Big Brother 11 Spoilage – Last night in the BB house.. Natalie is Happy she won’t have to do dishes anymore **update**

5:30pm Kitchen Natalie cooking uneatable food, Kevin and Jordan siting around talking about the jury votes. Jordan tells Kevin that the jury is filled with people that hate her guts. She thinks that maybe half like her and probably even less than that will vote for her. Kevin believes he’s in the same boat he says he’s run through all the possible scenario in his head and everyone he comes up short. Kevin thinks he’s got One person in the jury house that will vote for him but he’s worried that Jessie will corrupt Lydia and vote against him. Jordan says she’s the same she thinks the only vote she can count on is Jeff’s. Natalie is making her food and completely being quiet… Natalie makes a comment about this being the last night she has to do dishes. (I find this funny because Natalie did so few dishes in the house)
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:25pm Red room Natalie playing solitaire, Kevin and Jordan sleeping. Before they went to sleep Kevin was snooping around off camera looking at the room they will have the final competition in. He told Jordan he saw tape on the ground to denote where her and him will be standing during the questions.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:15pm Red Room Jordan painting Natalie’s toenails and Kevin still sleeping. Natalie looks very sad. They are talking about coal mining. Jordan explains that near her home town there was a coal mine that collapse and a bunch of the miners that got trapped and died. Jordan tells her she would never do a job that would risk her life. Natalie says they get paid a lot for
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
dangerous work. Jordan tells her its not worth it.. She not the daredevil type. Natalie is offering Jordan all her nail polish.. Jordan says thanks but asks why doesn’t Natalie want it. Natalie tells her she doesn’t paint her nails at home she gets it done at the spa. Jordan asks Natale if she lives in the Desert, Natalie says yes but its not like the desert in Africa.. “Theres stores and stuff”. She tells Jordan that she never goes out during the day because its so friggin hot.. Most people in Arizona only go out at night. Natalie doesn’t like the heat.. at first she hated Arizona but is now more use to it. She goes on to explain that she would rather live in a cold climate because at least when it’s cold you can keep putting clothes on to stay warm but when its hot you can take all your clothes off and still be burning up. Jordan briefly talks about her home town and how small it is.. there is nothing to do and it was hell growing up as a teenager. Natalie questions her if she’s every going to move away. Jordan has thought about it and thinks she will but she has to help her mom out with stuff first than she’s going to move away. Jordan tells her she doesn’t want to depend on a man all her life and that is why she wants to get a job so she can support herself. Jordan brings up her mom and how after her mom got a divorce she had nothing and had to go to her Grandpa for money…. Natalie keeps asking Jordan questions about her family.. .. Apparently Jordan sister has a problem about Jordan mom having a boyfriend. Jordan doesn’t understand why because their dad has a girlfirend….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:30pm Hottub Natalie, Kevin and Jordan. They are all wondering about tomorrow.. Jordan tells Natalie she will do her hair and makeup for her. Jordan says she has to start early cause there is a lot of getting ready… Jordan gets called into the Diary Room.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin says he doesn’t want Lydia to ask him the question because he knows he has her vote he wants someone that doesn’t like him to ask him a question so he can win them over
Natalie “So i guess we all know who we are voting for hey”
Kevin “ya”
Kevin “dude Jordan smoked us in America’s vote she’s kind of like Jerry
Natalie “She America’s sweetheart and she’s Jeff’s girl friend”
Kevin “hmm hmmm ”
Kevin “Fuck Chima fucked us big time she was on our side it was a guaranteed vote for us”
Natalie “I asked Jordan if she’ll take me and she tells me I don’t know I don’t know.. that means she’s lying”
Kevin “I think she’ll take you”
Natalie “No freaking way she’s taking you your my only chance”
Kevin “No…. you and Jordan have been way closer throughout the game than her and me”
Natalie “If she evicts me you have my vote and I’ll work on Jessie.. you also have Lydia’s vote”
Jordan joins them and Kevin gets called into the diary room
Natalie Tells Jordan about the conversation she just had with Kevin… Natalie asks her if she knows what she will say to Kevin when she evict him tomorrow. Jordan says yes. Jordan goes on to say she’s getting kind of nervous. if she losses the last HOH she will cry. Natalie “Of course tomorrow competition could be worth 500K”. Jordan says she doesn’t think she will get America’s vote because she really didn’t do much in the game. Natalie agrees with her (HAHAH and Jordan doesn’t say anything) Natalie doesn’t think America’s vote will be a factor because it is going to be 4/3.. Jordan heads to the bathroom.

