Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Week of April 4th

Head of Household: Marty
Nominations: Betty & Josh Hermon
POV Winner: Josh
Evicted: ?

New post so comments are refreshed. Thanks Another name and TTOTambz for the updates!

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un autre nom

Random thought processes.
This has no impact on current game. This is just some of the bizarro stuff my brain does when watching the houseguests.
Hermon / Summer: Nobody telling her that she’s sloppy seconds to him, because he already made out with Steph and voted her out in the same week. sideye. Now he’s saying he would target her next week? To Gino. Really? Hey Hermon, Summer is also seconding for Gino outside the showmance. oops.
Summer, the most petty, crossed Betty the most bitter. Oh. This could be fun. If the vote stays where it is right now? Betty will remember, Summer will think water under the bridge…. yeah, one of those really wobbly old bridges that breaks.
Haleena isn’t running far enough or fast enough from Marty. She SHOULD have been grabbing on to Jace and not letting go the minute nominations were made. No, not as an alliance, as deniability. She’s seriously lost in the plot at this point, because Kevin is basically her game now. Marty is telling everyone Haleena is my final 2. Haleena should be saying that’s nice of him to say, but i never said HE was MY final 2.
The flip vote debacle. Someone asked Betty to play Big Brother not stand in line during a double…. she choked, causing three of five people to require Heimlich maneuvers. It wasn’t on feeds, but who did she blame to Gino. Of course it isn’t on feeds, it’s a Marty HOH and feeds are fukakta.
If you want your target to go home, get Moose to campaign for your target. Seriously the guy has the stink of sketchy all over him since week 2. And he earned it himself by naming his own alliance members as house targets to his sub alliance. Yup, Kyle helped after that, but Moose started the bus, put a brick on the gas, and jumped out under the tires of his own volition.
Betty. Glad a couple people talked her into campaigning for herself. Last night was Monday night and she was ready to pack and wait by the door. The best move given to her by Josh was attempt to get into a four with the showmance, and then we backstab them.
Josh should be sharing more with the Dummies. They’ve caught on. He is sharing tidbits of the knowledge equilaterally in the house to stay in the middle. It’s week 6. The tenability of that tactic ended a week ago. Ride the middle can still work, but share more.
Jace and Summer talking girl power has me in stitches. Who you two think you’re kidding?????????

ON THE BLOCK PROMISES: IMO any promise someone asks for when you are on the block for eviction… you can break because it isn’t a promise of equals, it’s someone standing on your throat and asking if you want air. Say what you have to say, do what you have to do to stay, then pick your poison for what deals you keep.
ON THE BLOCK TARGET NAMING: Idiocy everyone falls for. Here’s the outclause they never consider: “I’m on the block, so obviously my targeting skills are lacking. If I won HOH, I’d listen to each person that votes for me to stay, and then tally their choices for noms, and speak to them again to get their okay so that we as a group are running my HOH. If all but one person votes to keep me, that person doesn’t get a vote in the one on one talk lotto.” Reason to use this: You aren’t having anyone running around saying potential evictee A is targeting you to screw your campaigning. You are building a bridge / alliance in the minds of the voting group, so that they aren’t powerless if you get HOH. You aren’t targeting people voting you out, just saying their opinion has no weight in the group decision if you win HOH. But remember the on the block promises part. 🙂

Guy From Canada

Regarding your last thought on running an HOH screams gummy bears all over again from Aussie Tim. Loved how he ran that HOH.

un autre nom

Oh that’s just what a nominee should SAY they would do when asked who they are targeting. lol.
In practice, I’d rig the vote and take out my own target.


I do think Josh is telling Kevin more than Haleena – several times feeds have returned with Kev/Josh standing in a hallway downloading information. Which in fairness, Josh SHOULD do b/c Kev (and Haleena) worked their butt off to switch pyscho Marty’s vision toward Hermon and Kevin used the POV to save him which of course he should’ve given the CTD but he could’ve gained some agency in the game with Betty if he saved her.

I’m sure you also noticed in each of the last two (three?) episodes TPTB are playing segments of the ghost alliance and Kevin talked about the Crash Test Dummies on the last episode.

un autre nom

Today Betty campaigned to Jace, and Summer.
Today Moose campaigned for Hermon to Jace, Gino and Josh.
Tonight, Hermon started targeting Summer as part of his campaign to Jace, Gino and Josh.
Net loss of 4 votes to Hermon so far.
Projection: Hermon pushes Betty is pro female winner to Gino, Moose and Josh (already check Josh off, he did it a minute after I typed that).
Hermon cam talk thinks he has 3 votes currently. He might have 1.
After Summer and Moose talked votes, he might not even have Moose, who is afraid of voting against majority.
Summer would love to still be in the swing seat. In her conversations with Hermon, she is acting like she still is.
Betty has asked Haleena about her relationship with Marty. Haleena says Marty has had groups all over the place throughout the game, and lots of groups of 4 everywhere. She isn’t sure why Marty keeps labelling her as his girl, but Hal started hearing him say it after chain of safety and she wonders if he’s painting a target on her. She says she’s cool with him, but. Haleena and Betty discuss the Siblings/Mandems overlap and exclusions (the reason Haleena voted out Tynesha, because she and Jess compared notes on that but weren’t working together).
Haleena is using week 3 acceptable lying in week 6. The lies are becoming transparent because she hasn’t done set up to sell them. Will BETTY BUY IT?
Jace and Summer discussed the jury value of a woman that wants a woman winner today.
Hermon and Summer are bed chatting. Hermon has revealed that he knows Summer made a deal with Marty for the vote. Summer surmises Moose told him that. Hermon denies, saying he knew Moose had a deal too.
BETTY BELIEVED the Haleena roadshow of poorly conceived lies. sideye. Gullible AF.
Summer is explaining her thoughts to Hermon. It’s a lot of deflection really, i’m bored with it. She’s voting Betty because Hermon brought it on himself. She has nothing with Marty, but repaired her relationship with Marty because of Kevin. Okay… between taking credit for things she didn’t do, and casting blame… that Jury speech would be screwed. Her game ownership is going to become a Jury thought.
THIS PART MAY BE QUESTIONABLE, I’m having allergy issues and the meds make me dopey… keep that in mind:
Betty and Josh are good with Kevin and Haleena. However, they also want to work with the Showmance as a final four. I think. They are good to ride to final four Betty says. Josh agrees. Betty hopes Kevin isn’t going to nominate Summer because Betty got Kevin mad at Summer last night.
Okay. yeah. definitely have lower IQ right now. Maybe that’s for the best because Betty’s clean game talk is starting to hit with a bitter tang of sanctimony and poppycock.
In my confusion, it sounds like these two are starting to buy their own press that they saved themselves this week. Oi flippety Vey.
Play fighting and pranks have started up again. While filling Gino’s waterpik with vinegar, Jace got some in Hermon’s eye. He doesn’t instantly go and flush his eye… yeah because whining it hurts for five minutes while 20 feet from a water source is productive. Eyeroll.
PSA for Vinegar in the eyes:
Immediately remove contacts if you wear them, and rinse the eye with room temp water in order to lessen the possibility of redness, irritation and possible corneal damage.
Hermon’s target list: Marty, Summer, Kevin, Haleena, Showmance order subject to change depending on audience.
Betty’s target list: Marty.

Betty still won’t campaign to Moose so he doesn’t twist her words to Hermon and the house.
Hermon still won’t campaign to Kevin and Haleena because they’re not cool.
(Now that Josh is THE floater of the season, he can attach himself to either side of the house, and controls the flow of information most of the time. But is he a great floater? NO. Because his reveal of need to know info doesn’t happen and that’s becoming sketchy. When even BETTY calls you out on little lies and keeping secrets? Not a GREAT just a GOOD).


To your last point – – I do believe Josh is most committed to CTD & Betty (his ideal F4 b/c he can beat them in all the comps). And, I also think your observation is why the Ghosts don’t want to take him to F3 b/c they realize he’s not fully sharing & also how good his position is all over the house & that would equate to a landslide in jury votes.

un autre nom

I think he WAS most committed to the dummies… well, Kevin. Haleena? He could care less. He’d far prefer Betty in that role if her game style could mesh with theirs because as much as Josh wants to middle play, he doesn’t actually want to get his OWN hands dirty. I’m not against Josh when I say that. It’s just my observation of the game style he is wanting to play vs. the gamestyle his character allows him to play.

un autre nom

We’re entering jury (there’s bound to be a weird catch wherein i expect a juror return to the game or a fake eviction), So i’m taking a moment to analyze the games of the pre-jury evicted.

Melina: Would have been a credible comp threat most likely (if my quick research was accurate, she rec’d a physical fitness and ability award in police foundations before her first major switch). However, she lacked social ability. To the extreme.
Jay: squandered their week one safety. Partied it up with Jace and Steph. Tried to flip the vote to save Melina. They wanted to be the new Gary was my read. Calling out targets before the veto is played is dumb. In what not to do in two weeks of Big Brother, they checked every box.
Steph: Dating show. Probably could have been a credible comp threat. Strategically? beyond wanting to showmance I didn’t see strategy. Her major problem though: She was on the block as the safe one during Kyle’s HOH. She was taken out because Kyle’s HOH SUCKED.
Kyle: had the advantage of the twitterverse loving him pregame. Entered the large alliance, and had 2 backup alliances. BLEW THEM ALL TO HELL. Let’s be crucial: Blowing up ONE of the alliances would be smart if he felt he was on the bottom of the pecking order. Blowing up ALL of his alliances? Begging to be cut. He had excellent get around game (there were times I could swear he was in 2 different rooms schmoozing simultaneously in week two). He created the alliance he was afraid of during his HOH. He was too obsessed with his own potential. Realistically, when your final 2 puts you on the block because you are too toxic in the game? Bad.
Tynesha: I never got the fuss. Was she likeable? Yup. Was she a strategic and social mastermind? No. Played the Tynesha has a daughter card as social currency. A likeable House guest, that basically was given more credit in the game than she deserved, and it cost her. Did she have ANY alliance where she didn’t tier level her allies? Season tone strikes again.
Jess: A social oddball. Despite what Twitter has to say, I don’t think they were actually THAT bad given house dynamics and season tone. They personalized everything, and twisted every game move to be about targeting them… but once in a while they showed a good grasp of strategy when they got out of their own way. I STILL think the Sunday night late night talk off feeds with Marty broke them. Now that we’ve seen what Marty is capable of when his med schedule isn’t kept… try to argue with me on that one. They were capable in comps. They were nominated in a double that was production rigged (an outgoing HOH not allowed to compete in a NON HOH Comp? That is crap, they should have been incapable to play in redlight greenlight, the next HOH comp). They were evicted in a failed Vote flip (Betty choked). I think they checked out as of Sunday and WANTED the hell out, but an HOH quitting is unheard of.

Overall: We started with a Huge alliance of 7 week one and two (5 POC, 2 being women added to 2 white guys), with an undertone of gender and race worry regarding non equal representation defining who was on the bottom of the ladder. The alliance never ALL met together. 6 met once. This set a tone for the season. WEEK ONE ALWAYS SETS A TONE, and we NEVER get to SEE it. The tone set in week one of the game seems to be based on not only race and gender, but also comp wins defining who deserves to be in the game.
When half of the pre-jury evicted houseguests have to go private on their social media because of toxic fandom gone wild…. we have a problem.

un autre nom

Wednesday am
As of noon bbt Hermon has one vote.
Josh’s overextension is starting to show. Trying to be good with everyone is keeping him from affirming the new final 4 with Gino and Jace, because he’s busy trying to set deniability with Moose for why he’s voting Hermon out. I’d be sketched if I were one of the people waiting for 45 minutes and Josh never shows. This could cost Betty if Gino and Jace feel devalued.
Kevin thinks he and Haleena need to wait for Gino and Jace to make them an offer. Kevin, get off your high horse unless you are intentionally setting up Haleena for a fall. The showmance with 3 comp wins and coolkid egos aren’t coming to clubfoot and one veto weirdboy with hat in hand. Kevin tells Haleena that part of Betty’s pitch was to make a final 4 with the showmance, but it’s fake.
Summer has confirmed her vote to Betty. Betty kept the talk mostly on oh Summer are you still missing Tynesha rather than future game plan.
Moose is pissy. I think it comes to this, he considers himself a mastermind, and nobody is giving him their mind to master. Given how many wrong things and bad reads he had yesterday…. no clue why at all.
The final 4 with showmance, Betty and Josh is still on hold because Josh didn’t show. OVER an hour with Moose? Sketch.
Jace doesn’t want to name any alliances, because every named alliance she was in during early game ended a week later.

Currently many in the house are still targeting Marty. All would vote him out, but not all would nominate him.
Moose is climbing that ladder. He’s still got week 2 Stink. Sketchball in early game has a really hard road to lose the sketch moniker.
Summer? She’s actually taken a hit. She’s viewed as not reliable now.

The only functioning alliance right now is still the Dummies. However, Josh is pulling back and sharing even less info because the heat got too hot on the other two that took the heat so that Josh could remain under cover. If Josh could replace Haleena with Betty in that alliance, he’d be ALL OVER IT.

Josh’s lack of get around could potentially cause a waffle. That’s just me saying that, there’s no evidence at this point.

un autre nom

WEDNESDAY Recap then Noms and Veto EPISODE
Recapping a to be continued?
That feels wrong. Stupid wrong.
COULD BE FUKAKTA EDIT…. WAIT AND SEE. There’s too many relationships on the feed that don’t exist in the edit that were important this week.
NOMINATION DELIBERATION: Spin the Bottle of Whackyjuice
Marty pity party tantrum with hours of feed block.
Kevin d/r selective memory of Marty is fine with me.
Josh d/r they had a good relationship… um. well.
Marty is lost in Jessville thinking everything is a trap for him.
Betty d/r don’t want to talk to Marty.
Betty not out to get Marty. Do what you have to do.
Marty d/r oops Gino is upset. derp…. ya think?
Marty promises his hoh to Gino. Three men is Gino’s wish. Josh Moose noms are Gino’s preference. WELLLLL, If Marty meant it that should have been the end….. NOPE..
Marty / Moose. wants to take Moose up on his promise to be the pawn.
Moose weaseling.
Moose d/r nominate both targets. His promise… was that ever aired?
Marty didn’t have kick your feet up issues on week two… anyone else notice that?
NOMINATIONS or Delusional Projections? You decide.
Gino and Jace’s options aren’t best for Marty’s Paranoia.
Josh and Betty set a big trap for poor victim Marty who self victimizes some more about being a potential target going forward.
Betty pops off. Marty isn’t accountable.
Marty is annoyed the Canada’s Hero was questioned. You know that.
Betty d/r: Marty is a liar.
Moose comes up to kiss ass to keep from fulfilling his pawn promise if veto is used.
Marty really is gullible and paranoid.
Josh d/r pissed. AGE? Really? nu-huh.
Summer goes to HOH. Her d/r is total bullshit. She was trying to spin to keep herself from being renom as well.
Marty Summer argument... We see a clip of the Sunday night feedblock debacle. We see more of Wendy’s. Summer blows up after being thrown out of the HOH.
What we know: during Wendy’s, no. But did she later (after veto) push just about every house member as a renom to save Tynesha? You bet your ass she did.
This caused another LONG FEED BLOCK.
No VETO picks shown. MMKay…. who broke the wheel?
Veto: Summer/Gino/Betty/josh/Kevin
Head to Head Veto.

  • BETTY v. KEVIN ball rolling. Kevin wins. Kevin thought Betty would hit him it looked like.
  • GINO v. JOSH puzzle balance. Gino almost won. Josh almost won. Gino wins. the problem was locking the chord. d/r Josh Summer is the best hope????? oh right the crash test doesn’t exist yet in edit.
  • SUMMER v. GINO balance beam. Gino whupping Summer until commercial. Summer wants to throw the veto. She thinks she can avoid being renom… no. more edit blashemy.
  • KEVIN v. GINO Crossword. Gino mispells nominees. Kevin wins VETO.

What is this tear stuff from Josh? What is this? OHHH yeah. again… NO Dummies alliance revealed… only alliance in the house but okay.
Haleena is happy, wants Hermon out. WHAT’S MISSING? Marty was going to renom Hermon before VETO. Haleena is using logic. Haleena is doing this for the GHOSTS.
Tagteaming the Gullible Paranoid Guy…. Now Kevin is braintwisting Marty.
CRASH TEST DUMMIES REVEAL NOW?????? Screwy timing. Negates first half of the episode D/R’s and Josh’s post veto tears. OOOOPS continuity police screwed up.
Kevin says Hermon being close to Gino is bad for the 5. Let’s test Gino is Marty’s response. 8 minutes remain in the episode.
Gino is suspicious. Hermon should be the target. Gino says smart game move. Gino is just agreeing to be agreeable with KOOKOO for COCOAPUFFS.
Hermon is being kept in the dark. Kevin isn’t supposed to use veto in the con. Claims Summer will be renom. Kevin isn’t a backstabber.
HERMON D/R safety week. Get rid of Summer, and break the deal with Marty next week. Hermon thinks he’s going to win. Yeesh.
TO BE CONTINUED AGAIN???????? Sweet thundering Horsemen in Tubetops… WHY? They gonna recap the recap of the first to be continued before recapping the second to be continued before getting to the Noms… aren’t they?
feeds down since an HOUR BEFORE THIS EPISODE.

un autre nom

So much posthumous equine battery.

