Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to win…. Because if she does than please listen to him this week.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:10pm Kitchen Lydia and Russell, Lydia is asking Russell to not be cruel to her this week. She asks him not to go around saying mean lies about her lets just be cool to each other. Russell says of course don’t worry I?ll campaigning to stay but I?m not going to throw you under the bus. They start talking about food… Lydia mentions how crappy it is that all the people that cook are on slop this week…. Mcihelle comes down and says she’s making her famous pickle salad.. Lydia asks what is in that, Michelle: pickle and some more pickles and maybe i’ll spice it up and add some lemon juice. Lydia being extra friendly to Michelle. Natalie comes down and they start comparing injuries from the competition. Natalie asks Michelle if she wants to go play chess in a bit Michelle says sure thing.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:10pm – 7:50pm Green Room Jeff and Jordan. Jordon is trying to convince Jeff to get rid of Russell this week. She says that Natalie, Jessie and Kevin will be voting to get rid of Russell. Jordon also is pretty sure that Michelle will vote to evict him. She says the best they can do is a tie and then CHima will boot Russell out. Jordon thinks that if they don’t vote chima’s way they will be the targets next week. Jeff says first chance scrappy and Jessie get you and I are going up. Natalie will put me up with Lydia and Jessie will put us both up with Kevin being the replacement. Jeff is trying to tell her they need to keep Russell becuase they need him to get Jessie out. He goes through the scenarios with her saying this week Russell is gone next week its Lydia than KEvin than you, Me followed by Chima. Jessie and Scrappy are going to fucken walk to the finale.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff asks Jordon if she wants to win… they need to get rid of JEssie to win. Jordan says If we don’t vote Chima’s way, they’ll know the votes and this week it will be a tie. And if you don’t vote her way that’s an automatic target. Jeff getting annoyed you can cut it any way you want, 5 people do not fit in the final 2! Jeff says fine lets vote to evict Russell you’ll be number 5 out I?ll be number 4 we’ll hook up in the jury house. Jeff asks who would you vote for JEssie or Russell…. Jordan says JEssie hands down… Jordan says Russell needs to win POV. Jeff doesn’t think that?s a good thing because if Russell goes off the block than one of us will go up as a pawn. Jeff says if Russell saves himself than I?m going home because Chima likes Girls more than guys. Jordan tells Jeff she really doesn’t trust Russell and thinks they should get rid of him.. Jeff “now you want us to go with the side we despise?”, “the side we made fun of” Jordan says no but i don’t see how we can save him this week unless he wins POV… Jeff reminds her that he will go up than. Jordan is rubbing Jeff’s face saying she likes him scruffy… “You look cute Scruffy”She asks Jeff if he’s really going to try and win POV… he says yes he’ll try to win it than decide whether or not he should use it. Jeff says he’s going to be grumpy all week so watch out… they laugh.

Jeff says I love how you think you got it all figured out because you made a new friend today.. Jordan gets pissed says let me just get to my point. Jeff “Get to your point, I can’t wait for the big finale” Jordan wants Jeff to be nice to people because she is nice to them and she thinks it’s working. Jeff says OK lets do it your way for a bit… He start complaining about his toe he hurt it in the have nots comp… he says that he just wants to chop the whole thing off. Jordan starts laughing at him in the competition.. saying he was on the team with Kevin, Michelle and Lydia. He was like zach from saved by the bell. now she says the other team was Slater, Jessie and Kelly (lol) Jeff says that Lydia is like a little child in here… She doesn’t want to be here she doesn’t even care! He goes on to say that she is always looking for attention. Even now with her not talking to anyone shes looking for attention.

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I love that Jeff’s siding with the target…Jess or Gnat you’re going home.


Can I just say how much I’m loving the wizard hats?


them wizards hats crack me up y’all LMFAO


love the wizard lol dying to watch thursday night show when the queer gay jessie and nat the lesbi ugly bulldog make the poker face after being nominated while the chimonkey start jumping screaming nobama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha


I want Jessie and Gnat out too, but you really need to ease up on the “gay” insults. You’re really pissing me off.

