Big Brother Spoilage – Natalie ask Jeff about the power, Jeff: “I forfeited my powers cause I’ve made a deal with everyone”

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm Green Room JEff and Jordan. Jeff is trying to explain to Jordon that what?s he’s going to do it the best for him and her. She says no I want you to do what?s best for you I?ll be OK. Jeff tells her he’s in it with her. She says she doesn’t want him to feel like he’s carrying her. Jeff tells her he doesn’t see it that way he consider them partners in this game and everything he does has Jordan and his best interests in mind. Jeff tells Jordan not to worry about Russell calling her names saying she didn?t have any marbles in her head… He tells her they have to think like its a game and take out people that are going after them. He tells her that they were trying to get Jordon emotions rolling it makes no difference what Russell says about your marbles he can be trusted more than Jessie, Chima and Natalie. Jeff says he was super excited that Jeremy Piven was here today… He says its funny how sometimes your down and feeling like there?s no hope than all of a sudden something happens, “everyone good happens and its all worked out” Jordan says huh? Jeff “never mind you don’t know what i mean” Jeff than says “you sound like jerry McGuire and I sound like Cuba Gooding jr” Jeff tells her he’s going into the hot tub tonight because his toe is killing him. Jeff is moaning about having to go into Chima HOH room… he doesn’t want scrappy barking in his ear.. “but man i want to listen to that Prince CD”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm HOH Jessie, Natalie and Chima. Jessie telling them that Jeff is mega pissed that he’s one slop. They all start laughing at Jeff losing, Jessie says it funny to see him lose because he gets so mad at himself. Chima says he makes all kinds of death threats and he’s so cutesy about it he gets away with it. Natalie wonders why he makes those fake threats…. Feeds get cut Feeds back Jeff is with them in the HOH room Natalie is gone. They’re talking about the comp, and how funny he was. Jeff

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
telling them he really wanted to win the movie he was trying so hard. Chima points out that Jeff got screwed on his team and how Jordan kept giving him pats on the back Jessie said he saw Jeremy mouthing the words to the line before it came up and Jeremy saw him and Jeremy said to Jessie “You can laugh you know.” Jessie brings up how hard Jeff was going and how he was leading his Competition team. Jeff goes on to explain what hi strategy was but ultimately it didn’t work. Chima move to game talk saying that Russell is out of NBK and she wants him evicted. She explains how Russell betrayed their alliance. Chima adds that has been spreading lies about her, he told both you and Jordan that i was going to nominate them when I wasn’t going to. Jessie chimes in and says that if Jordan and Jeff vote for Russell to stay than they will know and then Jordan and Jeff are the targets. Chima mentions the wizard power saying that she doesn’t know who has it but she would really like to have one person she nominates go home this week, if they don’t go it leaves chima in a bad position. Chima tells Jeff she doesn’t expect him to vote because of Chima’s personal vendetta against Russell, “You wanted Ronnie out because he was a rat, I feel Russ is a rat as well” (Jessie and

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
CHima mega kissing Jeff ass here they laugh at all Jeff’s jokes and try to be extra nice) Chima says it’s beneficial to the house to get Russell out because he’s stirring shit up like Ronnie did. Jeff agrees with Chima he tells them about his backyard cruse. He explains that when Braden was up he would hang out outside with Jeff and next thing Braden goes home… same thing with Laura…. same thing with Casey he would hang out outside and smoke 10 cigarettes. Jeff starts talking about his toe, saying he messed it up and then it goes to the competition, Jessie says “you popped it” they start talking about the competition. Natalie comes in and pulls Jessie away to play chess… Jeff and Chima alone. they start discussing relationships. Jeff saying he always goes for the girls that don’t like him. He has to convince them that he’s nice. Chima says do I dare ask about Jordan… “What is going o between you two you are the CUTEST couple”… Jeff say nah! i told Jordon the other that we’ll probably just text each other for a couple months and that?s it. CHima say no way your guys have a spark between you…. Jeff leaves


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:55pm HOH Jessie, Chima and Scrappy. Jessie is 100% convinced that Jeff has the power of the wizard. He starts listing off all the things jeff is doing to give it away. Natalie is completely disagreeing with Jessie saying it’s kevin. Natalie and CHima doubt he would use the power even if he had it. CHima :”Jeff will only use it if he’s o the block” Natalie: “or if Jordon is up” Jessie started to raise his voice with Chima… she gets a little defensive. jessie thought she gave Jeff too much information. Chima thinks he’s being silly Jeff isn’t after them right now. Jessie leaves.. Natalie whispers to Chima that when its final 3 chima should pick her instead of Jessie.


