Big Brother Canada Spoilers – April

Feeds done for the season.

Thanks Another name and TTOTambz for the updates!

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un autre nom


Kevin is pissed. shoulda cut him talk. pissed.
Haleena and Betty are in expedia, Betty wondering if her she offended Kevin?
Josh is strutting doing little finger snap dancing and snacking.
We get 2 feeds here and 2 feeds there.
Lots of silence in Betty and Haleena room. discussion of alllllll of Haleena’s injuries.
Kevin is back out of d/r.
Looking for Josh. Meets up Hal, goes to red bedroom looking for Josh.
Kevin is trying to make up with Josh over his reaction to Josh winning HOH?
There was no point in saying ‘I’m throwing’ right before the HOH. Frustrated. Still wants to go forward.
Josh says only veto matters.
Josh, caught in another lie as the role model guy, runs off to shower.
Haleena is telling Josh get off the pot, She’s happy for him to win HOH. She’s telling him to be happy. She isn’t upset at him, and is proud of him for securing his safety (she’s covering better than Kevin is… but I think she’s of the mind she’s going to jury).
Kevin Haleena talk Haleena says he conned the conmen. If he goes to jury, he’s pushing Hal to win over Betty because nobody can beat Josh.
Kevin thinks he could have beaten Jace. Hal says no.
I think Kevin is subtly trying to get Hal to volunteer for the block.
Hal says she was still keeping Josh if he hadn’t said he’d throw HOH. Kevin… oh.
He’s taking it much harder, she’s not.
HAL is taking this MUCH better than Kevin, she’s talking him off the ledge.
THey’ve done this to others for 10 weeks, it’s their turn to feel stressed.
They got soft. Kevin saying Jace’s insult campaign at them is why she went home. Hal is saying no, her talk with Josh made her think with her heart. She got soft. She preferred Josh come what may.
Betty was too toxic to Kevin for Kevin’s liking. Hal talks him down from threatening to evict Betty before the veto. says gametalk with her now before veto is a bad idea.
ALL FOUR WILL PLAY VETO, Kevin isn’t figuring.
Hal is talking Kevin up and impressed wtih Josh. IF Josh and Betty were final 2 the whole time and planned it all together she’s impressed.
Josh’s i just decided in the moment to win lie didn’t fly.
Betty celebrating in Kevin’s face didn’t fly.
Hal is taking it on the chin. Kevin is defeatist shouldcouldawoulda.
Hal says he played you like you were playing him re: HOH throw talk.
Kevin is convinced noms will be Hal and Betty or Josh’s lying is exposed. And he plans to tell Josh if he puts both Kevin and Hal up he’s exposed, so keep Kevin off the block.
HE’S SAYING THIS TO HALEENA. That’s a choice. In her head she’s practicing a mean gbm she’ll never say. LOL.
Kevin goes to Josh to push for Hal and Betty noms and Betty target.



If you got up early to check the feeds and witnessed Josh up by himself and thought hmmmm that’s weird WHEN has Josh EVER been the first one up? You aren’t alone.

But upon learning later that he won POV suddenly it makes sense b/c now he has to backstab one of his main alliances.

Another Name has better hearing than me b/c I couldn’t make anything out.

Aside from Josh potentially saying “I take him off” (Kevin) “I take her off” (Betty) social media also had someone think they heard him say “Betty and I’ve been in a secret thing”
He also went to Expedia looking to find Betty (she wasn’t there).

If we follow this path it would seem like he intends to take Betty off the block so she can be the one to backstab (not him). BUT he’s going to get dirty regardless b/c of how he set this up.

First, he’s told Haleena he won’t put her OTB b/c he doesn’t want to ruin her “never nominated record” and while technically she isn’t being nominated b/c she’s the default player remaining he’d still be breaking his word to her.

Second, he’s told the CTD he’s still F3 with them & Kevin that he’s his F2 so the ONLY reason to take Betty off the block is to F the Dummies and specifically Kevin.

Third, if he actually says “Betty and I had a secret thing” THAT is going to require Betty to lie as well since they never made a F2 and never had a secret deal — this is a new invention from Josh & his actions at the triple (and in the DR) prove his only true alliance was to the Dummies. Plus – if he actually had a secret F2 Betty then why the F doesn’t she know about the CTD?

Hey – look if he wants payback (PETTY) for last week then just own it, buddy.

So — Hal & Kevin are planning to pull Betty aside a half hour prior to the vote and telling her everything about the Dummies (in case she is the one going to jury – but also to sink Josh in case she is the one staying— while neither one of them is saying it you can tell they think Josh is going to pull Betty off the block). How will Betty deal with learning this information? And if Josh then says “we had a secret thing” but never told her about the Dummies will she shift from thinking Kevin was the evil genius to believing the same about Josh?

Fwiw – if Betty were to win the Final HOH I don’t think she would take Josh over Hal b/c she knows she won’t beat him. Josh even told her BEFORE he won these last 2 comps that they BOTH beat Kevleena.

So the fact Josh is up stress eating is b/c he finally has to do something and will be marred by that action b/c his INITIAL desire is to cut Kevin who he’s most worried about beating him (and that’s probably a correct assessment).

So look – Kevin had this coming – of that there is no doubt. Kevin really overplayed last week saying things to Betty he shouldn’t have (unless he was going to follow through & cut Josh). When she made up with Josh he learned all about it. But Kevin isn’t in this position for those reasons – he’s in this position b/c TPTB SUNK HIS GAME.

I noted last week that when the Gremlins called Betty into the DR and her sudden “Kevin is a mastermind devil” epiphany occurred it was the first time I recalled production blatantly interfering with the player most likely to win the game at that stage of the game. It was why I sort of expected TPTB to gift either Kevin or Haleena the POV win. And STILL, I’m shocked production would go out of their way to ruin Kevin’s game & essentially take $100k (or $20k at worst if the jury was bitter). Of note: apparently Kevin went first in the POV challenge but got sick (his abdomen locked up??? – was it those pork chops? – YIKES).

Of note – Kevin was second in the HOH comp (they had to put balls in holes for the specific dates something happened & it sounds like the instrument they used favored Josh b/c of the sheer size & weight of it). POV sounds like it was a maze & Haleena was second. So of course the duo is second guessing this morning if they would then have been HOH/POV if they’d kept Jace instead of Josh.

Josh has looked at the jury votes prior and worried (out loud) that Betty could beat him so I do think his preference is to take Haleena as he believes the jury won’t value her run of staying off the block. I think that assessment is wrong – but he might be right about picking Hal since no one seems to value Hal’s game.

The question is if he screws Kevin, and then Betty to take Hal how that will be perceived. If Kevin tells them he made up a last-minute F2 with Betty to evict him & then he also cuts Betty he’ll be positioning himself as someone who was loyal to no one.

Factor in Kevin will be telling them all how Josh just sat back making fun of all the jurors, admitted to throwing comps, laughed at how gullible they all were & how all he had to do was flirt with them & act like he cared about their personal stories for them to offer him F2 deals he had no intention of honoring AND called them all stupid b/c all they care about is comp wins — HOW will that go over?

Again, Kevin did this to himself by overplaying and YES he did get the major shaft by Production b/c Betty NEVER comes to the conclusion she did last week about Kevin if the Gremlins didn’t interfere. For Hal to be cut now it would also mean the producers have stepped in and demanded an about face from both Betty & Josh which would make THEM look like idiots.

If Kevin is indeed the evictee he’ll work that jury hard to turn them in favor of Haleena who seems very much like a lock to go to F2 at this point.

Like Another Name, I’m annoyed by this shift to Josh’s self-righteous hero stance especially when he’s been as cutthroat & evil as Kevin if not more so – the difference being Josh REFUSES to own it. I urge you to go back & watch his face during the triple when Summer & Betty are either screaming or crying to him & note his lack of empathy or remorse — he could give two F’s.

Josh’s lone strategy from what I can decipher was to flirt with people & throw comps until the end knowing he’d likely sweep the final comps as long as Gino & Hermon (Jace) were gone b/c he’s an athlete.

I found his arrogance annoying and I didn’t like the pettiness (entitlement – I’m allowed to treat you a certain way but don’t you dare treat me like that – with Kevin this past week being the perfect example).


Josh got clarification from DR & now realizes he isn’t the person evicting he’s “choosing who gets to come to F3” Which of course Josh is spinning so it makes him look like he’s not the bad guy.

Betty went to see Josh & gave him her speech – didn’t earn her way – he shouldn’t feel obligated to take her b/c she didn’t earn it – friendship means more to her than the game & respects his decision- cool with whatever choice he makes – would vote for him if she’s in jury- MIRRORED HIS GAME PLAY – HONESTY- AUTHENTICITY, PLAYING WITH HEART (yikes). She tells Josh she’s never lied to him (LIE) and promises to take him to F2 (I don’t believe she would, especially once she learns about the Dummies)

His response – No matter what we’ll always be friends, and I do really want to sit beside you at F2. He emphasizes he isn’t the one evicting he is only choosing who gets to come to F3 with him & if he gives her the POV (removes her) then SHE has to decide. She tells him she will do whatever he wants. He also says he feels she’s the only one who has been real with him the entire game.

Instead of pushing for him to do that she goes on a spiel about advocating for him in the jury (WHY Betty – why?).

Josh says I need to keep thinking & I definitely have an idea of what I’m doing which I will feel very good about. He does say he feels she’s been very honest in this game & does sort of imply she is who he will save.

The question is whether he looks at her as being the only one who can potentially beat him (underdog/popular in jury) and the fact she really pushed being his advocate if in jury & would vote for him OR if he takes her commitment to take him to F2 as more valuable.

His final comment is “if I do save you – would you be willing to go over with me who we keep for it to help both our games” Ummm Josh do you not realize there won’t be time to discuss it b/c you select who comes off the block & then that person IMMEDIATELY votes someone out. He also asks who she is leaning toward cutting – she says Kevin. Josh tells Betty Kevin would take her F2 over him & Betty STUPIDLY tells him Hal would take her too & told her that.

Betty admits to telling both Kevin & Hal she would take them to F2 but she was lying. (that’s another out for Josh if he wants). Josh responds so basically everyone is saying they would take everyone.

They discuss pros & cons briefly of Kev/Hal with Betty pushing for Kev to go while Josh notes Hal’s close performance in comps but NOT liked by the jury whereas Kevin has masterminded. Josh tells Betty someone told me you are definitely NOT taking me & she asks who – Josh won’t say (but Betty guesses Kevin).

Kevin also jumped on Josh coming out of DR & is telling him both Hal/Betty will cut him (man Kev at least you’re consistent — if not very desperate).

Josh tells Kevin he’s not sure who has a better chance of winning between Betty/and Haleena – my guess is Kev will push Betty based on 5x’s on the block, two big comp wins, loved by jury (friends in there) & the underdog.

I didn’t get to see this whole convo & also didn’t get a chance to go back & watch it before they went off air.

So here’s my tin foil spin — with Josh’s arrogance & the DR Gremlins keeping him in there for quite some time there is a potential for Josh to let Hal or Kev decide who stays … WHY? B/c production’s storyline has been about the Ghosts most of the season (never Josh & never Betty until late in the season) with Kevin being the guy featured in most episodes.

Plus — evicting Hal makes no sense for Betty to do instead of Kevin – even TPTB would have a hard time editing that to make sense.

The main reason I also believe Josh would go along with that choice is he probably thinks he can win out over anyone now (that arrogance remember) so it doesn’t matter who he keeps & if he lets Hal cut Betty the blood is on her hands.

Of course if I’m Haleena I’d probably consider evicting Kevin (LOL) as long as I knew Josh & Betty were taking me – it would be the biggest move of the season. Doubtful Hal would ever do it but I’d be more impressed by her doing it than Betty (for Josh).

AND they go off air — Arisa has called them to the living room – She tells them “in less than an hour the F4 will become the F3 – welcome to our special eviction”.

The question is – are they immediately going into the eviction? OR do they have some time to prepare for this (ie – last minute talks). If the latter – my guess is Kevin jumps on Josh first even though he already spoke to him & Haleena also needs to talk to him – I’d also expect while Haleena is talking to Josh for Kevin to spill all the Dummies intel to Betty.

Stay tuned….

un autre nom

gut still saying 65/35 Haleena was evicted.
If I’m wrong I’m wrong and I don’t mind being wrong. I’m wrong a lot, but still keep giving my opinions.
Aaand HEEERE we go.
Duo vs/ Duo? They’ve reallllly gone retcon on the trio full tilt haven’t they?
making it look like it was before veto… as usual in most seasons.
Nomination ceremony flashback:
Josh d/r again pushing the disparraging a floater game. Ummm dear Josh… you are more of a coaster: that’s WORSE than a floater.
Betty d/r wants Kevin out.
Josh Betty saying Kevin is manipulating them about Haleena’s record.
Kevin is making poor decisions d/r.
Kevin Haleena advance clip.
ED. SHE is REALLY boosting him to pull him out of his chaosbrain. Wonder how long that’s been going on. Has internal chaos actually been controlled while feeds were down for Jay, Kyle, Jess and Marty’s shenanigans?
ED. there’s a ladder under the wheel?
Haleena is first to go in edit. Kevin was first to go in reality. he got sick. I Telephahy tweeted NOT to eat Josh’s PORKCHOPS.
SEASON 6 Style maze only crawling this time.
Haleena goes to wrong lock with her key first time.
NO times shown.
Haleena blanks on day 29.
Betty’s turn. Betty is not sliding near as much as Hal was. Betty gets dead ended a lot in edit. They only showed half her run.
Kevin’s turn. His retell says he was having stomach pains. ED. He’s disoriented and lost…. or did he have stomach cramps and a visit to scooterville?
Looks over his shoulder to see where grates are.
Josh’s turn. Gives a bullshit d/r about up and down game….. no.
Making it look like it took him longer. It didn’t. floor was slick again.
4th 42 13 Betty.
3rd 36 39 Kevin.
2nd 25 47Haleena.
1st 17 08 JOSH WINS VETO
Everyone was rooting for Jace? Sideye.
Anti Haleena Anti Josh Jury. Best player. Haleena was just a weakling that did nothing but ride Kevin’s coat tails. We knew that was coming… even the edit of the episodes thought so. SHUSH. Worst edit for a final 4 member in bbcan history.
So they are a bitter jury? Who would have guessed? Eyeroll.
Kevin Josh HOH talk:
Josh isn’t sure what he wants to do.
Betty Josh HOH talk
who is better for you Josh? I’d likely do Kevin.
Hal Kevin Josh Red Bedroom talk
Josh isn’t telling them it’s crash test to the end.
So. it’s one of them Haleena says.
Kevin getting lots of d/r he is fighting to the end.
Does Josh want Betty to win. Betty has the better story to win.
Kevin says he picks Josh over Haleena.
We were always final 3. NOT a final 2.
Hal just wants a shot.
Kevin pushed the Great Alliance Integrity angle.
Kevin pushes everyone will love Josh. Do what’s best for Josh.
Josh goes back to Expedia to talk to Betty.
Friendship first is Betty’s answer.
Josh is going to keep Betty.
Betty wants Kevin out. Josh says Haleena is the stronger competitor.
Kevin is evil. Haleena better deserving. Kevin isn’t deserving.
ED. They’ve come full circle. It’s now about COMP WINS determining value. Just like week one. Sideye.
Haleena is boosting Kevin again, she is pushing for Kevin to stay. Giving him pitching points to get to the end.
Kevin crying d/r. NOTE HAL HAS NO D/R in her red dress….. foreshadow????
Choose who gets to evict.
Josh is using the veto on Betty.
Haleena and Kevin are the final nominees.
Haleena: do what’s best for you. i am what’s best
Kevin: keep me if you’re keeping me, I want to fight.
Kevin and Haleena are crying causing of course Josh and Betty to cry.
Betty says Haleena played the better game, and Betty evicts Haleena.
Haleena leaves.
ED. so representation stopped mattering to Josh and Betty. Oh, representation only matters if it’s them being represented.
Haleena has a really short exit interview.

bbcan10 WEEK ten 2.jpg
un autre nom

Here’s the thing:
The cockadoodie feed blocks are making me look like a fool.
Here I am saying Kevin was safest in the house. 24 hour feed block and Kevin exposed.
Here I am saying Gino only has 3% chance of nomination. 6 hour feed block and we’re picking Gummi Bears to put Gino on the block.

Sorry everyone.
LMAO… this makes so little sense when everything of consequence happens during feed outages. Oh, right, there’s an episode in an hour to explain some of this.

un autre nom

Recap took a few minutes. blahblahblah.
Post Eviction
Summer d/r thinks she did something. Her campaign sucked.
Jace d/r and Gino d/r: oh crap Marty is pissy.
Moose talked to Marty, spilled that Gino wanted a back door.
Jace, Gino plan to reveal the secret.that Jace had the power.
Comp prep shown.
Gino reveals to Marty RIGHT before the HOH (SUS AF imo, but hey… it’s Marty).
HOH: MOUNT HOH (do they play with time? HOUSE Said 4 hour comp)
Btw: Arisa is overdubbed. It’s not actually her, it’s comp producer explaining.
Kevin struggle immediately.
Summer d/r she wants to win.
Kevin is out after 8 minutes. Kevin d/r 220 lb. Embarrassing he says to be first out.
Styrofoam rocks and water so far.
Haleena out after 17 minutes. klutz landing. bounces head on ground.
Four hours ten minutes.
Gino snores, he fell asleep during comp.
Jace eyes Summer slipping. Four hours 43 minutes they say.
Arm hang only is the new rule (they brace with their feet).
Jace has no arm strength. Jace out Five hours 2 minutes.
Josh out Five hours 3 minutes.
Betty d/r life is on the line.
Kevin d/r is excited by this final 2 on the comp.
Marty d/r pry me off the wall. (in house he was dying).
Betty is in tears. Says now he’s putting us up.
Marty is the new HOH
Marty and Kevin chat. Marty feels outcast He won 3 HOH. Nobody is going to influence my decisions. He’s pissypants he didn’t get a hero parade. They’ve lived through 2 HOH… they don’t want a third week of shit.
Gino lies to Marty. There was no plot last week. There was we know.
Betty is having the sympathy edit. Josh joins. She’s wallowing.
Betty doens’t want to do the HOH reveal. Play the game Josh says.
Betty d/r Brittney about the HOH reveal, but sad level.
Marty’s wardrobe is Winner’s now.
I’m with Betty, I don’t like HOH reveals either.
Summer crunches food. Room stops.
Haleena and Kevin should be able to exert influence. They want Gino out but can’t.
Maybe it’s time to take out Josh talk. They think he threw so Betty would win and get the blood while he rode middle… COULD BE!!! Kevin d/r They don’t think they win against him at the end.
Betty’s eyes are swollen. Josh is whatever. They’re showing how Marty’s HOH’s feel. Target not target, going up not going up… sky is blue sky is black.
Josh d/r play the game he’s in power.
Gino and Marty talk.
Betty target. Marty talks final 2 with Gino. KICK YOUR FEET UP (KISS OF DEATH)
Jace d/r when Marty says kick your feet up…. that’s a curse.
Betty out unless she wins VETO is the mood.
apologize for Betty’s moody bitchy aspects.
Marty says game not personal. Betty is target.
Josh d/r: I go out the door… I’m going to jury sooooo.
Consider Jury Marty is Josh’s thought.
search for a prize. Josh reveals Betty is target.
Hal d/r you’re my number three Marty but you don’t need to know that.
She tells him she is protecting him by avoiding him.
Marty meets Dane and calls him Dan.
None of the game talk during Wendy’s shown.
Houseguests Gathered. Kevin called to D/R
Kevin reads the safety results: SUMMER WINS.
Summer d/r thanks Canada. she says she won’t be renom now.
Marty d/r I got blood for Hal / Kev last time. This time we’re doing it the crazypants way!!!
You’re a duo. You’ll come for me. Play veto.
Betty d/r 3x on the block. You’ll regret it.
Josh d/r 0 for 23 comps. big threat as a duo.


bbcan10 dancing.jpg

we all know production saved summer, not canada. marty doesnt realize he needs gino in this game. what an idiot. this season is taking a terrible turn. gino gets done dirty. only hope for this season now is kevin winning. but by the look of the majority of that jury it wont happen. production 100% wants summer, betty, or haleena to win.


