Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Week of March 21st

Head of Household: Gino
Nominations: MartinKyle and Jessica
POV Winner: Marty
Veto Ceremony Results: Marty used the veto on himself
Evicted: Kyle
By a vote of 10 to 0 Kyle is evicted.

Hey Everyone, Thought I would put something on the site to refresh the comments and give you all an update of what is going on here at OBB.

As you may have noticed we haven’t been updating the site much for BBCAN10. We’ve had to take a step back from the site for a the first 1/3 of the 2022 year due to a variety of matters.

We still plan on watching Big Brother US this summer which I’m sure will be great fun with a well rested crew.

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un autre nom

Jess d/r: waffling. neither ty nor moose have her back.
Tynesha: gonna work hard (when?)
Summer: my girl will be safe.
Moose: obviously the target.
Post Renom
A stage hand speaks to the camera… oh. That’s Haleena. Her allies speedbumped her with a bus is the main thing. Her Hermon dislike has never been 100% explained. I have multiple overlapping theories from week one that would explain it… but only from passing conversation, not proof.
Campaign and Plotting
Kev/Moose: pitch the world you’ll be safe.
Hal/Ty: at some point we’ll have to turn on each other, but we aren’t there yet (too late).
Kev/Jace/Gino: stoke revenge for being out of the loop last vote flip. That would def hit a chord with Jace.
Summer/Josh/Jace: paranoia is Ty the target talk.
Hal/Kev: we might be in trouble. Kev/Josh: come to the dark side meeting.
ed. If T is such a good social player… where was her finger on the social scale after renom?
Gino and Tynesha talk. Tynesha cries. (Must be today after the feedblock…)
Moose: boiler plate. keep me not ready to go home.
Tynesha: was supposed to be pawn, Jess ur evil.
evict Ty:
Kevin, Marty, Gino, Jace, Haleena.
evict Moose:
Betty, Summer, Hermon, Josh
Tynesha knew she was leaving. Moose pulls tears. He can actually fake tears, so not sure if it’s real.
Tynesha is hella mad at Jess. Keeping both targets is bad.
With Arisa: Haleena couldn’t get past Tynesha wanting her to be renom. The squad has marching orders.
Announcement for Unusual Double. No HOH, No veto. Individual safety is the key.
Jess can’t compete…. or appear on feeds from Monday to now (foreshadow?)
Jace:8 Moose: 15 Josh: 6 Gino: 10 Summer: 12 Betty: gutterball. Kevin: 11. Haleena: 8.
Hermon: 1. Marty: 5. Moose wins safety comp one.
Moose, Hermon, Betty, Summer, Kevin, Haleena
Ball sorting.
Jess has at least 3 white balls in her tubes.
Jace and Gino are moving one tube at a time.
Jace vs. Gino vs. Jess. JACE WINS
Gino: honest and direct. I did what the house wanted keep me.
Jess: love personal. game other level. Non binary shout out.
Vote Jess
Jace, Hermon, Moose, Summer, Betty, Josh, Kevin.
Vote Gino
Marty, Haleena
Exits with Polarity speech: light / dark, heroes / villains.
As the credits role, they’re trying to decide who the 2 votes were. Gino with Kevin and Marty in s/r.

bbcan10 WEEK FIVE FINAL.jpg
un autre nom

Sunday pm Bullets:
Josh and Betty have been told by Marty he wants them both to stay, and told Josh he wants him to vote out the renom (didn’t name the renom).
Jace has told Haleena that Summer’s social flirt game pisses her off. A showmance girl doesn’t like a flirt strategy. sideye. She has further told Kevin and Haleena that Hermon suggested Marty would backdoor Jace or Gino. Kevin’s reaction was gold. Red face with laughter describing how Marty would self evict before backdooring Gino. He’s laughing too hard I barely made out half the words.
Hot tub time and Summer is giving Moose a massage. Jace has no place to mention a flirt strategy… but i sure can. And she’s moving from Summon to Sumoose. Shut the door. She is. I have no issue with using flirtation. I don’t like showmances because it endorses the idea that a woman requires a man to protect them in the game, wherein the woman usually isn’t an equal partner in the game side of the relationship. Sue me, I think it’s poor game for anyone to agree to be a less than equal partner in an alliance.
Josh tells Betty that Marty is doing this for Haleena. Betty doens’t get it. Josh says Marty is protecting Haleena from someone that has said multiple times she would be on the block. I think if Josh told Betty that both Haleena and Kevin have been pushing their shared agenda that saves Betty…. she’d still be pissed at Haleena. Betty’s judgmental side needs to take a break. Okay, it’s funny when she goes off on people… but She doesn’t explode to vent. She explodes as preamble to keep exploding, and that’s sorta problematic if you’re her ally (she’s playing a thatkevinrobertmartin game with a new thatkevinrobertmartin recast in the devil role every week).
Dinner Prep. in the house is ongoing.
Nobody has told Hermon yet.
Betty is acting too happy imo. No poker face. At. All.
Gino and Jace are helping Marty come up with a speech and maybe a dance to renom Hermon. Marty and the showmance want Kevin to win the next HOH… did they actually mention thowing it to him, or they just want him to win… I’m not sure and i’m not in a rewind mood. Assume want him to win, but not necessarily throw it to him.
Last person that wants to win HOH is Kevin at this point. That will change possibly between Monday and Thursday.

IF Hermon goes on the block he will assume he can get Moose, Summer, Josh, Gino and Jace.
Can he get all of them? That’s the question.
Gino, Jace and Josh burn bridges, though each would likely state they prefer to keep Hermon privately. Summer? Another maybe not if her woman winner intent is real.
Moose? Hermon is his ONLY attachment in the game right now. Work harder Moose, you’re starting to look like you should be sitting in the corner with Jace.
Hermon has loudly stated multiple times that ‘floaters’ (he means coasters specifically non comp winners) have no place in his game. He’s said it around the people he deems uncacceptable in his game. Did he ever consider that maybe the non comp winners might use a comp winner to bounce his ass? I mean c’mon. I would have (if you’re arrogant enough to tell me i have no value in the game, watch me scheme until you’re on the block).
Summer had to veto Betty’s idea for the alliance name. yeah… BS doesn’t work. Neither does Betty’s idea for an alliance between Betty Josh and Summer. Canwest isn’t going to like the BJS. *Looks from side to side, rolls eyes cus.. not kidding.
It took the edit 5 weeks to show Kevin and Haleena made a day 3 final 2. I still find that wild. It still has me thinking Jess wanted out, and the edit had to think fast to replace Kevin’s storyline approved foil.
Opinion nobody asked for: Hermon’s dancing. Not bullying. Not disrespectful to the viewers. Intentional psychological maneuver against Jess themself? Probably. It fits his modus operandi in the game. Bullying in that instance? Not at all.


The Marty roller coaster show:

With the shift to backdoor Hermon, it sure feels like this was all an elaborate ruse so that Marty could try to blame someone for his expediency to jump the Gino ship & vote him out.

I said it before & I’ll say it again – how Marty got coerced & played into voting out Gino in a matter of fewer than 3 minutes is ridiculous. I’m sure Gino feels that way & knows Marty will turn on him again. He needs to keep reiterating in his head “screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice – shame on me”. Soooooooo will he let Marty screw him THREE TIMES?

Marty swung, once, twice & Gino has to think he won’t miss a third time:

Marty’s story changed so much – first he walked into Expedia, then someone pulled him, Kev & Hal into the room – then he walked in with Betty – Hal fighting. They set him up to play him (HUH?) What’s clearly missing (and ONLY b/c he’s HOH) is more of a deep dive into WHY he shifted to voting out Gino so easily.

As of Sunday – now he’s saying it wasn’t an elaborate plan & that he asked Haleena on the couch if they were really doing it — she apparently told him NO but he didn’t hear her (he also told Gino this so that clears Haleena).

Hal owned the vote (only with the CTD – well Kev, but assume also Josh)

Hal has told Kevin (and I assume Josh) she was the other rogue vote & her plan was to do it to cause drama but NEVER expected Marty would also do it. And the CTD realize it was a lost opportunity to take out Gino & will be better prepared moving forward.

Marty rescinding promise – will back door Hermon:

Gino & Jace have agreed to the Hermon back door (FOR NOW) seeing how it will weaken the Red Room & Summer/Betty/Josh/Moose group.

The plan is to backdoor Hermon & barring TPTB pulling everyone into a room & showing them their contracts & saying you HAVE to keep Hermon he’ll be evicted.

Since this is happening the showmance is now upping their efforts to pull back Hal/Kev (who they weren’t being very nice to — but then Kevin won the POV sooooo you know). G/JL are ramping up efforts with each of Moose, Summer & Josh trying to make F4 or F3 with virtually everyone.

Kevin is also working Summer & watch for him to also put in some time with Moose (or Hal to) in order to line up the others as votes when they need them.

Next week’s targets:

Jace wants to target Summer but will Gino push against that direction? And who would she put beside Summer? It would have to be one of Betty, Moose or Josh unless the showmance was willing to turn on the 5 (showmance/Marty/Kev/Hal).

Gino – is a ? but I think he might go after Betty/Summer & keep the option of backdooring Moose OR MARTY as payback in his pocket.

The big question is whether Hal/Kev feel safe enough if anyone other than Moose is ahead of them in the HOH to throw it or if they gun to win. Kevin’s wife’s birthday is this coming week (well- he’s not really married but has been with his partner Gillian for a number of years so essentially the same). I think they would put up Moose & Betty or Moose & Summer and look to backdoor Gino b/c they wouldn’t be able to avoid the lure of taking out the last big target for CTD to gain better control of the house.

Tying into the above – JL/Gino are willing to throw HOH to Kev I assume b/c it’s Gillian’s b-day which again would be hilarious if he then puts up Gino via a backdoor.

Betty/Josh/Summer would ALL target the showmance – the question is whether they put them up together or use a pawn knowing if the showmance partner not OTB wins POV they both stay & come back at them with a vengeance. Neither Josh/Betty are saying they would look at Marty initially BUT if they put Jace up with a pawn presumably it would be Marty so he could win POV.

How real is the desire to target floaters?
Hermon/Moose/Gino/and Marty have ALL discussed targeting the floaters & those just sitting back not trying. Until Kevin won POV he was grouped in with Hal, Summer, and Betty so how does his winning POV impact how someone like Moose views him in the game? And who actually will have Moose’s ear when (if) Hermon is evicted?

He’s talking to Jace – – BUT would he really dive in with the showmance? OR would the CTD be able to come up with a plan so Moose feels more comfortably targeting G/JL/M? Moose promised to keep Marty safe to honor their deal BUT… now that Hermon is going up he can say the deal(s) weren’t honored if he’s looking for a loophole to target Marty. I suspect the showmance would push that narrative to save themselves.

Odd season of alliances:

Although every season has numerous alliances that are made one week & crumble the next this year seems to have more examples of that than ever (maybe it’s recency bias on my part). BB10 is reminding me more of how Survivor has gone in recent years with each week shifting with different people working together one week then not the next.

Case in point, Hermon, Gino/Jace, and Marty each have deals with almost everyone in the house. They all tend to pick one or two people who they aren’t aligned with or only make one-week deals with in order to always have a target.

At this point, the ONLY hamsters who are truly committed to each other are the showmance & the CTD. And the CTD has the advantage of the showmance not knowing of their existence so they can strike at the showmance when they least expect it.

What moves does Hermon have in his bag to pitch staying over Betty?

So assuming Marty doesn’t implode or TPTB don’t pull a fast one, Kevin will remove Josh & Hermon will be the replacement. Marty is working on some speech that involves commenting on Hermon dancing his way to the block (like that won’t piss off H).

I’m wondering how much intel Betty has that she can use against Hermon – does she know for example about all his F2 deals? Josh told Hal/Kev about his but did he also tell Betty/Summer?

H will think he has Summer but I doubt he will since she wants the athletic males out of the house. If the showmance learns H was pushing their demise then that will sink him b/c he needs their votes & Summer (plus Moose) just to get the vote to 4-4 & Marty breaking the tie. We know Hal/Kev & Josh are locks to vote him out (likely Summer) barring some fancy Hermon game play this should be a 6-1 vote to keep Betty.

BUT we’ll have three days of Hermon scrambling & you know he’s gonna be PISSED tomorrow when he lands OTB. He had a great shot at winning the game so this will hit him hard (not having a chance to play in POV).

Marty will BS him & say Betty is his target – but H will know the minute he’s the re-nom that HE is the target.

I’m anxious to see how he campaigns especially to people like Kev/Hal who he has consistently thrown UTB.

Kev already made the point that Hermon never spoke game with him for 36 days UNTIL he won the POV and then told him he couldn’t use it. Suffice to say Kevin was not amused. Kev earmarked him as the most dangerous player in the house so again, unless TPTB force the hamsters to keep H then he’s facing an uphill battle.


Was wondering where you went to. Glad you are back.

Butt First

@another name let’s get that Tuesday update! Thanks again for keeping us up to date on the feeds in the comments. I really appreciate your input since I don’t watch feeds but I am obsessed with what is going on in that house.

Here’s my $0.02 from the episodes and from feedsters updates…
Kevin is my fav. He’s entertaining and manipulative and doing a good job at staying in the good books for most players.
Kyle. oh poor kyle. I love how everyone hated his HOH but literally no one told him or warned him that his demeanour would have a negative effect the following week. poor poor kid
Gino. what a cutie, that is all.
Hermon is a good player, but he might be playing too hard. I think he’s gunna get caught in some manipulation and get sent home sooner than I’d like.
Summer is great, wish she got more TV time but I think she’s trying to coast along until midgame. she’s set herself up well I think.
Tynesha maybe on the same level as summer but might not be as good in competitions which may be her downfall later, for now she’s sitting pretty.
Jess. awe sweet lovely Jess. I really hope they go far, I just think they have a good understanding of the game and I’d like to at least see them in jury.
The rest of them? well they’re just sorta…there?

Anyways. Hope to see some updates soon! Thanks again BBfam

I like to watch

whew, thanks for creating a new page, and saving me all that scrolling through. Also thanks to another name for the updates. Simon and Dawg, have you considered adding Another Name to the administration of this site? I realize you two have other things goin’ on, but relying only on comments doesn’t make for exceptional site management. Just a suggestion, not a complaint. Love this site. Best to all. (Go Jess!!! Go Josh!!!!)

Empty Nest Syndrome

I thought the same thing, Another Name has done an awesome job keeping us up to date on what’s been happening.

Expect the Unexpected

I am in love with this season!! What I am seeing is what is good for TV versus what is great for individuals game moves.


Jess became an early fav for me b/c I like strategic players. I’m also okay with Kevin in spite of him playing the rat game b/c he OWNED he would do that upfront so we can’t be mad when he does it.

I also was positive about Josh early but I’m so confused by who his true ally/allies are b/c he seems to keep shifting it. Each of Betty, Jess, Haleena, Kev, Marty, Gino, and now Hermon has seemingly been treating him like they view him as their ride or die. The only one we know he wanted to work with (as per DR) was Marty but now that’s shifted based on intel that came back and blew up his game.

Oddly, Kevin & Josh both bury Jess intermittently saying they don’t want to take her deep in the game– BUT when they really need to touch base on the game or perceptions Jess is who they go talk to (insert shoulder shrug). Ditto for Jace and some of the others in the house which is what I think Hermon & Moose are really nervous about & why they want them gone.

Kyle’s last sec effort to stay and bury Jess didn’t work but he did make some leeway with some of the throwaway comments he made about others. His chats made it obvious T-Summer-Hermon is a trio & the house & pointed out Marty/Hermon are both players who have their hands in many pots. Kyle told Jace Josh /Summer are playing the best game but he hopes one of Josh/Jess or Jace wins, read: he wants Jess or Josh to win — (hmm I wouldn’t be mad at that F2).

Credit to Summer for being able to deftly move about talking game to virtually everyone without drawing the target to herself – even when that trio is mentioned it’s T or Hermon who are target noms.

I’ve waffled on Hermon b/c I don’t like his style of play and the fact the wants to take out players like Jess/Kevin who are the ones that make the game interesting for me. On the other hand, anyone that can continue to slide by when their hands are in so many pots and causing so much turmoil deserves praise.

Betty is highly entertaining (at least for me) & has one of the best reads of the house.

I’m in the minority who believe Gino taking out Kyle will hurt his game. In prior seasons I agree it would’ve been suicide but this cast is playing similar to the new way Survivor is played (week to week with shifting alliances) so I think it will work in his favor as he strengthened ties with Josh/Summer/Moose & Hermon. Either Betty or Heleena wants to take him out but that dynamic existed even before this week & I still think Jess would go for Hermon/Moose before him too.

