Big Brother Nomination Results Final 4

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:30pm Kitchen, Britney and Lane Britney has found Enzo’s coin in the flowers by the table. This leaves just her and Lane trying to find each others coins. Britney tells him she needs the money more then he does because unlike him she’s probably going home this week. Lane tells her that they can split it so she can tell him where it is, Lane wants to split it 80/20 for him. Britney says no way she wants half. Lane doesn’t think Big Brother production will let him do that he remembers reading in the rule book you can’t split the winnings. Britney: “How are they going to stop you from mailing a cheque”. Britney: “Cmon Lane I need some kind of consolation prize I haven’t won a thing”. Lane: “Me to”. Britney tells him she’s mad at him for him telling her that she’s never going to find his coin and that she’s dub. Lane says she misunderstood what he meant. More flirtatious banter.

Big Brother 12 Spoile

3:39pm Britney finds lane’s Coin, Britney: “Finally I win something”. It was in the recycling bin.. Enzo says he’s going to nap first then clean up this competition has made him tired. Production tells them there is a indoor lockdown, Britney and LAne start to clean up the kitchen. Hayden is upstairs eating cold chicken wings. Enzo joins Lane and Britney, “yo I found Hayden’s coin right away”. They ask Britney where her coin was. She had put it in the big trash can but Hayden had taken it outside and he dumped it out but he never found it thats why they couldn’t find her Coin because it was in the rubbish pile. Britney adds that she put it in a bag and stuffed it all in a cereal box. Lane laughs he can’t believe it Hayden went right through all the trash cans and missed the Gold Coin.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Kitchen The Brigade is talking about who should be nominated this weekend. Lane tells them he doesn’t care who goes up because it’s about winning the Power of Veto. Since there is only 4 people left. Hayden mentions that Britney told him to put her and Lane up… Enzo is cleaning up now, looks like a bunch of stuff got broken during their scramble to find the coins.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:55pm The house is still pretty messed up.. Britney is in the Diary Room the guys all do some lite Britney bashing..

5:40pm Trivia

6:27pm Trivia

7:02pm Trivia

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother Nomination Results

7:23pm Feeds come back Hayden Nominated Britney and Lane. All the house guests are together they are all talking about the coin luxury competition and how long it took them to complete.

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206 thoughts on “Big Brother Nomination Results Final 4

    1. I agree. Maybe BB did it to shut her up. And like Ragan and Monet, maybe now that she has won money she will go home. Has there ever been a season where someone won money in the house and made it to final two or won?

      1. I’m horrible. Every time i think I’m composed and ready for it, I still manage to LOL when I read a Grossner comment by QAZ.


    1. HI MIKE! Hey, there’s this really cool new invention, it’s called a remote control. Don’t know if they have one that you can slip a quarter into, but it’s a really nice little gizmo. So when BBAD (really can’t believe you can afford Showtime, but oh well) gets boring, you just turn it off and go back to your, er, life. Anyway, we’ll take good care of you know who tonight. She’ll be home on Monday, a little “glazed over,” if you know what I mean. Gotta go!

        1. Uradick posts no opinions of the BB game….he comes on here simply to slam other posters….. It’s apparently his only way to get his two cents in. Sadly we aren’t even seeing a half cent comment…. Very accurate to say the screen name fits the poster.

          1. What’s that you say you sister kissin’ hillbilly? Why, oh why do you you jump in the deep end while you’re still wearing floaties? Get back the edge where it’s safe and resume suckling that deformed teet your mom’s been waiving around the locker room at the donkey basketball league. And um, don’t forget to swap out your helmet before you go outside tomorrow. Run along little bitch.

        2. Thanks Michelle; you’re a real trooper coming to the aid of Mike, poster boy for the lexicon impaired. Hey, I have an opening for a, um, “dancer.” I know you only have one leg, and that pesky “flair up” keeps you from being the fun loving chick you once dreamed back about being fifty years ago, but hey, I think I can get you some “work.” So, stop by Mike’s mom’s and we’ll toss you on the short bus when we swing by, but please for the love of “G,” get that Sasquatch forest waxed. No one likes an aged follicle princess; believe me cousin It, the seventies are dead. Until then, try the salve, it’ll work wonders on that anal rash.