So Betty talked to Moose. He said he was thinking of keeping Betty because Hermon cut him loose last week. He’ll tell her tomorrow which way he is voting so she will know if there is a rogue vote it’s not him. Telegraph much?
Haleena is still mad at Hermon calling her a floater and lumping her in with Kevin when Jace is her secret final 2 ride or die. She said this to Jace, don’t get confused. Hermon talked to Haleena. didn’t pitch for her vote.
Hermon is still trying to swing Summer. Hermon says he’d be a better pawn than Betty. sideye. Yeah. Use Hermon as a pawn…. Yeah, he’s not going to pull a Moose to get out of it. eyeroll.
Hermon has no idea how Josh is going to vote, but knows Josh lost a lot of trust in Hermon because of all Hermon’s side projects. looked to the left and snickered.
Moose wants to confront Marty about saying there was a men’s final 4 when Kyle was in the house. There was… only Moose was kicked out and replaced with Hermon when they made it a final four. Hermon should NOT want this called out. Neither should Gino. The entire house already KNOWS it existed.
Moose post dinner is bringing up real world Kyle stuff. Josh stops him and says no.
Moose goes on about Kyle in the game and feeds are cut. Feed cuts are very much in the realm of dead horses anymore.

Tomorrow, Hermon wants to pull Moose, Josh, Gino and Jace into a room to give them the season 6 Jesse woke speech.

Still thinking that episode edit was, how do i say this, a crime against continuity.
If anything interesting happens, I’ll do a catch up post later or tomorrow morning. Cheers.

un autre nom

Don’t know if this qualifies as mess. Well it does. It just shouldn’t qualify as game mess when it’s prodomess.
Gino is being flirted at by Summer. He’s enjoying it but knows Jace is getting pissed.
Sounds like he inferred to Summer that production arranged the showmance and he didn’t have a choice?
Well, he had a choice. Steph or Jace. This one isn’t as fake as the Kaela / Derek mance in season 6 (oh get OFF the pot, that was SOOOOOOO fake), because at least Jace thinks it’s real.

Jace calls him into s/r to tell him he’s making her look like the butt of a joke with this constant behavior. He says it wasn’t his fault, it’s all Summer.
Kevin stoking Jace’s fire before she talks to Gino is a special kind of messy of the game variety.

However, this isn’t game for the most part, this is drgremlin drgremlining for storyline and an idiot outing the d/r. and not for the first time, just the most explicit case.

For Summer’s part? Completely intentional. So, she’s gonna poke the jealous showmance girl that’s won two comps to her zero… when the showmance girl has gained all the allies Summer has lost since Monday night? Oh. Hmmm. Yeah, Gino ain’t saving Summer’s ass from the block if Jace wins power. At this point if he tries he’ll join her.
She’s also doing this so she has a reason to keep Hermon part of my head tells me.

Feeds of course are down while they re-educate Gino on the contract and talking about production, and re-educate Jace on the contract and saying multiple times she’ll slap someone.
Feeds return to Summer saying that if Kevin took off his glasses and put the hat back on like a few days ago, he could probably get it right now.

Moose btw, is worrying about Betty’s power being used, and Moose going on the block as replacement nom. He’s asking Gino for his vote if that happens. It sounds to me like Moose is backing away from keeping Hermon because Summer and Josh are out.

Summer is starting to switch back to Hermon staying again. The thought of losing one of her men is getting to her.

un autre nom

Final campaign call of Wednesday night
Summer just told Jace she is leaning to vote to keep Betty. Hermon made good points though… let’s remind everyone that cams went off in that bedroom and came back with Summer saying see, I knew I shouldn’t showmance or flirtmance. Yeah. They made out imo. That’s the good point. Horny Summer got a fix and wants more.
Jace just told Summer the mance is leaning to vote to keep Betty (Jace likes keeping someone that would like a female winner).
Hermon wants to talk to the mance.
Hermon thinks he has the numbers because he’s been working on Summer for 2 hours.
Thinks Josh will go with the numbers.
Jace says you’d be great for a shield, but without eveyone KNOWING where the vote is going, nobody wants to declare anything.
Gino would rather if everyone talked it through for themselves without Hermon.
Gino won’t blindside Hermon, he’ll tell him his decision when he has it.
Hermon says it HAS to be a 5-2 vote. He’s surprised he has to work so hard for votes, he shouldn’t have to beg.
The showmance want to talk with Summer and Josh.
(Jace earlier told Haleena that Summer changing her mind and being non committal AGAIN is what they hold in the pocket to turn Betty against Summer… so….)
Kevin has told Moose that sympathy voting Hermon makes him a target. Moose feels bad.

That’s on Gino and Josh actually.
The invisbile man and mr. silence. Does Gino wonder if he can have his cake (Hermon) and keep his cake (Josh) too????
Remember: They just made a final four that includes Betty. Today. Jace caught up to Josh when he finally got away from Moose and verified the deal. So… what’s the need to talk about?

Gino and Jace verify that they will tell Hermon tomorrow, but Gino wants to talk to Josh first. He tried earlier but Kevin talkblocked, then Moose showed up and the moment passed.

un autre nom

Something I think I failed to communicate:
Moose, last week told his red room allies to vote to keep Tynesha.
Moose, this week is saying his allies betrayed him by not voting to keep him.
More Moostake? We’ll see.

un autre nom

Fridge is padlocked and they are on slop.
That to me indicates….. Buzzkilled HOH?
Josh reacts very poorly to the news of slop.
Hermon’s speech includes he’s not a finance manager… he’s an exterminator.
He calls Marty the head of the snake serial backstabber, and calls Kevin and Haleena the body of the snake, rogue vote 1 and rogue vote 2. (ed. remember… Hermon is a rogue voter in week 2).
It also includes calling out the five names of the five votes he wants/expects.
This entire doesn’t just want safety but wants to rub it in Marty’s face egotrip is an eyeroll at this point. Can’t just have the 4 votes. Has to have 5. why? EGO.


bbcan10 VOTES W6.jpg
un autre nom

in case the comp IS indeed Buzzkilled2.0
Remember: Season 7 the taller houseguests had an advantage. Adam (6’4″) mentioned being able to see the reflection of the lights overhead on the floor, and knew when the timer was getting close because the reflection turned from white to red. He also claimed to be able to see the movement behind the two way mirror after the comp
In terms of reaction times thus far: Gino, Moose and surprisingly Betty have been shown to have very quick reaction times (Betty on night one buzzer as well as reaction time to movement when the phone rang, other people were just faster getting to the phone, but her reactions were quickest).
If it isn’t Buzzkilled… never mind.
HOH overview:
Josh has already talked about not wanting to win (he’s back in the new middle if Hermon leaves so doesn’t want to rock the boat). A couple of others are weighing options about whether this is a good one to win because they want Marty gone but don’t want to nom him themselves. This opens the door for people motivated to win.
Who is least motivated? Gino and Josh. Gino doesn’t actually WANT to nom Marty (he’ll vote him out but doesn’t want to nom). Gino thinks they are sweet spot with everyone wanting to work with them. Josh, as mentioned before, thinks he is sweet spot with everyone since he’s in the middle.
Houseguests most at risk as of Wednesday night:
Marty and Moose are prime targets.
Summer and Haleena are pawn talk.

I’ve done up two charts for post HOH since there is still a chance of a flip. Will post the new alliance and deal chart with the Eviction episode review. Ciao.



Gino’s self-driven game:
Have you noticed how Gino is sooooooooooooooo quick to forgive any wrongdoing from Josh & Summer but isn’t so understanding with Kevin & Haleena? The ghosts have done much more actively to help the showmance with votes & in the case of Tynesha voting her out b/c that’s what Gino wanted. In contrast, Summer has told MULTIPLE people she wants to break up the showmance including Jess & Marty while Josh has been caught in a couple of sticky situations like the Expedia vote-out Gino discussion.

Showmance has alliances with everyone but Moose:
While the showmance now has a F4 with Josh/Betty, F4 with Josh/Summer, and F5 with Marty & the ghosts you have to think at some point that’s going to get outed. After this week things would get really sticky for them if they won HOH.

This week they can put up Moose & Summer (I think that would be their move – in order to back door Marty) and hope someone wins POV so Marty goes up. We know Summer would lose her sh*t if she was put OTB but G/JL would tell them both they are only going up to keep Marty calm b/c he’s the backdoor target. And if Summer gets pissy they can tell her they KNOW she’s pushed for them to be the targets.

After this week, if Marty goes it will be much tougher for them to win b/c they’ll have to expose which of the alliances they are really tied to. Kev/Hal won’t like Gino backdooring Marty but they’ll go along to get along if they can’t shift Gino off it. Doubtful they nominate Kev/Hal b/c that would show they are turning on the alliance (and show Josh b/c he knows about it) versus not putting up Moose/Summer or even Betty all of whom said they would target the showmance.

Hermon eviction speech:
Feeds were cut fairly quickly today but we got Hermon practising his speech. It might change once Gino & Josh tell him they’re NOT keeping him. But if he uses the speech he’s planning I’m not sure it would do anything to help him.

He’s going to say this is directed at “ONLY THE FIVE HOUSE GUESTS WHO MATTER … GINO, SUMMER, MOOSE, JACE & JOSH” I’m really an exterminator outside the house & you need me b/c we have a snake in the house – MARTY but the body of the snake is his number 1 and 2 — Kevin and Haleena who were the people who made the rogue votes week 2 and 5.

Doubtful any of the hamsters get upset about his Marty comments but I’m not sure attacking Kevin & Haleena will go over very well. Besides Hermon doesn’t know who made the rogue votes — he has Hal right but JESS made the rogue vote week 2. If I’m Kevin & Haleena I push to the others remember how he wanted the Josh vote to be 5-4 or 6-3 so he could blame Kevin for his vote? Doesn’t him saying this have you wondering if he was the rogue vote both times?

Josh painting himself thin:

Like the showmance, Josh has deals everywhere – F4 with Betty/showmance, F4 with Summer/showmance (Honey Bunch), F3 with the Ghosts (and I suspect they want Betty as the F4 in that group). And he’s still playing up to Marty they are F2 plus playing to Moose they are aligned as Hermon’s soldiers.

While Another Name accurately points out Josh isn’t doing enough downloading of intel to the Dummies (accurate) I do sort of think he’s telling Kevin more than we’ve seen b/c as I noted earlier I’ve witnessed several occasions where feeds return to Kev/J in a hallway or the pantry downloading intel quickly so I’m starting to think Kevin isn’t telling Hal b/c he sees how insulated Josh is & knows how many people love him so he’d rather cut him earlier than F3.

The Ghosts have talked about taking Marty/Gino or Marty/Jace to F4 and I suspect that will change. I do understand why they want Marty b/c he’s a beast at comps, a shield for them, and as a target & leaving before they would if nominated together. But it also makes sense (as frigging annoying as Marty is for the fan base) to keep him b/c NO ONE would vote for him in jury.

The other reason why I believe Josh is still tied to CTD more than the others is the little hints he offers that require reading between the lines:

  • He has told at least 5 hamsters how selfish Summer is
  • There is NO WAY he wants the showmance getting deep in the game (particularly Gino) who’ll likely be his back door target with the Ghosts pushing that mandate.
  • Josh is someone who appreciates ACTIONS so what Kev/Hal did this week to push Marty off keeping them OTB & putting up Hermon plus Kev removing him from the block will carry weight. He KNOWS from Kevin that Gino was the one asking for Josh/Moose OTB – that Summer, Moose, Hermon & the showmance were keen to keep nominations the same which tells him they’ll turn on him. It wasn’t on feeds but I’d bet big money Kevin played up that situation in the HOH room when Marty was yelling & hitting things that it was Kev trying to shift Marty off nominating Josh/Betty.
  • Although he might not recognize Haleena was working Marty hard from the start telling him NOT to play SOMEONE ELSE’S GAME (showmance) via his nominations & later pushing for Hermon to go up will carry weight but like Another Name, I do feel like he’d rather have Betty in Hal’s position within the Dummies.
  • And again, Kev removing him from the block & telling him from the get he was going to even if it showed their cards had the biggest impact on Josh thus far in the game. READ: I think he feels Kevin is his truest ally – – even over Betty – although he’d rather take her to F2 bc he beats her.
  • Another tie-in to Kev being a truer ally to him is the occasional petty comment about Kev to the others. It’s never terrible shade – just enough to keep them thinking he isn’t close (and he DOESN’T do it with Haleena). I could be wrong but I think this is also in case he’s F2 with Kev.

Finally, when Betty is so hyped about the F4 with the showmance his face tells the entire story. You can see his mind moving a million miles a minute as he’s trying to figure out if he should go along with this plan or tell Betty they can’t be trusted. At one point I thought he might say to her but think about how much it took to shift the showmance to vote for you whereas Kevin & Haleena were the first two to tell you IMMEDIATELY you were safe. Maybe we work with them but personally, I trust Kev/Hal more after this week.

He never did that but then again he knows Betty isn’t great at keeping secrets & he can’t afford to tell her all the alliances he’s in with Gino/Jace or all the alliances he’s aware of that they are in. Instead, I suspect he’ll wait until the time is right to strike & then expose that information saying – I didn’t buy into the Honey Bunch but I figured we’d go along & test the waters to see if JL/G were loyal to us but now that I’ve learned they have alliances with everyone it means we need to back door Gino b/c he can’t be trusted.


Who each hamster is closest to, would nominate/backdoor if they win HOH:

(heads up — super long post)

On the surface, this week is fairly simple for most of the house as everyone except the Ghosts wants to back door, Marty. The variance would be who gets nominated initially. Some have told others their noms & in some cases, it’s my gut feel…

Summer: Entering this week Summer was probably the safest person in the house and least likely to be a target but how she acted last week by naming specific people & trying to get Gino/Marty/Haleena/Kevin all on the block instead of herself or Tynesha took a toll. Hermon told enough people how she refused to use POV on him if she had played but wanted him to pick her so she could add it to her resume only served to make the others recognize how selfish she was.

Her actions this week only served to amplify that perception by putting her closest ally in the house in a situation where she wouldn’t promise her vote & wanted a list of “what she would do for her” in order to get that vote. The resulting effect is she pissed off both Hermon & Betty & you can bet Betty won’t forget that when she needs a pawn in the future.

Because she was worried about going OTB she went on a rant about Kevin thinking he was smarter than her & she wasn’t into his schmoozing BS. But by week’s end, he was the person who I think gained momentum as an ally with her. Kevin pushed her to make up with Marty so she wasn’t his target moving forward (she brought this up to Hermon during one of his pitches noting how Kev had her best interest at heart & Hermon didn’t).

IF she wins HOH she will nominate Moose & Betty (that’ll go over well) who offered to be her pawn & then back door Marty. Although — as I’ve noted about Josh/Betty it wouldn’t be surprising if Kevin tried to get her to look at Gino & push Marty as someone that would protect her moving forward more than Gino ever would.

Don’t think Summer hasn’t noticed how she’s lost her safety position in the house. Two weeks of feeling scared about going OTB changed how she’s played– well in fairness it just made her strategy more pronounced. Until she lands on the block she won’t show empathy to anyone who is on it & anyone who is, including allies (Hermon/Betty) were expected to give her the sun, moon & stars for her vote. The irony is if she was OTB she would’ve expected them to help pitch for her to stay & would’ve been offended if either of them had treated her the way she treated them (especially Betty).

She’s also upped her touchy/feely time with Gino which is pissing Jace the F off & it probably won’t change anytime soon as Kev & the others will keep pushing for her to do it. The irony about this dynamic is once Marty & Moose are gone & possibly even before the others she would target Gino or if the showmance were on the block she would keep Jace (who can’t stand her). Listen- if she wasn’t automatic to keep Hermon there is NO WAY she’d be more open to keeping Gino.

As for allies – Gino does like her & is probably the most invested in keeping her around but clearly has an issue b/c Jace will want Summer out possibly even ahead of Moose. Betty & Hermon were her two closest allies heading into this week but she’ll lose Hermon & because of her actions she’s lost Betty with Hal/Kev moving ahead of her and Josh replacing her.

