Big Brother Live Show Episode

Big Brother Live Show

Big Brother Live Show EpisodeThe Big Brother reality TV series has a regular 3 episodes per week schedule with the Thursday episode being a live show and the two other episodes being previously taped. The exception to the 3 weekly episodes was the Big Brother 1 had four weekly episodes. Also the days of the week that the episodes have aired has changed over the years with the current Big Brother 14 schedule being: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

The Live episode on Thursday shows the house guests voting for which nominated house guests they want to evict and competing in the Head of Household (HOH) competition. The episode normally airs the entire HOH competition if it is Skill or Quiz based, however, if it is an endurance competition only the beginning is aired. In addition, to the live eviction and HOH competition, the host Julie Chen takes to opportunity to ask some of the house guests questions about their experience in the house or other interesting personal questions. There are often some interesting and candid responses from the house guests to the questions as they are live and unrehearsed.

Big Brother Live Show Facts:

  • Big Brother 1 is the only season to date that has had a live premiere episode.
  • During Big Brother Season 11 – The live eviction was taped for the first time, due to Chima Simone’s threats to go “batcrap crazy” on the Thursday Live Show, the CBS producers changed the show to be taped earlier in the morning at 11:30am instead of the regular 2pm time. Chima was the HOH for the week and after she found out that Jeff Schroeder won the Big Brother Coup D’etat she threated to go bananas on during the live show if he used it to over throw her nominations. CBS producers opted to tape the show earlier to be able to censor any Chima’s behaviour that was deemed unacceptable for live TV.
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