Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Rat said something to the camera after Jessie won HOH and Chima calls Russell Dirk Diggler

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:30pm Kitchen all the houseguests are together talking about the eviction and the HOH competition. The big question on everyone?s mind is who voted for Laura to stay. Everyone is making a joke about the new “rat” except for Chima she is really trying to figure it out. Russell tells everyone its a waste of time who cares Laura wanted a sympathy vote and that is what she got. Chim asks everyone who voted for Larua to go raise their hand and of course everyone raises their hands. Chima is frustrated, Casey adds that nobody is going to get mad at the person they just really want to know. Russell brings up it was ROnnie, Ronnie admits it was him he had snuck into the room. Jeff telling everyone to drop it doesn’t matter. Natalie now is complaining that Laura didn’t hug her on her way out. The talk goes all over the place they talk about their goodbye messages and JEssie says his was kinda mean to Laura. He says he made fun of her for getting out on the second week and than he flexed his bicep. Someone brings up “rubbing one out” in the HOH house, Natalie adds that the shower is safe cause there is no cameras in there. Nobody is really talking to Ronnie.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm Lydia is fake sleeping again in the bedroom. JEssie walks in to get something but
doesn;t distrub her. Once he leaves she lifts her head up and looks for him.

7:00pm upstairs Chess board Natalie and JEssie. They are talking about the number of votes left Jessie says 8. He asks Natalie if KEvin voted for Laura to stay, SHe doesn?t think so. Natalie says it was Michelle. Natalie starts talking aout who should go home this week. She says they need to get rid of Casey. She brings up when casey said he wanted to put the athletes on slop should be reason enough. She warns Kessie if he puts ROnnie up he goes home. Jesse thinks he’ll put up Michelle and Jordan. He brings up Lydia being in the good books with everyone and thats why she didn’t even try in the HOH competition. Jessie instructs Natalie that they have to play like the plan is to backdoor Ronnie. Jessie

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

realizes he has all the pressure this week. he’ll have to nominate 2 people and if he doesn’t get rid of Ronnie, he’ll have a huge target. Natalie says they might just want to be honest about it and tell everyone he wants to keep Ronnie. Jessie gets called into the Diary room and Kevin and lydia join Natalie. Natalie immediately tells Kevin he’s safe this week. Lydia says she’s depressed. Kevin asks why. She says she tries to keep positive, but it’s hard. She goes on to complain about not winning the competition and she’s scared of being put on slop.


7:10pm Bedroom Michelle and Chima. Michelle tells her that she thinks tehy are going to keep Ronnie now. Chima is pissed off she wants Ronnie gone. Lydia joins them and they all grumble about how the competitions are set up so that only the men will win. Lydia makes a joke that a competition should be a makeup contest. Michelle leaves. Lydia says if it’s final 5 and four of them are athletes, she’s going to be pissed. Chima agrees. The two girls agree that the nominations will be Casey and Michelle. Russell joins them and asks Chima why Laura was Crying? Chima says it’s because Laura really wanted to play the game. Chima tells Russell he reminds her of Dirk Diggler from boogie nights. Russell doesn’t know who that is, so Chima elaborates that he was a porn star with a giant Penis. She goes on to say that Big Brother never asks her questions because of what she said last week during Bradens eviction. Michelle wanders back in. Russell tells chima she didn?t say anything wrong during her speech on the block she just caught the producers off guard so now there p[laying safe. Chima complains that they asked all the other girls questions but her.


7:20pm Recycling room Jeff and Jordan. Jordan says that Jessie better stick to the plan to get Ronnie out. Jeff isn’t sure, He’s pissed that he didn’t

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

win HOH… he says he was so close. He tells Jordan she needs to “knuckle up” in the competitions. Jordan tries to explain to him that she is trying her best but she’s no good at them. She gets a little angry at him saying she really is trying. Jeff brings up his ball hitting the 10 bucket than flying out for a minute there he thought he had won. He tells says to her that it might be for the best that he didn?t win this one. Jeff tells her she’s safe this week because he
thinks that Jessie will stick to the plan and BackDoor Ronnie the rat. Jordan doesn’t look convinced she keeps asking him how does he know she’s safe. Jeff tells her he’s pretty sure it’ll be Ronnie and Michelle.


7:30pm red bedroom Jeff, Jordan and Russell. Natalie walks in and says that Ronnie is going to sleep in the red room. They say to stick Ronnie in the pool room to sleep. Jordan brings up that Natalie will be sleeping with Jesse in the HOH. Natalie says she’s not they won?t let her sleep overnight up there. they start talking about Ronnie and Jeff brings up how excited Ronnie looked when Jessie won the competition. Jeff points out that KEvin caught it and so did jordan. Jeff goes on to say that Ronnie the rat said “thank god” to the camera. Jordan says she doesn?t like Ronnie anymore (lol really Jordan this is news to me) Russell and Jeff both think they should just relax today and see what happens. They are still
worried about what will happen if Ronnie wins HOH again. Casey tells them if we stick to the plan Ronnie goes home and we don’t have to worry about him. Natalie starts to bring up the mystery vote and how it was Michelle and she should just stand up and admit it. Everyone else really doesn’t care about it.


