Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that her goodbye speech should have been “Suck it you pansy! ..I don’t care if you live or die!”

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1:10am In the kitchen Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Ragan and Britney are talking about the saboteur. Matt says that the saboteur is going to get nailed and that if you accept the saboteur, you can’t win, you’re going to get found out. Enzo says that we know us six aren’t the saboteur so it has to be Kathy, Brendon or Rachel. Enzo says that its Rachel, she is the saboteur that chick is wacky. Lane says that he doesn’t think the saboteur is one of them. (Matt, Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Ragan or Britney) Britney agrees with him. Enzo says that he doesn’t understand why anyone would choose to be the saboteur. They talk about how there has to be some monetary incentive. Enzo says that he thinks it is either Rachel or Kathy. They keep coming back to thinking that Big Bother is the saboteur. Enzo says that Rachel is  BLANK with Brendon’s head this BLANK crazy. Ragan says that all of her moves are calculated. Britney says that she thinks Rachel is the brains of her and Brendon’s operation. They all think that the saboteur has brought the house together. Enzo says that this morning he was pumped because one of the songs he requested was played. Enzo says that he wants them to play run rabbit run by Eminem. Enzo says that he thinks that Big Brother is using the one he requested for HOH for the morning music. Britney is annoyed that Big Brother hasn’t played Lady Gaga for her and Ragan yet.

1:25am Brendon and Rachel talk about the goodbye messages.  Brendon says that he already did his to her.  Rachel says that she hasn’t done one yet for him … she says that if she has to she is going to throw up. Brendon tells her that he loves her.   Brendon and Rachel are talking about wedding rings. Rachel says that she used to think she needed a three carat canary diamond ring but says that now she would take a gold ring. Brendon tells her that he is glad she got over that. Brendon gets up and heads to the bathroom. Enzo says what’s up to Brendon. Brendon says that he is going to take a piss, it isn’t rocket science. When he comes back through the kitchen were Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Ragan and Britney are he doesn’t say a word to them. One Brendon is out of the kitchen, Britney says goodnight Neanderthal. Lane heads to bed. Britney surprises Matt by knowing all the house guests last names, and then says that she knows everything. Britney says except she doesn’t know Andrew or Annie’s because they never told her. Then Britney says that she can’t remember Monet’s last name. Hayden says that he remembers that Lane’s dog’s name is Tucker and that Britney’s boxer’s name is Porter. They talk about their animals. Britney says she has another dog named Molly. Britney tries to think of other random house guest facts she knows. Britney remembers a lot of the house guests sibling’s names. Matt says that Ragan has 3 gay siblings and that it speaks volumes for genetics and homosexuality. They start going over other random house guess facts. Britney knows where everyone went and their majors. Brendon goes to UCLA, UC Riverside. Hayden goes to ASU. Rachel goes to UNLV. Lane went to Texas Tech. Enzo went to County College. Kristen went to a fashion school in Penn. Kathy didn’t go to college. Andrew went to school in New York. They talk about Andrew being a shoe salesman. Enzo says like Al Bundy. (From a tv show) They start making fun of Brendon. Enzo says that Brendon has a big penis head. Britney says that his head does look like a penis. Enzo says that he is this close to snapping on Brendon. Enzo says that where he is from they don’t argue, they just hit someone. Britney says that Brendon is desperate to be voted out and that’s why he attacked Enzo. (When Enzo asked him what’s up.) Enzo wonders if you can spit in someone’s face, is that allowed? They think it is allowed, they talk about how Jordan chest bumped Russell last season.