Prior to this week I do believe Betty would’ve taken her to F2 but Summer’s lack of empathy, loyalty and selfishness completely shattered her position with Betty who would’ve pushed/insisted to Josh they be F3 — that’s over. Kevin played her the best this week catching onto the fact that the only thing that moves Summer is doing something FOR HER & capitalized.

First, he was the one to get her to talk to Marty to fix their falling out then he walked with her for about 30 minutes playing up how females seldom get respect for playing similar games to men plus noted if Hermon stayed she’d likely be sitting beside him OTB but if he left she’d be safer. Summer is reading this like Kevin is invested in keeping her safe when in reality he was doing this just to push ahead his agenda (take out Hermon & begin planting the seeds to keep Marty safe as a shield for her).

Jace: The humorous part about JL is she thinks that she’s playing this amazing game & has no clue all the things happening in her favor are b/c she’s tied to Gino AND b/c the CTD are driving the house to take out who they want which just coincides (for now) with her preferences.

Her nominations would be Summer and Moose with Marty as the back door.

Moving forward, Jace is keener to keep females around so that’s why she’s all about this F4 with Betty/Josh b/c Betty told her she wants a woman to win so in a house where the alpha males all seem to want to work together Betty telling her that means she’ll keep Jace over Gino. This also punctuates how little Jace understands about everyone else’s true agenda b/c the Dummies would ALL vote out Gino over Jace & so would Summer.

She said some pretty disparaging bratty things about Kev/Hal “I mean we didn’t come to the house to play with people LIKE THEM” especially after they were the reason Tynesha left. As much as Jace wants to keep females around after Marty it wouldn’t be surprising if Summer is ahead of even Moose as her next target.

The other oddity is for as much as Jace made the comments about Kev/Hal they are the two people she hangs out with when she’s not on top of Gino so I doubt she’d be able to put them up at least in the next few weeks.

As for allies other than Gino the funny thing is Marty is probably the one person who would want to take her deep in the game. Haleena MIGHT — but ONLY if Gino was gone.

Gino: His nominations would be almost identical to Jace — the question is whether he’d put up Summer to appease Jace or if he’d veer to someone else. He can’t put up Betty if this F4 deal is cemented & if he puts up Kev or Haleena then he gives Marty the heads up the F5 isn’t real & ditto for The Ghosts.

As for the F4 with Josh/Betty, I’m not sure he’s as invested in it as Jace but these two flip off alliances & ideas as quickly as a snap of the fingers. The truth is Gino really likes Josh often saying “let me talk to Josh first” and forgives him for any wrongdoing — as he does Summer. Kevin makes him laugh and he’s closer to him than he is to Haleena but I’m still not convinced he wouldn’t target Betty ahead of Haleena.

If he won HOH besides Moose (and assuming he could avoid Jace’s wrath to keep Summer safe) I could see him saying to Betty you did say you were okay being a pawn so I’m taking you up on that … and if he does that then Betty would quickly move off trusting the F4 with the showmance of course with Josh saying see I knew we couldn’t trust them.

I wonder how much Gino buys into any of these alliances knowing Summer & Betty have both said his name. Moose will be the next name after Marty on his list. The question is how invested he is in Kev/Hal and in truth it may come down to who gets the chance to strike first.

As noted, he loves Josh BUT much could change depending on who wins HOH this week. If Kev or Hal go OTB Josh will need to show his hand if he wins POV to save them — a little easier with Kev as it can be played off as paying back this week. It might not happen this week but very soon Josh’s actions will start to show & you have to think the Dummies will have a tougher time keeping their alliance hidden much longer.

What COULD save them is if this week Marty goes & a double eviction occurs next week if the Dummies won HOH & struck with a backdoor of Gino tell me Josh doesn’t get Betty to vote out Gino & Summer doesn’t jump on that action too. In the event that happens, the Dummies can play it off as it was a great chance to take out a comp beast.

Kev/Hal could sell it to Jace that they felt the showmance turned against their F5 by pushing Marty’s eviction & they still want to work with her but since they (Jace/Gino) turned on the 5 they didn’t feel obliged to protect the 5 any longer although they still want to work with her over Moose, Josh, Betty & Summer. And sure she’d be pissed at losing her showmance/meat shield but Summer isn’t invested in her & Josh will pull Betty with him I’m guessing to make a F4 with the Ghosts.

As for allies, Gino is liked by virtually everyone in the house but no one would take him to F2 or want him getting deep into the game. The conversation the Ghosts had about going to F4 with G & Marty felt more production-driven b/c it truly doesn’t make sense to keep Gino over Betty, Summer or Jace.

Betty: Easy choice for her – Moose & Summer OTB with Marty back door. Summer will lose her sh*t but how she handled the situation with Betty this week was forgiven but will NEVER be forgotten.

As for the Marty backdoor in the case of both Betty & Josh, I’m of the opinion the Ghosts will push Josh (& by extension) Betty if the opportunity is there to take out Gino instead via the back door since it would be a prime opportunity. It would require the Ghosts to get Marty to make a promise on a family member or something to ensure he wouldn’t target Betty/Josh if he won HOH the following week & go after Moose/Summer & Jace instead.

Betty is super invested in this new F4 with the showmance but Josh is her true #1 & since she’s easily turned 180 the entire game at the drop of a dime I doubt it would take much to switch her targets especially if he exposes the showmance has F4 or F5 deals with everyone in the house except Moose which is super shady.

Josh: See above he’ll put up Summer/Moose & indicate he’s targeting Marty but the Dummies will tell him it’s time to strike with a back door of Gino. Josh is most in jeopardy if Moose wins HOH presumably although he’ll need to find new footing in the house with Hermon leaving.

If Josh doesn’t put up Gino in a back door scenario or can’t explain why then the CTD will likely target him much sooner than they had planned.

Josh has ties everywhere in the house even with Moose although I’m not sure how many are true. Gino definitely wants to take him deep in the game, Betty adores him, while IMHO his true allies are the Dummies & Betty.

Haleena: The easy part of the equation is Moose & I’m assuming the second would be Summer who she’ll tell you are just a pawn there is a back door in play. Summer won’t like it but it is what it is. Haleena can’t put up Betty b/c of Josh or the showmance b/c of the F5 so it limits her initial noms.

Hal took a big hit this week b/c of Marty implying she was his F2 & hasn’t done a great job of attacking that immediately. She did up her talks in this regard on Wednesday discussing being upset by him doing this with Betty, Jace, & Moose (maybe Summer?).

She’s noting how Marty has deals everywhere & she feels like he’s saying this to paint a target on her & cover his ass. What she SHOULD have said is it’s news to me that I’m his F2 b/c I never discussed it with him & he certainly isn’t my F2 – Jace is. That would’ve served two purposes — put it on the record Marty is expecting reciprocation for saving her in the Safety Chain & in the event she got nominated hopefully have Jace (not Kevin or Josh) sitting beside her who would be voted out ahead of her.

Hal made a point of talking to Moose a couple of times – prepping to pull him to her & Kevin. She told him how Kev worked the house to ensure Moose stayed & brought up how they’ve worked with each other. She subtly reminded him he stayed over Tynesha b/c OF HER VOTE. It was one of her better social moves b/c others are NOT working to pull Moose to them.

The other was immediately telling Betty she had her vote & giving her information to show she trusts Betty. For the moment Betty may be starry-eyed over the showmance F4 but she isn’t looking at Kev/Hal before Moose, Summer, or Marty and Josh will work her to make sure the showmance isn’t ahead of Kev/Hal either.

Clearly, her main ally is Kevin, and while Josh is in the Dummies I believe she would want to keep Betty and possibly Jace even ahead of him.

She’s in an odd position with Hermon pushing the Kev/Hal noms – back door Marty agenda but he’s being voted out & I still don’t think the showmance would put them OTB b/c of what it would expose. They aren’t happy about the Expedia conversation but it’s hypocritical of them since they’ve had the very same conversations about others including the Dummies & Marty even before last week.

Kevin: Although he makes some silly choices at times overselling to certain people or missing opportunities to make moves he’s become my favorite of this season’s hamsters. He’s funny, intelligent & while I’ve abhorred the rat in past seasons perhaps b/c he told us he would turn on allies it’s more acceptable. AND in truth – he was the first hamster to overtly go out of their way to save an ally that wasn’t a publicly known tied knowing he took a personal hit for saving Josh. He’s also fine with being painted negatively & lets things go like Moose saying his name.

Although it’s not a big deal now – moving forward to jury each individual will remember these small gestures where he displayed forgiveness, empathy, or kindness.

While the house often vacillates on their thoughts about Kevin the truth is he makes them all laugh & his whispers in ears have been the most effective out of anyone. Hermon said “Marty thinks he’s running this house but he’s NOT I am.” or Gino telling Kevin “I have ears everywhere in this house Kevin – I know everything that is going on”.

Those two comments made me laugh out loud b/c the truth is Kevin is probably directing the house & knowing the most in the house. If the CTD or Ghosts get to the end I have a feeling they’ll be more impressed by Kevin than Josh and credit him over either Josh or Haleena for the moves they directed. I could be wrong but I think if Kevin explains it as the Ghosts were created first and then Hal/Kev went to Josh to create CTD which will make him appear as the mastermind of the trio. Plus, the fact Josh worked the middle all game while Kevin allowed himself to be viewed as an easy target & aligned to the 5 will be viewed as more difficult to navigate.

People like Summer, Hermon, Moose & Gino IMHO will all be impressed by how Kevin dictated what happened while appearing naive & out of the loop. In a season where every named alliance got exposed a week after it was created the fact he had the Ghosts & CTD remain hidden will likely again be credited to him.

While Marty has told Hal she’s his true F2 I’m not convinced he wouldn’t take Kevin. Ditto for Josh (if Betty isn’t there) and Haleena b/c they’ve been together since Day 2 or 3.

Moose: So the only person I’m not sure of what he would do is Moose. He’s been quick to say the same things as Hermon (Kev/Hal noms, back door Marty) BUT with Hermon leaving he is on an island and needs every friend he can get.

The people who are reaching out and offering an olive branch are Haleena & Kevin. He knows Summer is full of sh*t & won’t trust her after she turned on Hermon. He’s also not keen on the showmance although he plays it up with them he was quick to tell Josh it’ll be you Hermon & me in an alliance with the showmance but we’ll cut them after Marty.

If he were to win HOH everyone would throw EVERYONE UTB and he might just do what the house wants to back door Marty … BUT could Kevin or Josh or Hal get into his ear that the best initial noms would be Summer (for turning on Hermon when she was the one person openly aligned with him) & Betty – then push the better back door would be Gino?

Because he came across as so shady early in the game it will be hard for him to gain any traction with anyone. HOWEVER — b/c he’s a lone wolf could that play to his benefit especially if he can prove he’s reliable? Doubtful – he’ll still be the pawn in almost every scenario but aligning with the showmance is only doing what everyone else is so he’d have to make a big move & backdooring Marty would only serve to play the showmance’s game which is what I suspect Hal/Kev/& or Josh will pitch.

We’ll find out soon enough – once we know the HOH.

un autre nom

Who will be potential Juror number ONE?
Will the episodes stop being cliffhangers once Marty is out of power… or is this the new abnormal?
I’ve seen a spoiler. I’m still not convinced. Either the storyline becomes Former Savage 7 vs. Outsiders or the storyline becomes overlapping pairs trying to leverage power. That’s what this eviction ACTUALLY tells us.
and I’m not taking part in documenting that.
Arisa says jury house will be open and the HOH is Buzzkilled tonight.
Josh: please use it on me, but do what’s best for you
Betty: I value you. I respect any decision.
Kevin: I have decided…..pause…. to use the power of veto on Josh.
Superstitious. I don’t want to break a pattern.
Marty says Hermon. Dance your way right back on the block.
Josh d/r didn’t think Kevin would use it???? Um. He KNEW. What is going on with the Josh edit????? This is so creepy off.
Kevin d/r: this has been Kevin and Haleena’s HOH.
Hermon: slippery snaky shit Marty.
Haleena says she didn’t know. It’s about Jess. d/r welllll. welcome to the party.
Hermon: textbook backstabbing. Kevin admits knowing Hermon was going on the block.
Summer and Betty kept their cool. Moose is upset (as revealed in d/r).
Betty and Summer comfort Moose. Betty calls him a liar.
Marty says game move. Hermon is target. Marty only trusts 2 people.
Hermon asks for public acknowledgement of Backstabber status.
Phone ringing as Arisa comes back on camera. oops.
Hermon Jace (says needs 4 votes d/r… he’s been 5 is all that will do). He’s going for Marty, Kevin and Haleena.. Jace is fired up by the pitch.
Jace Gino, Kevin and Haleena aren’t good enough for them. Gino says Hermon is a salesman. Gino is noncommittal.
Betty tells Haleena that Hermon is naming Marty, Kevin and Haleena re Hermon’s pitch.
Betty says Haleena and Betty have value. Haleena promises Betty her vote no matter how the house votes.
(ED. This season has a definition problem. Floater / Coaster. They also have a preoccupation with Comp wins and consider likeability social game).
Filler: Josh is not a Marine Biologist segment.
Summer and Hermon. Betty is a sure Jury vote. Hermon will fight for her more. (Or call her a target if she doesn’t vote for him… potato potahto)
Summer sticky situation d/r.
Betty Jace. Betty will throw everything at them. Betty is a woman vote in jury.
Hermon Gino. Not after the showmance (he said he was Tuesday to Josh and to Moose). Betty comes out (she just learned Summer was snaking her). Gino says HE wants to take out Marty (he’s since waffled a little).
Summer Jace. We should all vote together. Honeybunch strong. Jace thinks Betty votes female and Gino is a salesman. Jury management matters.
Summer Betty. This was not a good conversation. Summer. Bad conversation.
Betty Josh. Betty cries and Josh is hurt.
Josh d/r I don’t know what to do with my hyperexteded loyalties. F2 Hermon, Betty and the Kevin Haleena relationship. What do I do? Maybe grow a spine and make an actual decision, a full day of hiding from everyone was crap. How is he any different from Summer in this edit???
Sixteen minutes of episode remain.
Prize Announcement for the season winner.
Tired of people yelling “Let’s Go!” As of Tonight the Jury starts.
Betty: Boiler plate.
Hermon: Marty don’t tell me when to dance. Exteminator: SnakeMarty is my target. (He cut a lot of his practice speech)
Evict Hermon:
Haleena/ Kevin/Josh/Summer/Jace/Gino/Moose
HERMON is evicted by 7-0 Unanimous.
Six minutes left in episode.
Hermon thinks they realized he was a threat. Moose had to save himself. Marty or showmance are threats to win.
HOH watch on live feeds.

bbcan10 WEEK SIX3.jpg

So Hermon didn’t go after Kevin & Haleena in his speech (only Marty) – I wondered if he would shift once he learned he was leaving.

The goodbye messages take on more credence now that Hermon is headed to jury. The order was Kevin, Josh, Summer, Moose & Marty. The showmance, Haleena & Betty didn’t have messages.

It’s always interesting to watch the evicted hamster as they show them in a smaller frame watching the messages. Hermon’s biggest reactions were to Kevin (he had a big smile on his face listening) and to Marty’s message he initially stuck his tongue out at him then was saying things but they cut away from the smaller frame possibly b/c Hermon made a slashing across the throat gesture. He also called Moose “my guy”. He smiled at most of the messages.

As for what they said…

Marty gets ZERO points for his message “Hermon, I hope you understand this was a game move, it’s nothing personal. I really, really love you as a person, you’re such a funny guy and I had a blast with you inside this house. Whenever this is done I hope we can be friends for life. I really respect you and I wish you good luck.

Summer: “I wish things could’ve gone done in a different way but sometimes the devil just works harder. But just know your girl will throw it down until Martin is out of this house

Moose: “I’m gonna miss you so much brother, I did what I can to keep you but
I love you man.” (Clearly, this message was edited b/c it doesn’t flow).

Oddly Josh didn’t give him much especially considering the house didn’t expect the jury to be starting this week. He said “I’m sad to see you go, I know we had a F2 but I just couldn’t trust you as much as I could trust Betty that’s why I had to let you go at the end of the day but it’s all love” Hermon shook his head during Josh’s speech and sort of pursed his lips (I could be wrong but I got the impression that vote hurt Hermon the most).

Since Josh thought he was going home I was sort of surprised he didn’t own up to knowing the plan &/or his membership in the Dummies!

Kevin OWNED & CLAIMED responsibility for Hermon leaving saying “I got my way this week, all week I’ve been trying to get you on the block and finally I won that veto & Marty took my advice and put you up. You’ve been a really fun adversary to play with, we’ve gone back and forth but this time I got the W.