9:00pm Chess Natalie and Jessie. Jessie really wonders why Jeff is walking around like he’s safe. Natalie says Jeff just thinks that everyone wants Russell out this week. Jessie is paranoid big time. Natalie tells him that Lydia is after her not Jessie and that is why Natalie wants Lydia out of the house. Jeff walks by after talking in the Diary Room, Natalie yells off the balcony if they asked him about there wizard powers.. Jeff said he forfeited his powers because he’s already made a deal with everyone. Natalie tells him if he stands up on Thursday she’ll freak.. Natalie tells Jessie that she was told by Michelle that when Russell and Lydia were playing pool that Lydia said she wants Jeff out.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jessie doesn’t believe that it makes no sense for Lydia to want Jeff out. Jessie mentions how big of a bitch Lydia is being to him she?s not talking to him anymore. Jessie says he’s going to call Lydia out tonight, Natalie pleads with him not to. Jessie mentions that Jeff and Jordan are thinking way ahead in this game because there not the big targets anymore. He tells scrappy if they were smart Jeff would put me up and take Russell down.. Natalie says there not that smart… they both laugh (hahaah) Jessie saying he wishes Chima hadn’t announced her plan to everyone because it puts Jessie at risk to go. This now makes it obvious that Russell isn’t with us anymore so the person with the wizard powers will want to safe Russell and bring him into their group. Or they might just want to keep Russell around because they know he’s going after Chima. Jessie again say if they are smart i will go up then next week it’s just Chima and Natalie left of their alliance with Russell still not gone.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:30pm backyard Lydia and Russell palying pool.. Jeff soaking his feet.. Michelle and Jordon doing laps.

9:40pm HOH Chima, Jessie and Natalie. They are talking about The wizard power. jessie apologizes for going crazy earlier he says he’s really paranoid right now. Chima goes on to explain to them that Jeff want Russell off because jeff knows he can’t get him in Endurance comps. Natalie says she’s worried that the vote will be split, Chima wonders why they would do that just to piss me off.

Natalie talking about what if Jeff uses some power took Russell off Jessie goes up, Jessie goes home, Chima cant compete next week in HOH and Russell will be gunning for her so it. That side will have Rusell, Jeff, Jordan and Lydia and Kevin and possibly Michelle. “we are screwed”. Chima saying there has got to be some negetive thing to useing the power… Natalie tells them about the deal she made with Jeff that he wouldn’t put her up if he had the power, she says he made that deal with everyone else in at the couch. Natalie tells Jessie hey if u go out of the house at least there will be a blow up.. Jessie tells her it’s not looking good for him right now….

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people can hate on Jessie but he is pulling his smarts out with knowing Jeff has the “wizard” power.


i hope jeff is smart…becuz russell and jeff are good friends and russell is lokking like an asset to jeff so if were lucky jeff well put upjessie and natalie and one will go home.


Its so pleasant to see Jessie SWEAT!!


What a baby Jesse is. He can dish it out and lie and make stuff up all the time, but he can’t take anything in return. He’s no man, he’s a wimpy toddler. Natalie is right there behind him. I can’t wait for Thursday and Jeff put Jesse and Natalie up and Jesse goes home. He won’t even have time to bitch and complain about being on the block!!! It will be beyond the BEST.


and jessie’s paranoia begins!!!

haha…they may have a gut feeling that jessie will go home..

but to see their reaction on thurs will be PRICELESS.

CANNOT wait…

Mr. E

So, first you lie to him about Russell (because Jeff and Jordan know Russell never sold out NBK). Then you threaten him. Then you throw out an idle request. Then you call him stupid behind his back. Then you start trying to predict Jeff’s motivations and goals even though he never talks game with you.


this all assumes that Jeff does what we really want him to do…unfortunately he can’t read our minds and we can’t make decisions for him. I’m worried that he might not do a single thing fearing that exposing himself as the Wizard will put a huge target on his back the next week.