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2am Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Ragan and Britney talk about their goodbye messages. Britney says that hers wasn’t bad. Then Britney says here is my real one …Suck it you pansy! ..I don’t care if you live or die! Britney says that when Brendon gets evicted, no one should get up to say goodbye. Britney says they should stay seated and then start having a conversation, and just ignore him as he goes out the door. Matt says that Brendon is twice his size and that he (Matt) could kick his  BLANK. Ragan says that he is suffering because of Rachel and Brendon, he has worn down by them. Enzo says that they only have to put up with Brendon for one more week. They laugh about how Brendon was saying Neanderthal and cock roaches earlier when he was going at it with Ragan. Enzo says that if he gets on your nerves just tell him, you’re going home. Britney says that he is so gross. Hayden and Enzo head to bed. Britney and Matt try to make Ragan feel better, he is upset over the confrontation he had earlier. Britney says he shouldn’t worry he has the full support of the house. Ragan says that there is a saying … Argue with long enough with a fool and people cant tell the difference.  Ragan says he is okay he just needed to have a pity party.   Britney says the thing that pisses her off the most is that Brendon and Rachel play is so personal. Britney says that there is no need to attack Ragan’s character. Ragan says in the previous seasons people have gone the personal attack route but if that is there strategy why don’t they switch it up, try to endear themselves to the other house guests, instead they just keep at the personal attacks. Britney says that she admits she is a mean girl but she could never come out unsolicited and attack someone. Ragan says that he doesn’t want to be a part of this drama for the next day and a half. Brit thinks that her and Ragan should stay up in the HOH. Matt tells them that they can. Ragan says that he doesn’t want to look like Ronnie though. Matt thinks that Brendon and Rachel are the one who are scared and should hide up, not you guys. Ragan says they are scary because they have nothing to lose. Matt says that he thinks Brendon and Rachel are embarrassed about what happened today. Matt says that they are more scared of us than we are of them and then tells Ragan that if he stays up in the HOH then he is giving them what they want. Matt says that the entire  BLANK house knows they’re  BLANK. Ragan says that he doesn’t want to be left alone with Brendon; he says that is when the attacks are the worst. Matt agrees he doesn’t want to be left alone with Brendon either. Britney says that if you take it to the personal level with me then I’m going to take it to the personal level with you. Britney says that he is disgusting and is humiliating his family. Ragan says that Brendon has a awkwardly shaped body. Ragan says that he would love to get some red nail polish and color in where her pimples really are on Rachels memory wall picture. Britney says that she thinks the best thing this week would be for Rachel to pick up her bag and leave and have Brendon follow her. Ragan and Matt say he wouldn’t do that because he wants to be in the jury house with her.

3am – 3:30am Britney, Ragan and Matt go into the lounge room and talk about who they think Brendon would put up if he got HOH. They think that he would put up Ragan and Britney but with the hopes of back dooring Matt. Matt says he knows he is the target but he would totally win POV. Matt says that if he were to win POV he would take one of either Britney or Ragan off the block. They talk about how they know they have the numbers in their favor but they don’t want to get too cocky. Britney says that the more they convince Brendon is toast this Thursday the more off his game he’ll be in the HOH competition. They talk about how Brendon probably won’t not prepare at all and that Rachel will be the one preparing. Ragan says that he really wants one of the three of them to win the HOH and one to win the POV so that it is a sure thing that Brendon will go next week. Britney says that she has been counting things in the house and says that Monet was obsessed with counting things in the house. Ragan says that we have to do it! Ragan says that he wishes it was going to be an endurance competition because he hates the quizzes. Matt tells Ragan and Britney to stay calm during the HOH competition, that’s the best thing they can do. Ragan says that Matt should poke at Brendon after Rachel leaves, to throw him off his game even more. Matt says that he will give some good digs. Ragan comes up with a game plan to frazzle Brendon before the HOH competition. Ragan says that Brendon is not even a fan of this show, and that they are super fans. Matt, Britney and Ragan all head to bed. Matt goes up to the HOH room and takes out his little ducks and figurines and starts going through the worst case scenarios. He talks like someone else is in the room, but is really telling America what he is thinking about each move.

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9:02am Everyone still asleep

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I’m really getting burned out on the constant bashing.. it’s becoming a real downer. I think there should be more competitions and a lot more great prizes – it seems like there were back in the day. Cars, tall dollars, vacations, big screen TV’s… there were a lot of them as I recall. Maybe times are too tough to make this BB as good as those of the past. They don’t even have any new things to haggle over or talk about and it is just plan boring these days. Maybe they should have a few double evictions and get this one over sooner if they can’t come up with something interesting that can be a game changer. B O R I N G..


Double eviction is coming up soon. If I were CBS I’d do it next week and really change the dynamic in the house. Luxury comps and prizes will be coming up fast too.


yeah, the issue currently is you have those 5-6 people who talk ALL DAY about B and R ONLY….now…im not here defending brenden, but Im hoping if they get evicted, and the sab is revealed as someone NOT NAMED KATHY RACHEL OR BRENDEN(funny how they only suspect the 3 people THEY dislike….)

brit is a gross person….seriously…

CBS, I cut the live feeds, Ill stop watching Big Brother all together if you give her a positive “funny” edit


They will not have to edit Brittany as funny BECAUSE she is….I watch the feeds and you cannot deny that FACT.