Marty won’t gain any traction with Hermon for his message – the Moose message was super short & revealed nothing new, Summer was also expected, and Josh sort of dropped the ball a little bit by continuing to play the middle. The only message IMHO that will have a jury impact is Kevin’s b/c he took credit for the move while also giving the hat tip to viewing him as the key adversary and that will hit the mark when Hermon votes as long as Moose isn’t sitting beside him (and maybe Gino).

un autre nom

He will see the other goodbye messages. They show the rest to him before he hits jury house. It’s something I wondered about a few seasons ago, why aren’t they shown all.
Past houseguests that I know by one or two degrees of separation have informed me they do watch all of them off camera before they hit the press (two said) or before hitting jury (a third stated).

un autre nom

Buzzkill HOH Part ONE.
Marty reads the rules.
Everyone shouts out happy birthday Gillian. Moose says the silence is a buzzkill.
Jace buzzed in first Kevin second, Moose third. Summer is the first Eliminated. The button requires more force than Summer and Josh used. Josh corrected first. Everyone had to hit the button multiple times before it was recorded.
Weird moment where Haleena buzzed in after Moose yelled out. She was not removed. Betty asked if that’s even allowed.
They’ve changed the timer angle From Season 7 to cut the height cheat.
Desserts on the table. Marty and Summer wonder if they can chow down.
Moose wants people to go with him. the desserts must be eaten at the table. Summer and Marty are eating and enjoying loudly.
(ED.? Still marvelling at this week’s editorial malfeasance. There were choices made that I wouldn’t have made in the edit. Choices that really bite.)
Timer starts while Moose is setting up food for Moose and Josh to grab.
Haleena is the second eliminated and Moose and Josh got food. Betty Josh Moose first to buzz in. Moose’s earlier punk got in her head lmao.
Josh and Moose celebrate they got to feed their faces, and didn’t get eliminated.

un autre nom

After Haleena is eliminated and before the door closed, Jace ran for some brownie. Hal looks Piiissed stilllll. Summer and Marty look pleased they got to eat.
Jace and Josh get a warning for hovering over the button (the Dane method no longer allowed).
(ED. if they follow the pattern of eliminating entrance groups, Marty is the last member of group 4. Group 1 and 3 are totally intact the idea of Marty and Gino in jury alone together tickles me).
Pact about the next temptation. I don’t think Betty agreed.
Marty tells Summer this comp is definitely on live feeds. His wife watches the live feed comps.
Anyone else find it odd that Cam four has pretty much been GInocam since the comp started? Just me? okay. I’m noting it and find it sus. except for the temptation it’s been Gino’s cam for an hour and ten minutes.
Comp is now at the 1.5 hour mark.
Kevin and Betty are showing tension / anxiety in their expressions.
(ED. i ran over to the kitchen and got a couple cookies ran back and nothing had changed).
Gino does a deep knee bend. first movement since comp started.
Cam angle on 2 changes, it’s now a floating cam so timer isn’t visible. put the damn timer back.
Ginocam on 4 has finally closeup shifted to other people, just as cam 2 is doing the whole pan to Gino bit. I shit you not. AAAND FEEDS CUT FOR SHIFT CHANGE…. or perhaps for endurance comp break (yes, since season 5 there have been breaks in bbcan endurance comps well documented on feeds in season 6 and 7 convos). if the outage is more than 15 minutes i’ll be sussed, we’re at 12 now. 13. 14. 15. 16…. Mutterflickers.
Nobody else has been eliminated before the feed outage.
Part three when feds return.

un autre nom

Keep in mind, first person out of each Buzzkilled has been eliminated for not hitting the button hard enough. It’s not rigging for the first person out, it’s lack of hitting the button with enough pressure. EVERY time they’ve played it. There was an issue with 2 bad sensors in the buttons last time they played. They restarted. They restarted a button comp in 6 as well.
We all forget, the buttons have been an issue each of the three times it’s been played.
That’s why when people say bring back buzzkilled i stop and look back at the problems Buzzkilled has had and say… with new buttons.
Feed block during an advertised watch the HOH on feeds that is at the 45 minute mark so far. BBCAN gonna BBCAN. At 48 minute mark Arisa tweets something about investigating a malfunction. Stay tuned. I’m guessing the toxic part of fandom on twitter didn’t like that Summer and Josh didn’t push the buzzer hard enough in round one, and it cost Summer. Will they start over? That would mean giving EVERY player that has been standing there for the full hour and a half a break to relax/destress to cut down advantage.
EVERYONE LOOKS MAD AS HELL. Marty looks like he wants to kill everyone and then call security to have them removed from his yard. GInocam is back on Gino.
Summer out first again. (now twitter is doing rewind and search to see if she’s out first again or if they can call rigged again). Summer and now Moose are still complaining about their buttons.
Everyone is having button issues and hits their button multiple times.
Moose is doing a lot of promise swats at the button. Marty appears to be falling asleep.


un autre nom

Tomorrow’s HOH comp will be a new comp since the buzzer system sensors are malfunctioning.
I blame Naeha in season 3… they haven’t had a buzzer comp where the buzzers worked properly since she nearly karate chopped the table in half when she was called for head to head buzzers repeatedly.
The only time I remember an HOH comp cancellation is season 6. It never started because of technical problems, and it was a double eviction night. They played the next morning but cobbled together a party that night with added people in the house.
It was the hangover booth comp. all the houseguests drank the night before. They were awakened early and some of them were puking during the comp.
So…. what do you think the backup comp will be?

un autre nom

Raise your hand if you are concerned.
Honest reaction that’s keeping me awake:
They never would have stopped that comp after an hour and a half if it weren’t for the level of complaint. The same people that image capped the Last HOH trying to remove Marty were slowing video and image capturing for Summer to be reinstated. When they restarted, I actually saw a bunch of messages saying, no just Summer, why does Ratleena get another shot. blink blink. mmkay.
This is where we are: the bias and vitriol are now a solid mass that has tasted power tonight.
I TOTALLY SUPPORT restarting for technical issues. I TOTALLY support stopping a comp for technical issues. The technical issues were not a new thing, that’s what got me confused. They’ve happened every time they’ve done that comp.
I support fairness.
I apply this to ALL NINE people currently in the Big Brother Canada House. I’m not sure if that is the case for the solid mass, though. I don’t think it is.
I truly fear that if a threat to a fave had the technical issue, there wouldn’t have been a mass complaint and the comp would have continued with cheers of skill to those not affected, and sucks to be you to the affected if they were a threat to a fave.
I hate thinking that would be the case. I think that would be the case.
Anyway, they need new buzzers, and that’s been known since the first time they played this comp.
So is that my big concern?
Nope. My big concern is ‘is that where it stops?’ It took them well over an hour and a half to stop the comp and investigate for another hour. Yeah, they weren’t going to stop the comp until the heat got turned up too much. Not sorry for saying that out loud.
So, i’m worried. If the replacement comp isn’t on feeds, I’m not sure if I will trust the result.
I hope it’s on feeds, I hope it’s a comp that is akin to the comp it is replacing, but without the techincal issues. I hope we can get through an HOH without the solid mass attempting to taste more power. Tbh, there’s three different solid masses, depending on which platform is offended. And all three are ugly. And all three are attempting to use social media influence to control the storyline.
I’m not sure if I’m going to trust the result no matter what now. My apprehension is growing. No matter who wins HOH at this point, there’s going to be an outcry of rigged from some corner. That’s where we are. No matter who wins the HOH, SOMEbody is going to be screaming foul in the fandom, and attempting to exert dominance and taste power.

For storyline purposes, it doesn’t actually matter this week who becomes HOH. No, really. It doesn’t. We’re at that spot where they’ve revealed the angle they are going to take for the midgame, and for this week, no matter who is evicted, that doesn’t shift. The storyline angle isn’t going to change.

My solace:
the theme this season may be game show, but it’s not an actual gameshow, its reality entertainment programming in a game show-like format. I’ve said that to myself about twelve times this week. Tonight i’m still concerned.


So I’m guessing two of the three factions are for the showmance and for Summer fans. For the most part I avoid the negative stuff so I don’t know for sure. When I’m looking at social media it’s for facts (updates) and occasionally there is some funny stuff on there.

Assuming I’m correct about it being Jino & Summer fans (as the first two factions) who is the third? I’d hope there is balance and it’s for the Dummies or Ghosts but could also imagine a Betty group or Josh/Betty group or even Moose b/c he’s an underdog now.

un autre nom

From what I’ve seen while eavesdropping (I am NOT entering any of the threads on ANY of the usual platforms after the BB23 week of death threats for not being adoring enough of Hannah):
From what I’ve seen there’s a cross platform faction that views the game by race.
I consider them ONE mass of bias and vitriol spanning multiple platforms whether they are screaming Squad or screaming Jino/Marty/Kevin. This is the big faction this season. Each side in this little war has called Production prejudiced and sent in mass complaints depending on who is winning what. This is the main faction of the season.
There’s the Summer stans that were Hannah stans that were LaToya stans. This faction IS driven and WILL attack anyone that doesn’t praise enough. Be prepared to private your socials if they don’t think you were heaping enough praise. They will also try to exert their will on production.
The third faction is an offshoot of the other two. It’s the Jino / Sino debate club. They mostly just go after each other.
I’m great with people having faves. It’s the entire attempt to control production through social media intimidation thing that is creeping me out.

Kevin Lyons

I wish I could take a look at the buttons themselves and the lockout circuit as well. Seems to me if things were designed properly, by quality engineers/technicians, and quality equipment were used, this would never happen. I’m an Electronics Technologist. I’ve worked in industry where among other things, Emergency Buttons are designed and built to be activated with some force. I’d never seen such a failure. Why? Because such failure is NOT an option as it could literally cost lives.


It can’t be anything too elaborate unless they move up an upcoming comp with time to build/replace it. Not sure how long something like that would take unless they just add another Q & A comp.

Although it also involves buzzing in – they must have that two-sided stand where a question is asked & the first to buzz in and answer correctly wins (or answer wrong & is eliminated). That would mean coming up with a set of seven questions for the eight players with someone eliminated each round. AND it would show the cards of people b/c the first two are a wild card draw and then the winner picks the next two competitors.

Or they could put up the long panel booths and do a Q & A – even as mundane as asking questions about what’s around the house – doing a true or false scenario – like there are more than 120 priced items on the wall in the pantry. Answer true for more and false for less.

There is that one where they have the wall at the end and do the ready, set, whoa comp where they all line up like a track meet but they’d need the video wall at the end for that.

Or they could easily do “Hide & Go Veto” I can’t recall if BB Can have ever done that comp. That would be an easy one to orchestrate but create a mess in the house.

OR they could move up a comp they had planned to use in an upcoming week that wasn’t endurance based (like standing on a wall or swinging) but then they’d have to create another comp to replace it later (unless they tried to fix the buzzers for Buzz Kill & do it later).

It feels far too early to do before/after or anything date-related.


un autre nom

I don’t recall a hide and go veto in BBCAN. They have a hard enough time getting people to sweep the floor and make their beds. They did an HOH lockdown to have someone come in and clean the house this season.
As long as they don’t do the infamous season three unspooling comp that caused so much injury and illness…. lol.

East Coaster

Looks like Gino is HOH, didn’t see any of any comp though. And looking to back door Marty.

un autre nom

Friday. feeds down close to 5 and a half hours.
Uh oh.
They aren’t showing the replacement comp. Prepare yourselves for the rigging calls no matter who wins.
Hermon’s exit interview is exactly what you would expect from Hermon.
I actually stopped paying attention.
It feels like he’s looking at his eviction like Summer actually was the swing vote. Only if the showmance stood still and didn’t make a play for themselves. But he’s unable to view that.
The swing vote depended on the showmance being static.

So they have to do the comp, then do the d/r for the comp, then do the whowantstoseemyHOHroom crap. That’s why feeds have been down so long IMO.
Damn, they’re also going to have to rush through one on ones to get noms on schedule tonight…. or they could do noms tomorrow right before they spin veto players. Knowing prodo, they want to get back on schedule a lot, so they most likely try to fit in Wendy’s AND noms today.

un autre nom

Remember last night when I marvelled at how the feeds had a designated GINOCAM during Buzzkilled?
Good times.

un autre nom

Betty Haleena and Josh are Have nots. Summer dropped out of HOH for a slop pass.
The HOH comp was Trivia of some kind, but I don’t think just booth style.
Marty is nervousing to Kevin already. He says he told Gino he wasn’t after the showmance, and Moose and Josh are the big threats. Kevin tells Marty to chill.
Haleena is having some kind of self loathing fest to Jace. She wants Jace to get Gino to take Betty or Moose to Wendy’s, not her, because she did so poorly in the HOH and doesn’t deserve food. FIIK.
Jace asks Gino about noms. Gino thinks Moose and Summer initial noms to backdoor Marty. Marty has safety deals with both Moose and Summer, and Gino knows it (with 9 people left, at midgame, the time to backdoor might be over, just saying).
Moose is Wendy’s date. Moose is thrilled. It gives him time to try to mastermind on Gino and rescind his offer to be a pawn like he did last week with Marty. You can SEE it on his face.
Summer is already nervousing about going on the block. She’s paced a lot. She’s trying to figure out who to throw under the bus to keep herself off. Betting it’s Haleena and Betty. She’s going to push Honeybunch and JamaicanGreek on him HARD. He knows she’s said his name for a couple weeks now.
Haleena is now apologizing to Kevin and Josh for sucking rocks in HOH.
Kevin says to the other two let’s prepare to kiss HOH asses.
Gino, like his first HOH, is cleaning the HOH room top to bottom. It’s like smudging with pine sol.
Look at Summer’s body language whilst waiting for Gino. I’m not sure if she’s nervousing, getting ready to backstab, or annoyed that he isn’t prioritizing her over sanitizing the room.
Shoulders up. Arms crossed. Jaw set. cringe. Maybe getting him in trouble with his showmance Wednesday night wasn’t a good idea (I’m joking, he loved it).
Bullet points:

  • Haleena can’t be pawn she’d choose Marty as house guest choice.
  • Summer doesn’t want to be pawn. veiled threat. Josh instead, he’s strong.
  • will smooth wifey’s ruffled feathers with lots of taunting about girlfriend.
  • doesn’t want to be pawn, but has a social connection to everyone so can give Gino all the tea (she’s never ONCE poured him a cup of tea in this game) unless she thought she could go on the block.


Gino is going to attempt the five finger plan with Nine people in the house.
Moose is going to try to get out of his pawn promise. He pushes everyone, but emphasizes Josh and Kevin I bet. Or goes just throw Marty up.
Gino will think anyone but Kev, Hal and Marty in veto, He thinks they’d save him and put the other of the 3 at risk????
Gino will attempt to get everyone else to agree to use the veto so that Marty can be renom.
LAST time Gino was HOH, Gino was singular in his nominees. Marty and Jess initial noms because Marty had flip voted week 2 and Jess was a threat he didn’t have a deal with. It shifted when the KYLE HEAT got too hot.
Currently, Gino and Jace have Kevleena on one side thinking they are together and Jotty on the other side thinking they are together. That leaves the Singles and Marty. But DOES he follow through? Should he? Safety in number control tells me he should.
Would anyone suggest just do both Kevin and Haleena as pawns? Moose maybe.

Sorry, I know Gino is about to chat with Josh, but I’ve got to head out for a while and get some stuff done. Later peoples.

un autre nom

Returned to a feed outage. at least 2 hours of feed outage.
BOTH Moose two weeks ago, and Betty last week used the ‘use me as a pawn i won’t fight it’ bone in their campaign to stay.
If anyone is assuming noms will be Moose and Betty, this is WHY.
So far Moose has welched once already. Expect the same this week. The edit didn’t include either of them saying please keep me i’ll be your obedient pawn.

Summer is trying to have the Season 9 Ty cred of never hitting the block. She will ALWAYS say it isn’t the right time for me to be used as a pawn. As she should. Never volunteer to be a pawn.
Once you do volunteer your services as a pawn, your credibility should decrease immeasurably if you try to finagle your way out of honoring the deal. Unless you made the deal with Marty. Cus Marty gonna Marty.