Not sure about T/Moose/Hal/JL. They are in my “meh” group – haven’t done enough to piss me off or enough to impress me although I’d lean to the former with most of them.

Guy From Canada

Wish you could get dragon naturally speaking to just populate the conversations for Simon and Dawg. Oh well I’ll tv watch this season as it makes no sense from just TV watching…so messy even production can’t make a coherent storyline ha ha…and I’m so far behind Steph just went home ha ha

un autre nom

week five hoh result.

bbcan10 WEEK FIVE.jpg

Thank you! This is great!

un autre nom

HOH talks (Wendy’s pitches?) Results:
Noms most likely Hermon and Moose. (as joked to Jace and said to Kevin).
Renom in case of veto is up in the air:
Kevin pushed Betty or Summer. Gino’s name came up (but no conclusion is made). Expect Summer to push for a renom tomorrow (Summer seems to see Hermon as an impediment right now because he called her out for throwing HOH just a note not speculating what Summer pushes).

Jess is concerned that Josh is pulling away, and getting closer to Betty.
Jess feels like they have been working on relationship with S/T/B… so renom might ruin that work.
(Kevin tends to push people he sees as potential allies and potential threats, so that he can move in and offer his aid to build trust every week). Kevin pushed Summer is playing the best game.
Kevin actually has most of the house clocked in the game and most of the game relationships, and game strategies they are employing… except for his read on Tynesha: She’s a blind spot to him because she asked him about his finances (in a group situation i think)… he thought she was financial need targeting him via social game mastery. sideye.
Jess proposed final 2 with Kevin before HOH.
Jess wants to keep Marty and the showmance as targets ahead of themself.
Marty is told to repair relationships this week (with Gino).
Jace is told she is safe. Haleena and Kevin seem safe as well.
90% chance Summer is the Wendy’s candidate.

Hermon, Moose and Tynesha made it obvious they are worried. Tynesha cried when she lost HOH. It’s been clocked the three pulled off from everyone else and looked unpleased.
The Hermon/Moose/Tynesha 3 head with Summer and Betty alliance speculation is reaching critical mass this HOH. Hermon suggested deflection as a tactic. Tynesha wants to push Marty. Hermon wants Tynesha to push Marty, but is afraid it will come back on him if he does it himself.

Summer told Tynesha Hermon is playing all sides, and Tynesha/Summer are disposable numbers to him. Told her about the men’s final four (her details are off, but names are correct) from week one and two (remember: Marty talks too much).

Gino and Jace can’t remember what deals or how many of them they proposed last week.
Gino has the extra difficulty of having to filter out the propositions that didn’t include Jace.

Avoiding Twitter tonight. I’m guessing there’s a lot of anger.
NOTHING IS WRITTEN IN STONE YET, But noms sound pretty firm.


Jess clearly doesn’t want to be in numerous alliances which is why they are pushing back with Kevin on forming an alliance with JL/Gino/Marty/Kev & them. I’m not sure that’s wise unless Jess gets confirmation from the showmance they won’t put them OTB.

They will nominate Hermon & Moose but the target is Hermon – which isn’t great for Jess b/c if noms stay the same it’s not Hermon that would be leaving IMHO.

The discussion with Kev centered around renom with him suggesting Betty/Summer but pushing the latter (that would definitely take out Hermon BUT it would also sink Jess’ game).

They didn’t want to put up Gino as renom — BUT — it’s worth considering especially if it’s Hermon who remains OTB then Jess can bring in the women to agree to take out Hermon b/c then it proves they are aligned with the females and forge their agreement NOT to target each other. Plus nominating Gino for Jess is very understandable given he just nominated them.

What Jess should try to gain via HOH and/or will be exposed:

Haleena spilling game intel to Jess – – she offered a sh*t load of intel to Gino will she also do it with Jess?

Betty’s take on game is strong (almost as good as Kevin’s) hopefully she shares it.

Jess has seemingly wanted to forge bonds intermittently with Josh, Kevin, Marty & various females in the house. This is their opportunity to strengthen that quest with each party.

Jace implied she had “tons of game intel” (eye roll) for the reason to take her to Wendy’s — QUESTION: if you really want to work with Jess WHY wouldn’t you share that intel anyway?

Josh already spilled how tight he is with Betty/Heleena but it’s also a bit of deflection b/c it’s not showing his closeness to the showmance/Kev or with Hermon/T/Summer.

To that end, you have to believe at some point Jess is going to hear about how Kev/Josh have thrown them UTB along with things Marty has said. However, b/c Jess plays the loyalty game it won’t be surprising if they tell Josh/Marty/Kev what was said resulting in both sides knowing the truth of how much those people can/can’t be trusted.

It’s also likely someone in that power group of Summer/T/Hermon/Moose is going to suggest Marty AND Josh at some point. Hermon said he can’t push Marty suggesting T do it – so who will he push? (Josh? — Gino? or one of Haleena/Betty). If Hermon pushes Marty/Josh & Jess shares that with Josh it could change how he views Hermon and subsequently help to pull him closer to them which is what they seemed to want from the start of the game.

I’m on a bit of an island (if I trust social media) but I like Jess & wish Kevin could put aside his desire to bury them b/c the two of them could be a true force in the house IF they could work together & protect each other even by not doing it overtly. Unfortunately, Kevin knows Jess is smart & worries about her.

A main point I think Jess should really push this week to people they want to work with is their value at winning comps & how important that will be as numbers dwindle b/c if they are aligned with you they’ll save you from the block & work to protect their allies votes or nominations.


Hermon DID NOT throw Josh UTB – he actually thought b/c Jess & Josh are close it would keep him safe (and said that to them).

And so much for him not throwing Marty UTB – he did anyway.

Moose’s talk did not go well he tried to deflect too much and double speak Jess which they saw through.

Jess told Gino to “act scared” like he thinks he’s the backdoor so the noms (Herm/Moose?) don’t lose their minds. Jess also reinforced working with the showmance (spoke of how much they liked Jace from week 1 & have had a bond all along). Jess deftly worked suggesting he try to fix things with Marty b/c the 4 (showmance/Marty/Jess) could work together & suggested he get closer to Kev.

So Jess did take Kev’s advice BUT since they were already trying to work on that bond I’m not sure if Jess didn’t want to tell Kev that or do it on their own terms. Maybe I’ve missed something but I think Jess knows Kev is close to Marty/showmance & that the alliance was already considered so perhaps just playing naive to keep their allies (Kev) secrets.

Betty suggested reinforced working with Summer, T, Jess, Josh & her & a more formal 3-some with her/Jess/Josh. Betty’s named targets were Marty & the showmance.

I knew Haleena & Jess were close but of all their interactions it sure seems like Haleena is the person Jess trusts the most. Jess chatted with Kev/Josh for example but with Haleena they asked for input/suggestions & said they would download lessons learned later so I wonder if they have a legitimate bond (F2?). Not sure- but you can bet Haleena will be thrilled to learn Josh spoke so highly about them.

un autre nom

Despite the edit, Haleena was the one that actually pushed Kevin and Jess together: that was the take I got from early feeds convos. Hal was telling Jess to reign in their directness and be more pensive / less confrontational when socially interacting. I’m not sure if it’s a final 2, but it was the first feed convos where ANYone in the house actually showed any kindness to Jess (everyone else was more ‘let’s cosplay Salem, we got the witch’ about her in that feed period). She then talked to Kevin and told him we can work with Jess. If Kevin and Jess existed before that, it was pre feed.

Last night felt more like Hermon would actually lose key support, I felt. Summer seemed to view Hermon as being too aligned with the men still. I think today, with Josh Betty and Tynesha being more anti-Moose, that has shifted a bit.

I still say that Betty telling everyone they will never vote out Hermon, I’d be pushing well one of the two GOTTA GO. If you are on the block with either… that’s bad because you automatically lose a vote.

Moose pushing Josh to convince Jess to target Betty, Haleena, Marty or GIno is not going to play well considering the conversation that S/T/B/J had earlier. Moose has just reinforced that he views his allies that weren’t savage 7 as expendable. Has Moose noticed that Josh and Betty are close? The rest of the house peeped it.

Question: If EVERY member of the Savage/Fuse target group is saying the person they’d hate to see leave is Summer… WHY isn’t she a target????? My brain says if every ‘enemy’ I have in the house is protecting Summer, Summer must be my enemy.
I mean, Hermon, Moose, Tynesha all named Summer as the person they’d keep safe.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh – okay so that makes more sense now (history of Hal with Jess).

I like Hal (and like Kevin the most when I see his interactions with Hal b/c he’s intelligent/funny & kind in those talks – so the best of him I guess).

The fact Kevin told Hal that Jess asked him for a F2 (she told him to accept it) tells me he definitely trusts her not to spill. ”

I’m curious about this duo (Kev/Hal) – does he think she’s throwing comps? Did he pick her b/c she’s smart/chill? because he thinks he can beat her? combo?

Definitely the most interesting duo in the house at least from my perspective.

un autre nom

Game recognized game. He realized she was playing a classic ratfloat game and was smarter than she seemed, she recognized he was acting dumb, and was actually smart week one. The show doesn’t edit in any of their interaction, but it is the most true to their true game.

un autre nom

Big Brother Brazil is having another endurance comp.
It had passed the 16 hour mark.
If it were BBCAN how long would the feeds be out? A week?

un autre nom


Background Action:
Josh is still Mr. Middle. Summer pulled her ‘you are my man’ stuff to Josh, that Josh and Kevin noted is Summer’s tactic on Wed. night.
Moose spent much of the day attempting to get everyone to suggest other noms (the people he considers weak). He pushed ‘the floaters’ including the ones in his alliance. grimace.
Hermon spent much of the day ‘i got your back’ing to every group he has been working. Hermon is likely safe unless people that don’t game talk actually game talk honestly. Chance of that is Zero Per Cent.
Jess told Betty that Moose named her. Moose didn’t get to Betty quick enough. He was damage controlling after he committed the damage. Betty went off on Moose.
Sav7 women can say toldja not to name Fuse members, you can’t be trusted if he remains on the block. Betty likely took herself out of renom contention.
I’m not positive if people are conning about Veto use. It’s incredibly possible that people saying ‘keep noms the same’ are covering their ass until the veto is played.
Kevin Haleena checked in. Info share on house dynamics. These 2 are actually quit acurate when they info dump to each other. Both are trying to get close to Gino. Gino notes Haleena as a reliable source without naming her. Jace wants Gino to pull Kevin in. Jess said the same. Kevin asked Gino what Gino needs in the game (stroked Gino’s ego).
Gino is attempting to pull everyone he proposed alliances to in, without actually making anything official with any of them (except Josh whom he offered a final 3). The men are more keen to get rid of Moose. Unless….
Tynesha is becoming more and more of a possible renom. In that event, Tynesha is likely evicted. What Tynesha as a renom would boil down to: The social control freaks and social finesse schemers would be at odds, and we’d be able to see which style is going to work better this season.
Jess thinks they are drawing a line in the sand. The problem with this season is EVERYONE is afraid of a line in the sand because EVERYONE is playing the middle game to different degrees, and EVERYONE fears exposure.


Idk what would be better Hermon leaving or Moose.

Either way I want one of them gone to see how it changes the one who stays around.

The Veto is going to likely be won by one of them but I hope someone random wins it and doesn’t use it. The streak of a nominee winning has to eventually end too!

I’d like to see how the votes go with Hermon vs Moose being locked in come Thursday.

un autre nom

Look at the history of week 5.
season one it was Topaz HOH instant, her noms deliberations broadcast to the house, followed by Gary’s first eviction in a double week.
season two it was canada’s HOH. End of the first 5 domination when they’d set Jon as the next target.
season 3 it was the Jordan blindside Godfrey jump moment. End of the Zach/Kevin/JP era on feeds. Complete game paradigm shift week.
season 4 it was aftermath of the Kelsey Loveita fake double, with Tim getting rid of Dallas (the last Loveita supporter) The drama that week was the secret apartment Kelsey and Loveita watch feeds with no sound and share info… that basically tanked Mitch’s game. Again, a paradigm shift week.
season 5 the double. Emily and Neda. The Neda moment being the big iconic that ended the return players alliance.
season 6 was an off season where the double was in 4 and week 5 began the Ryan woe is me edit culminating in the week 6 save a nom. The edit was soooo suspicious that season. I could honestly write a treatise on just how different feeds are to the edit on that season. Diametrically opposite through edit choices.
Season 7 was the failed blood veto premise. It was switched from a Canada vote, to every houseguest makes a plea, to unanimous decision in the house. WHY? control of outcome. Took out the last audible threat to the Pretty Boys. The feed subplot in blood veto week was actually cringe and disgusting in my opinion.
Season 9 was Victoria’s invisible HOH. The week that ensured the path for the Sunsetters.

So, there has to be something that happens this week that sets up the midgame.

un autre nom

Saturday Morning Round Up
VETO PICKS: Hermon/Moose/Josh/Marty/Jace

Alliance Alterations
The True Few/Fuse is now dead.
Honeybunch can’t exist with both Jace and Summer.
Siblings alliance is the Mandems with Jess in Haleena’s spot. Summer wants to add Josh.
Josh has asked Kevin about meeting up to discuss an alliance idea he has been thinking about. Kevin likely thinks it’s the Josh/Kevin/Haleena/Betty alliance, but it’s more likely the Josh/Gino/Jace/Kevin and a couple others alliance. This shouldn’t shock Kevin though, Haleena informed him that Gino and Josh have an undercover thing starting up.

Action/Reaction Fluctuations
This morning Betty told Moose never to speak to her again.
Hermon asked Haleena if she’d play in veto and use it on him. She said she’d play, and she’d think about using it. Not sure if that’s a pass or fail on Hermon’s ‘if you’re in my alliance you use it on me’ test. Last night, he was still gung-ho on Gino playing, using it on Hermon, and then they all vote to save Moose so all the men stay. Gino’s reaction wasn’t the best when asked. It confused Hermon. He doesn’t seem to realize the entire house knows he’s been crossplaying a middle game (essentially trying to be a leader on both sides in a house that is a middle ground).
Yesterday it became obvious that Moose would likely leave over Hermon, but many in the house aren’t willing to let Hermon off the hot seat easily until he owns up to his actual role in the Josh nom of week three, and his part in the menlliance and crossplaying.
Herm / Moose are deliberating about who they want to play an awful lot for a random draw. Sideye. Random. eyeroll. Suuuuuuure. At least one hg commented that their spot on the wheel has changed.
Tynesha Summer and Betty talked about whether or not playing / using veto would burn the Siblings alliance. Summer thinks if one of them used it, one of the other 2 would be the renom, because they’d be showing Jess the alliance isn’t real. Tynesha wants to host.
Herm / Moose are thinking Haleena cus she can’t win anything. They are hem haw about Gino now. Summer? Out of contention because of the alliance and just for numbers debacle. Hermon and Moose say they didn’t care about that big alliance anyway. They end up agreeing on Josh and Tynesha I think. Hermon forgot Josh existed (yeah, that final 2 means something eyeroll).

Why does the house have to go on HOH lockdown to prep the Veto wheel? Do they have to weight the names they’ve predetermined for Veto? Or are they spacing the names? There’s four blanks and three hg choices out of 16. think about that. Think statistically about the number of times hg choice has come up this season. mmhmmm.
There might be a double eviction announcement coming. The house has finally stopped talking about doubles, and it’s standard procedure.

Good read of the morning
We should pick Tynesha, because Jess wants to keep Josh and Summer, so if Tynesha wins we have a better chance of all staying and foiling Jess’ plan. MOOSE
Bad read of the morning
If Tynesha wins, Jess’ll put Kevin on the block. HERMON

un autre nom

I may be wrong, but Marty seems to be beginning his week three obsession, only insert Tynesha in Josh’s place.
Let’s all remember what happened the last time Marty was coddled into having his way.
He jumped ship.
If I were Jess, that would be in my thoughts.
But Jess seems a little too concerned with fulfilling a revenge of the nerds fantasy to consider the reality that most of her current allies are going to ditch her after the veto ceremony.

un autre nom

When cams go down for veto for more than 5 hours, my tinfoil conspiracy mind starts up.
Don’t mind me. It’s fear of individual timed vetoes because they are the fakest of the fake. That ought to make feeds come back…..
Five hours and ten minutes: feeds return.


Ugh I wanted Hermon to go instead of Moose but whatever… Moose needs to go now.

