Big Brother 12 – Annie asks if he likes Rachel’s looks “Fake T!!s, Fake Face and Fake Hair” Enzo: “She Aight”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:45pm July 13TH BedROom Andrew and Annie Here we go Houseguests got a shit load of alcohol tonight and Annie is all “fired up like a caged animal”. She start off with Andrew in the Bedroom, she asks if people have been talking. He says it was strange that she was in the DR for so ling but other than that it’s nobody has talking about you. She tells him that Brendon stabbed her in the back and she is going after him if she stay in the house. Andrew explains to her that the house see it that your a superior threat than Rachel. Annie, wonders why they think that Brendon is in a final 2 with Rachel. Andrew mentions that he agrees that the “showmance” needs to be broken up. She ads that Hayden is scared shitless of Brendon and she believes that is the reason Rachel is staying. Andrew asks her what happened between Annie and the rest of the house that made them mad? She tell him people started spreading lies about her and it snow balled. The lies were she was making alliances with everyone. Annie tells him that its all up to Hayden She wants them to go to Hayden and convince him to keep her. Annie keeps going on about the threat of keeping Rachel. At one point she says she has Lanes Vote, Andrew doesn’t like Lane too much. He tells her he’s gunning for her but the numbers are not in her favor. Annie says that Brendon is going after Monet next.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:15pm Backyard Kathy, Rachel and Kristen on the sofa Chating about that reality show they did up in Whistler.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:15pm Lawn Chairs Enzo and Annie Of Course Annie is working Enzo after drinking that giant glass of wine. Enzo talks about the other houseguests calls them “This years fucking houseguests” Annie brings up the Showmance… Enzo scoffs “thats our Shomance?” Annie says she’s not a guy so she can’t say for sure but she doesn’t think Rachel is very attractive. Do you Like that “Fake Tits, Fake Face and Fake Hair” Enzo: “She Aight” Annie asks why everyone things she such a great competitor, she just started the game and she’s the same as everyone else. Enzo starts to complain about coming into the house in such great shape and now after a week his body is like shit. Annie tells him she’s going to do whatever it takes to stay in the house, she’ll cause major shit if she has to. Annie begins to let loose a volley of insults about Rachel, like she’s riding the coattails of Brendon and Rachel’s Sloppy Seconds Annie turned him down first. Enzo tells her to keep fighting thats the only way to survive (thanks enzo keep throwing fuel to the fire) She pleads her case with Enzo over and over same thing just a little but more intense She doesn’t know why everyone is against her she didn’t do anything in the house. Enzo asks her about Kathy, Annie says Kathy will vote for me to stay because I am not a threat, I will throw HOH next week. She brings up again about the video tapes of Rachel making faces and how when they all get out they can see them for themselves. Annie getting all worked up she says she really was going to fight yesterday, its not lilke her at all and her friends would of felt awkward if they saw it. Enzo tells her its alright sometimes you have to fuck someone up to get what you need.. Enzo gets up to play pool.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
9:40pm BackYard Pool Tournament, Enzo, Lane, Monet and Brit

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:46pm Backyard Busy time on the couch everyone is talking everyone is buzzed. Matt and Brendon bond over punk music. Bands like Pennywise, nofx, Gwar… Matt tells him how awesome GWAR is live.

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It just baffles me how after all these seasons, people are still stupid enough to play the game so hard the first week. Talking too much (especially this early on) will kill you in this game. Good riddance Annie!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

.I agree completely. I was thinking the same thing. She is playing the game too damn early. She needs to go


yes! i don’t particularly like Rachel, but Annie ONLY talks about the fact that she’s on the block, how fake/bitchy Rachel is, and why she shouldn’t be going home. i understand she’s upset about it, but she never talks about anything else but the game. i can’t wait until she’s evicted.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

Does Annie ever shut up?? She repeats the same thing over and over and over again.

Joe Pop

Annie is trying so hard, because she is the Sabitor.


how funny would it be if Enzo is the sab? i really don’t think ANYONE would expect him because he’s always just saying some random comments, making him the best choice. i don’t think many people take him seriously in this game.


Enzo was my first choice for Sab on day 0, but after watching for 1-2 days I ruled him out. If he is the Sab, then wow.


This is the last timw I am going to try to post a commit. If I don’t see the message uder conideration then you have definitely blocked me.
What I had to say would explain a lot of the paronia, why there are 13 HGs not 14 and why at the last miunute this saboteur twist. I will leave you by telling you one part of this 3 part shitstorm that came down the week before sequestering. “The only way that this last minute saboteur twist was going to work is if unknowingly each contestant thinks s/he has been cast as the saboteur. All of them think they are the sole saboteur. Of course to say yes they are each guaranteed 10K per week.. It is the only way to guarantee at least 5 weeks of this train wreck.