Feeds return.
Kevin is putting the suit back on to be Andrew the lawyer again in his Gino one on one.
Jace Gino converse in HOH about options. If Marty doesn’t become bd target Moose is target. Putting Josh or Betty otb is bad because of the 4. Putting Kev or Hal otb is bad, they’ll pick Marty for hg choice in veto out of spite. Summer suddenly bringing up Honeybunch is preeeetty convenient given timing Jace says. She’s gonna be pissed at being a nom but whatchagonna do? Summer Jace talked about the flirt thing. Basically Jace thinks Summer’s game is flirt to get men to keep her safe. That is part of her strategy.
Sounds like Moose tried to push noms for the block during Wendy’s, and tried to jedimindwipe his promise to be a pawn. Gino still wants to pawn him. He might have pushed the alpha males (Gino, Josh, Moose) as a final three? YOU try figuring out what Gino is saying when he barely says anything and elaborates NOTHING.

un autre nom

One on Ones.
Betty and Josh know the noms. Betty is not telling Summer. They know about the back door.
Haleena knows the noms and agrees with them. Doesn’t know about the back door.
Marty is pushing for Josh to be the backdoor. He’s okay with Moose being on the block.
I think he wanted Betty to replace Summer, or wants Betty or Josh to leave.
He’s back to this nugget. Gino is going to become more convinced there is a deal between Marty and Moose or Marty and Summer if Marty keeps pushing. Marty will of course keep pushing.
Kevin is saying Summer’s throwing is getting out of hand. Says she says Gino’s name way too much when it makes no sense. Not telling Kevin the plan. Says Betty or Josh could be renoms (Gino totally thinks Kevin and Marty are like THIS). Kevin says Marty is Gino’s shield. the longer everyone focuses on Marty, the further Gino gets in the game (Pretty much the talk Kevin gave Jace earlier today, only more elaborate). At 5, they ditch Marty is what Kevin tells Gino.

Josh has not yet told Kevin or Haleena the plan is to backdoor Marty.

(Hermon is most likely to vote Moose as winner now, and least likely to vote Kevin. He’s going to be a bitter juror, voting based on who was loyal to him and personalizing his relationships over game. Sorry. that’s the read between the lines. Like anyone doubted that would be the case?)

un autre nom

Kevin is suspicious.
He thinks there’s a plan to backdoor Marty, and it’s being concealed from him.
He’s asked Summer, who says she has no idea.
Betty slipped up an hour later and said neither Gino nor Marty will be competing for the next HOH, then tried to cover. Kevin DEFINITELY caught it.

It should be noted, Jace said Gino disappeared from bed for a couple hours last night.
I found it weird that last Wednesday night Marty disappeared from bed for over an hour.
Sideyes and whistles. Nothing to see here, just coughing tinfoil.
HOH came down to a tie between Gino and Jace. She threw it to him. She gets the comfy bed without the bloody hands theory? I think that’s it.
Jace is now asking Hal about a final four between Kevleena and Jino. (a fake four, Gino and Jace still think Kevleena are sketchy and weak).
Hal says she she’d be down. The two mentioned how Kev feels Marty follows him around in a similar way to how Jess followed him around.
Then the two of them were discussing Summer. Jace LOVES having someone she can discuss Summer with, and Hall is really annoyed that she feels Summer doesn’t try in any comp (think she also thinks Summer is saying her name again). THIS is what I was saying Hal should have been doing LAST week once noms were made. Bonding with Jace to get the Marty stink off of her. 6 days later…
Marty and Moose are dressing up in Jace’s clothes. shudder. Marty in a croptop…. unsee unsee. unsee.

Problem moving forward:
Kev and Hal know about the (supposed to be fake but feeling less fake) four between Jino and Jotty.
Josh and Kevin had discussed a plan earlier off feeds, but Kevin wants them to hold off until after veto, unless Josh really thinks they should. Josh said no. Why do I get the feeling that was the push Marty backdoor that Josh wanted?
Josh knows Kevin thinks it’s Moose’s time to go.
Josh hasn’t told Kevin about the Marty backdoor plan, but Betty is accidentally hinting. If Betty knows, Josh knows.
Kevin was told Gino wants noms the same or will put up Josh as renom. He was sus.
Dummies Dilemma Incoming?

un autre nom


un autre nom

This morning Gino informed first Moose, then Summer that they will be going on the block as pawns to back door Marty.
Gino told Haleena yesterday he hopes the veto doesn’t get used.
Gino told Kevin yesterday that renom would be Josh if veto was used.
Josh, Betty, Summer, Moose and Jace are in on the plan.
Marty thinks Josh or Betty are getting back doored.


Hey, un autre nom (or anyone who would like to comment).

I wondered if anyone can clarify whether Josh told the Ghosts about the new 4-some with the showmance & Betty (I think he did last week) or if he’s told them about Gino’s plan to backdoor Marty.

While it’s clear the showmance wants to keep both F4 options open he’s sort of playing with fire by not telling Kev/Hal about his true intentions.

Summer knows & we have to assume he told Moose on their Wendy’s date so eventually, Hal/Kev will find out if Josh didn’t tell them (especially if Marty plays POV & doesn’t use it) b/c in that scenario Summer will spill to both Marty/Kev what happened & Moose will likely tell everyone and beg to be kept to go after the showmance.

This brings me to another thought (I’d love an opinion on). We know Josh’s preference is to always ride the middle ground. So much so that he has deals/alliances with every single person in one shape or another in the house.

He’s recently pissed off the Ghosts for not sharing information, Betty has caught him holding back things/or lying & even when he was in perceived danger he didn’t overshare which shows how much restraint he has.

I’ve noticed the only time he really strays from that discipline is for the Dummies so I’ve assumed all along they were his true allies, especially b/c he won’t believe he/Betty could beat Jace/Gino in a F4.

This week there are six people voting so four votes control who stays. That means the Dummies will need Betty to be in concert with what they want to do & Josh first would have to agree that’s the right decision.

Soooooooo with that in mind, Another Name here are a few scenarios that could play out – I’d love your thoughts on them (and again, anyone else who would like to offer your opinion).

Marty goes OTB beside Summer: Summer will hold a grudge that Gino ruined her perfect “never being OTB” run so if she was intent on targeting the showmance before today, that ramps up 100.

At first glance, it seems illogical to keep Marty over Summer & she’s likely who Gino would push to be removed from the block. But if Moose won POV & Summer stayed OTB is there any scenario where keeping Marty is better for anyone other than the Ghosts?

I’m thinking — PERHAPS – Summer definitely didn’t do herself any favors with Betty last week by how she acted making her jump through hoops & proving she has NO LOYALTY to anyone other than herself.

If the Dummies decide keeping Marty was better for their games (and the blowback of doing it) I don’t think it takes much to sell Betty on why (see below) and maybe an easier sell than for Moose even.

Admittedly, that would be some major karma for Summer after last week.

… the more likely scenario is would be

Marty goes OTB beside Moose: literally, everyone in the house knows Moose is a lone wolf & will stab anyone in the back to get ahead. He’s more inclined to want the alpha male group to move forward (Gino & Josh) so he doesn’t really offer much for any of the ladies or Kevin.

Josh has NEVER liked Moose from the early weeks. In fact, Moose was the first name I recall Josh saying was his personal target. So I think the Ghosts would have an easier time getting his buy-in for Moose than they would if Summer was OTB.

(plus FOR SURE -Gino is going to tell him how Moose pushed for Josh to go up instead of him in order to gain trust with him — and that information might make the decision easier).

It requires getting Betty on the same page & as per above there is a logical way to present this option BUT it could get messy. First, he tells her that the showmance also has a F4 with Kev/Hal (was in a F5 with Marty) & then about the F4 Honey Bunch.

He tells Betty he only just learned about the F5 & Kev/Hal F4 this week but they can see how it makes sense given the Tynesha vote right? The Honey Bunch would be trickier b/c if he didn’t tell her already it looks a bit shady but again I think it’s fairly easy to cover his tracks on that.

He can say he thought it was a joke b/c the only time he ever heard it mentioned after the very first day was when Jace was ranting about Summer saying she could never work with her. Then this week with Summer OTB she suddenly brought it up & when he questioned if that was real she said the showmance has been pushing it every week. So, in essence, Jace/Gino have three F4 deals in the house covering every person except Moose but since they want to take out Marty it’s likely they also have a deal with him.

OR… they get Summer on board – which again, might not be that hard b/c she’ll be feeling EXTRA about losing her perfect run of not being nominated. Kev/Josh could play up how Jace doesn’t like her & IF they can convince her Marty would be her new shield & be the guy to break up the showmance she might be an even easier flip vote than Betty.

The crazy part is I think the trickier portion of this plan would be convincing Marty to turn on Gino again b/c the only way this foursome could keep Marty is if he committed to going after the showmance. Otherwise, it’s not worth their time to openly go against them.

AND b/c he’s gone back on his word in the past (particularly vs. Josh) they would need to get him to promise on his family or something.” And that would require a delicate touch – b/c Marty could spin out over something like that.

The reason I think the Ghosts will push this super hard AN is it may be the last time Gino will be this vulnerable again & the house seems to think there could be another double this week (not sure about that).

Anyway – if you have time let me know what your thoughts are on this.


un autre nom

Kevin pushed for Betty to propose a fake final four with Gino and Jace. In attendance were Kevin, Betty and Josh.
Kevin has told Haleena about the fake final four already.
Josh has not told Kevin and Haleena a thing about the final four or Gino’s plan this week.

Kevin and Josh had discussion off feed about a plan (a plan to get Marty out?). We know this because Kevin went back to Josh after K met with Gino (being told Josh is renom), and told Josh they shouldn’t push the plan unless Josh thinks they HAVE to. Josh said no.
(Josh knows Marty is renom, hasn’t told Kevin).

Betty let it slip to Kevin that next HOH will be easier for a new winner if Gino and Marty both can’t play. He definitely heard it.

I’ve yet to see Josh share anything on feeds with Kevin that is noteworthy since the 4 was made. This is why I’ve been projecting that Josh is floating back to centre. The information exchange between Kevin and Josh was 70/30 last week, it’s about 85/15 now. Kevin shares more of his knowledge by far than Josh shares of his knowledge.
This was the only week Josh could have won HOH without harming centre status and there is indication he threw it.

An aside: Summer actually mentioned in an offended tone that Jace should have been nominated in Summer’s place. Realllllly? That’s the hill she’s climbing?


Thanks AN.

And of course, everything changed (re: Josh – Kev convo) AFTER Haleena won the POV.

Josh’s timing on this is terrible b/c now the Ghosts will know he is holding things back the fact Betty made a deal to work them .. ie: Josh is essentially admitting they have a F4 & b/c Kev/Hal were the ONLY people in the house Gino/Jace didn’t tell the plan to it’s going to look like their F4 with them isn’t as solid as it is.

un autre nom

I have to clarify one thing. Before last night’s SR talk, Kevin and Josh had a conversation about Marty being a renom option, but not about a plan involving the rest of the house already set in motion. This was after Kevin’s one on one with Gino. Kevin at that point was telling Josh he was worried Gino could nom Josh.


Gino’s post nomination chat with Summer was interesting.

I feel he made a TON of mistakes. First, he tells her that he wants her to pick JL if she gets the houseguest’s choice. They DO NOT like each other so imagine how that would look to the house. I can’t imagine her picking JL wouldn’t expose that Gino has the entire house under his thumb.

Second – he tells her he couldn’t put up Hal or Kev b/c they might pick Marty to play POV & that Betty/Josh were just OTB & he’s trying to build something with them.

It shows his entire cards (he has deals with each of those individuals).

In the event Summer stays OTB, don’t tell me she’s not repeating those words to each of those people AND if Marty plays POV & wins it for sure she’ll out the plan to him.

It would’ve been wiser for him to say I have a plan – you’re a pawn & I just need you to trust me. If I can’t have my option A then at worst you’re beside Moose & you’ll be fine.

The other thing I’m wondering is whether Moose/Summer will just go along with this plan. Both are wild cards and selfish players. Does anyone think they would go to Marty & ask him if he’d use the POV on them if they picked him & if he says no say well – that’s interesting b/c I was asked specifically NOT to pick you if I won houseguest’s choice. It would be DUMB as hell to tell Marty that b/c he’d go straight to Gino but we’re talking Summer & Moose here.

I suppose they could just pick him anyway & then after POV tell him what Gino’s plan was.


Summer literally plays such a self-centered game…

Kevin, Haleena, Josh & Betty are sitting in Expedia to be away from the smell of frying bacon so Summer who voluntarily left the HOH comp to get a slop pass just walked in and sat down to eat a sandwich right in front them all.

After Betty says Canada has to vote for me to get a meal – Summer finally clues in & says “oh you guys don’t mind me eating in front of you do you?”

OF COURSE, they all say no but come on Summer READ A ROOM.


I knew it……………..

Showmance already shifted priority F4 back:

ONE day after the showmance was leaning toward Josh/Betty as their main F4 Jace says to Gino I think we’re better off going to F4 with Kevin & Haleena & Gino says once Marty is gone he really likes the triangle of them with Kevin.

Don’t take that as gospel to stay that way b/c as I’ve noted prior these two change their minds faster than you can snap your fingers although it’s more likely than not (bulleted list outlines why).

Haleena told both of them how she doesn’t appreciate Marty making it seem like they were tighter than they were increasing the target on her back while Kev told Gino the reason he wanted Marty to stay is b/c it protects Gino & that they should cut him at F5.

THAT’s how easily flipped the showmance is. And I’d say it also confirms Josh told them the plan is to B/D Marty & it prob also means he told them about the new proposed Betty F4.

Why the Ghosts will always have the advantage with the showmance:
There are other reasons why Kev/Hel will typically have the edge over Josh/Betty.

  • The showmance literally has no clue how much the Ghosts/Dummies have directed the true happenings in the house.
  • They don’t view them as competitors – – even though Josh hasn’t won but Kevin has Josh has been close several times.
  • Regardless of how they feel about Marty backstabbing them, they believed Marty about who instigated the Expedia room discussion.
  • Betty previously uttered their names as targets
  • Kev/Haleena have OVERTLY demonstrated loyalty to them
  • and perhaps the easiest of all the reasons is that even though the new F4 was created Betty/Josh aren’t making much of an effort to socialize with Jace. That may seem like a stupid thing but Jace wants to feel like she has friends in the house for when she spends those few minutes a day w.o Gino. Is it rational? (shrug) But it is reality & Kev/Hal make a point of touching base with JL every day so she feels in the loop & like they’re her real friends.
  • Josh will touch base with them but as we know he keeps his cards close to his vest rarely sharing intel.

Summer is not amused:
The other interesting tidbit is Summer is PISSED with Gino for using her as a pawn. If she wins HOH she plans to put up the showmance with her initial noms.

Betty already told Summer she has her vote if she doesn’t come down & that both her/Josh would use the POV on her. It’s very gracious of her after how Summer acted last week. It could just be Betty playing a solid social game showing Sum she’s the bigger person & really does have her back – OR that could just be who Betty is.

If Betty tells Josh this information – he needs to tell the Ghosts ASAP b/c it sort of solves their dilemma about splitting the showmance & getting out Gino. Since he can’t play in the upcoming HOH all they would need to do is make sure Jace/Moose were out & then that 4-some (Dummies/Betty) could throw the HOH to Summer and not have to get blood on their hands directly. Each of them could play up how keeping Jace makes more sense for them while she would be gunning to take out Summer (and prob still Moose).

un autre nom

VETO PICKS (unsure of last pick)
Moose, Summer, Josh, Jace. last pick Haleena.
Kevin host.

Effects post nomination ceremony:
Moose alone in a room depressed. He thinks Josh should have been the nom (that use me as a pawn with no complaint no repercussion campaign promise…. shrug)
Gino explains for the second time why the nom couldn’t be Hal or Kev to Summer.

Me: So wait, after frame by frame video analysis by feeders in order to get Summer back into the BuzzHOH…. she threw again in the new comp. Sideye. I’m shadenfreuding my pants for the AV club.

Events of Note:
Betty has already promised Summer her vote. Betty. Make her campaign or make her twist in the wind like she did to you. Only reason I was happy Betty would stay is the battle of bitterness if Summer were ever in the nomination chair… and she’s going high road NOW? snore. She promised Josh’s vote as well.
Jace and Gino have decided they’d rather have Kevin and Haleena as their true final four than Josh and Betty… if Marty leaves. Further they want to form a triangle with Kevin within the proposed 4.
What Gino got from the Kevin / Andrew spiel: Marty is least trustworthy of the 5.
What Jace got from Hal: down for the f4. Marty naming names pisses her off.
Betty asks if Hal and Kev are close. Hal says they’ve started getting close since Summer and T named them as potential flip victims. Hal tells Betty that Summer told Kevin she’d use him as a pawn 2 weeks ago. Betty thinks naming pawns when you aren’t HOH is silly.
Summer is cracking a little that she’s on the block. Says she’s tired, but she’s actually pissed that her game has been called out, and she’s lost her never nom status she wanted to use in final 2. Her comp throwing is common knowledge in the house.
Gino and Jace are still discussing whether or not she threw HOH to him on the tie breaker.