7:35pm Michelle and Jordan. Jordan upset that she did so bad in the competition. Michelle tells Jordan that everything will go down as planned and ronnie will go. Jordan says that Ronnie said “thank God” to the camera when Jessie won the HOH. Jordan tells her that Kevin said that, Michelle doesn?t believe it unless she’s beside the person when they say it. Jordan thinks she’s going on the block. Jordan tells Michelle she doesn’t want to get out of bed, doesn’t want to see the clock, she is so hungry. Michelle brings up the vote. Assures Jordan she voted for her to stay. Jordan changes the subject. Now they are talking about Laura and how nervous she was today. Jordan leaves to go upstairs. 7:40pm Chima, Natalie, Lydia, Jordan and Kevin. Jordan is telling them she really doesn?t care about the stupid mystery vote it really doesn?t matter and she wishes people would stop bringing it up. Lydia and Natalie stat talking bad about Laura and said that won night Laura came up to HOH and attacked JEssie. They say that Laura said something bad about Jessie’s mother. Kevin tells Jordan he told Jordan in hi goodbye speech that now that she’s gone he’s going to give Jeff a kiss. Jordan is talking about her speech and talking about McDonald’s and how people are going to think that was so random. they start talking about how much they want McDonalds food….


7:35pm Backyard Casey, Jeff and Russell talking about slop Competition and Casey saying that Jordan is a easy pick for everyone. Casey apologizes to jeff saying he knows she’s his girl
but she’s a easy choice. Jeff says we will worry about it when it comes, Casey agrees. Casey keeps brining up that Jessie better stick to the plan. Russell says he doesn?t know what JEssie is going to do its out of his hands now. Russell now brings up that Jessie has a very tight alliance with Natalie and he thinks if anyone is going to keep Ronnie it’s Jessie. Russell explains the reason is solely numbers; Ronnie will do anything for JEssie right now. Jeff says surely he wouldn’t be that stupid. Russell says from the standpoint of the one person in here who will listen to him talk. They agree that Jessie will let Ronnie in to talk. Casey says if he won HOH he probably wouldn’t have even let Ronnie in his room. He intends to tell Ronnie not to talk to him if he tries.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm Backyard Jeff and Jessie, Jessie tells him that he not stupid he knows that if one of the Athletes didn’t win it would of been two of them up on the block. He thinks it would of Been himself (JEssie) and Natalie. Jeff goes on about Ronnie and how he crossed the line. Jeff says there?s game than there?s what Ronnie did and that?s not cool.

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The Original Jim

Well, at least no one cares about Natalie’s mystery vote and her going around stirring up crap.

The Chosen One

She’s just a stupid person in general. I don’t think she knows anything about this game. Cos in the end, she will get found out and thrown out….especially once Jessie gets a big target on his back when he keeps Ronnie this week. Have NONE of these HGs watched this show?!!


Yea, no one cares. What is she trying to prove? Jordan doesn’t even care.


I can not stand Natalie. Why would she vote for Laura and tell everyone that Michelle did it. She is such a sneaky something.

The Original Jim

I really can’t take Jesse. The guy has the personality of lint and he’s almost as smart. What’s apparent is his goal is first to get at least Ronnie, Lydia and Natalie to the jury house. If he works that out then somehow, god forbid, manages to get to the final two, he is pretty much guaranteed those three votes and only needs one more to win. I swear it seems like BB set this season up for him to win. Why? No idea. If anyone remembers, last year when he was evicted, the deciding vote to take him out was Dan who had to vote as America’s player and America voted to get rid of Jessie.


natalie thinks shes the shit its pretty funny to watch. if she keeps bringing it up people are going to realize it was her, i dont understand how she thought that nobody would suspect it would be her.


I can’t wait to see who figures out first that Natalie voted to keep Laura. Hope it’s soon….I’m bettting that it will be Michelle…..but will she say anything to anyone soon enough to save herself from going up?


What was the Mcdonald’s thing?


This season is becoming so boring and predictable, also very one-sided. I dvr’d the show and just fast forwarded to the end. Boy I sure am glad they got rid of Laura, no way I want to see a hot long legged bikini model on my tv rather than some nasty little midget like Chima or snaggletooth Lydia trying to hide her complete lack of a body with tatoos.


I don’t get what’s happening with Lydia and Jessie. They apparently hook up with each other, yet Jessie says he doesn’t trust her and Lydia wants to evict Jessie? I don’t follow that!

Evel Russ



we should call this season the dumb and the dumber hgs