***** I’m back now.. thanks for all the support sorry the site got a little behind these last 3 days. Thanks Randeep for helping out, I’m sure everyone appreciates the posts you did and supporting the comments. I’m so behind on whats happening I need to do some flashbacking 🙂 *****


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welcome back simon.

Plastic Boob Inspector

Welcome back and glad everything is ok.


I hope Jordan wins.. and if she doesn’t win then Kevin. This season I have been pleasantly surprised that there was a couple of HOT guys. Russell and Jeff definitely made it easy for me to watch! Hope next season will be easy on the eyes too! : )

Totally Disgusted!

Hope all is well Simon…welcome back!

Any clue if we, the public, are privy to how America’s Vote is going?

Anywhere to check out the stats???


Yeah watch the show tomorrow lmfao. I am so bored had nothing else better to say.

So, how do you think the final 3 is going to go? I mean, you evict someone to go home, and right away you know you just lost one vote because they kicked you out. Is this to your advantage or not? At least if you send them to the Jury House early, they have time to cool off and might vote for you, but not when you say bye bye. Then agian, could Natalie or who ever goes to the JH really sway peoples vote?

I only want Natalie to win just because most of the people on this site here are so rude and even worse than her the way they talk about her. I really wish they would go back to season one where we get to vote, or at least we vote for one person, and the HoH gets to vote for someone else. Mix it up a bit, it’s really getting stale. Same for Surviour, getting stale and predictable.


Let’s Go Jordough. Kick Kevin’s ass at the HOH comp. And kick Natalies ass out so she can cry like the baby bitch she is and then she can suck on Jessies nipples to cope her through the pain


Aww I’m so glad you’re back Simon. I hope everything with your family is okay. Everyone, and I mean everyone on here was thinking of you and sending up prayers and nice thoughts for your family. We all appreciated Randeep stepping in for you!


Yeah, I kinda enjoy the bickering! It’a ll in good fun for the most part.


Same here–we missed you. Your attention to details has been greatly appreciated. I have spread the word about the #1 Big Brother site. I know where to come for BB12!


Welcome back Simon! My feelings also as perfectly stated by sus above. Randeep did a great job but we all still missed you.


JorDEFFFFFF!!! ICK! DItto, but ICK!

I think Nat is hot

Simon welcome back! Natalie looks so sad in that picture, it makes me sad 🙁 I wish I could reach through the screen and give her a big hug! Even if she doesn’t make it to final 2, if that weirdo girl New York, can have her own reality show, I think Natalie could too! Natalie, dump your fiance! Get your own dating show! I’d so try out for that show!

Jeff & Jorden Rock !!

Oh boo hoo, cry me a river!!!!! Nasty is a bitch, she deserves nothing. I wish I could reach through the screen too, I would punch her right in the face!


And there you have it folks … a prime example of a true Jeff/Jordan fan.

I think Nat is hot

Yes, ain’t it funny how they put Natalie down all the time. Yet, Jeff and Jordan were probably more cruel to Russ and Michelle than Natalie has been to anyone. Keep those blinders on J/J fans. Hey, I liked J/J too. However, at least I can stand up and say that I admire Natalie for the game she played. Not to mention, as my username says, I think she’s beautiful. Yes, I do think Jordan is pretty too. However, Natalie is very athletic (I mean that in the sense of toned) She actually has some brains in her head. I really don’t know how she screwed up so many challenges. Not that Jordan did much better. All you people throwing the word HATE around for a girl you don’t even know. Someone who is a house trying to win $500K. Like you’d be so perfect in that house too. Yeah, that’s right though, you all think J/J were perfect. Whatever. As I said, take the blinders off. Take a look in the mirror. The very thing a lot of you accuse Natalie of, you do 10x worse.