Who would be best to be the replacement nominee to ensure that happens?

un autre nom

Summer is what I would have said yesterday. But if Summer keeps tanking her socials in the next 48 hours… who knows.
Gino never votes out Summer. Gino might vote outTynesha over Moose. Bros Bro.
Marty is already pushing Tynesha should go after his dumb ass spilled Tynesha as renom to Betty. Marty has a fake final 2 with Summer. Marty is going to obsess and push and whine that everyone isn’t coddling him because Tynesha would be more after him than Moose would. Just wait. He’ll be pulling the same bullshit he pulled week three until Kyle changed to targeting Josh.
Hermon will want to keep Moose. His road to keeping Moose is SO much easier with Tynesha on the block than Summer for the reasons stated. I suspect Hermon’s suggested fourth in the alliance with Gino and Jace miiiiiight actually be Moose.
I honestly think Summer has been tanking herself in the last 24 hours, but she’d still be safer than Tynesha as a nom unless she keeps picking and needling and edging her ass closer to nope status.

Why noms are down to Summer/Tynesha/Betty this morning? Summer and Tynesha made Jess feel 100% that Jess will always be expendable to them (would replace her with Josh) or be tossed out if they didn’t follow Summer and Tynesha’s orders last night. Betty didn’t remember their alliance name, so Jess suspects it is fake to Betty.

The BIG issue. Jess wants to keep big targets ahead of her. Fine. Pick one. Nope. She picks 4. She’s most loyal to Kevin and Marty now, but wants to make Haleena feel safe. She never wins against Josh. So she’s keeping a showmance and Marty and Josh as targets ahead of her without making an alliance with ANY of them as a group.

un autre nom

Quick subplots notes for Sat. because I’ve already written too much.

  • Betty and Moose. Went into mediation with Jess and Kevin present. Jess and Moose took over the mediation to argue. Nobody has figured out how to argue with Moose yet. You don’t allow him to dictate terms, you straight up say Moose, tell me exactly what you said, Jess tell me if it’s true or false or if anything is left out. Everyone lets Moose dictate the narrative. Error when dealing with a word parser that twists meaning.
  • Hermon won 5k and veto. Marty thought Hermon was obnoxious when he won, showed a lack of sportsmanship.
  • Jess and Haleena wanted to see if Tynesha Summer or Betty would throw Haleena under the bus to be the renom. (as reason to make one the renom i think).
  • Josh pushed one of the 4 girls (but not Betty, and maybe not Haleena because she’d emotionally implode) as renom if Jess wants Moose out.
  • Summer and Tynesha pushed Haleena and Kevin as renom… HARD. Summer threatened Jess: the Siblings is dead if Summer touches the block.
  • Marty told Betty Jess’ whole plan (from HIS perspective) for the week. MARTY TALKS TOO MUCH MOMENT #5632.
  • Summer lied to Haleena, said she didn’t say Haleena’s name. Betty said she’s done with Jess if Tynesha touches the block.
  • The Madems and the Siblings alliances have the SAME handsignal. Messy. Summer sounds like she’s done with Hermon, or only willing to use him until he’s no longer useful.
  • Hermon is trying to start up a not an alliance just a deal with Jace/ Gino and an unnamed 4th person. (Betting Josh because Hermon is alllllll about alpha).

Okay. I’m out.

un autre nom

Sunday thoughts:
I missed a few things while I was gone today, but that doesn’t change some of the thoughts that have been growing.

  1. Tynesha. I’m not fond of her game style. Her game style is social, which isn’t a problem for me. It’s how the social style is used. She uses sympathy and financial need as social game. I have never liked that. What do we know about Tynesha? She has a daughter and it’s hard to make ends meet. She says it EVERY time a game talk comes up. She takes offense that others use her being a single mother as a game tool to buy her endearment? Then maybe don’t make every conversation about single mother. Moose? Good talker when he controls the narrative, throws out WAY too many names at EVERY opportunity.
  2. Hypocrisy. Anyone catch the Siblings Hypocrisy? Why is Summer mad at Moose? Naming names of alliance members as targets. What are the Siblings doing? Naming a Mandem as a target. See the issue I’m having? Wake up and smell your own Dutch Oven before pulling the blanket over someone else’s head. What shocked me: Betty and Summer discussing the Siblings alliance while Haleena was sitting right there. That was a choice.
  3. The complete stupidity of the alpha dogs believing that only they deserve to be in the game because of comp wins. a) some people throw at the beginning of the game. b) if you rely on comp wins completely in Big Brother, how bad is your social game. The EGO involved with the Alpha mentality is what has always turned me off about Alphas.
  4. The nit picking fights Summer is having with Kevin? This is 100% because Summer is trying to justify turning against Kevin after she has turned against him. She thinks Kevin has a chance of hitting the block.

Gino has flipped back to Hermon. He’s parroting him like he used to parrot Kyle. THAT was going to happen no matter what. Bros Bro.
The Siblings are name dropping WAY too much. The alliance is 5 days old, and was never serious until Jess won HOH. Names they have thrown: Gino, Jace, Kevin, Haleena, Marty.
Hermon might actually have Gino pulling away from Summer.
Josh has a problem. Week five is paradigm shift week. He isn’t shifting fast enough.
DID ANYONE KNOW JACE STEPH HALEENA HAD A FINAL 3???? It was ditched in preference to the RETREAT (Hermon didn’t want Haleena as a member???)

Still not checking Twitter. Too many stans are calling themselves updaters this season, and a lot of them are actually being quite vile. Sure, I admit I don’t like a couple of the house guests much because of their game style… but damn. Just to be clear: games I am having issue with: Jace is oblivious even when she’s standing in the room, Tynesha is pity playing, Gino is a puppet, Marty is an idiot when it comes to game. Still not sure if Betty is playing or if Betty is just trying for tv time.

un autre nom

If I’m getting the afternoon / evening correctly:
d/r has been busy.
Odd question earlier today: Jess to Haleena: what made you push for us to work with Kevin in week Two? SUS. Haleena answer was something like we all looked like outsiders, so I thought we could help each other.

Hermon is wanting to save Moose. Duh. He’s saying Gino won’t help because Moose is sketch.
Herm/Sum/Tyn with Betty are still convinced they can trick . intimidate Jess into a Kevin renom and flipping the vote to keep Moose.
Hermon and Summer blamed Moose naming Betty on Jess. (ed. so explain Moose naming Betty to Josh, to Marty, to Kevin, to Summer, to Hermon….. dude tossed her name like a venereal disease outbreak).
Moose made a plea for Canada to save him. I have personal rules regarding that. When a houseguest begs Canada to save their ass? I say go home. Dude is asking for a Ryan special vote from season 6. eyeroll. Begone. He swears he’s loyal to the five, and the five is loyal to him, so Canada has to save him.
(Dear Production,
don’t pull the save a nom shit again. Don’t twist the edit to that degree again, that was sickening in Season 6).
Summer is against the showmance (reality, Summer is against anyone but Summer having influence over Gino). Hermon is hurt that Summer didn’t fawn over him when he won Veto. Alpha Male mentality: why aren’t the women adoring my magnificence sufficiently?

Jess revealed T might be the renom to Summer. Summer is repeating her Sibs alliance is done threat if Jess does that. Jess’ logic: it hides the sibs working together is the same justification the Mandems made for pushing Haleena. And yet, Summer really doesn’t like that logic now. Interesting. Exact words: It’s HELL to the NO for ME. sideye (mmhmmm).
Summer says if Jess puts up a sibling, the siblings will have to use Jess as a pawn going forward (Summer is going intimidation tactic). It’s all nice, not scorched earth, but look at her posture, In Jess’ position I’d be saying so would you prefer I use you as the most loved houseguest to ensure Moose goes, because you and Tynesha are the most loved by everyone.
Summer is pushing Kevin then Haleena without pushing. She says she’d vote out Moose.
Once this conversation went to the alliance is over place, A self possessed person would say well, got no choice now, time to solidify with the other group. Is Jess self possessed or a pleaser? That’s the question.
Jess isn’t getting the desired validation they wanted from Summer. Starting to go to defensive why are you mad at me emotive response. Incoming victim routine within 3 hours. Just sayin.

Remember: the big play Summer / Tynesha and Hermon want to pull is get Kevin on the block and save Moose. Expect this to… oh, and Summer is pushing it. Summer is pushing Jess to nominate their secret Final 2 in the Heart Alliance. Wonder what the next d/r call does with this…. because the last d/r call got Jess uber paranoid.

There is no cookout in the house Summer says. Well, there was, but Summer declared it dead 2 days ago when Moose named alliance members as targets. That’s why she told Betty and Josh it was dead…. so… Revisionist History logic fail SHOULD have hit Betty in the last talk, but I doubt it did.
Jess says Tynesha is the most beloved houseguest, so there is no chance of a flip, anyone else and the house might flip.
(Keep in mind, Marty has already convinced Jace to flip and vote out Tynesha).
Gino is upset that Summer said she’d move forward in the game with him if Kyle was gone, and since Kyle left, Summer has ghosted him. Imagine what would happen if he shared that with Jess? He won’t. But that would be a conversation that would make Jess scream victim louder than they already will.
I think Tynesha might low key throw Josh utb. I don’t know. Feeling.
Jess informs Tynesha she is likely renom. Tynesha pushes there are five other options, why me? Jess reveals the house loves Tynesha, and Gino / Hermon are looking to take out the floats, so they’ll flip the vote on anyone else. I heard Betty should not be renom. I heard Josh shouldn’t… but then Josh came up again. Yup. Tynesha and Josh’s odd dynamic rears it’s head once again. I don’t give a damn if anyone else believes it, but Tynesha is low key not team Josh, and less low key not team Jess.

Jess has told everyone they say is their priority that Tynesha is the renom.
So, either Jess cuts loose the Siblings, or Jess loses everyone else. That’s the fact.
The big Game question: is an alliance you suspect not to be real with conditions clearly attached worth making the entire house think you’re another Kyle, changing plans willy nilly? Shouldn’t have told Marty the renom. repeat Marty is the house gossip 500 times.

Jess still goes forward with the plan, becomes hyper defensive about how the other 3 siblings only care about each other and never cared about Jess. Jess’ posture when they stood up? Defensive/ Judgemental/ Emotional. Summer was unwilling to end the conversation until the full effect of operation indimidation took hold. Summer did an excellent job, don’t get me wrong, she’s very good at veiled threat of social exile and petty as social discourse. However: pushing Jess’ secret final 2 as renom? I don’t think that’s the ticket. Tynesha is bad at game talk if she can’t use Tynesha has a daughter…. she’ll have to rely on we let you into our 3 week old alliance 4 days ago, aren’t you grateful?

un autre nom

The other 35-30 %…
Jess caves to peer pressure, and puts up Haleena because she has a final 2 with Kevin, and Haleena is her 3rd tier now.
Marty seems convinced the renom is Haleena. Or is Marty going to steer her at Haleena and then tell Haleena he tried to steer her away. Paranoid Marty.


I didn’t find the Q to Hal from Jess about Kev sus – I took it as Jess is always trying to downplay their relationship with Kev & b/c they don’t realize how close Kev/Hal are they are looking to reinforce Kev is a good guy narrative – I just don’t know him well.

Then again, this is the season of “I don’t really have a relationship with them – I’m working on building it” strategy so who knows.

But I honestly didn’t take it as a negative toward Kev or Hal — more so Jess thinking they were being sly about what they wanted to accomplish but weren’t.

un autre nom

Hermon miiiiiight be planning not to use the veto?
That’s not it at all.
Herm’s plans to lie to Jess and promise to keep Kevin if Kevin is renom, then flip the vote and tell Jess he has no idea what happened.

un autre nom

Jess, Haven’t seen on feeds in a looooong time now.
D/R gonna D/R.
Haleena told Marty about Herm’s plan.
Marty is paranoid right now because he saw Haleena sitting in a room with all the POC (he was sitting in the room too). Marty is going to Marty. D/R gonna D/R.
It’s Sunday folks. Plans mean nothing until the storyline crew gets back to work Monday morning.

un autre nom

Due to some real world stuff, going to be gone for a few days.
The more i think about the d/r oddiites, mixed with Jess’ pathology, the more I think Jess caving becomes a greater probability. I’m still thinking the show edit thus far would very much support that (Haleena’s float game downgrading to coasting 2 weeks ago mixed with her lack of inclusion in episodes, storyline, and half the d/r of every other houseguest)… That’s why I keep coming back to Haleena is most likely an early eviction, and the jury is almost starting. If I’m wrong, I’m misreading the edit.


Initially, I thought Jess was doing well with their HOH but then they allowed Moose to dictate the terms of the Betty-Jess-Kev-Moose convo & came off as shrill. Then the siblings alliance that seemed like a secondary safety net for them got exposed as only valid when Jess did their dirty work.

Funny – Betty was so appreciative of Jess when she needed someone protecting her but quickly abandoned them the minute they weren’t willing to play Betty-Summer-T’s game for them.

It was made clear by Betty that Jess is only a tool & they would never protect Jess the way they did Betty.

Hermon IMHO messed up b/c his thinking was he would try to align with the showmance & make up with Jess for the time being (read: it’s all lip service b/c if he wins HOH this coming week there’s NO WAY Jess doesn’t hit the block). Herm’s believed he could try to get Betty or Haleena or Kev OTB (Kev became the main target) so he could flip the vote to keep Moose with the narrative being “let’s get out the people who don’t compete & are just floating through the game”.

That all came about b/c his ladies weren’t jumping up and down to play POV and save him if they won (especially Summer).

Summer had (IMO) one of her worst weekends in the house by using threats with Jess & by throwing out Haleena, Kev & the showmance as replacement options instead of the siblings. It was a misread of the house meaning Summer assumed Jess had no ties to any of those individuals. It’s not like anyone knows Kev/Jess are close or Hal or that Jess had already made a bond with the showmance but to be so aggressive she’s virtually forcing Jess to put up T but more damaging is her actions/threats might actually result in T leaving instead of Moose.

Another bad house read came from Herm by running his get Kev nominated/evicted idea by Hal who is closest with Kev. Herm has zero idea Hal is close to both Kev & Jess (I’d say the closest tbh) so this intel is going to go right back to Jess.

Hal has learned in just 24 hours that Betty/Summer/T all threw out her name to go up & now she’s seeing how Herms is functioning so these actions are only going to lead Hal/Kev/Jess deciding they need to get tighter with Marty & the showmance – take out (I’m guessing the target shifts to T now b/c of Summer/Herms actions).

Watch for Hal/Kev to talk to G/JL/M & suggest keeping the vote private so if they do keep Moose he’ll see that Summer/Herms/Betty (Josh?) all voted him out & they saved him. If they’re smart they get Moose to agree to target THAT side for betraying him.

As much as Gino seems to want to work with Hermon still – I’m starting to see JL have more influence on him – she didn’t like some things that occurred on Saturday and by Sunday suddenly Gino isn’t as thrilled with that F4 he came up with. Ditto with Summer – she was someone he was protecting always just on the periphery but he’s noting how she’s done absolutely ZERO follow-up with him now that he’s out of power & has likely learned she & the siblings suggested he or JL could go OTB instead which is super SUS.

The question is whether Gino will piece together Herms is trying to have his cake & eat it too – SURE he wants to take out “floaters” but not just any floaters — only the ones he deems to be floaters (ie: Haleena/Kevin) b/c they aren’t close to him like Betty/T/Summer. Can they figure out this is his MO before it’s too late?

I’m interested to see where Josh falls in this mix – he told Jess to put up one of the 3 women but I’m not sure if he recognizes he’s not as safe with the women as he thought.

Expect T to be the re-nom and for more conversations between Jess/Hal where they download what Herms sneaky plan & comments made by Summer in front of Hal – saying “that alliance is dead (siblings).

I sort of wish Jess would pull Summer into the HOH & tell her – I’m hearing you are disparaging me & you’ve already threatened that if I put up T you’ll never work with me & since that’s the case I’m now considering putting you OTB since you are actually the most loved in the house & since you’ve already removed the option of working with me then why am I protecting you?

Jess won’t do it but I’d kind of like to see Summer put in that position.

I’d also be inclined for Jess to pull in Betty – reiterate Betty’s threats to not work with them if ANY of the siblings go OTB – that she’s got in all this hot water for trying to protect her but isn’t seeing any reciprocation & then ask Betty if that’s the case then why should she keep them safe? Especially b/c they are sure if Betty/Moose were up together she’d find out quickly how Moose operates.

Again, Jess won’t do that but it would be worth the drama to see it go down.