Feeds Returned after over 2 hours.
Expedia Room Lockdown. How many weeks has the phone room been locked now?


Confirmed the POV participants are noms: Summer/Moose plus Haleena, Josh & Jace.

Sounds like Summer picked Jace with house guest choice which HAS to have Marty asking WTF & if Hal/Kev don’t know already this should be a red flag.

Gino is thrilled by picks & is telling Moose he’ll remove him — he ALSO told Josh that separately so I guess he’s gonna make Summer ride out the week on the block.’

You can already see next week being an endurance comp for smaller people & Summer winning HOH so she can put up the showmance & break them up.

Side note: I mentioned it prior that for as much as Kevin pitched himself as being a bad guy who would backstab & break people’s hearts it sure seems like people gravitate to him when they’re upset. I know Summer is more of a guy’s girl but she keeps going back to Kev today (it’s where she clearly feels most comfortable). She vented to Betty but didn’t get what she wanted & they kept showing her in Expedia holding her head in her hands (you know that look of “get me the F outta here”).

When she’s with Kevin talking though – she’s less guarded, is being fairly honest & I just think that’s who she feels the most herself (safest?) around.

un autre nom

Summer is telling Betty she wanted Mandems to work but she lost Haleena. Betty tells Summer about the side deals Tynesha had that sketched Haleena out. Summer understands but didn’t know. (Most of Summer’s talk here is bullcrap). Summer is still asking why Jess was believed over Summer. *ed. despite show clips, let’s put 100 honesty on the table: when Tynesha was in danger of being the renom, Summer pushed EVERY houseguest except Tynesha and Betty. She named EVERY other name.

Moose tells Kevin there is no bigger plan but hesitates with a bunch of no, no, maybe talk.

When asked directly, Josh tells Kevin that Gino wants him to use the veto on Moose, and get rid of Marty. Kevin insinuates that’s backup to make Josh feel safe… could Josh be a renom target or are they hoping to use Josh as their shield. They say nobody realizes in the house just how good a social strategy player Haleena is because they are so stuck on comp wins. Neither would take her to final 2 if she never touches the block. Neither of them want to nominate her though. Josh and Kevin agree that the Dummies are three sociopaths which makes their alliance fun. Kev doesn’t want to pull anyone else into dummies (betty, so that Josh doesn’t have yet another option). I get the sense half of this convo is a test on both sides.
Kevin tells Josh he thinks Josh is the only person other than Jace that is aware of the Marty plan. Not sure if Kevin is lying, or doesn’t realize he’s out of the sauce on this one. He’s gotten hints of the plan from Betty and now Moose made Moostakes…

Both Hal and Kevin have been planting little seeds that evicting Marty is not the move to Jace and Gino. Hal’s method is more devious, she’s amping up Jace’s basic bitch side to get Jace to want Summer or Moose (more Summer) out. Kevin has pointed out the benefits of keeping Marty until 5 and then cutting him.

Summer is trying to paint a target on Haleena moving forward. To Josh. (Summer resents that Haleena still has her block virginity and Gino took Summer’s).
Summer is barely hiding calling Marty a racist when talking to Josh. I’m not saying he is or isn’t racist, I’m not judging her perspective either. I’m reporting what the convo feels like. Save the argument if you want to come at me.
Summer thinks her three with Josh and Betty are ‘her’ people.
Summer said she’d throw an HOH to Betty or Josh. (ed. why change throwing comps after being called out for throwing comps?) Summer is not building an internal fire to win Veto. Sorry. She isn’t.
Jace is Summer bashing to Haleena again. Jace LOVES having another girl to Summer bash to. Haleena is letting her basic bitch side out to pull Jace in. Summer is all pro women type that would evict every woman, never take a woman to final 2, and she’s going to keep sliding through the game because men are simple.
Before the house meeting, Jace sits with Summer on noms couch. Kevin mouths something about bad luck to sit there. Jace says something about cute girls don’t sit on that couch. It felt like a basic bitch comment. I actually do think it hurt Summer’s feelings.
I don’t know. Just a hunch that Jace is getting a little too Jace considering Summer is a pawn.
The house has watermelon and i remember the fun fact from bbus21. Watermelon is supposed to be a natural anti-depressant and aid for emotional volatility as a side effect in withdrawal. Marty is cutting up watermelon.

House Meeting: Festivus stage one. The airing of Greivances.
Foodism. Jace has to try slop.
Jace declares herself owner of HOH. The lease deal is over, it’s hers. (subtext: Hey Summer, Gino’s mine, hands off. Sorry, that is the basic bitch translation she’s looking right at Summer).
After Gino says he feels like a dick for eating in front of have nots:
Put your hand up if you think Gino has been a dick this week. EVERYONE EXCEPT MARTY raises a hand or two.

un autre nom

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a houseguest quite so… naturally ungifted when it comes to comps as Haleena.
I think she comes by it honestly

  • Learning disability and ADD makes studying without reading or writing difficult.
  • Lack of physical coordination (some people are just klutzy).
  • Lack of strength or speed due to lack of coordination and lack of physical health regime.

You know how we often discuss Production tailoring comps for certain skill sets?
We’re gonna need a Da’vonne wins a Big Brother comp level of tailoring job if we’re thinking Haleena has a shot at a comp. I mean… They’d need to do an Individual Time Mirror Universe comp. And even then…. who would buy it?????
She tries. I appreciate that she tries. She always gives five times the effort.
Her skill level is unfortunate. Like… WOWWW unfortunate.
She’s up there with Sabrina / All Stars Ika / BB Da’vonne any season / BB12 DeputyKathy level unfortunate comp ability.
It’s a grimace face emoji every time she is in a comp.
Put the Benny Hill theme behind her in a comp and it’s comedy.
Tailor that comp drgremlins… tell me what you come up with. Yeesh. Gooooood Luck. Wow.

un autre nom

And after my Haleena diatribe…

Me: well played big brother. You tailor made the unmakeable.

un autre nom

Post Veto Plotting
Summer is campaigning to Kevin to stay this week.
Betty Josh and Gino are planning to tell Haleena the narrative: Have to target Marty so people stop associating Haleena with Marty as a target…. but not tonight. Tomorrow. Don’t push tonight.
Josh says only four out of five people played like they were playing for veto. One guess who under performed.
Haleena’s current final 2 deals: KEVIN, Marty and Jace.
Okay: THIS is why I downgraded Gino’s Six Finger Plan to a Five Finger Plan. Everyone wasn’t told the plan and now things get slippery. Haleena can fall back on the 5, fall back on repaying the safety chain, fall back on Summer and Moose saying her name, fall back on Gino telling her in one on ones he didn’t want the veto used, that’s why she tried so hard. Or Haleena could cave at the entire house targeting her.

I have a question: How? Haleena? How? Josh came in second. Still saying wow production… you are gooood. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out a comp based on a Haleena skillset and you did. Wooooooow. balance beams, water, sink, puzzle…. that’s what i’m hearing about the veto. Uncoordinated klutz did balance beams over the figure skater and the dancer????? HOW?

So word is:
Gino thinks Haleena not using the veto puts a big target on Haleena and Kevin.
GRAIN OF SALT THIS (audio issue not sure if feed audio or my headphones)
Josh and Betty aren’t sure if they trust someone, they think someone might have been in on pushing their noms last week? GIno or Moose? Not sure.
Josh says that next week everyone will be aiming at them (hal/kev?)(showmance?)? Josh says he and Betty MUST NOT win HOH next week, they’ll be showing too many cards.
Again: grain of salt this.
MARTY SMELLS SOMETHING FISHY (Marty and Kevin blue bedroom talk)
Marty is asking Kevin if everyone hates him. Kevin tells Marty it’s because Marty is awesome and good at comps both physical and mental. Marty has an icepack on his knee. Marty is most likely playing up the old card like he’s 112 again, as Marty does. Marty didn’t play in veto so I don’t know wtf happened to his knee. Kevin is telling Marty to keep icing his knee no matter what, even if he doesn’t need to. Marty tells Kevin that he thinks Haleena just saved his life in the game. Kevin told Marty to trust his gut and remember that he didn’t feel safe today. Yeah, Kevin is going to push Haleena not to use veto. They’ve wanted Moose gone since week three, and Summer gone since week 5, and this might turn Marty against the showmance like Kevin wanted.
ED. Makes me wonder who was cheering for whom in the veto comp.

Josh is choosing NOW to tell Kevin about the showmance final 4 with Betty and Josh from Wednesday, and telling Kevin NOW that the entire house except for Kevin and Haleena are in on the backdoor plan From yesterday. And he’s pushing for Haleena to use the veto so they can get rid of Marty.

If I’m Kevin? I’m wondering in my head why Josh hasn’t mentioned any of this until Haleena has the veto. Kevin knew they were making the four, but not that it was a done deal. Kevin suspected he was maybe being kept in the dark, or Josh was secretly the plan.

If Haleena doesn’t use veto, Josh wants Moose out. Then Marty. Marty is too volatile.
Josh tries to cover why he hasn’t told Kevin any of this earlier without Kevin asking the ‘If I’m Kevin’ question. Kevin is unsure of order but thinks Moose Marty Gino have to go in the next 3.
Josh says they have to keep Moose and Jace from winning HOH in order to get rid of Moose or Marty or Gino (there’s a lot of Josh is still aiming for Marty out this week and Kevin aiming for Marty to stay this week but it’s mostly subtext. You have to look at who they say can’t win HOH for the subtext to become text).
Kevin has to realize that getting Marty out this week keeps Josh in the exact centre, still good with EVERYONE, and in two alliances that provide him with the numbers no matter who wins HOH. This means Kevin needs Marty there to offset the target from being both Haleena and Kevin on the block.
Josh is pushing Marty has to go more and more to Kevin. Kevin is telling him to speak to Haleena tomorrow.
ED. Haleena already mentioned to Kevin that they took exposure to keep Josh underground, and he’s not sharing info in a timely manner if at all (days ago).

Josh says he and Betty are pushing hard to win HOH next week, and everyone will target the showmance (Josh lied).
Kevin tells Josh that if they need Marty to go after the showmance, leave how to come up with a believable lie to Haleena, she’s good at coming up with the stories.
Kevin says he isn’t sure where he stands on this veto use. He says he’d rather be a week early than a week late, but Josh’s proposal is 2 weeks early, so he isn’t sure. Kevin thinks Moose is the play because he’s been sidling up to the showmance. If they take out Moose, then both Josh and Kevin keep working the showmance from opposite sides, rope a doping them into targeting Marty. He says he needs the night to think about it.
Kevin says the showmance is dangerous, but Jace alone isn’t dangerous. Josh still thinks Gino beats Jace in a veto (reminder, Gino has 0 veto wins, Jace has 2). Kevin says he needs to sleep on it, but talk to Haleena tomorrow and see where her gut is.

Josh’s talk to Haleena is going to have Haleena running to Kevin saying wtf, and igniting her survival instinct at the feeling she’s on the bottom of the house ladder being kept out of everything. Haleena and Kevin pondered keeping Marty to take out Josh when the time was right (top 7-6) when Josh’s lack of info tripped her survival instinct.
Chances veto gets used: 60/40 depending on WHO makes Haleena feel safest and doesn’t trip her survival instinct. If I know her mind at all, she’s thinking jury votes for the first time now that she won a comp.


I think the Josh/Betty convo about who pitched them was about Gino b/c they were told that Gino was the one who was running Marty’s HOH. Plus – Kev/Hal IMMEDIATELY told Betty she had their vote while Summer & the showmance were the ones who didn’t lock it down until the night prior/day of.

I took that as Josh planting early seeds with Betty for when they need the showmance cut b/c she was so gung ho about working with them.

Something to remember is – as much as Josh knows that Gino likes him & he’s in the middle it was G who rubber-stamped him going up (and he’d wanted Moose up with him initially) while he believes Marty’s rant in HOH & banging was Kevin trying to flip the noms off Josh AND then Kevin winning POV to save him in spite of others not wanting it used.

Josh MESSED UP big time by not telling the Dummies the things you noted above (I had a post ready to go this AM about that precise conversation & forgot to hit publish as I was also writing 15 NBA odds previews — OOPS. You had it covered though so I just turfed it.

I watched that video like 5 times to look at Kev’s face for reaction & thought he was masterful (other than biting his fingers off). He CLEARLY was going to want Moose out and we’ve learned today Haleena does too but Kev played along & made it seem like it was “a conversation” not pushing his agenda.

What I felt came through in Josh’s push was HE is the safest with Moose & Summer over Marty so it behooves his game to get out Marty bc it’s not likely either of the other two nominate him while he KNOWS Moose would nominate both the Ghosts.

I don’t see it as Josh turning on the Dummies – rather it’s Josh keeping all his options maxed out to his advantage.

I could be looking at this from a bias b/c I love The Ghosts but I still think Josh’s preference is Kev/Hal (the Dummies) over the showmance b/c he sees how hard Gino will be to beat.

He’ll also believe he gets the votes from Hermon, Moose, & the showmance over either Kev or Hal (although I believe he’ll want to bring Betty as the fourth & take her to F2).

As for the POV I never expected Haleena would want to use it and the Ghosts accurately nail the fact the only people it would be bad for is themselves. I also have more faith in Haleena not using it & not feeling pressured to.

Also – not sure if you caught it but Gino was backtracking on how they would play to Marty how everyone else wanted him backdoored but “of course they weren’t going to do that”.

It seems set in stone that Marty wouldn’t target the showmance as Kevin suspects BUT — we have to expect part of Summer & Moose’s pitches to Marty to keep him will be the showmance were going to back door you. Will he believe them?

If Kevin tells him that he was told AFTER POV by two different people (not the showmance) that everyone but Marty, and the Ghosts were told – he might — who knows.

I’m also not so sure Betty is a big fan of Jace now that the dust has settled on her initial reaction to working with them. Why else tell Hal to do what’s best for HER game– she didn’t even remotely deliver that hard ball campaign Jace & her discussed.

The only way I see the POV being used is if Hal gets pulled into the DR, arm held behind her back & told ‘see where you signed on the dotted line?’ but I also think TPTB are quite happy to keep Marty in the house another week so doubtful that happens as long as Summer is safe which based on the Dummies & Betty’s vote she will be regardless of what Marty/Jace vote.

Most enjoyable part of this week for me was Gino acting like he & his showmance have the house on lock & then Haleena winning to throw a wrench in his plans. To your point, not sharing their plan with the Ghosts backfired big time & now they don’t have a reasonable argument b/c Haleena had already been setting it up to say by doing this (not using POV) I’ve done something back for Marty & I don’t owe him anymore.

She’s also going to push the 4 (showmance/her/Kev) with G -saying Marty in the 5 is fine but he has to go first which should appease G just like it did when Kevin said it.

Btw– how CRAZY is it that NO ONE has figured out how close Kev/Hal are? They say the same sh*t ALL the time especially to the showmance & Marty.

un autre nom

Sunday AM
VETO was an update of the toothbrushing veto from Season one (one of Emmett’s dq’s).
At the end was a puzzle everyone but Hal and Josh got stumped on.
Notice, both noms have run to Kevin instead of Haleena about the Veto. That’s a choice.
Marty is studying. Damn he’s good and fast with the details.
GIno told Summer she’ll be staying on the block when he pulls Moose off the block. (his words 3 times since last night, he’s pulling Moose off the block. He doesn’t even get to speak in the ceremony unless H. uses the Veto, take a seat Mr. Ego).
Kevin has asked Betty if she hopes Veto is used. Betty says she doesn’t care. Betty is worried this week is a double.
Betty and Jace talk about the gaslight ‘with us or with Marty’ tactic they plan to use on Hal. AND they want Moose removed. ANOTHER layer of problematic. They think Hal could have an ego trip in her head for winning Veto and really want to use it.
Hal Betty chat. Betty says Haleena should do what’s best for her game and don’t let others make her decision. Haleena questions Summer choosing Jace for veto. That was sus. Betty is going off of approved script… Hmmm. Who is the ‘others’ in this scenario?
Kevin Summer. IF noms stay the same, Summer has his vote.
Hal Kevin chat: she says everyone is going to push for her to use veto so they can backdoor Marty, but for the Ghosts game, that’s not a good idea, it’s too soon. I think Hal’s survival instinct has been tripped already (veto picks and initial response to her win).
Marty Kevin study. Marty corrects the name of the first veto comp the rest of the house is getting wrong. Marty tells Kevin Haleena is saving his ass, because he’s betrayed Gino twice now. Marty still believes the 5 is a thing, and wants Gino to be their 4th.

Between Josh wanting the veto used SO bad (so that the house goes after the showmance or Kev/Hal next), and Marty wanting to resume living in Gino’s ass…
OY VEY. Kevin’s head is going to SPIN, and he doesn’t even have the Veto.
NOTE: Entry group 2 is evicted. Marty is the last member of Entry group 4. Summer was first to enter.

