Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Big Brother Food Network, Everyone is still scared of Natalie’s cooking

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm Natalie, Kevin and Jordan in the kitchen making food. Natalie is preparing Fish and friend rice. Kevin wants to make more food and suggests mac and cheese. Natalie tells him he’s making too much food and its all going to go to waste. Kevin doesn’t think so he tells her he wants a range of flavors tonight. He tells her its not putting down her cooking or anything but he really doesn’t like fish.. “We could have the greatest chef in the world her and I still wouldn’t like it” Natalie tells him her man loves fish and so does she. Jordan smells Natalie’s fish and tells her she’s not hungry and heads to the red room to rest. Natalie and Kevin keep talking about food, Kevin is surprised that Natalie doesn’t like soy sauce. Natalie begins to eat her fish and rice while Kevin still prepares more food. She tells him the her feedback on the fish is that its a bit dry…… (One thing to note the houseguests are all complaining about it is in the house, Natalie tells Kevin to turn up the heat. He tells her he has but it doesn’t seem to help) . Kevin smells the fish and tells her it smells fishy as in its not cooked properly. Natalie doesn’t care and eats it all up. Natalie tells him if no one likes her cooking she isn’t going to cook anymore (she appears to be a little mad).. Natalie brings up that Jessie would “LOVE” her right now because of all the cooking she’s doing. Kevin “Jessie already loves you”… Kevin puts his plate of food on the counter.. Natalie “Is that all your going to eat of the fish” Kevin “I want to try it first and see if I get a reaction”.. (HAHAH nobody wants to eat poor Natalie’s cooking.. I’ll have to give it to the girl she’s really trying)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

***** Hi Everyone I got a text from Simon and he’ll be back tomorrow.. *****

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Due to requests heres some pics of Michele


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301 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Big Brother Food Network, Everyone is still scared of Natalie’s cooking

  1. Natalie is trying only because Kevin keeps reminding her that America is watching and because her boyfriend told her she is hated—too little too late, Nat

  2. I wouldn’t trust her cooking, either! She will prolly try to poison kevin so he won’t make it to Tuesday night. Does anyone know where Jordo stands? I don’t want her to take Natalie, although I think she will beat her because everyone hates Nat, but I don’t want that douche getting any money! Did anyone read her blog? She has a BS degree from ASU. Her grammar and spelling are HELL for someone with a BS.

    1. I was confused because someone said on here Nat’s degree was from University of Phoenix, and others say she said in her blogs she said she has a bachelor’s from ASU. I just went and read her tweets, and where I saw, she talks about paying off her student loans from ASU, but I never saw anywhere that said she actually has a degree from ASU – does anyone know if she said FOR SURE she has an actual degree from ASU???? Big difference b/w having loans and actually graduating!

  3. Natalie must have been reading from a script on tonight’s BB show. It was like listening to a robot. Course, I didn’t know she could read.

    And I do have to say that I am very tired of Kevin constantly calling the women “bitch”, “biotch”, and “biz snatch”. Maybe BB should have included a dictionary in the house. Kevin could look up some synonyms.

    1. Oh you are so silly Lilly! What makes you think that CBS would do that?!!!! Are you accusing CBS of rigging the show?!!! How dear you!!! Also, how dear you try make Kevin as uninteresting as your comment. Kevin has a great command of the “Queen’s” English! So take your dictionary and shove it up you biz-snatch!!!!! SNAP to the Z!!!!! Beeootcchhh

      1. Oh jamieboy you are a idot, you think your cutsie little comments are so much better than anyone elses. jessie I mean jamie YOU are a biotch, bizsnatch, little bitchie bitch.

        1. If you are going to insult that’s fine! But please don’t EVER use the word “CUTSIE” only idiots use that word!! Oh and please!!!!! same for the teen chat rooms where you lurk you pedophilic piece of dog “doo-doo”.

    2. At least he makes those comments to her face and not behind her back. I personally think it’s funny as hell. And those three would be REALLY boring if not for Kevin and his crazy comments and facial expressions.

  4. Another BB site is saying that Kevin told Nat today around 4:30pm that he was NOT taking her to final 2. I hope that can be confirmed – BBAD should be interesting if that’s true.

    1. They talked about it and Kevin told her he feels like he can’t win against them. Natalie tried to convince him that he has a better chance against her than Jordan on the final 2. I went through the flashback and didn’t hear him tell her he was taking Jordan but he did say he feels like there might be slightly better chance to win against Jordan than Natalie.

    2. he said he can’t win with either of them, but he thought nat had jjjr, he only has lydia.

      the only problem is that is sounds like if jordan wins she will take nat instead of kevin like the shows are making it look like. in fact she has stopped talking game all together with kevin.

    3. I can’t wait now, 39 more minutes.!!! Kevin did tell Jordyn on Friday that he was going to tell Gnat on Sunday. He wanted to tell her Friday but Jordyn said PLEASE wait she will drive us CRAZY!!!He said o.k. Sunday then but I can’t wait until Tuesday that would just be too cruel!!

      1. I don’t think is not worried about being cruel – I think it is strategy and I only hope that this is not another plan that he hatched with Gnat. He (and maybe they) may think that if Jordan believes she is going to be in the final two whether she wins the final HOH comp or not she won’t push herself to win the comp and he will be in the drivers seat. If that happens he has the option to take either.

