* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA .. somethings happening..

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11:30am – 12pm Enzo talks about how he doesn’t want to go back to work right away after …and that he just can’t. Enzo says that he wants to just hide out with his family for a bit and maybe call his work in while. Enzo says that if his boss calls he’ll call him back later when he’s ready and tell him that they just gave him his cell phone back. He says that he tell him that he was contractually obligated to do events and stuff and that he couldn’t call because he wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Enzo says they can fire me …I don’t care, I don’t want to work for you no more anyways. Enzo talks about how he got into real-estate and how when he started he made $11000 in the first 2 months. Hayden is listening from the HOH balcony and then heads inside to sleep in the HOH room.  Lane and Britney ask Enzo how he would sell the Big Brother house. Enzo says that he would just go around and make shit up and if people call him out on something .. he would move on to the next room. Lane laughs. Britney starts talking about The Real Housewives. They are laughing and telling stories that they remember about the shows.


At 12:05pm Big Brother zooms in on the sliding door to the backyard and then switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…
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1:05pm Still TRIVIA…
1:30pm TRIVIA…

1:50pm The feeds comeback on and Britney, Lane and Enzo are looking through all the cupboards in the kitchen. (I have no idea what they are looking for, something that they each hid.) Britney says ahhh…nice I didn’t think to check there!! Enzo asks if its in the kitchen or bathroom?! But not in the bedrooms?! Britney says or in the cabana room?! Enzo says you go check the cabana room and I’ll see if mine is still there. Hayden is no where to be found. Britney and Lane look in the fridge and Enzo says you can’t look in the fridge its not in there. Britney keeps looking and asks where did you hide it in the fridge there’s no where else to hide it… Lane says that the cabana is off limits now… where else could it be.. Lane and Enzo go to the bathroom and cabana room to look. Britney and Enzo ask each other where is yours? It sounds like they each hid something and they are trying to find each others things. Enzo is digs through the rocks in a potted plant and dumps them all over. Britney rips apart the living room. Britney asks the cabana is off limits now. Lane says yeah. They are all in the kitchen again ripping it apart. Enzo and Lane ask for another hint. Lane goes to look in the sour cream. Enzo says that he just want to check in the fridge. Lane says that he is not in the kitchen a lot so he doesn’t know all the good hiding spots. Enzo says so its only in the kitchen then?! They say yeah. Enzo says that he found one already, bro! Lane says yeah, you’d be good. Enzo says and the cabana room is off…. Lane asks is it in the flamingo?



2:15pm – 2:25pm They continue to rip apart the kitchen… opening jars and cupboards …looking under and in whatever they can find…. Enzo says Hayden is losing it up there… Lane says yeah is the game over yet?!!? Enzo says that he found Hayden’s now you guys need to find one…

2:36pm Lane laughs and says that he has forgotten where he hid his now… Enzo says that he is going to find his own now …just to find something. Enzo says this is for $10G’s YO! It can’t be that hard to find! They ask if they can get a hot and cold. They talk about how the kitchen is trashed and that it has to be in there… Britney asks how can there be 3 coins hidden some where in this…

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117 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA .. somethings happening..

  1. finally got to watch last nights show and talk about bad acting. rac, matt, kathy and brendon were way over acting when matt revealed his lie (all of them had smirks on their faces) wonder how many takes it took to get them to even give that sad attempt at a performance. also, did you see the cold shoulder racael gave brendon? looks like someone lost their lovin feelin

      1. Even when they were gettin along she rarely said “I love you” to Brendon and he said to her all the time. I hope he comes to realize this ain’t the girl for him! Save yourself the pain Brendon, just walk away!

    1. Rachel thinks, “It’s all about Me.” “I was counting on you to win for Me.” Even in the House, she would withhold companionship/comfort when Brendon lost. “What about Me?, My feelings? Now, they will be going after ME !!” She has no empathy for how Brendon might be feeling. HE got voted out, too! He is in the JH, too. It’s not all about You.

        1. I agree. I hope for Brendon’s sake that Rachel dumps him. It will be a disaster if she sticks around….His life just will not meld into her way of living and no matter how he tries, he is not going to change Las Vegas Rachel. I wish there was a way we would have access to a follow up on these houseguests….. Ragan…did he still have a job or did his actions cause the tenure to be toast, did Rachel go back to Las Vegas and the $100 bills, does Brendon have a job because he became Enzo, Jr. with his language, Enzo…. what can I say about this worthless idiot. Lane will have his job to return to, and Hayden will go back to being a student, I imagine.

