they are not twins. 2. they are really flirty with each other.
They probably used to date or something.


I think the 2 with the lifelong relationshipt is Kathie and Britney. They are both from Arkansas, also Kathie made a point to say (i think in the first aired episode) that she had her first child at 19. She is 40, and britney is 22, could be possible.


I thought they showed Britney’s intro with her mother and father in it


I noticed the resemblance the other night when they were in the hammock. They look a lot alike, notice they are not next to each other much.


I totally agree with you, ive been wating all the shows and this is the first time i hear about there being a relationship that no one knows about?


Yall are missing it on the life long friendship. Watch Lane and Brittany. They definitely know each other outside the game.


I bet that there is 6 pairs of life time friends.


This year is very confusing.. i have no clue whats going on sometimes.. i dont like this cast all that much. i just like kristen and hayden. i want a showmance there <33 i hope they arent life long friends, ;[


Been coming back to this blog every year since the beginning of the Eric and Evil Dick season. always enjoy this place’s coverage and some of the comments.

As for this season, I’m really really liking the cast so far. I like that this season is confusing and shades of gray. With all of the past few seasons, you would know exactly what to expect after one week into the game. You knew how alliances would fall, you knew some characters who had no chance of making it to the end, and knew some who would be huge power players. This year? Not even close.

I love that it’s still very much open ended – that means anything can happen from one week to the next. Even though there’s some traces of alliances being made, things still seem very much open ended and blurry bordered compared to previous seasons. I like that most of them get along, because it’s going to make things very awkward in 3 weeks from now when people are forced to turn on each other to survive. It will be interesting to see how long it takes people to realize how catty Britney is.

Basically what I’m saying is that I think this season will be much harder to win than the last few seasons. The lines aren’t divided (at least not yet), and people will have to play much more carefully for the first few weeks than usual.

Two things:

1. Are you affiliated with this site?

If not, that aggregator is plagiarizing you guys, which is not cool.

2. Where is that Annie boob slip screencap?! Does it not exist on flashback?


Loads fine for me in Firefox. Dunno. It starts off with text that’s obviously lifted from this site: “11:00pm JULY 10th Hot tub/back yard Kristen, Annie, Monet, Matt chit chatting, Kristen just did a hand stand and threw in a spread eagle for Dawg and Me.”

So if you guys don’t own that site, then they’re clearly stealing your write-ups. I can find no links that link back to that article or even your homepage.


Aw, no html commenting. sorry my paragraph blocks aren’t separated.



Kristen and Hayden are definately the lifelong friends, that was obvious with their conversation last night. However, I don’t think either one of them is the sabateor. I think the sabateor is Kathy, maybe Britney or Monet….but Im pretty sure Kathy. The 1st competition, she stopped completely to check on britney when she fell….everyone else probably would have kept going. Then she could never get on the bag….the 2nd competition w the popcorn, how she acted like she couldnt move! that was ridiculous….she didn’t even look like she was trying. She just layed there and didnt move. SO obvious.


I think it is Kathy also…but I heard Kristen and Hayden say they are in a secret alliance and including possibly andrew…not sure they are the lifelong friends…Matt and Enzo stick out to me from watching feeds

Dirty life$

Wht the freak.. Who is the producer that pick thiz weak ass cast. wht the hell is up with that ass kissin meat head Enzo ,he needs to shut the F up thinkin he’s freakin funny, if I was on bb he would be laid the F out real fast. Bb11 was the best

Uncle Cool

Is that you, Natalie?

chick from louisiana

LOL- some people are so bitter.

C Note

If Kat isnt the sab, then she is possible the worst player in BB history. If she votes Annie then you know she is the saboteur. Kristen and Hayden do have a connection but I think they are talking about how well they have hid their alliance. My all time favorite player was Jenn from season eight which everyone hates but she would dominate this season. She was on slop for almost her whole stay, dominant! I miss you Jenn, and big boobs that lasted three weeks last year i had a little crush on her, sry just remenicing. I think thats how you spell it.


people…what if no one in the house is the sabouteur what if it’s someone from the past big brother seasons. Juile said “someone in the room” she could be talking about the room she was in not neccalry the room “they” were in in..cuz no one seemed to leave other than the two guys. it just seems fishy to me. Sometimes big brother will make it seem like one person…when it’s really not. Cuz sooooo much people think it’s kathy.


Yeah! some people said Jessi from last big brother was the saboteur…Cuz no one left in that black out. And Britney said she could hear someone behind her when the lights were all on and everyone was in the room…soooo I think ur right. It’s someone from the past big brother seasons. Maybe someone in the house is like a son or daughter to a past house guest.


Monet left. If you have tghe tape freeze the frame right before the lights go out. Monet is missing. When the lights come on she’s on the floor closest to the door she put the lock on. It’s Monet, no doubt. And watch her constantly bring up the sab angle.


Yeah, I noticed that about Monet too. The show made a point of showing her say where she and others were, and then if you rewind your DVR it shows she disappears. It also shows Annie sitting on the floor (would be easy for her too) and Matt (the person I first suspected) sitting on the couch in positions that would be hard to move out of.

However, the gay cowboy guy from a previous season has Tweeted that he’s being flown out to LA for something, so either he will be part of a single competition (reading the rules, etc), or maybe he’s the mole.


i think it matt he wasnt in the room when the lights went out


Kathy also was not in the dark shots in the very beginning but was at the end…driving me nuts…i just want to know already….I guess viewership is at an all time high…up 20% from last year according to Julie on the Morning Show

Uncle Cool

I fully believe it was Kathy.

Everyone was accounted for besides Kathy, Brendon and Andrew when the lights were on.

There were ten people sitting in the living room.

Then when the night vision came on, there were ten still there.

They then showed Brendon and Andrew on night vision. They did not show Kathy.

When Andrew threw the pillow at the couch, there was nobody in the corner seat on the couch. When the lights came on, Kathy was sitting in that seat.

I think it is Kathy.


I think Kathy and Kristen are mother and daughter. They look alike and are both from Ark..

chick from louisiana

When are they revealing the sab? wednesday or thursday?


thursday if it is someone from past seasons, im hoping evil dick he was one of the best players ever
if this season, then im thinking brittany, kathy or monet or even lane


Hey Guys!!!!! New to this. Cbs asked everyone to come up with ideas for the sabatouer to do. I honestly think that his/her saying that there is two life long friends in the house is just one of the ideas viewers had. He/she is just saying it to stur things up. Just my opinion 🙂