In my opinion the reason it is getting boring is all the drama is getting voted out. I feel the house lost a lot of personality when Andrew left. He may not have been a favorite but he sure kept the houseguest stirred up. That kept things interesting. Can you imagine how boring the show will be once B and R are gone. All you will have is the Brigade playing pool, Kathy laying around, Brit complaining about something and Ragan twisting his limbs around and rubbing his head. At least with B and R you get a little drama.

I say bring Andrew back. Or better yet one of the players from a past season (Ronnie). Let’s see who complains more Brit or Ronnie.


Andrew was my favorite, too. I kinda liked Kristen till she got evicted and I found out she had a boyfriend and hooking up w/Hayden. I guess I wouldn’t mind if Lane or Hayden or Matt wins; they seem to make least personal attacks.

brit is hot but a bitch

these people are such idiots. Do they not know everything is being taped. Then they say how brendon and rachel talk about people and how that is wrong. Dumbasses The brigade sucks


lol, pretty sure they know that. Everyone is a hyporcite when they step into the big brother house have you not notcied?


Britney says that he is disgusting and is humiliating his family. Wow wake up do you think your family is proud of you!!!!


total idiots. brit is one of those people that talks to hear herself, and get other people to comment or agree with her. i mean seriously if you really don’t like b/r why spend your whole day talking about them. b/r don’t even talk about them like that. you can tell that she(brit) is just like brendan said a spoiled brat. i hope all that quiz studying will be in vane and they will have a new hoh competition. i hope brendan wins just to see if ragan and brit are true to their word that they won’t get mad if they are on the block they will have sportmanship about it because it’s just a game, yeah right. i would love to see them fight for that because they are friends with the same people lets see them fight against each other for votes. i hope matt win the pov and see if he keeps his word on using it, i bet he won’t he will probably throw the pov comp because he has the d veto so he’s safe either way.


Matt…nothing cuter than you playing wtih those little ducks…except when you play with your nuts..I love that….xoxoxo


Matt looks like Bud from Married with Children. He’s such a dork.


Britney & Regan need to go, Britney because I can stand her all she does it bash, Regan because he is always crying, and it’s annoying.


I agree. I would rather see them go than Rachel and Brendan. You might not like the things they have done at times but I think they are better people than Britt the Bitch and Ragan the weasel .


I think Matt because he wears a onsie. Is he a man or a toddler?


yeah I don’t like Ragan he is so annoying I don’t understand why he was picked as the saboteur.


Brigade sucks, Britney sucks, Kathy sucks, they all suck!!!!

Worst season ever!!!!

With that being said…this has to be the best site in the world besides ESReality! 😀


Used to think Britney was really cute & totally hilarious…now I just find her petty & boring. Her constant talking behind everyones back is getting OLD. Might be a little more entertaining if she at least had the “balls’ to do it to their face.


Oh I think lil’ Brit held her ground just fine against Brendon when he came out to pick a fight. She went balls to the wall with him.


you mean bitch to the walls don’t you.


Britney only did that because she know that bren wouldn’t really do anything to her as she was in the back yard with lamo lane to watch over her, but bren wouldn’t have hurt anyway as he’s not that kind of person, But if you watched britney you could see just how really scared she was when her play up to the guy’s and BB cam’s was over, She only did it to show off


I agree. She is all show. Can’t stand her and her mouth!!!!


they have nothing else to do!!! can you imagine having around 5 days of nothing to do but wait and go over and over what the result will be? This show could be done in half the time. I guess they network needs so much time to just pick a few things to show on the televised part – hide all the other more interesting things that are said. Sad programming decisions….
Then they mix things up to try and make it interesting and in reality make it unfair to some of the house guests who assume they all have a fair chance to win.


I’ve watched most BB’s..starting with season 3 (my second fave after 11 btw) and I have to say the brigade alliance has really got the social/strategy game nailed. If the four of them stay loyal to the alliance, they should sail to the final 4. Having Enzo and Hayden remain “friendly” with Brendon in the event he wins HoH is pretty clever and easier said than done. Combine their strat with the diamond power of Veto in case something goes horrribly wrong next week, makes this particular alliance one of the best in BB history. imo anyway.