    4. around that time Kevo was going over scenarios, voicing out loud while he was all alone outside, 1st time I have seen him do that…..makes you wonder if it’s another prodding by production to try to get America’s sympathy vote because he kept saying….I have no chance against either of these girls, I’m playing for 2nd …..then gnat came out and he reiterated all this to her, that she would easily win over him because of her friends in JH but he never told her he wasn’t going to take her with him…….this happened around 4:30 BB time today….actually was humorous listening to them go back and forth with it, worth a look on your flashback…..also around 4:02, jordough bared her right boob, trying to get her bikini bra on under her shirt…….America, don’t buy her sweet innocent act….she’s bared a lot in there,….a woman who does that so easily,knowing cameras are on her, has few moral values and can almost guarantee she’s done more than that elsewhere outside the house…..come on, she was a Hooter’s girl for God’s sake………also on tonight’s show, when they replayed the “bumping” thing, when she was going off on Russell, what a huge change in her voice……no high-pitched annoying baby voice and hardly any southern accent…..I feel everything she purports to represent about herself is all a big act……..On another note, I have a feeling that gnat’s pandora box is not completely over…….first time in BB history they leave 3 in the house, has to be a reason for it….possibly the last twist…..think about it, we really haven”t seen anything unexpected like they say……expect the unexpected……just have a feeling the house is going to be flipped upside down somehow………now that would be a twist at the last minute…….speaking of twists, noticed gnat isn’t wearing her twisty tie hmmmmmm

      1. I think the CBS is bringing this season to an end ‘on the fly’. They certainly know that the ratings will be greatly influenced by final 3, final2 and ultimate winner. They have thrown together a few changes – some of them not too subtle – to build some kind of momentum to the finish line. Ratings = money.

          1. i think you’re wrong..the ratings will go higher..look at all these postings saying they’ll never watch again, and yet eeryday, more and more hate mail for natalie, she has become a star and all of the people who talks about are responsible, and for tht I say thank you…I wish she could win, but i know that she won’t…Cbs is already looking for hgs for next year…you’re kidding yourself if you think this site has influence over them get real

            1. If I was CBS I wouldnt give a rat ass or should I say Nats ass who likes who. This season is going to unravel on its own. Kevin and Jordan will probably be the final 2 and Natilie is going to find out that the jury is not in her pocket like she thinks. She thinks she has 500G in the bank because the majority of the jury are her buds. NOT.
              Jessie – NO for lack of trying
              Lydia – No for lie
              Russell – No for lack of trying
              Jeff – No if up against Jordan
              Michelle – definitely NO she cant stand her
              America vote – will not vote for her (to lazy and cocky)
              So really the only thing she wins is the money -that fell from the sky in the backyard which like everything else that she has done with no effort, and her low life twisty ring from her make believe boyfriend

            2. People keep equating posting on this site to watching (and liking) the show! WHY???? I did like the earlier part of the season, and HATE actually watching and listening to Nasty’s whiny a*s – so this site is an AWESOME way to keep up without having to see her ugly face. When will people finally get it through their head that everyone LOVES this site even if they hate what is going on in the show??????

      2. I agree with you about Jordan. And I hate seeing that footage of her chest bumping Russ. She bragged for days afterward that she wasn’t afraid of Russ and that’s why she did it. She made such a fool out of herself by chest bumping a guy who she knows won?t hit her back, and then brag about it saying she knew he wouldn?t hit her. It doesn?t take courage to scream in someone?s face and chest bump them if you know they have no ability to fight back. It?s like picking on someone who is disabled. Instead, when she wants to prove her courage, tell her to be honest to someone?s face and stop posing as a good girl when she clearly is not.

        1. I cringe every time I see her chest bump him. Ugh. Her ENTIRE body jiggles and shakes, and it just shows how much she needs to work out. I don’t know why she bragged about that because it’s VERY embarrassing to watch.

      3. Everyone’s voice changes when you get mad. I have a son that has a speech problem but when he is mad you can understand every word he says. I hope Kevin & Jordan to the end.

      4. The point was that she behaves like a very rough person but purports herself to be innocent and naive. Her behavior shows that she’s quite an experienced individual.

      5. I’ve never been in the situation these people are in with cameras on me 24/7. But after months and months of them, I really think they don’t notice them anymore. Think about all the things in your house you walk by daily and don’t think about. Think about going to an ATM to get money. Do you stand there the entire time aware of the camera behind the machine that is filming you? Or in a store with security cameras and windows. Do you walk around the store completely and totally aware there are people watching you? I just think that in the beginning they notice the cameras but after a while they forget about them. I don’t think that Jordon showing her boob was a calculated decision on her part to show
        America her boob job. And what does her being a Hooters girl have to do with anything? Working at Hooters does not make you a stupid tramp. As for her voice when she gets mad. Do you sound the exact same when you yell? I don’t. My voice gets lower. I know some people whose voices get higher when they yell. I have no idea if my Southern accent goes away when yell. I don’t really care. I just want to get my frustration out.

        But if I’m wrong in all of this and you are right, if Jordan has been putting on an act this entire time……..she deserves to win because she played EVERYONE!

        1. do you remember what mike boogie said a couple episodes ago? there is NO way you can forget about the cameras cuz they are very loud when they move form side to side. atm cameras and store cameras etc..are silent and they dont move. their stationary. can you forget your on tv? some people just dont care how they look or how they come across. i think nat is one of those people but i think jordan is another one.

      6. that is not true and you know it. She is just as southern, silly, naive and innocent on live feeds and AD as she is on the show. CBS is not portraying her one way or the other. They are just portraying jordan for who she is.

        1. Wow … denial much? Sweet innocent? Haha. More like trampy trash. Wow. You must live in some pretty dirty place to consider her behavior sweet and innocent.

      7. So what if someone is a Jordan hater? What difference does that make … you hate Nat, other people hate Jordan. Same thing. And no, she wasn’t showing her vajayjay, but she sure talked about it all the time. That’s one way to try to get people to think of you in that position.

  5. Everything was pushed back tonight did nor catch the end about the last 30 min, did I miss anything? Do they all know now that nat is not well liked in the jury house?

  6. I would not eat anything Nat made and just start making what I wanted and if Nat said anything to me I would tell her the truth that I don’t trust her food handling, etc. and just to mind her own business.
    She is such a control freak and is still trying to control everyone but it over Nat, accept and live with it. I wish she had left tonight. She is so annoying and irritating.

  7. Simon – does nat own any of her own clothes. It drives me nuts to see her wear everyones clothes. she has on kevins sweatshirt now.

    at the pov she had the nerve to wear jeffs hate…. yuck

    1. maybe she wanted Jordon to get her lice I have no idea how someone on camera would not bathe or shower on a regular basis it’s not like she has anything else to do. I counted her wearing the same sweatpants and hoody for 4 days after she became a have not and even announced she had her period DIRTY and There was Jessie snuggled up to her in her little bubble of bacteria.I still reember Laura talking about how she was told by production she cant be in pjs all day and yadda yadda and every girl was always someone made up but they let Natalie slide on the whole being made up thing.