        1. Thanks “Yomamanous.” Glad you found your phonics book and decided to test drive them there new fangled words you discovered on your trip to that there “libary.” Now, get your dumb ass back the fryer before you lose that five buck an hour job you cling to like a life boat in the pool of shit you call your life. Thanks for playing!

            1. Admittedly, his comments are more harsh than many of the posters on here. But how is what he is doing, any different that what the posters do on here about the HG’s. Michelle, you say your all here to talk about BB. But 95% of the posts in here, and derogatory towards the HG’s. So its ok to slam the HG’s, but the posters should be immune to criticism? If your gonna post in a public forum, you need to be ready for some flack back. If your not cool with that, then don’t post. I can’t break it down any simpler for you.

            2. No Michelle, your here to bitch about the HG’s. To talk smack on them. So its cool for the posters to slam the HG’s, but they should be spared any criticism? Are you serious? Get over yourself. If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it. I have seen you slam HG’s left and right in here. You can’t expect not to catch some for your opinion, that’s what happens in a public forum. if you don’t like it, just sit there and STFU.

              1. yeah I’m slamming the houseguests, I don’t like them, at least I’m talking about big brother, I’m not making fun of the people on this site

          1. He is just make he has a small dick. But he is very clever with his ‘URADICK’ screen name. Also very impressed that he graduated high school with all of his intriguing analogies and put downs. Well done and bravo. Again, sorry you have a small dick. Must suck with the ladies bro.

  1. so you didnt report that when brit was looking in the recycle bin production told her “up, up, up” causing her to lift up the inside tray where she found it.BB unfairly let her win…she knows it and she does not deserve it.

    1. umm NEWS FLASH… BB been rigging BB12 since the 2nd week get it right, and they didn’t try to hide it neither everybody who won it;s was obvious the comp was made for THEM… im done with BB after this season…

    2. how do you know that happened? at around 3:30:54 cam showed brit with hand on recycling bin then feeds cut…….when they came back they were all in b/y after she found it

  2. I’m going to take a nap before cleaning up…because he is so tired….of not doing a damn thing….WTF….whiney ass little sissy, I bet he wears panties.

    1. You are so right, but he REALLY THINKS HE’S GOT THE AMERICA’S PLAYER VOTE IN HAND!!!!!! He just said before they went off that he was ok getting the 25k for America’s Player, the other guys can take the winnings! Not in those words but that’s the drift. I’m so sick of hearing him say this! He will not get my vote for anything in this game! He has done nothing but suck up to HOH and bitch about who ever he wants to leave the house.He sold out Matt, his Brigade partner who got him so far in the game Now all he can do is call Brittney a bitch and say she’s bitching, that she can take her 10g’s and leave now. He is so jealous of her getting the money, that is sickening as well!
      The other thing I have to complain about is that he chews his food like a PIG! I have to turn down the volume so that I don’t have to listen to him chew his food, it is so difficult to listen to, smack, smack smack!
      America’s Player! I hope he does not get any women’s vote especially! He has not washed one dish or cleaned up anything that I have ever seen because he thinks it’s women’s work, but he does it at home! Of course I don’t watch constantly but I have never seen him do anything to help in the house! When Kathy was gone a few days he made a comment that he needed Kathy back because the house was getting dirty! He has no respect for women, and he has a daughter to raise, what’s he going to do when she grows up?
      I’m not at all against men, I Love them, but Enzo is just not a very good specimen for the male race. I would rather give AP to any other house guests besides him.

      1. Enzo, plus everyone else in the house, thinks that he is going to be America’s player because Rachel told them (when she came back in the house) that America loves Enzo. He is the favorite. But we all know that is not true.

        I am going to vote for Brendon because he was playing alone and he did a pretty good job.

        1. I think Enzo was a favorite at first. He certainly was on this site. But, after awhile we got to see him change and become not so funny. More disgusting especially when he eats. However, he was funny at the beginning. I think the house can bring the beast out in you and meow meow stopped purring and started growling and complaining.

      2. his eating isn’t all that bothered me …his hands down his pants constantly playing with himself ..I know it’s boring in the house BUT that is ridiculous …all you can see is his hands going a mile a minute …DISGUSTING…they showed quite a bit of that on the feeds..YUCK..I had to fast forward that for sure …ENZO is nothing but a PIG…imo

  3. Of course Enzo is going to take a nap, he is a lazy slug. And a male chauvinist pig. He has no life skills what-so-ever. His mother must be proud that he grew up to be such a fine man…ugh!