@I think Nat is hot

You know, you are right … especially your last sentence. Regarding the Jeff/Jordan blind admiration and rationalization of all the hateful things they did and said, its called the Halo Effect. And Kevin was pretty much right on when he said everyone loves J/J because they are the cute white couple. People tend to overlook bad traits in attractive people, and they also tend to assume most traits in attractive people are admirable and desirable. Pity.


AGREED. She’s just sad because she knows that she doesn’t stand a chance since she didn’t win the 2nd HOH comp, and that she’s going home.
She also knows that everyone in the jury house now knows that she was lying the whole time, so even if she did somehow make it, she lost votes for being a liar.


are u kidding me feel for that bulldog? no way! let her suffer when she doesnt win a penny lol america really hates here lol
sorry my ass sorry my cute ass lol
go jordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michele nooooooooo

I hardly feel sorry for her after all she has done. She has taken this whole thing to a new low. Go nobody!!!!!!! I dont care who wins except for Gnat


Nat did dishes when? Never! The things Nat comes out with, she just cannot quit lying. I honestly don’t think she knows when she is lying because she is so accustomed to lying. GO JORDON!!!!!


This is still just a show, and I hope we keep that fact intact while wishing you all the best simon!


Simon! So happy you are back!!! Appreciate Randeep though! So anxious about Tuesday (GO JORDAN!!!!!!) but so don’t want the BB season to end….


Simon, next to the live feeds they were talking about the back yard interviews, and the after party, how do we view them?



Glad you are back. I hope everything is OK with your family. Thank you for all you do!!!


Simon, hope all is well – Randeep was a great moderator! Sorry for this repost, I pressed entered before I finished.
I would like to know what the 5 Jh members will ask the 2 finalists – Kevin and Jordan. My scenario would go like this (for those with a sense of humor, at least):

Jessie to Kevin: ?Does this shirt make me look gay??
Kevin to Jesse: ?Biiiiitttttchhhh, all I?ll say is, it?s not your fashion sense, for sure girlfriend, that makes you go all ?Gayzilla?. if I were you, I?d rethink my use of blush. Either use a lighter color, or betta yet, maybe not apply it with a spatula!?

Jessie to Jordan: ?Do these pants make me look fat??
Jordan to Jesse: ?I never said you were fat!? – I said you were so fuul of ya self, you like like you had a fat head, I think?” Maybe you should ask Natalie what I said she’s a instigator.”


Simon…………your Georgia fans welcome you back ! Go Jordan or Kevin !


Welcome back Simon…hope all is well!
Thanks Randeep for all the updates!


Glad all is well Simon. Can’t wait to see the look on Nats face when she is evicted!


Simon Woooooooooooooooooooooo!


Finale Night Finalist Q & A (cont’d):

Lydia to Kevin: “Oh Kev, I am soooooooooo proud of you for getting this far. Since I got Jessie, that’s all that matters, I don’t care that you ‘knifed me up the back by not taking me off the block that time you won the VETO and all.” I happy I got to spend all these weeks clinging to Jessie and dealing with my co-dependency issues and stuff.” Oh my, Julie? Julie, do I look like I’m gushing? Sorry!!!! Julie: No Lydia, it’s not you gushing that bothers me, it’s Jessie’s vomiting all over the stage!” Lydia, Lydia – please take a your seat, our stagehands will clean that up. Julie to camera: We will continue this Season’s BB Final after these messages. Julie during commercial break: “Alison! We definitely need to talk, BUT FIRST,how much longer are you going to milk this barren cow of a season!”


I feel so stupid. Thunderstorms are forecast here for tomorrow, I am worried that the show will be interrupted by my local weather stations with the warnings. If that happens, I will come unglued !!!!

its over

you are all kind if stupid in a way

you let your hatred for nat blind the end goal…she MUST come in 2nd if you want jordo to win


Don’t necessarily want Jordon to win. Kev deserves it. Just do not want nat to win a thing. Lying and backstabbing all part of game but outright cheating and threats of harm (bleach in contact solution, poison food, etc) should never be rewarded.


