*updated*Big Brother 12 Spoilers – lane: “this season would of been 10 times better if there was a 4 person alliance”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:38pm Kitchen Hayden, Lane and Brit They are talking about past Big Brother Alliances.. HAyden says this year there was no 4 horseman. Lane: “this year everyone was by themselves except for Rachel and Brendon”. Hayden asks her what the best alliance in Big Brother was. Brit brings up sea six alliance from All star but only Janelle made it close to the end. Lane: “Has there ever been a 4 person alliances that made it to the final 4?”
brit: “no alliances have made it that far they always break up”
Lane : “I bet if there was a 4 person alliance that made it to the end they would be let into allstar”
Brit: “I don’t think so they pick a variety some winners, loser and popular players”
Brit says that Rachel and MAtt will come back for sure Rachel will be gone in the first 2 weeks. The guys wonder why matt, Brit explains that Matt had a lot going on in the house he was working all side. HAyden brings up Ragan and how useless he was in the game. Brit doesn’t think Ragan would of made it very far if he didn’t have MAtt, she also thinks that brought Matt’s game down a bit.
LAne: “I think there will be a lot of people from our season because we had some competitors”
Hayden: “how far did the 4 horseman get”
brit: “not far”
lane: “this season would of been 10 times better if there was a 4 person alliance.. ”
brit jokes says the alliance in the house should of been Kathy, Andrew, Annie and Kristen.. Lane: “Our ratings would be through the roof if we had an alliance”. Brit: “I bet Ratings plummeted because we don’t do anything”
Hayden: “I don’t get why they pick such stupid names… sea sick alliance”
Brit: “The friendship alliance”
Hayden brings up that Brendon was trying to start a “Athletic Alliance”. He said the night before the double eviction Brendon was trying to get them to all commit to it. Hayden says he told Brendon after the next HOH, unfortunately for Brendon it was Double eviction and Hayden won and took him out. Enzo joins them and Hayden gets called into the DR.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:01pm Brit and Enzo talking about events in the house


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:03pm Pool Hayden and Lane Hayden: “Dude Brit remembers everything you tell her.. Weeks ago I told her I liked Chicken wings and today when I was eating them she brought it that I liked them” Lane knows she does thats why she’s such a threat.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm Backyard Couch Hayden and Enzo Enzo saying that he knows if Brit wins POV then he goes home theres no way he can talk her into not using it. Enzo thinks he’ll get a standing ovation. Enzo wonders what the quiz will be tomorrow.. Hayden thinks it’ll be a quiz about the houseguests. Enzo is going to study his POV’s and faces tonight. HAyden thinks it’ll be random questions.
Enzo acting a bit salty about Lane being close to Brit. HE tells HAyden he if he gets knocked out he wants Hayden to win. Enzo says he will take Hayden to the final 2.
Enzo about the Brigade getting to final 3: “A story book finish we’ve made this season magical”


10:47pm Lane in the shower and Brit brushing her teeth(they are joking around) Lane asks her if he can get her a ticket for the super bowel would she go. Brit says yes, if he gets to go to the super bowl and she doesn’t she’ll freak. Lane: “What are we going to do with Nick leave him in the parking lot”. Brit will just tell NIck she’s going with a friend… Lane heads to bed.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00pm HOH HAyden and Brit Brit’s telling him all the reasons why Enzo will get enough jury votes to win regardless of who he’s up against. Hayden agrees. Brit points out that Enzo will just use the argument that he played a good social game he didn’t need to won comps or make moves.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:07pm Jumanji, Enzo and Lane They are talking about the competition and how enzo didn’t want to look through Brit’s clothes because he didn’t want to find some panties with skid marks. Lane wonders where Brit is, Enzo says she’s upstairs trying to convince Hayden to use the POV on her. Lane: “ohhhh Shit”. Enzo: “I dunno yo tomorrow’s a big day for me.. If I don’t win it wasn’t in the cards”. Enzo says that Brit is getting really nervous she’s been shaking like a crack addict, He points out the HOH comp when Brit kept droping the bulbs… Brit joins them.
11:30pm Jumanji, Lane in the DR, Brit and Enzo in their beds. HAyden tells them that the Have nots room is going to be closed tomorrow morning.
Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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103 thoughts on “*updated*Big Brother 12 Spoilers – lane: “this season would of been 10 times better if there was a 4 person alliance”

