Big Brother Spoilers – Sunday Morning Natalie hears noises, Jessie says leave the room and cook me breakfast

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:30am Recycling room Natalie and JEssie. Natalie tells him she can’t sleep anymore because of tall the noises she hears. She says that there?s sounds coming from the walls and she heard people talking. Jessie is grumpy he just groans and tells her to leave and find another room. Natalie says fine i’ll leave and gets up right when she’s at the door Jessie tells her to go make breakfast. Natalie says NO as she heads out.

Natalie eventually come back and wakes Jessie up.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

They start chatting about Movie. Natalie brings up the movie my best friends girl and she is shocked that Jessie hasn’t seen it. Jessie doesn’t think its a big deal he know says he’s seen it just to shut Natalie up. Natalie says she doesn’t believe him “Have you seen it yes or no!” Jessie isn’t sure… Natalie gets annoyed asks him if he’s seen Roll Models, Jessie says yes of course it was funny. They continue to talk about random movies giving each other their opinion on them. Jessie brings up children and what values he wants to instil on his offspring. Jessie says he’s a firm believer of people making their own destinies and he wants to tell his future son that he can accomplish anything he set his mind to. He now talks about his friends and how they have had children and got married and in JEssie thinks their lives are over they won’t do anything because their stuck in their routines. Jessie adds that he does want kids eventually but right now he wasn?t to get somewhere and be someone. Jessie asks about Natalie boyfriend, Natalie says that her boyfriends mom hate Natalie. Natalie goes on to mention that its so bad that his mother and Natalie don’t even talk when they are in the same room. JEssie wonders if Natalie is worried that it will cause problems in the future of the relationship . Natali isn?t worried about it because the dad absolutely Loves Natalie. Jessie thinks that if your friend or family member is dating someone and that person makes them happy you should support them whole heartily. He adds that is how his family and group of friends are. Natalie asks him what type of girls do you date… JEssie says he never dates girls his same age. Natalie jokes if you want to have kids so bad you better hurry up. Jessie wonders why because he’s only 23 theres plenty of time. Natalie says yes she knows put Jessie told her he only dates older women and his last girlfriend was 30 which is getting old for kids in Natalie opinion. Jessie doesn’t want to talk about that girl she broke his heart by cheating on him when she went to LA. They continue to chit chat.. Feeds cut out…


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:15pm Houseguests waking up!


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Russell needs to get Michelle to use the POV on Lydia. He should then put Jessie up. He can earn and also evaluate Michelle’s trust by doing this. She will have to trust him not to put her up and he can show he will honor his word by not putting her up, solidifying the Jeff,Jordan,Michelle,Russell team and also cutting off the legs of the other team. Lydia and Kevin will never win anything so the only real competitor on that team will be the cow chewing, non showering, can’t keep a secret Natalie.

Russell should already know by now that there is a rally to vote Lydia out and keep Ronnie, so if he puts up Jessie, he either stops that from happening or, possibly better, gets Jessie out. He could lie to Ronnie and tell him it is intentional to vote Jessie out and then make Ronnie his bitch for the week, only to vote him out the next week. Also, Ronnie will say/do whatever he needs to do to save his ass so he will likely cause a lot of BS in that team. Only downside is that Ronny would make Jury house, but it would be awesome to see Jessie get canned before jury house again and be a two time loser.


If only it could work that way. Either way….Jessie is a real loser. For all those who think he is gay. He may be. But if he went to a shrink I believe he would be found to have a real Mama complex. Does anyone remember him and Michele last season. This season is the same song second verse for Jessie. He learned nothing.


a double evicition would be an awesome suprise….2 outta 3 gone nasty nat..rat ronnie or jerk jessie….if only it could


I thought in years past that if you won POV and you used it you were still safe. Did that rule change this year?

The Original Jim

That is still the case, if you won the POV you cannot be be a replacement nomination even if you take someone else off.


kinda funny the gay jessie is working hard to look like sr8 but we all know he is into guys hahahahahahahaha
btw brak dog cann wait to see you going back to your gettho place where you belong
love rusell hope he keeps his alliance with jeff and jordan


me too jeff jordan and russell to the end


R u guys so slow like Jordon. When do u ever see things sticking like they are to the end. Russ is a weasel and only made that deal to save his butt for next week cuz he can’t play in the hoh comp. Watch next week when someone else wins hoh (hopefully not slow retarded jordon, Jeff, or bi-girl michele), the house will flip again.


Is Jessie gay??? Or Bi-sexual?? Honest truthful answer please. Some say he is ..some say he is not. does anyone know for sure???