Things to do. Will write a PM update later.


VERY INTERESTING conversation between Josh & Kevin outside – he says it’s best to keep Marty this week (and not sure if he’s talked to Haleena first to get there but…)

His plan is unless Jace wins HOH that the house pushes initial nominations to be Marty & Haleena and if one comes down they back door Gino.

Since they know no one would pull Marty off the block except himself it’s a great plan b/c if Gino/Jace won POV they’d just keep noms the same & the house would vote out Marty.

Earlier, in the Hal-Kev convo he had mentioned putting up Betty/Summer with the goal of taking out Gino via the backdoor & if noms stayed the same they know they could convince the showmance to take out Betty before Summer. Which I think even with Jace not liking Summer is doable. But then Haleena pondered if taking out Betty would piss Josh off & send him closer to the showmance so they tabled the second part of that decision pending if they win HOH.

What they are missing in that portion of their thoughts atm is Kev would just have to push the showmance to take out Betty (to separate her from Josh) b/c he knows they made a F4 with Betty/Josh so it would show Josh they can’t be trusted anyway (but he’s keeping that up his sleeve for now maybe so Hal doesn’t get too angry at Josh or so she doesn’t spill back to Josh who thinks he’s tighter with Kev than Hal is).

Summer had also said her plan was to put the showmance up together & Marty would be her replacement which keeps the Dummies/Betty safe – but it sounds like Josh would push for his idea except I’m not sure that’s what Summer would do b/c she seems pretty intent on breaking up the showmance & knowing they have to start OTB for that to happen (especially now that Gino told her she would’ve remained OTB if Hal used the POV).

Proving Josh is definitely tight with Kevin he ADMITS to essentially throwing every comp except Bee’s Knees. He told Kevin he could’ve won the Winner’s POV but didn’t want to win $5k b/c he knew it would put a target on his back & noted people kept bringing that fact up when Hermon went on the block.

But to admit to throwing everything — WOW— that’s some major ammo Kev now has against Josh if he needs it. Another tidbit is Josh let it slip that Summer ALSO knew about the backdoor plan which means when the time comes to cut the showmance they (the Ghosts) can use the fact that Gino told everyone in the house about that plan except the Ghosts & Marty).

OR… if the Ghosts need ammo to shift the showmance to target Josh he can drop that bomb.

Also if you can catch the Kevin/Haleena convo from earlier today it was one of the best strategy talks you’ll see from the Ghosts this season. I left it very impressed by how dialed in Haleena is b/c she was saying things to Kevin that she noted on her own such as “I think the showmance made a F4 with Josh/Betty” – something Kev was surprised to learn from Josh last night but didn’t share with Haleena – she just figured it out on her own.

Side note: When the showmance talk they decide Kevin feels like the odd man out in the 5 b/c Marty/Hal are close & they are close which is why he always wants to make a F3 with them so he’s not all alone in the group (just proving how more dialed in the Ghosts are than the showmance who literally are going to freak out when they learn what was REALLY happening all season & who was running the game).

By far, the best players in the house are the Dummies.

I also noticed that Josh is so intelligent that I think part of the reason he’s drawn to Kevin is he’s the only one Josh can have deeper strategic conversations with that don’t include emotion. It appeals to his ego.

IMHO intelligent people thirst to have those types of deep convo’s so Kevin appeals to Josh’s ego in a sense- someone who he can show off that part of himself & who’ll appreciate the degree to which he dives into the game. It might be why he’s admitting things he shouldn’t like throwing comps or telling Kev if he wanted he could memorize the wall in the pantry in 15 mins (something that the others have spent weeks studying & still don’t have fully memorized).

un autre nom

What is TRULY frightening is the level of detail Marty knows in daily events and house items. I’m half convinced he can tell you how many hairs are on each houseguests head.
It’s that frightening. S/R wall, he knows not just the prices of each item but the colour of the background paint in each square.
They NEED to get him out at 6-5 position or he is going to steamroll EVERYONE in the end comps.
Given Hal’s daily’s are HORRIBLE (I thought she was pulling a fast one on them, and pretending to be really bad, but that’s before she explained her studying difficulties).
Kevin’s level is about equal to Gino’s. Jace is comparable, may be a bit better, may be a bit worse. Josh Betty and Summer? Not sure. I think Josh and Summer have studied more than Betty.
At top 5 trivia and daily events become paramount.

I’m of the opinion that Kevin is actually more threatened by the social players than the physical players. I’m of the opinion that Josh is trying to keep ‘sides’ even so that he has the last pair standing with Betty and with Kevin at his side and Haleena long gone.
The house has been playing keep the showmance for numbers. That’s fine until jury, but the minute they hit jury EVERYONE should be thinking the showmance has numbers, at least one HAS to go. Some of them are not doing that.
Why Josh’s Marty Haleena plan is stupid: the Dummies have been trying to get independent numbers control of the vote, and the minute they will have it, Josh wants to give away the advantage, giving that advantage to the showmance and Betty. That’s why I say he’s drifting back to middle and away from Dummies.

un autre nom

Sunday 2 Afternoon PM
Philosophical Differences: Kevin and Haleena KNOW and are FINE with being VILLAINS.
Josh is concerned about being a GOOD GUY and a ROLE MODEL. Keep this in mind. It’s actually important. All three are playing the same style of game. Their perspective on their game is diametrically opposed.

Marty talked Josh listened. Kevin is the only one that has Marty’s back, but Haleena is in his corner as a friend. Can’t trust Josh again, and thinks Gino will never forget the backstabs. He insists there was a final 2 with Hermon, and he broke it when Tynesha revealed Hermon outed the alliance. Marty thinks his time is coming to leave the game.
Gino Jace conspired. Think Kevin is a lone ranger because Marty and Haleena are tight. They’ll pull Kevin in and let him name whatever he wants to name. If it gets out that they were plotting to back door Marty: say Josh, Betty, Moose and Summer came to him to back door Marty but Gino refused.
Kevin Haleena downloaded and villained. Haleena has already figured out most of what was going on without Kevin telling her Josh’s spill. She’s got A LOT of the dynamic since HOH down through observing social cues. The two of them are wicked observant about social dynamics. They know 85% of the reality. They know Josh is throwing comps, that Josh wants Marty out, that Josh the PhD. will win over either of them. IF THERE IS A DOUBLE OR TRIPLE and they have the opportunity: Gino Josh Marty noms. They aren’t sure if taking out Summer or Betty is better for them. Betty weakens Josh, and he’s never going to be okay with her going, she’s his safety net. Will Josh burn them? Counter attack in case he does: Hey Jace, What’s this about a final 4 with Josh and Betty that Josh talked about??? Hal admits she’s intentionally goading Jace’s basic bitch side, and she doesn’t mean 1/2 the crap she says with Jace, it’s all to get Jace going. They count votes, they lose next to Josh, they have a chance vs. Marty. Haleena tells Kevin even with Gino plotting to bd Marty, Marty will not easily turn against Gino. They’ve got to get Gino out as soon as possible.
Josh Kevin yank each other’s chains. Josh admits to throwing Veto. He plans to get whoever wins HOH to put Marty and Haleena on the block, maybe to back door Gino.
Josh admits to throwing everything except Bee’s knees. Josh says Marty told him Kevin is his 1. Kevin deflects that’s a lie, a shield for Marty Haleena (it’s not a lie Kevin has become Marty’s go to guy, Haleena is just the easy win in final 2 to Marty). Josh is oversharing with Kevin, and Kevin is encouraging him. Josh wants both himself and Kevin to push Marty with Haleena for noms next week. How much you wanna bet Kevin and Haleena push Marty with Josh? Now that Kevin knows Josh is likely throwing HOH again.
Kevin says they will be making enemies next week no matter what.


AN – we have quite similar takes on the house (shocker lol) but I think I have more faith in Josh being tied into the Dummies while I believe you’re spot on that Josh gets caught up with being so driven to keeping his middle position & how he’s viewed.

It seems like you believe Josh would potentially turn on the Dummies or the showmance depending on who is in power but I’m (again possibly b/c I love the Ghosts) more in the camp that believes he’d prefer to stick with the Dummies & Betty.

He knows the showmance have deals with everyone so if he’s being honest about that perspective in the game the Dummies have actually been the most loyal (other than the showmance or other duos to each other) so he should be able to rationalize Gino has been just as deceitful as anyone else in the game. Josh KNOWS the showmance has the Honey Bunch, the F4 with Betty with the Ghosts, Gino with the guys etc, etc, etc. In fact, next to Josh – it’s Gino who has the most alliances and is usually the one pitching them.

As far as Kev gas lighting Josh about him being Marty’s #1 – I do think Kev is definitely working that angle to be Marty’s top pick & THIS week Kev is his #1 but we’re talking Marty which means he’ll change views at the drop of a dime. Marty DID tell Kevin he wanted to bring Haleena to F2 b/c she sucks at comps & would be easy to beat.

So, if it was Marty making the decision I bet he’d take Haleena over Kevin every time (let’s see how long it takes Kev to start filling in Marty on how Betty/Summer/Jace all stated they’ll vote for a female over a guy).

That said, I still think Kev’s plan is to try to get to F3 definitely with Hal but tbh I think his preference would be to have Jace (F3) & perhaps Summer (F4) instead of Marty (with each of the ladies preferring to keep him over the other ladies in spite of what they say). We’ll see.

un autre nom

I don’t dislike Josh, I feel i have to make that clear.
I don’t like the whole I’m a heroic role model covered in mud and blood part of his game because one or the other can’t be true simultaneously.
I just think Josh wants the final three to be Kevin Josh Betty, not Kevin Josh Haleena. He’s going to weaken Kevin to make Kevin more tied to him.
Remember, as much as Josh says he wants to keep sides even, before the final four with the showmance, his eviction order he was pushing to Kevin and Haleena was Marty, Gino, Jace, Moose, Summer. He was stacking the deck in his favor and both Kevin and Hal knew it.
While he should be doing each of those things to improve his own standing, it’s the ‘clean game’ stuff he says that bothers me. He ISN’T playing a clean game.

un autre nom

Feeds down for over 2 and a half hours on a Sunday night. When there have been multiple feed cuts all day.
If this were season 2,3,5, or 7 I’d be saying everyone is locked in the HOH while either Summer or Moose are crawling through a hole in the wall to find a secret power.
Oh. Yes, it WAS that obvious. Especially 3 and 5. Obvious and Commented on in the house on feeds BOTH times.
If they do they do. If they don’t they don’t.
I hate twists, but it’s BBCAN. Expect twists.
That said, I’m just projecting. I have no evidence to support a twist being introduced today. It wasn’t mentioned on Thursday’s episode. Usually they mention upcoming twists so that they can get more views and charge more for ad space.

East Coaster

I hope there’s no twist. Moose will say anything and then immediately turn around and say the opposite to whatever audience he’s currently with. Summer is cringey and her attitude sucks. I’m in the same boat as far as The Ghosts go, they are my favorite. I didnt expect to like Kevin at the start of the season but he’s 100 grown on me and Hal has a great read on the other houseguest. To me Josh needs to be forced to pick a team or gtfo lol cuz you can’t play the middle forever. I also gotta say a big shout out and thanks to Un Autre Nom and TTOTambz for the excellent recaps and thoughts. I read you guys faithfully and you’re spot on. I do catch the feeds time to time but not always. So thanks !! Looking forward to reading your new posts 🙂

un autre nom

Feed block now at seven hours.

So, they got food, have nots are allowed to participate, and they got booze.
They’re hoping for some kind of drama while they pull people into d/r and give them storyline advice. Expect the have nots to be extremely ill and bloated tomorrow. This will make a four and a half minute filler segment in episode Wednesday.

Either that or you know… Marty ran out of Watermelon and his meds are late so he’s making the nominees and Have nots wear matching outfits and not talk game to anyone….
OH THAT’S A JOKE DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. I’m still traumatized by seeing watermelon on big brother a couple years later, it has nothing to do with Marty, he was just eating it by the bowl full.

It’s as possible an explanation as anything else.

Haven’t looked at twitter in a while… let’s see. oh. okay. Let’s unsee. because i don’t think that word means what the dictionary says in the way it’s being used.
How about facebook… oh. hmmm. that’s not even physically possible for a human being given skeletal structure limitations… why would they want him to… I don’t want to know.
Classy. eyes bugged out before a sideye directly into an eyeroll for those extra dismount points. Wooow.

Feeds WILL return to them in bed in about fifteen if liquor has actually been provided. Liquor sponsor…. but Canwest and Global don’t want people to see them drinking…. when they used to have luxury comps BASED on getting sloshed.
Someone call Arisa and remind her. Hell, pretty sure I remember a couple episodes of Lofters that HAD to be alcohol induced.
Feeds Return 1243am bbt. Lights out red bedroom. Josh appears to be saying goodnight to Summer and Haleena.

un autre nom

Feeds went back down early this morning.

Okay. THAT suggests another “Someone wants to quit, how do we make it look like storyline situaltion a la Jess”.
Only explanation I’ve got left.
SO here are the options.
a) They are twisting plot and storyline a la Keifer.
b) They are telling Haleena to use veto.
c) They are planting a twist they weren’t going to use until next week as cover.

THESE are the options I’m left with considering a seven hour feed block, sleepcam, five plus hour feed block.

un autre nom

Feeds have been down about 40% of the day, each day, since the last eviction.
Some of that we can put on the change in schedule due to Buzzkilled dying on Thursday night.
Not all of it.
I’ve got the weekly chart ready to go, but at this point I’ve got Marty’s face floating around a nomination spot because there’s something fishy in the state of Denmark.

All we know about wake up today was they didn’t get food. There’s complaints about slop and being tired / hungry (from Moose who isn’t a have not that I’m aware of). We also know Kevin said Marty is a maniac when Marty was called to D/R this morning.

So if veto is used we can call bullshit just as much as we could call bullshit when Jess was not allowed to play in a non HOH comp as outgoing HOH (Oh come ON, saying you are ineligable as outgoing HOH to participate in a comp to NOT be HOH? That there was bullshit). We know there was no intention to use veto. Plans were being made for the upcoming week with the veto unused as a catalyst. If veto is used this is a prodomanipulation.
If a twist suddenly appears, it’s prodomanipulation because NO TWIST was announced as incoming. Arisa announces twists on Thursday episodes.

There has been a slop infraction. Not sure if the whole house is on slop. First time in BBCAN since season 6 that someone was called for breaking have not rules. (they’ve been broken plenty, it just doesn’t get called out).
A secret power seems to have been announced. Someone earned a secret power while feeds were down.
Remember the red ribbon Marty found week three in one of the couches? Everyone thinks that’s where a power was. Everyone thinks Marty has a power because he wakes up earliest and searches while everyone is asleep.
Me: Marty doesn’t have a power.

un autre nom

Monday PM

Jace and Gino discuss who could have earned the secret power. They settle on Marty. Marty has sworn to Gino that Marty isn’t after Gino ever.
Kevin/Moose/Hal/Josh discuss the gavel eviction power. They speculate if the winner would have used it if it was secret identity, whether the winner could have had coup d’etat or complete HOH takeover power.
Gavel to me sounds more like only one vote counts in the eviction (sole judge), but hey, what do I know. (Gary eviction by Demetries on reverse week would provide precedent).
They say the power had/has to be used this week (unverifed).
The power was not used so far. They all say expedia or beach room location.
Haleena read the notification to the house.

Suspects mentioned(alphabetically): Gino, Hal, Josh, Kevin, Marty.
EVERY SINGLE HOUSE GUEST HAS ASKED CANADA TO GIVE THEM A POWER at this point, but it’s just production roulette.

Marty is explaining Marcellas (bb3). He’s twisted the moral of the story. In his version Marcellas was a good guy for not using veto (that would have seen Marcellas voting to save his friend Amy, with Lisa on the block as replacement nom). He doesnt’ realize NOT using the VETO was guaranteeing his own eviction instead of flipping the vote to save Amy and evict Lisa (the jury picked winner). If Marcellas had used veto, Jason and Danielle would 99.9% have been final 2.

This would explain Marty finding something in the sand while he was in the lawnchair, while Summer and Gino were discussing her being expendable to him in the chairs right behind him. A big question mark symbol by Marty and a smile with a touch at the temple.
I thought he just found a piece of loose flashing keeping the liner down for the sand. But it was ODD. He then spoke to his wife in French.
I’m just projecting. Hell, anyone could have it.
So, Marty was tossed a bone to keep from having another Marty outburst? Here I thought he just went nuts and had another tirade day they had to block feeds for, but maybe they gave the baby his bottle? They’re really going to try to Adel (season 2) edit this guy?
Me: (again) Marty doens’t have a power. Please don’t give Marty a power.