  8. Tonights show made me remember how much i hated Jesse’s alliance this year…and how much i wish Casey had stayed in the house

      1. He was the biggest threat on Jeff’s alliance that Jessie’s alliance could nominate(that week they still couldn’t nominate Jeff).

      2. Jessie put Casey on the block after Jessie won the POV and took – I think it was Lydia – (but I can’t quite remember who Jessie took off the block) all i remember is it was one of the people in his alliance. Jessie put Casey up because Casey basically called Jessie an asshole (not Casey’s words) and called Jessie out on his shit. Jessie, feeling very emasculated, and to “avenge” this assault on his “manhood?” put Casey on the block to show him who was “Queen”.

        Casey won a marguarita party for the house during that same POV challenge and was the influence behind Russell getting off the Jessie bandwagon, and starting an alliance with Jeff.

          1. I know last night’s show was grossly edited for our ‘entertainment’, but I ALMOST forgot what a dweeb Jessie was in the house. I know there is a small Jessie fan club (still getting an occasional ‘Vote for Jessie to be America’s choice for the $$ note on Facebook’), but I am so thrilled that group got busted up and the way it all went down was priceless!!! I do hope they show a little of what happened when Jeff got to the jury house. How can anyone want to see MORE pics of him!!!! There is only a very small part of him that we haven’t seen and I definitely am not into seeing that!!!

  9. On tonight’s episode they all drink champagne, wouldn’t you think Jordan or Kevin would wonder why Big Brother is letting a Minor drink Alcohol? Natalie is so full of S#it..

    1. sometimes the obvious is often overlooked when it is smacking you in the face ! …I would be petty and say “sorry nasty no alcohol to minors .. this is all for me and kevinna, but don’t worry I made you some kool-aid”

    2. I thought the same thing god bless them both but SERIOUSLY do they think BB would ever let a underage drinking scandal happen. I mean they could think no one will come out and say anything but the fact they gave her Mikes hard in her Hoh fridge right there i would have clued in.

    3. more obvious than than….how could an 18 year old get a degree???? OR what 18 year old, college graduate, would get MARRIED at 18????!!!!!

      1. bottom line is…good thing for nat that she is in the house with several idiots. i would be the first person to point out..’hey, why are you drinking? or hey, you have a degree? or hey, you cried when jesse left, you balled like a baby, why didnt you cry when your soulmate proposded? or hey, wtf, a rule is you have to be 21 or older to apply for bb? or how about this one? hey, you…………blah blah blah………………every season there seems to be someone that really listens to what everyone is saying and then the first chance they get they will call the person out, you want to prove people liars on the show. but this season nobody called anybody out….makes you wish evil dick was in the house.

  10. PS: Biznatch, GLAD called, they want their “twist tie” back and will are pursing legal action against you and your “beard” as soon as you leave the BB House. I guess now you can call it “Operation The Gig Is UP, Let’s Scram!”””

  11. Re: the pics. I don’t think putting a cauliflower up there for Russ is appropriate. There has got to be something better for him. Making fun of a physical deformity is just not right for anyone.

      1. well if thats the case … then I find it offensive you are comparing a woman’s cleaning product to a walking steroid asshole !

    1. you’re right buuut Russell and fighters in general feel very different about their “ears” then you or I, Russell did say “I am proud of my ears… ” and “It’s a sign of honor and strength” oh and my favorite “It shows that I’m a man” Wrestlers like their ears, I know I’ve studied the fighting arts for may years now.. To regular people they are odd and people think they are gross but to the men and women that train and fight with such commitment they feel that the unless you have cauliflower ears your not a true wrestler.

      1. That’s true. When I was in Jr. High I had a coach W/ the same ears & he said “it’s a badge of Honor & you get it from being pinned or slammed to the mat.

        1. Good grief….I could think of something better to show pride for my ass whoopings! Sorry, looks pretty gross to me!!

  12. FYI to FYI, The pics are making fun of everyone, not just Russ. Cookie Dough is a jab at Jordo’s size, and the donky about Laura’s teeth. I don’t see you defending them. We (posters helped with ideas) only have a small amount of info that you can turn into a icon about each HG. It works most people can identify who each pic is about. Hey NEW GAME FOR BB!

      1. I don’t think Simon added that as a jab at Jordon’s Size at all i think at first they were representations for everyone then they got spinned because once again JORDON IS NOT FAT by any means to the average female in this world and if she gained afew lbs she will surely loose them fast when she is back to her real life.I think everyone in the house gained abit besides Michele who did awesome working out. BB causes the freshman 10 lol

        1. Your right LiSa, Jordan always says she loves cookie dough and she eats it all the time. It was nothing to do with her weight which IMO is fine

          1. BTW Randeep I know why her pic is cookie dough, I was trying to make a point about Russ’s pic and the fact that it was the only pic someone complained about. I only said the weight thing because of what Russ said to Jordan about her weight and to go eat more cookie dough. I do not think she is fat nor do i think that Simon does. I am trying to say not to make a big deal out of the pics and it bites me in the @ss. I give up…

      2. It’s both to me, you have your opinion about Russ’s Pic I have mine about the others. Im just saying that all pics are fair if you know who they are about. I am not offended by any of the pics. Mine would be Big Bird or Jolly Green Giant. It’s all in fun. If you can’t laugh at yourself then you should not be on reality tv. Worse has been said about them than the pics will ever do.

      1. It’s not that bad, she was not there long enough to get to know better. The only other thing you could do is something with huge boobs.

        1. I’m not a Laura fan at all, But you saying “It?s not that bad, she was not there long enough to get to know better”, to me that makes it worse because your saying it’s ok since we didn’t know her that well.

