Big Brother Spoilers – Lovers Hour, Jordan/Jeff, Jessie/Lydia and Russel/Kevin

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:45pm Most people have left the HOH room. Jessie and Natalie get called into the DR together. This leaves only Russell and KEvin. Russell jokes with KEvin about him being nice to Russell all of a sudden. Russell is saying he misses home and wishes he had some pictures of his family. He says he’s very close to his family. Kevin tells him he’s going to cry when he gets HOH. Russ says, I don’t cry…..
10:49 backyard Jeff and Jordan. Jordan asking if he thinks Jessie will put her up, Jeff tells her not to worry. Jordan says she’s still worried that she’s going up and the POV will not be used to back door The Rat. Jordan wonders why they called Jessie AND Natalie to the DR… Jeff says this week is a little less tense for him. Jeff is glad he didn’t win HOH this week. He would draw a bigger target on his back. Jeff telling Jordan that he’s going to take her as far as he can get her to the jury house at least. Jordan and Jeff both agree to put Jessie on slop if they can. They also both confirm that Ronnie is still their target. Casey joins them, he’s going on about Jesse not sticking to the plan and he hopes Jesse is going to stick to the plan like everyone else is. Casey says he doesn’t think Jess is dumb enough to go away from the plan. He’s says it’s not worth making all the enemies, Chima, Casey, jeff, jordan, Michelle, Kevin, Russell, Lydia…..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Casey tells them to stay on the down low this week and see how it all plays out. HE says this thing with Lydia and Natalie is going to boil over soon. Jordan says Lydia plans to sleep upstairs tonight. Jordan says she can tell that Russell is bothered about Jessie. Casey says because he’s tired of playing second fiddle
Natalie Joins them
Casey is starting to wonder if the stuff Russell was doing to Ronnie was fake. He really thinks there?s going to be a clash between Russell and JEsse but they have to leave that one alone it’s going to start on its own. Jordan says Ronnie sure was excited to have Jessie as head of household. Casey says because Jessie is the least of the evils.
Casey tells them if Ronnie talks to him he’s going to tell Ronnie never to look at him again. Jeff says ronnie is going to talk to jessie, and he will start to question if what ronnie says will be a lie or truth. Jordan says all Ronnie cares about is the game. Casey thinks that Ronnie is going to try to get back with people by playing the sympathy card. Jeff says he hates Ronnie, Ronnie made everyone else hate him. Casey says he’s not sure of much in this house but he’s am 99% sure that Jessie will do the right thing Natalie runs back in to tell every word to Jesse. Jeff says he hopes that she’s not going to twist that conversation. Casey thinks she will in a way, she’s only 18. Jeff says he will talk to JEsse himself he doesn’t need to hear that from her. Casey well I think that the fact that Russ hates him so bad and he talks bad about Natalie and the fact that I planted that seed.. does he really want to trade one person for six?. Jordan mentions that Lydia is on her side now, she wanted me to become a lesbian and make out with her. Casey tells Jordan she has to continue that relationship.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


11:19pm Russell, Jesse and Natalie. Natalie has just relayed the entire conversation she just had with Jeff and Casey. JEssie says that Casey wants me to do his dirty work and waste my HOH on getting rid of ROnnie. They start talking about Michelle… Natalie wants her gone. Jesse says that he was approached by Michelle earlier today and she said she swears she didn’t vot for laura to stay. Russell wants Casey gone.. Jesse tells them to just stay calm until after the have/not?s contest then we will make a decision. Jessie makes a joke that Casey and Michelle will go up and the POV will be used and he’ll put up ROnnie but Casey will go home. Jessie remind Natalie to keep her mouth SHUT.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:31pm backyard Jordan and Jeff cuddling. Jeff says he needs to get Natalie out of this game. If he can get Nat out than Russell and Jessie are going to implode. HE thinks he’ll have no problem getting Natalie out. Jordan sasy she really wants to win a competition Jeff smiel and tells her to step up… she gives him a nudge. They both think Casey is going up, Jordan says it’ll be Michelle. Jeff says its because Casey is getting on peoples nerve he went a little too far with the ROnnie thing. jeff saying when he woke up in HOH today ,Russ and casey were talking quietly then went in green room together, hopes they scheming to knock out Jessie and not him, saying chima said she thinks Casey?s the one who voted for laura.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:30pm HOH Lydia and Jesse chit chat and flirting

He asks her who he thinks he should put up She says Michele and Casey. Lydia says she really doens’t like Casey, “casey’s a douche” always running his mouth off. Jesse brings up taht Casey is in her Clique and she might want to keep him around for a little bit longer. Lydia says ofcourse she wants Michelle to go home first, she says the mystery vote was Michelle. Lydia goes on to tell him that Natalie is doing alot of talking to the other players, she saying too much. Jesse knows and he knows its a big problem. Jesse tells Lydia to keep whatever they talked about secret. Lydia tells him that Jordan told her to ask him if she could sleep in the HOH room with him so that she could have a bed…. he smiles. Jessie asks her on a ascale of 1 to 10 how hard did Lydia try on the HOH. Lydia says 7 because she was nercous getting up there. Jesse tells her she in a good position in this game nobody hates you everyone confides to you. Jesse tells her he’s not going to burn her she says she won’t burn him. Lydia calls herself the weird odd Girl and JEssie says he doens’t see her that way..

