Big Brother – Annie Describes Lane for us “teddy bear stuffed in a HillBilly’s body”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:12pm JULY 13th Kitchen Monet, Britney, and Kathy. They are figuring out a way to talk to Annie so they can get all her information before she’s sent packing. They all know that Annie is keeping something secret and they need to find out. They decide Kathy has the best chance to work the information out of Annie. They mention that Annie was going to tell them. Kathy thinks that maybe Brendon made it up what he told Annie just to sabotage her game. Brit and Monet disagree they say Annie had an Alliance with Brendon when he told her. Britteny says that Annie and Brendon were friends outside the house and that is why she is so pissed.. otherwise it’s just really strange to be acting like this. Monet tells them it’s important they get this information they could use it against Brendon if he wins HOH. Kathy i surprised none of the guys are giving her any pitty votes, Kathy doesn’t understand whats going on in the house to here it’s a state hospital.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:28pm Backyard Annie and Lane Lane Burps and annie is grossed out she tells him she smelled it and it was gross “smells like nuts and beer”. Annie starts play punching him wants him to listen to her calls him a “teddy bear stuffed in a hillbilly’s body” Lane doesn’t think hillbilly is appropriate term.. they banter about that for a bit Lane tells her in the midst of there flirty argument that he’s going to hump her later tonight. She asks him why Brit and Monet are hating on her. Lane aks her why she thinks they hate her they don’t. She starts listing all the things she can offer if she’s left in the house. Lane says it’s a hard sell your the strongest women in the house Annie says no way Kristen is strongest. She basically goes over everything you’ve heard before. eventually they are broken up when britenay comes into the conversation.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:34pm Backyard Kathy, Monet and Annie They talk about the saboteur. Brit was almost positive that it was going to make an appearance tonight. Monet comes over and they chat about hair. Monet is bumed out because she didn’t workout. They briefly talk about what they will wear during the live show.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:36 Backyard Couch Kristen and Rachel. Kristen says her boyfriend looks just like Brendon and that that is not her typical type.. She says Hayden is more her type.. Rachel says “oh whatever their both gorgeous.” Kristen tells Rachel she needs to break away a bit from Brendon .

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers
10:50pm Hammock Annie and Monet

Annie doing her same old thing and and monet is trying to work out the big secret from Annie.
Monet: What is the connection between Rachel and Brendon it doesn’t make sense.
Annie: I have no Idea what he’s doing with a fake tits fake face fake hair fake everything girl… you’re stupid Brendon.
Monet: Does he really think that nobody is gunning after him?
A: Yes he’s that cocky

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Annie start to list off all the things she’ll do to stay in the house. “I will do anythign to stay in the house, I’ll throw HOH, I’ll vote for anyone I’ll vote against Brendon”… “NEVER I’ll Never vote against you Monet”… she ads that Brit is safe from Annie to and she will never go after Brit. “she can stay as long as she wants i love you guys i want you to stay here.”
Annie “heres the thing if you keep brendon and rachel it’ll be bad for everyone”.. “has rachel approached anyone for votes yet”
Monet “NO”

Monet tells he she 100% believes Annie about what rachel did.. “I know her game she wants to go up to people get a rise out of them then run away like the poor soul rachel”….”Maybe she is fooling everyone else but she’s not following me and I see right through that shit”. Annie brings up Hayden being scared of Brendon, Monet just says “mmmhmhhhhmh” Annie “kristen doen’t talk game” Monet: “she a huge wild card”

Monet: “She’s too hard to read she plays the tom boy and then somtimes the “hot” … well in hot in her eyes girls” … “thats her game”. Monet says that Brendon is a sore loser and he’s arrogant she could really tell during the pool games. Monet continues to ask questions about Brendon’s job they go around for awhile Annie makes the same argument over and over and over again.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
11:30pm Kitchen guys a bit buzzed shooting the shit.

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I didn’t like Annie when the competition first started,shes so sneaky but now everytime she opens her mouth I just dislike her more and more. At first I felt bad for her going into the competition bisexual and not being able to tell anyone until she confided in Reagan but now I just want her gone. She talks shot about everyone and in general is a rude person/ she can’t drop a topic and overreacts shes just gonna cause drama in the game she needs to leave now

Rachel's Left Boob

Well, one thing you have to give to Annie is she has tenacity and she’s not above selling her soul to stay in the house. The only person she hasn’t promised to NEVER vote against or target is Rachel. She tells everyone that she’ll only target Brendon, except Brendon who she promises she will never vote against if he saves her.

The only thing that has me stumped is why she is still saving the physics/chemist info on Rachel and Brendon. The only thing I can figure is she still wants an alliance with Brendon is she stays or she is saving it for the last minute hoping that if people don’t have time to process it their votes will be swayed long enough to get Rachel voted out.


I think if she has any hope of staying, Annie’s probably gonna save it for her live eviction speech or she’ll expose Brendon later.

Or maybe Annie’s talked so much sh*t that she forgot about it lol

Rachel's Left Boob

Ok, the camera man who was watching Enzo kick around a ball while Brittney was bent over the pool table should be fired. He really needs to get to those shots much, much quicker.


Brit’s comment that the saboteur was going to make an appearance got me thinking, maybe that is why Annie was in the DR so long? If it’s her, maybe she was making a video?

Uncle Cool

That’s a good one. I fully believe it’s Kathy, but that would be a good twist.

I wonder if the houseguests would think that way…