I honestly DON’T KNOW if they’ve even DONE the Veto Ceremony yet.
Oh. Haleena did not use her veto?

bbcan10 WEEK Seven.jpg
un autre nom

So far Gino has acted like he found the power to Jace jokingly when she asked.
So far Jace has said Marty or Summer must have found it.
So far Jace has told Gino she found a clue in the HOH yesterday… a clue in the flowers.

Who knows. Could be true. Could be false. Could be just another Jace thinks she’s playing thing.

un autre nom

Campaigning Starts.
Summer / Kevin:
K tells her that anyone saying they are undecided is lying. He listens to her pitch and gives her some help / pointers.
S tells K that Moose has been saying Kevin’s name, especially to Jess. K already knows (he actually knows both S and M pushed him to Jess, almost everyone did).
S wants to know why Marty didn’t use his power and put Jace on the block. K says he’s not strategic.
S says she’d put up the showmance to break them apart but doesn’t want to nominate both of them, she just hopes the house would break them up if she put one on the block.
Summer / Betty:
with a power out there, they have to get rid of Marty.
B says if Marty takes her out, she’s going to tell him she is poisoning the jury against him.

Kevin / Josh: If Marty wins Josh must tell Marty about the Gino/Jace/Betty/Josh final four, but wait until HOH, don’t do it now.

Summer is telling people her puzzle pieces were wrong.
Dear Summer: Keep blaming production. That’s not going to piss off drgremlins that have to monitor the complaints board. And yes, I”M SURE complaints spiked when she said that. As I look back, I note she throws comps less convincingly than Josh, and she’s thrown a lot of comps, but in most instances she’s blamed the comp. Stand down. Not everything is Buzzkilled buzzers that malfunctioned across the board ( watch back at how many people swatted their buzzers repeatedly. EVERYONE).

un autre nom

Campaigning continues
Moose / Josh play chess. Moose says he’s a known commodity, Summer is not. He pushes to Josh that Gino and Jace would be down for a final four with Moose and Josh.
Summer has been in beach room the whole time sitting, pops her head out, says she heard everything.


Betty is getting on my nerves ! She’s such a horrible player – does she even know how BBCan is played ?

un autre nom

EPISODE REVIEW: All those lost hours of feeds crammed into an hour Part One because half of Wednesday will be feedblock material as well.
Arisa says Buzzkilled died.
Marty flopped. Kevin won veto. Hermon was Kevin and Haleena’s victim.
Recap includes another allusion to the dysfunctional Buzz. It’s a trivia before after HOH.
Post Eviction:
Betty d/r Hermon gone, I feel amazing. Moose d/r choose winner or be winner.
Summer I’m loyal.
Betty d/r uncertainty was a definite eye opener. Summer not loyal.
Marty d/r I was a good HOH. Will everyone else think he’s a snake. (ED. cringe)
Kevin d/r 5 reveal. Marty shield.
Gino d/r 5 is dead.
They see the fridge is locked (Thursday morning). Everyone upset. Josh REALLY upset.
Jace: why? Josh is falling apart. Why are we on slop?
Kevin: everyone wants HOH (ED. except the season comp throwers).
Most points after 9 questions wins. BEFORE / AFTER
Summer d/r says she throws but she’s done throwing.
Invisileena d/r wants to win. I hate being called a floater.
Summer Hal wrong. (usual comedic fodder moment).
five have cards and forfeit a point. Summer Jace Marty are haves Gino as HOH is probably a Have.
Gino: Summer throws again.
Haleena and Betty wrong.
Josh is leading with 5 points. ED. Not showing he’s throwing. He’s throwing.
Josh d/r how did i blow that lead ( ED. because you are playing a centre game and throwing every comp, dear).
Jace d/r: me and gino are leading yay us. Jace later says threw.
Kevin d/r: Gino plays dumb. he’s not.
Gino thinks Marty and Kyle are big resume moves (ED. is it though?)
Moose for Wendy’s will do what Gino wants. ANYthing. OOPS.
Kevin: Moostake (ED. my translation)
Post HOH reveal.
Marty nervouses. Kevin saying chill Marty.
Kevin d/r gotta sell you’re 100% about the 5 if you’re Marty.
Gino cleans the HOH Pinesol smudger.
Gino wants Marty out.
Jace comes to visit. Moose and Summer pawns.
Moose Wendy’s. Pawntalk. Gino Paras talk. He doesn’t know who Paras is either.
Send people out on a good note (jury management, and he wants to backdoor Mr. Poopypants).
Moose pushes Haleena and Summer. A twice volunteer says somebody else.
Reveal of the Gino/Josh/Jace/Betty 4.
Gino/ Josh
Haleena can’t go up, she’ll choose Marty in veto, same Kevin. Five deal still exists.
Summer? Not scared of someone that can’t win comps.
Josh grabs Kevin. The crash test dummies are his priority. (ED. I still say KEVIN is his priority not Dummies).
Marty leaving is bad for Dummies good for Summer Moose Betty, Kevin wonders if Josh is a possible target d/r.
Summer / Kevin
Summer thinks she isn’t touching the block (convo from Sat pre noms).
Marty / Gino
Telling Marty half the story.
Marty d/r i trust Gino (ED. UMMMMM)
Gino / Jace
She’s his favorite. He’s catching feelings ED….. Uh… Oh this is in response to telling Summer the showmance was created by Production and he has no choice. Riiiiight. Re- read the section on abandoning free will to Gino I see.
Summer / Gino
pawntalk. Summer is not a pawn. Summer is petty.
Summer thinks Gino only has the 2 wives. (ED. Look at the chart snookums).
Gino / Andrew.
Summer on the block. Moose is the second, a strong middle player.
Stronger player preference. Josh / Betty renom.
Marty shield talk. NO-body said Marty….
Kevin d/r he’s a good liar if he’s lying. (ED. I didn’t buy Gino’s spiel on feeds, near stammer about Marty talk was a dead tell, phrasing with question inflection on non question declarations as a check to see if his lie was being bought was another).
How did Kevin miss those clear tells?
Gino: 2 pawns D/R Marty is target.
MOOSE, SUMMER. Moose, you’re a strong social threat. Summer, you’re too comfortable.
Moose d/r bigger plan. block star.
Summer d/r don’t use your queen as a pawn. Gino is dead to Summer. (ED. do i gotta?)
Hal, Betty, Josh, Kevin, Moose… I don’t think Gino because he’s HOH.

un autre nom

The Supposed Josh immediately grabbed Kevin after meeting with Gino.
Didn’t happen immediately. Kevin was wearing his head to toe denim look red hat When Josh was meeting with Gino. He later put on his Andrew suit. Later that night he was in his workout pant/short combo. This was After they’d both had one on ones and were comparing notes. Josh thought Marty, Kevin thought Josh was renom during that convo because they’d BOTH had their HOH meetings.
Just in case anyone thought I was bullshitting about Josh not explicitly telling Kevin everything until after Veto. Josh didn’t tell Kevin the house was in on it, actively excluding Hal and Kevin until after Veto.


was the veto used ?

un autre nom

Haleena did not use her veto. That’s going to be covered on Wednesday’s episode.
As well, we will learn if Jace does actually have the power, what her power is, and if she used or didn’t use (if it’s a veto it wasn’t used in veto ceremony, if it’s something more then that’s bullpuckies, because nothing was announced).


They better evict Moose


Moose leaving this week isn’t set in stone b/c his initial pitch to Kevin at least had Kev stop to consider b/c he’s offering to put up the showmance straight up & to talk to Marty about fixing things between them.

The problem with his pitch is he’s also pitched the showmance/Josh F4 and done it repeatedly. No matter how many times Gino has put him on that block that’s been his preference. He also LIED to Kevin about not knowing Hermon was pitching taking out Kev/Hal (or Marty). Moose said he mentioned it AFTER being backdoored but that’s bullsh*t – Hermon was saying those 3 for a while (& occasionally throwing in Betty or Summer).

Before leaving that convo Moose told Kevin – YOU are the only one I’ve told I’m putting up the showmance so if it gets back I know I can’t trust you.

Summer may have saved herself with the very next convo Kev has…

Shortly after the pitch by Moose, Kev asks Summer to confirm he’s not a nom option pre or post POV for her if she’s HOH. She says no & then they head to the HOH room where he gets her to confirm it & she says well wait can I ask you one question? — Would you ALWAYS use the POV? Like would it matter who is on the block would you just use it to stir up sh*t? Kev says oh – do you mean Marty – no I wouldn’t use it on him – why is that who you’re putting up? And Summer drops the bomb that if she wins HOH she intends to put up Gino & Marty (drop the mic).

The Ghosts connections are paying dividends…

Haleena & Jace are talking on the couch about Moose/Summer pitches & how scary Moose is. Then Jace spills to Hal that MOOSE told her & Gino I pitched to Kevin that I would put you two (the showmance) OTB but I’m not – I’m lying to him – just in case it comes back to you.

The relationships the Ghosts have pay off in matters like these b/c now Hal can tell Kev & while he might not have said anything normally – now that he knows Moose already spilled what he said & that it was a lie he can go tell the showmance they can’t keep Moose b/c he’s pitching to get rid of them & look loyal.

Also THAT move by Moose & him not recognizing how entrenched in the house the Ghosts are probably cemented his eviction.

un autre nom

I was out most of today, so I’m doing a catch up.
Tuesday am/pm
Current targets for next week:
Jace: Summer. Ghosts: backdoor Gino, otherwise Betty. Marty: Summer/Betty but likely swings back to Josh. Betty: Showmance/Marty. Summer: Jace/Marty maybe Hal Pawn.
Josh: throwing, who cares.

Last night Jace told Gino she found a clue and had to do a puzzle in order to win the gavel eviction power. She didn’t use the power. She says it lasted for just this week.
(Why wouldn’t she use it if she indeed won the power? Theories: wasn’t invisible if used. Had to replace nom before Hal used her veto, so putting up Marty would be undone. Had to replace both noms, but she’s in alliances with everyone off the block. She’s lying, it lasts more than a week).
In past seasons, if someone asked if you specifically had a power, you were not allowed to lie about what the power did… however in bbcan 2 Adel lied about the ability of his canada vote power (to the extent that he was gifted pretty much with omnipotence in the game). It’s always hit and miss for what you are capable of doing when it comes to powers depending on specific rules of each power.

Hal/Kevin asked Josh about Saving Moose. They had thought about it last night playing pool. Josh would rather keep Summer (I guess he REALLY doesn’t want to be in ANOTHER final 4 with Gino and Jace as Moose has campaigned). Hal / Kevin are a little eyerolled about Josh taking credit for Hermon’s nomination and eviction to Betty. I don’t know where they heard that.
Marty is overspilling to Josh again. He’d put Betty and Summer on the block. He mentioned Jace as well.

Moose’s campaign: Tell every pair a different target. He told Jace Kevin/Marty/Hal.
He told Kevin showmance. Guess what: they compared notes.
Tells Kevin he is with whoever keeps him until the wheels come off against the showmance. Kev asks if there is a real Moose curse (nominate Moose, you go home a week later). If Kevin doesn’t vote for him, then Kevin might be a pawn.
Moose is still pitching final 4 to Josh. He plans to pitch the same final 4 to Betty? I think?
Summer’s campaign to Kevin: She’ll put up Gino and Marty so Marty can’t save Gino.
Her campaign and campaign style aren’t very good. at all. Kevin’s been trying to help, but she seems to think her relationships save her.

Gino is in a banana hammock playing pool (lost a bet to Josh). At least it isn’t Kevin. But Marty wants his wife to get him one. Sideye. Brain draino to lose the mental images. Sideye.

Kevin and Josh almost seem to be entering Kevinrobertmartin and Johnny or Kevinrobertmartin and William or Tychon and Breydon territory. Not explaining again my offense to this storyline device. Just take my word for it: I don’t like this particular trope. Straight guy putting the gay in Game to trick the silly hypersexual unable to think beyond a forbidden fruit shag gay guy. Burn the trope.

Jace tells Haleena that Kevin doens’t like it when people talk bad about Marty, so they can’t bash Marty around Kevin anymore. Further, she says it’s ridic that Moose is selling a game relationship to the showmance in his campaign, they don’t have a game relationship.
She says Moose is saying he’d target the showmance, but he already told Jace and Gino he was going to do that. Hal tells Jace she thinks she’s number 5 in the group of 5 to every member of the group (distancing herself from Marty and Kevin in Jace’s eyes). Jace believes she can help Hal build a better relationship with Kevin, Jace and Kevin have been buddies since week one. (ED. ohhhh Muffin, so far off the mark).

Time to prep dinner. More later.


I haven’t heard Moose’s pitch to Haleena but so far…

He’s pitched to Kevin he would go after the showmance & wants to make amends with Marty.

With Josh – he’s told him he wants a F4 with the showmance.

To the showmance he said I’m lying saying I’ll put you up but I want to go to the end with you two.

To Betty he said my plan is us three (Betty, Josh & him) to the end.

To Marty – he wants to work with him & won’t put him/Kevin up.

I mean at some point they’re going to compare notes & realize he’s told every single one of them they are safe. SMDH!

un autre nom

In Jace’s retell to Gino, Kevin was in tears out of concern because Moose is coming for the showmance.
So we KNOW some of the crosschecking is occurring.
Betty and Josh thus far haven’t been forthcoming to Kevin or the showmance.

un autre nom

Personal impressions (you don’t have to agree).

Both campaigns are bad in different ways.
Moose: a guy that was part of the ‘deserves to be in the house comp wins are all that matters’ cult is trying to bond with everyone he agreed was a floater. Doesn’t matter what he says, his face is saying frantic hyperspiel and his eyes are saying i’m smarter than you so i can lie my ass off. If a guy that has zero game relationship is telling you everything you want to hear, you damn well know he’s telling everyone else what they want to hear too.
Summer: listen to her campaign. I’d vote her ass out just for non-campaigning and entitlement in her talks. Go back and listen to her campaign an hour ago to Haleena…. damn. That was BAD. Her campaign to the others… not much better. Summer, on the block, is asking everyone who THEY are targeting. Umm dear Summer, you are in the hotseat, they don’t owe you shit, so remove the stick from you butt and the chip from your shoulder and fight to stay.

At this point, if I’m a voter, I gather the other voters and say do we want the conartist or the princess to go? Let’s throw Marty off the balcony, if he lands on his head conartist, if he lands on his ass, princess leaves.
Again, just my opinion.

un autre nom

Wednesday am

Kevin is working Gino early today. Playing up that ‘bond’ and alone in the game thing Gino thinks is going on. Summer told Gino she’d put Gino and Marty on the block if she wins HOH (remember when I said princess can’t campaign for shit… prime example).
Gino tells Kevin it should be unanimous to evict Moose this week, he’s already talked to Josh and Betty. Kevin tells G he doesn’t want to go to final 2 against Marty. (he already told G that Marty leaves at 5 or they are doomed earlier in the week). Kevin is pushing 5 solidarity at Gino again.
Betty reports that Moose is saying he’d put up Marty and Kevin and both are saying they’d go for the showmance.
The group discusses the possibility of a double or triple this week. Well, most of the group, Haleena is still in bed. yup.
At this point in the day, Moose is leaving tomorrow.

Yesterday Kevin made a point of telling Josh to quit throwing comps. Josh tried to say he was trying to win in three comps. He tried in two Bees Knees and Hoola hoop HOH.
Josh promises he will try to win HOH. Josh already told Betty they HAVE to throw the HOH or their game is exposed. Josh ain’t going to try to win, he’ll just throw more convincingly.
His plan if he wins last i heard was nom Marty and Haleena. I’ve already said if he’s 100% dummies, giving up voting advantage by pawning a dummy is the dumbest move that proves Josh is more with Kevin / Betty than the Dummies.
There was a food challenge task yesterday during feed outage so that have nots could eat.

In terms of game of course it’s better to get rid of Moose. Do you want to go to the end with a guy that thinks his own skill kept him in the game three times on the block? No. No you do not. Sure, you’re legitimizing princess’ entitlement issue, but seriously, if you have someone capable in comps with no ties to anyone that has survived multiple evictions, you take them out against a competitor whose game is exposed.
So, who does Summer target if Big Brother gifts her a comp win? Shush, I said the same about Hal and I’d say the same about Betty. She targets Marty, Jace and Haleena. She’d pawn Gino, she doesn’t want to get rid of Gino. Again, shush. She’s the playing for women’s solidarity in words only houseguest that uses flirt strategy to be carried.

In terms of DID YOU KNOW factoid: Betty has never fully unpacked because the last time she started to unpack, she was nominated to go on the block. Week 2. Superstitious.