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The Original Jim

Natalie is such a twit. Her lies are ridiculous and she’s so obvious. Even with the “mystery vote”. Right after it happened, she’s yapping like a little dog, oh Michelle did it, Michelle did it. Any time it’s brought up she’s the first to say something. Someone says, well the person who did it would have been called to the diary room. She jumps in to say, “I was called to the diary room and I didn’t do it.” Plus she gets a stupid smirk on her face any time it’s brought up. And now she has Jesse lying for her, saying on all his forms the age limit is 18, when Kevin and others are saying, they always saw 21. I mean, come on, they put alcohol in the house. How stupid are these people.


This has got to be the dumbest group ever! I can’t stand natalie she’s so far up jessie’s ass she can’t even see straight, pretty soon they’re going to turn on each other, wait & see, jessie’s is out for himself!


Natalie is the new Ronnie. Jessie winning HOH made me throw up in my mouth a little. That guy is such a tool. Jessie will need to have rectal surgery by the end of this game to remove natalie from his anus. Who knows, he may just enjoy it!!


I am starting to dislike this entire group except Casey, Jeff, and Jordan. I can not believe these morons are going to keep Ronnie “The Rat” in the game. Kevin, Lydia, Michelle and Chima better wake up and realize they will soon be targets!


On the topic of Russell……I’m not a fan in any way, but I think he is playing by far the smartest game. It’s diffcult, even as the viewer to tell what his agenda is or how he really feels about anyone since he has not bonded with anyone, but isn’t really a floater either. And he intimidates everyone to some extent. They really messed up the chance to get him out last week and it may be quite a while before such a golden opportunity presents itself again. I’lll be very disappointed if Russell makes it to the end, but not surprised.


Come on Big Brother, give us a twist. Get rid of the cliques, give us America’s Player…. something!!!! I would LOVE to see Jessie get screwed again!!

Jessie wouldn’t vote Russ out when he had the chance, and he won’t vote out Ronnie either. Jessie is a dumb player and will go out this season the way he did last season, in week 4.


We need a TWIST SOON I ‘m sick of natalie & jessie, jessie can’t move unless natalie is in his ASS & for a fact NATALIE IS NOT 18 SHE WAS BORN IN 1985 WHICH MAKES HER 24 natalie is such a LIAR!


I think the twist is that Jesse and Kevin are actually lovers outside of the house………..

Randy Wolfgang

Dear addictedtoBB – yes but who’s the top??????


I always thought Jesse was gay. It made perfect sense that he hated Laura, she had his physique, just in female form. Jessie has horse teeth too.

Mike Boogie rules

Chima….comb that nappy head…..GOD shes disgusting!


if she’s so disgusting stop looking at her then .

Evel Russ

Clever come back.

Mike Boogie rules

Its hard not too see that ugly mug on Tv……mind your own business Lisa…you must have a nappy head too


agree, worse BB ever. this cast is full of dummies, snotty diva’s and all and all incrediably B-O-R-I-N-G people.really, i used to watch BB after dark and all it is is jessie (YUCK) and Russell working out while checking out their own reflections (mostly jessie doing this).chima’s a nasty,nasty person while lidia is only happy stirring up trouble and nat,well, it would be nice if she has some personality other then a whiney lil brat in awe of creepy jessie.come on BB can’t you pick some decent people for the show????these people blow!!oh, and jorden PLEASE stop looking at yourself and constantly playing with your hair.laura should not have gone…at least she had a brain.i’m giving the show one more week and if nothing changes,i’m done with watching it.

BB11  Fan

Agreed, the smart one should have stayed. It’s lame that someone can stay in the game because they lack intelligence.


Bring back Evil Dick!!!!! Atleast he wasnt boring!!!!!! Does it look like Ronnie (the rat) has lost 20 lbs?


there is not a single houseguest i lik
e or hooked on to

Dr. Mike

I dunno the only two people I like are Jeff and Jordan and Jordan is cute and very nice. Jeff seems to be a cool man. Jordan is the ditsy blond some guys like but in a cute way. if you haven’t seen her on the After Dark she is very cute when she talks. Her and Jeff are a good couple, total opposites.

As far as this years BB, it is not all that bad as what people commented above. The only bad thing I can see that might be boring is to the live feeds and After Dark because we know more then the normal cbs run times. Particularly the who is playing who and the clicks. So if you watch Russle go off on Ronnie and later find out he was playing a game then yeah its like fake boring after awhile. Almost scripted.


Tryin’ so hard to get attached to one of these extremely boring pple!! Wth??!!! Not only r they boring, Jessie comes off sounding like d voice of reasoning { y’all know he’s a pathetic meathead} n don’t get me started on russ!!! He starts all these 7 yr old fights {dats like an insult so 7 yr olds too}. I’ve never wished for BBs interference b4 but oh–do we did it!! I’ll give ’em just one more week as well. I mean, reading updates abt these morons is actually more stimulating.

Ps: Chima is Nigerian I think so I’m pretty sure dats a weave she has on…n she does seem to be keeping it well so move on.




Its a joke calm down


this season is BORING i agree with joel not only are there not a alot of fights but its not that funny all the funny stuff like when Russel did that Aulstrailain acent to chima they didnt show that on tv! Also everyones is the same (except for Chima) they got no one else random. Basiclly there in the same age group 20 to 30.


Ya i wish that they showed more of jeff and jordan because they are the only interesting people i find.