    1. OMG Can he NOT SMACK when he eats!!!! I am SOOOOO tired of ENZO!! He needs to go!!! He thinks he has so many fans out here!!! Sadly mistaken!!!

      1. Enzo will not make a very good father figure with the sunflower seeds,the smacking his lips when he eats, and especially his swearing, and then there are his outbursts. The rest of the guys should let him know how he is coming across.

        1. I thought I would scream looking at that pig Enzo eat (is that what I call it?) those sunflower seeds. I did see Hayden give him a dirty look. He is a pig with no idea at all what a pig he is. It’s like that old saying “if you live in crap, you don’t smell it”… He just doesn’t get it.

        2. Yes just think, his poor daughter will grow up and watch this someday and hear about all the women he would pick up at closing the bars down, he’s such a PIG! What will he do to the guys like him around his daughter? He should be ashamed enough not to brag about it on National TV, especially the disgusting girls he picked up! Come on!

    2. this is the worst BB ever so tired of watching these guys sleep eat smack and try and play pool……loooooooooooooooossseeerrss!……they don’t even need the money…you got one guy who’s an oil tycoon…enzo is clueless but is a big K.I.A.!!! can’t stand him…i hope BB has something for us good to watch this winter and don’t make us wait til next summer for such a lousy season…..please do better back ground checks for people who really need the money thx BB…Sean

      1. if you are talking about Lane being the oil tycoon NOT…they found out he lied and he works at a golfing place …far cry from being rich,I would say …and Enzo apparently lives with his in-laws in a basement apartment ..they are alll such liars

  4. I wish people would stop complaining that this game is not fair, or that it’s rigged. Of course it is, it’s BIG BROTHER!! It’s supposed to be rigged, and I have news flash for you…Life isn’t fair, so why should Big Brother be??

    Big Brother
    1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person, organization, etc., that exercises total dictatorial control

    Emphasis on TOTAL DICTATORIAL CONTROL!! Part of every contestant’s strategy should be to not only factor in the gameplay of the other houseguests, but to also outwit Big Brother.

    1. NO. As much as you would like it, it is illegal to completely rig a game show on tv. BB is a game show — at least until it claims otherwise and puts a disclaimer at the end of the program. It can manipulate and it can cast for drama BUT it isn’t supposed to actually FIX it. Think of “American Idol” — would you be ok with AI fixing the phone lines so that calls for one contestant were voided?

      1. I never said I ‘liked’ it, I said I wish people would stop complaining about it. Big Brother has, from the very early seasons, manipulated the game in favour of certain contestants over others. But that doesn’t mean they ‘fix’ the game either, meaning that they determine who they want the winner to be at the end, and ‘make’ it happen. It’s still a panel of contenstants who decide who wins, not Big Brother. If you want ‘fair’, go play hopscotch on a school playground, because that’s about as ‘fair’ as anything gets in life.

      2. Big Brother IS a glorified game show, however, like it or not, they are categorized as a reality show so they can pretty much do whatever they want to help manipulate/create that “reality”.

      1. lol…Now THAT I can definitely relate to! This season has been so very predictable, right from the start. Even without the feeds, or this awesome spoiler site, it has been easy to see where each week was going. Bit of a snorefest…

  5. Simon and Dawg, did you actually see / hear production telling Brit where to look — as “CHEATERS” claim? If you did, please edit your post to include that facet.

    1. No it was not her fault, But it was just unfair. Brit hid her coin it in the trashcan, then Hayden dumped the trashcan outside looking through it for a coin, then Enzo found Hayden’s coin this eliminating Hayden and BB sent Hayden outside on lockdown… where the trash was. So for the next two hours, Enzo and Lane were looking for Brit’s coin inside the BB house when in fact it was locked outside.

      BB should have sent Hayden to the HOH or Cabana or something.. knowing her coin was outside.

      1. The door was open, and they were allowed outside if they wanted. They were told they were allowed to talk to Hayden, not that they weren’t allowed outside. Brit went out there a couple of times to check on hers, and because she thought Lane had hidden hers in the same spot.