I think Gino would play better if he wasn’t in a showmance. I wanted him and Marty to work together from the beginning, but Jace messed it up. Lol

There are few people that are just riding along, not doing much (Summer, Jacey-Lynn, Haleena, Josh, Betty…) I would love to see Kevin, Marty, maybe Gino in the finale.

un autre nom

One more.

finger bear.jpg
un autre nom

Conversational Oddities.
Kevin has been called out for talking to Betty in front of Josh and Summer, because he’s not allowed to talk to them as per the crazy cueball.

Haleena tells Kevin she had to break Marty’s brain and put it back together weeks ago, because he kept saying Kevin was doing thumbs up and she needed him to blame someone else for the failed flip. Hal is why Marty decided Betty was the thumbs up. I didn’t KNOW that.
She doesn’t think they should keep Jace in the dark about the vote. She even puts forth the thought that they should think about keeping Gino. Kevin thinks Jace’ll be broken and crying. Haleena thinks she’ll be pissed and fired up to win. (I’m going with Haleena’s assessment of Jace’s reaction, look at the circumstances of the last two vetoes she won).
Hal wonders if Josh would turn on them. Kevin notes Josh crying when Kevin was doing his task. (Josh would save Kevin, but if Hal were on the block with Betty? Buhbye Haleena). Actually, she’s said four times (last week and today) that she knows she isn’t making it to the finals, so she’ll sell the jury on Kevin’s real game.

Why would Gino tell Hal that he’s trying to get Summer’s vote? Wth?

Kev tells Josh about Marty’s scewed up statistical analysis in the gummi picks.
Marty held the cup at an angle where Hal could see the red one, and so she avoided it. So reasonably speaking, she wasn’t even part of a statistical variable due to human error.

Summer thinks they can trick Jace into taking out the wildcards (Hal and Kevin). She says this to Josh and Betty while she’s doing some shit talking about other people shit talking.
Their egos are getting a little high, considering Summer hasn’t done a positive game adjustment in 4 weeks. I’ll go easy for today because circumstance (dr and the gummi gods) smiled on them, but if the cocky continues i’m going to have to tell her to take a seat.

What screws up the current situation: Summer gets her ego going and tries to cozy on Jace to be her personal weapon. Josh keeps pushing for both Summer and Betty to be safe with Hal and Kev so he can keep in the middle (they know he’s doing that). Discussions of targeting Hal or Kevin get back to them. they are the swing. It’s Monday night. Eviction is Thursday. Expect oddities and feedblocks and SOMEbody to do something stupid before Wednesday night.

If they follow historical precedent: The triple HOH comp should be q/a regarding speeches during ceremonies. Marty Gino and Kevin have those down better than the others… but Betty and Josh will remember the speeches while they were on the block. Summer will only remember her own nom speech by Gino. Haleena might as well bring crayons and a colouring book. Jace? X factor, I really don’t know.

Something to get people angry with me:

  • To the twitter asshat that called for Haleena to be cancelled because she’s a race traitor for not siding with Hermon and Moose… since when are either of them or Betty or Summer or Josh Punjabi? Think with your brain not your thumbs.
  • Keeping Gino is better for Haleena. It is. 2 of her backup final 2’s and her compbeast protection gone… stuck with 2 people that want her evicted (Betty / Summer).
  • Keeping Josh is better for Kevin. Again… it is. Josh cried. Gino offers him an anchor when he asks for a parachute.
  • Keeping Gino is better for Summer. Just is, she’s too petty to see it, but it is.
  • Keeping Josh is better for Betty. D’uh.
  • Keeping Gino is better for Jace. Double D’uh.
  • Keeping his medication schedule is better for Marty. Gummi bears?
un autre nom

Tuesday AM
Campaigning and Triple Plotting

Josh is saying he’s terriffied of having to nom Betty and Summer but knows he has to.
Oh, please. You saw him cry when he thought Kevin was self-evicting. He’s not putting Betty up, he’d do Haleena.
Hal asks Josh if she wins triple which of Summer or Betty to nom. Josh doesn’t clearly say.
Kevin and Josh are plotting in front of Haleena the ‘perfect’ final four of Josh Kevin Haleena and Betty. Nobody has told Betty because Betty doesn’t like Haleena (and truth be known, hasn’t since week 1 prefeeds).
Jace is trying to get everyone to look at Haleena instead of her in the triple. She’s gone to Betty to say Haleena knew about the ceasefire (final four) with Betty / Josh and showmance. Jace has told Betty about the final 2 with Marty. She withheld the final 2 Jace made with Haleena. Wait until Hal tells Betty Jace was secret veto.
Summer thinks she’s actively flipping a vote that flipped the moment the red gummi arrived.
Kevin is half trying to be caught talking to Josh or Betty, so that he can justify his vote.
Betty and Summer have decided that Hal is the bottom of the girl’s tribe. They like Jace better. (they want Jace to win comps for them).
Jace tells Gino that Betty was trying to manipulate her (Betty was trying to manipulate her and scoop her up as a weapon).
Gino is looking for a power. A backyard lockdown is coming.

un autre nom

the gummi thing was whack. Kevin laughed while it was going on. Haleena laughed at Kevin laughing.
Moose must have started the showmance Josh/Betty rumor. (nope, Kevin was the one that got Betty to do it, so knows it’s not a rumor).
Just because Marty has been a bumbling butthead, don’t take it out on poor Gino.
She reveals she had the secret veto, but wanted to show trust in the five.

Given Gino has promised a final 3 to Summer, with option to include a fourth… what are the chances that gets out????
I actually wouldn’t mind an exposed party that makes the gummi thing less nutjob, and more happy coincidence due to over-aligning. I mean, this isn’t candy land and Marty isn’t the peculiar purple pie man of porcupine peak (pie man had more hair).

Okay, Kevin and Hal think it’s cute (exact word choice) that Summer thinks she’s controlling the non existant flip of the vote… I’m not so impressed.

Betty is starting rumors about Haleena, Jace says (Jace has been too).
Hal knows Josh is cutting her before Summer and Betty, and the three of them haven’t ONCE come to Kevin and Haleena to go to final 5. Kevin notes that’s a good point.
Kevin still thinks that Gino is the move even though Hal says she’s getting evicted if they do, because Betty and Summer and Josh will evict her before each other.

There was talk of an eviction vote flip on eviction day by Summer to convince Jace to keep Hermon. Moose also pushed for that flip. Betty would have been out, So why is Haleena so low on the ladder is the question Hal has, because she stuck to her word.

They think Gino is being evicted. Jace threatens she will tell Kev Hall that she’s joining up with Summer to evict them if they vote out Gino.

Real outside yard. Kevin is ‘crying’ about Haleena being screwed over. He considers sticking with the 5 becaise Summer and Betty are for sure gunning for Haleena (and he’s known for a while). Josh joins: Kevin tells him no bs, are you actually prepared to let go of Betty, or are you going to screw the dummies over? Hal tells Josh Betty has been making overtures to Jace and Kev says Betty is playing ‘she said / she said’ crap. Josh is trying to calm and reassure Kevin. He says there was talk of pulling in Jace, Hal says it’s more than talk it’s in effect, that’s what they’re doing. Josh says we’ve got rough waters ahead. Kevin asks why there isn’t a final 5 deal between the Betty Josh Summer trio and the Kevin Josh Haleena trio. Airplane flies for Josh’s response (they’re in hot tub area). Kevin called to D/R. Josh says the house guests will hate them when they find out the three of us played them. Note: i never actually HEARD Josh say he’s willing to cut Betty. He said hard choices, he said rough waters… he didn’t make a declaration that I HEARD.

  • we cut Josh, the showmance joins with Betty/ Summer= we’re fuqed.
  • we cut Gino, Betty / Summer join with Jace, Josh sits middle = we’re fuqed.

His logic isn’t completely wrong. That final 5 deal would be the icing to keep Josh when he already has a final 5 deal on the other end and Josh shouldn’t be kept in the centre by Kev/Haleena’s work without any benefit to Kev/Haleena (that’s what the Tynesha vote did).

Josh / Summer
Josh tells Summer that Haleena would rather keep Josh, she’s logical about the power of a showmance, and doesn’t want to rely on Marty or the showmance (they’re sketch). He tells Summer he’d like to get closer to Haleena, he told her his targets are Marty and Jace.
(Josh isn’t, and has never in my opinion, pushed or deflected targeting enough for the other dummies, he benefits and does nothing FOR them). Betty joins: Summer is pushing for a Haleena nom, and Josh is not pushing for that final 5. Case in point, he should be pushing Jace, he isn’t. He isn’t planning to campaign to Jace because it feels disrespectful. He tells them he feels good with Kevin and Haleena’s votes, but they have to keep up a facade with Marty right now to keep the peace. From what I got, Josh now knows for a fact that Betty and Summer would evict Haleena over Jace in a triple. He didn’t try to dissuade them, he’s silent. All three would save Kevin in renom situation in a triple. Josh has to be secretly thinking if Summer or Betty is HOH in a triple and noms don’t change, Kevin and Josh control the vote… doesn’t he? He’s known for days that his second trio is out to get a member of his prime trio.. and said nothing until confronted. Hmm. Josh is a Beta’s Beta. Betty asks Josh to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Well that’s a buhbye Haleena in my head.

Moose logic: he thinks Gino has pulled out clutch wins in comps when he needed to. Honeylamb… that was Jace. He doesn’t understand social game, because he thinks everyone played a good social game, so comp wins are what he will look at as a juror.
Blink. Blink. Yeah, Moose and Hermon are going to be Bruno and Bobby of this jury (only our friend, a man, that played comps matter deserves to win).
Moose is most against a Josh win now. He thinks now that Kevin won a comp he’s more deserving. In one interview he praises Summer’s social game (but lambchop… you just said in the other interview EVerYone pLaYeD A gOoD SoSHull GayMe… Only comps matter dipshit). Comps matter but Summer gets named???? mmhmm. Somebody told Moose she won a fan vote, so he’s sucking up, riiiiiiiiiiight.
Added bonus: Moose says he and Hermon are same page, and they’ve been discussing each house guest at great length to come up with Gino or Marty should win. I can hear that convo now: Can’t have thoooose floaters representing our season… so Gino or Marty??? Okay Herms, Sounds Good.
Thought: Moose tried to play the mastermind game. He SHOULD respect a social mastermind game that was actually successsful, but won’t because he’s so indoctrinated by the season tone cult of comps are everything.
Exit interviews of jury members are RARELY the juror’s own thoughts, they are whatever production has debriefed them about. I’m not kidding, same past juror that told me they see the goodbye messages in whole off camera also told me the juror press interviews are not totally on the up and up, there’s fact and fiction from debrief tied together so that their perceptions come across as fitting with the show edit.

un autre nom

Josh’s silence about bringing in Jace instead of Haleena so that he can stay the likeable middle guy that doesn’t stick his neck out but collects all the benefits is basically the root.

bbcan10 WEEK 8 DEBATE.jpg
un autre nom

Kevin has been in a pissy mood.
He tells Josh that Josh needs to reassure Haleena because those four are promising her 20k seat and Josh is wishy washy about Betty.
Why is he really pissy?
Remember that final four that Marty and the showmance made with Haleena (not present for the discussion)… Marty told Kevin. So now Kevin is pissy that Jace was manipulating him with the final four talk with Kev / Haleena and final three talk with showmance / Kevin.
He also must have thought Haleena is keeping stuff from him (let’s remember he gives her 60% and she gives him 95% of all intel). This is feeling like a Kevin act to me.

Meanwhile Summer is saying directly they’d keep Jace in the triple because Summer doesn’t like Haleena. Jace is thinking Summer is just schmoozing her the same way Betty did earlier.

Kevin is locked on getting rid of Gino. He’s been pulling today’s trip to get Haleena on board with it. Haleena admits they knew that Betty and Summer were going to try to pull in Jace, and that the two were coming for her, they’ve known for a while. Kevin says Josh is locked in with them (he…. isn’t really 100% locked with Haleena, he’d still prefer Betty).
Haleena talks about how mean Betty is to her again (off and on pattern). He’s TOTALLY playing on her repressed anger about how the house sees her. She’s biting, even though she KNOWS this puts her in an eviction chair.

Josh’s lack of comp wins added to his connection to Summer and Betty brings Kevin into a more secure spot in the game, and a greater chance of final 2. In his math, Haleena has outgrown her usefulness because she can’t bring in intel anymore when the five breaks.

un autre nom

LATE NIGHT TUESDAY UPDATE (I’ll try to get as much as i can because I’m getting the feeling there’s going to be Tension and “drama” and Late night snacking).

Kevin told Betty that getting rid of Gino opens up the lanes for others to get to finals, even Jace if she were really being honest.
Summer joins and Kevin says Jace swore that she never pushed for Kevin to go on the block. Summer says total lie. Kevin says he knows, that’s why he’s keeping Josh and lying to the showmance, but he’s going to take tremendous heat so they have to make sure to keep him safe. Summer asks if Hal is in on the lie tactic too. Kevin doesn’t declare and doesn’t push for the final 5, he more downplays his connection to Haleena.
Summer swears Josh/Betty/Summer will never ever nominate Kevin. Kevin tells her if the HOH is head to head they HAVE to take out Jace first or he’s a dead man.
Summer promises.
Marty catches Kevin talking to Summer and Betty. Kevin isn’t allowed to talk to them or Josh.
They comment ooooo- you’re in TROU–BULLLLLLL. Kevin doesn’t care he’s sick of Marty telling him what to do.
Betty tells Josh that Kevin is keeping him but mum’s the word. Summer tells them if it’s head to head take out Jace first. They agree. Betty and Summer add then Haleena right after Jace.
Haleena is telling Jace she’s alone and an outsider and she knows Betty and Summer are going to mean girl her out of the house. Jace says she feels outsider and Summer says she feels outsider. Jace wonders why Hal is off with her and being quiet. She wants to know what Hal knows. Hal worries that what if Kevin DOES flip as the showmance fears… she’ll have to flip as well or the entire house is going to be coming for Haleena and she’ll have nobody because she knows Summer is trying to pull in Jace. Jace still wants to know what Hal knows, and will let her be in her feels tonight, but tomorrow they have to get together and get to work. THIS CONVO IS GOING TO DOMINO
Jace leaves, tears up and repeatedly says ohmigawd.
Haleena goes to Josh to vent. She says she was told if the vote flips, all Haleena has in Kevin and the rest of the house will come after Haleena. She says she told Jace that if she was flipping she would tell Jace… what more does she want???
Jace tells Gino that Hal is worried that if Kevin flips she has to flip as well or be the next one evicted. Jace is REALLY pissed with Kevin. Gino says he will talk to them tonight or tomorrow. Jace thinks Marty telling Kevin who he can and can’t talk to is sinking Gino. Gino says he will tell Kev and Hal if they want Marty out, let’s do it together and get him out. They think that Marty needs to apologize to Kevin and Haleena for being a dictator and forcing them to agree to demands about who they could and couldn’t talk to. It’s not a coach move, it’s tearing the team apart.
Gino goes to HOH to inform Marty of the Kev/Hal situation. Kevin is already there. Talk is about how amazing Marty was in HOH, how obvious it is that Summer/Betty/Josh are a trio, and how they’ll soon know about the 5 once the vote is done. Kevin leaves.
Gino spills. Marty thought Kevin was going to blow up earlier, but it was just Kevin’s sinuses. he says he caught Kevin breaking the rules and talking to Summer and Betty. Gino explains the weird convo between Jace and Hal.
Marty says if Kevin flips, both Marty and Haleena are doomed (or was it if Kev flips and that makes Hal flip Marty is dead in water… I’m not 100%, you try translating Acadian to Quebecois franglais at close to midnight). Adds Jace will be pissed. Marty thinks Jace is paranoid, and he may have doubted Kevin, but never Haleena. Marty offers to talk to Haleena for Gino to make sure Jace’s paranoia didn’t cause harm. Gino says this wouldn’t have happened if Marty just put Kevin up as renom then they could have even flipped the vote on Kevin and still been a 4. Marty said the Gummies were a team builder. (Ed. Broken telephone, Jace told Gino if kevin flips, haleena has to flip. Gino told Marty Kevin and Haleena might flip… Jace depends on Gino to deliver Marty talk and he is the crossed wire of message delivery).
Gino is going to search for Kevin and Haleena. Me: I wonder if everyone else is in expedia? That would be funny/bad/drama/popcorn. Marty is now searching for Kevin and Haleena…. who ARE in expedia with the banned people. Gino knows they are in expedia. Jace asks GIno to make sure that her convos be kept out of Marty’s mouth. Marty agrees not to mention Jace’s conversation. Gino goes to lie down. Lots of French swear words coming from Marty. If it sounds like an item found in a church… it’s likely also a quebecois swear word.
Gino staring into space. (I wonder if he’s envisioning Gummiebears dancing around his head).
Marty playing pool and stressing. shoots one ball and he’s off….
They’re going to have to cut feeds soon when Marty goes ballistic that Kevin and Hal disobeyed direct orders and sat in a room with those three. oh wait…
Marty goes to Jace who fixes the broken telephone. Now Jace and Marty and Gino are ALL stressing that IF Kevin flips, Haleena feels she HAS to flip as well. Marty doesn’t get why they are possibly giving up a sure thing with the five ( Ed. could it be the four, the three and the two deals allll over the place, and making them play gummi roulette, and telling them Gino is off limits until Gino volunteered?) Marty still thinks Hal and Kevin are team 5, tells Jace not to worry… scrubbing your hands in the sink pretty hard for someone unbothered, Martian.
Half hour later Gino eats his feelings and joins expedia. Kevin has just told his Jay tried to flip the vote week one saying gotta get rid of the whites story again.
I left for a minute or two. Sorry.
Kevin and Hal are in the bathroom planning a download about the Jace convo. Hal is stressing, Kevin’s response was stress toothbrushing. Summer is right there in the shower.
Gino finally talks to Kevin: What’s up with Haleena? Kevin blames Marty’s regime of terror and babysitting. Gino admits Marty’s paranoia is a bad look. This is the If things flip it’s because Marty is a control freak and there’s a rebellion going on talk. Kevin didn’t like the Gummie situation, *he rolled on the floor laughing, literally when Marty pulled the gummie cup out. Marty told Kevin he had to report every word of any conversation with ‘the others’, and Kevin isn’t liking that.

Gino is showering, everyone else is in bed.