I don’t really care if Jordan wins over Kevin–I just want Gnat to win NOTHING! It’s great if Jordan gets $50,000 and Kevin gets the $500,000. I thing even Jordan would think that’s fair…
and debbie–here’s a fan question–who would you have picked to win if you couldn’t? Name anyone–not just those who made it to the final


I agree u all are very stupid but for different reasons

Beau Beau's Chocolate Pee Pee

Go jordo! Cant wait for bb12. I hope i make it!


Simon, welcome back. Hope all is well with your family. Randeep thanks for keeping things going. I have been enjoying your site by reading through posts and updates, and find it REALLY COOL!



OOPS puppy jumped up and I clicked submit comment too soon…..anyhow I was saying I love everyones opinions and perspectives on the players, and now that I have found this site I know where to come for all things Big Brother!


hi everybody…Ive been reading this website all season and love it……. I’m not one to post but i was hoping to maybe get a little help. my daughter is diane henry of bb5 and allstars. she works for cbs and did interviews with all the hose guests before they entered the house and she will be doing interviews immediately following the finale. she wants to ask some fan questions alomg with hers. she asked me to think of some since i was a fan in which i did. i thought maybe i could get a few from the fans here to tell her. i know its last minute but ill call her tomorrow afternoon with any good ones i get. so…bring them on. thanks again….. debbie


Hello! I think a good question for Michelle would be to ask her about playing the game alone (most of the time) and if she would’ve guessed that she had fans rooting for her when she was down and out. Another would be to Kevin about how close he was to guessing Gnat had been lying about about her age the whole time. As far as game play goes, I’d like to find out what Gnat was really thinking the advantage was to lying to Kevin when the rest of her alliance was gone; why not tell him the truth and gain his confidence? –just suggestions…


If this is a legit request I would ask this question: Why were you so mean and spiteful the whole season? Are you like this in real life?
Chances are that this question will never be asked though:<(


Debbie, I would really like to know why Jordon and Jeff trashed Michelle behind her back and then pretended to be all friendly face to face…it wasn’t even game stragedy, it just seemed mean spirited. Mean just to be mean. We all saw it on the feeds, most of America did not see this b/c BB wanted J/J to be edited a certain way for the show. Thanks!!
BTW, Diane was always my favorite!


I’d like to see this asked also. Another thing: Why Jeff would take the word of the enemy alliance as truth without even questioning that they might be lying.


Q: Do you think Big Brother has become too relaxed with the rules allowing room for controversy and drama all for the sake of ratings thus creating an unfair playing ground for all houseguest competitors and do you think Big Brother should be more strict and consistant with the rules and possibly revamp the rule book to eliminate any “loop holes” next year?


Q: Why has Jordan has complained about her living situation with her mom (trying to get sympathy from everyone because they have no money) but paid for breast implants instead of using that money to help her family?


Hi Debbie,

I’d like each of them to address their hypocrisy. (I’m sure it could be asked in a more diplomatic way!) For example:

Jeff & Jordan were so critical of Michelle for “throwing them under the bus.” They always agreed that she was doing that. They were so angry because they believed Michelle & Russell were betraying them. I’d like to know why they didn’t think it was wrong for them (Jeff & Jordan) to betray their alliance yet other people were bad if they did the same thing.

Natalie talked privately about others playing such a dirty game. She boasted about her Christian values and complained that others lied and betrayed. She called Michelle the devil on national tv! Meanwhile she got very far in the game by lying successfully. Why doesn’t she hold herself to the same standards? She cheated while playing pool with her friend Kevin. On camera (in the live feeds) we could see her pick up a pool ball and put it in the pocket. When Kevin came back she told him she had made a shot while he was inside. Natalie stole Michelle’s gloves, which were needed for challenges. How does this behavior line up with her self-proclaimed values? Lying is a valid strategy in Big Brother, but how does Natalie justify lying or cheating outside the parameters of the game?


Jordan what planet are you from? Matthews is outside of Charlotte and has a million plus. Loads to do.

Jackie M.

