Big Brother 11 Spoilers: The final 2 days of Big Brother 11 … Who will walk away half a million dollars richer?


11am Natalie and Jordan are still sleeping in the red bedroom with the lights off. Kevin is in the bathroom trimming his hair with the trimmer and getting ready for the day…

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1:10pm Natalie and Jordan are still sound asleep in the red bedroom, while Kevin has now curled up on the green room bed to sleep away the afternoon. (Sorry to post nothing but screen captures… but there’s just nothing happening. I wish Big Brother would do something to put some excitement back into the last couple days of the season.)


1:25pm – 1:45pm Big Brother cuts the feeds to the control room and when the feeds come back up all the house guests are in the backyard. It looks like Big Brother woke them up for an backyard lock down. Kevin and Natalie stretch out on the backyard couch while Jordan sits down with her feet in the pool. Natalie says to Jordan that they (Big Brother) said it could be at least 2 hours (the backyard lock down) and that it could be longer. Natalie says you know what prank we were going to pull on Jeff that we never got around to? Jordan asks what? Natalie says you know that sunscreen, we were going to empty it out and fill it with sour cream… Jordan says Oh that would have been funny. Natalie says Yeah but we never got around to it. Jordan says hahahaha …that would have been funny … sour cream.. Natalie says it would have…

Watch the last couple days of Big Brother 11 for FREE. You can also use the FLASHBACK feature to jump back in time and watch all the drama throughout the season? TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!


2:10pm Big Brother cuts the feeds to the control room, then at 2:20pm the feeds switch to TRIVIA ….

2:55pm Still TRIVIA…

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292 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers: The final 2 days of Big Brother 11 … Who will walk away half a million dollars richer?

    1. I agree, but they have to bring back Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. Everyone knows what they will be up to and they’ll still make it to the end. hah best players ever

  1. cmon do you know who america is supporting lol
    the blondie dumb jordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    was not dumb after all lol wohooooooooooooooooo
    go jordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    america loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry gays I guess you need to wacth american idol again lol should i say it? lol

    1. In my opinion, Jordan is not dumb…..loverusell on the other hand has obvious intellectual limitations which are exceeded by her/his
      homophobic opinions. Kevin is a player in the BB GAME and the fact that he is gay or for that matter of Japanese and African American origin, are all just facts of his life. Certainly he camps it up and probably more than the average gay person, but I think all the players’ personalities are enlarged due to the cameras being present.
      The homophobic part of your statement is that somehow Kevin’s defeat at this TV game is a defeat for gays in general (and by insinuation a victory for “straights”) which you seem to revel in. I would like to clue you in if it is possible with the limited IQ you suffer from, that not all gays have or will vote for Kevin to win this GAME. We are not in a conspiracy for gay supremacy. I in fact have voted for Jordan in this GAME and I also did not support Adam on American Idol (where he came in second). Please refrain from painting all gays with your same homophobic paintbrush, even for you it is too ignorant. Go Jordan !, and by the way you (loverusell) just got got !

    2. LOL OMG LOL Good 1. Tell that other guy to STFU LOL OMFG Go Jordan your so cool! LOL Yepp thats all i got from love russel was the Lol’s

    3. There is a big difference between dumb and ignorant/naive…Did you know that she didn’t tryout but was approached by BB casting. She had never heard of BB and did a quick scan with a borrowed laptop. The fact that she is in the final 3 is attributed to her people skills and her accent ( people mistakenly conclude she is dumb). She has played as well as any in the final 3.

        1. I think she was referring to the 1st episodes she looked at on her friends laptop. She tried to get her Mom to watch but she didn’t watch the whole think. She had also made statements that her 2 best friends had never heard of the show either. I could be wrong but I think that is what was said.

          1. Yeah, I don’t think so. She said her and her mom used to watch it together. Then she said she borrowed a laptop and watched some other seasons, but never finished. So, he had heard of it.

      1. I agree with you Hooter though I am not aware of Jordan’s BB viewership history or how she was chosen. I too think she played a great social game and think she is assured victory if she is in the final two. Americas Vote is surely hers given the polls I have seen.
        I think Jeff, Michelle, and Russell will take her to victory. I do worry about her ability to answer the jury’s questions the way they may want her to. Kevin and I want to kill myself for saying this, even Natalie, may be better equipped to tell the jury what they want to hear and to do so looking authentic and answering quickly. Hopefully Jordan is taking this time to think of various questions and answers.
        This is where the various distinctions of intelligence (dumb, smart, intuitive, etc.) all come into play. I prefer to not think of and even refer to people, and especially people I do not know personally (and for those who do watch BB, even 24/7 on the feeds you do not know the contestants personally) as stupid, dumb, or ignorant (except perhaps loverusell). Jordan just has a different kind of knowledge than a PhD, schoolteacher, or graphic designer has. Her knowledge and life experiences have no less value than the others as she has what she needs to live her life as she cares. Also the cadence of a strong southern or even a strong chicago accent, can overtake the listeners perception of what it being said in favor of how it is being said.
        Just some very random thoughts on the game. Go Jordan (or by default Kevin) !

        1. Jordan used to make fun of Michele alot. She always was putting her down saying “she thinks she so smart. She’s not smart” etc. Jordan made fun of her night terrors and her physique. I don’t think Jordan played a smart social game. She basically did nothing the whole time. Not until the last couple of weeks has she done any real socializing – and that is just because she was forced to because she was there without Jeff. Claiming she’s played a great social game is like trying to recreate events. Jordan didn’t play at all, now she is just reacting to being one of 3 in the finals.

  2. Does natalie really think people like her? Just wait until she gets out and finds out how people really feel about her. And one more thing, does she really think gays can’t be docotr’s? I hope Jordan or Kevin wins. They deserve it more than nat.

    1. Nat was showing her ignorance once again. Does she really think that heterosexual Dr.s can’t lust after beautiful patients?
      OMG! The night she was trying to convince Kevin to at least try to sleep with a woman, so he’ll know for sure? I was laughing and thinking about the nickname for women who try to convert gay men.. “FagHag”.

      Enuff said!~

      1. Actually that is not what a “Fag-Hag’ is – a Fag hag is a woman who likes to pal around with a lot of gay men for whatever reason.

      2. In the words of the Broadway Legend, Elaine Strich – “WROOOOOONG! They now like to be referred to as “Fruit Fly.” Hag is soooooo demeaning.
        How would women (Lydia), who are only attracted to male douchebags (Jessie), like to be called “Bag Hags?” No, they prefer to be considered “Victims.”

  3. I’m just going to watch who wins the final HOH, and who gets evicted. If Natalie is in the final two then I’m not going to watch the rest of the show. Can’t stand to watch the chance that Natalie, the b*tch, could win the money. Like to see Kevin win the final HOH, and evict Natalie. But, some how, I just can’t see that happening. Kevin would probably win and take Natalie with him. Just have to wait another two days.

    1. I’m right there with you, Peggy. He keeps on saying that he’s going to evict the “biznatch,” but something tells me he will end up doing the opposite. If I have to watch that slob, Natalie, win $50 or $500 thousand, I may get sick. I only recently recovered the appetite I lost when she won HOH. Even now, I cringe when I think of that ugly little chihuahua running around screaming, “I did it by keeping my word!”

      If I get my way, Kevin will win HOH and send Natalie packing in what would perhaps be the biggest and sweetest betrayal in BB history. Can you imagine that pathetic turd’s reaction to being stabbed in the back by her best friend in the house? That would be so sweet. And we’d get to watch it all unfold live. By finishing third, instead of winning the title of big brother champion, Natalie will just be the biggest loser. I hope that’s what happens and I hope we witness a meltdown.

      1. I think Kevin will evict her. So far everything Kevin has stated in the DR he has gone through with, evicting Jeff, getting rid of Russell….I’m almost certain he will evict Nat, if not, well, he’s a fool…giving an “18 yr old” a chance to win half a mill…common… plus if he were smart he would think his odds against Jordan are better…

        TEAM JORDAN!

