Big Brohter 11 Spoilers – Jordan says She’s Won Big Brother Already “I found Jeff”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00pm Kitchen Russell, Jeff, Casey, Chima, and Kevin. They were talking about the death of Billy Mays a couple of days after the death of Ed McMahon. Casey brings up the Sham-WOW guy getting caught with a hooker recently. He goes on to tell them about the “DUDE YOU GETTING A DELL” kid and how he got caught smoking drugs in his car outside a night club. They mention how made that kid had it and he threw it all away. Chima starts to explain the music industry and how the record company?s pay for houses and cars for their artists. So when you see the stuff they have on “Cribes” that is all paid by the record company.

7:25pm Storage Room Ronnie and Lydia. Ronnie is telling Lydia to throw the next HOH for him
and he’ll rain hell down on the people in the kitchen. He also guarantees her that he will not put her or Kevin up. She says they’ll talk about that later. She comments that he is losing so much weight. He says he is down to 178 pounds. He lifts his shirt and shows her how small his stomach roll has become. Russell and Chima open the door and Russell starts yelling “schemers, schemers!”.Lydia tells Chima that she’s going to flick Russell in the balls if he continues being a pain.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm upstairs couch Lydia, Natalie, KEvin and JEsse. Lydia is commenting on JEssie’s Nomination speech she says it was a Edger Allen Poe Moment. Natalie tells Jessie she wants to play in the POV so he better pick her out of the bag, if not she wants to host the competition. Ronnie joins them. He is saying that they won’t get into the backyard until tomorrow. He thinks they are putting a huge set up for a night time POV. HE tells them that Jessie will get called into the Diary room in the next couple hours and we’ll pick the names than sometimes tonight we’ll play. Natalie is excited by the thought of a night-time PoV.

7:45pm red room Casey, Russell. General chit chat about Birthdays and the radio business. Casey thinks this show will help his DJ career. Casey wonders how is doing. Russell tells him he forgot to freeze his facebook account… Casey says he’s going to have Millions of invites. Chima joins them she wonders if its her birthday they still make her eat slop.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm Recycling Room Jordan and Jeff. Jordan is telling Jeff they have to start winning competitions. She says if she goes home we will be bored to death. Jorden is worried that if her and michelle stay up and don’t get saved that she will go home and Jeff tells her she is safe Jordan says she has already won Big Brother because she has Jeff. Jorden tells Jeff this is the plan I want to come to a baseball game in Chicago. Jeff is wondering how that is going to happen since they don’t have each others numbers. Jordan says she’ll find him no matter what. He tells her he’s going onto the

Bachelor right after this show…. she kicks him. They talk a bit about Baseball, Jeff’s a big fan but Jordan has no idea about the game. They are now lying feet to feet under one blanket, and raise it so that they can see each other from underneath it. Now Jeff is telling her how it looks like something from the movie Coraline. Jeff explains that he got stoned with his friends

and went to watch that movie in 3D and there was a tunnel that looked just like the one they made with their blanket. Jordan starts talking about the drugs she use to do. Jeff says when he goes down to visit Jordan she’s going to turn him into a druggie. She says no she’s not into that anymore. They start to crack each other?s toes and Jordan is screaming. Michelle walks in and tells them that the POV might be tonight.


8:25pm Natalie and Chima. Natalie is trying to talk Chima into not wanting Ronnie out this week. She’s saying that ROnnie doesn’t even want use out this week so why do we want him out? she goes on to say there?s other people in this house which are a direct threat to us than Ronnie. Natalie says what they dont want to happen is Casey to play and win the POV. she’s not sure what jessie will do….. Natalie list off the pople that are for sure playing Jordan, Michelle and JEsse…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Evel Russ

Jesse is such a puss putting up Jordan and Michelle. I would like to see Casey win the POV and take down Jordan, although the chances are slim to none. Jesse and Natalie are getting real old real quick. I’d like to see them on the block together next week. Jesse needs to feel some pressure, that’s when his true colors will really come shining through. So far he’s been safe the entire time that’s the only reason he’s been able to maintain his cool somewhat. He gets put on the block and he’ll start to freak.


Well actually, that would be Team Jessie’s dream come true. They WANT to backdoor Casey so that he can’t get off the block. THat way, he goes home. The only people who will vote for him will be Jordan and Jeff and Possibly Lydia and Kevin but it doesn’t look like Lydia and Kevin will. SO it will be 2-6 Casey leaves, so we’ll see.

Evel Russ

My understanding is the person who uses the POV is immune from being put on the block. After searching through the BB forums that’s what I got there as well.

Randy Wolfgang

What are you saying???? if Casey wins POV and uses it on someone else he CAN’T go on the block.


oh yea…i don’t think he’s that stupid … use…i say …michelle is the one going home…if not casey..


I think Jessie is envious of Jordan because he wants Jeff to be his friend. I hope that they stay together for ever

Big D

Lydia + Chima. =. Chlamydia

Evel Russ

LOL. Well done sir.


wow rofl…wtf….that is dumb…and “well done sir” lol….wow..

Evel Russ

An internet loudmouth. How original. And wtf is with all the ellipses, do you stutter?


Honestly this has been one if not the crappiest big brother ever
the clicks idea is a complete joke honestly
like for example jeff could literally do nothing and he will stay in the house because of clique rules
i say roonie wins the game cause these people are pure dumb


And Ronnie isn’t dumB????


I agree. I hate the clique idea. I don’t like the idea that they are limited in who they can nominate.


Jeff and Jordan are the cutest couple ever.


yea they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lilly evans

This is the most boring BB ever!!!!!! America voted out Jessie last year, why would BB bring him back. So much for CBS caring about the BB fans. There is no way Jeff, Jordan, or Casey could possibly win this. The Clique has the numbers. I will watch Casey get back doored this week and then I am through with BB. Best of luck in life Jeff. Seems like a really good guy.


I Hate jessie and nat I hope some one has the balls and put them up on the block.


I hope jeff wins the coup d’etat because i think he would use it at the right time and why couldn’t they bring back eddie from bb1 i thought he was awesome!