Don’t like any of them, however Kevin is the lesser of the 3 evils. Gnat does not deserve to win any monies. Can’t stand Jordan, always pretending to be sweet/innocent, but she was really mean to Michelle, played a big part in having Russell evicted, just becuz he called her fat. All said and done, will miss talking to u all, but will not miss this season. Go Kevin, you deserve to win.


totally agree with you ……i’m with kev, too just because the other two suck.


Welcome back Simon, I hope all is ok, thank you for the site!
Thanks also to Randeep for the updates!


Sadly I think the only way Jordan can win is to bring Natalie to the finale. I do not want Natalie to get one penny out of this. Can’t stand her. Want to smack that smug look off her face the whole show.

But I don’t think Jordan will get the votes to win against Kevin because I think Russell would be the swing vote. Jordan has Jeff and Michelle and probably America’s vote. He already said he would give it to Kevin but I don’t think he would give it to Natalie. He owes it to Jordan for what he called her!!!


He doesn’t owe Jordan a damn thing. Jordan made a fool of herself when she chest bumped him trying to prove her “courage” (ha). Russ may, in fact, think Jordan IS fat. I think most athletes would. So, at least he called her that to her face unlike what Jordan did: talk about, and make fun of, everyone behind their backs.


A real man wouldn’t call a woman fat to her face or behind her back!!! Jordan making fun of others? What show were you watching?


I believe Jordan will beat either Pigpen or Kevin.
vote Jordan vs. Pigpen:
Jeff – Jordan
Michelle – Jordan
Lydia – Jordan
Jesse – Pigpen
Kevin – Jordan
Russell – Jordan
America – Jordan
Jordan win $500,000 by a vote of 6 – 1

Jordan vs. Kevin:
Michelle – Jordan
Jeff – Jordan
Lydia – Kevin
Russell – Kevin
Natalie – Kevin if Jordan voted her out
– Jordan if Kevin voted her out
Jesse – Jordan
America – Jordan
Jordan wins $500,000 by a vote of 4-3 or 5-2
She just has to get there. Go Jordo, Kick Kevins butt!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I think Lydia will vote whatever was Jesse votes especially since Jordan voted her out..


Welcome back Simon. Hope all is well with you and your family. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Glad you will be here to share it with us!


Goodness gracious why doesn’t Big Brother tell Jordan to shut up ??? Either that or put the fish on. That is awful all of Jordan’s life being spread all over the net. Her mom I’d think will die of embarrassment.


Why? She said her family life was a Jerry Springer show and has no probs flashing her boobs. Unfortunately she has no brains or class…enuf said.


ask nat why her reaction to the proposal was so lame???


Questions for HG’s:

How in the world did none of you ever figure out that Natz was not 18???

Did you really think BB would supply her with alcohol and then advertise it to the entire country on TV? Did anyone ever do the math when she stated how she met her (alleged) boyfriend at work and how long she has worked there? And, guys… when you were sitting around playing poker with Natz and she commented she had just been in a poker tournament in Vegas before entering the house, did any of you wonder how she did that being only 18? Michelle – you came close upon seeing the pic of her (alleged) boyfriend in the HOH room commenting that he looked pretty old… didn’t it ever enter your mind to take it to the next logical conclusion? Just things that make you go hmmmmmmmm……………………….


Lol that’s so true. It was the dumbest lie ever yet it left them all so dumbfounded! I don’t get it!


Natalie evicted??? Nah…..if Jordan and Kevin were smart,they would take her all the way. They will almost be guaranteed the win. If they take each other it will be a crapshoot.
Don’t get me wrong….By watching her behavior throughout the season,I think that Natalie is a disgusting vile little bitch with no redeeming social qualities BUT….that is who I want sitting beside me in the final just for that reason. I do not think that she can win this thing. GO JORDAN!!!


But, if she’s in the final 2, she will be guaranteed 50,000 and I personally don’t think she deserves that much. I would much rather Nat or Kevin get the 50,000. But, i also do agree with you that the other person against Nat would win the whole game.