  1. Britney is so stupid the alliance is staring right at her. She needs to win POV to survive in this game for sure. GO ENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Actually it was rachel who told them all that…they asked rachel when she returned in the house who the viewers favorite was and rachel told them enzo…I don’t think rachel knows her self she was just lying…but that is when they started focusing on enzo being viewers fav:)

      1. I really hope Enzo is next to go. He is so irritating. I really want Lane to win, but if Brit or Hayden win I won’t be too upset.

  2. Sea sick alliance? Was that really a group name? I thought Season Six alliance from all-stars… Maybe Hayden can’t hear through his helmet hair…

    1. idk why they ask her..lol..she is confused there has been lots of alliance that made it(Renegades) (Chill Town)..and the four horseman two of them drew and cowboy made it to the final 2..but just like them they turned on jace for his side alliance with holly(showmance)..and i think scott was tooken out by someone else..thats the season nakomis came up with the backdoor plan:) I wish they stop saying four person alliance when they turned on matt

    1. Thanks– always loved Dr. Will!!! I still check out the Chilltown montage of diary rooms on Youtube for a good laugh…should’ve guessed he made tht up!!!

  3. Did big brother give them horns? Cause all I’m hearing on after dark is the summers eve alliance tooting their horns so much I can’t decide if I should give in to my laughter or get sick!

  4. Enzo’s hair is the worst ever on BB. Just shave the shit, dummy. His head looks like a dog afflicted with mange. What a waste of space.

  5. I wish they had a winter show for BB to make up for this one. It would be great to watch it with more interesting people. It could have been so much better this summer.

  6. Unreal these guys think so highly of what they’ve done which is basically nothing ….Enzo wants a standing ovation….like he actually deserves it…also thinking this is the best season ever….think some1 needs to smack enzo back into reality….derrrrrr….Really hope when they get out they read the blogs n know the realize the truth…. lolol

  7. How would Hayden know how far the 4 horsemen got? He admitted to having only seen Seasons 10 and 11. They didn’t make it far as an alliance, but the final 2 were Michael (Cowboy) and Drew. And that alliance actually did something worthwhile in the house.

    1. Diddo go brit:) I am afraid enzo outing there alliance might get her mad at lane..and maybe that is what he wants so she won’t take lane:(

  8. These boys are so full of themselves. – Enzo “I bet i’ll get a standing ovation” . FOR WHAT? what has he even done? Won ONE veto game once all the strongest competitors left? wow.

    1. You forget….Enzo *named* the Brigade. Without the name they would be nothing. (I can’t seem to say that with enough sarcasm!!!!) He is so full of himself and each day he just gets worse. What an arrogant hairless slug.

    1. They might give him a standing ovation because he won’t be there anymore. I would stand up and clap for him because I would be glad that I wouldn’t have to hear him eat in his mic any longer.

  9. next season all you bb experts should try out for bb, so we can talk shit about you.Let’s see if you can make it to the final 4.cmon all you enzo haters and brigade haters and brit haters get on bb let’s see what you can do in the bb house.

    1. I would luv luv luv to go on bb if they would pick me….Not sure how long I would last in the house though…Most of the peeps this yr got on my last nerves… lolol ….but luv bb so I keep watchin hoping for something great to happen but not holdin my breath on that 1….I would probably die hehe :)~