    2. Although i wanted natalie to win if kevin didnt, I would much rather see jordan at least come in second. Natalie is an idiot, she didnt know she was the last hoh. Such a disgrace, I thought jordan was the dumbest one but proved wrong.

      Okay rants over, I just think it will be Kevins best interest to take natalie and not jordan. The winners usually do play the best game and the jury tends to be good about voting based on game play but i just cant see this jury doing that. I see them voting for jodan for the pure fact that Jordan never did anything to them and shes so nice unlike kevin who lied to them. Kevin, whether you like his game or not, does deserve to win because he played hard when he finally needed to. Jordan does deserve second but if she goes to second she will win so i think its a huge mistake to take her. I can guarentee that america is voting for jordan to get the extra vote and will vote jeff for americas favorite just because everyone wants barbie and ken to win

  4. So sad for us lovers of the game that a floater will win BB11. Of the 3, Kevin has probably earned the prize the most. He managed to get to week 8 without ever being nominated and without pissing anyone off, then he started winning competitions. I liked him a lot at first, but the more he started hanging with Natalie, he showed a side to his personality that I hadn’t seen. I think he is serious about taking Jordan to the finals, so I am rooting for him, not because I want him or Jordan to win, but because I want Nat to leave empty handed. Kevin played alone. Sure he had Lydia, but that was more a liability than a bonus. Don’t like the guy much, but he played the best of the three.

    Natalie has lied and schemed, but she has never won anything. Her HOH was a crap shoot. Michelle or Jordan could just as easily have guessed nearest and Nat would now be history.She lied a lot, it’s part of the game, but she even lied about things that in no way helped her in the game. I think she lies for the sake of lying. She cheated lots and she stole. She used the same slop pass all season long, and BB didn’t call her out and punish her, while Jeff got an extra day for taking a sip of gatorade. She hid people’s stuff, she played childish pranks that have no bearing on the game, she is selfish and greedy, riding everybody else’s coat tails to the final 3. She let her allies get blood on their hands and be evicted, while she played innocent. When her team was on top, she was arrogant and mean. When she was at the bottom of the pile, she whined and acted out like a child. She blames Michelle for Chima’s demise, but she should take a bit of that credit for herself. She egged Chima on instead of talking sense to her. Nat does not deserve to win.

    Jordan didn’t do much either. Her HOH win was given to her by Jeff, and she wasted her power getting Lydia out instead of Kevin or Natalie, based on personal feelings. Then she nagged Jeff to get rid of Russell, based on a lie and because she didn’t like him. Worst move of the game. Her POV win was a mix of cheating and luck. She won round two of the final HOH fair and square, but how well would she have done against anyone other than Natalie, who has also not won a damn thing? As houseguests leave, it is easier for the remaining ones to win, because there is less competition. I don’t want Jordan to win the last round, because she will take Natalie. The girl still hasn’t figured out that Natalie is the biggest reason for all of the bad things that happened to Jordan’s alliance.

    The cast this season sucked, and BB let some of them run over the rules, while others behaved. Not fair. The rules should apply to all equally.

    1. I agree! I really hope that whoever wins the final HOH boots out Gnat! She doesn’t deserve to win any $!
      It is frustrating that Jordan can’t see that Gnat is NOT to be trusted and that she (Gnat) is the reason Jordan’s alliance is gone. Getting rid of Russell too soon was a mistake as he would’ve stuck to the F4 agreement!
      I also hope that BB enforces their own rules next season! They were not consistent at all this season. They almost seemed to reward the people who broke the rules! Everyone should have to obey the rules – or get a penalty nom or expelled! Should be simple as that. I’m hoping for more diversity among the HGs next season – a better mix of races, ages and backgrounds! Might make for more interesting HGs.

    2. I mostly agree with you except I am not sure what you mean when you say that Jordans POV win was a mix of cheating and luck. Honestly, I dont remember what the POV comp was……remind me?

      1. She heard Michelle stepping up or down and followed her. She admitted later that she could tell what Michelle was doing. In the end, it went to a tie breaker and Jordan guessed closest.

        1. I don’t call that cheating …michele said she did the same thing. Besides this season when someone says cheating…nothing except nasty nat comes to mind for me. She lied when it wasn’t necesary to the game and she cheated at pool and chess when playing with kev who was suppose to be her alliance. Jordan must have done something right she stayed in the game. I don’t want nat to get a single penny. Kevin and jordan in the end would be about even I think in votes but I would be cheering for Jordan.

          1. Some people consider copying from someone else cheating, I do. Probably any place other than the BB house most people would agree that when you copy from someone else, it is cheating. And you are right, Nat has cheated in other ways, as well.

          2. It is smart in a sneaky way but its like befriending the smartest person in class, copying their notes and sitting next to them during exam… Hey that is cheating!!!

        1. Standing next to Michelle evidently didn’t help the other person on the other side of Michelle– maybe they couldn’t hear her.

    3. Let’s try to remember we have the inside scoop on the lies that were told etc. As well, maybe Jeff threw the competition.. which in my eyes was wrong, and still the last two standing was Jeff and Jordon. Jeff could have lost that on his own to Jordon. I think he was saving face by throwing it.

      This cast was probably some of the most arrogant, hostile. Ah but geeze.. so many to hate. lol Ronnie, Chima, Natalie, Lydia…. The people who made the show really fun to watch, got the boot because of their likability. It’s a shame that it happens that way, but that’s the show.

      1. No, he knew that by throwing it to Jordan he would still have the power to do whatever he liked plus be eligible to play in the next HOH competition, which he won. It was a smart move. Too bad he wasted the power by getting rid of Lydia and backstabbing his own final 4 alliance instead of taking down Nat and Kevin.

        1. The worst move in the game ws the eviction of Lydia. However, she could be there instead of The Gnat. Talk about a floater. It is unfair to claim that Jor didn’t win her HOH. The fact that Jeff threw it does not mean he would have won it.

    4. I’m still trying to figure out why Michelle changed her number in the HOH comp. She originally wrote 80 on one side of her board and then flipped it over and changed it to 65. If she didn’t second guess herself….she’d still be there.

  5. Yesterday Kevin started to plant the seed in Pigpens mind that he was not taking her to the final two. He went over the jury house votes and Pigpens previous claims that she had the jury house locked up came back to haunt her – he is convinced there is a clique in the juryhouse who will vote for her and all her attempts to say it wasn’t true failed. She went into the house and screamed in frustration while Kevin giggled in the BY. She came out and said she screams when she gets really upset. I don’t know if she still doesn’t believe it or what but if he wins I don’t see him taking her. He thinks Jordan won’t get as many votes as Pigpen.

    1. If we had not heard some of the comments of the JH, I as many of you, would think they would vote The Gnat because of all the schmoosing she did before they left and her seemingly clean hands.So I am sure Jor and Kel both think she has many friends there. Kel is also under the belief The Gnat’s engagement won her America’s votes (ha ha). Also, Kel is not buying the engagement totally and Julie not mentioning it added to that. So he would also have to throw out her claim that she is hated. He is considering America’s vote a wash to Gnat and Jordon.

  6. I think we should vote for Kevin in all situations where he makes the final two. He is really the only in the whole game who has had the opportunity to call her on her crap. he has been doing that since thurs. and he deserves it. he’s a good competitor, is smart, has a keen understanding of the game and a great perception of people.

    I reallllllly hope one of them screws over Nat — preferably Kevin.

    Kevin v. Jordan:
    K: Lydia, Russ, Michele ( really think m will vote based on game play and not personally)
    J: Jeff, Nat (if K screws her) and prob Jessie and America
    *I hope America changes and votes Kevin

    Kevin v. Natalie
    K: Lydia, Russel, Michele, america
    N: Maybe jeff jordan jessie

    Jordan v. Natalie
    J: Jeff, michele, America
    N: Kevin (bec J screwed him), Lydia (same reason),
    I stll think Russ and Jessie will prob end up voting for Nat in this situation

    1. I don’t know. I bet Lydia has told them all about LML. Russ, Michelle and Jeff will see that Nat was behind it all. Lydia hates Natalie, and I am sure she is spilling all the beans to the jury and making Kevin look as good as possible. I think that Jordan might not get as many votes as you might think. With the exception of Lydia, everyone on the jury played hard and were taken out because they played the game well. I think Jeff is the only one that will vote for Jordan, based on his personal feelings as opposed to judging who played the game best. The rest of them will probably not be inclined to vote for someone that didn’t do anything big in the game, so I don’t think Jordan can win. She is playing for second place.

