Big Brother 11 SPoilers – Jessie, Natalie and Lydia Snuggle time and Jeff Gets his chance to talk with Jessie

4:30 bathroom Chima, Natalie, KEvin. Chima is bitching about the rat and how he lied to everyone. If I leave this house I leave here with my dignity everybody else might not be able to say that. Chima says next week will be an endurance challenge how do you think I’m going do without eating all week you know what I am saying?

Kevin tells her she has other members on her team. Chima laughs yeah right other power players on my team. Chima is complaining about being placed on the brains team.
Russell joins
Chima knows she smart and should be a brain but why didn’t they put her with two people like herself. Brains don’t need to be dorks. Russell calls her a hot brain, Chima returns by calling him a hot ahteletic brain. Kevin says she should think about what she can do with $500,000. She says she doesn’t think she will make it that far with these teammates. Chima comments that if they have to do a endurance next week she’ll be in trouble, her energy levels will be low because of the slop.


5:00pm red room Jordan and Jeff. She tells a story about her dad trying to get Keith Urban’s autograph one time. Jeff says he hates country music and wouldn’t care if he met Keith Urban or not. Jordan says Tim McGraw is her fave. She says she likes George Strait. Jeff says, “I like George crooked.” After a few seconds Jordan chuckles.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:35 HOH Lydia and JEssie.
Jessie saying that he doesn’t want to go out again this season in Week 4, Lydia says everyone wants to make it to the jury. Lydia asks him what his downfall was last year, he says he was the Natalie to everyone except for Brian and Angie. Lydia tells Jessie that he is safe from her. She wants him to promise to her he won?t put her up…. long pause….. He says he didn’t want to do that this time because he thinks that’s why he went home last time. Lydia asks Jessie to tell her he won’t put her up or vote for her and she will promise the same thing. He says she has to vote for him to stay unless he’s up against Kevin she agrees. He now is getting her to promise to talk to him no matter how upset she gets. Jessie tells Lydia he talks to her more than Natalie. He says they probably talk more than anybody in the house, even Jordan and Jeff. He tells her she drives him crazy and he tells her more private things than he tell Natlie. Jessie asking what Jeff is saying about things, Lydia says he won’t say anything that he told her that he wouldn’t say anything to her too much miscommunication. Jessie says that Jeff is making too many mistakes. He goes on to say that had Jeff won HOH he would have put up Chima and either Kevin/Lydia and then taken one of them off and put up Ronnie.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie Joins them
Jessie tells Nat that Lydia is still worried that she’s going to be put up. Lydia says she’s gone to the bathroom so many times today. Nat says she can honestly say she has no idea who he’s putting up and she doesn’t want to know because she doesn’t want it to come back on her. She says she told Casey the same thing. Natalie says they’ve been asking her who JEssie is putting up but she hasn’t said anything. Natalie tells them that Chima is pissed because she told Big Brother she wants to get off slop at 8:00 next week. Chima has been saying that Laura and Jordan got pillows while in the have nots room and Chima was denied a pillow.
Jeff Joins them and Lydia leaves

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jessie is asking Jeff the same questions he asked everybody else. Why do you want Ronnie up and how would it benefit you. Jeff says because he’s a liar and makes things up, causes a lot of trouble. Jessie says because of his physique everybody thinks he has an advantage. Jeff looks puzzled. He says he’s not intimidated by Jessie’s physique. Jessie keeps asking Jeff if Jessie has ever lied to him. Jeff says he doesn’t think so. Jessie says he hasn’t.
Jessie is telling Jeff that today is only the second time he’s talked to Jordan. He tells Jeff about the conversation in the pool room the other day.Jessie is making a point that he gave Jordan an equal opportunity today to answer the same two questions everybody else did. Jeff says it seems like Jessie is trying to tell him something. Jeff trying to explain that he is his own player, separate from Jordan. Jessie says he doesn’t know what Jordan is thinking. Jeff says he’ll take Jordan as far as he can, but by no means are they a package deal. He says it’s better to come to him and then he can go to Jordan because he has her best interests in mind and sometimes she doesn’t understand.eff asks Jessie if his ultimate goal is still to get Ronnie out. Jessie says his ultimate goal is to listen to what everybody says.Jessie says he’s still on Team Jeff, don’t worry about that. He says he means just Jeff. Jeff says he understands. Jessie keeps repeating that he’s never lied to Jeff. He’s tried to give him numerous opportunities to let him in on his game plan. Jessie says he’s already obligated himself to somebody else. Jeff says he told him he’s riding with him. JEfff says he thought the plan was to put up two people with the idea to backdoor Ronnie. Jessie doesn’t answer and just says that everyone was given a chance to speak there mind. Jeff says he’s getting the idea that they are saying not everybody wants Ronnie out. Jeff says he thought there was a house consensus. Jessie says everybody came up there and voice their opinion and he listened. Jessie says he’s going to do what the general consensus wants. Jeff says it might be different than what he thought then. He says he knows he’s not going up, so whatever.

Jeff leaves..

Natalie starts telling Jessie what he should have said to him he’s putting up Jordan
but has no intention of her going home. Natalie asks Jessie what Lydia said when she was up there. He said she was worried that she was going home. Natalie asks if he told her she wasn’t going up. He says yes. Natalie says Lydia tries to talk to her but she won’t. Natalie says that CHima told her that Lydia has a crush on you… JEsse says he knows.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Video of a BLONDE Ronnie bragging about cyber bullying, his ballet and tap abilities, his sewing skills and his separation from his wife over video games.