I suspect once the news Herms/Summer/T/Betty were ALL pushing to get Kev (or Hal) put OTB only to switch the vote comes to pass we’ll see some major game activity from Kev/Hal as they work to pull in the showmance & I also expect (especially if it’s a double as rumored) that Hal/Kev will gun for HOH in order to further decimate the Herms/Summer/Betty/(Moose/T) group. And since Josh is always floating to the power he’ll go with whoever wins HOH.

Should be an interesting few days upcoming – let’s see if Kev/Hal do as expected & work to forge tighter bonds with the showmance — will they FINALLY make an alliance with the six (Hal/Kev/Marty/Jess/Gino/Jace)? or will they keep up this awkward -“we’ll work to protect each other nonsense?”

un autre nom

Packing up to go.
Still a bit worried because they held Marty’s pills last night (until the middle of the night), which may explain his paranoia. Holding medication is a big gross from me.
Not convinced yet Jess isn’t going to cave, thinking oh well, i can keep the siblings AND i can have the showmance that wants “floaters” out anyway. She’d put up Haleena if she caves, not Kevin. THAT’S why i found the question odd regarding Kevin yesterday. The thing about Jess is if you are with Jess you can’t have a priority besides Jess or Jess gets in their feels about being second chair. See their feelings on Josh. Now that Jess has Marty and Kevin, the showmance, and the siblings… is Haleena superfluous to Jess?
The floater definition that seems to be in use is coaster this season i think, because I actually consider Hermon to be a floater in the classic definition He’s jumped sides what.. 4 times? Either that or now non comp winners are called floaters.
I found Summer this weekend to be problematic. Told the Fuse members fuse is dead. Named a mandem as renom, using protect the alliance as justification, but would not hear of the same justification coming out of Jess’ mouth about the siblings. Was flippant with Hermon about veto use. and says none of that matters. Why? What has her so protected that she can make so many game errors in 2 days? Sideye.
Still wondering who the 4th is that Hermon actually wants in the 4 with Gino and Jace. Knowing Hermon it will be a sycophant. But do Gino and Jace like any of the Hermon sycophants?
I think Haleena ratted Hermon’s plan to BOTH Marty and Kevin. With the absurd number of feed outages, it’s difficult to say for sure. No idea if anyone has talked to Jess though (Marty got called for pills while waiting to talk to Jess).
Marty may have been driving the bus over lots of people last night. During feed cuts of course. He’s already talked to Kevin and Jace to apologize.


So feeds down for six hours to do the POV ceremony not SUS at all (side-eye).

Hermon “other person” to get into F4 with Gino/Jace is Tynesha — NOT SUS at all (SIDE EYE — COME ON production do you have to be so frigging obvious?

I can’t.

THIS makes ZERO sense b/c T wanted Gino/(Jace)/Marty gone as her priority targets so how the hell is this 4-some real?

How does Gino who KNOWS T was the main person saying his name get into a F4 with Herm/T without TPTB directing this?

AND how the hell does Gino explain to Marty, Josh, Jess et el WHY he’s suddenly okay with those 2 AND not putting up Summer/Betty/Hermon or Josh and puts up Hal, Jess, and Kev (and hello Marty) b/c we already KNOW that’s going to be the way Herm/T push this going.

Herm said he didn’t want to target competitors but I GUARANTEE Jess/Marty will be OTB next week if he or T wins HOH. Ummm the two most competitive people next to him! Oh and tell me how Herm gets Betty to NOT put up the showmance or Marty (although Jess is prob up as well now, even though they protected her)? Betty — his person who’ll he’ll not want to be touched btw!

We’ll see if this is for real or Gino is just playing along since Jace can NOT stand T or Herm and Gino is well aware T was the main person pushing him to be the next to go. The only true explanation for this about-face would be TPTB is forcing it to happen – not just the 4-some which was sort of understandable given Gino’s desire to work with other alpha males but even if he was succumbing to that direction didn’t you expect the 4th person to be Josh or if not Summer?

Even T speaking to Hermon upon accepting it was fighting it saying BUT we have to protect Summer and Betty – they aren’t going anywhere. Like, come on production- if you’re going to blatantly help someone then read them in on what that means, or does she just get to do what the F she wants, and this alliance is just to protect her (and Summer/Betty)?

Explain to me how Herm can go on the rant about “non competitors” but T is his choice for this group? How is T a competitor? What has she won? NOTHING so how is she any different than the other so-called floaters Hermon is so disgusted by (other than she has his back?)

If this moves ahead & the showmance is “all in” to this production-driven plot line it’s fine at least we learned early in the season production intends to be heavily involved in deciding what happens, who stays, who wins & who leaves, and aren’t open to giving us more of an organic season.

I’m not so invested that it matters (nonetheless I’m F*CKING annoyed). If it is true it’s unfortunate b/c the season was just about to get good with two divergent sides with so many sub groups in it — so yeah while I know production interferes I’m not about the heavy-handed plot changes and THIS is the epitome of a heavy-handed SWERVE plot change move.

It’s the worst part of the new era of Big Brother & why it’s hard to be invested as a BB stan since producers decide who is ALLOWED to play and who isn’t. And the only reason I can decipher why is b/c they’re too lazy to have to do extra editing for what happens organically versus pulling puppet strings to fit a pre-written/scripted plot line.

EDITED TO ADD — and there it is – just after posting I watch a convo between T & Betty…

T just told Betty she’s not even going to go for Jess next week, she’s going for Marty. (so yeah – how will Herm explain that sh*t to the showmance b/c Marty is the MOST competitive person in the house?) Almost hope she wins it just so it blows up production’s face.

Sorry for the rant — but when I feel TPTB are removing the majority of the spontaneity from the show it ruins it for me. OR … maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed (shrug)

PSS: another new addition … where we get EVERYTHING we need from T on how she truly feels about Jace/Gino/Marty and where her true loyalties lie.

She is pushing to get out Marty NEXT (that ought to go over real big with her new 4-some that doesn’t want to target competitors) She tells Betty – “you put up Jace & Marty together”. When Betty interjects that then Gino would be coming after them but then stops herself & says but he is already – so what does it matter I guess.”

Betty says I wonder what G/Herms relationship is like & T tells her is side insurance BUT HE WOULD CUT HIM LOOSE AT ANY TIME.

Soooooooooo this F4 deal that Herms pulled T into is CLEARLY not something T intends to honor — she’ll keep Gino safe for Herms (for now & to ensure she gets the showmance’s vote) but Betty/Summer still rank ahead of EVERYONE for her including Hermon.


The conversations today with Betty have me laughing and serve as a reminder of the great hypocrisy levels in this game.

Last week she was kissing Jess’ ass talking about how close she felt to them – how she respected them, wanted to go deep in the game with them. Then the Moose slander incident happened where she not only ignored Jess asking her to keep it in her pocket until later in the game when she needed it – instead 10 mins later blew up at him in the kitchen.

Afterward, she begged for forgiveness & said she felt so bad about putting Jess’ game in jeopardy – then they had the conversation where Betty/Moose fixed things but Jess got painted as the bad person as if they were the one that said the sh*t about Betty (mind you Jess was super shrill in that exchange w/ Moose & handled it TERRIBLY).

Then she threatened Jess if she put up ANY of the Sibling’s trio OTB the alliance was over. Now she’s in the room with T laughing about the fact she would’ve flipped & voted out Kevin had they conned Jess into putting him OTB. So just stop with this self righteous bullsh*t Betty – you were going to F them if they did what you wanted.

I imagine it’s the most annoying part of playing the game b/c everything gets spun into a woe is me storyline or how someone did you wrong. All while that same person is doing everything they are accusing you of.

I mean it happens every year -the self-righteous BS, the hypocrisy, and the gas lighting but tell me if you’re a hamster in that house after witnessing how Betty reacts to information & how her expectations are for you to help her game while she ALSO only helps her game (or people she wants to go to the end with) would you share ANY information with her?

I’d play the naive card with Betty & say no one speaks badly about her just to avoid having that conversation. Jess is annoying in that “woe is me” regard as well (the victim if you will) but Betty is CONSTANTLY upset about every little tiny thing anyone does “to” her but expects her transgressions to be immediately forgiven/forgotten (like going to Moose immediately – & now she’s even trying to make that Jess fault – not hers).

One thing is for sure- I doubt ANYONE in that house would ever tell her anything again EXCEPT Kevin and then only if he wanted a fight to happen and set up the situation for entertainment purposes or to cause conflict.

On another note: Hermon is fully back into creating 100 alliances:

He has a new F4 with Gino/Jace/Ty & him, the 7 which will become 6 when Moose (or T) leaves with him/Josh/Ty/Betty/Summer/Hal. He has implied F2’s with Josh, Gino, Ty, Summer. Although I’ve only witnessed him openly request a F2 w/Josh that doesn’t mean the others don’t exist.F4 with the 3 ladies & him possibly F3 with Summer/Ty. The guys alliance that includes Marty/Gino (is Josh in that?) And he made a deal with Jess to not go after each other for a few weeks & target floaters BUT he also says he told her (read: threatened) after he would renege on if Summer/T went up.

There has to be something with Kev b/c he wouldn’t leave him out completely – I mean the man creates alliances everywhere with the sole purpose of being covered across the board.

un autre nom

Hermon and Kevin made a fake final 2 called the comedians.
When Summer wanted to create the rebel rejects, with both Kevin and Hermon included, Kevin approached Hermon.
Hermon told Kevin he was all in with the boys / showmance… and didn’t mention the rejects at all.
They immediately began openly stating each others’ names.


And btw — something is very SUS re feeds today.

Since feeds returned we’ve seen T, Betty, Josh, Moose, Hermon, Gino, & Marty (no Kev, Jace, Jess, Hal or Summer since returning although we saw them all EXCEPT Jess this AM).

They kept referring to conversations Jess was having with different people this morning and again once the feeds returned but they haven’t been spotted on feeds ALL DAY.

I find that very odd. And since this day (and the Herms/T/Gino/Jace) new alliance made no sense I wonder if TPTB pushed a narrative and they got pissy with them so production is keeping their screen time down.

Is it possible that Hal/Jess/Jace/Kev are ALL mad b/c they had worked to position the house so they would have the majority vote & then TPTB in one fell swoop has force-fed their narrative which means all that work was for naught?

ALSO — is it possible Summer thought she would be in Tynesha’s spot but with TPTB pushing her instead of Summer did she also get a bit pissy about the fall from casting grace?

Could be nothing — Another Name/un autre nom maybe you can weigh in b/c my mind is full-on conspiracy now after this BS showmance/Herm/T alliance.

un autre nom

From what a cursory examination is telling me:
I’m seeing a Carol season 8 situation.
Either Jess or Marty threatened to Walk is my bet. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a change the storyline or I’m out of here element involved. I’m still trying to figure out what was going on with Marty and his meds, and Jess wasn’t on feeds for 20 hours. Feeds cut when anyone asks how Jess is doing (that suggests Jess has seen the bb therapist).

I’m playing catch up, and will be gone again for most of the day, just checking in.
THE TY/HER/J/GINO 4? That’s a Hermon play. It has Hermon written ALL over it.
Did Hermon ever consider the non relationship of Tynesha and Jace? No, because Hermon doesn’t concern himself with all four people in a four getting along. It’s completely ODD that this is a running theme in Hermon’s game: I don’t have to like you to work with you, you just have to do as I say. That’s why EVERY alliance Hermon makes is screwed up. He fails to grasp that the emotions and motivations of others matter as long as his emotions and motivations are considered. Follow his game plan, and play the game his way is his view.
Tynesha’s first act as a member of the 4: tell Gino they should alternate between getting out a ‘floater’ and a ‘player’. OBVIOUS save Summer and Betty play. EVEN Gino had to pick that up a mile away.
Here is what is interesting: Gino and Jace can be covered either way they choose to vote. Will Gino decide turn about is fair play for being left out of the last flip? Uncertain when Moose wants to play with Gino badly, and Tynesha said his name so many times… but in show edit Jace says their three targets are Hermon, Moose and Tynesha.

Possible Game Error: keeping Moose is a season 9 Oddballs / Keifer situation. He will target the people that save him. He isn’t falling on a sword, he’s done the math and knows that he can stay if he gets the blue bedroom and Haleena to vote for him.

I’m betting there is a social media braintrust saying Haleena and Kevin will be revealed as rats. My logic take on that is different:
Um. How are the two people that were specifically named to be renom when there was a plot to flip the vote the ones that are in the wrong in this situation? Sides were chosen FOR them the minute each of Hermon, Summer, Tynesha and Betty suggested Haleena and Kevin for renom. Josh also pitched Haleena at one point, but didn’t know of the flip at the time. The others were well aware a flip was a possibility, and chose Haleena then Kevin as least valuable asset. Kevin and Haleena’s choice was made for them. Betty says Haleena already went off on them because Jess told Haleena she wasn’t going up because the house would flip and vote her out. They are worried Haleena may flip at any time, but haven’t repaired the mandem relationship. Because the prevalent red room attitude seems to be so what when it comes to covering tracks and repairing damage… Hermon, Summer, Betty and Tynesha just ensured Kevin and Haleena must turn against because they’ve revealed that k/h are irrelevant to them.

The ONLY person left in the middle is Josh. And half of the house KNOWS Josh is the middle of the house. Nobody knows where Josh is in the game. Where do I think Josh sits? Josh is tired of Jess. Josh is tired of Marty. Josh has chosen a side. Josh: population 1.

The storyline choices:
a) Summer and Hermon face adversity in a house flip rise from the ashes season 9 style. Expect Summer, who has been talking since feeds started about being the 6th HOH to win the next one if that is the storyline.
b) Hermon avoids a house flip by dangling Tynesha as the perfect 4th with Gino and Jace.
In this case Tynesha gets the rise from the block to HOH edit.
c) Moose stays, immediately wins HOH and turns on the people that saved him. so been done before, but bbcan gonna bbcan.

I don’t think prodo is done with the Summer and Hermon spotlights. The latest episode edit was so top heavy that I can’t see it. It’s past Dane edit, and fast approaching Paras edit.

The show edit: remember, in the edit the True Few / Fuse doesn’t exist. The Siblings don’t exist.
The relationships between K/H/J/M don’t really exist. What exists? The Mandems, the showmance and Gino / Marty. I don’t think anything else actively exists. Moose has been calling out Fabulous Five (i think that’s his name choice for Her/S/Ty/Mo/Jo) in his cam talk save me Canada spiel… but that doesn’t exist in the show.


Confirming Hermon’s multi alliances that cover all his bases – he’s at the pool table telling Josh “this week is probably a double and we need to get out a STRONG PLAYER” then names the two of them plus Summer, T, Haleena, Betty says that’s 6 -7 out of 10 of us going for that.

Can we PLEASE have Gino/Josh talking & sharing b/c this is in direct contrast to what Herms & T are telling Gino. Herms told him he wanted to target floaters.

Clearly, Herm’s plan is to have Gino/Jace target Kev/Jess/Marty (AND JOSH) while his other group targets the showmance as well as Kev/Jess/Marty.

He’s trying to set up the house so he doesn’t have to win but can dictate who gets nominated, targeted, and evicted — but he’s NOT that slick – if TPTB weren’t force-feeding this sh*t down our throats then T would be leaving this week with Moose learning his ‘alliance’ was the one voting him out.


Backwards Week — seriously production?


un autre nom

what if they just spun the wheel for noms. worse than reverse.

un autre nom

Popularity Contest Instant is the vibe I’m feeling.


Pre-season I NEVER thought I’d be saying this – – but Kevin just became my favorite player. Check out his chat with Josh in the pantry where he proposes forming the triad with Josh/Kev & Hal to ride the center of the house, cause chaos & control what happens.

It’s the FIRST time all season you’ll witness genuine JOY coming from Josh at least in terms of playing the game.

Kevin made me literally laugh (belly laugh) out loud a few times in this conversation.

I really hope this forges ahead & TPTB doesn’t F with it b/c it’ll be a blast to watch especially considering all the narcissists in the house.

I’m not usually drawn to the dark or evil characters — but is Kevin really evil? OR is he the only one keeping it fully real?

So many treasures in this conversation. Kevin says week one when I’m campaigning & people said what are you good at — I said NOTHING… — because for me to be like “well I’m really interested in human dynamics and social behaviour & how you navigate a game with 16 people with 15 relationships each.”…

He’s spot on b/c everyone already put him in the corner outside the cool kid’s club so if he’d shown how intelligent he was from the start (although his humor gave it away IMO) he would’ve been even more ostracized than he was — similar to Jess I imagine.

