Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell’s busy Night from Hermaphrodite Parties to Massive Farts


10:15pm Chima’s dare is to suck honey off of russell’s finger for 10 minutes. She does an
makes it look like a B*** J***.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:20pm upstairs couch. Kevin, Natalie playing Chess and JEsse watching. Kevin makes sure that Jessie’s isn’t mad, Jessie says it’s all cool. Natalie tells Kevin that she told KEvin JEssie would be cool. Natalie is saying there is a competition tonight for sure. If they won’t let us go to bed until midnight there has to be soething up. She asks Jessie if he
doesn’t pick her name to let her host she’ll be pissed.


10:30pm Kitchen, Russell, Michelle, Ronnie and Chima. Chima talking when big brother was asking them a bunch of question she thinks they are trying to get into their heads.Ronnie trying to remember a book and Casey comes in “the Glass Castle” and throws in a jab at Ronnie and “this is supposed to be a Literature teacher” and Ronnie goes on about the book. Ronnie tells him the paperback is only 8 bucks and its a great book. Russell says he’ll read it when he gets out.

10:40pm Pool Room Casey and JOrdan. Casey is saying that he needs a fucken smoke soon or he’s going off on someone. HE starts to complain about Ronnie hanging out in the kitchen having laughs with everyone. “two fucking days ago Russell was cursing Ronnie out and now there best friends”. Jordan says “I thought we all made a pact to get him out”. Jordan says she going home it now use. Casey says please don’t take this the wrong way i’m tired and I’m needing a smoke but you have to STOP THAT SHIT NOW!!! WE NEED TO START WINNING COMPS! she agrees. Casey again says he wishes he could go outside and smoke a cigarette it might help him from wanting to choke someone. She tells him that he and Jeff are the only people that she trusts in the house. Casey says it’s starting to look that way isn’t it.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:45pm Storage room Jeff and JOrdan. Jordan telling Jeff about the conversation with Casey.
She also adds that she’s feeling depressed and fat. HE tries to reassure her. He gives her a hug and tells her to go with him and make some soup.


11:00pm Kitchen everyone but Lydia is there sharing stories about falling down. Chima brings up how she still feels stupid when she falls in the shower and no one is looking. Russell tells them a party story when he was in college. Every year they would have a hoe’s and hermaphrodites party. The guys would dress as hermaphrodites and the girls would dress up like hoe’s. This one time the football team came by and they had this giant fight,. They were kicking the other team ass. he goes on to say how funny it was because there were all these guys dressed like women beating on all these football players. Jordan asks Chima if she’s ever been in a fight. Chima says i’ve been in heated arguments but not a physical fight. She than asks Russell and he says he’s been in lots of fights, a lot of them in the bar. He tells them he’s been arrested for 3 bar fights all of which were up against big guys. Russell says he doesn’t back down he tells them a story about beating some dude and throwing him through the sliding glass window.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:39pm Kitchen Lydia and Kevin. Kevin tells Lydia that when he win HOH he’s putting up two athletes. He tells them that Jeff and Russell would be his targets. They go on rag on Russell saying he always calls them schemers and he’s rude to the girls. Jordan joins them and tries to figure out if the plan is to still evict ROnnie… Kevin and Lydia both say it is but are obviously lying. she doesn’t know why people would want to keep him, she lost all respect for him. Jordan says that day 2 or 3 Ronnie told her Final 2 and she was safe and after he won HOH he said you and Jeff are so safe and then he puts them both up how can anyone trust him. kevin saying whoever picks him for POV he’ll fight for them with everything he’s got unless he’s taken to the side by “SOMEONE” and told not to or else. lydia says that Big Brother told her that they couldn?t go outside till tomorrow technically midnight is tomorrow and they must stay awake Kevin is telling Jordan that her Option A for the veto is Jeff and that she needs an Option B. Lydia offers to be option B. Kevin calls out Russ that he played Truth or Dare with Ronnie. Russell goes off on Kevin, its obviously acting… (not sure if Jordan knew that) Jordan saying how Ronnie said that jordan will never go up, he’ll take her to the bottom two. Casey joins them and tells Russell to never send the fucking rat to hug me again, Russell tells him he didn’t dare ROnnie that. Casey says he hopes things go as planned Russell says playing truth or dare doesn’t change anything both agree they want to go outside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:01pm Living Room Russell, Casey and Kevin talkign random things. Russell says the first thing he’s going to do when he get out is beat off than ride his motorcycle. Casey says he’s going to hug his wife and cuddle his kids than cry for awhile. HE goes on to say that the game is so much different once you get inside. He use to watch the show all the time but its nothing like what they show on TV. Russell now FARTS its massive and stinky and clears the living room out… Casey pulls out a lighter to try and burn the stink but it doesn?t work. Russell goes into a 10 minutes laughing fit..