      2. I just thought of a funny one, but to hard to fit in a small space. Jessie looking in the mirror and Laura is in the mirror!
        Could be a Jessie pic. It pissed me off that Jessie called out Laura on her looks and didn’t like her for that reason, but he bitches that America and HG don’t want to get to know him on the inside. What ever jerk, you can dish it, but you can’t take it.

      3. Watermelons…or the nuclear power plants in San Onofre always looked like giant boobs to me…then I was always high by the time I got to that point of my trip…

    1. I agree with that too. I didn’t know what all the pictures were before commenting. Just the one about Russ, I knew right away what it was meant to make fun of. I know others disagree, especially since personal feelings get involved, but I just don’t think its right.

  13. did Kevin really tell Nat he was taking Jordon i read someones post and they said he said in on BBAD i live in Canada so i cant see that but id love to watch it on flash backs if anyone knows around what time?

  14. I HATE that they showed the fight between Kevin and Ronnie but never showed what it was about exactly. Instead it made Kevin look like the angry gay guy that he is scared America is viewing him as but in reality, Ronnie was very close to evil. at least in the game. NOT a good person. Kevin is a good person. and smart. and witty. and definitely deserves to the win the game.

    I hope Kevin wins the next part of the HOH comp and takes Jordan.

  15. Did anyone else’s mouth drop when Nat Kevin and Jordon were talking about God and kevnin not believing in god anymore im watching flash backs it was sunday sept 13th 12 am half way through and kevin was saying that he will believe in god if he wins BB and Nat is jumping down his throat preaching away about how can you not believe. (side note i hate people who shove religion down peoples throats.) And Nat actually says I think god should make your boyfriend cheat on you he will choose a different path for you because you know god makes bad things happen to people too and Kevin says “yeah he already has to me”.Does she not remember it was due to their religion that his parents rejected him.Sorry some stuff happening that i havent seen any posts on!

    1. I saw that scene also. What a crock! Natalie’s twisted view of God. What religion has she been a part of? She ‘s telling Kevin that God makes bad things happen to people. God does NOT MAKE bad things happen. I couldn’t believe that she was posing herself as an authority on the topic of religion, but that’s Natalie for you.

    2. it seems like there is alot of stuff being said in the house but for us who dont have the live feed, we arent getting to hear anything except the times other people post things. i’m getting frustrated because all i hear from this site is that there is no new updats cuz nothing is happening. that is bullshit cuz people are posting all over the place about conversations that are taking place.

  16. WHAT IF………..Big Brother planted Chima in the house!
    People are always trying to say how things go in what comp is when and how they get evicted, etc. Ya know pretty much the same year after year.
    So to change it up, why not set it up???
    Ya never know….as they say…”expect the unexpected”
    OR…… maybe Chima and her friends are sitting there day and nite doing tons of voting for the choice winner.

  17. Natalies Poem

    Natalie,Natalie where do I begin
    A girl like you,should be a sin
    Picking your nose,like your digging for gold
    I’m tired of your lies,the shits getting old
    Your voice reminds me, of a whining child
    Try taking a shower,once in awhile
    Close your mouth,as you chomp that food
    I’d rather watch Jordan,play with her boob
    America hates you,and so do I
    Tuesday we can say,bye,bye,bye
    Your race has nothing,to do with it
    It’s just the way,you think your the shit
    You say your unbeatable,in every comp
    But Jordan gave,your big ass a whomp
    Natalie,Natalie,your 15 minutes are through
    From me and America,heres a big F you!

    1. Very clever. I can just imagine Natalie pulling a Kanye and grabbing the mike from the winner and saying “Julie, I really played the best game and deserved to win” It is hard to imagine what goes on in her evil little brain.

    2. i thought it was michele who smelled and didn’t shower for a week straight.
      i dont think nat has bad hygiene,,,she just a nasty person inside,,or maybe she’s just playing the game

  18. All I know is that Nat could come over to my place and cook me food any day of the week and I’d be a VERY happy guy! I really don’t know what she sees in that douche Jessie, let alone that pathetic loser boyfriend/fiance she has now. Nat, keep trying to work Jordan hon! Keep reminding her that it’s because of Kevin that Jeff got kicked out!

      1. My name is Jason, but I’m not her Jason. I honestly wish I were. I really don’t care what any of you say/think, I think she’s sexy as can be. I won’t get into it again, but I already made a post about why I think she is so sexy. I do like Jordan too. I hope Jordan wins final HOH. I hope she takes Nat. I’d like to see both Jordan and Natalie make it to final two.

      1. your as bad as nat rockstar….your a lonely pathetic person who just likes it when people respond to your comments. thats why you are on the side of such a loser person like natalie.

        1. umm Lisa, are you feeling left out? Unappreciated? Feeling not so fresh? Tater and I were exchanging banter. What does it have to do with you and why do you believe that tater or I would enjoy your comments or find them worth even reading? My comment was meant for tater and tater alone. If I was making general coversation, feel free to engage me but if it is obvious that I am conversing with someone else and you are needing that extra bit of attention from me by calling me out, I’m afraid all you’ll get is me rolling my eyes thinking you are another desperate attention seeker who wants to be known on the BB blog.

          1. if your conversation was “meant for tater and ONLY tater,blah blah blah, then get his flipp’en phone number and dont bore all of us with your love for nasty nat.. like i said, you’re not a ‘rock’ star just a dull boring rock.

            1. There are maybe 8 posts dedicated to being PRO Natalie here. There are 280 posts. In 99% of all threads here, you will find maybe 10 pro natalie posts and hundres upon hundreds of Jeff and Jordon luv. Go read them if I bother you so much. If you are going to try and be witty dear call me something better than a rock. hahahahaha

              1. rock..rock..rock…rock…rock!!!!!!!!!!! would you prefer ston’er or pebble (fruity)….whatever you want dear…just not ”rock” star.

