Big Brother Spoilers – Ronnie: “Jordans going up NBK 4 Life”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
4:56pm Jesse and Ronnie. Jesse telling him that the plan to get rid of Laura needs to be done. Ronnie says that once he calms down he’ll talk to Jordan about it and tell her if that is the way you feel then lets just say that everything that we’ve said to each other is now off the table. Ronnie thinks he should tell her tonight and let her stew about it and see what comes out of her mouth tomorrow. Ronnie goes on to say that she told him that I would be first to get rid of. Jesse says whatever she’s just tryign to throw everyone at you to protect her team.
Kevin joins the.

Ronnie explains that Jordan is saying that Lydia will put him up. Lydia joins them and they fill her in on what Jordan’s been saying. Jordan is pissed and says both Laura and Jordan need to go. we get Laura out first and then Jordan do know how much better the house would be without those too. Ronnie agrees saying he hates them both, Ronnie going on and on about how Jeff would probably put him on the block anyway no matter what. Lydia disagrees taht they will win HOH she thinks they are useless. Ronnie complains that they will be bugging him tomorrow about the votes. Lydia doesn’t think it’ll
matter she can go up and sweat it out, Laura will go home and then JOrdan can go and then Jeff can go. Lydia tells Them all to not worry remember we have seven votes right now. Remember NBK!
Ronnie says yeah i remember “for life” Lydia yeah NBK for life (natural born killers)


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:10pm Storage room, Michelle and Ronnie. Michelle is telling him there is a
misunderstanding. Ronnie says no there isn’t. he goes on to say 1) you are going to vote my way his week. 2) did you tell anyone that I have theatre experience and can cry on cur? Michelle says of course i’ll vote your way and no i didn’t tell anyone i heard it from other people. Ronnie asks who told you this? Michelle says one of the girls but i don’t remember. Ronnie says that jordan told him not to talk to her anymore so he guesses they aren’t friends. Ronnie tells her that it wasn’t his choice it was Jordans. Michelle asks him if Jordan is the new target. Ronnie says no it’s Laura, he threatens her saying if he finds out that she was spreading his theatre experience then she’s the target. Michelle says no I wouldn?t and I didn’t.


Ronnie tells her there is a perception of Michelle that she will throw anyone under the bus and stay in the middle to cover your own butt. He goes on to tell her how lucky she is not being HOH this week because all the blood is on Ronnie’s hands. Michele says Ronnie doesn?t tell her anything so how can their be any blood on her hands. “I am willing too.. to do what needs to be done you know” Ronnie says he doesn?t talk game to her because every time he tries to talk game you won’t say anything. Michelle denies it. She tells him that they haven’t had any chance to talk one on one. Ronnie says that his HOH has been open since last Thursday and she hasn’t come up there once. She says
she isn’t telling anything to anyone she is committed to the same as he is. Ronie asks what are you committed to, She says the athletes and the brains. Michelle reminds him that she does not play in the middle but she will vote as she sees best for her. He says that he did what he did last week because it was last minute and that he did it for CHima and Michelle.

Ronnie declares that during this veto ceremony the line is going to be drawn in the sand there will be a rapid division in the house. Ronnie tells her it’s time for her to make a absolute decision. your with us or you?re not. Michelle says yes i’m with you but you could be setting me up. He tells her nope he wouldn’t do that her in the house benefits him. Ronnie goes on to say he’s worried that Jeff, Jordan or Casey would all put him up. Michelle says why worry we have the votes…….


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:20pm Casey and ROnnie. Ronnie confirms with Casey that he’s not going
up and that Jordan is. Ronnie goes on to rehash the conversation he had with Jordan. Ronnie said I hate when people force my hand but now I have to weight the odds minimize risk. How do I do this? DO I put Russell up and think maybe Jordon and Jeff will forgive me? I overheard Jeff say he doesn’t want to talk to me and keep Laura and have 3 hate me or just put Jordon up and have 2 hate me. He asks Casey if he told Lydia that “Ronnie will shake your hand look you in the eye and that doesn’t mean a thing”. Casey says tell Lydia to fuck off, Ronnie presses the questions casey says he did say it. Casey says he didn’t say that Ronnie’s mind was a scary place to be that Lydia said Ronnie asks Casey if he has Casey’s word that I did you a solid, kept my word to you and in this game it is hard to keep your word. Casey said lets me honest with each other. they shake hands and says they have a common agreement. Ronnie says that Jordan will be mad but in the end of the day all she really has is you and jeff and Thursday
night it all resets.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:17 backyard Casey, Kevin, Michelle and Natalie. General Chit Chat about the movie. Casey mentions all the candy that was there, he also mentions the weird beer. Casey
makes a joke abou tthe 2 pills they give them in the house one is a vitamin and the other is a anti anxiety and paranoia pill. Casey says he has no problems with Kevin and Natalie. He is telling them that if he doesn’t do what they say he will get kicked out. They ask Casey who he would put up he says not you two. Kevin asked is Jeff playing the game? He always said he doesn’t want to talk game which means he is talking game with someone else? Casey said Jeff is cool man don’t worry about him right now. He’s schooling them on how bad people are runing there mouths and makeing shit up. Casey
defends himself saying he made up nothing to no one and said shit about no one. I say that hothetically. Makin stuff up can be a strategy, maybe it will get em in the end or who knows maybe it won?t, maybe they will be successful.

