Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell: “If the Rat gets Nasty i’m Bringin it Right back to Him”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


9:10pm – 10:15pm Backyard Michelle, Lydia, Jeff, Kevin and Chima. The houseguests got wine. Jeff is joking around everyone in good spirits. Jeff start to impersonate Julie Chen and start asking them all questions. Lydia teases Jeff asking about if he and Jordan made out today. Jeff teasing Lydia about Julie asking about her, Jessie and Natalie. Chima spills the beans about the questions Julia gave Jessie last eviction night. Jeff tells her to first drink more. Chima says one of the questions was if Jessie was on a deserted island who would he pick…. Jeff says that?s a good question.. Natalie walks in and they change the subject. Natalie looks groggy she comments on the pool toys the other houseguests laugh saying those have been here for awhile. Jeff tells her she’s slept through it all eviction is tomorrow. Natalie looks pissed Jeff says sorry it was just a joke! Chima points out that Natalie has showered today. Everyone claps. Natalie replies that she will not shower until Thursday. Natalie tells them Ronnie is hiding in the poole room. They all say he should come out. Russell now joins them. everyone having a great time

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

laughing and joking around. Russell brings up the competition that Dan was hosting and Kevin asked if BB10 had good toothpaste and Dan said it was the best, KEvin than said all we have is this fucking tom’s shit. Everyone pissing themselves laughing. Lydia wonders if they need to get their numbers changed after this. Most of them think they will Jeff doubts he’ll need to. Chima doesn’t think you need to because wants the show is over your a nobody again. Lydia doesn’t think that is true she sees mike booger everywhere. Apparently Michelle wiped out again during the POV and Chima thinks the producers will make a montage of it all….
Russell asks them who requested lady marmalade by the pussy cat dolls. Nobody answers (must of been Chima because she just requested genres) Russell seems to be in a talkative mood he asks Jeff if he’s made out with Jordan yet. Jeff say he hasn’t made out with her but he’s gotten a boner from her. Jeff swears he’s not lying. Natalie says ?ya right? just like you don’t have the wizard powers. They start talking about eviction speeches.. They agree that Chima set the bar pretty high but Casey set it a bit higher with his dorklopodmus comment. Russell points out that Ronnie is trying hard to work Michelle, he ads that he kept talking all night to Michelle until finally she moved to another room. They tell Jeff veto ceremony is Monday. Russell warns them all cause the rat is going to be scrambling before the veto and even more so if he’s left up on the block. Everyone starts howling at Ronnie trying to get their votes. Chima brings up that Ronnie is going to have a killer speech ready. Everyone else agrees, Ronnie says if

that fat rat gets nasty with me I?m going to throw it right back at him. Jeff says he can’t do that… Russell “I don’t care” Natalie brings up the “wizard power” she wonders when it’ll be used. Everyone sounds worried about the power. Natalie asks them if the person who’s on the block can use it, nobody knows the answer….Jordan joins them after bathing and shaving her legs in HOH. They start talking about ROnnie and his chances to win the special power. Lydia says that everyone is saying he might get it but America has had to of seen all the lies Ronnie spread and the shit he caused, “he has lied to all of us here!” Jordan agrees with Lydia she says she doesn’t look like ROnnie’s wife and hopes they don’t think she does. Kevin laughs tells her that she doesn’t look like Ronnie’s wife “it’s adorable that he thinks his wife is hot but she’s not.” This starts a laughing fit amongst them.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:35pm Pool table Russell and Jeff. Russell says that everything is right on track with evicting Ronnie. Jeff says he’s glad to hear that, Jeff adds that from what he’s heard everyone is voting out Ronnie. Russell mentions he misses Casey. Jeff agrees saying that was some funny dude. Russell brings up how awesome Casey was at Pool and now with Casey gone the number one position is up for grabs. They shift to talking about the outdoor life. Jeff tells him about his job back home and how he does some face modelling.

10:40pm Kitchen Jessie and Natalie Natalie bitching up a storm about people making a mess and not washing the dishes right. Russell joins them and they start talking nutrition. Jessie explains that you have to get good quality chicken because the cheap shit from cosco is all stringy. Russell brings up wrestling and how they have to bulk up than cut a lot of weight fast. He says that it messes with his head and has caused many girls to leave him. Jessie says he feels the same way when he competes.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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BB11 after dark is BORING-

Nice guys finish last as always :(

If Ronnie’s voted out I’m done with this show. I will view him as an understood tortured soul in a house full of pit-snakes and vultures. Ronnie being a gossip and having an ego pails in comparison to what most of the other HGs have done. When Russell bullied him 2 weeks ago, I thought it was borderline criminal & couldn’t understand how the producers allowed it to go on. Then Casey trys to deafen him in his sleep. Sociopaths! Is this what America likes? Where are your morals? Don’t worry you sickos, give Jeff/Jordan the Coup & watch as they evict yet another undeserving person. Then the show will be left with nothing but boretards! Chima/Nat/Jess to the end. To hell with all the rest!