All i can say is theres pictures of him on the internet on all 4’s nude with his ass in the air, you tell me whether or not you think he’s gay, as a straight man i know i would never take a pic like that.


granted that would funny and a sure way to get rid of whining jessie and send him home week 4—again! but no no ronnie is such a loser get him off the screen and not in the jury house -they should really think of the weeks in that place stuck with ronnie—stilllllll let jeff use the power next weekto blindside jessie!!!
jessie needs to use the BB shrink to get over his problems. he has a problem with his last girlfriend, he has a problem with dan. and he wants to do something with his life? start by getting off of reality tv. like real work. if he starts now maybe by thirty he could get somewhere. he is so vain-cant wait to see him at 33 or 43 when his muscle turns to fat cuz he is so disappointed with his life then! he needs to get off his own pity wagon. he should have gone to a shrink after last season so he could have opened his eyes. he is just to into himself. ugh but everyone said that to him last season and i am sure HE thought we were all just jealous of him


Jessie isn?t gay , you are gay. Go in the clubs with him. And all the girls will like him. You are a looser. You are angry, because you have noch chance to date sexy girls. He likes hisself andis narcistic, that?s all.


are u stupid or spaced out on drugs….read what I wrote idiot!!! I simply ask a question. I have nothing against Jessie if he is problem there.. but no matter what sexual preferences Jessie has I do not like Jessie..As Jeff said he has the personality of an orange road cone…lmao…


wow!!! yall settle down 🙂


we just to vent but not turn on each other. remember this is funnnnnnnnnn!! 🙂


sounds like u have a crush on him dean……….do u close your eyes and think about him? ha ha


Haha if anything they’ll like his muscles, not him. At least spell loser right, tough guy.


Search the net for his pictures naked , they do not appeal to women, those poses are appealing to gay man.

Bully Mama

Jessie has a teeny weeny that is why he works so hard on his muscles so he has something going for him physically. The reason for the nude ass shots is because he has nothing else to show without suffering severe embarrassment. I dont think he is gay, but he naturally has very low self esteem and little man syndrome and tries to cover it with the bodybuilding so he can feel like a big man.


you sound like you have a crush on him, and want him to toss you in the air a couple times.


can u imagine how happy this convo is making nats boyfriend? wow she is either thinking she and jesse have a future-please! or she is as dumb as we all think. she may not have anything when she gets out. ???


My opinion – definitely gay or a-sexual….only girls who like muscles would go for him. He’s such a shallow egotistical person!

Jeff for Coup D'etat

Uhm, has anyone else that Ronnie’s wife is rigging the vote? That really scares me! If jeff doesn’t win then i know the votes we’re rigged & i wont watch this season anymore !

deborah grimes

i turned the corner and hit a jessie lol


hey dean does the two pump chump give it to you …. jessie might not be gay but but he is a dum motherf–ker


I have a great nickname for Natalie. After watching how she piped off after Casey let Jessie have before leaving – she reminded me of a chihuahua – Jessie’s chihuahua


I like the name “Scrappy” for Natalie. She reminds me of a junkyard dog.


More like Scrappy off of Scooby-Doo 2!! Trying to take over the world!! Natiman is all bark and no bite. She looks like a dog and now she probably smells like one too since she is a have-not this week and won’t shower.


Nat actually does look like a dog. She id the ugliest man in the house.


Nasty Natalie, I’m so happy to see Jessie and Natalie running scared. I just hope that Russell has opened his eys and knows now that Jessie and Natalie want him out. Last week Jessie did what he wanted and evicted Casey, but now that he does not approve of Ronnie being evicted he is trying to rally up votes to save Ronnie. Both Natalie and Lydia are stupid, both of them are running behind Jessie, that goes to show you just how silly they both are.


Natalie is the biggest liar of all, I have known Natalie’s father for over 25 years. Natalie’s Mother is Black and her Father is Hispanic, I know both of her parents. Natalie has always tried to hide the fact that she is half black and half hispanic, anyone can look at her and see that she is not 100% hispanic or argentenian as her father likes to say. I am half hispanic and half white, I do not have a problem letting anyone know that, I’m proud of who I am. Natalie works for Block Buster Video, at 24 years old, wow what a great career Natalie. I will be so happy to see when they evict her dyke walking ass out of the house!!! Natalie has shown america just how much of a Bitch she is on National TV. I wish someone would please tell the camera man to stop zooming in when she is eating, she chews like a cow!! It is so nasty looking at Nasty Natalie chew, the BITCH needs to Go !!!


I am of mixed races too, and was always sure that Natalie had black in her origins. Natalie is a disgrace even to CBS, she is a racist and a liar and I wish Chima knew how she really feels about black people.


Kessler, why don’t you say what you really mean, lol, wow seems you know this little girl, well I don’t know her and I don’t want to, she should be proud of who she is no matter what race, how very sad, at first I thought she was black, but then she said mexican, whatever I just don’t care for her, and what is really sad, given the chance Jessie will dump her like a hot patatoe, he is no man at all and he is a liar, I know the game is suppose to be that, but sometimes you just need to be a good person and he is not, well in the game, I hope Nat the scrap goes soon, and takes her lumpy lap dog with her Jessie.