Jeff Fan

Jeff and Jordan’s best bet to have any chance in the final is to side with Russell. Russell trusts both Jeff and Jessie, but I think deep down inside he knows Jessie throws him under the bus and really trusts Jeff more. Jeff has proven it to him, and I think Russell realizes that. If they side with Russel, Jeff can use his powers to nominate Jessie and Nat and it will be Russel, Michelle, Jordan, and Kevin that will vote Jessie out. Lydia will vote for Jessie to stay, obviously. I believe Jeff can’t vote cause he won the power. I think if it comes down to a tie, Jeff will be the one to decide who goes home so either way Jessie is going home. Let’s just hope Jessie doesn’t win POV. I hope he doesn’t even get a chance to play anyway. In the long run, Jeff and Russell will dominate the game and Jeff taking Russel out of the block will prove his loyalty to him.

Randy Wolfgang

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if Russell wins POV, Chima puts up Jeff while team Jesse assures him he is only a pawn and Jeff acts all hurt and sad—and then Thursday when Julie asks if the the wizard wants to use the power—JEFF stands up and says YES – I am taking off Lydia and myself and putting up Jesse and Natalie!!!! Would that be too delicious?????????? They would need a special cleaning crew to clean up where Nat and Jesse shit themselves!!!


I thought about that too but I think she would put up Michelle.


I think it would be awesome if Jeff wears sunglasses and says “move your feets and get new seats – Jump up in there Jess and Nat”.
Just like Jess did to Casey


I hated the way Jesse said it to Casey “hop in there buddy” . He’s despicable


Neither did Jeff and he said so afterwards – thats why I hope Jeff does it back at them.


I would rather Russell doesn’t win POV so Jeff can save Russell and Lydia and replace them with Jesshe and Gnat. Best case is Jeff, Jordan or Michelle winning POV and keeping Chima’s nominations the same. Then I think it would go like this:
Russell – owes Jeff loyalty, votes out Jessie
Lydia – owes Jeff, even though she will probably vote Nat out
Kevin – likes Jeff for saving Lydia, votes out Jessie
Michelle – already loyal to Jeff/Jordan, votes out Jessie
Jordan – votes out Jessie
Jeff and Chima can’t vote. Vote is 4-1 or maybe 5-0 if Lydia is having a moment of clarity or if Jesshe bruises her ass again..
Buh-bye Jesshe.

Mr. E

“I love how you think you’ve got it all figured out because you made a new friend today.” Jeff just earned fifty awesome points. Jordan just lost twenty.


I saw that too. Jeff is just… rad.


Oh I hope Kevin lays low this week. If he wins the veto he needs to leave the nominations alone and if Jeff uses it then so be it. I think for Kevin it would be great if Lydia leaves.

Randy Wolfgang

Even if Jesse wins POV – Jeff will put up Natalie to break those two up.


That could backfire though, so I hope they would get the votes. Just hope that neither Jess or Gnat get POV

Randy Wolfgang

How about if Jeff wins POV?? what do you think he should do??? take Russell down I think to get Russell on his side for good, maybe put up Natalie or Jesse and then Thursday put up the other one????


If Jeff wins PoV.. he can’t use it because Chima names the replacement.. & it would be Jordan. Jeff needs to THROW the PoV competition unless it looks like Jessie or Nat might win.


Chima would put up another houseguest if POV is used, not the Veto winner.

Big D

He can use the power no matter if he wins pov or not, he just can’t put up the hoh or the pov winner, and he can replace 1 or both noms. He just needs to have the balls to go through with this shit. To put both gNat and dickface Jesse up.

The Original Jim

If Jeff wins the POV it is a bit of a double-edged sword. Jordan being the replacement nomination is irrelevant because of the CDE. The real danger is he takes off Russell and he earns Russell’s loyalty, but it could hurt his relationship with Kevin and Lydia who he still needs in the short term to get rid of Natalie and Chima. If he doesn’t take anyone down, he could push Russell closer to Jessie which could be a problem when he uses the CDE to send Jessie home.


POV needs to go to ANYONE besides Jesse or Gnat. Pref Russell so he can take himself off the block, and Jeff doesn’t have to be put in that position to go against Chima and the house.


How peacefull is the blog after the delusional moron is gone!


I had no problem with the Fat Rat’s manipulation, lying etc other than the fact that he was really BAD at it. But mostly I hated that he thought he was soooo smart, when he was really stupid. Lied just for the fun of it, not for strategic reasons and made too many enemies too soon. Picked on women & Kevin, then screamed like a baby when Kevin told him to f*ck off. Got really nasty because he knew that Michelle was smarter than him, then claimed it was because she said something bad about his wife. Gave a similar reason for voting out Laura, who figured out his game immediately. Also Casey, who burned him the best in his exit speech. Acted like a poor loser. Obsessed with how America viewed him. So delusional he thinks he can play in BB All-Stars. What and go out in Week 1? HAHAHA! When he tried to copy his hero, he must not have noticed that Dr Will was fun and extremely charming while he stabbed you in the back. Plus Dr Will is gorgeous, not a fat blubbering slob.

