Big Brother Spoilers – Chima Offers a Plan to Get Rid Of Russell, “I’ll Just Get Him to Hit me”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


11:05pm HOH Ronnie, Jesse, Kevin, Lydia, Chima and Natalie. Ronnie tells Jesse and Natalie that he plans on Backdooring Russell. Lydia tells them that Russell told her that him and Jesse have been doing all of Ronnie’s dirty work. Jesse really doesn’t think this is a good plan. Natalie agrees with Jesse. But Chima, Kevin and Lydia really want Russell gone. Chima says she trusts Laura way more than Russel. Jesse really doesn’t think its a good idea. Jessie trying to convince them to keep Russell. Jessie now saying all week one he knew it was a mistake with Braden going home. And now he is just about yelling that Laura will just cry and get past and cry and get past. How she is going to be the Keesha of this season.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers12:05am HOH Same bunch of houseguests

They keep going back and forth about who the target is they are worried that they told Jeff and Jordan they were going to put up Russell and now they’re not. Kevin now says he feels like him and Lydia are exposed since Jordan was just in this room and we told her something we’re not doing now.
Jesse is kind of mad at Ronnie asking him why the fuck did he make a deal with JOrdan. he goes on to say how useless she is and how she won’t win anything. “Why make a deal with someone who is not going to win HOH? Of all people, why. You get nothing from honouring an agreement with her.” Ronnie defends his agreement with her ensuring them safety if she wins HOH. Jesse is flabbergasted, She can’t put you up cause she’s never going to win HOH. Chima says if they put Casey up and he wins HOH he’s going to put up Chima and Ronnie. Kevin asks them Why are we taking out Laura instead of Russell. I don’t see Laura as big a threat as Russell. Jesse says its simple LAura’s a bitch thats why We want her out. Lydia disagrees that laura is a threat, she thinks Russell’s a bigger threat because he wins shit…. Jesse keeps offering to put Russell up when the time is right…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Hitting Chima, I’m sure 1/2 the house dream every night about it!

Secret Person

So I’m confused, are they not backdooring Russell anymore? SHOOT! That was the only way that both Laura and Jeff would be safe.

Randy Wolfgang

I really think Ronnie will put up Russell (and if that happens Russell goes home). But in doing so Jesse and those who want Russell still in won’t be with Ronnie anymore. In any case the Ronnie team is starting fracture and I guarantee that if anyone on team Jeff wins HOH next week, Ronnie goes up for eviction.


I hope you are right!!! Ronnie has got to go and I hope Jeff is the one to do it because I don’t think anyone will care…it won’t put a target on Jeff’s back.

Secret Perosn

I agree with you. I think that if Russell does go up, he WILL go home. That’s sad because he was starting to go onto the good side. I think then Jessie’s group, and Jeff’s groups (both groups) will not like him. Jeff’s group doesn’t really like him anymore, ha-ha Jeff called him a f*ck head or something like that. I think then Jessie’s not gonna like him anymore. Then, I think that if that does happen, Everyone in the house no matter who’s HOH will put Ronnie up on the block. YESSS! I want Laura to stay. Why does everyone hate her? What did she do?


I’d like to see Ronnie put up Russ with the blessing of the non-athlete side…telling Ronnie they have his back. Then I’d like to see them flip that and vote out Laura just so Russ can get revenge on Ronnie!!! That would be sweet!!!! I mean Ronnie switched his vote last week, right…..a little tit for tat!!!!


Revenge would be Jeff winning HOH, putting Ronnie up and saying, “I lied about you being safe and put you on the block. Now we’re even bitch”


Oh yeah! That would work too!!!!


that would be so cool I hate Ronnie


Go Jeff!! Seems like Jeff is gaining some power. It’s a plus that he’s easy on the eyes!


I’m just glad he won the POV. He was so down after Ronnie screwed them in the eviction he was looking like he’d lost all hope.

Randy Wolfgang

I think if Jeff wins HOH he’ll put up Ronnie no matter what deal they had. The impression I had last night was that the athlete group was veering towards putting up Casey as a pawn and getting rid of Laura – Jessie wants Russell to stay longer and I thought he was convincing the group. If Ronnie wants to get back into Russell’s good graces he has a ton of work to do because right now Russell HATES Ronnie.


It was amusing to watch Jesse plead the case that he wants Russel to stay a week longer at least. Yeah, because if anyone in that room had the guts to just say to Jesse, because the athletes would have 4 chances to win HOH , 4 chances to play for and win POV, and 4 chances for Jesse to stay off the block.

None of them have the guts to just say it to him. Ronnie is so star struck over Jesse, I mean really the guy was out before jury house last year, so why do they all hang on every word Jesse says. Everyone that makes a deal for safety, including Casy has included Jesse as part of the deal.

Man these people are as dumb as posts this year. Only person that truely seems to know what is going on is Kevin, unfortunately, he chooses to just lay around on couches with Lydia.

You might never get the perfect opportunity to evict Russel, this is it, take it don’t blow it like so many have in the past.

Even with Russel gone Jesses’ team has 3 players, I know Jeff doesn’t like them but if he wins he can’t put Jesse up, they had the advantage from the get go. Big Brother messed up with this. Jesse coming in gave the athletes 4 members and HOH for the first week, but Jesse wanst more.

Wake up houseguest, Jesse is running the show and Ronnie is his puppet, after last week and Ronnie messing up the vote, he needs to show he has his own mind and that he is as smart as everyone is giving him credit for.

If he puts anyone but Russel up, he is validated as Jesse’s puppet.

Russel needs to go NOW !!


I agree, Jessie ispromising

Ronnie needs to wake up and get. Get rid of Russ NOW!! Ronnie that he will put up Russ, but how??? Ru
Rss is from tghe same click, therefore if Jessie is HOH, Russ is safeBBB


Sorry for my previous comments…. Here is the corrected version:

Jessie is promising them that he will put up Russell, how??? If Jessie is HOH, Russ is SAFE because they are from the same click.

Ronnie needs to wake up and get rid of Russ now that he has the chance. Keeps his word for once and forget about the loser of Jessie!!




Actually, it will work. Because if Jessie and Natalie turn their votes, then Ronnie will know that they have crossed him.

I don’t think Natalie will vote for Laura, if Russ goes up. I think her vote will stay with the Alliance, but I’m not sure about Jessie.

Based on my vote count, if Ronnie decides to put up Russ, the only votes Laura will have are MAYBE Casey, Michelle, and Jessie.

Randy Wolfgang

Jordan just laid into Ronnie – told him how everyone knows that he is playing everyone and not to ask her for any advice! Now Ronnie is sulking and saying he may put Jordan up for spite. This is not good for Ronnie who is supposed to be Mr. Strategy.


I LOVE how Jordan calls Ronnie out when everyone else is scared to do it. Jordan may not win the money, but I love watching her innocence. She is your sterotypical blond but at the same time immensely likable.