      1. Chloe, all along you’ve been pretty accurate in your summations on this site. I hope you are right about Jordan playing for second place. I would hate to see her take first because she just didn’t do anything and I would prefer someone with strategy, who actually PLAYED, win. Also, I just can’t get beyond what Jordan/Jeff did to their alliance and blame them for this final 3. To me, neither of them deserve to win a penny.

        1. Thanks, hon. I love this game and I want to see the best player win. Unfortunately that won’t happen this year. I wish Laura and Casey had gotten a chance to play. I think both of them would have been serious players. I don’t often outright dislike players, but Nat is not likable in the least and she has degraded the game with help from the producers. I would like to see a season where past houseguests that didn’t make the jury get to play. Every season there is someone deserving that gets sent home too soon, before we can see what they have to offer. I also think BB should read Orwell’s book and come up with some more heavy handed tactics to keep the houseguests from sleeping all the time and avoiding chores around the house. Some BB shows in other countries actually have a jail for people that step out of line. I also think that all evicted houseguests should go into sequester and form the jury. That way if HG need to be expelled, they can draw on the jury house to bring someone back to replace them. Love the game, hate the way the floaters took out the players this season. Loved Russ and Michelle for their gameplay.

          1. Ditto!: Loved Michele & Russ and their game play. No doubt Casey would have been right up there with them. Hated the cliques. A jail would be a very useful tool and having a plan to deal with those that don’t want to follow the rules is something really necessary at this point. When the HG’s believe they’ve got the power over production, the game suffers. Both of these suggestions would help to alleviate that issue. Glad to see you back on the boards.

            1. I think CBS proved the HG don’t have power over producers when they expelled chima. However I like the idea of a house jail for HG who don’t do chores…but in that case nat would have spent the entire game in jail.

              1. I don’t know … to me, that wasn’t proven at all. In fact, production was giving gifts to the rulebreakers in an effort to try to sway them to stay. Bottom line, they were rewarding the ones with poor behavior. If there were members in the jury house that could replace misbehaving HG, then the HG’s would probably think twice about exhibiting the Chima-like behavior. I do think it would be a deterrent. The way it stands, when Chima, Nat, and Lydia were breaking rules, production had to try to dissuade them rather than just say: Ok, bye now. We’ll bring in someone from the jury house.

          2. I like the jail idea. Assuming those in the squester house still get paid… if no one gets expelled, what a cush way of making money just sitting around and sunning your buns so thats not a likely scenario. The current set up is fine but they should include your punishment idea for those not pitching in. In the military, everybody cleans up and it should be the same in the BB house. The punishment rule could replace whatever rule it is where you can throw your drink on another HG…that is total BS.

            1. Paying 4 more houseguests the stipend for the whole season is a drop in the bucket compared to what CBS makes from the show. In fact, I think they should up the prize to a cool million. Really, what can you do with half a million. You can’t even buy a great house in most places with that kind of money. I do think that this season a dangerous precedent was set by catering to Chima, Nat and Lydia’s tantrums and overlooking their transgressions. BB needs to lower the boom and make them work for the stipend. How many times did I tune in to see everyone sleeping. How many times did they cause fish by talking about production, even after being warned. BB can warn, but unless the warnings have teeth, they will push the boundaries to the limit, and giving them beauty products to cajole them into staying (Nat and Lydia wanted to leave with Chima) only made this worse. You didn’t see the others breaking rules. When Jeff took a sip of gatorade, he won another day on slop. That’s fair. He broke the rules, but not fair if others get away with worse things. Back in season 2, Shannon got warned with expulsion for cleaning the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush, apparently back then it was against the rules to mess with people’s personal property. I don’t see how stealing someone’s rosary is game play, it is just downright petty and dirty.

        1. No, she was still in the house when Nat came up with it. They stayed up one whole night making it up and rehearsing it. Kevin went to Jeff saying the girls heard Russ and Michelle and didn’t want him to say anything. Lydia and Nat confirmed the lie when Jeff asked them about it. Lydia knows. She also knows it was Nat’s idea and that she used Kevin to execute the plan, so that if it backfired Kevin would be the one to look bad.

        2. Lydia knows about LML. It was initiated during the week before she left ….she didnt involve herself into it but she definitely knew about it and was in all the practice sessions…

  7. Twas the night before the finally
    In The Big Brother House,
    There were 3 guests remaining,
    Jord-O, Pit-bull, and Mouse,
    Their keys were all hung
    On the photo wall with care,
    Soon one would become
    a – half – millionaire,
    There?s Nat who?s a Rat
    Always scheming and lying,
    When Jesse was launched
    We remember her crying,
    There? Jordan who sees life through
    Rose colored glasses,
    Somehow she?s survived
    while evicting bad asses
    There?s Kevin who?s already counting the money,
    If his bold plan should backfire
    that sure would be funny,
    And as fans our fun comes to an end Tuesday night,
    Hey no matter who wins?
    lets all be polite!!!!

  8. Jordan should win. She has played the game better than people want to believe. She has been a smooth operator convincing both Natalie & Kevin that she plans to take them to the final 2 if she wins the last competition. She was on the block many times and came through without tantrums, whining, scheming or causing huge scenes. She has won competitions. Her strong point, however, is her ability to read people, not be threatening, and be pleasant to be around, which is a strategy used by many previous players.

    1. Yup. Agree.

      Jordan is probably the ONLY person who will ever be on BB that was able to play the game with a genuine heart, and make it to the end. She’s a great girl I hope she wins.

      Natalie’s been a liar this whole game man, if she gets the money that’s just F*kd

      Kevin, well, power has gotten to his head…but I choose him over Natalie..


  9. I hope we are not disappointed by Kevin. I hope if he wins he keeps to the plan of taking Jordan and I hope if she wins she does the same by taking Kevin. I know that the majority of us fans do not want Natalie to win a dime of either prize in final 2. Of the three she is the one who deserves nothing!! I hope he tells her today so we can see her sweat it out til the end. The only thing is, if he tells her ahead of time, she just might convince him to take her to final 2…..I would hate to see it happen.

      1. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just makes me not like natalie even more…..she was th eone that said she wanted the full bb experience and she didnt even have to eat slop. …, shame on you.

      2. I think the reason is that the slop pass only said “Slop Pass” on it… it didn’t specify how long it could be used… I’m pretty sure the BB producers were probably afraid to tell Gnat that she could only use it once and get Gnat mad because she would of done what she did all season but probably worse and they just didn’t want that headache… Let’s face it BB was pretty much run by a few of the HG’s….

  10. I really hope Jordan can pull out a win in the final HOH comp. As for who she picks, I was thinking Kevin but now he has been showing his true colors. He is so cocky and sure of himself and he always refers to women in ugly names. So I don’t know who is worse of the two Kevin or Natalie. Please let Jordan win the 500,000. Neither of these two people deserve it. I also can’t tell who Jordan is going to take, I thought it was Kevin, but after he got so cocky two nights ago on bbad I think she may have changed her mind. If she wins I hope she tells him , I just can’t take you because you broke your word to Jeff and sent him home . It would serve him right after the way he has been acting . I also wish Natalie would quit talking about Jessie as if he is the king and he can do anything. It’s so annoying!

  11. What Jordan said in the DR on yesterday’s episode really made me think… I already like Jordan and Kevin both, but she said that she had played the game without being nasty. I thought that of the the 3 that is the most true of Jordan. it tipped the balance for me. She played a great social game that I can respect and the social game is just as important as comps (maybe more so sometimes). Kevin won when he needed to and makes me laugh like crazy I want him to have the 2nd place $$.