Watch Josh’s face when Kev says – “at some point Jess is going to go home & actually I might even have to backdoor them” Josh said – are you gonna feel bad (while he’s giggling) & Kev says -“Oh I’ll feel bad but I’m going to destroy Jess’ heart” (only we know Kev/Jess alliance name is “the heart” so it’s even on another level for us to enjoy.

WE ALL KNOW Kev is planning on doing this though – he’s been prepping us for weeks. I actually think he’s probably one of the most sincere people in the house but he’s there to PLAY & I’m all about it.

Another bomb is when he throw in he’s done having conversation about what his first date deal breakers are (I DIED — coffee spewed all over). The frankness and genuine moments like this for me are EVERYTHING.

Based on how Betty reacted to just having her name said or Summer immediately threatened & ostracized Jess for daring to use all the paints in their box this alternative is FAR MORE EXCITING. I know Kev tried to con us that he’s evil – & perhaps he will be considered that since he’s not going to play by “typical standards or rules”. But we’re also talking about a reality show/game where producers can just as easily sideswipe a contestant’s best shot at winning simply b/c their story arc doesn’t fit the early plot line that was mapped out months before they entered the house.

Anyway if this is evil or bad sign me up b/c that 20-minute convo in the pantry was the best 20 minutes of this entire season so far.

un autre nom

Way out of the loop.
Jess been on feeds yet?
Tynesha campaigned yet?
Hermon made 4 more alliances yet? Gotten around to all male alliance #3 yet?
Josh made a different final 4, 3, 2 with EV-eryone yet?
Summer realized she has let EVERY relationship she has slide yet?
Marty telling people to put their feet up yet?
That’s what I’m wondering.

un autre nom

Freezing rain warning, so I’m home for the day.
Anyone else notice how enlightened Summer is after a d/r call? Just me?
Starting to wonder if ‘ancestors’ is her code word for d/r. sideye. oh it’s a joke, shush.
I think Tynesha’s campaign to Kevin is to bash Jess? How does that…. oooo-kay.

I don’t think keeping Moose is such a great idea. He isn’t asking to work with any of the people saving him. He doesn’t have game relationships with most of the people saving him. He thinks he’s pulling off a flip. This is not good because he will most definitely Keifer them if he wins HOH. So… this is an exercise in weakening Summer… who just told Gino she can’t be close to him in the game unless they get rid of Jace, that she’s already told Kevin she’d nom him (as a ?pawn?).
If you are playing big brother and the options are: comp winner you aren’t working with vs comp winner you aren’t working with? Always get rid of the comp winner.

Josh and Haleena have talked about agreeing to the three with Kevin. She told Josh she was with the mandems, and all three of the other women named her as renom to Jess. Haleena is saying she doesn’t know if Jess was telling her the truth about the madems naming her. This miiight be her preamble to bussing Jess when Summer and Betty come for her for not voting to save Tynesha. Now that Josh knows, he’s her backstop. He can verify that she was questioning. I think she realizes she has to vote into the flip, but has to have cover.

With Hermon and Josh knowing a flip may happen, I’m not sure if there is a possibility of a 7-2, or if the vote will stay 5-4. Who knows. There has to be a few more d/r calls before i’m comfortable with guessing anything.

That’s what I’m thinking if i read what is going on at face value.


The triad of Haleena, Kevin & Josh is definitely moving forward. I’m excited about it b/c it should throw a few wrenches in the game.

Their initial plan was for Hal/Kev to vote with the showmance & Marty to keep Moose while Josh would vote with Summer, Betty & Hermon to keep T and therefore have a blindside tomorrow.

BUT… Gino is throwing a wrench in that plan with his desire to keep things cool with Hermon. They talked about an hour ago w/ Gino asking about keeping Moose & saying he was considering it. This convo was after Hermon talked to Moose & fed him a story about how he’d vote to keep Moose if he had the four votes but his read was that wasn’t the case.

Moose was too obtuse to catch that meant Hermon would ONLY keep him so he wouldn’t be on the wrong side of the vote & that his preference was to keep T.

Sure he’s fine with Moose but its obvious T is his main ally which gets confirmed in his convo with Gino when he details how T was willing to win POV & take him down whereas Summer wouldn’t commit to that. And of course he wants to know where the vote is b/c he doesn’t want to be Moose’s target.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens as this situation moves forward b/c you have to expect Hermon will talk to Josh BUT will he out that Gino came to him? If he does that will get back to Kev/Hal.

That could piss off that trio b/c it’ll show how Gino/Jace are trying to be good with the five/six (G/JL/Marty/Hal/Kev/Jess) and ALSO good with Hermon. Could that change the direction of the vote? And/or what could they do to turn Gino against working with Hermon?

There would have to be some planted story that Hermon wants to break up the couple & put them up next which would be a tricky road to navigate. I guess they could also go to Marty and tell him Hermon has alliances with everyone in the house with the goal of taking out Marty & Gino doesn’t realize he’s being used. That might work.

Not sure – – but what it could do is end up being leaked back to Betty/Summer & they could spin it that Hermon was involved in the discussions to keep Moose & was/is ready to jump ship to keep Moose (and was only going to keep T b/c he thought the house was). Whatever they decide – it’ll have to be something to sew the seeds of doubt among that group.

It still feels like the trio will want T out b/c of how much she’s liked and how hard it’ll be to get her out later.

Summer was in arguably the best position in the house prior to this week with almost no shot of being nominated which has clearly changed.

Jess HOH didn’t do much to help their own stock but it was a banner HOH for Kevin who used it to forge even tighter bonds with Josh (who he’s in the alliance with now), Marty, and Moose as he helped him think of ways to campaign.

Kevin KNOWS Betty/Summer/T were all pushing HARD for him to be the replacement & I’m assuming he also likely knows Hermon wanted to push that to Jess with the intent of conning her that Moose would go & then flipping the vote.

This coming week will be interesting b/c “the HOUSE” will vote on the two nominees and since they’ll likely get to talk about who they want prior to voting the trio will play a big role in that decision.

My guess is Hermon, Betty, Summer (& Moose?) will want to put up Jess and presumably Kevin so if they ask Josh to vote that way he’ll have to do some dancing to try to keep Kevin safe.

On the other side of the house, they would have to decide if it’s a straight-up Betty/Summer nomination with the intent of backdooring Hermon and they would have the numbers if they elected to go that direction with Gino, Jace, Marty, Kev, Haleena & Jess (even if Josh voted with his side).

I could be wrong but that’s the way I think they’ll lean with this weird backwards week regardless of whether Moose or T leaves.

un autre nom

Moose has once again said too much. He’s naming names of votes.
This is freaking the new threesome out, because:
If Hermon is willing to vote out T then Moose and Hermon will stay tight.
The middle ground gets exposed by this vote now, where the split vote had them safe before.
Josh worries the showmance will come for him now unless he votes out T.
Hermon’s vote and losing the Mandems 100% has Haleena worried. She doesn’t want to be isolated with Jess.
Marty is out telling Moose what votes Moose should have.
Much more of a cluster than it needed to be…. and why?
Honestly, it goes back to Josh trying to prep Hermon that the vote might flip so he could maintain surf the middle. That was a mistake for a Tuesday conversation. That’s a Wednesday night conversation because now Hermon is trying to stay in the majority, and it’s causing distrust.


So funny watching Moose celebrate his brilliant pitches to stay – the irony is NO ONE is voting to keep him based on what he said – it was decided before he even pitched.

un autre nom

Remember episode one and two where the edit was MastermindMoose? On feeds after it was stated that Hermon, Gino and Kyle were well aware of what Moose was doing, and he wasn’t masterminding anything. That’s where the origin of the Moose distrust by the others came from, how sloppily he tried to play puppet master.
The edit COULD return to a Moose puppetmaster line given his soliloquies.

Any time anyone discusses how Jess is feeling, or discusses why Haleena seems upset, the feeds shut down. This is suspicious.

No name

Maybe Them (jess) is pregnant.

un autre nom

Anywhat is possible…. but in most seasons when they cut feeds around a houseguest a lot, it usually means they have:
a) been having a rough go, and had to speak to the on call therapist
b) talked about quitting (carol)
c) had a HUGE fight, and there is concern about the details being on feeds.
d) they got a booze delivery (season 3 to present)
e) they told production they didn’t want a certain topic to be discussed. (paras re showmance).

So far, that’s the historical reference for feedcutting a certain house guest.


Yeah – I’m thinking they threatened to quit – the timing of this double seemed early to me & orchestrated for them to leave. They had to know there was a white ball in the middle of that tube – no?

And I totally gaffed on the “chain of safety” – I thought it was a backward week (need to sleep more lol)

un autre nom

It’s actually late in the majority of seasons so far.
Remember when season 3 had the instant and regular both in week 3? Season 2 and Season 9 are the only real stand outs for having their first special / double evictions in week 6.

The minute Arisa said there is no HOH comp but still didn’t allow Jess to participate as outgoing HOH… the fix was revealed. Let it sink in, as outgoing HOH, you are not allowed to play for individual safety when there is no HOH comp? That’s a huge sideye.
However, with Jess appearing a total of what… 2 hours cumulative on feeds since Sunday night? Yeah, they wanted to go.
What does this do? Getting Jess out consolidates the Red Bedroom (which will be cheered until the next time two members of the Red Bedroom are on the block).
What else it does? The safety chain makes the Blue bedroom lose any consolidation it gained. Someone is going to be asking why did you choose blank instead of me?
This is the midgame it sets up now that they are having jury start with 10 houseguests left in the game.

un autre nom

Let’s see how they edit this…. because we are in full waffle Wednesday mode on feeds.
vote has been 5-4, 7-2, 4-5, 7-2, 6-3 and back to 5-4 in about an hour and a half.
Jess Friday attire d/r mentions the the level of disrespect. eyeroll.
Moose d/r mentions Jess is the reason Betty is pissed.
Hermon more ego posture d/r.
Jess victim period begins. Feels they clowned her in the ceremony.
Josh d/r multiple deals. he has final 2’s i didn’t know about… Betty is a final 2? When did that happen? Playing middle, gathering all the intel so he can technically wreck anyone’s game he wants.
Summer right now is the Siblings. It started a few weeks ago? It started A week ago.
Team siblings yay… while Jess is the HOH.
Jess thinks Kevin is their number ONE.
Kevin / Jess talk. Kevin evil d/r’s that he is mentoring Jess’ week.
Betty still pissed at Moose.
Moose and Hermon trying to decide who to pick. They tell Gino they will pick him. Until Gino leaves the room.
Veto picks:
Hermon spins Jace. Moose hg choice Josh. Josh is shocked. Jess spins Marty.
Josh is concerned because his final 2 with Jess conflicts with his final 2 with Hermon.
Hermon is def in the Dane edit spot this episode, but at least a few more people are getting some storyline time.
dress up and balance. winner gets 5k from Winner’s.
Hermon early lead. Moose second. Josh and Marty in third/fourth. Jace in last.
Hermon and Josh are neck and neck. Hermon wins.
Jess in her monday attire d/r. feather rustling. damage a relationship.
Kevin is number one with Haleena. THE GHOST final 2. Kevin worries about Haleena being pushed as renom. Betty walks in on them talking.
Jess / Tynesha / Summer talk renom. Ty mentions Kevin Haleena. They push Haleena more… oh mandems they edited this in the before Summer backtracked mode.
Jess needs Moose to go. Haleena is a gamble Haleena says.
Haleena and Jess compare notes. Mandems and Sibling exposure without names.
Jess d/r Tynesha needs to hit the block… is that Tuesday attire? No seriously, she’s been in so many outfits in d/r and usually they push for continuity.
Tynesha / Jess: Tynesha is beloved. Tynesha is saying Siblings would be in bad place. Tynesha says Haleena again. Jess is caving / waffling / flip flopping.
Jess thinking Haleena in another clothing change d/r. Kevin is pushing Tynesha. Sunday clothes? No talk of the flips that were prevalent. oh. right.
Apparently Kevin’s nickname is Jess’ gut?
Hermon removes himself. Dances.
Tynesha is replacement nom.
Tynesha says Jess is on the island again.
Moose says he has to use his words.
Kevin says he has to decide who goes home.

So, calls out sides, sets up mid game. Technically a smaller group is safer as long as they have a couple comp ability people. My guess.

East Coaster

I cant stand Hermon what a toooooooool. Gawwwwd. Moose isn’t far behind. Gross what a pair.

un autre nom

Quick Analysis:
Kevin is running through the house trying to get safety deals and saying where his vote is likely going. He told Josh and Haleena (the crash test dummies alliance) not to do so until after the vote. Josh will get limited blowback. He hasn’t guaranteed his vote. Haleena will get severe blowback because the two pettiest people in the house will be mad (Betty and Summer are petty, come on now, i’m not saying anything not known. They are still in the hyprocrite zone about naming a mandem renom, but being mad a sibling is on the block).
If the safety chain works like monwon in cbb, or like the safety chain in sequester… that is the question. There is a difference. In cbb last person to get the hat was the nom. in sequester, the last person to get safety gets to choose the nominees. (i think i’m explaining correctly).
Anyway, the middle? not going to exist anymore.

un autre nom

Hermon is telling Betty and T that everyone is voting to keep Tynesha.
Either everyone is lying to Hermon, or We missed a very important group convo while everyone was sleeping.
If Tynesha is evicted, Summer will believe Hermon flipped the vote. No, really. Summer has been given hints Tynesha will be leaving for 24 hours. She refuses to consider it. She and Tynesha have both stated that if the vote flips, it’s Hermon’s doing.
The Red Bedroom has horrible communication.
This includes the thought I had a couple of days ago, that their answer to their own sloppiness wasn’t to cover tracks or rebuild relationships, but to say so what.
If we are kept track of game trajectories:
the only stable alliance in the house is the Crash Test Dummies formed over the last few days. Every other named alliance Is tanked due to game errors or failure to communicate.
When the only stable alliance is the three floater types…. trouble.
Summer’s game took the biggest plummet. She has lost Marty, Hermon, Gino and Kevin. None of them would have considered targeting her before this week. She lost Haleena through the mandem/sibling incident, and threw away Jess for the same incident. She’s put herself into a box with Betty.
Haleena is being exposed, so can no longer play middle. THAT is a HUGE fall in a floater’s game. She’s now dependent on her final 2 with Marty, her pair status from week one with Jace that has been dormant, and the dummies.
Kevin and Josh take less of a hit, but do sustain some damage this week.
This week was supposed to test which coercion style would work better: Hermon’s or Summer’s. Neither so far. The floaters were more in control of the week.
There is still no word on what happened during the six hours of silence on Monday. Realistically, I think we missed a HELL OF A LOT. They stopped showing Jess on feeds at some point Sunday night… and we’ve barely seen them since.
Surprisingly, Jace and Gino make fairly good improvements this week. Jace talked game… even if it was a bunch of codswallop. Gino got people wanting to work with him even though he is no longer HOH. That all goes away if / when they jump back in with Hermon and target everyone they gained, but at the moment they are on the plus side in terms of numbers.
There is talk that a past season former hg is giving spoilers this season. I am going to check it out, but haven’t looked thus far, because i’ve been avoiding the toxicity that is twitter. I’ll do the usual keep my mouth shut until they prove accurate consistently routine, so don’t worry i’m not spoiling.


The former houseguest giving out spoilers is Hamza (and he’s been spot on)

un autre nom

Yeah, when I heard the rumor of a double, i backtracked and found him at the end of the trail. But a double in week 5 isn’t THAT much of a leap. That’s why I was a little hesitant.


Should be very interesting upcoming week with plenty of fall out from how the chain of eviction played out and from the hinky (Marty/Haleena) votes.

Chain of Eviction:

So much for Moose paying back the group who voted out Tynesha by keeping one of them safe in the safety chain. He hesitated & you could almost see his brain trying to process the fall out of his selection “do I save one of the 5 or do I stay with Hermon & this side?” Hermon won!

That decision should put the 5 on alert (if they weren’t already) Moose is completely untrustworthy, didn’t mean anything he said in his pitches & more concerning that Hermon has FAR TOO MUCH safety/control in the house.

As expected Haleena took the biggest hit for the Tynesha vote BUT — I thought the CTD played the chain of eviction order PERFECTLY – by Hermon selecting Josh we learn that his vote to save Tynesha won him Hermon’s loyalty over anyone else. He smartly picked Betty to keep the Crash Test Dummies (CTD) identity safe.