I agree with you stormy brigade is in a very good position..


I am loving the brigade. I would love it to be a secret right till the final four just to see the reaction on the other HG’s faces when they realize how they’ve been played. In my opinion, if they can pull it off, they should be applauded. Realistically, everyone in the house had an opportunity to try to pull off a secret alliance when the game began. Props to the brigade for making it this far, and I am rooting for them to the end.


i still think the brigade is only 3 strong. i don’t think matt can be trusted, this guy has moved from an aliance with the brigade to an alliance with ragan and brit. he knows if he takes brit or ragan to the final 2 he will win, because of his votes from the brigade members that will be in the jury house, and from b/r because they won’t give it to ragan or brit kathy is neutral. he is playing the game, but he can’t be trusted, and it seems like the only ones that see it is b/r and enzo wants ragan and brit out and will become suspicious if matt saves ragan or brit. i think the brigade will break up next week if brendan wins and put up ragan and brit and matt saves them, or if the brigade figures out he playing all of them.

sigh 23

i feel bad for Kathy,Ragan and Britney.they dont even know they’ve already hoping the diary room tells Ragan about the brigade.


Poor Britt and Ragan. Please I hope the devil and the Wiesel go out in double eviction.


If you watch after dark like I do all you see is the same old stuff, Brittney & Regan bashing Rachel & Brendon. I think that last night Brendon should have bitch slapped Regan. He stood next to the guys for the rest of the night. What a wimp. And Brittney talks so much smack , she needs to get smacked. I cant wait till Regan is exposed as the sabatour. Maybe then he’ll get his ass beat. They all better watch out when they get to the jury house.


Watch out? For what? A spooning session from Brendon? Guy’s a pussy, give me a break.


I totally agree…puppet on a string…


dude cmon…stop lying

R and B DID make fun of their GAME….but they NEVER SAT THERE PICKING THESE PEOPLE APART “OUTSIDE” the house….

brit’s parents should be freaking ashamed, I would disown the ungrateful little wench

Brigade Joe

I’m not lying about how nasty Rachel was for the first 4 weeks. It’s “obvi” from all your posts on this site that your another delusional Rachel fan living on Rachel’s planet of no responsibilities. Go believe whatever you want about how awesome she is, your just lying to yourself.

brigade yo


I used to think he already wished he could dump her, but was stuck with her in the house. The last few weeks has shown that he’s so insecure he actually needs her. Yeah, she’ll dump him for some pimp with a fist full of hundreds and all of Brendon’s friend (if he has any) and family will bitch slap him for being such a moron.


Brigade Joe….LMAO!!!! …so true ..she’s a tramp…jmo


They have all made asses of themselves, except for maybe Lane and Hayden, but maybe I missed something. Brit was my favorite, but she lost it last night.


Britney, you really sealed your fate last nite.


The dumbest thing Brendon could possibly do would be to “slap/smack” someone. What exactly does that accomplish? He loses on all counts with that one. Would get booted from the show, not be in jury with his girlfriend, possibly face getting sued, and also prove that other people have control over him and his emotions.

I am the saboteur

I would love for Brendan to hit Brittney, then get the shit kicked out of him by the entire house.




I am so sick and tired of this cast…I used to love big brother..couldnt wait to watch it..I have stopped watiching bb after dark..I only watch portions of the show..and thursday to see who has won hoh…or pov….We did BB find this group of people…I understand Rachel is hard to get along with but she is playing the game at least and doesnt hide her feelings..the rest hide behind each other and feel superior by being in a group to bash people behind their backs..There is so much I can comment on ….who the hell is tell Enzo how to speak..where is she from…please go spoiled little brat…this group makes me sick…please shut it downnnnnnn..and Enzo u gonna represent it right…we dont act like you..


I don’t what game you think Rachel is playing, but it’s not Big Brother. She got lucky on the 2 HOH’s she won. The first one she was off by 250, and the second one she clearly pushed the button by mistake. She got into a showmance early, she isolated herself from the rest of the house, she openly threatened people when she was in power, and she whines and cries when she’s not. She is playing one of the WORST games of BB in history!