    1. Exactly. Jordan kept her cool. She contained herself. She stayed true

      All the others played insecurely, got into arguments, showed their moodiness…

      1. Um, did you not see Jordan chest bump Russell? Did you not see her calling him a douchebag over and over again? Did you not see her and Jeff up in the HOH saying very mean things about Michelle, how they made her cry, and then sucking up to her as soon as their reign in HOH was over? She went crazy on Russell not once, but twice. Jeff and Jordan fans really do have selective memory.

        1. Yep … it’s called the Halo Effect. And believe me, its alive and kicking on these boards every day. It’s a bit nauseating, really.

  12. Just wanted to tell everyone I’m back, Thanks for all the support it was very kind of you all. I also want to thank Randeep for helping out with the site while I was gone. As the show winds down I would like to thank everyone that has commented on this site and made this my favorite season of all time. Even if Michele is gone :(

    I will continue posting this evening.. Randeep might still help out for the day.

    Thanks again everyone, reading all the support I have gotten makes things much easier for me.

      1. Ditto! Absolutely love your site! randeep is a good back-up, we all know you have to take a break sometime after all. I am with you “Michelle” :(((((( Hopefully she will nab the 25k’s.
        Looking forward to BB12 and just to let you know I just finished my BB12 application and if by some chance I make it, I?ll give you a shout out for sure……

        Please let us know if you might be commenting on any other reality shows, cause I’ll be there.


    1. Good to have you back bro… hope all is well with the family. We share an affection for Michelle, I didnt realize. Hard to believe she’s not a finalist.
      Randeep is cool as well and was good enough to post pics of Michelle.

    2. Welcome back Simon. I hope your family is doing well. Thanks for getting me addicted to this site. I enjoyed the updates and comments of other posters. Randeep, thanks for helping out!

    3. Great to have you back Simon – let me know when you are free and I’ll treat you to my favorite cocktail – Champagne and a Percoset!!!!

    4. Welcome back Simon and although Randeep did a great job in your absence you were definitely missed. I hope all is well with you and yours!!

  13. Kevin will take Jordan because he knows he has a least a chance of winning $500,000 for the fact that Nat was like the kid sister to the house since they all thought she was 18 and she didnt really backstab everyone..she let everyone else do the dirty work.So Kevin will have Jessie,Lydia,Russell and Natalies vote ( Nat wont vote for Jordan to win ) And he thinks only Jeff,Michele and america will vote for Jordan= 4 to 3.However I think Russell WILL vote for Jordan could walk away with the it would be smart for both Kevin and Jordan to take each other to the final 2.

  14. I don’t think Jordan was the strongest competitor by any means, but at least she tried in each competition. Natlia threw a few relying on others to carry her through. Sure Jordan relied on Jeff a lot, but she never gave up on purpose thinking Jeff would save her. I always have been and will be a Jordan fan, and hope she wins, unfortunately I think she has a much better chance against Natalie than Kevin, but I don’t want Natalie in the final 2 either! Just curious if anyone knows how many HOH’s and POV’s Kevin won? Trying to compare stats, and I couldn’t remember how much better Kevin did than Jordan and Natalie.

    1. No i think she will vote for him. I dont remember which interview it was — she said something abt having time to sleep on it in a nice hotel room (bec that interview is the day after her eviction) and she thinks it was smart of kevin to evict her and against jordan she would prob vote for kevn.

  15. I don’t think Jessie would vote for Gnat in the end, remember in the jury house his comments on her. Also his comments on Jeff with the wizard power, saying he made a smart move. Believe it or not Jessie is the one who is the most level headed one in the jury house.

  16. CHIMA NOT INVITED TO FINALE!! From another site

    Chima (shee-MAH’) Simone isn’t invited to the Big Brother reunion.

    A spokeswoman for the CBS reality show said the entire cast of the 11th season will reunite on Tuesday’s two-hour finale except for Simone, the freelance journalist who was expelled from the Big Brother house last month after refusing direct orders from producers to wear a microphone then tossing it into the backyard’s whirlpool spa.

    Because Simone was booted and will not be part of the jury that selects the show’s $500,000 grand prize winner, viewers have been asked to cast the possibly tie-breaking seventh jury vote between the remaining three contestants: graphic designer Kevin Campbell, waitress Jordan Lloyd and tae kwon do champion Natalie Martinez.”

  17. Good gawd can this house get any more boring than it is???? In as much as its been a rather ‘controversial’ BB season for the US version of the show – its been most incredibly boring. And it continues to remain extremely boring…

  18. Jordan is so fake. I bet she is lying about her money troubles. She floated on Jeffro the whole game and now is the perfect floater to take to the final. My guess is Kevin wins by a vote of 5-2. Jordan will get 2 votes, America and Jeffro.
    Kevin deserves the win, he outplayed Jeffro and sent him packing.
    Kevin set up Jeffor to kick out Russel.

    1. Maybe Jordan does have money problems, I mean after all she had to pay for a boob job, and lasik surgery, maybe she is looking to get a tummy tuck, a nose job, and a Jennifer Lopez butt, and she has a problem….. she needs the funds = money problems. Doesn’t that consitute a need to win BB? If one is that Vain (not to mention completely dissatisfied with the way you were born)…. I guess it does. :). Now if Jordan just came out and said that would she still be a favorite?

  19. I want to see Jordan win HOH and take Nat so you can be sure she wins….
    The other scenario Would be Kevin wins HOH – evicts Nat – Nat would be so mad at Kevin cause she didnt get at least 50k that she would vote Jordan(1) Jeff votes Jordan(2)Michelle votes Jordan(3)America votes Jordan (4) Jordan wins….This is not even taking into account that Russell has more than likely had a change of heart with Jeff and will vote for Jordan (5) Lydia will vote Kevin (1) Jessie will vote Kevin (2)…..Jordan wins

    1. I’d love to see that happen, but I’d be surprised in Russel gave his vote to Jordan. Also, now I’m hearing Michelle said in an interview that she would vote for Kevin over Jordan… darn.

      1. Is there a reason you think Russel will vote for Jordan? In the jury house I?m sure he said he was rooting for Michelle and thought Kevin was doing a good job.

    2. There is no way jordan deserves this more than Kevin. She deserves it more than natalie but not even close to kevin. Russel said he wants kevin to win, jessie says he want kevins to win, he obviously has lydia, I think natalie will still vote for kevin to win regardless just so someone in he alliance wins, and im not even sure michelle will vote for jordan for the pure fact that I think michelle is one of the only ones that is taking in account that people have to do what they have to do in the game and Kevin had to evict her.

    1. He won’t boot Jordan he THINKS he won’t win against Natalie…I hate to say it but if Jordan wins she HAS to boot Kevin and take PP to the end because she WILL not win against Kevin in the end!

  20. CBS should put BB All-Stars on a remote island for a season of Survivor and put Survivor All-Stars in the BB house. That would be entertaining.

    1. That would be interesting! I always thought CBS should mix up the winners and/or former contestants of their reality shows and put them on others! Would love to see BB HGs on Survivor or The Amazing Race! Would love to see some former BB alliances on The Amazing Race so we could see how well they really work together!

  21. i think its funny when people say that they wish casey,laura,or even bradon,was still in the house. some people say that they were deserving people and had to leave to soon. lol. i wonder if natalie left early if people would be saying..i wish natalie didnt have to leave so soon, she would of made the show interesting, or she was deserving of the money…….nobody knows how bradon or casey or laura would of acted if they went further in the game..maybe one of them would of become this seasons villian.

    1. Not Braden, but yes Laura and maybe Casey, though he did screw it up by taking the margarita party over POV. Laura was smart. The clique thing hurt her chances from the start. Without the clique twist, there would have been bigger fish for Jessie to fry, like Jeff. I think Laura could have been a good player. She really got the boot by no fault of her own. Jessie was intimidated by her appearance (he couldn’t stand having someone prettier than him in the house) and Ronnie put a target on her head. I would have much rather seen her play than some of the floaters we ended up with in the final 3.