        I believe she got the hint from BB; I was watching the whole time, and anytime BB would talk to them (give them clues/hints, which they did throughout–that’s how they knew that the bedroom and cabana rooms were out, BB told them), they would go to bubbles. Brit was right by the bin, and checking inside it, when the feeds cut. When they came back on, Brit was in the back yard with Enzo and Hayden, celebrating, and Lane was in the kitchen. He said aloud, to BB, ‘I heard that, oh, oh, oh, when she was by the bin, that’s cheating man, that’s cheating!’ and then he went on to ask them if they would at least tell him where hers was, and the feeds cut again. When they came back on, Hayden and Lane were in the kitchen, and Hayden was saying that he heard the same thing. Personally, I think BB got tired of watching them running around for THREE hours trying to find those coins, and since Brit was so close, just gave it to her. Fair, no…But, all the houseguests had been getting clues throughout, so there ya have it! lol

  6. LAne to Enzo : where did u sleep last night ?
    Enzo : Upstairs
    Lane (kind of upset ) : U never slept upstairs when I was HOH????
    Enzo : You never asked me to ….

    Love it , its about time for Lane to realize he made $ half a mil mistake by kicking out Ragan over brigade

  7. OMG people, it’s just a show, get over it.. Just because someone you don’t like won something doesn’t mean it’s rigged or they’re cheating

  8. I’m a Brite fan but it appears her days are numbered. Simon & Dawg please provide as many pics of cute self in as little attire as possible. Hopefully she’ll try to sex it and wear nothing but a bikini trying to entice favorable votes. Thank you gentlemen for your hard work.

  9. on jokers site shows britney saying when she was close they said up up up…:) hayden told lane he heard it also from outside..but they were doing that for what 4 hours lol…

  10. Many of us know that “I’m going to take a nap” really means “I’m going to exit the room so that I can avoid cleaning up — please have everything cleaned up by the time I return.”

      1. I’m hoping no one votes for Enzo for the 25g’s but the CBS audience is unfortunately being
        swayed by CBS and their bias showing of Enzo the clown…they don’t see the real pig that
        BBAD viewers see …please spread the word…Don’t vote for Enzo he thinks he has it in the bag….

      1. Exactly! I just heard the same thing tonight after dinner was cooked (his fave), the clothes washed, the beer iced down and the new car booster seat was put together. Thanks Hubby! I got this.

    1. Have you ever thought that he was raised this way and his mother more than likely cleaned up after everyone and grew up believing housework is a woman’s job and men are taken care of by the woman. It is the way most people lived. I know it’s 2010 and the majority of people don’t live that way anymore but you cannot fault a guy for acting in a manner he has done his entire life.

  11. This is what was said about it on the jokers site:)
    Britney says she opened recycle bin and BB accidentally pushed the button and said “UP UP UP!”

    Lane’s coin was in the recyle bin when she opened again BB went uh oh and she found it Lane pissed
    Lane telling Hayden that when Brit was near his Coin BB said something, Hayden says he heard that *bubbles*

  12. Have you noticed that whoever we vote our favourite houseguest goes home. Glad you guys voted for Britney because I really want her to go home.

    1. Why? You want the lame Brigade to win? The guys who couldn’t win a thing until they were 3 out of the last 6 people?

    1. They probably refused to put that vile piece of shit on their show. Who knows what the hell he would say or do on there.

    2. Yeah he was on, you can go to and replay his interview with Julie. BTW, Ragan took this game way too seriously in every interview I’ve seen or read him give, he really seems to degrade and detest Rachel. Grow up man, it was just a game that’s over for you. Just move on with your life. I’ve never seen anyone from BB11 hate Russell after the game was over, even though Russell attacked and personally slandered almost every HG.

          1. Russell was likeable, Ragan is disgusting. His comments are not funny and down right worthy of a good kick in the mouth, and I have never promoted violence ever. I never disliked a houseguest in all 12 seasons more than him.

  13. Can we just eliminate enzo? He is supposed to be a insurance adjuster / realtor? You’ve got to be joking! Could you imagine what dealing with him would be like buying a house?! “This house is bomb, yo! You’d be dropping a grenade if you didn’t buy this house, that’s it!”

    1. I have started to think that Enzo is really a “house husband”. Any realtor who doesn’t know the square footage of his own home is even dumber than I thought Enzo was! I think he pretty much lets wifey work while he watches the baby and all the reality shows on the tv.