The next perhaps surprising pick was Summer picking Kevin – but was it really? Summer shows her hand by not picking Gino her flirtmance or Mandam alliance member Haleena sending the message she isn’t as close to Gino as she’s played up & that she’ll play bitter (Tynesha vote) b/c her only options were the showmance, Marty, Kevin, Haleena or Jess.

Kevin’s face told the story that he WANTED desperately to protect Haleena but KNEW he couldn’t pick her so he also SMARTLY picked Marty (b/c he trusted Marty would save Haleena or at worst only one of the CTD would be OTB with Jess — in fact I wonder if he thought Marty would save Gino). You know that’s what Kevin will be selling to the showmance after the fact that he thought saving Marty would then lead to him saving Gino & then Jace could win POV or they would’ve saved her in the vote. At least that’s what I expect him to say.

All in all the CTD came out of that Chain of Safety selection about as well as they could’ve hoped. They didn’t expose their bonds, they didn’t panic, and all three were safe from getting evicted. Haleena again took the biggest hit leaving some damage control to be done this week.

The Vote:

So we learn Marty is kind of petty & still doesn’t trust Gino and if we ever doubted it his vote showed it. He’s denying he voted for Gino (to both Gino AND Kevin). Will he eventually tell one or both this week?

Haleena’s vote was far more interesting. Why did she vote that way? Confusion? Panic? Did she think if Gino leaves I pull Jace to me? Did she feel she needed Jess to stay b/c they were more loyal to her than Gino. Surely she had to know the house would vote out Jess. The other option is she did it to cause some distrust in the house this week

There is NO WAY she owns being one of the Gino votes to anyone other than Kev/Josh and the CTD will use that fact (I’m guessing) to cause conflict this week & the spin will be based on who wins HOH.

If Hermon/Moose/Betty or Summer wins HOH then I suspect they’ll pin the vote on Marty (true) and not sure who they say was the second (maybe try to say one of Summer/Betty???)

BUT if Marty or the showmance wins HOH then the CTD can pin the votes on anyone from the other side although it would be a harder sell to say Hermon/Moose b/c they hated Jess so I’m guessing they pin it on Betty/Summer & sell it hard trying to get them nominated with Hermon being the back door target.

Fallout from fake alliances:

Moving forward another factor from the Chain of Safety will be Gino recognizing the island he & Jace are on. Clearly, Hermon values Josh over him, and Josh saved Betty over him (both players have a F2 with Gino which is clearly BS).

I imagine the Summer/Gino relationship also takes a turn b/c of her saving Kevin over him.

Next HOH:

Assume Moose can’t win HOH b/c he came first in the Chain of Safety so was technically the HOH. That means the showmance, Marty & CTD will be vying to beat Hermon, Summer & Betty in the HOH.

If the ladies win Haleena is OTB no matter what. Josh will have a ton on his plate if they or Hermon win HOH to ensure Haleena & Kevin aren’t both OTB before or after POV. Josh will need to sell them on targeting the showmance or putting up Hal/Jace with the goal of back dooring one of Gino or Marty.

If Hermon wins he’ll be exposed b/c he said he wanted to target “floaters” so again Haleena is OTB but would he put up Summer or Betty? Doubtful. I can’t see him putting up the showmance or everything he said is moot. Josh again would have to work him hard to try to get him to target the showmance & backdoor Marty or find a secondary person to put up & say if we want to keep competitors in the house maybe we put up Summer or Betty as the second (and tell them there is a back door plan).

Marty or the showmance winning should result in them doing what they already said which was to put up Betty/Summer and then push for the back door of Hermon. I wasn’t convinced Gino would go after Hermon but after the way the Chain of Safety picks went down & the hinky vote it’s an easier sell.

I sort of think this is the week Haleena should do her very best to win HOH. That’s the best scenario with Kevin second and Josh third as best options. The problem for the trio is if Josh wins HOH he’ll need to target Marty & the showmance which will hurt Kev/Hal and their numbers moving forward b/c then Moose/Her/Betty/Summer (Josh) have the numbers in the house.

If Kevin wins he can do whatever he wants (b/c he truly doesn’t care lol) and he would do precisely what is noted above Betty/Summer noms & Hermon backdoor even though he promised him safety this week if he won – technically they made a one week deal which is over b/c of the double so he has leeway.

Anyway – I’m anxious to see who wins and I’m keen for the CTD to become the controlling factor in the house – not sure they can sustain without alphas but of all the hamsters I like their group b/c they ARE loyal to one another, play with strategy and CAN keep a secret. AND are the most entertaining on the feeds (game talk).

So in that vein, the worst-case scenario would be Betty/Summer (or Hermon) winning HOH b/c they’ll probably target Haleena and possibly Kevin. Josh would have his work cut out for him if they win but they have leeway to push for Marty or the showmance.

My preference would be Haleena winning, or the showmance side of the house just for the numbers.

I suspect Marty is having a meltdown b/c of voting out Gino & he won’t ever be able to admit to it b/c Gino won’t give him a second chance after what he did with the Steph vote. Undoubtedly that means Marty will be GUNNING to win HOH & that might not be a bad thing b/c then the CTD will be safe b/c Marty has no designs on targeting Josh ahead of Summer/Betty or Hermon.

Anxious to see who won HOH

un autre nom

It’s technically 1/2 way through the season (so 1/2 way party maybe). I’m not expecting much in terms of feeds returning any time soon…. just saying.
Last season there was an outage around this time for 3/4’s of a day. That was the horrible week on feeds… where more of the week was no feeds than feeds.


If Hamza is correct the house guests got alcohol to help deal with the tensions from double & HOH will be played tomorrow.

un autre nom

Feeds return somewhere between 145 and 220 am bbtime.
….. uhhhh….hmmm. yay? Eyeroll: all that kissing up and lying to Gino as credits rolled looks pretty stupid now doesn’t it?
I think they may have done a 1/2 way party and HOH tonight? There was chatter that sounded like more than a comp happened.

Nobody is owning the votes (Marty and Haleena).
Kevin believes (or is pushing) it was Moose and Hermon, he tells Josh and Haleena during a Dummies check in. After Kev and Josh leave s/r, Haleena does one of her silent screams. She’s trying to figure out how to keep her vote hidden and saying move on.
Josh worries Marty will target him again.
Kevin thinks the target will be red room, but wants to steer him to Hemon or Summer.
Marty appears from medpass in the d/r, to chat with Josh making tea. Kevin seems to have vanished. Haleena exits the s/r just before Marty heads back upstairs. Apparently he can’t maneuver in the room when the lights are out, he’s worried he’ll fall. Dammit, he’s 43, not 112. This whole coddle the senior stuff is starting to get on my nerves. Realistically, he’s only 12 years older than Betty.

Kevin thinks the Chain calls have Outed the House priority lists. He’s glad Josh picked Betty (it hides the dummies). He says he picked Marty because he was nearly positive Marty would pick Haleena. He gambled. She’s standing right there.

Betty isn’t speaking to Haleena unless it’s insults about either her makeup or clothes being cheap or low class… or some such. This from a convo with Jace in the bathroom where Haleena said Betty is a 31 year old highschool girl that needs to grow up.
There’s a cease fire on pranks for the night.
Josh brushed his tongue for a good ten minutes. wow.

Josh is really nervousing. He’s sitting in the pit drinking tea. The only other person awake was Kevin (sitting on one of the hall stools near the bedroom doors) when cams switched to bedcams.

Factoid: Jay, Steph, Kyle and Tynesha were all in entrance group 2. They took out an entire entrance group pre-jury. Jess and Melina were in group 4 with… Hermon and Marty.
First entry if we still believe in the firstcurse was Summer.

Marty’s target list last week: Started with Tynesha. Moved to Summer and Betty. Kevin pushed that more in Hermon’s direction. at Credits he was blaming Josh and Betty for the votes to Gino. Kevin is going to have to brainfreeze Marty again.
Marty made a one week safe deal with Hermon. He had some sort of deal with Moose.


So sounds like Hamza was HALF right- they did have some sort of alcohol/party but played HOH last night as Another Name notes it was Marty who won.

The two/thirds of the CTD are safe (Kev/Han) but they’re going to really have to work Marty to get out who they want this week (Hermon) & to ensure no matter what Josh is safe.

The trio came up with a priority order of who Marty should initially nominate:

  1. Hermon/Moose
  2. Hermon one of the Betty or Summer
  3. Moose one of Betty or Summer
  4. Betty or Summer

They deduced if Hermon wins POV again it only increases his target & that it would move Marty to the top of his hit list regardless.

With Marty so difficult to manage that means real WORK since he tends to get on a tangent and then stick with it. Betty really upset him (hurt his feelings) so she’ll definitely be one of the noms.

Marty told Kevin he plans to take Haleena as far as possible (ie: she’s his real F2). Although Marty winning HOH gave him the opportunity to hide his vote BUT it’s Marty fans – and as we all know he can’t keep a secret so OF COURSE he told Gino (BIG MISTAKE Marty b/c I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the straw that breaks the camels back for Gino who would likely rather go deeper in the game with Hermon than Marty now UNLESS he thinks Hermon is the 2nd vote).

Doubtful Gino would ever figure out Haleena was the other vote so it’s likely the showmance will believe it was one of the two guys (Moose/Hermon) or possibly Betty.

Marty spills to Gino:
Also from the Marty – Gino conversation, Marty reveals he wants to put up Josh/Betty with Josh being his target which is going to really freak out the CTD. They may have to invent some drama (lies) about Hermon in order to shift the target off Josh. Although – it would be better if Josh gets to compete in the POV in order to win it and be safe.

It sounds like Marty is blaming Betty/Josh for trying to get him to take out Gino with the vote. My french is super rusty so I can’t catch it all but he’s definitely blaming them. And he also is saying he thinks Kevin was the second vote.

I can’t imagine Josh did that so maybe Betty? (not sure). Can’t imagine Josh would ever talk to Marty deeply enough or would make a mistake like suggesting the showmance didn’t have his back (hopefully he’s not talking about Kevin).

Chain of Safety exposed a LOT:
As I noted, the CTD were perfect in their chain of safety picks (Josh – Betty | Kevin – Marty) it certainly hid their alliance while everyone else made their pecking order obvious.

The Red Room will be the priority targets this week & their selections not only made them stand out as being aligned & with their preferences but also will create more issues. Moose picking Hermon was really bad for how he’ll be viewed by the 5 people who saved him & Hermon picking Josh proves to Gino that their F4 & F2 was BS.

Likewise, Summer not saving Gino also showed her pettiness (b/c he voted out Tynesha) and that her bonds to him were BS b/c she saved Kevin over him (that was a real slap in Gino’s face given how Summer has commented about Kev to Gino in the past).

Bitter Betty:
Not to reiterate AN’s comments (about Betty) but what was initially appealing about Betty’s candor has quickly dissipated. Now she comes across as petty and bitter. She acts like a mean girl most of the time and a spoiled child the rest of the time & seems to think she should be able to conduct herself in a manner that she finds completely unacceptable from anyone else.

She’s NOT someone who can be easy to play with b/c she expects everyone else to do things for her & holds people to this high standard of how they conduct themselves. It’s fine for her to kiss ass and say one thing then do another but if others do it she judges them and not always in private with her allies but publicly.

Josh is pushing to take her to F4 with the CTD & I think he suggested Marty as the fifth which I’m surprised by given his comp prowess (and if Marty nominates I’m sure that will shift lol)

CTD mandate:

The other tidbit this morning is the CTD would like to try to take out Hermon this week and Gino next week as they really want to break up the showmance after Hermon is gone. Also, they are worried about the trio of Marty/Gino/Jace having two jury votes if any of them get to F2. That’ll mean Josh needs to either stay off the block (or win POV this week) then win HOH next week or rely on Summer/Betty or Moose to be reliable enough to do it & not target Marty instead (or of course Kev/Hal).

un autre nom

Summer is telling Josh and I think Gino that Haleena has to be the other vote because of her reaction when Marty admitted he was a vote to evict Gino.
There was a loud crash in the HOH room when Marty and Kevin were talking. Marty was very angry. who knows what happened.
Basically, the mid game has become Gino and Jace want to work with Hermon and Moose again. Gino is also shifting Marty away from Summer again.
There was a meeting off feeds before the Jess vote.
From early reports Moose pulled people into expedia. It’s now Josh being the one that pulled people in. Marty’s initial talks said Moose was there. Now he says it was Josh and Betty trying to convince Hal and Kevin to flip and vote out Gino. We won’t know what actually happened until the Monday episode rollback the clock. It sort of sounds like a Kevin plan to me. Also sounds like a Moose trap to point fingers at the floaters….
Hmmmm. Not sure.
I’m seeing a storyline unfolding.

un autre nom

Need confirmation because I can’t find this convo:
Did Betty tell Josh they made a mistake trying to rally the stragglers to vote out Gino?
Is Marty actually right?????
Marty walked in on the dummies and betty discussing the vote. I still think this was a Kevin plan that Kevin aborted when caught… but Haleena failed to abort?

The storyline I’ve been following in my extrapolation had the middle people making it to about half way through jury. I’m not sure if that is the amended storyline anymore.

I’m also not sure if Jess was the only reason feeds were cut and trimmed so much last week. (sorry, Marty’s involvement and medication issues still have me scratching my head).
In Marty’s first retell of the expedia incident before the 2nd vote Moose was there. Now He wasn’t. Which is it? I’m gonna go with not present.

Marty is… problematic. I’m just throwing it out there. He needs a medication adjustment because he’s starting to get a little…. whistlenoise… not sayin just saying his ptsd and need to be a heroic figure to the viewers is getting to the…. zip zip zing sideye headtilt whistle noise… level.

Summer is telling Josh and I believe Gino that Haleena has to be the other vote.
Jace and Gino are thinking of jumping in with Moose and Hermon?

Sounds like Marty beat up a wall or a piece of furniture. Sounds like Kevin is agreeing with Marty that Betty was the ringleader?

Anyone else see where this storyline is going? By next week it’s Hermon’s ideal.

un autre nom

If my theory about pushing storyline is off, why did they call Betty to D/R during the HOH lockdown?
This led to the power talk, and encouraged the reason the initial noms had to change from Moose with Betty or Josh to Betty and Josh with Moose as rep nom.
Hey, production can use production as a strategy. sideye.


I watched most of this AM but CTD never really discussed the situation from what I could decipher.

Gino’s “I have ears everywhere Kevin” was an interesting comment & almost felt like a threat.

I picked up a few more things. — on one hand, there is the story line that Marty walked in on a convo — but he shifted (as he got angrier) to saying someone came and grabbed him and dragged him into that room.

He painted the whole story to I was grabbed and so were Haleena and Kevin and dragged into a room (to set the stage for Josh/Betty being the brains behind the operation). Bc a lot of the Gino convo was in French it was hard to add too many more details but suffice to say Betty was cited as the ringleader.

He made it sound like she was the one listing things about Gino & pointing to everyone before leaving the room saying – okay, okay, okay?

As for Kevin – he initially was going to try to push for Hermon/Moose going up but couldn’t get to Marty fast enough & bc he knows he’s a loose cannon, once he pulled Gino in and admitted to the vote it was too late to shift him (although Kev didn’t learn until later that Marty was one of the votes). Kevin accurately read the writing on the wall that Josh/Betty would be Marty’s targets.

How Kevin dealt with this really surprised me – he should’ve just said yeah Betty was saying “what about evicting Gino but Hal & I shut it down then Marty walked in after that & Betty started up again. He should’ve said Josh even said no it’s gotta be Jess. ‘

This led me to believe the same thing as you that it was more likely Kev orchestrating the discussion. I imagine it was the CTD trio in the room discussing if they should take the shot at Gino & Betty probably walked in on them & then just happened to be the one talking when Marty walked in.

THEN after he learned it was Marty he should’ve gone to Gino and said I seriously thought it had to be Hermon & Moose or Josh & Betty I’m shocked it was Marty.

And told him seriously Gino it wasn’t me and logically it makes no sense for Haleena to take all the heat she’s getting from Summer/Betty for voting out Tynesha to work with you & our 5 only to vote you out. Besides why weren’t there three votes if that was the case – Marty, Haleena & I? One of the other votes had to come from one of them. I think Betty & she thought Josh would do it but didn’t.

It can’t be lost on Gino that he could’ve left if all five voted (5-4).

The noms vacillated several times – initially, it was going to be Betty – Summer with Josh being the back door. Then he spoke to everyone and circled back.

Then Jace & Gino told Marty he needed to put up Josh/Moose – but then when Marty told Moose he would be a pawn he said what if Betty wins POV & takes Josh down? So he switched back to Josh – Betty –AND this is where they noted how long Betty had been in the DR.