      1. Chloe – I agree. My opinion the final three this year really don’t deserve to win. Jordan is a nice girl and all, and I really believe she and her family need the money. Kevin who started out as one of my top five turned into such an ugly individual with all his lying. Granted that is how the game is played but his vindictive ways too much. Natalie only won HOH once and that wasn’t saying too much. Natalie’s character is what I mostly question. She too was more vindictive, and meaner than any player I believe I have ever watched. Her’s my predicition:

        Jeff: will vote for Jordan if she is in the final two; otherwise he will vote Kevin because he played the game best if it’s down to Kevin and Natalie.

        Jesse: will vote for Jordan is she is in the final two with Kevin only. Why because I really believe he is homophobic. If Natalie goes up against Jordan he will vote for Natalie.

        Lydia: will NOT vote for Jordan under any circumstances.

        Michele: will vote for Jordan if she is in the final two. Otherwise, her vote will go to Kevin. No way she votes for Natalie.

        Russell: he will vote for Kevin.

        Jordan: will vote for Kevin.

        Kevin: will vote for Natalie

        Natalie: will vote for Kevin.

        Just my thoughts…

  22. Can we vote for America’s favorite yet? When I go to CBS it will only let me vote for the final HG. I want to get my vote in!!!!!!!

    1. I’m afraid you are too late – the voting for America’s favorite is closed – unless every poll I have read is way, way off, Jeff won (his figures are usually over 60% of the total with the rest divided up among the others)

  23. I’ve read a report that Natalie told Kevin that if he evicts her, she will not vote for him to win the half million. Is that true? I mean, I know it is a safe bet that she wouldn’t vote for him if he betrays her, but I can also see Natalie voting for him based on respect for his gameplay.

    In any event, the fear of losing her vote is why Kevin has not informed Natalie of his plan to evict her. Doing so would be unwise given that Jordan may win the last round of the HOH comp and take kevin to the final two. Kevin would feel so dumb if it’s Jordan who ends up doing his dirty work and sending Natalie to the jury. To that end, if he is confident that Jordan would take him to the end and he really wants to keep Natalie’s vote, maybe his best move is to throw the final comp. Any thoughts?

    1. I think Kevin told Natalie a few nights ago???that he would not take her to final 2! And he’s a damn fool if he throws any HOH at this stage…well, if either he or Jordan does a deal! You deserve to lose $500K if you don’t fight it out now!

    2. Piggy told Kevin this afternoon if he does not take her to the F2 that she and Jesse will not vote for Kev to win and he will lose without their votes.

  24. Natalie says “Gays can’t be doctors” and people call JORDAN “dumb”…LOL….OMG…I can’t WAIT to see her face after Kevin (if he wins the last comp) stabs her in the back on LIVE TV tomorrow. Jordan is not “dumb”, she is NAIVE. Her child-like ways are what makes people like her. When she says things like “Do boy ants have little, bitty penises?”, everyone with a HEART says “I love that girl!”…and…when someone says something that surprises her…she says “Shut up”…That’s what she will say when Julie says “Jordan, YOU are the Big Brother 11 Winner!”…Jordan: “Shut up”.

  25. By evicting Natalie, that could come back to bite Kevin in the end. People in the jury will see that they stuck together all this time and he dumped her at the end just because he thinks he had a better chance of winning against Jordan. The jury might not like that. I think Jordan will get Jeff, Michelle, and Natalie’s vote. Michelle said if Kevin evicted her, she wouldn’t vote for him. Kevin evicted Jeff and Natalie will feel betrayed so she might not vote for him either.

    Of course, on the flip side, the jury could see all of it as great gameplay and vote for him.

    1. The trouble with Natalie is she believes that she IS GOD in the BB house. She was SO convinced that Kevin would NOT stab her in the back (and that Jordan woulf fail in the 2nd comp) that she stepped off the log. She foolishly thought that SHE would win over EITHER Kevin or Jordan in a F2 and THAT’S WHY she stepped off the log. Her biggest mistake was not factoring in WHO Kevin would be better off taking to the F2. In HER MIND, she thought “No way will Kevin stab me in the back. I have too much power over the people in the BB jury house and I will convince them all to vote against Kevin”…The BB jury members will say “Natalie got got by Natalie.” and it looks like the AMERICA’S VOTE will put Jordan on top with a 4 to 3 vote for Jordan to win the grand prize.

      1. you’re soooo right about Gnat! That’s exactly why I can’t stand her!!! Go, Kevin!!! Smack that bitch with a scarf snap when she gets up from her seat to join the jury!!!

    2. If Kevin wins he will not evict Natalie. He is too much of a pussy. He is just playing it up for america. If Jordon wins, I hope she takes Kevin. I don’t want Natalie to win anything.

      1. Ya, he’s as bad as Gnat, I’m gonna do this, I should do this, I should do that america, but does he actually do it? No. Grow some ballz Kev-o. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

      1. And the NEW HOH has been PRINTING $6 BILLION A DAY since he was elected HOH and he’s been SPENDING that $6,000,000,000 a day as the UNEMPLOYED NUMBERS continue to climb. America needs a COUP DE TAT…someone who can just STEP IN and remove the current HOH. How cool would THAT be!

        1. There is a word for this scenario, ‘hurricanepaul’. It’s called ‘treason’. Way to show your true colors about the will of the electorate and all that.

      2. GWB played the game far too long and thousands LOST their lives when he ignored FBI briefings telling him about flight schools with foreign students just wanting to learn to take off and fly planes…Not land! A woman in Minnesota who worked for the FBI also called attention to this to her superiors…The Real Big Brother does watch everything in this land and we have to pay attention to the information for it to work! How that COWBOY and his Posse ever got re-elected is beyond me! I Voted him out, off the island and put out his torch so he couldn’t find his way back to land…you can thank me later!

        1. You didn’t vote him out – he didn’t run again because he served his 2 terms. You are SO smart — you have 20/20 hindsight – everyone does! I bet ANYONE would not have believed the attack on the 2 towers was possible – not that it could not be done, but no one believed any terrorist would be so stupid because there is no way America would not retaliate. You cannot convince me ANY president would have done anything anything different – except maybe others might lie down afterward and ‘turn the other cheek’ because they want to make love not war. PUH-LEEZE – now, can we get back to the game?

    1. Where’s your proof of that?? Just because we have not had another act of terrorism on our soil doesn’t necessarily mean it had a damn thing to do with Bozo the clowns Patriot Act. So if your theory is correct we should have no more acts of terrorism EVER again due to the Patriot Act?? Ridiculous and hilarious!! You give the BOZO waaaaay to much credit. BTW does it make sense to attack Chicago if Nebraska terrorized you?? Absolutely NOT but that is exactly what we did when we went into Iraq.

          1. You’re right. I always though it was about oil but it turns out that a group of companies including Blackwater, Halliburton, or its subidiary KBR, are the ones who cleaned up from the trillion spent on the war in Iraq. It was much more mundane than oil. It was the contracts to provide “support services” to the troops — which gave them permission to charge $100 a bag just to do laundry for the soldiers. And of course contracts to provide the mercenary troops who are replacing our army. On top of these giant contracts, at least 48 billion is still unaccounted for.

            Now I understand why certain politicians keep trashing government and insisting that private companies do it better. When the government gives contracts to private cos, whether to build bombers, run prisons, or serve lunch to our troops, there’s a big fat 30% profit built into it. Same with health care. My private insurance is constantly refusing to allow certain tests or medications, while my mom’s Medicare doesn’t give her any problems. It’s because MY health care is being decided by bureaucrats…. the businessmen who are responsible for making a profit from my insurance policy.

            All of which is a long way of saying I agree with you. Iraq probably wasn’t just about oil. But what do I know?

            PS, everyone should read “Blackwater,” by a journalist named Jeremy Cahill. It’s a real eye-opener.

    2. Bill, we are discussing the Big Brother House, not the White House. Take your comments to a site that is relative. Thanks Cupcake….

  26. so, I just watched the finale of season 1 on youtube. The public picked the winner, and 2nd place was $100,000???? When did these two things change?

    And julie chen looks SO young…

    1. Been watching BB1 on you tube myself, I watched it back in 2000, but have enjoyed rewatching. The whole game was changed for season 2, the format (which is still used in the UK) just didn’t work for America!