ED. Gino should be canoeing against the current with a teaspoon instead of a paddle because of the final 4 with Josh and Betty, the final 3 with Summer, the promise to target Hal/Kev/Marty for her vote, the final 3 with Marty, the final four excluding Kevin, and keeping them out of last week’s blindside, and Jace pushing for Kevin to be renom and Jace telling people Marty and Hal have a final 2. Kevin and Haleena know ALL of that. NOTICE: Gino and Jace didn’t want to formalize the final four with Kevin and Haleena (he called them the floaters in the blue bedroom when they had this talk a few days ago) because they weren’t cool enough and the showmance didn’t think they’d be good ambassadors for the season. THE ONLY REASON FOR DEBATE: the target shift. Kevin had hoped they’d shift to Marty and Jace. Nope, they want Jace to be their sword, it shifted to Marty and Haleena. She knows she’s tanked in the game.
EASY OUT IN CASE OF CONFRONTATION: You HAD our votes, then you went to Summer and told her you’d target US. Don’t blame US for YOU getting greedy and promising to backstab US for SUMMER’S VOTE. (Semantic shift that puts the onus on Gino as responsible for his own demise). Why don’t they ever come up with semantic defenses while talking about flipping???? That’s the first thing they should do. Come up with plausible deniability before you commit the crime. Sheesh.


TTOT & AN or anyone else … “tinfoil hat” theory … thoughts??

All day yesterday we saw an extremely calm, cool & collected Marty (very very odd behaviour) truly believing in this group of 5 … Marty has always been suspicious & paranoid whenever he sees Hal or Kev with Josh, Betty & Summer ALL season … Gino & Jace have gone to him with their concern that Kev or Hal might flip the vote a few times yesterday & Marty is STILL somewhat calm, cool, collected & believing in the 5 … VERY odd behaviour after POV noms on a Marty HOH … just sayin … lol 

Considering all the long feed blockages during Marty’s other HOH reigns … What if Marty opened up a Pandora’s Box or something during 1 of his HOH reigns that gave him a “special power” where noms could change secretly after POV right before live eviction (kinda like the invisible HOH power) & he is putting them through a test to watch to see who might flip before eviction & then change the nominees??

Yes I am off my rocker a bit … lol … maybe a way for production to redeem Gino from the Red Gummy Bear … lol.  

Only 1 secret power (Jace’s SPOV last week) has been put in play & isn’t there sometimes more than 1 secret or special power in a season??

P.S.   Blame Hamza & his spoilers (that have been spot on this season) for my tinfoil hat theory … on April 11 (week Jace won Secret POV) … he tweeted “Martin has more power than we can see” … lmao

P.S.S Love reading your updates, opinions & reads on the houseguests 🙂

un autre nom

I don’t think the SHOW would hide a power for THAT long. They like the big gotcha moment reveal too much historically to do that.
Think season 2 butt veto by Allison. She had that big old red veto wedged up her crack for over 2 weeks…. but we knew she had it.


LMFAO … Exactly!! Marty alone could never keep it secret that long!! Full disclosure … my tinfoil hat was rather tight last few days with his non-erratic behaviour & all the really long feed blocks last week … lmao. His “calm” level of (non) paranoia IS just SO suspicious … dontcha think? He seriously has me baffled last 2 days … lmao


However … Red Gummy Bear created some good chaos for tomorrow night’s triple eviction!! What is it Business B would say … It’s going to ICONIC! 🙂

un autre nom

I still wish I’d seen the d/r gremlin that straightface told Marty to use Gummibears to decide the renom. I mean, how do you do that without a facecrack????


Agreed with AN – if there was another power we’d know by now.

Think about how trying Marty HOH’s have been to the live feeders multiply that by 10 for what Production must be dealing with & my only conspiracy theory for Marty is he could find a special power & go to the DR with it – & they would invent it means he has just lost the ability to play in comps for the next two HOH/POV’s (LOL)

un autre nom

Usually waffles, but today it’s more like french toast.

Logic Assessment:
Marty and Gino had a thought a few days ago: You and me trade off HOH’s for the rest of the game and get rid of everyone.
Why of why would anyone want to get rid of one of them if they are on the block?

Jace popping her head into the red bedroom so often when she hasn’t been in that room since the Men had their Men’s Only HOH drinks night brofest (and left out Kevin) is suspicious to the house. That was five weeks ago.
Marty is still following those damn kids around just in case they are meeting with the segregated list people.
Hal and Josh talked about their ‘final 2’s’ with Marty and Herms after the Marty/Herms final 2 fell apart.
The Dummies met. Hal still feels Betty is giving her bitchface, and Hal hasn’t done anything to Betty to deserve the latest round of bitchface. Josh says he gets it.
Kev/Hal reveal to Josh that Jace had secret veto and they know she’s on the up and up about it because the secret room is where he had to go to see Marsha. Josh tells them to tell Betty/Summer.
Jace pops in.
Kevin doesn’t care. He’s tired of Big Papa and the den mother monitoring his movements.
Jace talks to Hal. Sorry she was so skanked out last night when they talked re/ the DOMINO EFFECT CONVERSATION. Hal said Josh was giving them his pitch, it’s not like they can just say he can’t campaign.
Summer / Hal chats have been happening
Hal takes every bus she can find to run over Jace in rapid succession. Let’s put it this way: Haleena is good at spinning victim and collects information as a game style… Jace should have tire marks for a week.
Betty / Summer chats have been happening in response to the bus fleet. Jace is looking pretty bad, and Betty and Summer are deluding themselves with attestations that they never said any of the things they said about Jace being their choice over Haleena. OOOH they said them, but Hal revealing that Jace was the secret veto, so there was no Marty backdoor, and Hal was saving Josh by not using the veto last week… that has changed Summer’s mind. (Hal has deniability with this. She wasn’t in on the back door, and Gino asked her if she wanted to make the big move with the veto not let’s evict Marty, it’s a lie that can work because of not being in on the plan and semantic spin).

Betty is pretty blasé about Hal saying she isn’t black or white but feels closer to B/S/J. Considering Betty has said she’s only a target because of her race, I think her cavalier attitude about someone else talking racial exclusion shouldn’t be so blasé. But it’s Betty so the hypocrisy is understandable. Try me: there’s receipts about her hypocrisy.The season started with 16 people is my headspace. In the house…. there’s been a lot of bias discussed, perceived, and made vernacular. There’s a reason Haleena and Jess were the bottom of the Mandems and Siblings. There’s a reason Summer and Tynesha felt bottom of the Savage 7. There’s a reason Kyle and Gino worried about being bottom of the Savage 7. Marty… okay devils advocate vs. perception. ( 1- original target Steph, made deal, targeted Steph’s closest friends, got rid of Jay 2- targeted Jay’s closest house connection and the pawn that didn’t take pawning well, 3- targeted the previous targets because of his paranoia and not wanting to make MORE enemies… that is a case that can be made, but I don’t know if it’s his case, he could just be a prejudiced person… I DON’T KNOW but a case can be made for SURE that he’s a small town racially ignorant homophobe… both could be true we DON’T KNOW). All of it is expression of bias or perception of bias. There are 8 people playing Big Brother Canada currently.

Gino and Jace meet with Haleena and Kevin. Talk of dictator Marty ensues. Gino goes over his four point plan it includes:

  • Keep me or Jace joins with the other side and comes after you
  • Keep me and we’ll break the 5 by getting rid of Marty
  • Revelation of secret veto and order the truth was revealed
  • who pitched Kevin as renom… everyone admits it but Jace who would NEVER (blink blink).

If your campaign to forge bonds of fidelity is a threat and a backstab and lies… where are you going with this? Jury.

Kevin tells Marty that Gino/Jace spread to the house that Marty was the secret veto. Marty think dat fuqing Beddy made him vote out Jhinneau, but he doesn’t trust Jace either.

Hal and Betty chat: clearing the air. Betty notes that Jace has been bussing Hal. That Hal has been hot seated a lot. Betty walked in on a Hal / Jace conversation and it looked like Jace was trying to intimidate Hal. They talk about the veto last week. Summer joins, Hal says she’s taking a huge risk right now, if Betty and Summer turn on her after she’s revealed so much, her game is over, no hard feelings. Betty and Summer have turned against Jace now. Talk becomes won’t it be awesome if the last five in the house are ALL the people that the house labelled FLOATERS? ED. Hermon in jury just had a psychic induced seizure… it’s his nightmare scenario.
Breaking to Make dinner so that I can make it back or the episodic edit wondering how they are going to make it realistic…. when it was feedcuts and gummibears.

East Coaster

Dat fuqing beddy bahahahahaha I love your break downs !

un autre nom

SPOILER: Gummibears. NO really. GUMMIBEARS!!!!!
Post nomination ceremony (I was taking out the garbage, missed the recap)
Marty d/r Gotta get Betty.
Josh d/r so you aren’t mad at the showmance that wanted you backdoored
Betty d/r shwomance isn’t t duo? not a cringe speech.
Advance clip:
Bety doing news reporter voice about her third Marty nomination.
Kevin d/r only Marty is really invested in that 5.
Marty d/r if veto is used then Kevin and Jace are renom.
Marty will have to show his cards.
Betty and Josh get the eminem music.
No veto picks shown
100 more minutes of hell. Jace as a demon succubus in fishnets (No, i’m not being sarcastic…. just throw in your own remark…)
!00 minutes closest wins. distractions coming.
Dear houseguests: coffins don’t usually have drains I don’t think….
Gino thinks he’s a renom option??? foreshadow crap.
water through the hose… what did they think the hose was for?
Kevin wants to win veto and make Martian’s head pop.
50 minutes.
family messages. Josh cries. AGAIN.
Betty cries. AGAIN.
Summer locks in her time….stays in coffin.
Red dye in water.
fake organ props. They had to note that???? Should have said it was the first six evicted since they acted like the person was dying.
water drains.
SUPERWORM TIME!!!!! They don’t look that imposing. it’s the legs and pinching that creeps people out. Sorry, I’ve eaten one on a dare, they aren’t scary.
Summer jumps out.
Josh thinks they’re eating him.
Regular night out for Gino. Betty has worms in her pants.
Josh locks in.
Betty locks in and leaves her coffin
Gino locks in. Kevin locks in. Everyone thinks they won. (ed. didn’t show sound clips from evicted houseguests that the houseguests talked about).
59 minutes: Summer.
125 minutes: Kevin
100 minutes 42 seconds: Betty wins veto.
Betty yells I’m not going anywhere MARTY.
Gino 9 minutes off, Josh 4 minutes off.
Betty celebrates.
Gino wants Jace safe.
Marty says gut is saying Kevin and Josh may be together.
Marty says he has to make the right decision this week.. (ED.and he chose Gummibears?)
Find the secret room.
MARSHA meets KEVIN. Kevin/Marsha flirt fluff.
100 minutes to convince the house he’s self evicting.
Kevin grabs Josh. All my fault I’m leaving.
Jace: Jillian… i got to go.
Betty: i’m self evicting.
Summer: you never been married…. i gotta go.
Jace shows Haleena the bag.
Betty/Josh/Hal: self evicting WTF???
Kevin doesn’t talk to Hal.
Marty: I’m leaving. Marty won’t let him go. Blocks the door. Kevin escapes.
Doors open…
Marsha task reveal. They cut Marty saying UNITARD.
Jace / Marty.
Jace is pushing to save herself and Gino. Gino is SAFE. Jace pushes Kevin.
Marty says best decision for my game (Ed… and he STILL chose Gummibears???)
Hal / Marty.
Hal is trying to keep Kevin safe. basics: so why is Jace safe just cus Gino is safe? They shit talk you. Kevin NEVER does….
Kevin / Marty
Hal informed. Kevin promises his wedding ring. Kevin isn’t married. He swears on marriage. Are you playing best for you or best for Gino?
Marty trusts his gut… and wants to make the renom fair… (Gummibears…. head desk).
The Five meet. Coach gets the fighting under control with those rotten kids.
We have to stick together.
We have to stay strong together. We vote to evict Josh. 100% in. Nobody is turning on the FIVE. EVERYONE AGREES.
Marty gets out the big gold cup of Gummibears.
Jace d/r: Gummibears???? U kidding???
Gino do i add a Gummi for you? Gino says YES.
Jace threatens to get evicted for punching Haleena and Kevin in the face if there is a flip.
Kevin D/R: I’m here because I’m a liar!!!! I’ve flipped already, sorry bout yer luck.


East Coaster

Not that this matters in scheme of game but I thought it was actually really nice of Gino to ask the d/r if Kevin was OK and that he was going to keep an eye on him too. ( still think he’s gotta go this week though lol ) ghosts are still my fave. Summer, beat it, Marty, beat it….I seen a clip of moose saying that summer is running the house and she deserves to win….ummmmm wt-flying-f.

un autre nom

Moose’s interpretation of game… um. Nobody trusted him enough to tell him anything that was actually going on, so his perspective is based on who he liked and who is asking.
The thing is, he’s talked out of both sides of his mouth depending on which interview you read. He’s trying to court the reporters with what he thinks they want to hear.
In one interview he’s pro summer, in the next he’s anti summer. His handler is likelty pulling their hair out trying to get him to be a little more consistent and down with the edit version.

un autre nom

Usually, I’d be trying to hunt for waffles about the vote.
Right now it’s more about positioning moving forward.
Summer has listened to Jace talk about how horrible it would be for Gino to leave, and How Jace is unwilling to work with Hal or Kevin moving forward.
Kevin, Josh Haleena and Summer have discussed moving forward, and if Jace is so upset, she can join Gino. I think Kevin wants to publicly pull Josh aside to tell him that Josh doesn’t have his vote just to rub it in with the showmance. Kevin wants the blindside (i think Hal still wants to heads up and really, Hal’s read on Jace is better than Kevin’s… he wants her to crumble and she’ll fly out like woman scorned).
Hal is using flour on a plate to write as her study tool (again, from what i remember it’s part of her learning challenge, bb hasn’t called her out for writing yet, most likely because of the impermanence of her method because they’ve called out eyeliner and lipstick and ketchup in the past).
There is talk of Marty stay or go among the ghosts. play it by ear is the basic conclusion.

Betty finding out Jace had the secret veto has become a big reason why Betty is now against the showmance. Josh and Betty are saying they trust Kevin and Haleena now for fighting to save them more than once.

I’m taking a little break, I’ll check in before they go to bed and report if anything major happens, but right now, i’m turning off all devices for a little while.

From what I’ve been hearing the order of danger in the triple is this: most to least (= means equal odd with) HOH and Veto tell the tale though (who controls the vote being the big factor).
Jace, Marty, Haleena, Kevin=Josh, Summer=Betty.

un autre nom

Not much happened.
Jace and Gino were in bed campaigning with tears and laughs. they don’t get why the threat/backstab/lie campaign wasn’t jumped on by Hal and Kev.
Kevin got permission to go after Gino sooner than later (he didn’t mean this eviction but Kevin now has a bit of a Marty cushion because he gave that permission). Marty said he isn’t stupid, he goes where Hal and Kevin go and wants to work with them.
Kevin explained to Josh and Betty that he was trying to get as much information as he could from Marty (explaining the 2 hour study session). He’s explaining why Jace outed she was secret veto (to prove to paranoid silly Marty that of course there wasn’t a backdoor plan….. oops).
Kevin revealed that within THAT five, Haleena would likely be everyone’s choice as losing finalist, and here he is trying to pull her away from a guaranteed second place to uncertainty with the others. He says this to Josh and Betty.
Josh is playing off to Betty that he is getting paranoid about Kevin and Haleena, but thinks they are being genuine. Betty says keep them at arm’s reach, but she thinks so too.
They discuss how Marty is tracking Kevin and Haleeena’s movements, trying to hound them into working with him, and how Jace sits Haleena down and questions who Haleena has spoken to, and what was said (Betty walked in on it). They decide Haleena is a nice person being rode roughshod by larger personalities.
Marty tells Jace there is no flip. He spent 2 hours with Kevin, and Haleena would have told him by now so they haven’t decided to flip on the 5. The gummibears did the trick to create team solidarity? So Marty is basically expressing. He stilll thinks they should ALL use the gummi strategy to decide pawns for the rest of the game… Oh dear. I’m not trying to knock him for having PTSD and anxiety / depression. I understand PTSD intimately (to the point where i’ve actually turned off feeds and avoided them for a week because something said triggered me in past seasons). So please, when I’m making fun of his fukakta idiocy, and production being late with his meds, don’t think I’m knocking his diagnosed issues, I’m knocking how he is playing the game (though the late meds thing…. production you KNOW better).
THAT WHOLE 3 conversations they had today have gamed Jace and Gino out… they aren’t going to go to everyone and make them say who they are voting to evict in a public forum tonight. Sideye. Stare straight at screen. Sideye other direction.
Why do these schmucks this season want to have the eviction before the eviction?????
ED. Opinion:
All of the questioning, ordering of who people can and can’t talk to and campaigning to Summer is built in DOUBT that CAN be used as the reason for the vote flip. ie: you didn’t trust us which means you would turn on us so we had to turn on you first.
There are a couple houseguests getting amazing edits for an end game run. If I were watching the whole season back from people entering the house to now… I’d see the storyline i’m being presented with and point at this week and say ‘of course, it all makes sense now.’ Anyone else getting that vibe? We’ll see.

un autre nom

oh. I meant to attach this to the post for tonight’s episode.

bbcan 10 wk 8 dozze pesky kids.jpg
un autre nom

Like last week, the feeds went down before wake up call today for the Triple Eviction.

Here’s where we are at in terms of nominations as of last night:
Betty and Summer would nom Jace, Marty, Haleena (with a Kevin renom).
Josh would nom Jace, Marty, and he says Summer with a Betty renom (don’t buy it for a second, more likely with a Haleena renom).
Haleena and Kevin would nom Jace, Marty, Josh (with a Summer renom).
Jace would nom Kevin, Marty, Haleena (with ? renom likely Summer?).
Marty only has veto to contend with.
Veto holder tells the tale of the night in a lot of ways because of pair matching and no situation where confirmed pairs are put on the block together except in a Jace HOH.

Let’s remember if they do a season 5 style veto from that triple, Kevin and Josh discussed hacks for that comp.
Let’s remember Jace has been clutch in veto where her ass was on the line (remember when she faced Josh, Betty and Haleena in the second week balance veto?)

Storyline stands revealed at the end of this Triple. Week 8 with three votes deciding?
I don’t like that. The drama of the original triple was 5 voters deciding. This is more Kangaroo court. But then again, They’re doing the triple later now for greater control of the outcome.
I’m not expecting the HOH to play in the triple veto. I’m just not sure if it will run 5 or 6 players. I’m expecting 5, so there is a chance the pair that controls the HOH doesn’t even get to play in veto.
Veto tells the tail, because it determines which house faction controls the votes.

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Two contradictory spoilers. I’m not going to be able to be helpful. Sorry.
Will be back to review the episode and hopefully will have an aftermath chart ready when i post the review.

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Each of my 2 spoilers was 1/2 right. One of them had HOH right, they each had one of the evictees right.
The spoils I got that was unverified: Josh HOH, Jace, Summer evicted.
The other spoiler i read was Jace Marty evicted.

In the storyline the way I read it, I expected a Betty HOH, with Marty, Jace, Haleena noms, Kevin winning veto, removing Hal, forcing Betty to put up Summer with Summer Jace out.
Sorry. That’s what I saw coming in the chart I made 2 days ago. I redid it on the fly while the episode was airing.