    2. I love how the forums are for speaking our minds, & I like how there are so many different opinions, however…….
      The one thing I could GUARENTEE is that I could have beat Enzo at EVERY single Veto, HOH, Luxury Comp, Have/Have Not, etc. He is a loser & a disgrace to his entire family! Talking about how “IF he were single, all the girls he would have banged!” C’mon!!!! Your a married man with a baby! He doesn’t respect his “wifey” or how about being the father of a little girl- he was talking about someone else’s “little girl!!”
      And, who is he to put down anyone (i.e. Britney for being 23 & engaged for 9 months) at least she is educated & understands what the word “adjacent” means! Instead of his DUMB A$$ saying, “There’s no Jason in here Yo!”
      His family did a GREAT job teaching him table manners! His smacking is seriously out of control! He is a disgrace to Jersey, America, his “Wifey” his daughter, & his parents!
      It would serve him right to be BOOed the second he walks out!
      As for his comments on BBAD about Britney being attached to Lane, it was a 2 way street! He was just as much into her as she was him! Even Lane’s family noticed the way he gravitated towards her!

      These people are morally bankrupt & Enzo is the Mayor of DoucheVille!

      I hope Enzo’s wife thinks hard about claiming him!

  10. Does Hayden really want to take a chance with Enzo making the final 2? No matter what everyone is taking lane so why not take your chance and bring Brittney. Hayden would beat either one of them. I’m not sure about Enzo though. I hope lane wins pov so we have some kind excitement this week. If Enzo wins it’s predictable. If Brit wins it’s predictable. If lane wins the smart thing to do would be to take Brittney but he may stay true to the brigade

    1. Hayden might be worried about Lane… it seems like he (Lane) is joking with them about Brit and keeping her… but he might also be planting the seeds of doubt with the Brigade.

  11. So who thinks Lane might turn on the brigade and really keep brit. Do we think he is serious in the DR or is that production talking???? I know he really does like brit…but…I guess this might be the only drama left to squeeze out of this season.

    1. Your right goenzoyo that would be the only drama left. But I think lane would have a better chance to beat Brittney then he would against Hayden or Enzo. The group of people in the house love Hayden and Enzo and they hate Brit. Rachel would never vote for Brit because she goes by emotion as we saw during the season when she said she wanted all the floaters out but yet both times as hoh never got a floater out. Brendan will vote for whoever Rachel votes for because he can’t think for himself. Kathy loves Hayden and Enzo so she will vote for either of them. Matt and Regan may be the only votes Brit would get because they love BB and know Brit did more then lane. Then if it is lane and Brit you have Hayden and Enzo who will both vote for lane. So lane beats Brittney 5 to 2 in votes. Hayden and Enzo would beat lane 6-1 lanes only vote being brittneys. Lol

      1. Well i agree for the most part… but now that some of the people in the jury house are hating on Matt…they could hold that against some of the current brigade members… Also never underestimate the power of a woman to change her mind… some of the chikeepoos in the jury house might like the fact that Brit has made it so far in a house ful of testicles. You never know what insane logic they will use.

        1. That is a great arguement Not only was she 1 girl amongst all those men but she also had to survive against the 3 brigade members and if Matt tells the jury about them then they could look at that as a huge accomplishment. So your right she does have an outside chance

          1. Plus having actually won comps..and member she started to chum up to brendon lol;) he said before he left he started to respect her a lilltle and that she has actually played and he liked that..but they will also see enzo comp were he won that pov and knocked ragan which might score some points lol

        2. That can be true, but women can be the worst haters toward each other in the worst way.Kathy was already bad mouthing Brit before she left. And I don’t think Rachel would vote for her from what we briefly saw in the jury house and how she acted when she was unfortunately back for 24 hours.

  12. Why do they talk so highly about there alliance. They turned in one of there own already so really what’s the sense of lane staying with them when he knows both of them will beat him. Now if Matt was there then I would say ok they all made it great job. But they didn’t even have the balls to keep the guy who kept them safe the whole time.

    1. I think Lane might beat Enzo: Matt (thought Enzo was “shady”); Ragan & Britney; Kathy.
      The only Enzo votes might be: B & R and Hayden.
      Hayden would beat Enzo, too, I think: Matt, Ragan, Britney, Kathy, Lane;
      Again – only Enzo votes may be: B&R.

      1. I think they all OVER estimate the number of votes Enzo would get. I think many people do vote based on game play and competition wins, as well as social game. I am not sure Enzo would have it as wrapped up as they think.