    2. Watch the season with Evil Dr. Will… the all time BEST BB player ever!!! Nominated every week, hated by all…never evicted!!!

  27. Is there a reason you think Russel will vote for Jordan? In the jury house I’m sure he said he was rooting for Michelle and thought Kevin was doing a good job.

    1. bbadict, I really don’t think Russ will vote for Jordon b/c he respects the game too much and he’ll base his decision on who was most strategic and who was the best player. He obviously has no problem with a player who lies to get ahead in the game, he respects it. Being a villian in the game is a badge of honor according to Russ. I just don’t think he could respect Jordon’s game play….that’s my take on it, but I could be wrong.

  28. Yesterdays convo between Kevin and Natalie (from another site)

    Kevin: “I feel like I don’t have a shot between both of you girls. Ya know?”
    Natalie: “What?”
    Kevin: “I don’t.”
    Natalie: “How do you not have a shot against me? How do you not think that you have a 50/50 shot with me?”
    Kevin starts to discuss votes with Natalie, and Natalie keeps making a case against his thoughts about so-and-so would vote this way, that way, etc etc. Kevin kept telling Natalie that she’s got Jeff’s vote. 100%. Natalie disagrees and her voice starts to raise.
    Talk turns to Russell’s vote. Kevin doesn’t think he has it, Natalie thinks he does.
    Natalie: “You have Russell’s vote for sure!”
    Natalie: “And you have Lydia, and you have Michele.”

    They, again, go back & forth on who has who’s vote. Talk turns to America’s vote.
    Natalie: “When it comes to America’s vote, nobody is more screwed than me!” (**True.)
    Natalie: “My boyfriend reads the blogs & he KNOWS I have a LOT of haters!” (Hi Jason! lol)
    Natalie tells Kevo that he’s “trippin”. The back/forth on votes continues, with voices raising.

    **This is the point where it’s clear that Kevin is planting the seeds to Natalie that she’s not going to Final 2. This is also the point where Natalie starts to get scared that Kevin won’t be taking her to Final 2.

    Kevin: “I feel like I’m playing for 2nd place. There’s no scenario with Jordan either, where I would win (against her).”
    The convo gets a little heated when Natalie starts firing off names of HG’s in the Jury House that aren’t Natalie’s “friend”.
    Kevin: “You have your whole f*cking clique in there!”
    Natalie fights him on this but eventually gives up.
    Natalie: “Whatever, Kevin.”
    Kevin: “I have 1 f*cking friend in there. Lydia. And she won’t influence any other votes for me.”
    Natalie: “What are you trying to say? That you’re going back on the (F2) plan we had?”
    Kevin: “I’m not insinuating anything, I’m just talking outloud!” (..and planting the seed.)

    Natalie gets up and starts raising her voice at Kevin.
    Natalie: “You’re talking out of your ass right now, Kevin!”
    Natalie: “You’re trippin’! You’re straight talking out of your ass, dude!”
    Kevin: “Why are YOU allowed to trip, but I’m not?!”
    Natalie is inching her way towards the sliding glass door).
    Nat/Kev are clearly upset & their voices keep raising
    Jordan comes outside now. (She was in the Diary Room.) A minute later, she goes back inside.
    Natalie is going off on Kevin about how he’s “trippin” and needs to “get back to reality” about the votes.
    Natalie goes inside, 2 seconds later…
    BB: “Houseguests this is a lockdown. Please go outside.”

    1. It was unfair that Gnat’s bf was allowed to talk any game with her during his proposal. Now she knows how unpopular she is and don’t think that hasn’t affected her game.

    2. Kapriskie, thanks for posting that…that was a great detailed account of a conversation we should have had on this site already. No offense to Randeep but we are getting so little information on this site. I mean I know there’s not a lot going on in the house right now but when converstions are taking place we aren’t getting much!

    3. So, that’s what happened yesterday- we all know how fast things change in that house. Natalie is pretty good at lying and manipulation ,and for some reason people buy into that bullshit. I really hope that Kevin sticks with the plan to get rid of her and take Jordon to final 2. Thankx for the update-that’s the best gossip we have gotten in days.

  29. I wish they had a few follow up shows after Tuesday night (something like a BB reunion show in about four months or so) that let us know what’s happened to everyone. I wish that mainly because I’m really curious to see what happens to Natalie when she gets out of the BB house, goes home, then reads just how much everyone really can’t stand her. I almost, and I really do mean ‘almost’ feel sorry for her. And what will over zealous viewers do if they run into her in public??? I remember reading something about Top Chef a couple of seasons ago, and how one of the chefs, Lisa, who was hated on the show, said that she couldn’t go anywhere without people either shooting her dirty looks, booing her, or straight out telling her off. I can only imagine what Natalie’s got in store for her when she goes back into the real world, and I’m sorry for being morbid, but I wish I were a fly on the wall. Then again, she’ll probably find a way to market the massive negative response to her and end up making a million.

  30. BB needs to get new trivia questions for the blankout screen. and it also says the the HG are playing a game that’s secret till the next show. Also, the music is very annoying, to repetitious. Come on BB step it up, show us faithful watchers that you actually care that we’re hanging in there through the blackouts.

    1. Yeah they should play “I gotta feeling” by Black Eyed Peas”…..actually they should have played that song for the opener the night that Jeff used the Coup de ta…..that would have been the perfect song!
      What they should do is show previous HOH & VETO comps from the prior years….instead of making us watch fish or trivia that I answered the same questions 100 times now. Just a thought…

  31. Natalie has absolutely no chance of winning. If Kevin or Jordan had any idea what was really going on in the jury house, both of them would pick her for final 2 because they could both beat her. But I don’t think either one of them think they can beat her so they won’t pick her. So either way, she doesn’t win. I just don’t want her to win anything, so I hope she doesn’t make it to final 2 even though she won’t win. I also think that the winner will be the person who DOES NOT win hoh this time. I believe Natalie will be the deciding vote and she will not vote for the person that evicts her. So Kevin and Jordan should both throw the competition. Wouldn’t that be funny……..if they were both throwing it and it just went on and on and on and on. Julie would have to step in with a tie breaker. Person closest without going over wins. Keving would say 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Jordan would say. 1. Then she will complain about wiinning because she didn’t understand the question.

    1. Or Kevin says one billion and Jordan says one million. Jordan gets all excited because she is positive one million is more than one billion.

      1. roger, you seen to have a problem with gays and people of color. we now know of you want jordon to win just because of her cup size. Come on this is serious competition and a lot of money on the line. If your right the drinks will be on the house. (if you get your roof fixed.)

        1. It’s a REALITY SHOW where people lounge around a pool for a summer, fight with each other, sleep, and one of them wins 500k.

          It’s not really that serious.

    2. Nat would win, if kev take her, she has Jessie, Russ, Jeff, Lydia and Jordan if she goes.even if Jor take her she will have Russ, jessie, kev, and lydia Just like the last the last two seasons ryan and memphis took the wrong ppl tp f2 and they lost!!

      1. I disagree. I don’t think she has Jessie or Lydia. Lydia is pissed off big time and Jessie now knows she is engaged. So Kevin would have Jessie, Lydia, Michelle, and America’s vote. And I honestly think Russell would vote Kevin over Natalie. If Jordan takes her, Jordan has Jeff, Michelle, Russell, and America….and probably Lydia and possibly Jessie. Jordan wins hands down and Kevin wins 4 to 3. Just my opinion.

        1. I don’t think Jeff can be objective enough to vote for Kevin under any circumstances. First of all he’s a raging homophobe as evidenced on more than one occasion by his use of the “F” word and secondly he will vote personally and he blames Kevin for evicting him. Michele also said if Kevin sends her to the JH she will not vote for him however in Michele’s case I think she will be more rational than Jeff the douche and vote for Kevin anyway since out of the other two he is by far the best player!!! Go Kevin FTW!!!!

          1. I agree that Jeff won’t vote for Kevin. He thinks Kevin broke his word and doesn’t even think about the fact he did the same thing to Russ. Jeff has a double set of standards and he makes emotional decisions, not ones based on reason.