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Preamble: Expect a dark ominous voiceover laden set up leading into recap is my thought. Also expect the actual triple to not start until about 25 after the hour IF they follow previous triples. It’s going to feel like a whirlwind. They’ll likely ALSO try to throw in a jury moment that could be saved for MONDAY.
dark ominous throwback with lots of voiceover clips. The Dreaded Triple Eviction.
Jace d/r third backstab.
Kevin d/r can’t believe it… this is the chance he’s been waiting for.
Betty uses Veto on herself (strong woman not going anywhere).
Marty renoms Gino.
Betty… omg. Jace darting eyes. Kevin trying not to cheshire laugh.
Post Ceremony
Josh d/r this is illogical… maybe i’m safe.
Gino d/r gummibears? I don’t feel safe. I need to talk.
Jace d/r Gino pissed.
Marty d/r risk. Kevin or Haleena could turn and Jace will be pissed.
GHOSTS have the power says Haleena.
Josh d/r mindblowing response.
The Dummies are well hidden says Josh.
Due to THE GUMMIBEAR INCIDENT Gino is going to fight. (WHEN?) d/r Jace is my rock. Jace thinks Kevin should be up. Kevin is the big question mark.
Marty / Kevin talk in HOH.Getting out Gino on Marty’s hoh would be a betrayal and a knife in the back.
Here’s the don’t talk to those 3 people until eviction talk. Kevin is going to agree for now, but do what he wants d/r.
Kevin d/r he might have a chance to win. Song and dance at the Hot Tub.
Jace and Hal talk. the Domino effect conversation. Jace d/r she’s mad. If Kevin flipped, Hal would have to flip too.
Gino campaign: Marty and Jace are coming after you, everyone is after you if you flip. Everyone is pissed at Marty. You guys are triple targets if I leave. The four of us should stay tight. (ED. the threat, blindside lie campaign. They don’t show the showmance swearing to Summer and Betty that they’ll target Marty Kevin and Haleena).
Coming up… Jury house. I don’t care. Save it for the Monday fluff filler segment, It’s 23 after the hour and NOBODY is evicted yet. COMPLETE WASTE OF TRIPLE EVICTION TIME THAT COULD BE ON THE MONDAY SHOW. shortform: they think Marty is running the game. Morons.
Josh: not begging, i’m a choc chip cookie, bite me?
Gino: Gummibears? i kicked my feet up… i’m on he block. 183 on the red door btw.
Evict Josh
Evict Gino
Summer, Hal, Kevin, Betty.
4-1 Gino has been evicted. Don’t trust anybody, Jace. Thinks Marty, Hal and Kev are the 3 headed dragon. nope.
32 minutes after the hour. Triple announcement.
Challenge knowledge. A/B.
NOMS: Marty, Jace, Summer (OH SHE”S GONNA SCREAM)
Summer screams at Josh in Expedia ruining Betty and Josh’s celebration.
VETO Complete the clock. Betty and Josh are sitting out.
Roll balls using body weight to shift.

bbcan10 WEEK eight triple.jpg
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a bit of math.
183 hours is left on the red door during the eviction of Gino.
That means the red door hits zero in 7 days and 15 hours from filming time.
That basically means some time between lights out and wake up call after the next eviction? The final four will be awakened with an alarm of some kind when it hits zero is my guess.
That means a lengthy feed block next friday, with feeds ending mid day on saturday most likely, Sunday at the latest with Arissa calling them to the living room for a surprise eviction.

final 5 vetoes are a bit of a mixed bag historically: how bad do you want it booth veto (s. 1), physical treasure hunt (s 4 knockout rounds, 5), speed comp (s 3, 9), juror comp history trivia booth veto (s 6), physical endurance balance comp (s 7).crap shoot individual timed veto(s 2) Depending on the storyline they’re going to suit it to the skills of the comp winner.

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I’m shook. Josh ACTUALLY stuck with the dummies and put BETTY on the block?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I figured he’d put up Summer. I thought she’d stay calm until after Veto.
I figured Haleena would be renom FOR SURE.
I need to process that.

Exit Arisaview with Summer and Marty.
Summer wants Betty to win. She’s mad at Josh.
She thinks Kev and Hal will be sitting at the end.
Josh wants Kevin to win, thinks Josh will win.
Summer is saying no to that.

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Boooo…. I don’t like her.

Guy From Canada

Well this will be an interesting week…….guess I will fast forward these episodes lol. Cheers for whichever dummie isn’t on the block to pull one down and send jace out the door,

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Thursday pm feeds
Okay. i’ve decompressed after the Triple and Betty’s HOH win.
Ika was host of the Shred that Letter HOH comp.
Betty won.
Jillian told Kevin to shred the letter because he used tongue on Marsha or something to that effect…. fuqifiknow.
Kevin asks Betty who he is allowed to talk to. She says anyone you want, even Josh.
Josh gets in his feels and leaves the room.
Kevin talks to Josh. Kevin reassures Josh that Betty will be fine. Josh says he knows he’s going on the block. Kevin says as long as Jace doesn’t win veto they are golden.
Josh is upset that he had to lie. I’m of 2 minds. He’s been reaping the benefits of the other Dummies losing their position and getting shit on for being liars for weeks. So… he finally got his hands dirty and now it’s a catastrophe?
Hal is talking to Betty. Betty is impressed with Hal’s block virgin card. She and Hal reveal their Summer Marty stories (the Tynesha stuff, the final 2’s, etc). Betty promises not to reveal to Jace that she knows Jace was secret veto holder.
Josh is planning to tell Betty he felt indebted to Hal/Kev for saving them multiple times while Summer wasn’t actually doing anything for them, just looking out for herself.
Betty tells Hal she feels like Josh felt indebted to Hal/Kev for saving them, and probably didn’t think Betty would have voted out Summer, but says she’d have had questions, but would have done it. (I don’t know if Betty actually WOULD have voted out Summer in that situation… I’m not sure). Betty reveals she’s never had a final 2 deal in the game (she’s one of Josh’s early game 7 final 2 deals isn’t she?) Reveals Summer had deals with EVERYONE, so how could she actually be loyal to anyone? When Betty finds out about the last 24 hours, she’s shocked but not surprised that Summer chose yesterday to make so many reveals.
Jace joins…. Hal and Betty leave. OUCH.
Hal tells Josh about Smarty (Sumar she calls it). She says she is grateful, but she was prepared to go on the block as renom. Josh reveals he couldn’t risk Kev or Hal leaving and wasn’t sure how the vote would fall, but knew the Dummies would save Betty.
Josh sits on the counter near Jace on one of the side couches.
Ed. It’s sort of remiscent of early weeks when Jess would be on the same couch, and the rest of the house would avoid that area like the plague (including Jace). I’m not fond of shunning. If it continues I’m going to be thinking grow up and be humans. However, had Jace won HOH, she’d be doing the SAME THING to somebody, so for the first couple of hours, I’m going to try to avoid the issue as something that might trigger me.

Here is Jace’s problem: she never hung out with more than one girl at a time, and spent 90% of her time with Gino since week 4. Integrating into the house NOW is going to be HARD.
Here is Betty’s problem: FINAL 5 HOH is a bit of a cursed position. You have to depend on relationships and bonds or a veto win in final 4 since you can’t play in the fin4 HOH.
Here is Hal’s problem: can she avoid being renom this week, and can she avoid being the 5th place alternate to the title?
Jace is telling Josh there was no backdoor Josh plan when Gino was HOH (Gino told Kevin Josh would be renom, asked Haleena if she wanted to make the big move with the veto). She asks Josh why he put her on the block. He said she might have put up Josh or Betty if she won, so he had to do it. Jace is mad at Hal and Josh. Josh says with five people left in the house there’s nowhere to hide now, and he’d love to hear what EVERYONE has to say about everything. (If Josh calls a house meeting…. no, he won’t. I’m saying IF). So Josh is covering his ass because he KNEW that Jace was going after Kevin and Haleena not him and Betty. He’s trying to work his way back into the middle… in week 9. Josh reveals that She and Josh will likely be noms. Jace is pissed it isn’t Kevin and Haleena. Jace wants a final 3 with Betty and Josh, and wants Betty to target Kevin and Hal. Josh feels he put a damper on Betty’s parade for her HOH win because of the triple and how it shook out. She wanted to be the deciding factor in who stayed and who left, not a nominee and third vote instead of deciding vote in the triple.
Haleena Kevin bathroom chat. She fears she’s the nominee on the block with Jace because of Betty’s comments about the Block virginity. Hal and Kevin swear not to blow up the Dummies relationship if either is evicted. Hal councils Kevin to get closer to Betty but don’t make it obvious to Josh, because Josh and Betty WILL reconcile. She’s trying to keep Kevin off the block. They are happy Summer is gone, but they aren’t going to tell Betty or Josh that.
Battery Change… so bedtime for the houseguests within the next hour.
Josh is alone in expedia. Likely trying to figure out how to stay loyal to the Dummies, but also stay in the middle and liked by everyone.
He and Betty have not talked yet.
Haleena Jace bathroom talk. Hal gives Jace a hug, and says that’s real not about game, she knows it’s hard, but she knows Jace is strong. They plan to talk tomorrow to hash out whatever made Hal snap at Jace during the triple (again… fuqifiknow and I doubt it will be in the behind the scenes recap Monday) guessing it’s about the backdoor Josh plan that Hal told Jace she heard about.
Kevin goes to Betty for battery change: she’s already in bed.

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Thursday pm 2
I thought they were done.
They weren’t done.
Kevin and Josh chat in expedia beach.
Basically they have to keep the lines open, and now Kevin thinks Josh is the guy everyone will want to take to the end.
Josh explained telling Betty she was renom word for word. Betty immediately ran to Kev/Hal asking if she had their vote and they immediately said yes. NO mention if she went to Jace as well.
They discuss Summer and Josh fight, Betty and Summer fight (including an effing B being thrown loud enough for the whole house to hear), and Jace and Hal fight that happened during the triple.
So EVERYBODY got a litle bit of action… no wonder it looks like Kevin has popcorn stuck in his teeth.
Haleena alone in red room talks to Canada about being proud of her game, that she’s stayed under the radar, and she’s been playing hard at staying invisible, and using information, lying and backstabbing when necessary.
Jace alone in blue room talking about how pissed she is that she had to vote to save Betty. Everyone else gets to keep their pair why doesn’t she get to keep hers (in final 5). She wanted them to keep Summer not Betty it’s not fayyyyyyer. Okay i dramatized, but this is the woman that said a couple weeks ago how easy this game is (while she had a showmance as HOH).
Kevin joins, and Jace wants the lights turned out, she’s been crying all night in Gino’s bed. The game is hard without a silent meat shield. Okay, whine tonight, keep whining tomorrow and i’m going to have to snippy about it.
Betty alone in HOH
Hal joins Betty. they chat about Betty still being a bit miffed with Jace mums the word. Betty reveals she offered to be a sacrificial lamb for Josh to stay in the game during their seond noms together, and being nominated is the thanks she gets? Okay, kvetch tonight, but if this becomes a perma rant, I’m going to have to get snippy about it.
Hal admits to Betty that she isn’t sure now WHO the backdoor was during Gino’s HOH anymore, she just got the gut feeling there was a backdoor, and has come to believe the showmance were hedging their bets. (She’s cutting Jace’s there was no plan to get Josh Hal’s a liar point off before it’s made). Betty appreciates the candor and Hal actually giving her the lowdown and trusting her with game information. She says she and Josh have never talked game like this, and she hugs Haleena telling her that they will talk more tomorrow. (keep in mind, Hal thinks she will probably be nominated, she’s jumping ahead of the line to bond with Betty now that Summer is gone).
Hal downloads to Josh so that he knows that Haleena told Betty Josh didn’t tell her why she wasn’t nominated and Betty was, just that Josh wants to talk to Betty about it first (attempting to show Josh is more concerned with Betty’s feelings? Is she trying to help repair them still instead of feeding the wedge???)



Wow Josh and Betty are becoming quite the power duo winning back to back HOHs all of a sudden. But then again I don’t know if they are a duo anymore with Josh putting Betty on the block in the triple… I was shooketh when he did that! O_O

Like I know she was safe but then again so were Kevin/Haleena so I understand why she would be pissed.

Still she would be dumb AF to nominate him or even put him on the block in the event Veto is played (and she wasn’t forced).

She has to put up Kevin/Haleena imo. That way that duo is broken up or Jacey-Lynne goes if one of them pulls themselves off the block.

The only way Josh would get on the block is if he was the only option (JL wins and uses the Veto on say Haleena). In that unlikely scenario then Josh would almost surely get 5th place.

I’m thinking Haleena or Jacey-Lynne seem like the most likely to get evicted in 5th place though. We shall see!


Fall out of post triple eviction…

Betty wins HOH – Josh in the dog house:

I’ve felt all season that Josh was committed to the Dummies and he proved it on Thursday by (sorry but stupidly) putting up his perceived F2 partner Betty. Actually it’s not so much that he acquiesced to putting her up but how he handled it.

He could’ve told her – I want to use this to reward Kevin/Haleena for voting to keep us repeatedly & they’ve promised they will again. I believe them.


This might throw off Jace so if she wins F5 HOH it would keep us from both going OTB if she thinks we aren’t as close.


I don’t want to put you in a position to lose Summer’s jury vote & I’ve confirmed Kevin/Haleena will vote to keep you PLUS this will put us in good stead with them as that’s two of the four people competing for HOH.

Instead… he did ZERO damage control in the process and could very well end up OTB beside Jace now instead of either of the Ghosts.

Haleena is stepping up with her social game as the finale looms:

And hey KUDOS to Haleena who literally got Betty to turn her perceived hatred toward her into being perhaps Betty’s new greatest ally in the house. Tell me Betty won’t consider taking Hal over Josh as her F2 now.

Hal prepped this perfectly by dropping the “special POV” bomb on Wednesday, and told Betty how Jace/Gino were locked in with Marty and NEVER going to back door him. She shared Gino/Jace were pitching/promising to put up Marty Betty/Josh in the triple (BEFORE it happened).

(Summer’s over confidence likely expedited her exit):

Also benefitting Haleena was Summer’s overconfidence b/c she made a F2 deal with Jace & tried to make one with Hal. Since Betty had already been OTB having to beg Summer for her vote it wasn’t a reach to believe she wasn’t trustworthy. Plus Summer admitted to Betty she promised Jace she’d be safe ahead of Haleena with her/Betty/Josh.

Haleena stock is soaring based on her game management in last 48 hours:

This latter information is key – bc again Jace did NOTHING to manage her relationship with Betty this past week looking at her as being a nonentity since her vote was going to Josh. All season Jace took offense at how she was the one perceived as a +1 with Gino while that’s precisely how she’s treated Betty.

Jace hasn’t done herself any favors in the early hours since the triple isolating herself to grieve the loss of Gino — letting Hal dive right in to take advantage. And once again Hal is playing this perfectly. Instead of spending her time with Betty burying Jace (or agreeing with Betty about what a terrible thing Josh did) she’s sticking up for Josh telling her he should’ve explained it better but for sure he was protecting you by putting up Summer and he really does care about you – we need to fix this b/c you two love each other.

That effort by Hal is going to make Betty trust her more than even Josh likely. While Betty has been quick to be anti-Hal much of that was tied to the Tynesha vote and she bases much of her game on ACTIONS. At the start of the week, Betty was being a mean girl toward Hal thinking she was all alone — by the end of the week she’s viewing Hal as someone who played with integrity, was honest, and repeatedly saved her/Josh. That’s one hell of a turnaround in a matter of days!

Jace poor game management will likely be her undoing:

By the time Jace finally speaks to Betty it’s going to be a very hard sell for her to switch Betty’s thinking off putting her OTB.

Betty can rewind the conversations with the showmance to see how Jace was constantly pushing to get out Hal/Kev/Marty but once Marty won HOH they never bothered to check in with her again. It looks SUS and won’t work in her favor.

Jace NEVER admits her lies so it’s likely she’ll deny having the special POV. If she gets pissy I could see a point this week where she gets confronted by the other four on how JINO had F4 deals with both. If Jace tries to say she NEVER had a deal with the Ghosts they can call her out by saying if that’s true then why do you feel betrayed we didn’t vote for Gino?

Understandably, Jace is upset that Gino is gone but she really should have tried to talk to Betty immediately and sell to her how the Dummies are clearly working together. Instead, b/c Hal has brought her up to speed on so much & Kev/Josh retreated to hang out together it will just look like a desperate attempt by Jace.

All season it seemed like Hal was hurting herself by not being viewed as being close to anyone but Marty – now it’s actually paying dividends b/c it looks like Kev & her came together over being used by the showmance & Marty.

Haleena is benefiting by her actions matching her words. Told Josh/Betty that she was trying to get him to put up the showmance instead of playing Gino’s game (while as per above the showmance stopped talking to Betty/Josh), & dumped all that intel on Betty BEFORE the triple HOH so she looks like the honest person with integrity. It also didn’t hurt that Betty walked in on Jace being mean to Haleena trying to brow beat her into voting to keep Gino.

That also paints Jace in a bad stead b/c Betty is seeing Jace expect Hal/Kevin to keep Gino all while telling J/B that they’ll take them out in the triple. It makes Jace look heartless, like a bully & someone who just uses them all like pawns for her own gain.

Since Arisa didn’t say who voted to keep Betty she might believe it was just Kev/Hal. Although Josh told Kevin that Jace didn’t want to keep Betty & once she learns Jace fought to keep Summer instead of her that should cement her nomination.

Ghosts’ Actions: that was the FOURTH time Haleena & Kevin voted to keep Betty safe – Hal told her prior to the triple what was going on with the showmance, the special POV & since the triple Hal has downloaded how Jace/Summer made a F2 yesterday, how Summer was STILL willing to evict Betty the morning of the vote (versus Hermon) and perhaps most importantly that Summer ADMITTED that Tynesha pitched Hal going OTB to Jess (and that she was in the room when it happened (true).

The early winner of the post triple eviction is HALEENA.


Moving forward with Betty’s HOH the questions to be answered are:

  1. Is there ANYTHING Jace can say to stay off the block? (not a shot in hell)
  2. Will Haleena make it a clean sweep and avoid going OTB? I’m thinking yeah lol b/c…
  3. Josh will likely be her second nom as penance for what he did in the triple? (he seems fine with it if that’s the case which is CRAZY)
  4. If Josh & Jace are OTB on Thursday who would the Ghosts vote out? …

Josh’s loyalty to Dummies likely keeps him safe this week as long as Jace is OTB:
Prior to the triple the Ghosts had entertained taking out Josh on a few occasions. But now that Gino (who is buddies with Hermon/Moose) is headed to the jury along with Marty it’s unlikely they would vote out Josh over Jace as the above four would all likely vote for her over the Ghosts.

Factor in – it was Kevin who created Crash Test Dummies & the fact Josh put his own perceived F2 & F3 allies OTB with the latter leaving in the triple will hurt him. Moreover, once Kevin (or Hal) outlines the Dummies (and Ghosts) to the jury Josh will be viewed as someone they puppeted in the game to get intel for them & do their dirty work.

Also – with Betty not able to play in F4 HOH it would be better to send out Jace (who has her dates on lock) b/c that would guarantee one of the Dummies wins HOH & it would be that trio vs. Betty going for the POV. AND if they’re successful I’m envisioning a post-POV meeting similar to what happened to Britney with the Brigade where they lay out the CTD alliance & how they moved this season to protect themselves & Betty (unknowingly). All so she can take that intel with her to the jury roundtable. And you just know Josh will be admitting it was all Kevin’s idea.