Normally I’d say this whole thing was super SUS — BUT – I think she was recruited to do a challenge by Marsha the Moose — APRIL FOOL’S DAY—makes a ton of sense.

Gino asked Kevin straight up if he was the other vote & he swore he wasn’t offering to swear on something to prove it but noted I hate doing that so you get ONE of those in this game (ie: he’ll swear on his life or family)

While Marty called Kevin a loose cannon he also said Kev is really tied in and loyal to the five (Marty, showmance, Haleena). But both are pegging Kevin as the second vote.

I’m not fully buying the Moose/Hermon foursome but do agree on Hermon. The reason is G/JL wanted Moose up beside Josh in case Josh comes down (Gino even said & then we vote out Moose). Gino doesn’t fully trust Moose who tried to back track from his offer to be a pawn if Marty voted to keep him & also tried to start drama suggesting the noises upstairs were b/c Kevin was trying to talk Marty into putting up Moose instead of Betty.

Moose doesn’t realize it was Gino behind the decision to put him up as a pawn so he KNOWS it wasn’t Kevin which didn’t help Moose gain traction with Gino (IMHO). It only made him look like the guy he is- — someone who needed Kevin’s vote to stay but went right back to throwing him UTB the minute he’s safe.

On top of this Summer spilled to Marty that her targets/noms would’ve been the showmance or Haleena/Jace with Gino being the backdoor.

B/c of the order of the Chain of Safety Gino has determined Summer is on the bottom but I wonder if she’ll move up the target list given what she told Marty.

Bottom line the CTD wasn’t in great form today – Haleena is still reeling from her vote. She hasn’t owned it even with Kev that I’ve seen & she knows they think it was Kevin so I doubt she tells him (unless it’s much later in the game – if/when Hermon/Gino are both out).

Josh was far too passive in his chat with Gino (and I felt he threw him a life line). Again -the CTD should’ve convened & came up with a common story. Now they need to do damage control with a post-nomination plan where Josh goes to Gino & tells him Betty was railing about breaking up the showmance, Kev & Hal shut it down, I agreed & then Marty walked in & she went off on another tangent.

Josh needs to say look I love Betty as a person but we don’t game talk like you & I do To be honest, I sort of expected an 8-1 vote with her on an island the 7-2 vote shocked me & now I’m getting blamed for Betty being Betty & Marty needing to blame someone for his own guilt.

Marty is truly a loose cannon. Gino has to stop & ask himself how the hell Marty got to a place where he was okay voting out Gino over a commercial break on a conversation he wasn’t even part of from start to finish.

I don’t understand how no one is questioning what was said about Gino that got Marty to that place. My theory is all that Marty heard Betty say is “they’re a duo, vote together, are competitive & when will we get another chance?” If Kevin is half the player I thought he was he’ll come up with that fact & speak to Gino with that detail plus suggest moving forward can we just have Marty promise to come to any of us 5 if he ever even considers going sideways again bc I really want the 5 to work.

Kev should also note to Gino – look I’ll vote out whoever the 5 decide but if Josh comes down shouldn’t we consider Moose? He’s already backtracking on all the promises he made for us to keep him & throwing people UTB – & he’s really only loyal to Hermon.

Anyway, I’d bet good money this whole Betty in DR occurred to raise suspicion so she would go up initially which also leads me to believe Josh will win POV. Also – Marty is saying he’ll do whatever Gino wants but will he? We know Marty will want Betty gone if not Josh but I suspect cooler minds (Kev/Haleena/showmance) will discuss & decide the better choice is Moose b/c Betty can’t win & would target Marty if she does.


Just as I was finishing this I see updates — and yeah – wait for it– Gino does NOT trust Marty & wants Hermon to talk to him to see if they can still work together b/c he really likes Josh. AND Hermon told Josh if he wins POV he 100% is using it on Josh so yeah – no way he leaves & I’d be surprised if he stays on OTB. Hermon also told Gino if he wins HOH next week he’s not putting up Marty to honor their deal at least for one week.

If the Josh thing keeps moving in this direction then I can see Moose going OTB & out the door b/c Gino can’t afford to have both Josh/Moose in the house as Hermon’s right hand guys especially if he’s willing to cut Marty the comp beast.

Anyway – apologies for the ramble – I’m tired.
I watched most of this AM but CTD never really discussed the situation from what I could decipher.

Gino’s “I have ears everywhere Kevin” was an interesting comment & almost felt like a threat.

I picked up a few more things. — on one hand, there is the story line that Marty walked in on a convo — but he shifted (as he got angrier) to saying someone came and grabbed him and dragged him into that room.

He painted the whole story to I was grabbed and so were Haleena and Kevin and dragged into a room (to set the stage for Josh/Betty being the brains behind the operation). Bc a lot of the Gino convo was in French it was hard to add too many more details but suffice to say Betty was cited as the ringleader.

He made it sound like she was the one listing things about Gino & pointing to everyone before leaving the room saying – okay, okay, okay?

As for Kevin – he initially was going to try to push for Hermon/Moose going up but couldn’t get to Marty fast enough & bc he knows he’s a loose cannon, once he pulled Gino in and admitted to the vote it was too late to shift him (although Kev didn’t learn until later that Marty was one of the votes). Kevin accurately read the writing on the wall that Josh/Betty would be Marty’s targets.

How Kevin dealt with this really surprised me – he should’ve just said yeah Betty was saying “what about evicting Gino but Hal & I shut it down then Marty walked in after that & Betty started up again. He should’ve said Josh even said no it’s gotta be Jess. ‘

This led me to believe the same thing as you that it was more likely Kev orchestrating the discussion. I imagine it was the CTD trio in the room discussing if they should take the shot at Gino & Betty probably walked in on them & then just happened to be the one talking when Marty walked in.

THEN after he learned it was Marty he should’ve gone to Gino and said I seriously thought it had to be Hermon & Moose or Josh & Betty I’m shocked it was Marty.

And told him seriously Gino it wasn’t me and logically it makes no sense for Haleena to take all the heat she’s getting from Summer/Betty for voting out Tynesha to work with you & our 5 only to vote you out. Besides why weren’t there three votes if that was the case – Marty, Haleena & I? One of the other votes had to come from one of them. I think Betty & she thought Josh would do it but didn’t.

It can’t be lost on Gino that he could’ve left if all five voted (5-4).

The noms vacillated several times – initially, it was going to be Betty – Summer with Josh being the back door. Then he spoke to everyone and circled back.

Then Jace & Gino told Marty he needed to put up Josh/Moose – but then when Marty told Moose he would be a pawn he said what if Betty wins POV & takes Josh down? So he switched back to Josh – Betty –AND this is where they noted how long Betty had been in the DR.

Normally I’d say this whole thing was super SUS — BUT – I think she was recruited to do a challenge by Marsha the Moose — APRIL FOOL’S DAY—makes a ton of sense.

Gino asked Kevin straight up if he was the other vote & he swore he wasn’t offering to swear on something to prove it but noted I hate doing that so you get ONE of those in this game (ie: he’ll swear on his life or family)

While Marty called Kevin a loose cannon he also said Kev is really tied in and loyal to the five (Marty, showmance, Haleena). But both are pegging Kevin as the second vote.

I’m not fully buying the Moose/Hermon foursome but do agree on Hermon. The reason is G/JL wanted Moose up beside Josh in case Josh comes down (Gino even said & then we vote out Moose). Gino doesn’t fully trust Moose who tried to back track from his offer to be a pawn if Marty voted to keep him & also tried to start drama suggesting the noises upstairs were b/c Kevin was trying to talk Marty into putting up Moose up instead of Betty.

Moose doesn’t realize it was Gino behind the decision to put him up as a pawn so he KNOWS it wasn’t Kevin which didn’t help Moose gain traction with Gino (IMHO). It only made him look like the guy he is- — someone who needed Kevin’s vote to stay but went right back to throwing him UTB the minute he’s safe.

On top of this Summer spilled to Marty that her targets/noms would’ve been the showmance or Haleena/Jace with Gino being the backdoor.

B/c of the order of the Chain of Safety Gino has determined Summer is on the bottom but I wonder if she’ll move up the target list given what she told Marty.

Bottom line the CTD wasn’t in great form today – Haleena is still reeling from her vote. She hasn’t owned it even with Kev that I’ve seen & she knows they think it was Kevin so I doubt she tells him (unless it’s much later in the game – if/when Hermon/Gino are both out).

Josh was far too passive in his chat with Gino (and I felt he threw him a life line). Again -the CTD should’ve convened & came up with a common story. Now they need to do damage control with a post-nomination plan where Josh goes to Gino & tells him Betty was railing about breaking up the showmance, Kev & Hal shut it down, I agreed & then Marty walked in & she went off on another tangent.

Josh needs to say look I love Betty as a person but we don’t game talk like you & I do To be honest, I sort of expected an 8-1 vote with her on an island the 7-2 vote shocked me & now I’m getting blamed for Betty being Betty & Marty needing to blame someone for his own guilt.

Marty is truly a loose cannon. Gino has to stop & ask himself how the hell Marty got to a place where he was okay voting out Gino over a commercial break on a conversation he wasn’t even part of from start to finish.

I don’t understand how no one is questioning what was said about Gino that got Marty to that place. My theory is all that Marty heard Betty say is “they’re a duo, vote together, are competitive & when will we get another chance?” If Kevin is half the player I thought he was he’ll come up with that fact & speak to Gino with that detail plus suggest moving forward can we just have Marty promise to come to any of us 5 if he ever even considers going sideways again bc I really want the 5 to work.

Kev should also note to Gino – look I’ll vote out whoever the 5 decide but if Josh comes down shouldn’t we consider Moose? He’s already backtracking on all the promises he made for us to keep him & throwing people UTB – & he’s really only loyal to Hermon.

Anyway, I’d bet good money this whole Betty in DR occurred to raise suspicion so she would go up initially which also leads me to believe Josh will win POV. Also – Marty is saying he’ll do whatever Gino wants but will he? We know Marty will want Betty gone if not Josh but I suspect cooler minds (Kev/Haleena/showmance) will discuss & decide the better choice is Moose b/c Betty can’t win & would target Marty if she does.


Just as I was finishing this I see updates — and yeah – wait for it– Gino does NOT trust Marty & wants Hermon to talk to Josh to see if they can still work together b/c he really likes Josh. AND Hermon told Josh if he wins POV he 100% is using it on Josh so yeah – no way he leaves & I’d be surprised if he stays on OTB. Hermon also told Gino if he wins HOH next week he’s not putting up Marty to honor their deal at least for one week.

If the Josh thing keeps moving in this direction then I can see Moose going OTB & out the door b/c Gino can’t afford to have both Josh/Moose in the house as Hermon’s right hand guys especially if he’s willing to cut Marty the comp beast.


I backtracked on feeds & caught a convo between Hal/Kev where he said “I think we f*cked up — WE SHOULD’VE PUSHED HARDER FOR IT — which I assume means it was CTD that were thinking about evicting Gino.

Kev also said Jace is giving them (him/Hal) dirty looks today so she totally believes Kevin was the other vote.

They are regrouping and noted they were messy yesterday & need to be better. Once Hermon talks to Josh – they’ll learn he’s not in as much danger but they really want to get out Hermon & Gino – so they NEED to win HOH to do that b/c if they don’t it’ll be hard for them to do what they’re planning.

Anyway – apologies for the ramble – I’m tired.

un autre nom

I still think the Hermon’s ideal he’s been spouting is the way the week is shaping up going into next week.
I just haven’t decided if Hermon is the Spicy V of the season or not. I’ve mentioned that a couple of times…. is one of the big three edits the Spicy V?
No really. Spicy V set up the game exactly how it panned out in the invisible HOH…. then got ousted when the plan worked.
I’m not sure if Hermon leaves IF he is the backdoor.
It’s not even Monday yet.

un autre nom

possible explanation of the aborted vote flip.
Houseguests called back to the living room for the vote
Looks like Betty backed out and told Kevin and Josh she was backing out.
Marty and Haleena were on the other couch, so didn’t know the flip was off.

un autre nom

11pm bbt.
feeds were down until almost 2am, with only a half hour of feed time before bedcams.
feeds were down for two hours this afternnon.
feeds have been down for 6 hours now this evening.

even for bbcan gonna bbcan, this is sus.
feeds came back on for about 5 minutes on 3/4
Kev/Hal in blue room. Kevin in bed.
Marty is topic of discussion. How he’s out of his mind and so far up Gino’s ass it’s crazy.
They discuss how they are screwed, and saying they’ll have a couple weeks in jury to talk about what failures they are. They don’t know how to save Josh. Gino is giving them both stink eye, and Marty’s dream final 5 is never going to happen because Gino would never agree to it.

NOMS are Betty and Josh.

un autre nom

Reminder: last week, who did Summer mention as a target?
Hermon during the Wendy’s clip in the show. Marty, Kevin and Haleena during feeds in the effort to keep Tynesha from being the renom.
Reminder: what does Marty know?
Jess may have told him his name was floated.
This morning he was told that Summer was one of the people talking about backdooring Marty. I believe it was Hermon who mentioned it? And i believe Betty was a name there too.

This comes in handy when one looks at what Summer and Marty argue about. It’s semantics. Did she say his name? Yes. Did she say his name when he says she did? We have no idea.

un autre nom

Last post of the night because the feeds feel like a full moon in a psych ward.
Marty Herm
Tells Herm Josh is the target for pulling him into the room while Betty and Haleena were arguing and he has no idea what is going on, but ended up agreeing to vote Gino out. He says Haleena didn’t answer him when he asked what they were going to do when the vote started. He then tells Herm the other vote came from one of the 5 in the red bedroom (Herm is in the red bedroom), So Betty has to be the target because Betty is behind the entire trap to get Marty to vote out Gino.
Marty Summer
Marty tells Summer she is lucky all this vote nonsense happened because he was going to target her for telling Jess to blindside Marty as the renom. Summer says Jess lied. Marty is not having it, Jess told the truth. Why is he… fighting with someone that…he didn’t nominate????? What the sweet Bejebus? She’s raising her voice back making him raise his more. (Summer is lying, she pushed Marty first, then moved target to Haleena and Kevin, so Marty isn’t buying Summer’s lying).

Sorry folks… Marty is whackadoodledoo.
It’s going to take SO much editing to make Marty coherent.
When feeds finally returned last week after an extended outage he was making rounds to people he’d screamed at or thrown under buses during the feed outage.
Marty has consistently stomped pouted and tantrumed his way through the house for a few weeks now. Nobody forces him to turn on Gino. He chooses to do it every time. He has the ability to say no. Everyone treats him like an end stage dementia senior, and coddles him, and he gets more ego driven and in need of even more precious coddling every time.
This isn’t social game. This is ego. This is gotta look like the great Acadian hero ego.
This is zoom *hand waves erratically upwards and to the right* behavior. Again. He’s 43. He’s not 112. He’s cracked under the pressure, and they better damn well be following his med schedule…. if he complains his meds were hours late again I’m gonna go apeshit.
His raised voice at Summer has the feeds out again.
So they’re blocking feeds every time Marty tantrums at someone now? Gonna be a long feedless week.
After more than 20 minutes
less than one minute feed return:
i guess Summer must have yelled at Marty, or gotten upset. she tells the cameras in beach room she’s coming back into the game with fire and flames.
feeds out again. more than 20 minute mark again.
I remind you, since feeds returned last night, people have either been asleep, or feeds have been down for 8.5 – 9 plus hours.

So today has been Marty raises his voice and begins to get agitated. Feeds cut. When feeds DO return, it’s always to the person Marty got pissy on. Proof of life. Feeds go out again. Tell me that’s not a problem.


Oops – somehow that message doubled in places (again apologies) but I’m sure you will all get the gist.

un autre nom

It happens. Lol. I’ve accidentally double posted entire comments before.
Looking for your opinion:
Houseguests that beg Canada to send them a power instead of playing the game to save themselves.