        2. Jesse, Russell and Jeff have had a lot of time in the JH for ‘guy talk’ about Natalie by now. None of them probably would not vote for Natalie at this point without looking like a fool to the other ‘dudes’. We only got a very few minutes of conversation when Jeff first arrived and right away, Jesse seemed less enthused about her. I would think they have totally examined every bit of her ‘game play’ if that’s what you call it.

    1. A banner? Cool. What a perfect time for that too. If they are on an outside lockdown what will production do then. They’ll have to let them see it. Although it can’t be anything bad about Natalie because that would be a waste of money…….she’s already screwed. If there really is a banner it could be bad for Kevin or Jordan.

      1. jeff is coming back as the biggest surprise ever on bb. Jordon win the hoh and gets to save anyone in the jh. kevin is booted but uses supernova pov and kicks nat. off the show and she goes directly to being a contestant on the new “TOP CHEF, BIG BROTHER EDITION”

    2. I have been waiting for the return of the banner plane since Jeff needed it when he believed Nat and Kevin’s lies…why didn’t someone get a plane for Jeff’s info!!! I kept saying that to my sister…Get a Plane!!!! By the way, what did it say??? ANYONE???

    3. They don’t seem very upset by the banner. Kev and Gnat teasing saying he saw “don’t trust Natalie” she saw “Kevin’s a liar”, so who knows. Went about their business afterward. Maybe more will come out later.

  32. Let us be ready ’cause
    In less than a day,
    We?ll all get to hear
    What the jury will say,
    The keys locked and twisted
    The votes will a wait,
    A half million sits wanting
    to change someone?s fate,
    Will Natalie win it?
    And pay for a wedding,
    The task might be tall
    With the lies she?s been spreading,
    Could Jordan win big?
    Would a half million change her?
    She seems like a girl
    who would help out a stranger,
    And what about Kevin?
    Can he win the big prize,
    If he does I?m sure tears
    will erupt from his eyes,
    So sit back – get ready
    to enjoy a great night?
    As Big brother concludes?
    Someone?s future looks bright.

  33. We all have to remember that Kevin has to win to take Jordon. Expect the Unexpected!! Jordon may win and take Nat. I saw on another web site (joker that I saw here last night) that Kev was practicing his speech for the Jury members. I hope it dosen’t JINX himself. We have to wait and see what questions the JH asked and how they are answered. Also Remember the JH is supposed to vote on how they feel people played the game not on personal reasons. As in any Jury locked up they will hear some of the info and the real truth later after a verdict is found.

    1. since the comp. show, voting is all live, i think the jurors will be on the spot not to vote LAME…so they will have to vote while ALL watch! they will have to look like they make a REAL point for once! i can’t imajine ANYONE voting natalie to win, seeing as how even they know how horrible she is! maybe the comp. will be ‘ how nice of a person you were in the game” uh, i think jordon will kick their asses……..

    1. Big Brother is the guy who watches every move that goes on in the house. Big Brother tells them to go to the Diary Room. Big Brother tells them they cannot talk about production. BB has nothing to do with the gender of the person who wins. Go to the library and check out 1984.

    2. UMMMMMM….Big Brother was a reference used in a George Orwell Book called 1984 and it refers to the Govt. watching over us…it has no gender specific reference.

  34. CAN’T STAND NATALIE! It is so hard to continue to watch how ignorant she is! She thinks she knows everything and considers herself such a strong competitor yet she only won one HOH? How about that insincere proposal reaction? If I were her guy I would dump her after the way she acted when he proposed on live camera with america watching. She is horrible, horrible, horrible. I really hope that she does not end up winning this.

    1. I don’t think Nat will win. If she up against Jordan or Kevin she will come in second. Although i don’t want her to even get $50,000.

    2. BBfan…..I agree with you…………..I have never hated someone like I hate her

      I don’t know why she just gets to me…………I can not stand her!!!!

    3. I wouldn’t have waited to dump her till then…I woulda dumped her after watching her hump all over jessie, ewwwwww she is just disgusting, and her and jessie’s interest in each other is perfect!!! from one egomaniacle idiot to another. just pukeful. ug. her boyfriend/fiance must be one giant doormat, what other reason would ANYONE be interested in this mistake of an experiment from hell…….

      1. I’ll tell you why pigpen’s boyfriend proposed when and how he did – he wanted some public attention AND he’s thinking she just might win the money and he can’t let that get away. He is pathetic and she is HORRIBLE.

    4. I watched the first episode of the season yesterday (so bored with current happenings, figured seeing it would be more entertaining!), and at the very beginning, when everyone was finding his/her BBkey, Nasty showed almost the same level of excitement to get her key as she did when she got the proposal. She even said “Hell yeah” with the same tone of voice – it was weird how her reaction sounded almost exactly the same. I don’t know if she is capable of real emotion.

  35. Future news. Natalie wins BB11. She takes her entire winnings and invests in a Moon Rock. Later she finds out the whole moon landing was a hoax and her rock is a piece of wood and completely worthless. Ain’t Karma a bitch!


  36. Yeah– I read that, too! That’s when they went to fish/trivia!!! MAN I hope we’re not missing out on Kevin and Gnat fighting because if this!!! He’s supposed to tell her today that he’s not taking her to f2!!!

    1. started in past years for “Front Of The House” which is what you sometimes see when the feeds are gone because they don’t want us to see what’s going on, like during some comps and technical problems, etc.

    2. Another stupid acronym… this modern society is too lazy and may develope a calous on their pinky if they were to type out the entire phrase. I think it means Front of The House

  37. If Jordan took Natalie to the end, whose votes do you think they’d each get?
    A point to make is how disappointed Russ and Jess were with Natalie obviously making Kevin do all the work on the hot chocolate challange. Where as Jordan has won more challanges than Natalie. Do you think they would vote for such a loser as Natalie? Jordan really came into her own once Jeff left. What do you think?

    1. For sure Jordan gets Mmericas vote and Jeffs vote. Michele hates her and so does Lydia – they aren’t too crazy about Jordan but they really hate Pigpen so I think Jordan will get their votes as well.

  38. It’s kind of stupid how both Natalie & Kevin were always so rude and spiteful to whoever they were getting out. No matter what they are still possible votes.

  39. On the feeds, Pigpen just threatened Kevin that if he evicts her, she will make sure he doesn’t win, I don’t think threatening Kevin at this point is such a good idea – he’s already been getting pissed at her.

    1. And just HOW can she threaten that? She only gets one vote, so she can’t guarantee anything. Plus if she is in the F2, she will lobby against him anyway, so either way, she will try to get him to lose. She always talks like she has so much power, but she is just a nasty skank with a big mouth.

      1. Don’t forget she won’t have time to lobby against anyone – she gets evicted and shortly thereafter the jury willbe voting – it isn;t like she has days to sway the JH her way.

  40. OMG…I have HORRENDOUS news! Forget the dam plane people, this is f’ing awful…..
    I am double booked tomorrow and I won’t be able to watch the live finale. OH THE PAIN!

  41. Heads Up. Whenever Natalie ends a sentence with “ya know” it’s a clue that it’s a lie. I’ve watched her and it’s incredible that this is the TIP OFF WORDS.

    1. You’re right. Jesse did the same thing. He would go on and on with his idiotic blabbering and then say…you understand?

    1. I’m not sure where Grandma is. I’m here but I’m not. I’m editing online so I keep peeking in to see if anything new is going on.

  42. will Nat get arrested at the show? That is what I want to see ……how about last night when she said – “when i get mad, I usually end up in jail”….pretty telling stuff – don’t you think?

      1. Unlike yourself, I’ve never had any type of herpes. Who’ve you been kissing? Oh –wait, Hi Jason. I’m not sorry I make fun of your skanky gf. Barbers are for men; I guessed Gnat went to one.
        p.s. Here’s a tip: you’re is the contraction for YOU ARE. Got that???

        1. The poster didn’t say you had herpes … but likened your hate to a herpes sore (which, by the way, I agree with). That is a METAPHOR. Got that?