If that happens & Josh ends up in a F2 seat with Kev based on some of the angry feelings already in place toward Josh (Summer/Moose) it should vault Kev ahead. But how would it impact Haleena? Would Betty/Summer/Jace consider voting for her instead of Josh (or Kev)?

Goodbye messages – time for CTD/Ghosts reveal:

So far we’ve seen Kevin’s GBM to both Hermon & Gino & he didn’t out the CTD or Ghosts in either of them. What we don’t know is whether Josh or Haleena did which could play a major factor, especially for Haleena.

If the jury learns Kevin/Hal created the Ghosts on Day 2 – then went to Josh and cemented the Dummies early (in truth it was week 5 & the Tynesha eviction) the jury will have to give props for their game strategy & being able to keep their alliance COMPLETELY hidden.

The Dummies (and more so the Ghosts) have inexplicably kept their alliances hidden all season. The funny part for me is this occurred mostly because of the arrogance & overconfidence of the other hamsters.

Gino/Jace thought they were insulted everywhere, Marty (Hermon/Moose) thought they were all running the house, and even Summer & Josh took credit for certain things occurring that they had NOTHING to do with.

That to me was the mastery of Haleena & Kevin who STILL are functioning at F5 with no one linking them together. Sure they were tied to Marty but as individuals NOT as a duo. And even in these last few days, Kevin is sticking to Josh while Haleena moved to Betty so they continue to be viewed as individuals. Even Josh believes he’s Kevin’s #1 (he’s NOT – Haleena is & that’s further cemented by Josh winning the triple HOH).

Props to both of them (and even Josh) b/c they were the only hamsters to keep their alliance hidden this entire time which is impressive, particularly in this season where every alliance got blown up.

Garry R

I did not like Summer’s attitude. She seems to be in an “entitled” mode. Very poor sportsmanship.


Yeah she did nothing and was VERY annoying.

I hope this is the last time she is on TV lol.

un autre nom

This isn’t a defense of Summer’s game (i’ve been calling out her entitlement for a while), but I’m going to just point out a blindside would have me pretty peeved if you spoke to me immediately after it happened.
It would take me about a good half hour to digest and accept and get my act together.
If she’s still as petty in her post interviews today… then yeah, entitled and poor sportsmanship would fit, imo.


April 22nd – the hamsters are up – Betty initial thoughts & Jacey plotting…

Business Betty:

Betty is talking to herself as she’s wont to do – some of the top lines from her mumblings is she’s STILL pissed at Josh feeling he embarrassed her on national TV b/c of how happy she was he won HOH & earlier in the season when she was willing to throw her game away to save him.

She’s pretty much ignoring him (won’t talk to him) & the gist is they’ll get past it – but it sure sounds like it’ll be Josh & Jace going OTB at least that’s the initial indication. She said “if she stays up & goes (Jace) fine & if it’s him oh well.” She also referenced karma (Josh going OTB via her hand – right after he did it to her).

Note: this must’ve been confirmed to Haleena who tells Kev it’ll be Jace/Josh OTB – couldn’t hear who the replacement would be. They say if either wins POV they keep noms the same & if one of them goes up that’s who they save.

Betty is taking her new BFF Kevin to Wendy’s (and also in her self chat called Kevleena HONEST. So like I said earlier the way Hal managed her the past 48 hours was perfect. Kevin & Betty have the most bizarre relationship b/c she started out hating him but Kev wore her down by constantly saving her, keeping her in the loop with little tidbits here & there & always saying he loved her.

With Josh putting her OTB & learning how SUS Summer was in regards to keeping him (vs. Hermon) & making F2 deals with Jace last minute & not telling her it’s worked to Kevleena’s advantage with Kev sort of replacing Josh as her BFF & Hal coming across as playing the game the way Betty wanted to – – with integrity/honesty — (little does she know).

Jace is flying blind:
Jacey is plotting her pitch which has glaring holes/problems partially through no fault of her own. She plans on calling Kevleena snakes, liars, & manipulators & will go in HARD on Haleena saying she “made up unnecessary lies & enjoyed it – laughed about it”. (THIS is how the house views Jace – so she’s just going to feed into that further by taking this stance).

Moreover, there is a myriad of issues with this pitch b/c Haleena laid out PRECISE TANGIBLE evidence & it was confirmed by Kev to Josh (plus Kev to Summer which was passed along during the week) it only makes Jace look like she is the liar & manipulator.

Adding to her downward position is last week she spent the entire time trying to get Kev/Hal’s votes & ZERO time nurturing her relationship with Betty. AND pushed Josh/Kevleena to keep Summer instead of Betty last night. So it will look like Jace had every intention of booting Josh & Betty but now that she’s in danger wants to target Kev/Hal.

Betty promised Hal she won’t reveal to Jace what she knows to be true – she told Hal she wants TRUTHS from Jace, but won’t be probing for them. She’s expecting Jace to step up & tell her truths. It’s likely Betty is looking for Jace to admit she won the secret POV or that her/Gino had copious F4 deals (Betty knows of at least 4 maybe more).

The problem is Jace doesn’t know what Betty already knows & more importantly this isn’t how Jace plays (she’s NEVER honest & NEVER admits to her lies). Consider the Gino pitch to stay where both Hal (prob pre-planned by the Ghosts) admits to throwing Kev UTB to Marty & so does G – but when Kev says “I know you pitched me & I’m fine with it” Jace REFUSED to own it. That was the safest situation for her to admit to what she did w/o repercussions yet she continued to lie so there’s NO WAY she does it now feeling threatened to go OTB.

It’s also unlikely she admits to making a F2 with Summer or trying to keep her in the triple & the fact she won’t (or to having the Special POV) it’s doubtful anything else she says will be accepted.

Notably, Betty walked in on a convo with Jace & Hal on Weds & told Hal it looked like she was bullying you/threatening you so that’s also working against her. With Jace trying to paint Hal as the lying, manipulating b*atch will backfire & she’ll come across as the bully crying wolf.

Jace contemplated calling all 3 (Ghosts/Josh) or just the guys (girl power) her targets but then backtracked b/c she’s worried Josh/Betty will makeup & that will backfire on her. Ironically, her best bet might actually be calling out the Dummies are a trio to get Betty thinking that could be true.

The girl power pitch isn’t a bad idea since Betty always said she wanted a female to win. Jace is going to tell Betty that if Gino stayed their plan was to work with Summer/Betty — the problem here of course is that Summer NEVER told her that & b/c Jace was working Kev/Hal so hard it also looks like a lie. WHY has she never brought this up before? B/c the showmance pushed taking out Sum/Bet to Kevleena she is always fighting the hedging bets on both sides & will have a hard time with this pitch. Sure, now that Kev/Hel voted out Gino/Marty she doesn’t want to work with them but where was this commitment before that? Plus – if she presents this to Haleena -she’ll stick a fork in it & say the entire season Jace has ONLY ever wanted to work with the guys – so this is really convenient she suddenly wants to work with us all while she’s bashing me.

The Ghosts/Dummies were two steps ahead of Jace – while she was working to keep G in the house only stopping to make a F2 with Summer. She acted like Betty wasn’t even in the house & ultimately that will likely be why Betty doesn’t buy what she’s selling.

Conversely, Hal/Kev kept Josh/Betty in the loop all last week on what was happening so the fact the showmance pushed so hard to get out Josh is only going to make everything she says SUS. For example, if the F4 deal with J/B was real then why would she feel so betrayed by Kevleena – what exactly did they owe the showmance if their F4 was the real one?

Since Kev has smartly jumped into being Betty’s new BFF & she’s taking him to Wendy’s for Jace to try to bury him isn’t going to fly & likely will have the opposite effect. In fact, we know Betty loves a good sarcastic vent session so she’ll likely spill Jace’s entire pitch to which Kevin will fill with holes. Watch for Kev to plant with Betty that Jace would win if she stays b/c Gino is buddies with Hermon/Moose (had F4 with them) so he’ll have them voting for her & Marty will do anything G tells him so if she gets to the F2 chair she already has four votes.

If Jace knew what Betty knew she might have a fighting chance but w/o her knowing Hal/Kev kept them updated on everything happening & the pitch from the showmance to target them it just will make anything Jace says seem like a lie.

Josh will have to eat crow:

Josh will have some work to do & already expects to go OTB. His best bet would be to tell Betty I’m fine if you put me OTB – I deserve that but I love you & maybe I panicked but I wanted to ensure that Summer didn’t stay & I was worried if I put up Hal or Kev that maybe you & Jace would keep Summer who I knew we couldn’t trust.

They’ll probably be some tears shed (from Josh) & a genuine apology. Fortunately, Hal already worked Betty last night to say she knows Josh put up Summer initially b/c he was protecting Betty – AND she confirmed Summer made F2 with Jace & tried to make one with Hal.

Moving forward:

Much of what happens this week will depend on Jace being up & staying up so the F4 would be the Dummies & Betty.

Although a lot can change in any week the reality is Jace has been so shady & lied so much that it will be hard to shift that position. Again– Jace did NOTHING to nurture the F4 deal with Josh/Betty while Kev stayed close to Betty the entire time & Hal broke out all the secrets on Wednesday. Shifting Betty away from believing Hal would require Betty to see something tangible that correlates & b/c Jace never offered any of that beforehand she’ll be hard-pressed to do it now. Instead, it’s likely Betty will believe she’s just making stuff up to stay off the block & to cover her own ass.

The bottom line is although Betty is happy to play the role of petty Betty she’s going to feel a certain way about Jace (via JINO’s own actions). She has also been someone who has made comments like “I’m sure Marty is a wonderful man, a doting husband, and lovely father outside this house” – it speaks of how Betty leans to kindness (remember she was one of the few who shed tears thinking Kevin was leaving) so when Jace comes in gunning with negativity firing from both cylinders it’s likely only going to serve to confirm Betty’s gut choice that Jace has to go.

Betty will want the final 2 weeks in the house to be fun & knows she’ll have that with Kev/Josh (who she’s spent ample time with all season) along with her budding friendship with Haleena. Jace & her have never been BFF’s or hung out so that also will play into the equation.

un autre nom

Betty’s pathology: If Betty is mad and doesn’t get an immediate confrontation where Betty can come off as the right fighter, she holds on to her grudge. Think about her relationships with Kevin and Moose. Now contrast that with her relationship for most of the game with Haleena, and now Josh. If you are shy about confrontation, Betty is going to seethe.
She isn’t over the Josh sting. If anything, she’s more riled. She didn’t get to call him out, he’s avoiding the talk, so she’s avoiding the talk, so it’s a fester situation.
Kevin and Haleena are considered honest straight shooters by Betty.
Each of them are doing their damnedest to stay on Bety’s good side and feed her Jace info that for the most part is true especially if you use a semantic perspective shift filter.
Hal has been told now that noms will be Jace and Josh. I think she’s been told she’ll be renom if one is required, but in a tie vote, she’d keep Haleena if she were renom.
Kevin is now the Wendy’s date I think.
Kevin and Hal have downloaded to each other everything they are gathering from Jace, Josh and Betty.
The expedia room is locked, I’m starting to consider it the Josh room after the last week, he’s taken up residence… what ever will he do???
For Jace’s part: she’s planning to propose a f2 to Betty. She’s not sure if she should go the f3 with Betty and Josh, or go the women’s power route, saying they take Hal to the end.
Jace does say if she wins veto and Hal is on the block, she’s easier to beat, so she’d evict Josh. The organization of her pitch isn’t bad. Her delivery is usually an issue (she gets a little sanctimoniously pushy and it rubs the HOH’s the wrong way). Her big problem? She plans to call Kevin and Hal liars and snakes that get off on telling unneccessary lies. Given that Betty thinks the 2 have been shooting her the straight talk, and fighting for her survival since week 2’s nomination, that could lead balloon pretty bad. Let’s remember: Jace and Betty haven’t had a great rapport since week 2 when Betty counseled Jace to work on her relationships with more than just Gino, and Jace ghosted her to spend more time with Gino.
The house is now aware that Jace wanted to keep Summer, not Betty. Josh and Betty were both told that Jace went to Kev/Hal before the vote and said she’d rather keep Summer, but they over ruled her.
Did I say Betty is taking Kevin to Wendy’s? The initial thought was Hal, but it’s Kevin.

Exit interviews: so far all of the interviews are group, not individual. Keep that in mind. Each press outlet gets 15 minutes with the three of them. They usually get 15 with each evictee. Global itself may ge giving it’s people 15 each, but all other press is getting 15 minute rush
Summer is still betrayed by Josh, but not as heated. She’s team Betty and Kevin (who she is like, who she wanted to be like).
Gino is saying he had an alliance with Josh Betty Summer so he would have taken them to f4 (not saying that alliance became fake to him 4 days later when he and Jace were thinking f3 with Kevin… hmmm). Team Jace and Josh (showmance and introverted muscly guy).
Marty is undecided. Best overall game..gummibear.. you know he means comp wins right? right. gummibear. He’ll get the finalist to pick gummibears, won’t he?
Each of the 3 is subtly pushing that their winner choice is the person that played most like them to validate their own game strategy. Common juror practice before the jury hive minds.
Marty has learned Hal and Josh are in an alliance (don’t know… sometimes they do gbm after the special evictions for jurors) gummibear. I think Marty, who was f2 with each of Gino, Summer, Hal, Kevin, Jess, Hermon, Josh and likely a gummibear at SOME point in the game, takes offense to anyone else having a side f2…. gummibear. Marty looks calm.
Personal impression: Josh, get it over with. Get the wrath of Betty done. Can’t sink into the middle for that one. The first time in the game that Josh couldn’t sit back and reap the rewards without having to do anything, and his response is lackluster. Jace? would have had a better shot if she’d stayed consistent in her Betty relationship. Jace threw away every relationship she had when Gino entered a room, and now she’s got the least actual ties to anyone in the house. Remember when we were friends in week 2 isn’t a strong talking point in week 9 to a heart/feeling player like Betty.
How are they going to flashback to the arguments when you have Haleena telling Jace she’s going for her throat… and you have Summer at the top of her lungs screaming that Betty is a Fooqing Betch? evil grin… do it… show us. bwa hahaha.

un autre nom

If we accept that the d/r is the writer’s plotline device:
Kevin has high 70’s d/r input. Jace has low seventies. Betty has high fifties, Josh has mid fifties, and Haleena has low 30’s input (but camtalks aren’t d/r and she has quite a few so possible adjust to mid 40’s).
If you’re starting to get season 3 feels about how this endgame is shaping up… i totally see where you’re coming from.

un autre nom

Game analysis.
Marty: Comp threat. Strategically might have been better if not for the social manipulation abilities of the Ghost Alliance. Tried to Alphabro early wanting a JolieMecs type thing. His game really was strategically ruined by the Ghosts… oooh boy. His attitude was problematic, his opinions could be problematic, and he was never going to win, but would have dominated comps if they kept him. It was the right move to get him out, he knew the damn camera angles of every camera in the house. No really. His earliest kick yer feet up deal (if Josh is to be believed) was with Jay, Josh and Jess… a four not alliance but deal. Knowing that puts a totally different spin on some of Marty’s movement, but doesn’t change just how problematic he was. Marty had how many f2 deals, and is annoyed by ANY of those deals having another alliance or deal.
Summer: Social game based on creating tiers. She was with Honeybunch but didn’t want Jace. She was with Savage 7 but didn’t want Kyle and Moose. She was with Mandems but didn’t want Haleena. She was with Siblings but didn’t want Jess. She flirted as strategy to the point social media was hashtagging sino, surmon, and sumoose. At one point she was THE MOST insulated person in the house, then she tanked her own insulated position when Hermon and Betty were on the block. Entitled and Petty. See her campaign on the block, vs. the hoops she made people jump through when THEY were on the block.
Jace: started out top loaded with alliances, but instead of fostering all of them, she would ditch one for the next: Honeybunch, Cupcakes (Steph, Hal), Reatreat. Serially monogamous alliancing instead of maintaining all connections… with Gino being her raison d’etre. Likes to say she played an honest game… sorry no. Clutch comp winner that goes underestimated until now because Gino was goldenboy to the house. Truly, she has a sense of entitlement that rivals Summer’s. Gino def has a type. It comes as no surprise that a competitive figure skater wins both balance vetoes. Just saying.
Betty: Spent the first quarter of the game NOT PLAYING BIG BROTHER. No seriously, she was playing Moral Superiority. Never actually put in the work to make alliances, she was just included by others (sometimes without even knowing). As the numbers went down, and the competition she was facing in comps became weaker, she did better. At this point she’s still a morally superior right fighter that takes everyone at face value, then gets judgemental. She made it to this point instead of being evicted because there was always a more threatening target to the Ghosts, and they manipulated the HOH. Started the game with a real world connection to Hermon, and told everyone she’d never vote him out (which led me to the Week 2 conclusion one or the other should leave immediately).
Josh: Has thrown every comp he could win, and lost every comp he needed EXCEPT for the Triple HOH comp (that he didn’t actually NEED to win). He’s benefitted from other people liking him to the point they include him in alliances without him having to contribute. His lack of sharing game intel has actually started to make everyone question him now. Middle player that will DO ANYTHING to stay in the middle and now feels lost because he had to win something and make an actual move. He started the game with a real world knowledge of Jay, and had about 7 final 2 deals by week 2.
Haleena: On paper…. she’s actually a mess. She can’t win comps, she has challenges that screw her ability to study for mental comps, and she’s such a klutz, she went for a jog and tripped over her own feet when she left her house and reached the sidewalk. However, her game is invisible. She has the ability to see social cues, intuit game, and collect information from people while making them feel secure. She can’t actually win because of jury perception of her, they’ll NEVER take her seriously. But her social game has actually been ridiculously good. Worst edit inclusion for a final 5 house guest I’ve ever seen. NO really. She was Invisileena in the edit until Jess’ HOH when Jess wanted to quit and so Kevin’s f2 with Hal was added to the storyline. What, that wasn’t obvious to everyone? That’s how I read it immediately. Flashing back to a day 2/3 clip in week 4 to include a houseguest you’ve been neglecting by edit choice? Sideye. That was sus.
Kevin: A chaos schemer that has benefitted from partnering with Haleena as much as she has from him. Her reads mixed with his ability to conspire and implement chaos to his benefit have been social game gold. Can’t win a comp either… and needs to. Without Kevin, think of how this season actually would have progressed. He has had his finger in every pie, and hasn’t actually been held to task. The plays to the camera d/r part of his game I could do without (I don’t need the hand holding and spoon feeding production, i get what he’s doing). I’d like to see how he responds to Chaos he didn’t create and anticipate.


Betty wants to bring the Ghosts to the end!

So, Betty had her Wendy’s date with Kevin and has met with Haleena. She pitches Hal to go to F3 with her & Kevin (and sort of hints at the two females going F2).

She’s still upset at Josh who hasn’t made an effort to talk to her yet but I’m sure he will.

Her initial nominations will be Josh & Jace so that the Ghosts +Betty can get out one of the two strongest competitors. This is PRECISELY what Kev/Hal want so it sure feels like Kev misted Betty in the Wendy’s date.

Haleena & her strategized about Jace with Betty asking if she should pitch a “girls thing”. Hal said so ‘we working together right?” Betty said YES. Hal said why don’t you tell Jace your target is Josh but she has to put up Jace over Kevin/Hal b/c they immediately told her she was safe last night whereas Jace wanted to keep Summer but she’ll just be a pawn.