Oh yeah, and his wife is a disgusting publicity seeking walrus, giving interviews constantly, blocking her Twitter account because she couldn’t handle the negative comments, posting comments all the time on blogs trying to rally support for him and creating a Bot to try to rig the Mystery Power vote. And then claiming he’s a teacher in one of her interviews, when all he has done is substituted as a coach for her debate class in Parkersburg High School. He’s a loser senior in college at the ripe old age of 30 because he’s spent most of his time playing video games for hours at a time, almost resulting a divorce from this stupid woman who loves him so much. Her words, not mine. Honey, divorce his disgusting fat ass ASAP! LOSER! And OMG puh-leeze don’t go on fertility drugs and procreate. Accept God’s will and remain barren for the love of all mankind!

Of course, maybe I’m just going through a mid-life banana crisis and i’m a horrible person with a PhD.


If Jeff didn’t win the power this week, I would have legitimately stopped watching the show.

Mr. E

Jessie just figured out that Jeff is the Wizard!!! AND CHIMA AND NATALIE DON’T BELIEVE HIM!!!! Apparently he’s not happy that Chima told everyone her entire plan.


lmao, without ronnie in the house its boring, have u notice on the showtime feed jeff and jordan get no air time, because there freakin boringggggggggg


OMG so tru and I don’t think the PPl that r winning should get side swap off the show… So all the boring ppl pull names and desides who’s the next whatever… No competition!!!!!


Jeff better put Jessie and Scrappy up next week, leading to Jessie’s eviction, HOWEVER…I pray that he doesn’t get screwed like Libra from last season, where she got blamed for everything and sent out the week after. How great would it be for him evict Jessie, and then FINALLY win HOH!!


either way jeff and jordan are screwed next week
i give them2 more weeks top

Mr. E

Why are Jeff and Jordan screwed? Jessie’s gone. Chima can’t compete for HoH. Jeff and Russell are the strongest players. Michelle secretly likes Russell and knows for a fact that he isn’t the rat. She’s also the third strongest competitor in the game. That leaves Kevin (who wants an alliance with Nat and Chima) and Lydia, and Natalie to compete on the other side. Kevin and Lydia are powerless in competitions, and Natalie has only come close to winning anything once…and that was third place behind Jeff and Russell. And when Jeff/Jordan/Russell put up Natalie and Chima against each other or Natalie against anybody, there’s no way Lydia is going to vote for Natalie.

The Original Jim

How do you figure? The only people he will have gunning for him are Natalie and Chima. Chima can’t compete for HOH and Natalie can’t win a competition anyway. He’ll have Russell’s loyalty because he saved him. He’ll have Lydia and Kevin’s loyalty for saving Lydia, plus Jessie will be gone so Lydia will just do whatever Kevin says from that point and Kevin has already showed interest in allying with Jeff and Jordan. Jordan will always be loyal to Jeff and Michelle is is already in the super secret alliance with Jeff and Jordan.
Unless Natalie wins HOH/POV, which is unlikely because she sucks at the competitions, she’ll probably go home the next week. Then of the remaining people a lot want to get rid of Russell, if that happens Jeff is a lock in any physical competition. At this point, Jeff has a great shot at final four with Jordan, Michelle, and either Kevin or Russell.

mimi in mo

Grrrr!! Me & the Mr. are having an argument about the coup d etat! Can Jeff tell anyone that he has it?


No, or he loses the power.




Is it me but arnt jeff and jordan so CUTE!…I deff think the’ll get married in the future…


they are totally cute….I skim thru everything else just to read their convo’s with each other….He’s so patient with her and she’s so trusting of him…I totally think they’ll be together after this whole thing…wouldn’t that be sweet??


if jeff is smart enough, he needs to use the power this week for a guaranteed security and sure loyalty of russel, im not sure about lydia though. but he NEEDS to use it!


Yeah, but if Jeff uses the power, could that possibly put a huge target on his back the week after? I want him to put Jesse and Gnat up, but if Russel is sure to go home, and in the long run he should want Russel out anyway so he can be alpha male, but if Russel is sure to go home maybe he should just not use the power and let it go by. The other HG’s will know he had the power once he reveals it and that America chose him, which means America loves him and he might get chosen for other things (or could have already in their paranoid minds). Just thinking too much I guess…this game is addictive….LOL


Funny how power can change you, Jeff?s ass needs to go!


umm bitch plz…jeff hasnt changed hes trying to do whats best for him and jordan…

The Original Jim

Why don’t you go troll somewhere else? No one is buying what you’re selling.
I can’t stand these people that come here and just try to stir up shit. It’s appropriate that you used the name NAT cause that’s the kind of bullshit she would try.


