Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia is Going to Throw Eggs and Pickle Juice on Natalie


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:35am Kitchen Michelle and Chima chatting about the wake up calls, today they got to listen to a Bruce Springsteen song. Chima etlls her the only thing she has against Michelle is taht she didn’t vote for her the first week. Michelle says sorry she just thought it was the right thing to do and everything was so crazy back then. Chima understands Micehlle tells her she’s never said anything bad about Chima, Chima says the same things. Chima doesn’t think the game should be about lying and manipulation it should be more about making relationships and winning competitions. Michelle totally agrees.


11:45am Jeff and Lydia. Lydia tells Jeff that on Thursday she’s going to have a glass of water beside her and if she gets evicted she’s going to dump it on scrappies head. Jeff laughs “she hates water” Lydia now says she might slap Natalie… Jeff thinks she should leave it to just the water. Lydia tells him that last night Natalie stole Lydia’s blankets. Jeff says she’s going to make TV history. Lydia says that?s the plan! Lydia now thinks that mixing a bunch of vile things from the fridge would be the best thing to dump on Natalie. Jeff says Pickle juice and eggs ……


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Noon Backyard Jeff and Russell working out. Jordan, Michelle and Lydia in the pool talking. Michelle aks Jordan if she’s be cornered by ROnnie. Jordan says no, Ronnie has been really cold to me… They continue to chit chat about random things.. Lydia explains what happened to her last night with Natalie stealing her blankets. They start to bash ROnnie… all of them are dreading Ronnie in the Jury house. Michelle calls them the sunshine crew and comments on JEssie, Natalie and Ronnie are all inside hiding. Lydia tells Michelle that she thinks they have a lot in common and she knows Michelle is a strong player and people have underestimated her. Michelle thanks Lydia and tells her not to worry Lydia is safe this week. Lydia says she not tied to Kevin just like Michelle isn’t tied to Ronnie, she explains that the only thing she won’t do is vote to evict Kevin other than that they are 2 completely different players. Michelle says that Ronnie has to go home this week, if he stays he’s going to take me out because I will not take use the POV on him. Lydia doesn’t think she should worry even though Ronnie acts and thinks he’s a god nobody is buying his shit anymore. She laughs that Ronnie thinks America loves him and he’s getting the wizard power but I bet America hates him. Michelle brings up when Ronnie told her if she voted to evict him than nobody will vote for her to win the 500K… Lydia laughs there?s a lot of weeks left buddy.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:10pm Kitchen Chima and Ronnie. Chima is worried that JEssie and Natalie are screwing themselves by isolating themselves. Chima understand doing it when there is 5 of them but right now they are just 2 and it’s going to affect their game. Ronnie thinks Lydia, Kevin, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle will all group together. they will try to get Russell to join them, Ronnie thinks that he will join them becuase they now have the number. Chima says that Russell didn’t have to honor that deal with Jeff, but he did and now we know where he stands. Chima brings up that people make deals all the time in the house deals mean nothing. Ronnie tells her he believes he going to get the coup D’etat and it will be given to him after the POV ceremony.
Ronnie starts bashing Michelle saying she so dum in the game and socially awkward. She can’t have and the of conversation with people without them feeling weird. (LOL she outside right now playing and having a blast with the other group)Ronnie says that Michelle and him had a conversation last night. he told Michelle that actions speak louder than words. He said to her through his actions these last 3 weeks he’s shown he can be loyal and he hopes Michelle will be loyal and show it with the right action. Ronnie says Michelle is a lone player she has no alliances with anyone. CHima doesn’t think so Michelle is a smart girl.
Ronnie says he talked to Russell and told Russel he’s not going after him and that Ronnie is loyal to their group. He says Lydia is not on his side. Ronnie is getting excited because Russell told him he made some good points and russell will have to think about it. Chima doesn’t reply to that just hmmm hmmmm’s. Ronnie says if he gets evicted its Micelles fault not Russell?s and he’ll make sure everyone knows that. When Ronnie leaves he’s not going to pull a Casey we’ll go out with class and intelligence.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

1:00pm Backyard Michelle, Lydia, Russell, Jeff and Jordan playing in the pool having fun the rest are sleeping inside.



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Ronnie BETTER NOT WIN the power!!! It will be awful if he does. I can’t see how America would vote for him! I’m just worried about all his geek internet friends….probably voting constantly because they have nothing better to do! PLEASE LET JEFF WIN IT!!!!!!!!!

Big brother fan

“Ronnie tells her he believes he going to get the coup D?etat and it will be given to him after the POV ceremony” LOL!


who isnt remembering this is ONLY a game now? those five outside are my favorites. lydia might should stay a while longer cuz she is entertaining. good riddance to chima, jess, nat and ronnie


dont you think BB will eventually tell them to not bring up the wizard at some point. i hope jeff has his game face on after he finds out but it wont be until wednesday


Ronnie said he would go out with class!!! LMAO..this RAT has no ideas what “class” is…he’ s a low life loser……can not wait till he is out and can read hoe people REALLY feel about his sorry ass!!