Kevin and Jordan have no idea that the jury house has turned on Piggy.

gettinluckyinkentucky T.ross

Welcome back Simon , I really love this site you guys are the best. I don’t know what I’m going to do when BB is over ,is there a 12 step program for us BB addicts ? Can’t wait for tomorrow ….. THanks for all of the up dates your the best !

gettinluckyinkentucky T.ross



My hope for a happy outcome to this season left with her…damn the stupid game moves Jeff made!


Have Diane ask Natalie if she was pissed about Jessie’s jiz on her sweatshirt. Ask Jordan if she wins the money if she is going to go on e-bay and buy a clue. Ask Natalie what in the hell she was thinking when she jumped off the log. So Kevin swore on everything he’d take her to the final 2. Like that means a damn thing in that house. Natalie of all people should know that. Ask Natalie if she is such an “athlete” and so great at EVERYTHING why could she not roll a basketball in a straight line to save her life.


By the way…who’s Diane? Do you mean Julie?


Natalie should of never just jumped off that log. This is a game and no one should trust anyone — especially in the last HOH. She might not of outlasted Kevin on the log, but she would of went home knowing she did all she could. Now, if she doesn’t win any money, she will forever look back at jumping off that log.


And: not taking showers, chewing with her mouth open, stealing stuff, using the laundry machine for days when Jeff needed it, being Jessies pitbull, screaming at a banana as it left the house, and wearing a semen covered sweat shirt on National t.v for 3 months! Just a few other thoughts she might have also!


Yes, and last night she called out Michelle in front of Jordon for going through stuff — apparently Mich found GNat & Kevin’s calendar in the HOH room. When GNat was the one stealing Mich’s gloves and going through all of her bags and drawers. GNat is contantly blaming other people for the exact things she herself does, lying, stealing, cheating, smelling bad, strategizing, being rude and arrogant, on & on…..


Don’t you just think you can smell natalie through your screen?? Ewww…she smells like b.o. and tacos


The new Big Brother in SMELLAVISION the actual smells come out in you surround sound to give you the feeling that Nasty is right there in the room with you.


Perhaps she could bottle that scent!?


First question to everyone, What would you have done differently. Second question to everyone except Nat. Why didn’t you question her drinking and her age. Third question to Nat. The things you did in the house, was that just game play or just another day? Would you act like that in the real world to get your way?


did everyone vote? I’d hate to think one of us (who goes to this site religiously) did not take the time to vote. Go to CBS tomorrow is the last time to vote. For me… Jordan all the way and if Kevin/Natalie… Kevin.


I want natalie to win , she is the best player


Don’t marry her Jason. LOL


Are you smoking something? Pig Pen to win?! NOTTTTTTTTTTT she’s a dumb liar GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JORDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Voted, but it was very unsatisfying this year…even if it is the first time we get to choose a winner! Sad group to choose from…dumb,dumb or smelly or sad clown mouth.

Big Mama

I couldn’t vote — couldn’t get the letters because they were too damn dark, Tried and Tried and Tried and Tried, same with my hubby, he couldn’t get them either, guess our eyes are too old to be watching BB.

Jordan All-time BB Fan

I feel bad for Natalie. I know this is a GAME. She lied, manipulated, and did all the things she did, but its a GAME. Everyone hates her because of the way she played a GAME. I don’t agree with the things she did, but she doesn’t seem all that bad. I’m gonna always remember this season and I’m gonna miss it. I respect every houseguest who made it on the show. I think everyone lives their lives outside of the house better than they did in there. Including Chima. I wish every houseguest the best in the future. 🙂


You are very sweet and kind and nostalgic…everyone is always nicer when 500K is not dangling in front of their morals!