“Beerad” I so agree with you …both times she won HOH,it was just pure luck…no strategy or physical talent there at all…and dickhead Brendan hasn’t won a damn thing ….all they know how to do is suck face and have sex and any moron can do that ..I’m sick of her pouting and crying and his pouty face also ….BORING…I hope it picks up soon..


I personally don’t enjoy Ragan and Britney talking about B/R to the extent they do.But Brendon shouldn’t bitch slap anyone. He doesn’t know the extent that Britney and Ragan and some of the others have been talking about him. I don’t think anything has went down in the house where he would need to resort to physical


The behavior of all of these people is the result of their life experiences and relationships. We can learn from them that it’s better to keep your cool, than to lose it and make an ass of yourself.


CBS could learn a lot from Big Brother UK.


How do they do things?


brenden wont be slapping anyone

the point is you have a group of people who wont shut the heck up about this high school stuff…name calling NON STOp, I hate the B and R love stuff, but I equally hate people who talk the smack that brit/ragen do…its even worse when you KNOW brit/ragen are just sitting ducks…its pathetic, there is no plan, they all “think” together now, its really….NOT what you want from BB…

there is no competition…credit the brigade for never flipping….

no credit to ragen/brit for being so naive…


btw…what happened to trying to get a jury vote? OR TWO


the test of how stupid these HG’s are will be their goodbye message.

if brit is smart she says “sorry, just the way it went, and hope you and R make it, bye”

but they will BASH him, then he(brenden) or she (rachel) wont give them their 2 votes….

such stupidity from this cast….you can bash people who dont go to the jjury….but if you bash B and R in your goodbye message, you can kiss the money goodbye


brendon and rachle will NOT vote for any them, have you not been watching… and soon as they find out about The Brigade they might not vote for anybody because Kathy will not make it to finals.


its highly possible that 2 brigade members, or a brigade and ragen or brit make it



in other words, why throw away two jury votes…if they just say “hey you were a tough competitor, we tried to get you out, finally its worked…best of luck”

that person will get 2 jury votes

you need 4 to win

and you want to bash the person because you “think” kathy will make F2…..ha ha ha


You’re right. They are throwing out R/B votes. Edzo and Hayden are smart. They’re being civil with B/R even if they may not exactly like them. All I see from Britney and Ragan is high school drama.


Brit was talking last night that she had already made her goodbye message and it was before the blow up so it wasnt mean. But that doesnt mean BB wont have her re-record her message after last night’s fight (in fact I’d go with they def will!!).


I think they are all too smart for their own good!!!!


hayden may be the only one who doesnt say nasty rude things

and he will get their votes…

simple as that


I totally agree!!!!


I just wish more people saw it…they play on pure emotion…B and R both…this is WORSE than russ on survivor because he was making moves…they are sitting there…

anyone who says something rude in the goodbye message WILL lose in the finale. If two of them make it there, then the least mean will get 2 votes….you may not believe it, but if you saw how they worked through this house(if the person is nice to their face, they assume they are their new friend) then you know that B and R will vote for Hayden…as he wont go out like an ass.


last three standing Brit, Lane And Hayden that’s my prediction

I am the saboteur

I wanted Rachel to stay the first time she was on the block, because Simon and Dawg had not yet captured any skin. Now they have, so she can go.


Tell me something,how does Rachel and Brendon think that Brendon’s actions are going to get him evicted. Don’t they know that Rachel is the stronger player and the idea of the game is to knock out the stronger players first, then pick off the others. But, who knows, maybe Brendon is just doing this to make it look good to Rachel, then his goodbye message:”So long, bitch. And, by the way, I just used you.” Now, that would be so good, that would be one show I would never miss. Hell, for that matter, I would tape it and watch it over and over. And, them talking about wedding rings,boy, Brendon must be planning on marrying his first 50 cent piece.


Enzo is also setting himself up for their votes.


also true.

enzo and hayden have made smart decisions to convince the brigade they need to keep em close

while matt and lane will lose their “sidekick one vote…”

hayden or enzo nab two.


Yes and he’s being very smart about that. You don’t want to alienate two people / lose two votes just because you don’t align yourself with them.