Yes Cathy, I know Natalie and her Family very well. We all grew up in Chino California together, Natalie, her Father, and her step Mother Anna moved to Arizona in 2003. Natalie has a sister named Nicole, but Nicole does not hide the fact that she is mixed race and she is very proud of who she is. Natalie and her father have even used the “N” word when they talk about her sister Nicole, Nicole has kids, Natalie even said one night on Big Brother After Dark during the live feeds, she was telling Jessie her sister lives in the Ghetto. It is really sad that Natalie is so messed up when it comes to owning who she is, but just like you see her on Big Brother, that is just how she is in the real world. At 24 years old, notice when big brother comes on TV, everyone has a title for their job, notice Natalie’ title is “Tai Kwon Do” expert !! Why didn’t they say she is a clerk at Block Buster?? Is she ashamed of that also ? She is a 24 year old that needs to grow up and get her life together, stop putting others down for who they are and accept who she is.


Soo, Kessler! I am finding this ALL sooo interesting as I am mixed race myself and WOW at 24 she has ISSUES…VERY VERY SAD. And she has stated weird statements about black people CONSTNATLY on the show…so now that I’m hearing this I’m just disgusted, at first I thought she was just naive or ignorant…now I know she is just an ignorant self hating self righteous (if u can be both) BITCH.

My question to you is, does she really have a college degree? If so, why is she working at Blockbuster?


Thanks kessler for revealing the truth. When I first saw Natalie I thought she was part black and that she didn’t look 100% Latina. She is not only a liar and a hypocrite but a self hater. She has major issues. You can look at her and tell that she is part black, that’s the funny thing. She is a stone cold dumb ass, she lies so much and can’t keep them straight.


What does nbk stand for?


natural born killers


I got a Jessie stuck under my car today! Lmao!

bb fan

shut up idiot….if jeff get’s america’s choice then thats the way america wanted it…they all have an equal chance at it..don’t hate on russell for keeping his word he did the right thing..


vote for ronnie he is the only one that will have a chance to use it


Use what ?? A dildo up his ass???

NBK Sucks

Expect the unexpected. That’s the BB motto. So, how is that cheating when they all know there will be twists in the game?


Rig game??? Sure asshole that`s why Jesse is on. It`s CBS`s show clown


I agree with you 100%, as I have said in other posting on this site. I know for a fact that Natalie is half black and half Mexican, but she does not want anyone to know. I crack up because the way she has represented herself on this show, she has shown by her actions that she is a no class, backstabbing, lying, Jessie Flunky, ignorant evil bitch. Oh, by the way, she is not the manager at block buster, she’s just a simple little movie check out clerk. Woo Hoo, guess she’s on her way to being successful!! NOT !!!


Natalie has shown her true colors to America, I crack up every time I hear hear talking about the special “Wizard” power. Does she really think America would vote for her dyke acting ass to have any special power? The only special power she needs to a power walk right out of the big brother house!


Chima had better try and jump ship, her alliance with Jessie and Nappy Nat has dropped to the alliance of no power this week. And from the looks of it, Jeff, Russ, Jordan, Kevin, and Michelle have the numbers now, I am really enjoying seeing how Jessie and Natalie are running around spinning all these lies and think that Russell believes them. I hope things do not flip next week, I hope the new alliance with Jeff, Jordan, Russ and Michelle is tight.

ha ha HA

Nastalie needs 2 b sent packing. She is useless.
Go Team JEFF.


WTF!?!? Ronnie is Gay or Bi-sexual. I just watched BBAD and saw his facial mask!.WTF!?!?!?!?!?


I agree, Chima blasted Casey for “acting black” the dude is from Florida! he talks with southern accent, BUT Ronnie talks all ghetto in the shower with his gay face peel and he is loved?!?!!


I kinda agree with you in regards to Ronnie. He whips out his slang randomly just to try to fit in and it falls flat, he looks stupid. As for Casey, you have to admit with the slang, the hat tilted to the side, the sagging pants.. you can tell he does hang with a lot of black people, which is fine. He teaches at a shcool that is 80% black, I’m sure he would pick up some slang. I don’t think it’s an act for him, that’s who he is. I don’t think Casey was being fake. I did like Casey, he was hilarious.


kessler, does natalie really have a degree? i think she’s lying.


Does Nat-a-lie-alot really have a boyfried outside the house? I have often thought about how he must feel (if there really is someone that could actually stand that girl) watch her act as someone elses girl Friday inside the BB house. Jessie is someone who defininately suffers from small man syndrome and that is why he chose her over Lydia. She is an Oompa Loompa compared to Lydia. I hope that Jeff uses the mystery powers and nominates both Jessie and Natalie for eviction. I want to see their faces. How do you think that the votes would split up?