Lydia- how did you ever past the psych evaluation, hun?
Kevin- Zzzzzzzzz… schemed just as much as Ron has only no one sees it
Michelle- Judas, lucifer, boring weirdo
Jordan- I can’t read time. I lurve playing in da mudd. Aren’t I priddy?
Jeff- Like the scarecrow, he needs a brain. Guess he plucked his out along with his eyebrows. Girly man.
Russell- I foresee a orange prison jumpsuit in your future. Then you’ll have the pleasure of becoming some man’s play-thing and while your exhibitionist ass (sick) is being r**** you’ll think back to how you demeaned and dehumanized poor Ronnie (not your first victim I presume).

Freaks all, with nothing better to do all summer with their lives. Lol! Don’t worry about sweet Ronnie though. If Jessie was unpopular yet came back this year, Ronnie will definitely return for Big Brother All-Stars II, while virtually no one else from this dismal casting will be selected. Who laughs last, laughs best.

Flame me if y’all want, but it doesn’t make my statement any less the truth.


The other house guests might be boring but that doesn’t make Ronnie interesting watch.


3 words u need church-omg how can u say r*** & compare it your an IDIOT


Ronnie will be proud of your post. He’s getting evicted so you can stop watching and posting. See ya’!


What show r u watching? Here’s how most of america views the house guests:

Jessie – Please dude get over yourself. God Complex = evicted before week 6
Nat – ugliest guy in BB, not too bright and terrible in physical competitions as well.
Chima – Looks like her face has had one too many surgeries, laughs like a witch and should’ve gone week 1.

Kevin – Terrible in competitions, not that smart, and outside of Lydia has no true friend/alliance.
Lydia – HUGE self esteem issues and an eviction waiting to happen. No game and now no friends or allaince other than Kevin.

Jordan – One of the nicest people in the house. Playing the “nice” card well.
Jeff – Trusts people to a fault. BUT looks like his new Alliance with Russell & Michelle is for real.
Michelle – has recently shown by winning POV twice now that she is a competitor and now that she is alligned with Russell, Jordan & Jeff is a threat to make final 2.
Russell – At this point is playing the best game of the house. By evicting Ronnie, Russell is now an asset that Jessie’s Alliance can’t lose and has formed a secret Alliance with Michelle, Jeff & Jordan who now trust him because he kept his word when nominations were made.

Ronnie – WAYYYY too cocky after his week 1 move of dividing the house.There was no need for Ronnie to continue lying and scheming after week 1. After week 1 Ronnie was on his way to BB greatness, after weeks 2 & 3 he is on his way out the door as worst BB player in history.

Big Brother All Stars is for good players who America enjoyed watching and rooting for. Ronnie fits none of those credentials.

Jeff &/or Russell are safe bets to be part of BB All Stars 2 as long as they make final 5.

With Jeff winning America’s vote in a land slide, it looks very good for the “good guy” alliance, especially if one of them wins HoH the other week.

And that’s the truth.


I don’t hate Ronnie but truthfully he didn’t play the game well. I understand you have to lie a little bit but he was too obvious and didn’t cover his tracks. He got aggressive way too early. That is why he will be gone. From most of the posts I’ve read on other sites not many people in America like him so doubtful he will get the wizards power even tho he looks like Harry Potter. I guess he’ll have a lot of time to play games now.

Nice guys finish last as always :(

Wow really mature Eric, making fun of people’s physical attributes like that. What part of Chima’s explanation for her appearence didn’t you get? I only criticized the HGs personalities, not their looks. Ronnie will make All-Stars as one of the Villians, duh! How you’d think Dr Will, MIke Boogie, Allison and Jase got in last time? Not everyone can as popular as Janelle and Kaysar you know. Well its the same analogy here. Ronnie was a master manipulator and planned moves 10 steps ahead. True BB fans will remember that and appreciate his geeky persona that brought smiles and laughter to households all over America. Love him or hate him, had Ronnie allowed Chima and Russell to go home as planned; no NBK dominance; and the dull_troublemaker, the racist surfer dude, and the oafish wigger stuck around; all you nay-sayers would have been cheering Ronnie/Nat/Jessie on as the underdogs. Your fickle loyalties are as pathetic as those within the BB house. I’ll be loyal to him even after he’s voted out and the HGs continue to make fun of him for weeks. That’s why I’m F Uing the program from now on.