      1. Maybe so, but he didn’t play the best game. Of his 3 HOH’s, the 1st one he didn’t even really win. It’s just that nobody else on his team wanted HOH so he crossed to the other side last.
        I think Brit has played the best game. Winning competitions, backdooring Matt (who was obviously Team Brigade all the way through his eviction), and while backstabbing, staying loyal to her friends (Monet and Lane). I think she should win, but obviously the odds are against her. Hoping for her to increase her POV count to 4, and hopefully winning the final HOH.
        As long as Enzo doesn’t win, I will be satisfied. Though this season as a whole hasn’t been one of the better ones.

        1. Oh if Brit wins POV, Enzo is out of there fast! I’m still not sure why they think everyone in the house loves/loved Enzo. Did they? I don’t and many viewers don’t. Out of who is left, Brit has played the best game, but I think besides Rachel, she is the least liked. Who do you think would win the 25k.

              1. I do not agree, everyone I know who watches BB hates Brendon. Out of who is left, Britney is the only one who deserves to win

          1. Actually, everyone was trying to get her to put up Matt and she decided she wasn’t going to because it wasn’t going to benefit her game. She only put up Matt after she realized she was throwing her friend Ragan under the bus. So no, she wasn’t tricked into it. She had her own reasons for putting him up.

            1. a little of both. They tricked her then his betrayal sealed it. But either way SHE was HoH so she totally deserves credit. Why would she not get credit for something she had a direct hand in??

              1. Some people will believe everything they hear! The throwing Ragan under the bus was just an excuse to make herself not look so bad.

  2. i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove john cenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane hes hilarious him n his: ketsup: olll…..!!!

  3. maybe it’s the luxury comp for clothes……..seems like I remember that live feeds used to show stuff like that and the continuation of live HOH comps….or am I mistaken?

  4. I don’t thin Enzo has to worry about not wanting to back to his job right away. If his boss
    doesn’t fire him he is nuts. He just said he lies to people about properties in order
    to sell them. I thought they said he was an insurance adjuster not a real estate
    salesman. I’d laugh if people who bought properties from him and had problems,
    sued him for misrepresentation and fraud.

    1. Enzo is going to be too busy with agents and appearances, considering how famous and in demand he claims he is going to be after the show. Maybe he is already lining up Dancing with the Stars 12?

    1. They arent talking about Enzo`s boss reading these comments. They are talking bout all of the sht he just said [that u would never want your boss to hear] like he lies to people to sell a house and saying he is going to lie and say he is legally not aloud to go back to work. I don`t think stating the obvious is talking sht. I mean cmon first of all if your employee is on national TV 3 times a week your going to watch the feeds. People watch the feeds that don’t personally know the HG so t would be safe to say that if you know them your going to get into it all. Probably even reading comments. But by chance his boss doesn’t I’m sure an employee or someone would fill him in thats just commen sense which obviously you lack. Secondly, your an idiot and this was probably a waste of my time. But the funny thing is you think Enzo’s boss would be above reading these “stupid” comments but your damn sure reading them and who the hell are you? Lastly; why don’t you figure out what’s going on instead of making an ass at of yourself. You were the one talking sht and you definitley could take some lessons. If you were able to read this without hurting yourself consider it your first lesson. This ones on the house!

  5. It’s probably a luxury comp. Don’t they do the luxury comp where they go shopping for 5 mins. Put on as many clothes are you can?

  6. Not sure what’s boring me the most. The hg’s or QAZ and his jokes (very stale). Let’s hope both BB and this site gets a makeover for the next season.

        1. simon,.stop being nice to people when they talk about your site. i know that you are a professional and trying to be diplomatic, but tell them to kick rocks if they don’t like it.

  7. Maybe its production coming into the house to tell the HG’s that they suck at reality TV and they have 2 more weeks to get their crap together before all of us viewers die from disgust and boredom. Well, one can only hope…

    1. I would love to here the Big Brother voice come on “House Guests, you all suck” and “House Guests, stop bing lame” and then more tanting. That would have been a good punishment. Ridicule from BB for a day.

    1. I hope he doesn’t win a damn thing, whining constantly, I wish I had won the HOH, worse than a little girl. And yes, I should know, I’m a little girl :)

  8. If it’s a luxury competition for clothes Enzo is going to push Britney out of the way to
    get some outfits for his wife then give them to her as xmas presents. Then Lane
    and Hayden will beat the snot out of him… Hey a girl can dream can’t she.