ANNOYING – just play the game & STFU lol but you know I like the OG version when TPTB didn’t interfere (as much) so by that token I guess I understand why the hamsters beg for help. Still – I’m not a fan.

un autre nom

Storyline note:
If Jace and Jess had been the ones on the block, Jace would be gone. Every alpha guy wants to keep the showmuscle comp beast guy with one comp win… because apparently he’s a comp beast for that one win, but would cut his side piece in an instant. Summer might (80%) have voted out Jace over Jess.
Morning events:
Josh Haleena infodump. Josh is telling her details he knows from week three to five that honestly should have been shared last week. No, really, if Josh hadn’t kept so much info to himself last week, and only let it out when he’d already revealed it to Summer? The cohesive planning would have been better. All of Marty’s multiple deals (he had an entire section in one of my charts) have been exposed, but exposed by Josh equilaterally in the house.
Apparently Hal is injured from the hoh comp. Foot.
Hermon has offered to take Josh off the block if he wins veto. Josh has been assigned to patch things up with Gino.
Moose is trying to schmooze Jace. Considering Gino and sometimes Haleena, are the only people that consistently talk to Jace? It’ll likely work.
Jace. Upset that the vote almost flipped (though she tells people she’d turn on Gino), and upset that the people in her bedroom made deals with her and each other… and it’s not just her and Gino with options. That’s what she’s mad at if you ask me. She’s pissy that she and Gino made all sorts of option deals, no alliances, and those people made deals too. Why Gino and Jace haven’t entered another alliance yet? It has to include an alpha playmate bro for Gino.
Toxicbetty (you know which part of her personality i’m talking) and Marty the perpetual victim have had it out now. For a guy that was so offended by his image being smeared in a speech, apparently he borrowed from that speech when nominating Josh and Betty, and thinks saying oh sorry should mean all forgotten. He had a 2 day temper tantrum over it…. but okay. While i’m tired or Betty’s holier than thou hypocrisy, Marty is a wad. Not sorry.
Josh Gino talk. Josh’s guard is up too much. Gino requires ego stroke that Josh doesn’t provide. Gino has decided Betty was trying to lead the flip, and Josh is guilty by association but Josh isn’t giving Gino the warm fuzzies that Gino needs is how i’m feeling. However, Gino is a bros bro guy. If Josh wasn’t fit, this wouldn’t be a possibility.


un autre nom

House Skuttlebutt:
precipitating the 6 hour feed block yesterday, Hal to Josh: Kevin and Haleena both tried to keep Josh off the block. Marty was angry, started screaming and slamming his fist on the table.
Precipitating the 1 hour feed block last night, Red room discussion: Marty threatened to call Big Brother (to have her removed) if Summer didn’t leave his room. Summer left the room and went ballistic around the house.

Right before feeds went down this afternoon, Kevin used the KevinMartin talk to Marty for Wendy’s in order to screw with Marty’s head. oh here we go again. Kevin told Marty that kevinmartin said trust your gut… that means his gut week three about Kyle and Gino was correct (implication being Marty got safety because Gino and Kyle really were going to turn on him).
Risky move when Marty has taken up residence in Gino’s ass while Gino is being the parrot on Hermon’s shoulder. Oh come on. Marty is telling Gino that he will do everything Gino wants… and Gino has been repeating everything Hermon says as if it were an original thought (Just like he did with Kyle).
Betty says she would throw away her game to keep Josh in the house. For the third time.

The coverup nobody has thought of:
Hey Gino, we’ve had somebody throwing rogue votes in evictions already… did we ever learn who that was because there’s your second vote. Just saying. As far as deniability goes… that actually makes sense.

un autre nom

Saturday 3
Hermon wants a final four with Gino, Jace and unspeicified 4th (specifically not Summer).
Summer wants the honeybunch back together with Gino, Jace and Josh…. but can’t stand Jace.

Josh is hoping everyone will use veto.
Kevin is scared he reveals cards if he wins and uses veto.
Haleena still wants Hermon to be renom if they can swing it.

I’m turning off feeds and going out until veto is over. Today feels like one of the days where I’m annoyed for no reason, and losing some objectivity because my watch the storyline tinfoil hat is too tight.

un autre nom

HOH comp this week was a version of Red Light, Green Light (as per a Summer Hermon convo today). Gee, a couple of weeks ago the house guests played that on their own. Sideye. mmhmm.

Update of ongoing house details:
Marty told Haleena he’d renom Hermon.
Marty told Kevin he’d renom Hermon, Moose or Summer.
Marty told Gino the renom would be Moose if required.
Hermon told Moose he wants one of the showmance (cough Jace cough) out next week, not Marty. Further, he said he hates having Kevin and Haleena in the house because he can’t control them, they won’t do as he says. Hermon wants to push Summer’s intuition about Haleena being rogue vote to Gino. Remember last week when he said he wanted noms this week to be Betty and Haleena because they’re useless?
Gino no longer wants veto used because Summer and Marty argued and he is trying to work with Summer again. Sideye.
Gino told Summer it’s fine if she uses it. See?

It’s been five hours and 30 minutes since feedblock for Veto. Late start. I believe this is intentional, doing comps later and longer blocks. Raises site visits for people checking if feeds are back. Oh you KNOW that’s all they want, clicks for ad rates on the site. The money they like, but the Network guys do NOT like “live” feeds AT ALL.
IF they go the season 6 and 9 route of returning from Veto multiple times with all the houseguests asleep, I will not be happy. If feeds are off because Marty got triggered again… even less happy.

Kevin won veto
Sounds like a multi step head to head?
Summer threw it she tells Hermon.
Kevin beat Gino in the final part of the veto head to head puzzle.


Sound like it was rounds and different games in each round.
I think the final round was a puzzle with Kev beating Gino.

Marty is doing his typical thing …
Remember yesterday when he told Haleena they’d backdoor Hermon? Yeah, well now he’s saying to Kevin that Hal is pushing it but he wants Betty out.

Kevin pushed him to trust his gut – that it was in his wife’s letter to him & Kevin Martin told him the same thing.

Initially, Marty kept pushing for Betty to go & said he can’t go after Hermon b/c he can’t go against Gino a third time. Soooooooooooooooo Kev worked his magic (feeds cutting in & out) to set it up with Marty going to Gino – reminding him that HE (Gino) said they needed to get out one of the 3 guys (Moose, Gino, Hermon). Kevin wants him to see how hard Gino fights for Hermon NOT to go on the block.

Prior to feed cut Marty was saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but when feeds returned he suddenly is saying RIGHT – so if G fights for it not to be Hermon then he’s closer to him than the 5 (showmance, Marty, Kev, Hal). Kevin said either way – H leaving is best for you, Hal & I and if G agrees then he sees it’s best for all 5 of us.

Essentially – Kev made Marty see that if Gino fights to keep Hermon that means he is equally aligned with Her/Moose & the other side (Summer?) so they have to get him out now in that case b/c keeping him would mean he just targets Kev/Hal & Marty. And if Gino agrees then great it’s best for all five of them.

Kev also finagled for Marty to make it seem to Josh like it’s his (Marty’s) idea to save him so that Josh will be loyal to him & vote the way he wants (HILARIOUS – Kev really is great at manipulating).

The problem is this is Marty so there’s a 50-50 shot he doesn’t find a way to screw this up & blame Kev/Hal when he talks to Gino.

The good news is that the CTD will pull down Josh no matter what happens tomorrow with Marty/Gino talk.

Guy From Canada

Interesting breakdown. Thanks for the updates. So from the feed blocks you can’t really tell if it’s diary room interferences or Kevin actually working his magic? I wonder how the powers that be will break down the week for the TV edit.

Thanks for the update, and same to yet another name 🙂

un autre nom

Let’s remember the current HOH said, “I’m loyal, even though I stab my best friend in the back twice.”
It’s been an odd day. It’s Sunday. I don’t believe Sunday is canon until Monday morning.
After a couple of talks earlier today, Marty cam talked saying there was no way he was going to BD Hermon.
D/R call.
Marty comes back saying nominating Hermon would be vengeance for Jess, his little sister.
Thought I’d woken up in season 6. If you know, you know.
I’m told there was an ODD question about bullying in the house to Jess in an exit interview (possibly network affiliated?). I’ve yet to see it. IMO, was Jess bullied? I don’t think so. I hate the term bullied in BB unless it’s warranted. Was Jess shunned? Sometimes yes. I’m wishing we could see day 2-4 of the prefeeds to see what the origination of that stems from. I don’t have evidence beyond what was in the episode, or convos that would be self serving.. so I could only venture a guess.

Hermon pushed for Kevin not to use Veto.
Kevin told Josh.
Kevin is still trying to navigate how to get away with using the veto so that it makes sense.

Kevin told the showmance he’s most worried about Hermon in the game. He said he’s also trying to consider who would target Jace so that they could get Gino alone. Kevin asked Jace if she could pretend to like Summer for a week. Jace says she does like Summer… oh guuuurl, get reeeeal, sure Summer dislikes Jace more, but Jace doesn’t LIKE Summer.

Josh and Marty’s talk didn’t go splendidly well. If Marty pulls a Marty and Marty’s? That talk could be a reason to put a target back on Josh. Just saying. However, an hour later Marty goes out and hugs Josh.

Marty said today he couldn’t hear Haleena whispering don’t vote out Gino. Marty has often told us that he has no idea what people are saying when they whisper. Not sure if I believe that, or if he’s just playing up age again.
Haleena told Kevin that she has told Kevin everything, and she was trying to be petty in casting a Gino vote thinking it would be 8-1. She told Marty not to vote to evict Gino. Everything blew up so she thought denial and silence was best.

Summer may have done exactly what Kevin said not to do. She might have tried a backdoor Gino plan? That would be Dumb. ateotd… Marty is trying to smooth waters with Summer to restart Smarty 2.0. Marty tells her she will not be renom.

Gino seemed to go along with Marty’s plan to renom Hermon. Well, He pushed Moose a little. Josh lost veto round to Betty. Now Marty has ZERO fear of Josh.
Later, Gino is indeed trying to make Haleena and Kevin feel that he is indeed in the Final 5 alliance of ShowmanceH/K/M. Marty told him all 3 of them (M/K/H) are concerned that Gino has a side deal of equal value with Hermon, and Hermon is targeting the three of them.

Josh performed a cleansing ceremony for Josh, Betty and Marty. Betty apologizes to Marty, saying she feared his speech was personal not game, hence her reaction.
Marty says Josh and Betty weren’t trying to trap him now (to Haleena). Haleena reveals she thinks Summer might be willing to vote out Hermon if Betty is on the block with him.
Marty and Kevin talk about the votes, and where they would fall. Kevin confims he will use the veto on Josh, and Marty confirms Hermon will be the replacement.

Summer talks to Haleena. Summer is still trying to finagle a Gino renom. Haleena tells her there is NO chance of that. Hal tells Summer to keep it to herself that they are watching each other’s backs. Summer says she has no alliances, so she plans to keep her mouth shut about everything going forward. (Haleena already told Marty she’s trying to get Summer to vote their way. Summer already has Smarty 2.0 as a backup).
Josh talks to Jace. She says she thinks they are close to being able to keep Josh safe. She says she and Betty used to talk all the time, but haven’t spoken a word in weeks, so they’ll have to work on that.
Summer talks to Betty. She tells Betty to think of Haleena as an annoying co-worker.
Betty says she already apologized to Haleena for being mean to her, but she hopes Haleena goes soon. Summer says she’s not sure that will happen (or not sure that’s their best option?).
Marty tells Moose to kick his feet up. If you were here in week two…. ouch. He pulls the ‘just like my son, parents raised you well’ stuff he said to Kyle week two. Let’s build together blahblahblah.

Diary room HAS spoken to Marty about punching the furniture and yelling at people and threatening to call Security.
D/R helped him come up with his noms speech. So I think it’s possible D/R has been giving him hints for a renom speech.
If I missed anything major, I’m sorry. I’m trying to encapsulate hours of discussions into bulletpoints.

un autre nom

Damn, just about to shut feeds off and make dinner. End of Renom Roulette round one talks:

Betty / Summer: the other side knew what they were doing when they took out Tynesha. She was the red room glue.
Hermon / Marty
Marty tells Hermon he wants noms to stay the same. Kevin would never backstab him and use the veto. He wants one of his targets to go.
Hermon camtalk
Betty is gonna use her secret power and Bam. Maybe she gets to renom? If not, then Marty puts up Summer, and Herms votes out Summer to keep his final 2 with Josh (who he doesn’t want saved with Veto, Kevin already ratted that to Josh). Next week, Marty is in for a surprise, their deal is meaningless. He laughs and dances. He says the showmance are still targets to him, and so is Moose.
So Mr. take out the people that can’t win comps…. wants to target all the comp winners.
Raise your hand if you believed all the Alphas want to go to the end together. Put your hand down. They haven’t formed an alliance with a name and this bunch of yahoos wants to name and symbol EVERYTHING.
Josh Hermon talk
H wants to ride or die this final 2. If Josh has a final 2 with Betty he should pivot. If the veto gets used or a power is exposed, then Summer will be renom. Josh says no way does Betty have a power. She was too upset when she was nominated.

Will Moose tell Hermon? Nobody else seems to be saying anything. Moose nervouses and says too much.

There is actually only ONE reason I’m not decrying Prodo. about that sus D/R call that twisted Marty’s brain for a Hermon/Betty block if it happens:
Because they keep saying they can’t vote each other out due to pre-existing relationship.
I’m incredibly anti pre-existing relationships in the casting process.
I looked at Twitter to see the cancel calls du jour. So… they want to cancel prodo. Prodo is inherently racist…. Exec. Prodo is Arisa. Just saying.

Written too much this weekend. Will only be doing the major events for the next day or so. Should have a new chart ready for Veto Ceremony Monday.

East Coaster

Thanks another name for doing these updates! I’m hoping Hermon does get nom’d and gets the boot. He can dance himself right out the door.

un autre nom

Monday. Veto Ceremony Day.
Last night right before bed Kevin had the odd conversation about deciding on the fly what to do with the veto. He said this to Josh and Betty. Kevin was a weirdo last night.
How? How does Summer actually believe that Gino is the renom? Oh because she put on a skirt yesterday and asked Marty to? Sideye. Two short conversations (in terms of jedi braintwisting Marty time), and she thinks she’s got Gino going on the block. Eyeroll. I don’t think Summer grasps that Hermon might be renom until talking with Betty when Marty is called to the d/r. She was pushing SmartY2.0 as a final 2. Fake as hell final 2.
Gino has dropped breadcrumb hints to Hermon this morning. fear about if the veto will be used. Hermon doesn’t seem near as nervous, but admits to being worried too.
Marty camtalked earlier. He’s making this move for Jess and hopes they are watching.
Hermon chatted Marty up about Betty having secret powers. Marty doesn’t believe she has powers so much anymore.
Marty later tells Haleena if Betty has a power, Moose joins Hermon on the block. Haleena is again advising Marty he doesn’t have to do EVERYthing TODAY, there’s a few days to go still. She also reminds Marty not to name names. He tells her he it’s hard but he’s learning. (Considering Hermon figured out Kevin and Haleena are close because Marty told him so, and Hermon figuring that out was the coffin nail reason they had to push for a Hermon renom? Not learning fast enough).
Yup, Marty is getting paranoid about twists now because it was put in his head. What does he do? He gets called to D/R.
I’m not sure how… but Betty thinks she and Summer can get Marty as their thrall after this week. She also thinks she for sure beats Kevin in final 2.

Kevin removed Josh.
Marty replaced with Hermon.

Betty and Hermon are up for eviction.

bbcan10 WEEK SIX2.jpg
un autre nom

Post noms
Hermon and Marty had words after the ceremony.
Hermon Paras cammed about coming for that old ass next week.
Moose is being very Hermon supportive. Moose thought it would be Summer.
Moose thinks Gino didn’t know. He’s playing up the Marty Kevin Haleena triangle to get Gino’s support. Gino thinks Summer and Marty made a deal. Hermon pushes that Betty is after the showmance (yesterday Hermon told Moose the showmance has to go).
Summer is with Josh. Josh saying he’s shocked, and Summer says Gino would have been a better move. Summer thinks the votes are there. Josh is saying don’t 100% count Haleena (turnabout for the Haleena vote that pissed Marty off so much?)

It’s Monday. There is wiggle room for Hermon. Josh is more tractable than Summer when it comes to making decisions. However, knowing Hermon would nominate the dummies… does that help his game? I don’t know. Summer wants an alpha male to leave.
There is a possible avenue for Hermon to stay. 2 actually. pull the showmance into Savage version 2 with Moose and Josh/Summer. The other option is learning that Jury starts before voting. How many of these houseguests want to piss off juror number one?
Betty will need to campaign. Remember Betty’s last campaign on the block? It was pitiful.

un autre nom

So far I’ve seen Moose and Hermon make multiple pleas to Canada to save them in the past two weeks.
I’m sorry to tell you, that makes my respect for each of them drop.
Say what you want, I don’t care, if i don’t get any of the prize money, i’m not invested in saving someone that can’t save themselves.