She doesn’t seem all that bad. Would YOU have wanted to been stuck in that house with her for 3 months? With her know it all, bossy attitude telling people when they could eat, what they could eat, what they would play. And these were GOOD days!!! This is on top of there not showering for days, constantly complaining about how unfair BB was when her team didn’t win and when they did she would strut around and throw it in your face like SHE has anything to do with it – her alliance won comps she didn’t. She SUCKED as a player of comps so had to be malicious, vicious, and now has even been admitting to cheating on a few comps such as OTEV. Prod. didn’t do anything b/c they lost anyway. That is NOT game play. There is respectable, good strategic game play then there is just dirty low blow plays. This is how she chose to play. She trash talked Jordan so bad then Jordan kicked her Ass on the comp when in count. The girl needs to be humbled b/c she is NOT all that. Dressing up like a queen for her nominations and keeping her sunglasses b/c she did not have “balls” to look Michelle in the eye when she said she would be making a deal with the devil. Real classy. She has lied so much in this game about the littlest things that you don’t even NEED to lie about that I firmly believe it is part of her character and not strictly game play.

Lennon's Ghost

I vote that Simon wins Big Brother 11.

He worked harder than any of the HG’s.

Welcome back! My thought’s and good wishes were with you.


How did you vote for Simon…missed that voting slot!? But you’re right, no one on this site voted him out! What prize should he get!?


I totally agree!! Simon and Dawg should win the $$ and give some to Randeep for stepping up to the plate when back up was needed. Y’all are amazing and truly DO deserve the $$ for working so hard to cover 24/7 feeds for us. You have THE best BB site!!!!! (Though bitchybb is fun to read when you are in the need for some wicked off beat humor 😉

Simon, I’m glad you’re back and I hope everything’s OK. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you.


me too!! you rock simon!


Pig-Pen is so very stupid… I have been to South Africa and it is true they have deserts near Dakar but this country is very diverse. The areas in South Africa reminded me of West Texas in the winter time. They do have shops, stores and even malls. One of the most popular fast food places is KFC!


kevin for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope people dont vote on sympathy, but best game play

wouldnt it be funny if the whole Jordan foreclosure – i?m dirt poor but i just bought fake boobs – story is a lie

kevin for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!


kev told jord he wanted to tell nat on monday he wasn’t taking her so she could get over it. i think he just said that to make jord trust him. he can always say i didn’t want to piss her off till time for eviction. i think he plans on taking nat because he can’t win against jord (he thinks) so he is gonna try his luck with nat because she didn’t win any comps. he knows how nasty she played (he was rehearsing today for jury and said that) but is it enough game to beat him. i predict, nat goes to finals either way although i hope its not true!


I still say the winner of the $500,000 will be the one who is not HOH. Natalie is going to be the swing vote and will vote against whoever voted her out. That is assuming that the HOH will not take Natalie to the finals and I don’t think either one of them will because they think she has most of the jury votes. But the truth of the matter is, Jordan or Kevin would win in a landslide if they took Natalie. Glad they don’t know that because I want her going home with nothing but the jiz on her sweatshirt. Her two biggest mistakes were falling in love with Jesse and jumping off the log. Telling Jesse the truth about her age cost her jury votes and the only reason she told him is because she fell in love with him and knew even an idiot like Jesse probably wouldn’t go for an 18 year old. And jumping off the log was just plain stupid…….right up there with Marcellas not using the veto. Two of the dumbest moves in BB history.


That is some well thought out stuff Roger! I agree with your thoughts…


Natalie will win bb 11




If she wins BB then BB is rigged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plain and simple



another fan

Wow, how will she do that from the jury seat? We know she won’t win America’s Favorite player.


Kevin or jordin final two but kinda sad its all over tomorrow. Thank you Simon hope all is good with you and yours. .


I have the sads about it ending too!


Natalie really needs to learn how to chew with her mouth closed!!!!!


Agree and she needs to learn to walk, she walks like she has a stick up here butt


you know what , thats her only chance of winning…”KILL THE OTHER HGs and be the LAST person left ALIVE in the house” poor “Jason” don’t know thats he’s in for a lifetime of “food poisoning” emergencies…


Don’t worry…Nasty will take out lots of life insurance on her hubby and accidentally serve up one of her famous dishes like under-cooked fish marinated in milk and vanilla and sauteed in bacon fat left on the back of the stove. Raw Chicken pudding for dessert! God help her fiance!


I am gonna miss BB BUT I am not gonna miss nast nat chewing candy…


Not just the candy either!!! She chews like a cow!


more like a Natty goat