Big Brother Spoilers – Russell: “I would do her but drop her off at home. I don’t have time for a dumb broad”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:35pm Backyard Jordan talking her personal life. She says that 2007 was the worst year ever because here parents got divorced, lost their house and she broke up with her Man. She tells them that around that time she started getting into trouble. Kevin asks if she got int “drugs violence and joined a gang”. Jordan says she did try some drugs like coke and ecstasy. Michelle start trying to explain to them about the different drugs and how they affect people. She explains how they are made and how people get addicted to the. Jordan ask her questions and Michelle very knowledgeably answers. Kevin makes a comment that he will never try coke cause he afraid to get addicted. Michelle tells him that a very small percentage of people get addicted to coke. Kevin says he can’t believe Jordan’s been with only one guy. She swears that she has only had sex with one guy and she lost her virginity to him when she was 18. She goes on to tell them that the next man she sleeps with will be the man she spends the rest of her life with. Kevin wonders if she’ll wait until she’s 80. Jordan says no but she won’t have sex with a guy because he’s paying attention to me.


Kevin asks Russell how many girls he’s been with. He says the last three girls he’s been with have asked him that and he won’t answer. Everyone starts guessing… he says more than 50. Russell says he likes to date tall models with big boobs. he says if he can’t hold a conversation with a girl he is done. He would do her but the drop her off at home. He doesn’t have time for a dumb broad. Kevin says that with women/men there is a role but with gay relationships not so much.. sometimes he opens the door sometimes his boyfriend does no role in who would drive that is why gay relationships are “DABOMB”.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:45-9:35pm Kitchen table Everyone goes in to eat dinner


9:45pm Recycling Room The Rat is reading his bible when Natalie comes in and tells him to go to the backyard with the rest of them. Ronnie says yes he will.
Backyard everyone outside now, Ronnie?s keeping his distance though.

Jessie tells them he’s getting hammered tonight he’s going to drink the bottle from he HOH room once he gets it. The talk goes to websites and Jessie asks Kevin to do his website for him. They say if your not on goole your nobody on the internet. They all ingnore Ronnie but he does try to communicate with them. General chit chat….. Lydia really likes Twitter and goes on about how she just TWEETS now. Talk goes to past big brothers they wonder which house uest of all time has had the most HOH wins… Natalie asks Ronnie and he says Janelle 2 or 3. Jesse says it was Dan, Ronnie agrees. Kevin asks why they all hate dan, “He’s cute”. Natalie saying that when Dan was there he told them that every time his name is mentioned someone emails him and tells him what was said and what context it was said in. Natalie comments that her shoulder is really sore and she’s not ready for the have-nots tomorrow.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm Jessie Get his HOH room. His CD is LIL wayne. Jessie starts to read his letter from his mom, “Well done we hope that you are enjoying every minute of it. We are very proud of you, Go team Jessie. The other night.. your dad and I took them out to eat Chinese we did sparklers and had a fire out back and we caught lighting bugs. It feels more like fall than summer…………. your #1 Fan ”

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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Evel Russ

New drinking game, drink every time Natalie complains about her shoulder hurting. You’ll be smashed 24/7.


i dont understand y everyone is acting like ronnie is Satin everyone in that house lied and i think it would be stupid of jessie 2 get rid of him this week i mean ronnie runs his mouth but his alligence is to jessie and i think jessie/nat should just foucus on gettin casey/jordan/jeff out becuase if they take out jessie this week then next week one of those 3 will win hoh and put up jessie/nat


I agree with you torrie 100% , the HoH should be thinking about him/herself. and not so much others, especially in this case when the others pretty much are jeff/jordon/casey/michelle. So who really cares..