          2. Go get em Rockstar,I am all for Jordan,I think she has shown you don’t have to be mean,backstabber or a liar to win in this game.Rockstar is all for Nasty Nat,who I can’t stand,but we still comment to each other,make are smart comments and such.It’s a game people,none of them will share the winnings with us,so ease up.Everyone is entitled to their own fav and opinion,although Rockstars is more of a you chat with her,you’ll find out she is a pretty cool chick,with a strong opinion.If you all hate her so much and just don’t like her,because of Nasty,then tune in Tuesday night when she writes the truth,after Nasty loses……….Jordan rules…lol

            1. I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but you are one of the biggest offenders on this board h8tr. You always make personal attacks on people who have an opinion different than yours. I see it all the time.

              1. I’ve never have personally attacked anyone on here! I have given my opinion on why I agreed or disagreed on it.You’ll know when I personally attack somebody,cuz it will be my last post,Simon would def kick me off.Sorry you take my posts/comments as attacks,I just strongly voice my opinion on certain things!And you was not being rude!

      2. Oh Rockstar. I do like your comments a lot and agree with most of them. But I must say I hope Kevin wins. But I will be ok if Natalie wins. JUST PLEASE NOT JORDAN!

          1. you’ll need industrial strength mouth wash for that tater, don’t try to get close to me and start that heavy breathing of yours. haha

            1. You are to funny,do you sit around thinkin of this stuff? I’m thinking tomorrow night is going to be full of crazies on here.Be prepared…lol

      3. This is the first time posting for me, but I have been a big brother fan since day 1, Chicken George was my #1 in that show. I stop getting the live feed the 3rd season, figured I was throwing away good money cause they would block the good stuff and back then you could be watching a live feed and see it on internet at the same time, but the internet was delay. :)
        So I would read the boards and watch the TV and talk with folks with showtime to know what was going on.
        I’ve read so many posters attacking other posters here and wonder if they would do that in real life if they meet the person face to face.
        Chris, I don’t know you, can’t say anything bad about you due to that, but do feel you should stop and think a little bit before loading your type board with such attacks just due to someone finding good in another person you don’t like.
        Side note: I do so enjoy reading the post here, I just don’t like the personal attacks that happen by so many. sorry

      4. another attention seeker calling me out wanting me to play with them. geez Chris, how am I here all day? Are you following me, stalking me too? Seriously, get a life.

      5. What is it with people on this blog? So many of you think they are the only ones entitled to an opinion. Cheers to Rockstar! Rockstar has an unpopular opinion but is strong enough to continue to voice it even though Rockstar is needlessly attacked on a regular basis. Everyone doesn’t have to be a follower and get in line with what the majority “Feels”. So many people here attack Rockstar simply because of a varying point of view – and for NO other reason. So many people hate Nasty and her vicious-for-no-reason ways, but demonstrate the behavior they claim to hate in Nat when they attack Rockstar. Maybe most of you are more like Nat then you give yourselves credit for.

          1. Simon,even though we are entitled to our own opinions,can’t you do something about people saying crap to certain people (Rockstar) on here?She has her fav,we have ours,to down right bash her is one thing,but the names she has been called is way over the top,you should block them or blacklist them,then maybe not,I could appear on that list…lol Go Jordan!!!

        1. I’ve noticed this for a while, but over the last few days it has gotten much worse. I’m just really fed up with, not that anyone cares. But, really, the hypocrisy of most of these people who call you names/attack you is unbelievable. You have shown that you’re the bigger person, and kudos for that. Glad you stick around in spite of the unnecessary abuse.

          1. thank you tater but a week ago, there were a few people who wanted me kicked off the site and while I do not take back anything I’ve ever said, I have not minced words and appreciate the fact that has such an open forum for ua all. Granted, sometimes it’s a little hurtful which is why I stopped posting a few times during several seasons. I have learned not to take it too personal .. sometimes, although sometimes when I’m being hunted down it can get a little frightening. You never know when a die hard fan will turn into a maniac wielding an axe. I seem to have that kind of an effect on people. It was only a few days ago when you wanted to drown me in the toilet. haha

      6. Thank you hmm and Kristy. I personally don’t care who you vote for. You like Jordon, I like Nat. I like to debate the pros and cons. If you don’t agree with me, fine, if I don’t agree with you, fine, but attacking me? come on.

      The girl needs help for sure

  19. I miss Jeff and Michelle. They should be in the house instead of PP and Kev.
    You should put up a shot of Pam from Baywatch for Laura. LOL

  20. Ok, so I would love Jordan to win, just because I like her, but last nights show was way over the top. They were told to talk about the evicted HG’s, well they did more clips on Jeff/Jordan than anything else. Brief clips on Ronnie, Russel, Jesse, Casey, Michelle, Lydia and Chima. Nothing on Laura or Bradon. It was predominately a Jeff show. Talk about “rigging” the results for America’s vote!

      1. when you have that many people on the show then you need to be fair in editing tanya. brandon was not even mentioned and laura was shown for a sec( just her face, no dialogue). so i agree that is was the jeff and jordan show….i mean come on, how long do we have to listen to jordan telling jeff what animal she would be…….PLEASE …just add a cherry on to[p and i would of got my fix for sugar. i think if you wee on the show tanya and you were never mentioned or just a pic of your face was shown you would be pretty pissed 9offf and you would go around saying,”’IT’S CALLED EDITING”” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    1. It’s way too late for America’s Vote to give Jeff the $25,000!!! That ended a couple of weeks ago. The footage last night was probably because Jeff IS America’s favorite. No, he wasn’t perfect. Yes, he said some “not so nice” things. But in comparison to the rest of the house, he was the most charming, the best looking and the most reasonable. I think his downfall was that he didn’t “talk game” enough…he didn’t sink himself into the psychology of who would and wouldn’t lie. He got trapped in Kevin and Natalie’s lie because he never thought about the fact that they would brazenly out and out lie…just like Kevin is doing to Natalie right now about taking her to the final 2. Some people come into the BB house wanting to keep their integrity in tact…others are there to play for the money at all costs…like Kevin. And if it’s true that his house is going to foreclosure, then one can understand why he’s willing to win this game any way he can. He has no family he feels he can fall back on. But I hope Jordan wins…she wants to help her mom buy a house so they don’t have to share a bedroom any more. What an honorable goal…and what a great feeling for a child to want to rescue her parent. I’m sure it would be something she and her mother would never forget. Jordan is a good person…not perfect…but she definitely has a good heart. And when the pressure is off…she doesn’t come off quite so ditzy! I’m hoping it’s Kevin and Jordan for final two. I think if Natalie squeaks in I’ll probably cry! She just doesn’t deserve to be there.