      2. What if BB does a winter show with Black jocks and Black hot babes and throw in a token White girl and in the mix someones gay ? – I’m white I’m just wondering

        1. That will never happen. They would lose ratings for sure because America is so prejudiced that they would never watch it. But it would be good! But then again, not enough diversity just like this season. CASTING SUCKS!

    2. these guy’s made an alliance on day 2, on day 2 they made the brigade, now 3 of them are in the final 4.How can you hate on that.Matt could of been there to if he was more loyal, it could of been a final 4 brigade.

      1. Matt could have shown the loyalty he had (he did but he still tried to play both sides)
        by putting Brit. up instead of Kathy. Matt thought his worst move in the game was throwing the HOH Brit won. But as far as the Bro-Gade goes he should have stuck with the plan to take Kathy to final 5 or turn on the Bro-Gade first and get out Enzo or Hayden for admitting they were going to vote him out. IMO

        1. The reason Matt put Kathy up was because she was a wild card. She flew to Brendan the minute he won hoh. He didn’t put up Brittney was because he wanted all the strongest players to take out Brendan. But he didn’t count on that pov comp that they had that was won by pressing a button fastest to shave your head. I actually have alot more respect for Matt keeping the stronger player then keeping the easiest to beat in the end. And the brigade already wanted Matt out so even if he put Brittney up and she went home then Enzo wins hoh Brendan wins pov and Matt goes home anyway. If Matt wasn’t loyal to the brigade then he would have done the smartest move which would have been to put Enzo up. Now Enzo goes home Brittney wins hoh Brendan wins pov then Brittney puts hayden up as a pawn so she can get Kathy out because Brit didn’t like Kathy.

          1. Oh I know, but he knows everyone could see through Kathy and It wouldn’t matter who she floated too, So his reasons for getting her out was he wanted Brendon out but B was HOH so the safest choice was Kathy. Remember he didn’t even want to use the DPOV. I don’t disagree with you. I just think you miss understood what I said. I just meant Matt was Bro-Gade all the way, but by getting Kathy out was a mistake, Hayden and Enzo would have seen him in a new light if he used it on Brit. Although still not wanting him in final 2 because he won too much,lol.
            The Bro-Gade even said it. I know they turned on him that week, that’s why I said he should have taken one of them out first, but he put his game into the wrong hands. I would have had more respect for him if he had dropped them and teamed up with Regan and Brit, maybe Brendon. He had allot of signs.

          2. Oh I so agree with you :) matt was loyal to the brigade what the heck lol..Allthough i do not think it matter at that point in time brit or kathy the brigade turned on him before that..the sec..he took out rachel matt became the target..he was there next threat in competitions..which was not a fair allaince he kept telling them over and over he was loyal to them & proved it…He could of turned on them plenty of times..even when he had a chance to align himself with rachel and brendon before…he stayed true to them..so dont get y people say he turned on them:(enzo paranio when anyone hangs out with the hoh but him…look at tonight mad cuz brit was talking to hayden in hoh no one allowed to but enzo…I really want to see him cry 2 jury

      2. That’s not true. The brigade turned on Matt first. And remember Hayden got really close with Kristen and they voted Kristen out. Lane got super close with Brittney and now they want Brittney out. Matt got close with Regan and the brigade never asked for Regan to be put up. They wanted Matt out. Why was it ok for the others to get closeto there side alliance but not Matt? They knew they couldn’t beat Matt so they got scared and took out there own alliance. The brigade turned on Matt b4 Brit won hoh. They wanted Matt out when Brendan won hoh. If Matt had turned on the brigade then why didn’t he put one of them up with the DPOV? He didn’t because he was loyal to them and he always said in his DR he was loyal to them.

      3. What’s so hard about sitting back and doing nothing while other people play the game and put targets on their backs? Watching everyone else do everything is effortless and obviously takes no brainpower.