She’ll tell Betty she’s going to put up Kev if she wins POV. That’s when Hal suggested she warn Kevin what she’s going to tell Jace & that she has no intention on him leaving & that as long as Haleena is off the block she trusts she’ll keep Kevin no matter what & she’ll have the tiebreaker if either Josh or Jace try to vote him out.

Hal then suggested she let Josh explain himself & said I still think this thing between you two can be fixed at least on a personal level & while I understand he’s a great competitor it would be nice for you two to make amends. They both see now that Josh clearly had F2 deals with Moose, Hermon & probably Summer for her to be so upset.

They also wonder if he has a F2 with Kev & Josh (Betty implies that Kev said they did – not sure if I heard that correctly). Hal also suggested she tell Josh that Jace is the target (which Josh should be fine with since he has the Dummies to protect him anyway as long as Jace is on the block). The danger for Josh will be if Jace wins POV — SO expect him to be gunning for POV to ensure Jace doesn’t win it.

Hal/Betty also ran through the jury & how the guys will be with Gino & therefore that will help both Jace/Josh whereas the trio of Kev/Hal/Betty don’t have the same type of commitments in jury.

The HOH lockdown just ended so chats with Jace & Josh are upcoming.


Did anyone see the HOH comp? Kevin had 5 points and Betty had 4. How did Betty win? The conspiracy lives in the BB CAN house!!!!!

un autre nom

?Friday Pm. I’m going to out for a portion of the evening, so I may miss Nomination fallout.
I’ll try to backstep as much as I can to fill everyone not on feeds in on what happened. This is the pre nomination report. I’ve done as much detail as I could.
Josh has decided not to talk to Betty so he can be petty. eyeroll. That’ll change, prodo needs that conversation for the edit.
Betty Hal ONE ON ONE
Betty post Wendy’s has come to the conclusion that Josh has WAY too many deals this season. She thinks he’s being a coward not facing her and taking his tongue lashing like a man.
Kevin said he had a deal with Josh (f2?) during Wendy’s is what Betty is telling Hal.
Betty is not sure if she’s doing the Jace/ Josh noms or if she’s doing the Kev/Josh nom.
She wants her final three to be Kev and Hal, but she also considers the girl power route.
Hal said if she needs a renom, Betty could put her up (she’d hate it but understand). Betty doesn’t want to take Hals’ block virginity. Sideye.
So right now, If i understand it correctly, and I may be off… Hal and Betty are solid. Hal says she’s been offered Final 2’s in the game but never understood it because she didn’t know who the final 3 would be so agreed to watching backs and played along, but never understood the point of final 2 so early. (oh that’s a whopper). Betty says she never had a final 2 either… the edit clearly states that Josh and Betty had a final 2.
Betty is either nomming Jace and Josh or Kevin and Josh with a Jace renom plan in her Haleena one on one. They go over every option that covers them for whatever Betty wants by the end of the week (Josh or Jace out the door).
Jace Betty ONE ON ONE
Jace is trashing Hal/Kev as Marty’s minions. Says she and G weren’t working with Marty after the failed vote flip. Says Marty planted stories in Haleena’s head. Doesn’t admit to having the secret veto until Betty directly questions her, and says there was no back door Josh plan. She wants girl power or Betty Josh final 3. Jace says she’s loyal and hasn’t lied in this game…. (oh somebody check for lightning).
Betty tells Jace she wants Josh out, but that Jace is an option because Jace has played her in the past.
Jace pushes the week 2 women empowerment idea she expressed to Betty.
Betty may buy some of this. Not all, but some. Jace is making the mistake of being more anti Haleena than anti Josh after hearing that Josh is the target.
Jace pushes she’s a locked vote, and you have to take Haleena’s block virgin card, she’s too close to Josh. Jace says she doesn’t have a final 2 with Josh.
Jace pushes that Josh has a final 2 with each of Kevin and Haleena and they could split the snake pair that were always in the room when Betty and Josh were the noms decision (so were Jace and Gino… oops). Jace says the pair would save Josh if Jace is on the block. Jace should be pushing Kevin and Josh, she’s more pushing Hal and Josh. Does Betty notice?
Betty wants Jace to keep their talk private, she’s got to think about what she’s going to do.
Jace leaves.
Betty says one of Josh or Jace has GOT to GO.
ED. when Betty went to Jace in the triple asking for her vote Jace wouldn’t commit. THAT is why Jace is not getting trust.
Josh Betty ONE ON ONE
incoming. He wants to make tea. She’s not laughing at him, she’s laughing at the situation.
Betty tells him the floor is his:
Josh explanation of his triple noms: He couldn’t trust Summer, she was making too many side deals. He only put Betty up because he owed Kevin and Haleena for their vetoes that saved him from the block. He couldn’t be positive they wouldn’t be voted out to save Summer, who he knew was in with everyone.
Josh says if he could do it differently, he would pull in all three of Betty, Kev and Hal and get their opinions on what to do for renom.
Betty makes it a dialogue: Betty says she felt the decision was already made before Josh told her, and it hurt because she now feels like she’s just been playing Josh’s game. Betty says she knows Josh has deals in the house, and she was ready to take second place to him in final 2 before his choice. She forgives him but her eyes are open now. Josh is wondering what deals? He didn’t deny deals, he asked her to specify? (ooooh. that’s not good). Josh says their friendship is good, but their gameship is bad now. He will show her through actions. Betty says Josh didn’t give reason as HOH, he just gave her the result. She thought his style as HOH was too KYLE. Now she knows she has to play her OWN game. She thought she and Josh were partners, but now realizes that in that moment he put owing Kevin and Haleena over his partner. He didn’t think she’d be HOH and there would be consequences. Betty isn’t saying they can’t rebuild, but she is saying you put me on the block, so I’m putting you on the block. This isn’t tit for tat (it is) and he isn’t playing tit for tat either. He says if he stays and wins final 4 HOH she will see (that’s the week veto holder has all the power dipshit).
Betty says Hal didn’t know about secret veto until after and was hedging her bets in case it was Josh OR marty backdoor, she didn’t technically save Josh, but Josh saved her in the triple. Josh says Betty isn’t expendable to him.
Betty wishes Josh had told her about his Summer doubts. She was running around like a chicken sans head in a triple trying to get votes. Josh says he had Kev and Hal’s word they would save Betty before he made the nom (they’ve always kept their word when we were on the block being the subtext he wants, but to Betty it feels more like prioritization).
ED. JOSH DOESN”T THROW DUMMIES UNDER THE BUS, He does say with Jace pulling him into rooms, he couldn’t get time to tell her his Summer doubts. Kevin revealing his Josh relationship at Wendy’s is problematic.
Josh is talking to Hal thinking they are the noms. Kevin is now Betty’s best friend. Both are fine with being noms. Both are saying they’ll try for veto.
Betty is alone listening to music and pumping herself about making a good decision.
Betty searches out Hal to tell her that Jace tossed Hal under the bus hard to try to save herself. Betty says she lied to Jace that it was Marty that told her about secret veto, not Hal ( ED. Betty walked in on what she decided was Jace browbeating Hal a couple days ago, so is more sympathetic with Hal atm). Jace pushing girl power while pushing a Hal nom was no bueno to Betty.
Kevin Betty ONE ON ONE
Betty lays out Jace’s entire pitch to Kevin. Kevin is laughing and loving the final 3 with Betty. Betty says Kevin could be screwing her over, Kevin says he knows his credibility isn’t high with her yet, but he’s all in. He says laugh about it or get mad, he chooses laughter. Betty informs Kevin she played along with Jace’s girl power talk in case he hears about it later. Kevin hopes Betty gets to play in veto ( ED.historically final 5 hoh plays in veto, check Breydon winning HOH and POV at final 5 in Season 9 * the un knotting the string speed comp, check Kyra winning in HOH final five and playing in the POV *balance strength endurance remove the jewels hand and foothold comp that Adam won). Kevin tells Betty that Josh and Jace win hands down in the jury, for anyone else to have a shot those 2 have to go.
Josh Kevin pantry
Josh still thinks it’s 2 dummies as noms. Kevin says third dummie has to win veto and we own the day, because Jace is the only nom left in that scenario.
Okay… taking a break now. Anything major that happens from about 6:30 pm to later this evening, I’ll back check and report.

un autre nom

Jace and Josh

Betty has told Kevin she wants Josh gone, but either of the two gone is a fine.
Betty told Hal that Kevin is the renom.
Betty told Kevin that Hal is the renom.
Make of that what you will.

un autre nom

This isn’t a rant.
This is an observation.
Kevin and Josh wonder why Haleena has gotten called out as being a rat and a snake so much, and Kevin hasn’t when they’ve done exactly the same things to exactly the same people. They wonder if it’s one of those social perceptions of gender issues. Um… gee.
Consider: the jury now knows that Hal, Kev and Josh have a working relationship. Marty revealed in interview. Who are they crediting with good social manipulation game? Kevin and Josh. Who is a disappointment? Hal.
If I were being petty, I’d want to check to make sure they were being paid the same stipend.
Part of the reason this isn’t a rant: d’uh.
Like everyone isn’t aware of how social perception of gender is still a thing. It is.
We’re just actually getting men wondering if it’s a thing for the first time on big brother. NO really, point another time on another season where a man wondered if a woman playing the game in exactly the same way as him was being judged by different standards. There’s a trope that happens in bb: a woman wins one early season comp and is labeled a comp beast that must be evicted. There’s another trope that exists: a social manipulator male is called a gamer, a social manipulator female is a target.
Yes, Jace calls Kevin AND Hal AND Josh snakes. Privately. Publicly? She calls out Hal.
The jurors? See Kevin and Hal playing the same game, credit Kevin only.
Not a rant. An observation. mmmhmmm.

A thought. How different would the season have been if the abandoned alliance of week three had been successful, and the successful one abandoned?
Think about it.
In week three, Hermon pulled aside Summer, Moose and Tynesha to form a core of the savage seven. This is when Steph and Betty were to be noms. He was shoring up his core alliance within his dreamchild Savage 7 because his side deal Retreat was breaking with his showmance puppet Steph and his back end real world deal Betty both going on the block. When Moose went on the block instead of Betty, that broke the Savage 7 as well which lit the True Few / Fuse that was fanned into a bonfire when Josh was made renom.
But… what else was going on that could have altered the game even more?
The Rebel Rejects. That was Summer’s brainchild of trying to come up with numbers by pulling all of her side deals into one group. Proposed membership? Summer, Tynesha, Haleena, Kevin, Josh, Betty and either Jess or Hermon. Why was it abandoned? Hermon. He didn’t want to work with so many “floaters” (he really means geeks or losers when he says floaters). Summer and Tynesha dropped the idea of consolidating their working relationships into ONE machine because Hermon wanted to have his core people and his alpha bro club, and was pushing more for the Red bedroom alliance Kyle feared because Kyle deconstructed his dream alliance. It was never a forever to him, it was just to get rid of Kyle, then drop the losers (he said so). Even when Josh, Kevin, Hal and Jess each asked if Rejects could be done without Hermon, Summer didn’t follow through.
How would the game have altered IF Summer and Tynesha had formed it without Hermon?
I actually think that would have done one of two things: either the Alphabros would have been the house targets, or the house steamroll. Let’s review facts:
Kyle would have still left week four. Tynesha would likely not have been target week five because the Mandems and Siblings would have been a consolidated entity with Kevin and Josh meaning majority. Moose therefore would have been out. That means Moose doesn’t win chain of Safety. Summer had the next Highest roll.
The chain in that case becomes Summer, Tynesha, Betty, Josh, Kevin, Haleena, Jess and the bottom four become Hermon, Marty, Jace and Gino… Jess either picks Marty or Jace.
See where I’m going with this? Totally different season with that one choice.
You know what, that’s the main reason I don’t give a crap that Summer was evicted. She had the chance to radically alter the game with her own alliance plan to her own benefit, and didn’t follow through with it when she actually had to put in the work for result.
Week three was the week that actually tanked Summer and Tynesha because they didn’t make the move that would have altered their game and put them in the driver’s seat.
You know what, That alliance would have actually been my favorite alliance in the house.
Sorry. It would. I was actually excited about it for a day because it would have been a complete change from what we usually get.


Jacey and Josh got nommed

un autre nom

Saturday AM
As expected, now that Betty has had her chance to expel her righteousness like venom at Josh, she feels better and they’ve reconciled.
So now Betty wants Jace to go. (But if Josh goes he goes from a game level).
Apparently the final 5 will be having an Easter Hunt some time this weekend because BB forgot to tell them it was Easter last weekend (gee wasn’t the passover stuff a clue?).
Kevin is making his rounds. Hal is beginning to do that worry thing she does every week.

The final five is, in many ways, beginning to act more like a traditional final five. Everyone off in separate corners predominantly was weird. There’s usually only one outside of the conspiring circle.

Josh and Kevin tell Betty she’s like Keifer… Did Betty threaten to quit every time she went on the block? Did they have 8 hour feed blocks with everyone changing their mind and keeping him after she went to d/r to self evict? She’s definitely more the Tera.

Checked twitter for the first time since the Triple today. We’ve entered a mirror universe. Because Summer is gone, the girl they called racist all season is getting the nod of support to win veto to take out Josh. I mean, they still don’t call her by name (they’ve made up a million other names for her), but Josh taking out Summer has him on cancel call, and go get that veto Jace messages Where have they been for the last 23 days? I mean, Josh has been in a named alliance with Kev Hal for over 3 weeks. They still looked at the game as racially motivated, and can’t handle reality. How many times did Josh point out that Summer’s game was all about Summer, not about her allies, so he wouldn’t support her. There was an entire week where that’s a conversation he had with everyone but Betty. I’ve certainly the bias that both twitter and facebook have this season to a degree i never thought imaginable. I’ve had to go back and check my notes on multiple occassions because some of the alternate universe fanfic takes they’ve got going? Didn’t happen.

I don’t so much care right now about who wins veto. Sorry. I don’t. I’m more interested in what STYLE of veto comp they have. Everyone studying for the veto has me thinking, well the only time the veto was about house event trivia was season 6. I doubt they do strength like 7. speed is possible. individual time is possible. crap shoot is possible. I don’t see how bad do you want it (as soon as they say go on slop for the rest of the season Kevin wins veto and none of those 3 women are shaving their head). Could be a knock out rounds like season 4, but I doubt that too.
There’s lots of comps they haven’t done this year that have become sort of staple that they usually do, but final 5 veto has always been such a mixed bag depending on what type of season they were shooting for (this is why I’m saying it’s usually catered to a certain house guest).
Anyone else wonder if Kevin has throw comps? He says no, but i think he’s thrown a couple. Hal? she ain’t been throwing, and that’s sad.
Part of me wants to see Josh win veto JUST for bbtwitter to go meltdown again.

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Juror Assessment:
Still of the belief that 16 people started out playing big brother this season, and currently 5 people are still playing. However, I think many in the jury are far more biased. So, while I’m assessing the jurors, please note, I don’t care in terms of game what a player’s race is, but I do believe it’s important to some of the jurors.
Juror 1: Hermon: most likely to vote Comps as biggest component, followed by his personal relationship to the final 2 in the game. He can pontificate to the choir as much as he wants about how much he wants that it’s about game to him, it isn’t. If you saw his ratings for the houseguests clip, you know that. will vote his opinion of who was cool over who was a loser (he doesn’t know what a floater actually means).
Juror 2: Moose: most likely to think he’s the jury whisperer. He isn’t. Most likely to follow the bros in putting more emphasis on comp wins and personal relationship. BUT, he is likely the most flexible in his opinion.
Juror 3: Gino: Comp wins and friendship yet again. He will vote most likely in terms of who played most like him as validation for how he played.
Juror 4: Marty: problematic juror. Comps comps comps and datfuqingbeddy. He’s most likely to follow the crowd because he’s easily manipulated. (secretly more likely to vote white and male because he identifies with them). thinly veiled bitter juror.
Juror 5: Summer: reality check, she used the word colonist too much in the house to not vote based on racial bias, but will vote petty. Really thinks she’s going to get her star moment when she does her jury question and makes it about herself, wait and see. Bitter juror that doesn’t actually gaf about how the winner played the game, but more about how she can get more hype for herself.

This jury would never respect a game where a player states they only won the comps they had to win or a player that states they played a social game over a comp win game.

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Betty is in d/r.
The house was laughing about the arguments that happened simultaneously during the triple. Summer was in EVERY room cussing her head off at people it almost sounded like. lmao. It’s been pretty boring in terms of storyline. My d/r gremlin sense is going off HUGE.
fifteen minutes later:
Betty has left d/r.
She is now telling Josh Kevin is the evil genius of the season, has deals with everyone.
She tells Josh that Kevin pushed for Josh to leave.
Betty says if the veto is used, Kevin is going on the block.
Josh, who kissed Kevin’s name on the veto wheel yesterday, Is in utter disbelief.
Betty is still against taking Hal’s block virgin card in her talk with Josh. At the same time Betty pushes that Haleena is a gullible idiot buying whatever Kevin sells.
She is pushing that Kevin wanted Josh to leave this week.
Kevin exposed part 2: the D/Rgremlin cut.
Josh: Marty wasn’t the head of the snake, Kevin was…
(Reality check, they didn’t actually push for Marty to nom Josh and Betty, they tried to shift him throughout the week with veto and renom selections to keep Josh and Betty because they were better for the Ghost’s games, even thought they had discussed cutting Josh in the triple when he was still liked by everyone).

Challenge: does Josh keep his mouth shut, or does he talk to either Hal or EVEN Kevin?
Josh usually keeps his mouth shut… except with Kevin. Hmmm. Hal and Kevin can read Josh at this point. They are going to know something is off.

Why this is feeling a wee bit… off.
Betty is saying she got this gut feeling about Kevin during Wendy’s.
Betty told Kevin Jace’s whole pitch HOURS after Wendy’s. If she wasn’t trusting him, she wouldn’t have repeated EVERYTHING. There would be no need. She was all in on the final three deal until about 25 minutes ago.
It all clicked in over night in bed? Nope, she was still saying not bad if Josh or Jace leaves earlier today alone in her cam talk. This was definitely a product of her d/r visit.
This is definite D/Rgremlining.

So If anyone but Kevin wins veto Kevin is the current renom.

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House perception that Haleena is a gullible weak willed moron servant / assistant is what is saving her at the moment. Betty is not capable of thinking of Haleena as intelligent at all.

Meanwhile, Kevin got greedy in his talk with Betty. Haleena told him to get close, but not too close, and to agree with her targets not push because Josh and Betty WOULD reconcile and he’d be screwed. He didn’t listen well enough and got cocky.


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I’m guessing preemptive, because when they go down for veto it won’t return until tomorrow.

Kevin on the block and evicted is good but JACE on the block and evicted is chef’s kiss
Betty and Josh agree.
What this entire d/r gremlining does is break the Dummies.
Hal is now upgraded from idiot to sidekick.
Josh says he never had a final 2 with Kevin. Ya, they did. He’s had so many final 2’s that he’s used to telling that lie.
They still want Jace to go if she is on the block, but their eyes are open on Kevin now.
Josh says he can’t even look at Kevin anymore. (oh that’s not going to be too obvious, is it?)
He’s just making sure if Jace wins veto he’s staying, but otherwise it’s back to the covered on all sides Josh game.
What we don’t know: What has Kevin revealed to Josh in the hour they were talking while feeds were down. Ya, that happened this afternoon.

I’m betting Kevin will be called to d/r now to be asked how he feels now that Betty and Josh have reconciled. Is he scared he’ll be the renom, or Betty will have loose lips?
Kevin will leave d/r thinking he has to win Veto.