        1. They lost their house do to her dads gambling and a divorce,way before Jordan got her funbags,do you not watch the show and listen?

    2. Hon – Jeff and Jordan are more fun to watch and they are who America wants to see. The others are good too, but lets face it America LOVES romance and everyone is wondering what will happen with J & J. It is what every sitcom is about….in the end they will probably go their own ways, but for now America is loving the romance.

      If two others had connected also with all the sweetness and teasing they would be focused also. But for the most part it is just the others interesting moments were fights or melt downs.

      1. exactly!!! they could have spent the entire show on J/j and that would have been fine by me….who wants to see Jessie pose for the kabillionth time??? I dont.

  21. Don’t want to sound like a dumbass, but what the hell is the OTEF? I heard Jordan mention it on BBAD a couple of times, and I’m just trying to figure out what that was.

    1. There was a veto comp where there was a giant statue named OTEV which is veto spelled backwards. Casey came back as the host, and he rapped about different house guests and they had to bring OTEV a banana with the correct house guest’s name on it.

    2. You don’t sound like a dumbass- I had to rewind it to see what she said (sometimes her accent trips me up!) I think you are talking about when she was referring to OTEV which was the Power of Veto comp that Casey hosted as “OTEV” (veto backwards.) That was the big POV that Jeff or Jordan had to win so that they could backdoor Russell. If this isn’t what you are talking about, sorry :-)

      1. Looking back at OTEV it is the veto comp that Michelle needed to win so Russ wouldn’t get backdoored therefore it would have guaranteed a different final three since Nat or Kev would have got got. Oh the what if?s we can play.

    3. i think you mean otev. it is veto spelled backwards and the name was used when they had to find the banana’s during i think a pov game. i dont think it was hoh. and i think that casey was the voice of otev.

    4. I think she was referring to OTEV which was the POV comp with them feeding the Statue bananas. The person doing the voice was Casey and OTEV is Veto spelled backwards.

    5. OTEV was the veto contest that featured Casey’s voice as the jungle god. HGs had to solve riddles and find the banana that had the right name on it. Jeff won it. OTEV is veto spelled backwards.

    6. OTEV: a game they played for VETO where they had to find bananas. OTEV is VETO backwards. Casey was the voice and it is the turning point in the game where they got rid of Russell causing Jeff to lose his chance of final four–a chance of winning.

  22. OK….looking at the HG pics at the top of the pages and feel a little in the dark. Who/ what is in the top right corner? Then between Chima and Jordan? Then who is the straight jacket a picture of? I can’t figure it out. Help:) I got the rest of them though.

    1. the top right is ronnie( it’s a pic of jim carey as a nerd i beleive) and the straightjacket is lydia and the person between jordan and chima is jeff. he had the wizard power.

      1. Nevermind,,, I was looking at the pic for Laura,,, couldn’t figure what it was then it hit me,, duh. Nasty has always been Pig Pen,, my bad. Where’s the Chia Pet for chima??

        1. Or a BRILLO pad, the curly stainless steel one. My mama always said your hair is so curly I’m gonna turn you upside down and scrub the floor with you. (She always said it with a big smile so I knew it was a joke and not an insult!)

      1. THAT was creepy,,, like boiling rabbits creepy. Then in that crazy sing song voice she says, “I can do anything I want when he’s asleep, he better not cross me.” or something along those lines,,, EEEEK!!!

  23. I really hope CBS has the final HOH and eviction BEFORE the jury asks questions. Having them ask questions to all three helps Natalie out the most. Who wouldn?t take her to the end? I just don?t want her to get any of the BIG PRIZE money.

    1. they will only ask the final 2 questons. there is no point in asking all 3 people questions. the one who is not in the final 2 is an evicted houseguest. this format is used in evry bb and also survivor. it gives the final 2 a last chance at votes.

    2. one thing jesse hates is ppl who dont try and who arent winners. he sees he lack of athletic ability and how she quits. he hates that!

      1. jesse and nat really didnt know eachother long enough so now jesse sees nat as a lazy biotch. i think it’s funny that nat thinks jesse is in love with her. i dont care for jesse but i think after the show he will be embarrassed about ever knowing that scank.

  24. I’m sure glad I’ve been voting for Kevin to win! After reading that he has Poland syndrome (and hid it) I have more respect for him playing the comps with a disadvantage ( no pectoral muscles). There is a small part of me that wants him to take Gnat– only so she’ll see just how bad her game was by NO ONE in the JH voting for her… The look on her face if Kevin beat her 7-0 ( with America’s vote,too) would be PRICELESS!!! I really can’t stand that bitch! I wonder if her bf’s mother and sister ( that hate her) are some of the hater posters on this site!!! Plz reveal yourselves; we don’t like her either!!!

    1. You cowards choose to use ”we’ instead of ‘I’ in your stupid Natalie hate-o-grams is ingratiating. Own up to your weaknesses and petty envy and quit with the mob mentality.
      Theres no milk in the house and that pisses me off too but mostly YOU HATEFUL people.

      1. there is no milk in your house? go to the store and get yourself some milk dumbass….””.fruity pepples”” always needs mik added.

      2. I meant “we” as in the Gnat haters– everywhere else I wrote “I”– so piss off. Spare with the “mob mentality” crap– I am stating my own opinion. Why don’t you go hump Gnat’s saddle bags if like love her so much, Jason :p

    2. Kevin applied to play the game having a “syndrome” shouldn’t get you sympathy votes anyway! Everyone has a disadvantage in this game and that’s why they even it out with the different types of competitions.

