Big Brother 11 – Russell Tells Lydia She Needs to Leave Kevin, “He’s on the there side”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30am Jordan and Michelle outside, Jordan is exercising and Michelle is laying in the sun. They briefly talk about last night. Jordan mentions all the funny games her and Jeff were playing.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:39am Kitchen CHima, Lydia and Natalie talking about how drunk Jessie got last night, Lydia points out he was acting like a kid… Lydia tells Natalie that she saw Michelle in the pool room with Jeff, Russell and Jordan.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00am pool room Russell and Lydia. Lydia is telling Russell about KEvin getting mad at her for talking to Russell. Russell says kevin wants to make sure he’s cool with Chima because she’s on the other side and you are with me on this side. Lydia says she’s pissed at Kevin for telling her who she can talk to. She goes on to say that KEvin isn’t suing the power. Russell says he doesn?t care about the pov the Wizard power is what?s important. Lydia tells him about Jessie being crazy paranoid and he knows the wizard power is coming after him. Russell warns Lydia that Kevin is going to screw her over to win. Russell adds that this game is all about are you willing to give up a friendship for 500K. He says he is fully willing to do that. Lydia continues to bitch about KEvin and Natalie saying they are using me. Lydia goes on about Kevin saying that he told them all in HOH that he’s going to start something big during the POV ceremony.. Russell starts saying that Kevin was telling him once that he’s very good at talking to “females” thats why all the girls love him. Russell tells her eventually she’ll need to let Kevin go, Lydia agrees. SHe says she knows it’s a game and she’s really mad at Kevin for not using the POV and telling her who she can or cannot talk to. Russell keeps on Lydia telling her she needs to look after herself and not worry about KEvin.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:25pm Backyard near the pool Lydia and Michelle. They are talking about slop and how long you have to be on it. Michelle asks about Lydia’s creative slop Recipes. Lydia says the chips will be good they just take forever to cook and she put way too much garlic powder on them.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:30am Backyard couch Scrappy and CHima with Russell on the elliptical. Chima gets called into the Diary Room, Theres a Audio leak and we can hear some of the conversation on the feeds that Chima is having with the shows production staff. Something about the lock down talking a long time today and they’ll give her something… They discover that its playing Diary Room audio and they cut the feeds….
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Jessie’s coming down from steroids and is drinking to numb himself to the crash. He’s also covering up his body now instead of constantly showing off because he’s self conscious about the shrinkage.


All that sleeping and moodiness, no energy to workout all signs of withdrawal from steroids.
He can`t afford to go all the way on BB and not use it, he will have to go home soon.


Do you know him personally to be posting such comments?


Watch the first episode and watch the last on and see his shrinking body for yourself, if you are not delusional.


This house has gone nuts! All i know is — Jeff should use the wizard power on russ and lydia and put up jesse and natalie. I think it means Jesse is going home…..
After that, Russ will be on J/J’s side. Which leaves …J/J, Russ v. Nat, Chima, Michelle with Lydia and Kev floating. Next week hopefully J or Russ wins HOH and either Nat or Chima goes home.


Russell and Jeff needs to go first!


Have you noticed Lydia is so determined to get rid of Natalie, even with Natalie gone, Jessie is still never going to respect or want Lydia for more than what she has been to him in the house. A servant, a BJ giver, a punching bag, a spy who tells him everything anyone says about him, Lydia is nothing more to Jessie than someone he can use and control. Lydia is so not playing this game, she is so hung up on Jessie, she may as well just stand in the middle of the room and tell everyone keep the money, just please make Jessie pretend he gives a damn about me. Lydia’s family must really be embarrassed about the way she is looking on national TV, she is such a loser, chasing after the one guy who is brain dead. Jessie loves Jessie, he does not have any room for Lydia, she needs to wake up and get over Jessie, she’s a complete fool and as a woman, I’m tired of seeing her throw herself at Jessie’s feet. Lydia needs mental help!!!


excellent post – that is exactly who Lydia is – that I’m scared for any young girl who is a Lydia fan. YIKES!!!!!!!!


Jessie came tp play a game for all the haters. Lydia came to fine a guy that can put up with her metal health issues!


this really is the worst bunch of people BB has picked in all of the seasons they’ve had. my fav is jeff and i hope he uses the power to get jessie out of the house. and if chima goes off like she says she will it will just show her poor sportsman ship and ignorance even more. it is a game, she won hoh and he won the other power from America and she will just have to get over herself. she is not the fricking BB goddess or queen for god’s sake like she thinks she is. then after jessie is gone they need to get the chia pet as russell calls her out. the gnat will not know what to do with herself with her homie boy gone and chia pet, platypus lips has got to go, just looking at her much less having to listen to her makes me crazy. it’s like fingernails down a blackboard. yikes!!!!!! i would like to see jeff win the game because i feel he is the one who has stayed nutural to everyone and listened to them and just tried to stay out of the line of fire and be supportive if need be but also watch out for himself too. i think his game is a good clean one so far. i could be wrong though.

does anyone think that jeff won’t use his power, that he will be to afraid to use it???


Jeff needed America to give him the upper hand because he can’t win by playing his own game. I don’t see the fairness in that. I hope he goes home shortly after, if he choose to use the power. Russell need to go before Jessie. Jessie is not attacking everyone in the house.


Brooke, you’ve nailed it – my wishes EXACTLY! Kitty, you’re just a little pussy trying to “stir the”websites!