Meanwhile, they’ll call Haleena to d/r to ask her how her day is going. one d/r an episode Haleena will be thrilled to just get a d/r call.

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Okay, I’m guessing the return of the feeds down overnight message means they will indeed be doing a one at a time individual time comp like season 9 midgame when they would take an hour and a half each to do their run, and the comp win order went from winner being first to compete at 8pm to biggest loser competing starting at 130am.
Just MY guess.

If you missed it: This afternoon on feeds Betty will still talking about how Jace had to be evicted this week. She reconciled with Josh and kept talking about Jace being the target.
Nobody was on to Kevin’s game. In fact, he made a new final 3 with Betty and she spilled Jace’s whole campaign to him.
THEN SHE WENT TO D/R, came out, immediately called Josh to HOH and a fiction emerged that she was on to Kevin the whole time.
Believe what you want. THAT’S what actually happened. Production sabotaged Kevin for storyline. Just like Production convinced Marty to put Hermon on the block. Just like Marty never had a renom decided until after his d/r call in ANY of his HOH weeks.
Again, does it affect outcome? Not necessarily. It’s just one of those oh right it’s reality entertainment programming not an actual gameshow moments. SORRY to point it out to the true believers… BUT that’s exactly the order of events. As of 3pm she was saying Jace gotta go and trusting Kevin. As of 6 pm, RIGHT after her d/r call ended Kevin was exposed and saying she’d known for over 24 hours. WHEN HAS BETTY EVER KEPT THAT TO HERSELF WITHOUT CAMTALK THIS ENTIRE GAME?????? Exactly. Her cam talks tell the tale. And her camtalks were Jace out trust Kevin until that D/R call.
Don’t Yas Queen her intuitive prowess, high five the d/r gremlin flying monkey it that’s the result you wanted.

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Sat pm. end of my day.
okay. sorry.

I was a little heated about the obvious production maneuver.
It’s not the first of the season. It was the most blatantly obvious one. Even more obvious than Marty’s calls to d/r before deciding a renom. Why? This was so blatant because it is an exact 180 in Betty’s game before and after a d/r call.
This is no different than the feeds down for 24 hours during a fan safety vote with Kevin safe with everyone and returning with the first Kevin exposed. This is storyline plot device.
I didn’t even need my tinfoil hat it was so blatant.
This is no different than season nine each of the times Keifer went to the d/r to walk out of the game, folllowed by hours of feed block, feeds returning, and all of the house guests miraculously changing their minds.
This is no different than Heads of Household being called to d/r in the middle of their one on one meetings after mentioning putting Paras on the block, returning a half hour later saying anyone but Paras on the block.
This is no different than the Sunday reveals of the Prettyboys, and the Monday morning d/r calls when everyone completely forgot about the existence of the Prettyboys.
This is no different that houseguests leaving the d/r in bbus season 18 saying they were told they can’t target Nicole Franzel.
This is no different than a million ofhter examples, but in the heat of the moment I got over-excited.
Every word I said is true, but I think I got a little hyper.
I should be used to it, because I’ve always been aware of the score when it comes to Reality Entertainment programming. I just hate when it’s so obvious and the man behind the curtain is waving at me saying ‘what are you gonna do about it.’
Production giveth (telling Marty who to renom) while giving Kevin the mastermind edit, and Production taketh (blowing up Kevin to Betty through directed questioning for mostly scripted d/r clips before veto is played for the Wednesday episode because they don’t generally do storyline d/r on Sundays).
Does this mean Kevin is the next juror or even that he will actually end up on the block?
no. this just provides Kevin with the chaos he didn’t create or anticipate himself and evens the table in terms of final 4.

Once you have identified a manipulator, that player no longer has power.
So, is it smarter to target Jace or Kevin this week?
Kevin is comp ability deficient.
Jace is still overall better in physical comps than Josh when it comes to clutch.
Jace is still better than Betty in mental comps and house history.
Those are the final three comps part one and two. You don’t want that to get past 5 when one of your pair can’t play in the final 4 HOH. This is just fact, not bias. If you are in a pair that wants to get to final 2, get rid of the strongest competitor at 5. This is BB101 that hardly EVER gets followed.
I still say Josh is more worried about Jace than Kevin, or he would have revealed the existence of the Dummies alliance. He’s still trying to figure out if Kevin had a bigger plan in pushing Josh as nominee (he was playing into Betty’s anger to bond and become her number 2 even though he pushed too hard, exactly what Hal warned him NOT to do).
I still say if Kevin wins veto there is a small chance he saves Josh, in order to flush out Haleena’s block virginity. I’m not sure of the vote there because hardly anyone follows BB101 advice, and Betty would get to take away Kevin’s manipulated every eviction card in theory. It’s a chance because he’s gotten cocky. (Until he and Hal read Josh, and know something is up).

Episode Edit Assessment:
What does BB season edit history tell us: one of the Honeybunch is in final 2, more likely Josh because he’s also the last Savage 7 member in the house (first week edit). But Jace could dark horse as the creator of Honey bunch in first episode. More likely Josh.
What else does edit tell us? Haleena should not get final 2. She gets an average of about 1.5 d/r an episode. Everyone else has an average of 2.75 or more. She wasn’t IN the storyline at all until week 4, and her edit plotline didn’t include any game play until week 6. I contend her role was fill in because Jess wanted to quit.

BIG JURY QUESTION THAT STUMPS MOST OF THE FINALISTS: Name a strategic game move you came up with and made for yourself that got you here.

History of final 5 eviction:
season 9: Beth (the showmance girl without a shield with least active connection in the house)*, Season 7: Mark (the least effective Prettyboy with least connections in the house), Season 6: Maddy (the least connected in the house)*, Season 5: Dillon (the least connected in the house)* Season 4: Joel (the least connected to existing pairs)+, Season 3: Pilar (the showmance girl without a shield with least game connections in the hosue)+, Season 2: Adel (the sole survivor of early alliances and the bigger threat)+, Season 1: Andrew (the bigger threat)+.
Side note: the target has won veto at f5 four times + early season trend. The HOH has won veto at f5 three times* recent season trend. Season 7 is of course the aberration, as it was the aberration in oh so many, many ways (not a lot of them good).


Feeds are back – Jace is in deep thought in bed & keeps taking those long deep breaths people do when they’re upset or annoyed. Haleena is first one up (side eye).

Of course I’m uber annoyed at the DR Gremlining so was hoping to learn that Kevin won POV just to screw over this shift of Betty to target Kevin.

Then we learn HALEENA WON THE POV!!!

I did believe Kevin would be safe regardless & also envisioned him setting up jury for Haleena to win if he was evicted b/c he could out the Ghosts/Dummies & how Josh threw all the comps but one which would’ve turned off players like Hermon/Moose/Gino/Marty.

Moving ahead — NOW we wait to see if Josh tells Kev what Betty said about targeting him & how she’s turned on Kevin.

OR will Josh get fearful since Hal will keep noms the same (I mean will Betty actually try to test her to take down Josh or Jace? — not likely Betty would be that dumb?

Also will Hal/Kev out to Josh that he was Betty’s target & she made a F3 deal with them that they went along with so not all 3 would land OTB but knew they had to win POV so the Dummies would go to F4.

Moving forward– Kevin & Haleena are discussing the option of keeping Jace b/c it would allow Josh to set up the jury on their games. But they recognize Jace would beat anyone & is strong in comps especially the dates.

IMHO unless TPTB pushes them to keep Jace they won’t b/c it’s worse for their games.

They are talking about Betty potentially winning F4 HOH but she can’t so it’s only the Dummies playing for F4 HOH — (sorry – but I’m pulling for one of the Ghosts to win it & ALSO for one of them to win POV).

I want to see a situation where the Dummies pull a Brigade-like reveal to Betty so she goes to the jury with that knowledge.

I’m hoping Haleena pulls her aside & gives her more details to help her own game because Betty will feel more shafted by Josh keeping this information from her especially after yesterday when Josh played her on the Kevin part of the equation.

If Haleena apologizes for not being more forthcoming about the Dummies/Ghosts Betty might understand especially if Haleena talks about how as the female in the trio she took heat for everything that Kev/Josh were also guilty of but the jury won’t judge them like how they’ll judge her. READ: Could Betty be Haleena’s jury advocate?

All I know is I got on board early this season with the Ghosts (more so than the Dummies) so I’m happy they’ll reach F4. Now I’ll cross my fingers they land in F2 b/c they’ve been one of favorite duos of BB ever. I’ve ranted quite a bit on how much Haleena’s game is underestimated & hopefully her winning this POV will help change part of that dynamic.

I’ve enjoyed Kevin’s mind but Hal’s read on the house is unparalleled & tbh if she hadn’t been with Kevin he never gets this far in the game b/c the intel she was able to provide saved his butt more often then he ever saved hers. I’m torn on who I’d prefer as the winner but might be slightly leaning to Hal (which may not be a popular choice).


Betty is talking in her HOH room – seemingly running through scenarios. B/c she’s whispering it’s hard to hear but she says we have to get these guys out at one point as she is working on what she will tell Haleena.

So will she push to keep Jace? (if she does that the Dummies will shift to keep Josh b/c that will ensure he boots Betty if he wins POV).

If she pushes too hard to keep Josh the Dummies may shift to taking him out (which they’ve already agreed would have to be in a blindside).

At this stage, Hal is leaning to boot Josh & Kev prefers to boot Jace. And it’s where we get the interesting dynamics of the Ghosts. Recalling when Haleena considered keeping Gino instead of Josh it was Kevin who laid out the pros & cons of the situation to get her to the G vote out.

The reality is Kevin did that b/c he knew Josh would be more loyal to him (and Hal in fairness) but what he didn’t know is Gino WOULD have gunned for HOH & targeted the Ghosts/Marty.

Keeping Jace is may be more dangerous for Haleena. If Jace was being real in her self musings yesterday that she would take Hal to F2 then NO it’s better to boot Josh who likely takes Kevin to F2 but things shift so much we can’t be sure if Jace wouldn’t take Betty over Hal. She’s also very keen to work with men so I just don’t know if I could trust what Jace says. If we base it solely on Jace’s action even after Betty said “females to the end” Jace spent the next 20 minutes trying to get Hal put OTB (not Kevin) so I’m not 100 sold she would take Hal to F2.

Side note: I’m dying to learn how Gino reacts when Marty/Summer walk through the door & he learns the votes came from Jace/Ghosts – that will show Gino that Hal/Kev were NOT all in on Marty b/c they could’ve saved him instead of Betty.

Will Gino finally clue in (or someone in the jury) that Hal/Kev are the true masters of the season? If they don’t boot Josh this week & Jace arrives she’ll be the one to deliver that Haleena won POV & it was Kev/Hal who voted her out.

If they do vote out Jace will Haleena (or Kev) try to give her a heads up prior to her leaving about the Ghosts/Dummies? She’s such a loose cannon I don’t know if they could trust her not to tell Betty (and again – would that be a bad thing? b/c then Betty might feel even more betrayed by Josh).

Hal can’t tell her it’s bc of what Betty wants & Kevin is on board b/c then she just looks like she’s playing Kevin’s game.

I’m thinking it’s more likely she tells her in the GBM about the Ghosts/Dummie’s alliances & explains that’s why she couldn’t keep her.

If they blindside Josh I’m thinking Haleena would be the greatest benefactor via Josh’s download to the jury b/c he’ll be relaying how Hal took ALL the heat for moves the three of them were doing & was the most instrumental to keeping the Dummies updated on what everyone was thinking – hasn’t ever touched the block & the one time she was the most in jeopardy of going OTB she won the POV.

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Gino, Summer and Marty were all interviewed together. Therefore Gino already knows that at least Kevin and Josh are aligned. Marty revealed Haleena is in an alliance with Josh. They credited the boys, not the girl for being strategic in this. Shocking. Eyeroll.
as per the last interview i looked at, Gino’s least team Kevin. Marty is least team Hal. Sour grapes knowing the supposed Masters of the Game were played by the Hermon usage of ‘floaters.’ Marty is most hurt by the final 2(he had multiple) he thought would mean clear victory having other plans. Gino is most hurt by the male he considers a mastermind.
Marty’s list when you actually look at is what you’d expect: men top, women bottom, bruised ego last.
Gino’s list is expected as well: showmance and most like himself top, weak non comp winner middle bruised ego bottom.
Summer’s list? can she vote for herself from jury? Bitter and petty and pushing Betty.


Did you see Moose & Hermon ranking of the hamsters? Hermon gave Josh the lowest vote (for the betrayal – not a surprise) but ranked Summer 2nd highest (I think she was tied with a few) while Moose ranked her the highest. I mean WT actual F?

Kevin got high praise from both – Betty was super low (shocker) – Jace was I think ranked 3rd – both ranked Gino super high & they gave Hal a decent score too with Hermon praising her for not going OTB & winning a POV & Moose praising how logical she was & her positioning. As for Kev, they intimated he was running the house — the other hamsters will hopefully get to a place where they recognize BOTH Kev/Hal were running the house.

I can just imagine Marty calling out Hal for not honoring their deal. She could easily say you made a F2 with Summer (twice – & named it both times) made a F2 with Kevin, Gino, etc, etc, then told the entire house I was number 1 painting a target on my back by all the hamster who were mad at you. Was I working with you of course but I never took that deal seriously or else you would’ve been more protective of it not blasting it to the house.

Since we’ve seen GBM’s from Kevin for Gino & for Hermon we know he didn’t out the Dummies – Josh might’ve but it’s not on brand for him (keep everything secret) so I think Haleena has begun putting in the work on that end. I think she also told Moose some things before he left as did Kev.

Gino being furious with Kev is pretty hypocritical since he had deals with everyone in the house like EVERYONE – there was no stone unturned AND he intended on backstabbing Hal/Kev if he’d stayed and won triple HOH, but was threatening them for their vote — how does that make logical sense & how does he not see he’s judging Kev for taking identical actions?

Kevin/Hal didn’t have to win HOH to control what happened (& which pool of people to set up as targets). He knew Marty would be the target & he/Hal may also be pawned but always be safe ahead of Marty. Hal (and to a lesser extent Kevin) got Marty to shift to taking Hermon & Hal won POV to ensure Josh/Marty’s safety but if we read between the lines from Jace they actually weren’t ready to take a shot at Marty b/c Moose was an equally good choice for them.

The game really kicked into gear with the Tynesha vote out which doesn’t happen without the Ghosts (and specifically Hal). If Josh had better communication skills or could utilize Betty like the Ghosts used Marty they could’ve got out Josh instead of Jess in the double which was the only evictee that the Ghosts would’ve preferred someone else had left . But directly or indirectly every eviction since Tynesha (other than Jess) was controlled by Kev/Hal so I can’t wait to see how some of the hamsters process that fact once they return to their normal lives.

But yeah – it feels like Kev could beat out Hal if they got to F2. I like them both for different reasons & depending on what happens in the next five comps (F4 HOH/POV, Final HOH parts 1, 2, 3) could shift who might deserve it more

Something else SUPER FISHY was after Betty spent an entire b*tch session with Joss trashing Kevin – she said if Kevin owned his game she would vote for him (implying if he was beside Hal) — ummmmmmmmmm what happened to her saying “I want a woman to win?” Perhaps Kevin was right and it was more for the women in jury to vote for her if she got there.

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Betty’s session.
Post ‘miraculous’ realization Kevin was playing her (y’know, the d/r gremlining) has her saying Haleena over Kevin again. If it lasts.
I think 90% of her woman winner applies to ‘as long as she’s the winner.’

un autre nom

Today is Orthodox Easter, which may explain why there was talk of an Easter Dinner this weekend not last weekend. Betty is Ethiopian Orthodox.

Gee every time I actually write Haleena has no shot in a veto she wins veto. If you’re a Haleena supporter, I guess you want me to continue the trend. wink.
Kev and Hal know that Betty and Josh made up.
Considering that Betty thinks Hal is being snowed by Kevin the same way she and Josh were, she’ll likely tell Haleena the straight goods.
Josh for his part is keeping up the charade, but imo you can tell. His body language and little side insinuations double entendres.
The plan:
Kevin and Hal are going to take every minute available to come to a decision.
Hal wants Josh out more (means she is with 3 people that would take her to final 2, which she doesn’t fully know).
Kevin wants Jace out more (means that he is sitting with one person that would take him to final 2, but he doesn’t know that, he thinks it puts him with 3).
So, the difference is actually effect on Haleena: Does she think of her own game or the duo’s game. In every decision she goes with best bet for the duo. The problem: Kevin frames HIS best bet as what is best for the duo.
Hal is going to need to stand up to Kevin instead of deferring on the decision? Does she DO that?
Schrodinger’s Cat veto Logic:
This jury? Views the non use of veto as why not make a big move. Here’s the part of their logic they miss: They credit the HOH for the eviction, not the veto holder.
So, in not using the veto, the veto holder is actually empowering themselves by stopping a blindside renom this season. In each case where Hal has won veto, the renom options were less palatable than the existing noms.

Betty no longer believes a word Kevin says. Good job d/r. Basically, Kevin denying he has a final 2 with Haleena is about as true as Betty saying she doesn’t have a final 2 with Josh. The edit clearly stated Betty and Josh had a final 2…. back when Josh had so many final 2’s he was the season Tyler.

Josh is a fan of Nicole Franzel and Kyland. Gut reaction was to nope his ass just for that. I didn’t. It was CLOSE. Haleena was a fan of the Couch? whoa. Oh children, stop talking about who you like in the american edit… I’m getting peeved. At least neither of them is a feed watcher. Kevin however, is a feed watcher and liked Paul in 19. Yeah, the season I had to stop watching feeds 3 times for long periods.

Kevin thinks Betty doesn’t trust anyone. He thinks Betty is a bigger jury threat than Josh… um, she can’t be evicted Kevin so keep your eyes on the task at hand. Eyeroll. Did Kevin catch that she’s now deflecting him with his usual manipulation techniques?

Josh and Betty are finally starting to see that Haleena hasn’t been sitting there doing nothing. She already told Betty she didn’t know who the renom would be and was hedging her bets. Josh already knew this. They talk to each other like it’s brand new information they just discovered through their own mental process. They realize she’s been doing more behind the scenes than they originally thought (Josh knows this too, he’s been working with them and knows it wasn’t just Kevin… eyeroll). They agree Kevin has been doing more though (accurate, he did use the safety prize week 3 to unravel Marty’s grip on reality).
Josh and Betty think Haleena is the key to saving Josh because Kevin wants him out. It’s actually reverse right now. So close. eyeroll.
Josh thought he was close to winning the veto. Betty clocks him and says Hal did it in ten minutes, dude.
Betty says Hal already told her she’s not using veto. She also believes Hal knows Jace considers Hal a layup to win in final 2. Hal doesn’t KNOW that as far as I’m aware, but may suspect it.
Betty says Kevin lied to her saying he’d go to final 2 with her. Oddly enough in that moment, doing jury math, he might have actually considered it to be true?
Betty just lied to Josh? She said Kevin was pushing for a final 3 with Betty and Josh. He wasn’t that I heard… he said Betty and Haleena. Did she misunderstand, or is she purposefully lying? Hmmm. Kevin did say two weeks ago alone that a final three with Betty and Josh would be ideal. I didn’t hear that part today.



un autre nom

Josh is asking Betty how to campaign to Josh’s alliance.
That tells you everything you need to know about the guy that has benefitted from others playing the game around him.
He still hasn’t revealed the alliance.
Neither understands why Hal would even consider keeping Jace when Jace was intimidating her last week. The jury is all of Jace’s friends.
Betty would take out Kevin at final 4. So would Josh he says…. hmmm. He will change his mind because of the hero v. villain final 2 thinking the jury respects the heroic game more.
Betty says Hal being the only Punjabi woman in bbcan history is something she respects.
Betty would consider voting for Hal over Kevin if they were final 2.
Josh would likely vote Kevin.
Betty will save Josh in a split vote (how does she think she’s getting a split vote?)
Josh thinks Kevin is on to him (Betty reassures Kevin isn’t…. Kevin knows Josh is lying about Betty and Josh still being at odds).