Uncle Cool

VILLEGAS, Brendon J. Riverside, CA
All certification documents under the jurisdiction of the California Commission on Teacher
Credentialing are suspended for a period of seven (7) days for misconduct pursuant to
Education Code section 44421.

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing shall privately
admonish, publicly reprove, revoke or suspend for immoral or
unprofessional conduct, or for persistent defiance of, and refusal to
obey, the laws regulating the duties of persons serving in the
public school system, or for any cause that would have warranted the
denial of an application for a credential or the renewal thereof, or
for evident unfitness for service.

Wonder what this was for?

Anyone know?


Where you get that?

bashing big br
sickoftheir shit

Where did you find this?


yeah where did you find that…. formthe way brendon blew up last night i wouldn;t doubt this is real


I searched the education code and it said this:
The Commission on Teacher Credentialing shall privately
admonish, publicly reprove, revoke or suspend for immoral or
unprofessional conduct, or for persistent defiance of, and refusal to
obey, the laws regulating the duties of persons serving in the
public school system, or for any cause that would have warranted the
denial of an application for a credential or the renewal thereof, or
for evident unfitness for service


That document is dated April 2008. Makes one wonder what happened back then. They’re probably so overwhelmed by watching Brendon on BB12 that they still haven’t finished deciding WTH to do as punishment now. lol


Just for shits and giggles I looked a bit more. This is the latest thing that I found.


the link says session expired.. what was it showing?


It says that Brendon was granted an emergency temp. teacher permit that expires in Oct. “11. It doesn’t say anything bad about him,only that his teaching credentials are current.


Go back to the link and type his name in the search box and then the permit thing pops up…click on it and you can read it…..yo.

Dammit bad. Click on the Look up a teacher link on the left hand side of the page and put his name in there and it should pop up with the info.


Details of Selected Credential


Document Title

Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit

Document Number


Authorization Code(s)


This permit authorizes the holder to serve as a substitute teacher for not more than thirty days for any one teacher during a school year in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults. The holder may serve on this permit in any county in which the document is registered provided the employing agency has a statement of need on file for the school year.

Renewal Code(s)


To renew this permit, the holder needs to submit an application and fee through his or her employing school district or county office of education, or directly to the Commission.

Issuance Date


Expiration Date



thanks yo


You’re welcome. OMG this is just how bored I am today that I look up stuff like that. hahahahahaha


The Commission on Teacher Credentialing shall privately
admonish, publicly reprove, revoke or suspend for immoral or
unprofessional conduct, or for persistent defiance of, and refusal to
obey, the laws regulating the duties of persons serving in the
public school system, or for any cause that would have warranted the
denial of an application for a credential or the renewal thereof, or
for evident unfitness for service.


Don’t forget people you’re watching a TV reality show. All these people in the house want their 15 minutes of fame, some even think their lives are going to change and they will become stars. What a big joke! If you have ever watched previous seasons of BB (I’ve watched every season), all the houseguests always bash and talk about one another nonstop, there is always a showmance couple, and always someone who is considered evil ( by the other housequests) and everyone hates them. This isn’t reality this is a TV show run by CBS. Think about it.


Lynn: I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂


The only difference is; not everyone cries about being ”personally attacked” when it’s done directly to their face, meanwhile for weeks on end ”personally attacking” others behind their backs, in a vicious manner themselves.

Britney is delusional.


no its not lying…I dont give a flying F what other people do in life if I dont know them or have any further reason to know them

brenden isnt a domestic violence case waiting to happen…you just dont get it…he did all that on purpose

they discussed it….it was to try and get him evicted over her….it didnt work, it just will make him look stupid…but they are trying anything and everything…and honestly I dont blame them its a game for 500k its about time everyone else starts acting like it and realizes discussing STD’s and telling jokes wont win you jury votes.


theres also a difference between saying something, and saying AWFUL vile things for…the last 2 weeks…its become their life, and they have no idea what to do now since there are 5 people who are “close”


i think one of the reasons you see people “laying low” is simply to avoid any confrontations with Rachel and/or Brendon. Several people have tried to have heart to heart discussions with Rachel in response to her questioning why people hate her. When she’s told she just either blows up or starts the crocodile tears or both. People are now totally disgusted with her for that reason alone. Then you add the drunken party girl and the “We’re in love, why would try to beat us down when we’re low”, Rachel, and it’s no wonder they’re only talking about her behind her back. Now Brendon’s becoming more and more like Rachel.m. The other HGs are bombarded by them 24/7. I think the’re being pretty patient with them. I don’t know if I could put up with them.
With that being said, I’m pretty sure that the dynamics of the house will dramatically change once one or both is/are gone. They will be a lot more relaxed and will really start playing the game as it should be. I think B/R were extremely POOR HGs. We’ve had seasons where we have had HGs like them before, but not 2 TOGETHER at the same time. I’m looking forward to when they are gone!