      4. Matt was loyal to the end and still is. It was Enzo, Hayden and Lane that turned on him. They used his alliance with Ragan to justify it, but Matt was down with them over Ragan. They all had side alliances. Lane has Brit. Hayden had Kristen and Enzo had Brendon. Matt didn’t do anything the rest of them didn’t do. Oh, wait. Yes he did. He won competitions and sent people home. And that’s why they didn’t want him to stick around. They knew that Matt was going to beat them in competitions and they wouldn’t stand a chance when it was down to the four of them playing each man (wimp) for himself. They were too chicken to take him on head to head. Matt made some big mistakes, like sending Andrew home instead of Brenchel and throwing that last HOH, but you can’t make big mistakes unless you make moves. The only move Lane has made so far was a bad move, keeping Enzo and getting rid of Ragan. The only move Hayden made was winning the last 2 HOH comps and getting Brendon out. Yay for him, but too bad he couldn’t win when there were still competitors in the house. Enzo hasn’t made a move at all. He invented the Brigade, but he is the least loyal of them all. He considered flipping and keeping Brendon. He is the one that started the movement to backdoor Matt the week that the DPOV was in play. In fact, he was pissed that Matt won the previous HOH because he was already thinking Matt needed to go, and that was back when the first jury member hadn’t even been evicted. So BS to the BG. It’s a figment of Enzo’s imagination and the only one that really believed in it and stayed true is Matt. Kind of ironic. I hope Brit kicks some dumbass today and wins the POV. I would love to see the three of them grovelling at her feet. They talk big, but they are wusses under all the bravado.

  13. Maybe production wants the Brigade ( whats left of them) at the end. Maybe…they see the final three alliance members fighting it out as better tv ??? I don’t know.

    1. hayden and enzo should get rid of lane like they did matt for trying to play the brigade.battle brit ,take her out and have final 2 brigade,and if brit takes out brigade that would be dope to,lol

      1. Play the brigade?? hello?? enzo and hayden played lane and matt for the longest time..don’t u member them going up to hoh and making a deal with brendon before rachel was even voted out???The only reason they kept lane was he sucks in competitions..they were talking bout getting rid of him last night to but no he sucks hayden knows he can beat all 3 of them..but also knows britney is better at quizes..which is coming up..Also come on tell me who hayden is talking to the final 2 enzo? or Lane?? exactly u can’t say its up in the air cuz he is playing them both:)

    2. Maybe they think that’s the only way they can win, when the three of them have no other competition. Maybe they think it will redeem these bozos and their fake alliance. This season was promising, but it started sucking week 3 and kept getting worse. Just when you thought it was going to get good, they wimped out and it sucked even more. Only 2 votes this season were not unanimous. Brit voted to keep Monet and Kathy voted to get rid of Matt. They were the only two that had the balls to vote against the house, and they don’t even have balls because they are girls. I hope Brit wins the POV, and I hope she makes final 2 and lets the jury know about the douchegade and how they were pushing for her to put Matt up with Brendon so they could backdoor him and how they threw the POV so Brendon would be safe and she would be forced to put Matt up. That will get her Matt’s vote and maybe sway Brendon and Kathy. She is the only one that deserves to win based on game play. Not that she is a great player, but this season there were very few that even played the game. Jordan set a horrible precedent. What will we see next season? Thirteen people trying not to win? Has HOH become a punishment for the person that loses at losing the competition? There should be incentives to winning and punishments for losing.

  14. Just give them cards already! AG has it in for the night fans! At least watching people play cards and all talk in one room would be more fun than watching them sleep, listen to music or dream about how famous they will be after this. Come on AG why do you want to bore us crazy loyal BB fans out of watching.

    Just needed to vent sorry, I know it’s been pointed out already.
    Thanks OBB for making this season read so much better than watching!

    1. I agree. I used to watch the show when it was on and then I started watching it on TiVo and now I don’t bother watching. Thanks for the updates.

        1. Me too, at this point that’s the only good drama we have to look forward to. Not sure if Regan will be pissed or make an excuse for his BFF. The only other drama is if Brit wins POV but that is not as big of a shocker.