I was gonna’ point out the log-in name too. Nat’s handfull of fans seem to be a lot like Nat. Makes sense. Same with Ronnie’s crew.


And my real name is Jeff. I don’t have a favorite right now, but do not want Chima, Natalie or Jesse to stay long. Don’t think Lydia or Jordan deserve it. Kevin, Michelle, Jeff or Russell would be acceptable winners. I need to see this played out a little bit more before solidifying my preferences.


Jeff is sly, and something is wrong with jordan. I think he’s trying to give her hints that he is the wizard by sayin we need to get jessie out. Who would you vote out between jessie and russ………. jessie isn’t even on the block, so with him saying that you would think she could guess that he has the power.


Jeff was testn her.. But now he knows she can’t follow an easy lead… Y is Jordan go dense YYYY!!!!!!


i was wondering the same thing – i never in a million years have thought he’d come up with coup d’etat on his own. somebody had to have mentioned it to him is all i know. but it just increases his paranoia, so it’s all good.

i like how she-man, gnat & jesse are starting to get tripped up in their lies. ohh it’s gonna be a fun week.

go jeff!!!


It seems like Lydia is being friendlier and more touchy-feely towards Jeff, true or no? I’m wondering if she is going to try and pull anything since they are both have-nots and she thinks he’s the wizard….thoughts?


that is a great question…i think lydia is going to try…she flirts with every guy…i just hope jeff will say hell no…and jordan finds out…i would love to see jordan and lydia fight…but idk i guess will see…


Jeff can’t tell anyone.

Jesse’s alliance is done this week. Nat or Jesse are going home this week.


They did it before on BB…


i think it would be great if jeff won the pov and took russell off the block, then chia pet head bitch replaces whoever she wants, it doesn’t matter because then a few days later jeff stands up and uses his power to totally change her nominations and hopefully he will put up the egomaniac and the pit bull that needs to make him a sandwich. and what is with her praying now before eating????? please!!!!!! i have to say i have NEVER in my life seen anyone pray at a meal as long a j does. does he think that he is impressing us with the amount of time he is using to do so????? i just keep rolling my eyes and shaking my head like the rest of America about him. i know we all want to see him gone too. first the rat needed to be gone, yahooweeee. now to clean out the gabage that is left in the house. lol!!


LOL…….love what you said here!

bb fan

im watching bbad right now and nat and jesse in the kitchen dicussing what day it is..why do they keep saying it’s saturday???


because they are locked in a nuthouse-and are all going crazy-it is getting to them:)


You can thank Ronnie the Rat for that one.. he was saying before he left it was the coup d etat. Too bad he’s a terrible human being and isn’t there to experience it. SUCKA– GO JEFF!!


On a totally different subject……I know Lydia can have her issues, but she can really make herself look nice when she wants to. The above shots of what she was wearing yesterday resembled Amy Winehouse, and she rocked it, I thought. And the raccoon eye makeup of Thursday night was odd, but if she wants to be a special effects makeup artist then it wasn’t such a crazy idea……just my 2 cents. And for a crazy gurl, she’s gonna be hitting a record here with how many times she’s been on the block and survived….LOL! I’m still team Jeff though!


Wow! Michelle is a diabolical liar! I hate Ronnie but could that Ass-clown be right?!


ronnie would still have been the same with or without michelle. she was down talking jeff but at the same, and not an acceptable excuse, but when russ was harrassing her jeff was just sitting there and not coming to her defense which hurt her feelings. when people hurt they look for acceptance and she was looking for it but in the wrong place with the wrong people. she ran to chima because she knew she was the only one who would stick up for her at that point and who also had the backbone to do it against russ. we all have to remember michelle ultimately feels alone in the game and is trying to survive. she should have confided in jordan instead.


she is turning out 2 b shady…she as gotten cocky & that may eventually b her downfall


Yeah she has def gottan really cocky and they will get her next!!! I don’t care who goes at all as long as it is not jeff or jordan!!


I love jordan!!!!!! I hope her and jeff do it big to the finale 2!!!


hello everyone!!!Jeff won POV.