They start talkign about different ways to play the game by lying or tell the truth and ways you can tell someone is lying to you. Kevin is trying to make it logical, but Casey tries to explain that the person who gets loud is still lying, when someone gets super loud and super defensive that means they are lying. Casey says he knows someone in this house is lying and making shit up. They tell him to confront the person. Casey said it doesn’t matter and wont change a thing if I confront this person. (Casey is talking about Lydia saying he said things about Ronnie). Natalie leaves to tell lydia
Casey knows Lydia was spreading lies about him. While Natalie is gone Kevin and Casey have an agreement to work together. Casey says they will still both act like they hate each other. Natalie returns Casey says it is hard to hear things and not spread things around. BUT when you are not spreading it around and someone says you are doing it it really pisses you off, half the people in here do that. Natalie now saying that Michelle is the one telling everyone to put Casey up.


6:25pm havenots room Jordan and Laura. Jordan is convinced that she is going up. They both complain how much it sucks. Laura explains what she thinks wil happen. If he leaves me in the house he knows I am going to get him out of here, If Russell gets left in the house he will go after ROnnie either way he has people after him. Lauira sounds defeated, I don’t care what he does, I am ready to go home. I just wish I didn’t have stay here on slop, taking cold showers, there is no point in me staying the rest of the week when I know its over. They say that they are going to tell Casey that Ronnie was going to put him up. Laura is amazed at how good of a lier Ronnie is.. The girls decide to go into the hot tub, Jordan wants to go in wearing just underwear.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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OMFG What a little sissy girl Ronnnie is. He CAN’T possibly be married to a woman. He is acting more like a middle schooler than a high schooler. “If you tell anyone about my theater experience, your’e going up??? Really? This guy is single handedly making the show a joke.


Where the heck does Ronnie get off talking to Michelle like that, the other HG need to get a clue and vote his #$#$# out. Not sure how much more I can take of Mr.Whinny Backstabbing Dupree Ronnie someone please shut him up and put him in his place out the door that is …. I nominate Chima and Ronnie and veto has been cancelled …. and I vote to evict Chima oh oh wait I vote to evict Ronnie the tweeb ….

btw thanks so much for all your hard work this season with keeping us uptodate … much appreciated ….

BB Fan

what a wishy-washy idiot.


How many times had the Fat Rat said that he’s playing strategically and not personally? What a tool. He’s done the impossible though, he’s replaced Russell as the person I most hate. God I hope Jeff gets HOH and boots his ass.
I also have to say that after watching the show on tv tonight, I am fully disappointed in Casey for pussing out to Chima about the haves/have nots. Anytime anyone threatens him with leaving he starts shaking in his boots. I think that Ronnie’s betrayal really rocked his confidence.

NBK Sucks

I think Casey is playing it cool. He’s got a long fuse but I think when he reaches the end of it he will remember everyone who pissed him off and will certainly let them know about it. He wasn’t threatened by Chima. He argued with her for about five minutes before he gave in and it was only because he knew she wouldn’t let it go and he was the bigger person. She’s a real piece of work. I will be glad when she is gone. Her diva attitude is extremely annoying.

Unfortunately, character isn’t rewarded in this game. The most sincere and genuine people are usually voted out by the underhanded who are willing to stab everyone in the back. Let’s reward those with no morals and values. That’s BB.

Ronnie certainly isn’t a “brain”. If he had kept his word to the other side, he would have been safe with them and they would have had the votes for a little while. Instead, he votes out Braden and is left with people who are using him to advance in the game. He is too stupid to realize that they will kick him out when they don’t need him anymore. I dare say he will be the first one of their so called alliance that they will eliminate.

Michelle is showing her true colors. She’s now waffling back and forth and she thinks that joining up with “NBK” will keep her safe. Wrong. Unless you are the HOH then they will get rid of you as soon as they put out the other side…maybe sooner.

Laura is brilliant. She has had everyone pegged from day one and it has been dead on. She isn’t willing to compromise her integrity to stay and freely admits that she doesn’t like very many people there and won’t be too upset when she goes home to “people who love her”.

Natalie is an idiot. She thinks latching on to Jesse will help her game. Jesse lost the last time he was there. I don’t see him winning this time, either. Lydia is trying to sleep her way to the top and that hasn’t worked in BB before and it’s not going to work this time. Russell is just a follower and Jordan is very naive. Jeff is very straight forward and doesn’t sugar coat the truth or try to kiss ass to stay in the game. It’s admirable. I think it makes him a great person, but it isn’t going to help him win. I’d rather him lose and not compromise his character than win by being a slimeball like the members of NBK.

G. Lynn

I love these feeds, almost more than the show. To top that I love the comments almost more than the feeds. Every season I come back and am amazed that it’s filled with people who have either never seen the show, or seem to think its a live action soap opera. Ronnie is a friggin genius. I wish I could show him all of your comments. Because it’s ALWAYS the one you ftards are ripping on that wins the show.

The Original Jim

He had one lie that actually worked. Everyone is on to his shit. He did it in Week 1. Plus, he is the bitch of a retard who was taken out in Week 4 last season. He can’t make a decision for himself, the only decision you can count on from him is whatever Jesse tells him to do. A genius he is not.

The Original Jim

Looks like you’ll be able to show Ronnie our comments next Thursday. Tell us how genius he is again.

d dee

lynn,,ur a waste of free air


lynn, FYI, this is week 2!! If you really watch the show like you say then you should know that people like Ronnie always get voted out early!! Ronnie showed his cards too early and he WILL pay for it.