  14. I saw on another site that there is a serious letter writing campaign that is going out to Enzo’s employer and to the University that Ragen teaches at. I’ll find the link and post it, but I guess it is huge already so that shows you how much those two are actually disliked.

    1. That should not be allowed! This is a game, as long as a person did not physically harm someone then what took place there should be left there!
      If anyone deserves a letter it would be Matt, he’s the one who made a huge, uncalled for error in judgement to come into the game announcing that his wife was extremely ill!
      However, this is a Reality Show! A Game! People get a grip!
      Regan did nothing wrong except trust Matt!
      Enzo he’s just plain disgusting! Besides I thought he’s out of a job right now? Maybe I’m wrong.
      Anyway we do not need to bring this game into their livelihood!
      I would hope that people do not continue to forward those letters, whatever they say, onto their place of employment. That’s just not right.
      We should not be able to ruin a person’s job just because of the make believe that happens during this reality game! If their employer is concerned, then they should watch the show and make their own judgement, not by some irate fan’s opinion!

      1. Nancy, I agree that letter writing to someones employer is really wrong. How someone is at home is not necessarily the same person at their work. You can have dirty dishes in your sink and a clean desk at work. And, really, who would want your boss watching you 24/7. I am sure we all would screw up during that time if we had nothing to do but live with the same people that we did not choose to be with. There were several people that I worked with that I wouldn’t want as best friends but they were good employees.

        1. It’s the Pitchfork mob mentality. One person take it upon themselves to become the Moral Police and every other idiot joins in.

      2. I agree but….the things ragan was saying made people outraged..I could see why they wouldn’t want ragan teaching(& I was a fan of ragans till then)..but enzo haha was just joking around about his job..I don’t like enzo much…but why people want to wreck there personal lifes are beyond me..Also matts wife getting death threats etc..that stuff is sad..I think its cool how matts wife enzo wife and britneys fiance have become friends and use each other for support..People have treated them like crap over this game and its sad…

    2. Man! Some people have a hard time distinguishing reality from the BB game. People like Ragan who can’t seem to get over his dreadful-fixation with Rachel, what happened in the BB house should stay in the BB house. Yet Ragan is assassinating her character even after leaving the house. This letter writing campaign is also conducted by these same type of people. HELLO! It’s just a game America; the HGs take on personas and play characters to further themselves in a contest. Now I am convinced there are too many psychos in this world.

    3. Not cool! I don’t love the people in the house, but this is going too far. All this will do is scare future people from applying for the show in fear of loosing their job after the show. Also It could make future HG’s act too fake so this won’t happen to them. Some HG’s quit before going on the show, but with jobs hard to come by not everyone can do that. If Hg’s are lucky enough to get 3 months off to do this then I say leave it alone. I’m sure it won’t matter anyway because they must do a good job at work to even get this kind of time off. And the people they work with have prob. known them for a long time and what they do for 3 months on a reality TV game show for $500,000 is not going to get them fired.

      Idea for season 13 – put the people who wrote the letters in the house and see if they have a job when they get out. LOL

    4. karma has already bitten them in the ass, what kind of a sad sack of shit would write someones employer to have them fired? there is no hope left for a loser like that.


    1. No he has a job..but he was saying when he gets back he is going to lie and make up excuses to not go back right away…so cuz people are haters of enzo I think they want him to lose his job.. Ragans people are after cuz of the zingbot comments-jokes which weren’t funny he was going around saying this started just right before matt left..and increased after his eviction even house guess said they didn’t notice how bad ragan was till matt left:( dissappointing being a fan:( atleast with matt you knew straight up..he really wasnt mean..just did a game play lie which bite him in the butt:) big time

  15. I went to to try and see Julie’s interview with Ragan and couldn’t find it. Would somebody please post the direct link here so we can go right to it?


        1. your welcome very much, I think Julie Chen wanted to tell Regan so bad about Matt & his wife’s illness! But he will find out soon enough and I hope, which they probable will, that we get to see his reaction when Matt has to tell Regan the truth once he gets in the Jury House. I’m sure Regan will be extremely upset in this huge lie. I’m wondering if this is a lie that Regan can excuse, or if it will be the last straw in the line of lie’s that Matt has extended to him.
          I feel bad for Regan, to see Matt for the person he really is.