  9. simon i was reading some of the comments ( I only have time to go on here once in awhile so i catch up) and i noticed you ban certain people if they make comments that you dont care for ( dirk diggler being one) why is that? I like to make comments too but don’t want to feel i have to hold back because you or someone on here does’t like what i have to say.
    with that being said I read alot of bull shit comments on here and could care less i just move on. honestly the BB fans are very tempermental if they cant always read what they want to read. and as this being your web site i think you should have more control, not the readers as you are paying am i wrong for saying this? will i be banished now too? I actually enjoyed reading dirks comments, some of them were spot on.

      1. thanks tj for sticking up for me and simon I don’t think my comments were off, i never said anything offensive, just discuss game. people need to develop a thicker skin. :) also, this is a tv show we are discussing not world peace. :)

        1. Dirk, you were NOT discussing BB game. You were taking comments from other posters and attacking those posts. So….give an opiniion of the game, not your juvenile attack of someone giving their opinion.

  10. So Enzo is also part of the chain of the real estate racket that led to this economic catastrophe (loans taken out to buy overvalued properties)? I already didn’t like Enzo for his sexist, prejudiced talk and laziness . . . now, even more reason to wish him unsuccess in life. AND what an IDIOT talking about his future lies to his boss on live feeds — please please please let someone he worked with, rat him out.

    1. I watch BBAD and read this site and can’t believe the double standard regarding Enzo. Britney and Ragan were horrible and said horrible things about just about everyone. How that is appealling to anyone is beyond comprehension.

      1. I used to watch the live feeds. I saw Enzo in live, uneditted fashion. Enzo was 10xs worse than Ragan. Ragan said crap about Rachel. . . who if you watched the live feeds, you’d understand that she deserved much of the crap said about her. Enzo said crap about everyone — right after he’d kissed up to them — if they were HOH. Enzo said stuff that was sexist about the women and prejudiced against Ragan.

  11. sounds like they were given clue to look for something in and around kitchen…i think it might be those black patches on the flamingos, cam kept zooming in on them last night

  12. omg these dodos are clueless,……..it it’s the flamingos it’s so funny…they have cleaned out just about every cabinet looking lmao

  13. yep those black patches are still on the flamingos and they keep waling right past them……but aha, lane just asked…is it in the flamingo? feeds cut so bet that’s it

  14. must be hayden’s locked in PB, no sign of him in kitchen while others are looking for something probably to get him out……but still think it’s those black things on the flamingos,,,,,,,,,these dodos are sooooooo not observant lol

    1. You got that right, and lots of people feel the same way. All you can do is “Drink!” when you see a QAZ post. that is NOT funny. You’ll be drunk in no time.

  15. One in the leaf on the wall, that Enzo and Lane have both looked through. They just don’t look very hard. I wish Regan was there looking he would have found them by now. At this rate they may still be looking on Sunday night.

  16. I love this site!!! I have watched BB since season 7 and I don’t think I have ever heard such vile and inhuman things said about anyone by anyone else till this season . I hope Brit and Ragin get the reactions they deserve from everyone when they get out. There’s gameplay then there are mean vile selfish hypocrites like them neither one of them deserve anything good to come from there time in the house. I truely hope I’m not the only one in America that feels this way!!!!

  17. I think that’s it Chris, because they were fighting about going to look in their hiding place, none of them have lifted the run either.

  18. the comp is everyone had a chance to hide they’re own 10000 coin somewhere in the house and then once they were done all the houseguests had to search for each others coin, but if your coin is found then your out and cant win the 10000. Whoever’s coin doesnt get found wins the money. Hayden is out bc Enzo found his coin.

  19. The biggest question is: Who’s going to clean up the mess they made once this is over? Because we all know none of them clean.

      1. goody goody……now maybe ms. “ice princess” will stop whining about not winning anything yet and hopefully they will get her out

  20. That lazy eye is Mother nature’s way to show her she needs to get off her butt and stop thinking the world owes her a living-half mil to be exact.
    Yes, she did win comps, but so did the others who were evicted by her Magesty herself.

  21. Have all the jury members come in the house for 24 hours to hang
    out with the final 4. That would make the season
    we need to change it up. Get rid of loser Enzo!!

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