BB Spoilage – Jordan is Going to tell everyone the Big Secret about Ronnie during POV Ceremnony: “He licks Jessie’s a-hole”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:20pm recycling room Jesse and Lydia sleeping. Lydia and Jesse are playing little games under the covers, Lydia sticks her finger in his ear. Jesse says stop and they giggle. Lydia tells him she like him thats why she won’t leave him alone, “how else can I show my affection ?” Jesse tells her to stop sticking her finger in his ear. She asks him what he likes and he says massages. They agree to give massages later tonight.


6:45pm Backyard Casey and Ronnie the rat. They rehash the blow up Jordan had with Ronnie. Ronnie complains and acting sad trying to get some support from Casey. Casey brings Lydia up again and how she’s running her mouth. Ronnie explains to him that Lydia said that in the heat of the moment. Theres no way Casey believes the rat. Ronnie is begging him not to go off on her.Ronnie says this week will go down with me saying that I had the perfect plan but people can’t keep their cool and people flip out and people do things that they were asked not to do and it changes the direction of where you wanted to go. Ronnie says except for me and you I have no allies in this house (LOL OMG that?s priceless)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Casey tells ronnie not to worry Casey isn’t mad at Ronnei but if Ronnie puts casey up than Casey will be mad. Ronnie still talking about Jordan. Casey tells ROnnie its better to piss 2 people off than 4. Casey says I have no problem picking off floaters. “Lets pop off the floaters first”. He’s trying to tell Ronnie to keep the strong players. Ronnie explains to Casey taht putting jordan up is safe she’s not going home there?s no way, “If I put Jordon up she is just as safe there as she is off.” Casey doesn’t believe that?s true. Ronnie explains. If Laura was up there with Jeff, whose going home (Laura). He goes on to says Both brains will vote her out, all athletes will and the other 3 and you lydia and kevin. Casey says he’s voting with the house so he doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Ronnie goes it’ll be 9-0. Ronnie says that even with the nasty things she told him if she comes up to me and says sorry and I will say I still got to do what I got to do.
Jeff enters

Asks Ronnie why he looks so sad. Ronnie doesn’t know what he means. Ronnie walks out, angry


Jeff starts asking Casey if they were talking about putting Jordan up. Casey doesn’t think anyone will know until Ronnie really does it. Jeff calls Ronnie a Pussy… Casey tells jeff that jordan is most likely be safe Ronnie wants Laura out. Jeff tells Casey to just wait they will have their turn. Casey mentions that they don’t have friends or numbers. Jeff says he tired to tell Jordan 10 times to shut her fuckin mouth but she didn’t Casey says the reason why Larua is up is because she wouldn?t shut up, I told her not to go up there and say anything but she wouldn’t listen. Jeff mentions that he can only take Jordan so far… right now he’s having trouble getting very far at all. Casey tells him again not to worry Jordan should be safe.. Jeff is mad at Ronnie “have some balls dude, what a pussy.” Casey mentions
he wants to get Lydia but now isn’t the time he needs to suck up his pride and wait.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:00pm Hammock Kevin and Russell. General chit chat about Kevins boyfriend and how he hates Big Brother and reality TV in genteral. Russell says he doesn’t want to be jerk in the
house anymore. Kevin tells him he’s not a jerk. They quickly move to game. Kevin isn’t sure who Ronnie talks to.. Russell thinks it’s jesse. Kevin asks him if he went up to Jesse would Jesse tell him what is going on. Russell say jesse doesn?t know right now. Kevin asks him if he see himself winning this. Russell says the only way he’s going to survive is to win competitions, “I don’t have a team. Everyone has one person there close to, but I don’t.” He list off the teams Jessie/Natalie, Lydia and Kevin, Jeff and Jordan, he add that his chances of winning are slim. Kevin tells him to team up with somebody… Russel says he can;t because they all BS him. Kevin reminds him that no one can win BB by themselves you either team up now or go home. Russell mentions how he still feels like a taret, Kevin says no your a member of NBK your fine.
Russell explains what happened I am man enough to know when I fucked up, I should of directed to the person I was mad at. I should of directed it to Natalie who got me going. I wanted to go outside, the other side was outside enjoying themselves, and there was no reason to not go out there. Just cause I sit out there doesn’t make me on there team. Russel say she will die if he goes home and Laura stays another week.Kevin tells Russell if he’s worried about getting sent out he should go talk to Ronnie. Russell says he did, he just doesn’t want to be overkill he goes on to say he told him how it would not benefit him to put Russel up and Ronnie said Ok thanks for your advice and that is about all he said. Russel says Laura threw everyone under the bus in the HOH the other night. He said she threw grenades but they were all duds. He said she ran her mouth about winning HOH before she even won it.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm Backyard Jeff and Jordan. Jeff tells Jordan she is going up. Jordan wonders if its because of her and ROnnies Talk. Jeff says it’s because you are weakest in the group. Jeff and Jordan are both very discouraged… Jordan says at least they have Casey, Jeff doesn’t think casey is really on their side. Jeff says he can’t beleive how lame this season is thats its filled with pussys “no balls man, No fuckin balls”they are all just gonna walk to the end I’m going to start running around threatening everyone they are all scared of Russell. Jordan agrees Ronnie was scared of Russell. Jeff is mad everyone wanted Russell out yesterday and now its flipped again, “hey are all sheep”