          1. Can you say uptight? Geez, it was a strategy game move. Not one that I would have made personally, he has to deal with it, not you or I. It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Stop judging already! It’s not like the guy killed babies or anything, that’s how your treating it. They are WORDS.

          2. I just can’t feel bad for Regan, I hope after he watches the show he will see his true self as well. Not his idealized version that he made us listen to over and over again on the feeds.

          3. Matt isn’t a bad person…he just careless in his life obviously..and ragan isn’t mr innocent he done and sad things he shouldn’t…I can’t believe people don’t find the stuff ragan said offensive?? I was a ragan fan till he started saying that stuff joking or not there was no game play in that…atleast matt was using his lie as a game play…and owned up to what he did..but all these other guys think there innocent and there chit don’t stink…

          4. you could really tell that julie wanted to tell him. i was hoping that she would, but we all know that cbs was saving it for the jury house. it seems to me that the jury house is a lot more entertainig and interesting than the bb house.

  16. Enzo the Pig EXPECTS that he is this year’s AMERICA’S PLAYER! He’s not getting my vote! He has been the worst person to watch this season, and he thinks that he’s been the best person to watch! I hope he watches this and sees how disgusting he was. I feel sorry for his wifey!

      1. Brenden did have to fight for a long time, i liked his game play better after Rachel left!. What kind of game would he have played if he would have held off on the relationship with her? I would have liked to have seen him play with the guys, to see his real attitude and thoughts as one of the guys. But that was not to be the game this year.
        I’m actually thinking between Brenden, Regan or Britney. I think Regan did have a hard game playing mostly by himself, he helped allot of the players out by giving them a real look at how the game really works, to look a week ahead and other strategy. He spent the most time in the Have Not Room, and on SLOP the most out of all the players. As far as I’m concerned he played a good game. Britney played a hard game, putting her emotions out there too much, trusting Lane too much, and running her mouth too much, so I just talked her out of the running. :-) Then there is Brenden, he played Rachel’s game for more than half of the game, which I hated. And he was still too influenced by her by the Pretzel message she left after being allowed to re-enter the house! He did win POV’s and saved himself but my opinion is that she made too many of their decisions, and I hated that when she won HOH that he was in there too during meetings with the house guests! She was HOH not both of them. So he’s out for me. So that leaves Regan for me. That is where my vote will go for America’s Player .:-)

        1. some of those povs were thrown to brendon also…why don’t anyone find what ragan was saying offensive?? to give him another 25k?? he won 20 already?? also his game play really wasnt anything he made no big moves…threw comps..sat around bashing people with brit also..he was just as bad as brit was?? but the offensive things he was saying nice guy or not joking or not were worse then any of the house guest in my opinion (just one persons opinion)& i was a ragan fan i even voted for him to be the sab..I just find the stuff he said blew it..

    1. @Nancy…as in an earlier post I stated that
      CBS is biased to show Enzo the clown and most
      of America doesn’t see Enzo the pig on BBAD ..
      I sure hope he doesn’t win… he was talking about
      girls and his daughter the other day….How would
      he like someone calling his daughter a c..t….like he did to Brit…

    2. Diddo:) all though his wife seems really nice:)haha i might just vote for annie lmao..i mean she has given america and the bb house the biggest sab of all thinking someone in the house is life long friends:)lol

    3. I don’t dislike Enzo. He’s quite entertaining actually. BUT I’d rather Hayden win of those remaining.

      And as far as America’s player I will vote that Brendon gets the 25 K. He hung in there fighting continuously since the first eviction nominations. He was a fighter from beginning to end.

      1. I used to like Enzo but as went by he’s always got his hands in his pants. Not just an itch but, really in there. Its’ disgusting. Why the camera stays on him is even worse. He wanted to know if he embarrassed his wife….Ya think?

    1. Let’s assume you are trying to incite feedback OR you only watch the highly edited version of Ragan on CBS. This guy damn well better not win America’s Choice HG. He is a despicable human being. I have no clue who will win the extra cash, but anyone but the guy who makes disgusting comment after disgusting comment.

    1. Ditto!! They would die.. they wouldn’t believe that someone they hated so much was actually liked by America (well after awhile.. mostly when Rachel left).