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LISA’s 3:52 am west side….any who…people… game….my boy blink182…says… gonna win….I think nat is going to win….who do you think is going to win..??? ….LET ME KNOW….BUT dayum….


OKAY …mofo ..jeff..are you going to ..give it to jordan or what… that girl ..should not be stupid and fing playing the game…she can DO IT……GO JORDAN…WITHOUT JEFF……



Evel Russ

Looks like someone just learned what an ellipsis is. Hasn’t learned how to use one though.


GrossLy Big Grossly gross Russell farting. I wonder if Chima still wants him now lol


Jeff and Jordon are definitely forming a bond. Jeff said in interviews prior to Big Brother that he would do a “showmance” on the show but said if the woman and him form a special personal real bind then he wouldn’t do the “showmance”. And he absolutely no sex at all on the show because he’s not auditoning for pornanytime soon. So with all that in mind, it’s clear to see Jordon and him have something going on. “Showmance”or not,still too early to tell.

these girls these season aren’t standing up for their selves. These girls are falling hard for these guys who could are less about their love then for the game. Natalie and Michelle are the only ones who have a firm focus on the game. Natalie has a boyfriend back home so she’s not sleeping with Jessie. And Michelle is in her own world.


This game is so unpredictable as oppose to last year and the year before that. Every week is a new alliance or bipolar esque behavior within a good chink of everyone.

Evicting Ronnie would be good. After his conversation with Jordon yesterday really proves how lame is strategy is getting. But his talks with Jessie and Russell seem so sketchy it’s a thin line between lies and the truth with Ronnie. We all know by now he would be evicted because he’s betraying and can’t be trusted. But who can really be trusted.

And could someone please explain Lydia in a bathtub. Was that Jessie’s HOH bathtub? hmmmmmm “showmance” indeed

What a hustler Lydia is. Just remember to wash your hands after every session girl.

A Question...

Natalie was the one vote to save Laura, yet she aggresively blames the vote on Michelle and was intent on getting Michelle on the block this week and out, if the POV isn’t used to backdoor Casey. If the POV is used, Nat is setting the groundwork for Michelle to go soon then.

Why is Nat so intent on getting Michelle out when Michelle has been honest with her?

Evel Russ

That was the point, she voted for Laura because she thought that it would cause dissension among the other side of the house. None of them cared though. When Chima said she suspected Casey, Natalie started jumping on that idea too. She’d just doing it to stir things up. The difference is, only the immature douchebags get pissed if one vote doesn’t go their way. She’s a bad liar though, the way she immediately has something to say when it is brought up is a total tell. Too bad no one in this house is sharp enough to catch that so far. Though I think Laura might have.


Have the Live Feeds Cut for the POV yet??? And why did they have to stay up till ,midnight?

BB Fan forever!!

Hello Everyone!! Have the Live Feeds Cut for the POV Yet?? Or was the Houseguests staying up till midnight for another reason???


This is one of the worst seasons yet. I still say BB should kick out all of the brains and offbeats at once and let the real players play for the cash. I am no fan of the athletes, but it is so obvious who’s running the game. I am so disappointed with the offbeat group (except Casey) for being sheep. I figured they of all people would not fall for the athletes ruse. This season is over. Pack it in.


Go Russel!!!


I hope Jeff wins