      1. why not????????????// jordan is playing the”” ME AND MY FAMILY WENT TO THE LAND OF FORECLOSURE AND ALL I GOT WAS THESE FAKE BOOBS, BOO HOO POOR ME AND MY FAMILY, LIFE STINKS, I NEED THE MONEY TO FIX OTHER THINGS ABOUT ME THAT I DONT LIKE. she has told that story from the beginning. kevin’s revelation about his genetic disability has just been shown

      2. …and as for your comment, I was trying to explain that the fact that he DIDN’T use this handicap to his advantage– he played without making excuses for himself– and won several times!!! I admire Kevin for that. There are plenty of people out there that will use any disadvantage to their benefit. Ex: “This comp was made for Jeff or Jordan” unquote!!! Said by Gnat the rat. ” I’m smaller!, I can’t aim right! Golf’s not my sport!” all said by Gnat because she can’t win a damn thing without cheating: cards, pool, chess,etc!!!!! If she ever had any skills at ANYTHING, she hasn’t showed them in the last three months– so I can bash her all I want!!!!

        1. he hasnt won several times….. he won two vetos and two hoh………… jordan has won one veto and two hoh………… there not that far off from eachother….. alot of pple say that kevin won way more comps than the girls left, but not true…… jordan and kevin have done about the same…. i have actually liked them both from the beginning… at one point and time i was hoping for j and j, kevin and lydia for a final four….. i think lydia was evicted that week though…. but ya i forgot where i was goin with this….lol…..

      1. They’ve probably seen her true colors like we have. Either that or Gnat beats up that wimpy bf — I read somewhere he was married or still is– maybe she’s a psycho home wrecker– who knows. I just can’t stand how demeaning she is to others; she obviously thinks very highly of herself– her daddy has been boosting her ego for years, I’m sure.

    3. yeah, i want kev to win too. i voted for kev in all scenarios…and for jordan over nat. i know what you’re saying about having nat see she got no votes and being humiliated, however, that would mean she’d at least get $50k and i don’t even want her to get that…she doesn’t deserve ANYTHING. so, kev winning and then picking jordan would mess w/ her mind too…b/c then she’ll know she got royally played and she JUST missed out on the money. if jordan wins, i think she’ll take nat and i really don’t want nat to have 50k.

  25. Has anyone else seen the previews for the movie Fame? Doesn’t the girl that plays the lead look/sound JUST like Natalie? It’s creepy!

          1. I really think it’s ridiculous how many people put Natalie down. She is a beautiful girl. Maybe a little misguided, but you know what, who’s perfect? I see something very special in Natalie. I can only hope that my next girlfriend is as sexy as Natalie is. Hate on her all you want, but she’s very pretty. I would do just about anything to actually get a chance to meet her.

  26. Twas the night before the finally
    In The Big Brother House,
    There were 3 guests remaining,
    Jord-O, Pit-bull, and Mouse,
    Their keys were displayed
    On the photo wall with care,
    Soon one would become
    a half millionaire,
    There?s Nat who?s a Rat
    Always scheming and lying,
    When Jesse was launched
    We remember her crying,
    There?s Jordan who sees life through
    rose colored glasses,
    Somehow she?s survived
    while evicting bad asses,
    There?s Kevin who?s already counting the money,
    If his bold plan should backfire
    that sure would be funny,
    And as fans our fun comes
    to and end Tuesday night,
    Hey no matter who wins?
    lets be kind and polite!!!!

  27. Twas the night before the finally
    In The Big Brother House,
    There were 3 guests remaining,
    Jord-O, Pit-bull, and Mouse,
    Their keys were displayed
    On the photo wall with care,
    Soon one would become
    a half millionaire,
    There?s Nat who?s a Rat
    Always scheming and lying,
    When Jesse was launched
    We remember her crying,
    There? Jordan who sees life through
    Rose colored glasses,
    Somehow she?s survived
    while evicting bad asses
    There?s Kevin who?s already counting the money,
    If his bold plan should backfire
    that sure would be funny,
    And as fans our fun comes to an end Tuesday night,
    Hey no matter who wins?
    lets all be polite!!!!

  28. i have an idea………if people that are on this site notice that is has been over 12 hours until a new update then why dont people post their own update ( for those with the 24/7 feed. ) i know there is more going on than just””houseguests are sleeping or houseguests arent talking””. there are some people who are posting conversations that they are hearing on the feed. i enjoy reading about them, even if it’s not from simon/dawg/or the new guy.

  29. i agree. i think anita is her daughter..if you noticed her dad didnt say’ aunt anita’ or ‘grandma anita.’..or maybe’ anita’ is her sister but she cant watch the show cuz they dont watch it in prison. just a thought.

  30. I wonder if Kevin has realized that if he throws the last comp to Jordan, it will be her voting out Gnat and not him. Then he’d have Gnat’s vote… Oh well, I guess I would rather see her smacked in the face with an eviction from him ;) tee hee

    1. C’mon,the show is boring,people are just hashing over old stuff on here,till Tuesday,just trying to livin it up a bit.Relax,and smile.

      1. I try every year tb but they won’t accept Canadians. I send in my application every year just in case they change their mind or find me charming. haha

        1. Rockstar – even I would root for you to get on – I think it would be very entertaining though I really doubt (though I ‘m sure you won’t agree) that you would pull the extra underhanded and unnecessary crap that Pigpen pulled!!!!!!

          1. Wow kappie, that is the nicest thing you’ve ever posted to me. Are you okay? Get lucky last night?

            I wouldn’t put such a target on my back though. I’m annoying but I would not be a threat. It’s how Dick won and how Will won as well. It’s the best way to go.

  31. here’s my big question to everyone since it is so boring in the house we can see who all is voting for who here. so tell us who are you voting for to win. i want jordan to win and if she doesn’t win then i want kevin to win. i just don’t want the gant to win. that’s it. so how about everyone else??? :-)

    1. I want Kevin to win as he’s played a better game, but I really just want Natalie evicted first. No money for her. She’s played the worst game in BB history, IMHO. She hasn’t done a damn thing herself at all (LML? Yeah, Kevin pulled that off. kthxbye.) She’s a liar. She’s ignorant. She’s annoying. She’s filthy. She thinks so highly of herself, but we’ve seen her for the dumb b**** that she is. She lied about her own engagement….which she was lucky to get after her summer of Jessielove. She couldn’t even get excited about it for crying out loud. She, not Michelle, is the worst human being ever.