  17. am watching BB UK S11 and they had a contest where a Robot came into the house (sound familiar) also, two of the cast mates , josie and john james have a shomance and john james is following josie around like mary had a lil lamb and josie is indifferent to him whereas he’s “in love” sound familiar (shades of rachael and brendon) guess they write one script and pass it on from US to UK.
    I do like that after 4 evicted cast mates left they brought in 3 new cast mates, it freshens up the show.

    1. yeah the chicken shit men are going to vote out Brittney! I hope she wins POV! Wouldn’t that just be the best?! What will they do then? I will Pray that she win’s the competition! I will be so happy! Things don’t usually go my way, so everyone else needs to join in. Let’s just hope that Lane & Hayden slack off, Enzo, hopefully he just doesn’t show up as usual but no one can tell the future. I would just hate for the 3 guys to shove it in our face about the Brigade! Matt was the one who took those guys so far into the game. Those 3 did nothing to help get them that far. Then once they sold out their tough partner and got him out then they out numbered the two left, enough to have the vote control. That’s it, that is how the Brigade won. Letting Matt do the dirty work and the competing, they just tagged along. Yes that may be called game play but you have to dress out for the game sooner or later, not just tag along like Enzo and Lane have, especially Enzo. Now he wants to win big, and if not he is expecting America’s Favortie! No way I hope!!!!!

      1. I did not read your whole post, waaay to long. I stop where u said u were going to pray for Brit to win. Really??? I’m sorry but, who friken cares that much about this game? Pray for other things that reAlly matter in the world.

        1. not a brit fan at all, but if nancy wants to pray for brit to win then that is fine by me. she has the freedom to do so. and just because it is not important to you or anyone else, it doesn’t means that it’s not important or matter to her.

    1. Don’t discount Britney so early. She can win the competitions! She’s been HOH once, won POV 3 times. It’s not over til it’s over.

      The next POV will be very telling.

  18. i am watching big brother united kindgom season 11 and wow the houseguests have to dance when music comes on, there was a robot in the house for a contest and a couple on this show have a love hate romance, one is needy (the guy) and follows the girl around like a lost dog. sound like big brother us? I agree.

  19. Out of everyone Ragan should not win America Choice!
    His comment were disgusting and not ment to be a joke.
    What he said about infected kids with needle and raping
    children is so sicken in to my stomach. He need help!

    1. I really can’t see why people hate ragan so much. Yes he talked a lot of shit so has everyone else. I’m sorry but just because he’s a gay man he can’t have a sense of humor. I really don’t see the big deal because they were just jokes.

  20. Let’s see if BB will sign the $500,000. check over to Simon and Dawg. They deserve the money than any of the guest on the show. They have worked harder on this sight then most houseguest have in the house. Thanks for all you do Dawg and Simon.
    Simon and Dawg are the real “Brigades”.
    Go Team Simon&Dawg all the way!!

    1. I do have to say out of all the sites i go to:) this one seems to be the most popular..atleast it has more replies and activity that i can tell..:)

      1. Yes Matt! He is the most deserving. Put that stupid lie aside, that is his deal. He played the best game, did very little trash talking compared to the rest of them. He deserves something!

  21. Simon and Dawg, you guys are awesome! Not only is your site great but how you are now able to stand BB12 and the players left without falling asleep or getting distracted by watching paint dry is amazing.

  22. Did you guys see “The Soup” tonight with Joel Mchale? They had a Big Brother segment on featuring Ragan with the puppet. They showed how Ragan was talking to himself and everybody was laughing. Then Joel took his puppet sock out and said,” It’s just a gameshow, you azzhole” LMAO

  23. With this year having been a giant yawn, it would be interesting if CBS had some kind of booby prize for America’s Most Disappointing Player. I know people on this site would have a bunch of HGs to nominat backed up by very strong opinions.

  24. Doesn’t really matter who’s nominated. It’s all about POV now. I think if either Lane or Britany win POV, which could very well happen. Enzo will go up and go home. If Lane wins POV he will evict ENZO the same for Brit. I hope one of them do. I think Hayden, Lane and Brit would make a good fight at the end. ENZO GO TO JH.

  25. I never liked the brigade especially enzo but now with all the enzo bashing I find myself pulling for him. Wow never saw that coming.

    1. i was an enzo fan until i started watching the live feeds, then my whole perception of him changed and he really began to disgust me. i am at the point now that i don’t care who wins, the sooner this season is over with, the better.