His downfall was trusting in the wrong people that he thought had his back and would keep their convos confidential (Russ, Kevin, Lydia, Michelle); but I’ll blame that on NBK being too large an alliance to begin with. The remaining NBK may appear to be more self-absorbed but that’s what makes them interesting, Love-to-hate archetypes if ever there were ones. What Russell has done however, there’s no love there, only sick twisted vile hatred. He’d be the 1st one evicted if ever he made All-Stars (assuming he ain’t serving 25 to life by then, lol!) The man needs a straight-jacket along with Lydia. Trust me when the season’s over and whoever wins wins, no one a year from now will remember any of the HGs names except Jessie, Chima and Ronnie- they’ve stood out the most thus far and that likely won’t change. Buh-bye! I’ll leave y’all with a quote a clever but naive man once said:

“May the force be with you, my friends!”
Ronnie Talbott


Ronnie might be a villain but he is no Dr. Will. He is ANNOYING to look at, to listen to and makes all around bad TV. And he’s not very good at being a villain either. I tried to like Ronnie but he’s too annoying.

And as for making fun of their looks…they’re on TV, they signed their souls away so they’re fair game. And I cannot wait for Chima and her bird’s nest and fake lips to go. Not saying everyone in there are gorgeous but Chima is just UGLY. And watching her desperately throw herself at Russel is pathetic.


Eric, you are money! Can I steal your line that “Nat is the ugliest guy in the house” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!


Eric, you hit the nail on the head.
And when you’re talking ‘game play’ Russell was an angel compared to Evil Dick. Seriously…”ratty tat tat” is nothing compared to Dick’s cursing and tormenting. Dick went after everything: personality, family, body image. Dick was terrible. But, Dick was a dick and he made no apologies for it. He was playing the game, and I respected him for it–even if I didn’t like his methods. He didn’t sneak around and hide and lie and then when he was called on it—go hide!!! That’s the problem I have with Ronnie. He can lie and manipulate and pit teams against each other, but when they call him on it, he can’t man up. He goes and hides and whines and cries like a pansy. Grow some balls. Seriously. I was embarrassed for him. If you’re going to stir the pot, then face the consequences.


Hallelujah! I couldn’t have said it better. You said it all in a nut shell.


Nice guys finish last – must be Ronnie’s wife (lol) . Boy is your perception of people off. Have you ever watched BB before. What a loser!!!!!!

just me

so who is this?…ronnie’s wife, sister, mother?…can’t be a random viewer with such a strong opinion for the rat…


Is this ronnie’s wife? He’ll be with you soon…………


Obviously you are Ronnie’s wife or some other relative.


God Bless You! You need to pull yourself away from the TV, Computer, Live Feeds, etc. You are entirely too involved. People may think maybe Ronnie isn’t getting edited properly and that is why so many people in America feel so strongly and want him out of the game. I get to watch it live on
Show Time every night so was able to give every one the benefit of the doubt and Ronnie is being presented correctly he is a rat.

I think you have issues comparing him to Russel and saying Russel will end up in prision and getting r****.

What makes this world so nice is that we are all different. If we all act the same this world would be very boring. But when you hear people like you it is sad a very scary.

You seriously need to stop watching the show because you have so much hatred. Start reading the bible like Ronnie.

God Bless!

Nat is a Dike

uhh yea it does your a dummy nice guys always finish last you must b ronnies wife cause thats the only person who likes him I cant wait to see him walk out the door buh bye fat rat a tat tat and you suckk!!!


I agree with you. That is either Ronnie’s wife, Mom, sister, etc.
There is no way he would ever be back for Big Brother All Star’s.


I think I am in love with you “Nice guys finish last” because I couldn’t agree with you anymore. People keep going on and on about Ronnie’s “ugly wife” and it is really messed up. Unfortunately Jeff is going to get the power and the show will become a snorefest.


I don’t agree with every one bringing Ronnie’s wife into any of this. She didn’t apply for this show. I saw a picture of her and I thought she was cute. I don’t know how on earth Ronnie got some one like her.



No one said this game was easy and yet you have people thinking other wise Like Dumb asses Jeff and Jordan who sign up for the game and knew nothing about it and complain about people not keeping the word, what a dumb ass and lets not forget about Casey(wigger)a want to be.Again i say for those of you who are complaining about big brother bring back Jessie and don?t won?t to watch the show anymore,get over yourself and stop whining ,and here is a tissue. I say don?t hate the player hate the game. Jessie,Russ,Natalie,chi ma,,Lydia and kelvin were all an a team,as well as Jeff,Jordan,Lauren,Braden,Michelle and Casey were on a team with Ronnie been a floater to go back and fore to see who were the weaker link, made a chose and stuck with it,score one for Ronnie or shall i say 3(Braden,Lauren and now Casey) WOW i would say pretty damn good for a Rat wouldn?t you say.The game is Out lie,Out wit,Out play your opponents. The game is spicy this year you have Hand and Blow Jobs going on (Lydia)in the house and Dumb and Dumber(Jeff and Jordan) who should not be allow to speak at anytime, just dumb in the house i see why they stick to gather they both share a brain LMAO angry old man who wanted to be black(Casey) and lets not for get the Bully (RUSSEL)who has jump in Jeff face Lydia face and now Ronnie. And here?s one for the Jordan fans Big Brother has given her a leg up in the competition you can now view her ass tits and Vagina on the site since she don?t use her shared brain they are helping her out.