Warning: This video violently triggers the gag reflex.


LOL… this guy is Russ trapped in a nerds body.! I like nerds but he takes it to a weird level, I just don’t understand his ego at all. He would get more respect and be liked if he ditched the bitch attitude. He has become what he hated in High School, this guy is not smart just bitter!

Evel Russ

Jesse – Complete douchebag. Unfortunately, he has been playing the game well, as I’ve said before, it’s like they’ve scripted it for his advantage. His ego is getting in the way again though, saying shit like, they just want me to get my hands dirty and and reap all the benefits while I waste my HOH week on Ronnie. Keeping Ronnie is a mistake, it puts a much too big target on his back. If he keeps Ronnie and a non-athlete wins HOH next week, there’s a good chance he’ll go home in week 4 two years in a row. Hopefully BB will take the hint and not bring him back.
Natalie – She’s lucky she’s been allied with the only two HOHs so far. Everyone knows whatever they say to her is going straight to Jesse and probably getting being skewed. Her mouth will get her booted within the month. She’s a schemer, but not smart enough to pull it off. She makes too many mistakes with her lies and draws attention to them by speaking up way too much when something she’s lied about comes up or slipping and saying something contradictory.
Russell – This guy’s a wildcard. Even as a viewer it’s hard to tell his agenda. He is playing both sides fairly well and has been following the power closely. He’s going to make it far after he slipped past getting backdoored last week.
Jeff – How many times do you have to get burned dude? My personal favorite in the house and he’s picking up the game, but still after getting burned several times is still trusting in people’s word too much. He has the potential to go far though because, technotronics aside, he is pretty good at the events and the people that are actually gunning for him aren’t going to be winning anything anytime soon. My money is he will make the final two.
Jordan – Cute, funny, dumb as a post. As long as she rides along with Jeff and keeps her head low, she’ll make it to the jury house, though I would love to see her and Jeff in the final two.
Chima – Loudmouth, self-righteous bitch. She hasn’t stopped complaining since she walked in the door. Her mouth is going to get her booted too, hopefully sooner than later.
Ronnie – The rat with 9 lives. I don’t get why Jesse trusts him so completely. I mean, the guy will lie about anything and everything. I’m curious how his family feels about his lying while swearing on the bible. I suppose he’d be a great person to be in the final two with cause he’s not getting anyone’s votes but I don’t think he’ll get that far.
Michelle – Staying under the radar too much. You can’t make it through this game without a single ally. She’s been so quiet that she’s actually draw attention to herself. If she doesn’t start some relationship building like today, she won’t last long.
Casey – He seems like a good guy. A little goofy, but he’s just out of his element I think. He definitely trusts Jesse too much. He has the stones to say what most people watching are saying, unfortunately, that also makes for poor gameplay. Most likely he’s on his way out this week if he doesn’t pull off the POV.
Lydia – Does this chick ever stop whining? She’s a total hooker too. She’s been good at avoiding making enemies, which is amazing with how obnoxious she is. She’s too wishy washy though if Jesse isn’t gone soon he’ll be her downfall.
Kevin – Is he still in the house? All he does is follow Lydia around, and when she’s blowing Jesse I suppose he’s off practicing making diva faces somewhere. He’ll float along to the jury house, but since he can’t win anything that’s about as far as he’ll go.

Randy Wolfgang

Jesse nominated Michelle and Jordan with the plan to backdoor CFasey (although Jeff doesn;t know that). However if Casey wins POV and takes off Jordan then Jesse is in BIG trouble.


So who would he put up? Lydia? Ronnie? I think Chima would be the best choice.

Evel Russ

If he was smart, he’d put up Ronnie regardless. But that’s if he was smart, which he isn’t. I would guess Natalie would get in his ear and it would be Lydia and Michelle would probably go home anyway.


Jessie is so hot


You need glasses.


Jeff shouldn’t argue with Jessie alot because Jeesie might get roid rage and put up Jeff after he tells the winner of the POV game. wow kinda wird Jeff didn’t win HoH. He was so close if it wasn’t for that ski ballgoing from 10 to 3.

Now we’re going to see Michelle bitch and moan next week when she’s very close to being evicted. She had ha long time to play the game better to where it wouldn’t be right to put her up but her only effort was running around in a bikini and discussing the game with Ronnie.

Jordon needs to show more action. It’s just all talk talk with her and no action. Only action she’s shown on the whole game is getting Jeff woodys. Play the game Jordon,! it’s your last warning.

Lydia has a good chance locking herself and Jessie in his HOH bathroom and they can have “Private times” in that bath tub. He sure knows how to give girls blue balls by not giving in so much. HEADLINES: Lydia&Jessie: HOH bathroom Sex ! lol

Casey us going to be eventually evicted because of his smart ass mouth. Jeff will soon se he’s a goner if he keeps talking to him then Jessie and his alliance will evict Casey

We all no Chima wants Russell between her legs, but does Russell feel the same way in return? either way, Chima is saving herself in the game by attatching herself to Russell.

Ronnie not being so loud and drama queen this week might make him safe in the game as jessie not caring about him being evicted

What’s Kevin’s input in the show? Two things. He’s everyone Jack McFarlane gay friend and Lydia confesses secrets of her and Jessie to him. Play the game harder Kevin. WEAK!

Natalie, Russell, and Jessie you can’t hate them so much they’re playing the game. Don’t hate the player- hate the game.


Jessie cannot put Jeff up because they are in the same clique.