AN-eeone thinking, “See Josh has had his come to Jesus moment with Betty’: WHAT does JOSH do in the game? Perpetually tries to find the middle. He’s hedging so that he’s good with Dummies and good with Betty. He’ll follow the tide and won’t make waves. It’s not in his character. If he weren’t hedging the Dummies would be exposed. Still think this week would be SO much easier if Betty hadn’t blanket turned down working with Kevin and Haleena and Josh in week 5/6. She was fine with Kevin and Josh, but didn’t want to work with Haleena. There would be zero drama right now.

HOWEVER: Josh has completely personalized and is feeling petty. He no longer wants to be friends with Kevin after the game…. because he doesn’t like the lying Kevin has done (didn’t mind when Kevin told him he was being evil and lying his ass off to keep Josh in the game). Oh great, he’s back to his honest game role model that is only covered with blood spatter not actual blood schtick. I’ve stated previously that I like Josh, but I can’t stand that part of him. He’s just as deep in the mud as every other person there. NOBODY has a clean game. Nope, not even Betty, as sanctimonious about hypcritical honesty as she is, she’s lied, she just can’t tolerate someone lying TO her. A trait she shares with Josh.

Betty and Josh think they’ve been played since Tynesha was evicted. Yesterday they both admitted Tynesha did name Kevin and Hal as renoms. They’ve decided that Hal didn’t know who the renom was, so she wasn’t actually saving Josh. Josh was in on the veto decision. He’s always known the choice could have been Josh or Marty in Kev/Hal’s minds. He’s hedging. 100%, but he’s still in his feels about Kevin, without talking to Kevin.

Why do I say that? They’ve clocked that Kevin pushes whatever initial noms the HOH wants. They think he’s part of that decision process. That’s not pattern. Pattern is let the HOH make whatever noms they want, then work on them for the renom or a target shift. That’s how the con works. Consistently. So they’ve clocked the initial part and consider that the full con, they’ve missed the consideration of each week’s HOH as a long con, and drawn the reel in as the entire grift. Reality: This is because Betty wants her moral outrage, and isn’t willing to look at the whole picture. When she says they are only scratching the surface of Kevin and Haleena’s game, they are right, because they are only looking at the parts that fit the false moral indignation narrative. Don’t make me pull receipts on Betty. Those receipts exist.

Jace clocks Josh leaving the HOH. she knows he’s been in there a LONG time. She caught the celebrations last night. Jace HAS to know she’s in trouble and has to swing back to the Ghosts. She HAS to realize that, right?

At this point… Josh is the worst strategic player left in the house. Comes as no suprise, he’s depended on social charisma not strategy. His social charisma depends on authenticity. Can he pull that off with Kevin or Haleena now?
How is it that Kevin and Haleena have figured out Betty doesn’t trust them? I contend it’s because Betty looked everywhere BUT Kevin’s face when they talked this morning.
Chances Hal uses veto? I give that a zero right now, but we haven’t had any d/r call for Hal that i’ve noticed.
Which of Josh or Jace is evicted if that call never comes? I leave that to the D/R. SHUSH. After Kevin exposed by D/R, I’m hedging and saying the evictee will be whoever D/R pushes. Period.
Question: How did the visual learner and self professed klutz win a veto blindfolded? If you aren’t side eyeing that fun factoid… Why aren’t you questioning that fun factoid?


See above

un autre nom

Sunday 3
If Josh’s talk with Haleena is ANY indication…
the boy is doomed.
He was so not convincing. An hour in HOH with Betty and he can’t really say anything other than he and Betty still aren’t 100 and he thinks she wants Jace gone? AN HOUR.
Try HARDER dude.
Haleena’s face? She clocked something. She read something off of that.
Betty and Haleena:
Betty blows smoke up Haleena’s ass as Haleena blows smoke up Betty’s ass.
Both are saying exactly what the other wants to hear.
It’s a chess game, and both SHOULD actually walk away thinking ‘she’s playing me, but i think i snowed her.’
The decision hasn’t been made yet by the Ghosts. It won’t be for days.
Betty wanting to tell Jace Monday? I don’t see that happening. Gut feeling. If Betty does go to Jace saying she’s going home, that’s the perfect time for the Ghosts to say to Jace “how bad do you want to stay since she clearly wants you gone?”
That’s stupid to do when you have a multiple comp winner on the block at 5… but tbh, it might be the better move for Haleena… but not Kevin.
The problem? Jace is fickle and has only stuck with Gino. Every other alliance was a transactional alliance with NO actual commitment.

When they joked yesterday that this season they just tossed 16 villains in the house together… they weren’t THAT far off. Alliance loyalty has been transactional and shifted every week (EXCEPT FOR THE GHOST DUO… and even then Kevin thought about dumping Hal for Josh or Betty a couple of weeks ago). Name another season where an HOH gets credit for evicting an ally 9 out of 11 times.

un autre nom

Lost track of where i am
As Veto reward, Haleena got a five minute strategy session with Kevin Martin. Marty just died, rolled over in his grave, and cursed in french.
She’s telling the house it was a 5 minute recorded message but it was videochat.

In their current math, it’s better to get rid of Josh.
Kevin has shifted gears and is pushing Josh now? Hmmm. suspicious.
Josh being off and Betty being suspicious is now altering Kevin’s feelings. He thinks Josh would champion his game to jury still?
Kevin is REALLY pushing this more than Haleena, and I’m finding that questionable.
As i said before, Keeping Jace benefits Haleena more than Kevin by far at the moment.
Their jury math is completely wrong. Just putting that out there.
What do they fail to recognize: feelings in the house expressed while they were still in the house are not necessarily the feeling of the jurors once they leave the house.
The HIVE mind isn’t complete. And yes, juries hive mind in recent seasons. We haven’t had a major split in deliberations since season 4. Just saying.

It’s SUNDAY. Sunday isn’t CANON. Any decision reached on a Sunday is not real until Monday.
What Haleena doesn’t realize, in Kevin’s jury math, Haleena is ALWAYS in jury. Or does she?
I’m going to say this definitively: In terms of strategic social game, the Ghosts deserve the win. HOWEVER: in terms of THIS jury, they lose unless they are the final 2.
Jace has yet to talk with the Ghosts, and Josh is mostly avoiding them. One of them has the veto… and therefore is GOING to be in final 4. Why would you NOT attempt to at least talk to the one that is GUARANTEED TO BE THERE IN FINAL 4???? If ever you were going to sell your soul in the game, it’s on the block at fnal 5.
Here is the only fly in the ointment:
Now that Hal knows the depths of shit talking Jace has done about Haleena, her game strategy has been ‘say my name gotta go.’ This is why the decision right now may not be the decision by Thursday. Expect Kevin to try razzle dazzle, and Haleena to push feelings and intuition.

un autre nom

At some point I think there were a couple of D/R’s for Kevin and Haleena.
After a 2 hour feed block,
Kevin is pulling out his tears again, he isn’t here for tv, he’s here to win.
Better win some comps dude, cus yeesh, there’s a couple of people with torches coming for the monster.
Josh and Betty Living Room White Couch Chat.
Josh is tired of faking it with Kevin / Haleena. He’s faked it for a whole… 5 hours?
He actually denied being in an alliance with Kevin and Haleena to Betty. He talked about other alliances he was in.
Says he would have tried to evict Kevin and Marty in the triple had he known… he DID know. Come on. This poor victim schtick had BETTER be schtick at this point, because is this is redemptive storyline plot device I’m gonna plotz on his meshugganah head.
He’s known everything that has been done to benefit him in the game without him having to actually get his hands dirty. DEWD. shake my head.
Josh the victim is a Josh that is annoying AF.
Betty now believes Kevin is the reason she was nominated in week 2. NOPE. THAT one belongs to the 4 boys alpha alliance primarily KYLE deciding Betty was a good pawn that wouldn’t break Marty’s word to Steph and guarantee Jay went home. That was pre-Kevin when Kevin was still acting wild and crazy doesn’t know what’s going on stage. He had nothing to do with it.
Haleena knew, didn’t care because she thought she could make some points with Betty if she told Betty she was voting to save her.
Let’s remember, the Kevin and Marty bond wasn’t really game until week three. It was groundwork. Let’s also remember, Haleena had aleady laid groundwork week one to get close to Kyle and Marty. She started game talking with them as soon as day 3.
Betty to that point wasn’t playing Big Brother.
Josh to that point wanted to save Jay and had final 2 deals with half the house, and was in the two first known alliances (we have since learned there were more alliances at that time).
Josh tells Betty he wanted to work with Jay, Jess and Betty but not Jess. Actually, alone on cam he said his ideal at the start was Jay Jess and Marty until Marty targeted Jay because Jay tried to flip the vote saying we have to get all the white people out week one. THAT’S how Marty and Kevin first bonded.
IF Betty keeps pushing about the triple and how Summer became a target, she’s actually going to uncover that Josh’s timeline is WAY off. Right now Josh is shifting the reasoning to Hal revealing Summer’s final 2’s. But his other reasons say he’s been planning it longer than since Tuesday this week. Does Betty notice Josh’s timeline is fukakta? The slop passes and throwing comps while Betty and Josh were struggling reason shows this has been in his mind for at least 2 weeks.
Betty is called to D/R.
Jace / Haleena Interior Yard Blue Couch Chat
Jace and Hal are discussing their week one final 2 deal (started as a final 3 with Steph).
Jace is pushing how it could really happen. Hal says she herself would never have put Gino on the block, and she knows that Jace must have felt blindsided. Hal tells Jace to remember weeks ago Hall told her everyone was going to try to pin them against each other and crap talk each other, they just had to remember they were good with each other.(variation of everyone else has to go as long as it’s not us who cares speech).
They discuss the veto Haleena didn’t use. So much house talk of Marty and Josh being targets, and neither were best for Haleena at that time really and Gino said not using it is good. They discuss Josh having nine lives (considering she and Kevin have been moving heaven and earth to consistently save his ass…. she should be meowing this part). Jace is finally pushing for Hal to use the veto. Hal is pushing semantics and optics (she’s gotta be cluing that Kevin might be evicted if she used the veto i think???) Jace did a weird slip, she mentioned Josh as a factor in next week and quickly said Kevin to cover. She skipped Hal as a consideration to win HOH, and then added she said and you (she didn’t). She’s calling Betty and Josh the duo that has been running the house. They are running the house from the block??? Oh Jace. She’s putting her words in Betty’s mouth from the last conversation they had when Jace was throwing Hal under the bus huge. Kevin told Hal that Jace shit talks her a lot behind her back…. I’m thinking this is not going to be the veto is getting used talk without a realllllllly loooong D/R. Hal reveals that Betty says Jace is calling Hal the snake in the house and never trust Hal. Jace says Betty wants Hal to flip and keep Josh.
Haleena puts out the feeler that she could use veto, but she’d need to talk to Kevin and Betty to feel things out. Hal tells Jace she feels like Jace will stay veto use of no.
Haleena is called to D/R again. ANYONE ELSE SHOCKED HALEENA GOT CALLED TO D/R MORE THAN ONCE TODAY? Did she have to ask directions to get there? Oh wait, looking above NOW i understand.
Kevin… he’s back and forthing throughout the house. Playing his wounded and emotionally drained Kevin schtick while observing every conversation.
Josh and Betty have been inseparable today, and each is trying to play off the ‘we’re not good yet’ card????? Um. mmkay. eyeroll. When Jace notices…. ur not slick. Long talk last night. Celebration post veto. Long talk today. Inseperable… gee they’re still mad???? riiiiiiiiight.
PROBLEM: Jace has gone to both pairs and said the other pair has been behind the scenes running the season. I don’t think that’s a good move. Didn’t think it was a good move the first time she did it pre-veto. Think it’s a horrible move to make a second time pre-veto ceremony. I’m actually trying to be kind here and put that forward in interest of her own game. She’s been with Hal for quite a while. Hal is going to be asked about this… what if she dishes?
FLIPSIDE PROBLEM: In order to stay, Josh has to put on the flirt with Kevin, and he’s not doing it. He pretty much has to sell Betty down the river while saying but he’s got to repair with her for next week. If Josh can’t do that, Kevin is going to KNOW he’s lost Josh, and cozy up to Jace.

I still doubt Veto gets used without a LOT of d/r time. Unless Kevin Martin’s message to Hal was why not send Kevin to jury to explain your game… he aked you to do that for him a few weeks ago. BUT… sending out Kevin is The Worst MOVE for Hal when the other options are Josh with Betty and fickle Jace.


Okay – not moving this again (AN— I’ll learn next time to start with most recent post lol)

The fact TPTB gave Betty all this information at what is essential F4 (for Kev/Betty/Hal b/c they won’t be OTB) is extremely shocking to me. They always interfere but at this late stage to so thoroughly try to sabotage the guy at the top shocked me. It would’ve been on par with BB US pulling in Frankie & Caleb to out Derrick/Cody were running the house, playing them & couldn’t be trusted (b/c it was at the same point in the game with them & Victoria remaining).

Then again, we also need to see this Kevin Martin chat– I’m wondering if he really did say some of the things Hal said he did b/c that also feels like it was too much game intel to share (although Hal is super intelligent so she could’ve made up parts of it to get a read from Kev or to help her position something she wanted to sell him on).

I’m also thinking TPTB could easily turn around this coming week & tailor the HOH/POV for Kev/Hal to win so Betty/Josh have to turn on each other – and they get more drama for the episodes.

Either way, I wish they would’ve stayed out of it. Betty was dumb enough to put up Jace which was the one player she should’ve kept safe given what she knew – that proved how poor a game player she was. I won’t shed tears if Jace leaves though. She has been impressive in winning POV’s when she absolutely had to beating her showmance in one & Marty in the recent one – (kudos) I don’t like the mean girl or messy game she plays but I do think keeping her is better for Hal.

And I REALLY hope Hal has a talk with Josh to get to the bottom of a few things. I want her to straight up ask him if he would keep her (or Kev) if he’s the POV holder & Betty is an option. She’ll see through it if he lies.

And to your point in the above post regarding Betty having more than ample receipts I couldn’t agree more. I love Betty’s giggle & certain aspects of her but she’s been one of the meanest girls in the house, especially toward Haleena. As you note she’ll call out Hal for something when it’s convenient but when she needs her vote, or advice or someone to vent to she’s all good with Hal.

Hello – the week after Hal was the FIRST ONE to tell her she’d keep her safe & Summer was looking for Betty to jump through hoops she was ready to bury Hal b/c of a chance to work with the showmance. She was the one outing things to Jace that put Hal in a poor light then turning around & being besties with her once she learned about the secret POV. It’s typical BB hamster hypocrisy.

Josh is beloved & always well placed & as you note – NEVER a good strategist. I think this week really shook him b/c he borders on arrogance quite often. Hal has been getting her hands dirty since the early stages of the game & bears the scars from the others judging her for playing her own game while the triple was the first time Josh had to act.

No one held his arm behind his back he CHOSE to work with the Dummies & I get it he had to pick a side but its sort of similar to the Gino gummy situation in that G is blaming Kev/Hal for getting evicted when HE had the choice to NOT do it (and if they kept him he was targeting them if he won). Josh I think is being petty only partially b/c of what Betty told him – the other part is how he handled that moment.

He knew he had to win – they’d discussed what needed to happen for weeks – but how does an intelligent guy not automatically say to Kev – let’s pull in Hal & Betty & talk it through to make it seem like this is a group decision. We tell her it’s better if she goes up to make it look like her/I aren’t that tight but also so she can keep Summer’s jury vote.

I mean come on the guy is a doctor – I came up with that pitch in my head in under a minute & I’m a damn sports writer.

As for the “I won’t be his friend” pettiness – he also was like that for a day with Betty afterward refusing to talk to her for a full day after blindsiding her – as if it was her fault he handled the situation poorly.

So – yeah he’s being petty but I’m not fully buying he’s out on Kevin or that he would evict him given the chance.

And while he’s in with Betty trashing Kevin & they are discussing ALL THE THINGS THE DR OUTED to Betty about Kev/Hal the funniest part of the equation is Betty is still going to learn he was part of the Dummies.

Which could mean a couple different things

  • he is just doing this to get through the week & reposition
  • he plans on throwing HOH/POV to Kev/Hal next week so they are the ones to cut Betty
  • he plans on winning the Final HOH & taking her to F2 where he outs the Dummies in his speech where upon Betty’s jaw hits the floor & she looks like the goat he dragged to F2 so he could win.
  • Or the option you offer which is him/Kev in F2 with the jury house deciding (& him believing he beats Kevin).

On the last point — based on what Hermon/Moose have said & how Summer felt leaving the house I think they might come around to respecting Kevin for straight up saying he was going to play that way to their faces.

And of course, most of that ^^^ could be moot anyway b/c Josh first has to get through this week — then again stay next week b/c if Hal or Kev choose they might opt for Betty instead. And even if he makes it through the next two evictions to reach F3 doesn’t he have to win that final HOH to get to a F2 chair? Kev takes Hal who likewise takes him. If he’s there with Hal/Betty I think the ladies still take each other & if he’s there with Kev/Betty I’m not sure Kev would take him over Betty (that’s the only fully uncertain choice for me).

un autre nom

Kevin’s emotional state.
Why has Kevin been down and crying?
He’s realized that he doesn’t have control right now.
Chaos is great when you are the one creating the chaos.
He’s considered himself to beat Haleena in the final 2 if they got there. Now she’s won a second comp still hasn’t hit the block. Her story is getting better and his hasn’t changed. I think he’s realizing for him to have ANY chance she’s gotta go.
He is realizing that Betty and Josh are back together, but thinks he can mist Josh to cut Betty at final four… or at least keep himself safe to f3 (sorry Hal that means you leave).
He is realizing that Josh is better for him, but Jace is better for Hal. They’ve actually admitted it to one another.
Five people in the house gets boring with no chaos to create and nobody to play with.
His ability to snow Jace is less effective than Hal’s ability to bitchfest with Jace.
He’s been to D/R and he’s been a pouty shit ever since.

At the moment he’s guilted Hal into keeping Josh now (he was the one pushing to evict Josh earlier). Hal’s only negative about Jace is she’d rather any of the others get finals prize money than Jace.
Oh wait… now he thinks Josh has come clean and spilled the Dummies to Betty, and sworn final 2 to her…. he’s back to wanting Josh out.
Kevin’s going to Jozea this shit to death.
He’s chaos effecting… himself.
It’s still Sunday. Eviction isn’t until Thursday. This is going to be a lot of these two going back and forth.
They got an early goodnight. I’m done for the day. I don’t care. LOL.
This is going to be days of Kevin overthinking and overstrategizing because HE HAS NO CONTROL. If he knew HOW CLOSE he was to the block and eviction, he’d be kissing Haleena’s feet instead of internally planning her funeral. HE IS. Shush.