      1. so tired of that being drama out gosh they going to show each person that goes in there blah..I wanna see matt being told that he was backdoored by hayden lane and enzo like ragan told him…brendon knows and also the next jury member..Lets see that action lol…that be better haha we already know how ragan will respond

  15. I said this earlier in the season, but it bears repeating: it is always a mistake for the finalists to think they can predict how the jury members will vote. Example: Pigpen/ Natalie assumed that the “Athletes” were in her corner. Not one of them voted for her. The year that Dan won, it was assumed that he was one of the most hated players ever. Not so, when it came to a vote.

    Enzo, Lane, Hayden, and Brit have been isolated for too long to even have an informed perspective. This season, the Brigade members are all so bland they don’t really inspire an emotional investment in any of them. Speaking of whom, it seems to me that the challenges have been dumbed down in order to accommodate them. They only recently noticed that the quizzes stopped happening when the smarter people left.

    Oh, and did anyone catch it when Hayden started to tell a story about a class he took and something he learned, he stopped mid-sentence and apologized for sounding like Brenchal. In that house, it is a mark against you if you show any signs of intellect. Academic discussion is so taboo that no one dares say anything that Enzo and Lane won’t be able to follow. Enzo tried to read the STATE abbreviations off his beer bottle and among other mistakes, he thought MA was Maine and MI was “Miami.” NO ONE CORRECTED HIM. They would have hated to hear it, but Brendan, Rachel, or Ragan would have shown mercy and straightened him out. Lane claims to be “playing dumb.” For his sake, I hope that’s true, but it contradicts his self-assessment from just before he entered the BB house. They showed him packing his bags and he said he isn’t very smart, but that his strategy was to latch on to someone who is and ride it out. That person turned out to be Matt the rat. Enzo knew he couldn’t win competitions on his own, so I give him props for presenting The Brigade as a solution. Little did the others know they would be carrying him the whole time. Now they have Enzo thinking he’s Mister Popularity to the jury members. They forget that it is only THEIR perception of him. They all agree Hayden is “a nice guy.” Lane is dumb, but also viewed as nice. Who knows which brand of dumb is more palatable? And if Brit wins the POV and makes it to the final two, it is possible she could win based on respect for her as a competitor, even if not as a person. Witness: Evil Dick.

  16. Any guesses on what the pov is gonna be tomorrow n who would u like to see in the f2….Honestly I have no clue who should be in the f2….Think this is the 1st season ever I haven’t really had a favorite n I’ve watched bb since season 1….kindof sad :((

    1. All of them are going to bend over and see who can take it the deepest from Big Brother. Bet Brit has this one covered.

  17. they will hand brit the comp with questions about the hg’s….sigh…

    I want her gone even though it means 3 brigade…its sort of better that way since they arent guarenteed 3 brigade votes

  18. They will have the veto with the morphed faces of 2 big brother house guests they do it the same every year when it gets down to the final 4.

  19. I hope Matt keeps his smug funny face in the jury house and Kathy finally has enough of it and just beats the living shit out of him.

    That would make the entire season of boredom worth it.

  20. The brigade is so delusional!! They still think that the Brigade is a secret alliance. If they tell Brit about the Brigade, I think she might not let on that she knew all along. It would make her appear too smart for them. I would love to see their faces at the finale when they are told that it was not such a big secret. It would be good also for Brit to go to the end and at least take the big prize or at least second, and America’s Favorite b/c, to me, she has played the best game–she has won vetoes, HOHs, and held her own. I only wish that she would have voted out Hayden and then Lane might have broken the tie with sending him to the jury house. Also, I am going to check, but I bet that Enzo is older than what he says he is.

    1. No. He wouldn’t have, though I think he now wishes that he did. Lane is too chicken to do anything. Period. And that’s why he will be lucky to make final 2.

  21. Everyone is saying morphed faces. That would have been earlier on. The final veto always seperates the four of the them so no one can throw it…and it usually involves placing the correct houseguest with 2 facts about them. The pattern only works in one way. Usually they can keep trying until the buzzer rings for them. But, gladly, this is in brits favor if they keep with history :)

  22. Enzo, Lane and Hayden for final three!

    these guys are so stupid but thats what makes them so funny, not to mention there the only ones in the house that havent made a single enemy.

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