Casey joins them

Casey says if Ronnie flips the every 30minutes i’m gong to be pissed. Jeff agrees, “no shit man”. Casey says he’s no fuckin dick rider like Ronnie. Jeff sums it up Ronnie is scared and has no cojones…. she goes on to say that during the ceremony tomorrow she will say that. THey all have had enough of Ronnie.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Worst big brother ever, everything’s so set and obvious. There’s clearly no way Ronnie is putting up Russell right now which would at least create a little drama and flux in each group. Basically it’s about a 90% chance that next week it will be Jeff and Jordan on the block, then it will be Jeff, then the other will get the boot and then Michelle, then Casey and after that perhaps the show will be a little less predictable. By then I don’t think I’ll be actually watching it as it’s going to get too boring over the next few weeks. Anyone actually think this is a good season so far? I would say it’s one of the most predictable big brother seasons I have seen. I don’t dislike or like Jessie but from the beginning it was a bit dumb that they took someone from the very last season and threw him in the mix again, should have been someone from an earlier season, not a smart move, as it just makes things a bit more dull since we just finished watching the last season.

The Original Jim

Changed my name since you are bogarting it.
90% chance is a bit of an exaggeration. There will be 11 people in the house, and at the least Jeff, Jordan, Casey or Michelle wouldn’t be putting up Jeff or Jordan, they have bigger fish to fry. Plus Ronnie can’t play for HOH. I also feel that Russell wouldn’t put up Jordan, I think he wants Ronnie out as much as anyone. So I think it’s more like 50-60% chance those two will go up next week.


I agree that this is the worst Big Brother i’ve seen. I’ve religiously watched the show for 10 seasons, and don’t really care if I miss an episode anymore. I can’t stand the meat heads, and the arrogance of almost all the people in the house is too much to watch. Normally I watch the show because there are a few people in the house that I want to win. Instead of doing that this season, I’ll be checking this site to see if the people I hate the most go home. As long as Ronnie, Russell, Chima, Jessie or the female athlete don’t win, that would be an ok ending for me.


Oh, and I don’t want Lydia to win either. I liked her until she started crying because Jordon didn’t cry when she was nominated.


This seasons Big Brother is the final nail in the coffin of what was a fun and entertaining show.
Who ever cast Ronnie, thanks, you destroyed it. He is like a turd on the top of what should be a fun birthday cake. I hope Ronnie has to put Russel up when there is only like four people left and Russel cracks him one in that turtle looking mouth of his.


I totally agree with Kate about Ronnie- he is so unlikable that watching BB isn’t fun or interesting anymore. Love the analogy “he is like a turd on the top of a birthday cake”. LMAO
It’s so true! If BB manipulates the outcome in any way, let’s hope Ronnie is manipulated OUT.


Does any one agree that Ronnie looks just like that trannie guy that was pregnant and all over the new because he was once a girl but turn guy and got pregnant. ARGGG!!! I cant stand this season either. I’ve watched every one but this one is full of brats and pricks. If there was any way that Jeff and Jordan could turn the tables then it might would get intresting again, but that could never happen so its over to me… I dont want to watch those brats fight it out. I have kids of my own that are more intertaining.


Actually I stopped watching Big Brother for awhile because it was boring. This season is one of the most interesting in my opinion. I think this season is unpredictable, things change so fast. I also want to see Chima, Nat, Jessie, & Lydia get the boot!


Well, you know that wont happen and thats predictable!


I hate Big Brother 11. Really boring. They should of never brought back Jesse to start with, and then to give him HOH and add and extra player to his what a joke. If Jesse came back one of his team mate should of left to give all the teams a equal chance and the team that stayed up the longest should of battle it out for HOH. I would love to see Jesse and Lydia on slop I really dis like those two. I use to watch BB everything all other seasons even on vacation but now I don’t care if I even see it. CBS better come up with some big twist to get the veiwers interested again or this year is going to be a waste!!

Julie Chen

Personally, I think this season of Big Brother is the best ever. I just love all of the entertaining banter that takes place among the houseguests each episode. Plus, I think Jessie is hot! But, not as hot as Braden was. He was such a hunk, don’t you think?


TO MEL: How can you say it is unpredictable. What Jessie says goes. End of story. His group does everything he says. Ronnie is an idiot!


I want to see Michelle win HOH next week. She has been staying under the radar. I would like to see what kind of game play she has under her sleeve

The Original Jim

The problem with Michelle winning HOH is that, unless they disband the cliques, she can’t put up Ronnie. There is no one that needs to go home more than him.


DM and Kate: I agree this group except for a few I dont believe really know the game or its past.


I hope that this is the last week of playing in cliques. That has really messed it up. I think it was a good idea on paper but with this casted crew it did not translate well in the house. If anything is going to change in the house the need to let everyone play for themselves.
please please let Michelle, Jeff or Casey win HOH!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Actually today could be boring – Ronnie is supposed to be putting up Jordan as a pawn to get out Laura – I don’t think much interesting will happen till Thursday and the next HOH – depending on the outcome Ronnie could be in big trouble

Randy Wolfgang

The problem I am having with BB this year is that I don’t really like ANYBODY and the show can get really irritating if you’re just watching to see if the person you dislike the most gets voted off. The last Survivor was SOO much better!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Well as expected (yawn!!!) jeff took himself off and Ronnie nominated Jordan. The only point of interest I can see is that Ronnie hopes that will get him back in the good graces of the other half of the house (won’t happen)

Randy Wolfgang

Remenber that if Jesse or Natalie win HOH we may be seeing more of Ronnie for a couple more weeks (unless Jesse/Natalie decide to torpedeo him thouhg I think its too soon for that).