EXACTLY DITTO!@!!!!! wtf is capital K-Kitty ‘i am ronnie’? probably


If I was Jeff……..take down current noms….put up Natalie and Michele..when this happens I pray that self-rightous ashey skinned blow bag explodes on live – air .Hopefully her her spontaneously combusted personna violates some/any BB rules resulting in a penalty vote . With all the talk of the all-chix final 5,4,3,2,1 jeff must get a female…..any female….out of that house. Hopefully it will be a tie then the completely melted down ego destroyed cackling diva will then refuse to vote one out thus causing a second penalty vote .Finally after about 25 mins of warnings and threats from staff ,cousin IT will vote out Michele .Jeff will own Russell ,Lydia will be so happy her slightly cracked mental well being will be flooded with complacency for the Hoh comp.Kevin will most likely have soiled himself at wee bit thus rendering himself useless ,Augie Doggy and Doggy Daddy will be ALL SHOOK UP as the only 2 cool heads coast to victory with that Hyeena and Doggy Daddy getting no’d a day later…….hey I can dream can’t I?????


really , REALLY , reallly …wow…you are so mistaken and need to get a life…

Dr. Screw

You don`t need a very heavy or long workout to look very muscular and defined when you are a Steroids user. We see on the feeds that Jesse`s workouts are lighter than our granny`s aerobics class, no heavy weights and short lived.

Not being able to be on it during his stay on the BB House the signs of abstinence starts to show : lack of energy, tiredness, sleepness, fast shrinking of body size, mood swings, stomach pains, general pain and headaches. And even state of paranoia and obsession.

Carrot Top

I agree with brooke, Jeff should strike a deal with Russ, replace him & Lydia with Jesse & Nasty…to send Jesse packing. AMF! I like Nat but her lying around annoys me… Oye are you on your period cabrona?

Wont Lydia miss Jesse’s finger?? What a conchina! What kind of way is that to behave… He’s a guy, hes only doing his job, if she lets you than go for it, but doesn’t she have family? Shes attractive & creative but stupid. Thats not exercising your freedom, letting a stranger fingerbang you..IN FRONT OF PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER WATCHING OR READING!!! simply proves you have no self esteem.


I was watching BBAD and Jesse drank so much wine his teeth were stained…lol. This is gonna be great on thursday. Can’t wait to see whose more upset jesse for going home or chima for having her nom snatched from her.


russel needs to stay for more entertaining DRAMA, we want to see what chima is going to do when her power is taken away form her form jeff, cmon BB don’t let us down


and jessie goin home and the blow up from chima, nat EPIC


Jessie is a natural bodybuilder, this means you have to sign a contract that you don?t use steroids.

This means Jessie don?t use any steroids, sorry.

And how many weights you use , isn?t important .

I am a personal trainer and Jessie uses only protein shakes, that?sall.


Bitch, we don`t care if you a personal trainer or a personal tool, go to and watch the diferrence on Jesse`s body from the first episode and today. Go make a web site : ” ” . You are irritating, dumb and sttuborn. Go pop you zits…


I must have missed it also 😉


melanie has a hard-on for douchie..I mean Jessie. You better watch alot this week mel, it’s gonna be his last.




update us on the fighting.


Lots of althetes sign contracts & use steroids. I don’t think personally that Jessie uses them he sure can play the part.

Mr. E

Russell is a pretty good player. He’s already thinking ahead to when/if he gets off the block by trying to recruit Lydia as a teammate in advance. If Lydia is pulled off the block, there’s no proof that Chima’s plan would have worked, however she owes Russell for his POV in Week 1and she’ll owe Jeff for saving her with the Coup d’Etat. Remember, Lydia knows that there’s no guarantee that Russell would not have been pulled off and someone else put up against her that had a better chance of staying. Jessie could have easily volunteered to go on the block and had a guarantee of winning the POV, but instead they used Lydia as a gambit and the combination of Natalie’s pointless self-confidence, Jessie’s obsessive self-preservation, and Chima’s arrogance is now going to doom him and then them.


O.K, Jesse is in love with himself. Even love,s himself more then his Mommy. He is spoiled, & that all comes from a kid, he is spoiled rotten by Mommy & the looks he gives & the faces he makes, show nothing but love for himself. I could not stand him last year & I really can,t stand him this year. & yes he is on something, just look at his face. The guy is far from good looking.

Mr. E

Kevin mentions Russell saving a bug he caught in a bag and Jeff laughs. Kevin and Michelle start badmouthing Russell, Jeff gets up and walks away. Kevin and Michelle stop talking. Michelle looks worried. I think they see a freight train coming that they can’t stop.


wow so if russell goes around person to person its “smart” if jesse or ronnie did it, then they are “rats”….classic. you really have that down to a BS science.


I think that you guys are missing something very important here. I seem to me that a lot of you guys believe that Chima is a dumb idiot and Russ is loose cannon. I don?t think so. I do not believe Chima and Russell are as mad at each other as they pretend to be. Russ has done this before (With Ronnie). I also believe that those two always thought that the America Votes wizard power would go to Jeff/Jordan. Understanding that fact, why not create enough chaos in the house to keep every one off balance, including Jeff/ Jordan and America. When Jeff use the Power to put up Jess and Nat, one or both will go home / the blood will be on Jeff?s hands. Chima and Russ will team back up because I think Russ is in love with Chima. I may be wrong. But? for the sake of argument let?s look into the future.

Two Teams: Jeff / Jordan (JJ) or Chima / Russell (CR)
Remaining House Guests: – Ask yourself?
? Jessie will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Kevin will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Lydia will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Michelle will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Natalie will vote with (JJ) or (CR)

From what I have seen so far, if Jeff uses the power, he is toast. Jordan will then side with Chima because she respects Chima as a Sassy girl. This game will be over and Chima will win $ ? Mil.
I also agree with some one that said / Lets stop the name calling / These are your fellow American and they have names. Just my two cent.