The Original Jim

Ronnie’s outgoing messages to Laura and Casey have shown how little class he really has.


opps can read *HOW ..sorry..


Why are Nat and Jessie STILL sleeping in the green room? I thought they were told they couldn’t? And Why is Nat eatinf? She’s a have not and was eating cookies last night.


Slop pass…she won it last week

The Original Jim

What I want to know is if she really thinks that she doesn’t have to go on slop the entire season with that slop pass. What a retard.

The Original Jim

1:00pm Backyard Michelle, Lydia, Russell, Jeff and Jordan playing in the pool having fun the rest are sleeping inside.

This is why my ideal final four is Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Russell. You haven’t seen any of that group that’s inside just having fun. All they do it lay around, talk shit about other people in the house, complain or gloat. That’s it.


Its funny how everyone hates the people who lie and back stab and they always love the ones who just want to have fun!!! However if you didn’t have people lying and back stabbing and scheming what fun would this game be as much as you all hate jesse and nat they make for fantastic tv cause the way the play if the whole house was a bunch of dumb air heads like jordan and jeff this would be the worst show of televison period!!!


Jeff is not dumb sweetie

The Original Jim

How do you figure that Jessie and Nat are “fantastic TV”? They don’t do anything. They sleep most the day, then if they are up all they do is bitch about how things aren’t fair for them (could things have been more in Jessie’s favor the first three weeks?), talk shit about everyone else and gloat about how great they think they are. They are spiteful, narcissistic bores.


This isn’t the first jury member week! What are they talking about Ronnie going to the jury house???? I’m confused!

The Original Jim

That’s what they are saying, the need him to go this week because of the problems he could cause if he got to the jury house.


Wow, Ronnie really believes he is something special doesn’t he! How can anyone be that socially ignorant? You know when he gets out and reads 30 comments condeming him and 1 that agrees w/ him, he’ll spin how everyone loves him. I can never understand how people think they are so perfect. Go Jeff!!!


hopefully,russell is finally using his head…i hope he sticks to his guns about ronnie.will someone please tell natadude to comb her hair!?i have never seen such weird people in my life as natadude,jessie,ronnie and lydia.they even walk around the house creepily….like some kind of freaky zombies.what are they on???jessie must go next so we can watch natadude and lydia fall apart with nobody to tell them how to think.
go jeff,russell,jorden and michele!!!!

Nat Hater

Don’t ya mean his SHOTguns. LOL!

Jeff Jordan

I think I’ve figured out why Natalie won’t take a shower while on she’s one of the have-nots….she wants to retain enough body odor to repel Jessie’s hunger!


Nat is very much like an animal. She needs humans to bathe her, she looks like a dog, and she eats dripping pizza cheese off the ground. Hard to believe she is going to college at 24 how low are the standards at Arizona State? I’m sure she’s a quota puppy, she is very ignorant. Almost everything she says outside of game talk is wrong, that’s why she is SO uncomfortable sitting with the group.

mike tyson

whats wrong with going to college at 24 dumbass? Some people get a late start.

mike tyson

and shes still in the game. been put up the most and still surviving. Who forged your transcripts dipshit?


There is a lot of conspiracy talk going on right now @ over the America’s Vote. I cannot tell you how many threads are being dedicated to the use of voting bots for Ronnie. If the vote comes out that Ronnie wins the power and instead of Ronnie and Lydia it winds up being Jordan and Jeff, I will never watch this show again. I have been fed up with the producers meddling before, however if things pan out that Ronnie wins the power, I swear that I will never watch the show again. Basic opinion polls show that in no universe could Ronnie win America’s vote, therefore if the vote is secured in his favor this week, it is obviously with some extraordinary help. What are your thoughts people? Are you as sick as I am by hearing this news? Please leave further comments and let me know I’m not the only one flipping out over these theories.

David, Chelsea, MA

If Ronnie wins this power than6ks to voting bots, this show can consider itself off my DVR for good.


i voted for ronnie 112,000 times,lol


And you also eat your bugers, right!!!


That better be a damn joke!!!!


Haha Ronnie thinks Michelle is socially awkward, but he isn’t? If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. Watching that kid talk to people on the feeds is just flat out awkward.


Thats cool, I voted for Jeff 113,00 times…Lol!!!!!


you can track bots, contests like these sometimes look at ip adresses, well so im told by my friends (programmers)
like it matters, the producers will do what they want regardless of america’s votes


Lol I voted for Jeff 115,000 times so that puts him over rat-a-tat-tat’s fat ass! Lmao! Woo hoo! He’s thinking America is liking him bc of the editing! OMG! I bet he really was picked on in high school bc he is like ppl that I knew in school that now that they are older they try to one up themselves! Accept and deal with it Ronnie you were not liked in school and you are not liked in the bb house and you sure the hell not liked by America!!I sure hope he and his wife adopt! Lmao!

deborah grimes

lamo ron is going to leave that house crying then on his way home he will pick up a jessie (cone)to put in his bedroomso his lookalike (jordon) wife can share


i hope ronni ewins this


jeff all the way!


what a duschbag ronni!