  44. i was just reading through the comments and someone said that lydia should tell those in the jh about the lml. if i am not mistaken, that didn’t come into play until she was gone…right?? it wasn’t until she was out of the house then the gnat and kevin started scheming about what to do for themselves and that is when the gnat came up with the lie and kevin found the window of opportunity to throw the bone out there to jeff when it was just the two of them outside. lydia was already gone then. the gnat and kevin were pulling out anything they could at that point to save themselves and it worked because jeff took kevin off the block and put russell up…hence, lydia was nowhere in the house to go tell anyone in the jh about the lml. sorry whoever said that, but it won’t happen. it is too bad cause that could change things possibly at voting time, but none of them will know about it. :-) tomorrow evening will be interesting….i hope jordan wins and if not then kevin.

    simon welcome back. we all missed you and were concerned and again thanks so much for this site. :-)

    1. No. Lydia came into the red room and told N/K that production was going to help them. Shortly thereafter, Nat came up with the LML. N/K/L schemed that Kevin would tell it, and that Nat and Lydia would confirm it. Originally, the LML was that Kevin overheard N/L talking and they had overheard Russ and Michele. Lydia was fully aware of the LML.

    2. Actually LML started when Lydia was still in the house. She was on the block and Nat and Kev knew that one of them would still go home that week but made up the lie to save the 2 that were left for the next week.

    3. The planning of the LML happened while Lydia was still in the house and the execution took place after she left. She does know about it and can fill in the JH.

    4. no they did start the LML when Lydia as in the House, but J/J was not giving it any attention when she /lydia was in the house

    1. I think it was Eric. He told the Queen he was going to kill Bill.

      Eric is crazy for Sookie so I think if he killed Bill, Sookie would never get over it. If she thinks Bill left her, well he has a better chance of her falling in love with him.

    2. Probably Lorena and then Sookie can go to Eric for help….

      Please let Tuesday come quickly. I want to see the last HOH and the questions from the jury. And most of all I want to hear Natalie ask a question like ” Don’t you think I should have been in the final two?”

    3. I think it was sophie who had Bill batnapped too! I hope they re-cast the role of Bill. I don’t find Stephen Moyer very appealing nor that great of an actor. His facial expression are great, but his line delivery is pretty bad. He should leave the show, because let’s face it’s (his wife’s) Anna Paquin’s show. Man, if only I was straight!!!!!!!! I love Eric and find him a much better actor, with a lot more sex appeal and plays a more interesting character. Eric is the type of villian we like to hate!!!! Not Biznatch!!!! PU!!!! She’s the one person that wouldn’t have to worry about being attack by a vampire – the victim needs to have blood, not ice, running through their veins, and a beating heart!!!! They can’t feed off of a corpse!!!!!!

      1. Check out the episode again… to me the hands looked small and female. It is a visual media so the clues have to be visual, and I’m pretty sure the batnapper was wearing a bracelet.
        Oh well, unless you’ve read the books, theres a lot of time to speculate.

        1. lol I love how someone can ask a question about anything here on the BB11 blog and it gets answered
          So who were the 3 guys who were raping Gemma? Will there be hell to pay?

          1. It was def the neo Nazi’s , bc of the tattoes and what they said to her about her to tell her old man to stop selling guns to the niggs and wet backs. But gemma is so tough ass she is not even going to say anything about it to clay or jax. She will probably do something crazy herself.

  45. Kevin seems to be really stressing about who to take if he wins. He’s really worried he’ll lose Nat”s vote (I think he’s scared of her). Anyway – WHAT IF Jordan said, “Throw the comp. to me – I’ll vote out Nat so she won’t be mad at you”. Think he’d go for that???????

    1. That won’t happen – also I think he has made up his mind not to take Pigpen with him to the final two -he’s trying to make Pigpen think he isn’t sure so he could possibly get her vote

    2. Holy smokes…that would go down in the history of Marcellas stupidity! You can only trust yourself in this game…Jordan will not take Kevin!! Think of what he did to Jeff!!!

  46. Simon thank you for a summer filled with spoilers and pictures. Your site gives a look into what we’ve missed for us diehard fans. As to those that bitch a little about your spelling well, I say shut up. We all make mistakes and typo’s. Thank You for another great season on this site.

    I really hope Jordan wins this and takes home the money she and her family need so badly. Natalie only wants it to have a big splashy wedding. Just can’t figure out who the hell would come to it. Buy a house…does she not forget taxes get taken first. ha ha

    Kevin my man I adore you and think your a riot but you don’t need the money as much as Jordan does and you’ve won money already. Plus your game and Natalie’s game was the deepest lowballing of anyone. To mess with peoples minds and start lie’s that really went beyond a lie. No you two do not deserve that money. Natalie sat on one tail coat to another while bossing people around. If she wanted to keep her lie up then BB should have never allowed her to take one drink of beer or wine. She wanted to keep the lie going then she should have been made to follow through with it. Plus why would Jesse fall for such a malignant growth of cancer…. the girl is just butt ugly inside and out.

    The definition of Malignant:
    1. disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately; feeling or showing ill will or hatred.
    2. very dangerous or harmful in influence or effect.
    3. Pathology. a. tending to produce death, as bubonic plague.
    b. (of a tumor) characterized by uncontrolled growth; cancerous, invasive, or metastatic

    Now does this not show who Natalie is period. I’d say so…just my opinion.

    1. Puh-lease no more psych evaluations! Really, this is SO annoying!!!! I can’t stand Nat either but these psych evals are so redundant.

      1. I agree. Enough of the evaluations. Why would you compare a person to cancer anyway. Some of us who are living with cancer don’t appreciate the comparison. Yes, Natalie is pathetic. That has been well established. And it’s nice to know you have it exactly figured out how each houseguest would spend the money. I would venture to say that none of the previous winners spent the money on the goodwill things they stated while in the house. And who cares anyway? It’s their money to spend on whatever the hell they want.

      2. My evaluation is that you are easily bored by non-stimulating conversations that do not directly relate to your current interests on the boards…that is a little egocentric…oh, sorry…no more evaluations, got ya!

  47. Actually, the LML was what made them vote out Lydia instead of Natalie. Nat used the lie to suck up to JJ and convince them that she and Kevin were a better final 4 than Russ and Michelle. Jeff and Jordan even considered backdooring Russell that week because of LML.

  48. I would like to know what the 5 Jh members will ask the 2 finalists. if it is kevin and Jordan, I think:

    Jessie: “Does this shirt make me look gay?”
    Kevin: “Biiiiitttttchhhh, all I’ll say is, it’s not your fashion sense, for sure girlfriend, that makes you go all ‘Gayzilla’. if I were you, I’d rethink my use of blush. Either use a lighter color, or betta yet, maybe not apply it with a spatula!”

    Jessie will probably ask Jordan: “Do these pants make me look fat?”
    Jordan’s answer: “I don’t understand the question!”

  49. I think Lydia will ask Natalie if she had any trouble getting Jessie’s jiz off of her yellow sweatshit. Jesse will ask Natalie if he can move in with her and her boyfriend. Jeff will ask Jordan if she has a clue yet. Russell will ask TigerBernard why he is such a douche bag.

  50. Not for nothing, but I wouldn’t mind being as fat as Jordan, she is not Fat people, and BB needs to tell her how bad that nasty cookie dough is for her or anyone to eat, they know this, its not cooked and its nasty to eat, stop this girl from eating it. yuk! Please let Jordan and Kevin go to the finals so I can watch NatDogg cry, it will make my year, NatDogg thinks she is the best and has no faults, man when she see and hears how much everyone dislikes her she won’t come out of her house.

    1. If Jordan keeps eating raw cookie dough she is going to be very chunky in her 30’s. She is lucky she’s young but later that high fructose corn syrup is going to settle on her ass and thighs and she’s going to need her brains to get by….OH,OH!!!

  51. I really want to see Nasty loose. I mean I want to see her cry, really badly. I have never hated a HG this much (well except for Ronnie) I think I am turning into a cold vengeful person from this show!

  52. I am upset with the way everyone makes fun of Jodans weight. Everyone reacts to stress in a different way and maybe eating her feelings was a way to cope in the house or maybe she just likes food

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