Big Brother Spoilers – Truth or Dare Natalie moons Lydia, Lydia “I Saw Your Lips”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm recycling room Jordan and Jeff. Jordan is upset about being on the block twice now. Jeff asks her if she thinks there is going to be another plan Jordan isn’t sure. Jeff doesn’t think Jessie is going to do something different but he doesn’t know. Jordan seems down and JEff asks her what?s wrong, she says she is going to bed. Jeff tells
her she’s not allowed to go to bed. Jordan says she’s just taking a nap. Jeff tells her she has had a lot of mood swings. Jordan complains she ate too much and rolls away from him. Jordan says you know Michele is going to be up everybody?s butt now because she thinks she is going home. Jordan says that Michelle told her that that Casey wouldn’t use the POV so if Jordan gets to pick to NOT pick casey. if he won it this led?s her to believe that there is another plan in the house. Jeff thinks something is up Casey wouldn’t say that.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:05pm Michelle, Russell, Natalie, Ronnie the rat and Chima talking about playing truth or dare. Lydia gets called into the Diary room so Natalie is dared to Moon Lydia when she come out. Natalie covering herself in a blanket, while everyone is watching her. Russell is helping her hide. Natalie says i cant believe im doing this and im not even drunk. When Lydia walks out Natalie is laughing so hard when she bends over she farts all over Lydia. Lydia is PISSSED OFF

screaming “OMFG I CAN SEE YOUR VAYJAYJAY”, “I saw your lips and so did America”. Natalie says nobody can do another truth until they do another dare, they are all laughing Lydia walked out and Nat jumped up and tried to scare her, Lydia didn?t react and just walked by, the rest of the group is laughing hysterically. Lydia is not happy with it all. Michelle, Chima want to give Ronnie a ten second dare to hug someone but he is worried about someone physically hurting him. They dare ROnnie to give Casey a hug and for Kevi nto go up stairs where JEssie is sleeping and give him a cuddle. Ronnie finds Casey and gives him a hug saying he is really sorry he is really sorry patting his back im really sorry i didn?t mean to. The rest of the houseguests are laughing their asses off.. CAsey doesn’t look thrilled. Casey says whatever man i don’t care its all good. Casey retreats to the pool room with Lydia where he vents about the events that just happened.


9:25pm Kevin goes up to the HOH and is sneaking into bed with a sound asleep, mouth hanging open, Jesse. Natalie hits Jesse is in the ribs and he wakes up totally pissed at them all. Natalie tries to tell him they are just playing truth or dare, he doesn’t care he wants them out NOW!


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:30pm Recycling room Jeff and Jordan Casey joins them and brings up Michelle telling everyone that he won’t stick to the plan and if he wins POV he won’t use it. They all wonder why she is saying taht what kind of motivation does she have. Jeff thinks she’s just crazy in the head and making random shit up. Casey saying that he did not say that, they both know he wouldn?t say that. Casey breaks down the week and the 4 stages.
stage 1 – two people go up
stage 2 – we win veto
stage 3 – JEssie puts Ronnie up
stage 4 – Ronnie goes home
Jordan brings up that the house is starting to get really pissed off at Natalie. Casey says he’s tired of takling orders from a 18 year old “it ain’t cute anymore man it ain’t cute
anymore.” They all agree that they got to start winning HOH or there done for. Casey says just lay low until after the POV. he than adds that if Natalie is up with anyone beside them three she is going home for sure. he concludes by bringing up how pissed Lydia is at natalie and how there?s something brewing between them and its going to explode soon.

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So I guess best case scenario for me is Casey wins POV and saves Jordan. Seems like a longshot.


not gonna happen. Casey will be backdoord that would be real nice.


Jesse and Natalie suck. Please get them off the show or I am going to quit watching.


llllllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee jessie!!!!!!!!!
2nd to jeff but still love him!!!

jeff then jessie then jordan =]]


Cassie needs to go. I know people are not going to like this but I like Ronnie the Rat. If they don’t get rid of him this week, I garantee you he will make it to at least final 3.


Well he wasn’t voted off that week and he didn’t make it to the final 3, i’m sad casey’s gone tho :*(


I want to see Nat and Ronnie go up together! That would be awesome!!


lol for a small women Natalie sure got a nice plump booty, “wishes he was standing where Lydia was during the moon” too bad jessie didn’t get to hit that , Lydia made dam sure of that smh


she may have a nice ass but she is too manish to be sexy