  32. At the end of last nights show, Natalie in DR saying “I’m pretty confident that both of them will take me to final 2, and sorry guys, but the 500,000 is mine”.
    Hahahaha, I LOVE that she thinks she’s got this in the bag because when she loses it’s going to be priceless.

  33. Can’t BB think of anything original? Sunday nights show was a direct spin off of Survivor’s final 3 walk down memory lane. It was obviously totally scripted and staged. BB needs a makeover in it’s own likeness not copying another show.

  34. this is crazy!!! i can understand people voicing their opinion about the game. that’s way its here. but what i dont get is the people that are getting upset and calling names because of it. they’re getting very emotional. just want to know if you’re getting any of this money. please let me know.

    1. Perhaps we’ll see it on Finale night??? It is a 2 hour show and they have to fill it with something other than Nat’s excuses for not winning her last HOH competition.

  35. Has anyone seen a DR session lately where Jordon actually states that she will take Kevin to the final 2? Just wondering cuz I certainly tell. Been Watcing BBAD and can’t tell if she is lying or not and who to.

    1. I’m with ya….if she’s to win tomorrow I have no clue who she will actually take…I hope to god it’s Kevin though because I, personally, don’t want Gnat to get a dime more than she already has

    2. I agree! she kinda sounded like she was taking Nat the other night. i can’t tell with her either. And they really don’t have much of an opportunity to scheme with all 3 usually together. ( her and Nat were kinda bashing kev the other night when he was called to DR) I really don’t want Nat in final 2, but whatever.

    3. I also think she’ll take Natalie. Not only did Kevin vote out Jeff, but Jeff told Jordan before he left to stick with Michelle and then Natalie…don’t trust Kevin. So, I think she’ll stick with Nat.

      1. The night that Jordan won the second HOH Kevin asked Jordan if they were still on with taking each other to the final 2 and she said “Yes”. They both agreed that Nat would win if she went with either of them. I haven’t heard anything since and who knows what she is really thinking. I hope she is smart enough to take Kevin.

  36. I don’t know, that part with Kevin’s crazy facial expressions while those other morons were crying for Jessie, was classic. I could definately watch that again. I also liked the part where Jessie was talking about himself to nat and Lydia, and there were sleeping. LOL That was some funny stuff.

    1. Jessie definitely has a huge ego but it was sad when he made the comment about the misunderstood butterfly…him coming out of a cocoon…I don’t know!

  37. Well shovel another digdong in your mouth TV junkie lolol
    Oh and by the way . You should never skip your medication !!
    It makes you sound like an ass . (something to think about .)

  38. Hey guys, did anyone hear when Kevin was talking to Gnat last week saying when he goes in the DR, production tries to sway his opinion on who to take to the final 2. He also said, they wanted him to take Jordon. He told Gnat that he was just going to say to them (production) whatever they want to hear so they just get off his back. I really wonder if he is just stringing Jordon along and is really going to take Gnat to the final 2. I think if he is taking Gnat, I hope he gets screwed out of the big bucks. Not that I want Gnat to get it, but he will get what he deserves for being such a liar. Go Jordon, Beat his Ass and win this game and take Kevin but take the big money……………..

    1. I did hear that also. I think Kevin is just stringing Nat along. Remember he is thinking she has all these friends in the JH, that’s so not true…. I’m with you, I hope Jordon wins and decides final two . Out of the three finals, I am all for Jordon at this point. I still cannot get over how Kevin said Jeff should bend over and take it like a big D!ck, or Nat saying if she were Michelle’s brother she would want to die to. That’s is just friggen evil to me and cannot forgive those kind of statements game or no game………
      I lost my little brother 2 years ago and maybe I am just over sensitive to those type of comments but c?mon that is just WRONG.

    1. I hope Kevin wins. Out of the three he has played the best game, but in order for him to win, he has to take Natalie. I hope he’s smart and really thinks about the number. We all know Jordan has Jeff, Michele, America and Natalie if he evicts her. Nat will be so pist she will not vote for him. He has alot to think about.

    2. I hope Jordan wins it, but I wouldn’t be too terribly upset if Kevin won. I just hope Natalie doesn’t win…and honestly, I don’t think she has the jury votes to survive against Kevin OR Jordan…at least I hope!

  39. i cannot believe the wat ‘nasty’ cried when jessie went home, yet not 1 drop for her ‘surprise engagement???why is bb bowing to the bad people and not others? why make ‘rules’ and dont go by them.. BB will now be a different show, cause anything can go now. BB12 hgs can do whatever they want,,chaet,steal,broke people’s things, and try to ‘hurt’ people..nasty said her bfs mom and sisters didnt like her…but 500,000 does help now.

  40. And you are very annoying and boring all of us,I’m sure you would donate all of it right? you would donate to Budwieser,Burger king,Wal-mart,adult vid store and who knows where else! Relax dude,its not your money they will be spending!

  41. WHAT IF???..Big Brother planted Chima in the house!
    People are always trying to say how things go in what comp is when and how they get evicted, etc. Ya know pretty much the same year after year.
    So to change it up, why not set it up???
    Ya never know?.as they say??expect the unexpected?
    OR?? maybe Chima and her friends are sitting there day and nite doing tons of voting for the choice winner.

    1. by “choice winner” I assume you mean the extra cash prize. Chima isn’t even eligible for it. I you watch they never said her name or gave an option to vote for her. I doubt she’ll be back on finale night either. CBS seems to have wiped their hands of her, as they should have

  42. Jordon..Jordon..Jordon!

    last night…you should’ve presented Gnat with a a cup inscribed with the following:

    “I spent 3 months in the Big Brother House, and all I got was this lousy cup”……

    oh hell..that would’ve been rich!

  43. I honestly have never disliked someone more than Gnat. I feel sorry for her supposed fiancee and I hope he replays all of this season and does some soul searching before committing his life to her. She will just be picturing Jessie anytime she is with him…

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