Clearly it would be in his best interest to put up Natalie and Jesse and have one of them go home, then it would only leave 2 of them against him: Chima and the one of the two that stays….and Jeff would definitely have Lydia and Russells support (for at least a week) and clearly Michelle’s and Jordan’s and also Kevin’s….he would really set himself up well because of taking people off the block would go a long way to showing the others he’s a good guy.

Go Chicago Jeff!!!

The Original Jim

He’s going to do it. He’s already laying the ground work by asking Russell if he would send Jessie home if Jessie and Natalie were on the block. I think he sees that he’ll have more allies than enemies by making this move and from his conversations with Jordan, he definitely sees Jesse as the biggest threat in the house.


Gnat is going to get caught in a lie!!! Too friggen funny!


Jeff seems to be playing a smart game so far. I hope he realizes that this is the absolute perfect week to pit Jessie and Natalie against one another. Their alliance will be left with 2, because you know Russell and Lydia will kiss Jeff’s ass for taking them off the block. So then only 1 in that alliance can compete for the HOH. The odds are good that someone alligned with Jeff will win the next HOH. With all of the free time they have to think about game, I sure do hope that is running through his head, or at least the production crew in the DR is planting those seeds.


All we can do is pray to baby jesus that the assface known as Jessie gets a swift kick in the balls out the door this week. Jeff’s smart, it’ll happen.

The Original Jim

The headline made me nervous LOL.
It’s going to be priceless when Jeff sends Jessie packing. As long as Natalie doesn’t win HOH the following week Jeff is in very good position to make the final 2. He’s really shown that he has the smarts, intuition, and balls to win this game. I am so glad he won the CDE. Go Jeff!


I hope Jeff uses the wizard power and puts Jessie and Nat up. They think they run this game. If he doesn’t put them up they are definitely going to be coming after him.


Watchn BBAD.. Lydia is so sad… Shejust got super happy when Jesse defended her… Now she forcing him 2 hug her and touch her… She needs some cheering up… Might b suicidal… Hope not


what did i miss……what did nat lie about…. i hate her


Wow, minor blow up. Michelle said she might have heard Lydia tell Jesse that Lydia wanted to put Jeff up. That circulated the house and freaked people out. Russell and Michelle are hanging out and Russell’s not asking for her vote, just an apology for her spreading a sexual dysfunction joke and not coming to him about it. She then gets pissed when he apologizes first and equates that mistake to her being called out in front of the house. She then pulls a Chima and bugs out on him and runs off screaming, “I’m gonna go get Chima!” Jeff is listening to this and decides Michelle is nuts.


Do it Jeff. Take Russel down and put up Jesse……..DO IT!


looks like Michele is screwing stuff up with Jeff & Jordan, grr! lol Iike Big D said I hope Jeff doesnt change his mind and puts her up instead bc he cant trust her. best case scenario in my opinion is that michele plays and wins veto again which means she is untouchable…and jeff puts jessie and nat up against each other. with jessie leaving nat will be weakened and russ would be loyal to jeff again for saving him. hopefully michele will redeem herself with jeff bc I was so rooting for them =/

loves J&J

I agree 100% I want Jessie and Natalie up on the block and Jessie being the one that goes home. Natalie won’t know what to with herself.


Jeff needs to be the next Bachelor!!!

I Luv Jeff

I agree, but I would need enough notice so that I got get a divorce from my husband now!



Zach H

Ok so now i called chima putting russel and lydia up. So i think jeff wont put anyone up if he is smart. If he shows he has the power everyone may turn on him knowing that U AMERICA want jeff to win and he is the huge favorite. Kevin and lydia are huge floaters right now and are getting by on doing nothing. Jesse is screwing up his own game being allied with nat because she is a huge brat.. Future… Nat goes home this week America. jesse will stay win HOH and put jeff and lydia up forcing them to vote out lydia..


Wow. “As The Screw’s Turn!”