Hey Jordan when all else fails use what your Momma gave you. (Hell Nall) LMAO, and by the way we all know your work don?t mean anything in the Big Brother House, RUSSEL is a hypocrite because he accursed Ronnie of lying which is true but he has diarrhea at the mouth for lying also trying to play both sides of the house the same as Ronnie way to go RUSS.

PS. I LOVE THIS GAME NO MATTER WHO WINS OR LOSES. MY ALL TIME PLAYER IS DR.WILL (What a liar an smart ass who out played his Opponents.)


Best BB players: Dr. Will, Dan, and Evel Dick.
Hopefully somebody will emerge this season. So far it’s more of a Battle Royale.


My favorite is also Dr Will. He also lied and schemed but he was funny. There is no comparison of Dr Will and Ronnie. I know it is a game but Ronnie lies to every one and then just goes on and on and on and on trying to weasel out of his lies. I think he is a weasel. I do like Russel. I don’t think it is appropriate for things that go on the house (Lydia) to get further in the game. To let someone use you like that. Doesn’t any one have any respect for themselves or each other. I also do understand why they find it necessary to say F$$$ so much on the live feeds. I think it makes you sound stupid and not have much class. I know it is just a word but it makes you sound so ignorant when you can’t have a sentence with out using the word. As for Jeff and Jordan being stupid…. who knows it could be an act. When you play dumb maybe it gets you further in the game. Look how dumb Paris Hilton comes across and I seen on a show this week when they interviewed her that she said she has been doing that for years and it is just an act playing stupid. I don’t care what Jesse says I thought Jordan was very fair when she was picking names for the have nots and he has been such a baby. H eshould thank her he needs to lose some of that sickening bulk. He looks like he has a pea head.


Good grief Michelle, it is just a game. Why talk so nasty about people you don’t know. Everyone has a right to like who they like and dislike who they want to. It is supposed to be entertainment. I don’t like Ronnie or how he has played and I don’t like Jessie or Nat, but it is nothing personal, I don’t think that they are bad people and I would not talk about them like you have talked about Jordan, that is silly. Maybe you shouldn’t watch the show if it makes you that upset.


You are absolutely right. If people can’t watch a TV show without getting so upset over it they should find something else to do. I also don’t like some of the people on the show…..but it’s just a game. If they want to go on TV and do the things they do for America to see that is their right.


Marcella take a pill and go to bed. !!


Still here after the pill still feel the same


Took the pill still have the same view-


how nice, the handful of ronnie fans come out to play……

Nat is a Dike

hahaha for real theres like what 5 ronnie fans… if even that… stop being bitter cause jeff and jordan are about to dominate :D cant wait to watch the fat rat leave and go home to Mrs. fat rat…

ha ha HA

go JEFF go.
*Vote for JEFF*

Randy Wolfgang

The one person I cannot stand is Natalie – is it possible for Jesse to be alone for five seconds without that pouty bitch showing up. Jeff should use his power next week and put both Jesse and Natalie on the block – without Jesse, Natalie will fold up and die. A scheming insecure back stabbing bitch who needs to be evicted. As for Ronnie – yeah he’s a great player. Whenever things don’t go his way, he creeps away and sulks. If he is really sincere about the Bible – he should go over the section about “bearing false witness”. Another Bible thumping hypocrite!!


I love how more than half of you can’t put together a coherent sentence.


Who the heck is “Nat” and / or “Rat”?

Big Lew

Has Jessie ever heard of Calamari? He seems to not be too bright! of


Nat is the real little ugly sour-pussed mean man and Rat is a piggish 30 gay gamer who sucks at the game and is leaving this week.


Ronnie really lives up to his name! Rats run and hide when the light is shined on them! Lol! His fans must be nerds or in his gamer club! Come on he sits on his ass all day and plays video games! That’s a worthy husband! Ha ha ha! Its nice to see ppl call braden a racist surfer and then in the next breath call Casey a wigger! That’s showing you racist side! Sore losers! I loved Evel dick! He was real! If he didn’t like you he told you! He laid his game on the table for everyone to see and with everyone knowing his moves he still won! Lmao!