      1. totally agree with all you said ..I hate Enzo now that I have watched the feeds ..he acts like an angel on tv to what he is really like on the feeds…

  26. I went to H.S. with Enzo and he was the biggest loser! I don’t understand how he became a real estate agent and he said that he made 11,000 in 2 months. He is such a liar because he sells houses in Bayonne and he says he is from Beautiful Bayonne but let me tell you that town is just awful and houses are not selling from what I heard from a reliable real estate agent told me, I would never want him working with me to buy a house.

    1. If you are a decent….just decent Real Estate Agent, then $11.000 in two months is not a very good two months work. Just like the car business, there is a ton of money to be made if you are a good salesman.

    2. Enzo is so full of s**t..I mean,you can tell just by listening to him ..he’s so full of himself that it’s at a pathetic stage just to watch him make a fool of himself ..I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him …

  27. so hayden put up brit and lane what a surprise!!! if brit or lane win pov doesn’t enzo go up? then who votes? is it just the one who isn’t nominated or the HOH and the one who isn’t nominated?

    1. Just the one who isn’t if lane wins pov he take himself off..he is the one doing the say hayden wins pov leaves the nom..then enzo is the only one who votes…

  28. Hey Simon do everyone a favor and got uradick off. He’s a little punk who has nothing better to do then talk shit to people on this site because he doesn’t have any balls to do it to someone face. I’m on here to talk about BB not have sone little idiot do nothing but talk about people mothers and families.

      1. SIMON – Yes please ban URADICK – It’s all attacks on poster not any thing related to BB.
        I’m sure more people agree, they just ignore him.

        1. I have read all of URADICK’s posts and they do not give comments about the game, he simply takes the posts of others and goes into insult attack mode.

  29. I don’t like Enzo or any of the other HG’s for the matter, but stop talking so much smack up in here. Most people complain about Britney and Ragan talking sh*t, but they do it themselves. It’s all too hypocritical. GET over it, that was “high school” he has a family now and trying to make ends meet obviously!!
    It’s people like you that I couldn’t stand in high school–haters. So much drama in your lives…Seriously, people only hate because they feel insignificant!!

  30. Found this on another site and I thought this was funny:)

    Evel Dick Has there ever been such a boring cast?

    Evel Dick I think I am most disappointed in Mr. Meow Meow. I thought he had great potential to be a very entertaining and strategic player. That’s what I get for thinking.

    Off With Their Heads

  31. Unless Hayden wins pov. Then he will most likely keep Enzo off the block and enzo would be the only person to vote. I think it would be smarter for hayden to switch and take lane off because no matter what everyone is taking lane. But everyone hares Brittney so the way these people played this season they probably won’t vote for her. So I would take her to the final 3 because if Enzo slips in there then Enzo would probably win because for some reason they all hate Enzo. I don’t think they would feel the same way if they got to watch him talk shit about them all. Hayden will beat lane and Brittney so he should take them to the final 3

  32. Next season I want America to vote to evict every week. Whoever gets the most votes counts as 1 vote to evict. I would have voted Enzo out every week.

  33. hello everyone…so enzo was a loser in HS …well nothing has changed……and Miss Britany..i wonder if she has any regrets about not keeping Ragen…mmmm

    1. if hayden and enzo kept brendan they would be guaranteed final three, because they were not targets for lane brendan or ragan(as long as brendan was in the house)

  34. I wish Enzo would stop campaigning for a standing ovation. The only player in the history of the show to get one was Jeff. And it was Julie Chen who informed him of it and told him to look around the room. He certainly wasn’t expecting it and he was genuinely moved. It’s too bad that the studio audience is obliged to clap and cheer for ALL exiting players. Some of these people need that dose of reality a luke-warm response/ polite applause could provide. The standing ovation for Jeff was a spontaneous reaction to love for a fallen hero. Enzo isn’t even in the same league.

    1. Great post. Right on the mark. I cracked up last night when Enzo said that when they are in the backyard interview he is just going to be looking for the guy who will be handing him two movie scripts and telling him to pick one. LMFAO

  35. I know..Enzo thinks he’s going to be a great movie star after this …what a joke …lmao..lots of interviews he said and lots of money …hahaha..then you don’t need to win now ,do you????? give it to someone else ..

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