angela melini

Britney and Ragan has gotten soo bad with the bashing. It will come back to haunt them guaranteed. Especially Britney. And I don’t get why she’s so on Rachel for crying. Wasn’t she and Monet crying their whiney asses off when they were up for eviction week 2? Hyprocrite. Can’t stand that girl.


Britney is calling someone else a pansy when she herself has been constantly crying since the beginning of the season. Funny. She’s a petty, immature, little girl who brought all the high school drama with her.


I can’t believe Ragan is the sab. I’m soooo sick of his stupid little voice. I can’t wait to see him cry when he’s on the block.

The Excitement

100% agree.
Rachel and Brendon have played this game as very rude dictators. They’ve been trying to intimidate everyone. Nobody liked that.


I STILL SAY ITS THE WORST BUNCH OF HOUSEGUESTS EVER and I’ve seen every season. Julie must be so proud!


It is a very immature cast. Really, all we see is high school talk. Unlike other seasons when we had thinking games and just more of a a game being played. Characters were interesting too, like the season with Dan and Keesha and Memphis and Renney – I could listen to that group all night. Even last year’s cast with Russell and Jeff was cool… they had some cool conversations going. This year I’m bored out of my ass when they start talking.


I, too, agree with you, Lynn. But, just once an awhile, can they do something different and vote the loud mouth out,Brendon. I don’t like Rachel, but it would be funny if they keep her and she won the next HOH. But, we all know, she is gone on Thrusday and Brendon is going to win HOH and put up Matt, and Matt pulls the POV he got. Does anyone out there think different please let me know.


I have to say that I find the Brigade dull but they really have game. They played it cool and no one is really aware that they are a true foursome. In some ways they lucked out when Kristen was booted. I think she really was becoming aware of them as being aligned. They each had a “partner” out side of the brigade to keep the light from shinning on their group and to make expendable. Actually very smart. And they never acted strong. Now none of them has blood on his hands and Hayden and Enzo have even solidified votes from R & B if either makes it to the end. Although I don’t really like them, I have to respect their game. Luckily this season’s other guests were just right to help them to pull this off. (Enzo kind of gets on my nerves though with his schtick). Neither B or R deserves to go all the way with this. They showed their cards too early and rubbed it all in other peoples faces.


I still say the BRIGADE are the smartest playing this game, laying low, playing it right! GO BRIGADE! Brendon should never have attacked Ragen and Brittany the way he did not even knowing what the conversation was. Ragen sounded very rational trying to explain things to Rachel. Brendon sitting talking to himself only made him look dumber, total wuzzy! His family should be embarrassed. Sir Gallahad to the rescue over a conversation he didn’t hear, so stupid.


What If…..Brendon gets HOH – Brigade is cool with that, as he can do the bloody work of getting out Brit or Ra. BUT if it is the anticipated Double Eviction week – He will have to nominate “quickly”, won’t he? I thought – tell me if I misunderstand this – that during Doub-Evic, HoH1 noms on the spot and the vote and subsequent eviction happens right away. Then HoH2 is named and those noms have more time to campaign for votes. Is this correct? IF it is, and if the POV is not used but Matt uses the DPOV, I think we agree he will pull off Ra and replace him with Kathy since the HoH can’t be nom’d and the only ones left are the Brigade. Maybe Brit is confident that Kathy will go home in such an event. And yes, HoH2 can’t be Brendon so it is likely he will be the 2nd eviction for the week, after Kathy (maybe). At what point are Brit and Ra considering who is next? Is Brit thinking Ra and vice versa? Are either thinking beyond that point? Has anyone heard a Brit or Ra scenario where the Brigade is NOT Final 4 – where it goes: Kathy-Brendon-Enzo-Hayden and Final 4: Matt, Lane, Brit & Ra???? Is that what they are thinking???