Also, Andrew & Kristen are brother & sister, Kathy is Britney’s mom, and Matt is married to Ragan’s sister. But each of them have a common bond so to speak. 13 degrees of separation . . . . . . .

But since I feel I am being blocked I will leave you guys with just the tip of the iceberg . . . . . .. However, sinc I amprobably blocked that it.

Forget it –


Now who’s paranoid!


don’t fret jimik60, keep commenting, I don’t speak for anyone else however, I’m happy to have your comments to read


13 degrees of seperation……you have a point. I thought I would like Hayden on the first show, but not any more. He feels he is the Godfather. Enzo feels he is the Goodfather…can’t wait for those two to leave.




Enzo isn’t the saboteur. I think one of the keys to figuring out who is the sab is think about the motivations of the player. I don’t think it’s Annie, Enzo, Matt, or Brendon. They all came to win the whole thing. I don’t think they’d settle for 5 weeks and 50K. In theory, all of them should make it far. The ones that won’t be able to get far are Kathy (my number one choice), Rachel (her showmance makes me suspicious – she is either the stupidest horny chemist ever or she is messing with Brendon’s game and trying to keep the attention off of her), Brittany, Monet and Lane.

Enzo comes across as a bit thick, but its an act. Watch how he reacts to things. He watches the others instead of reacting. He drinks it all in and covers by making some goofy comment. He is out to win.

Annie also. She may be annoying, but she knows the game, though she seems to have forgotten that 1) you should never feel safe until the veto has been played and noms are locked in and 2) don’t come out of the gates guns blasting and 3) keep your freaking mouth shut,

I still hope that the floaters see that Brechel are a bigger threat because they are one player, like JJ last season (and as annoying and saccharine as those two were, they had the decency to spare us the hot sex and heavy breathing). Annie is not a threat. I think she has learned that Brendon is a tool and she wouldn’t have a problem getting on board with everyone to get rid of him if they let her stay. The others could play on her gratitude if she gets a last minute reprieve and boot out Rachel instead. Annie needs to have a public showdown with Brendon and out his PHD in front of everyone. That would show that she has no loyalty to him and maybe save her on Thursday.


Why can’t:

1) Britney stop eating her fingers and nails.
2) Brendon see that he’s being played by a plastic, vapid, “sex as currency” dime-a-dozen Vegas regret on the drive home hookup.
3) Monet stop thinking she’s with the in-crowd. It’s going to be epic, and soon, that she realizes she’s not as “inside” as she thinks.
4) Annie stop wearing those bizarre “sandal/socks.”
5) Kristen stop with the over affected valley girl slur. Really, you’ve gone through life with that annoying voice?
6) Rachel stop with the “sex kitten” poses for no one’s benefit except the camera. Hey, we get it, you have a huge rack. now go make me a sandwich.
7) Britney stop, well, being Britney. What’s with the hate for all other girls in the house? Her comments about Kristen’s boob job, Rachel’s well, everything, and other vitriol filled rants (all done behind the back) are getting increasingly viscous. She reminds me of an insecure high school chick whose one bad comment away from a tear filled, bag-o-burger eating jag.

Just some things that keep me scratching my head.


Yea I think all the houseguests are pairs….and I think the Saboteur is the 14th houseguest that never came into the house. Julie gave us a lot of hints in the first episode of BB….but if all else fails, and I’m wrong, ill give a simple guess and say that Monet is the Saboteur. Simply because when everyone else is discussing it, she never has anything to say. We have no choice but to wait til tomorrow…ugh I’m anxious, more anxious than I was last season. Can’t wait!


that would be cool if everyone were pairs, it’s probably something dumb though. The fans are always more imaginative then the producers.

Big Dog

The pair is easy Cathy and Brittney Mother Daughter “Life Long Freinds”

big dog

Cathy and Brittney Mother Daughter

big dog

Cathey and Brittney are Mother Daughter


Hayden & Kristen are twins. I have said it over & over & over again on all the chats, there I said it again. But i’ll eat crow too !


YES, YES, YES!!! I made the connection just today.


I think that Cathey and Brittney are mother and daughter, I think thats why there was an X on their pics the other day


I think Andrew is the saboteur; he makes it so obvious. But then again, it could be Kathy. She didn’t even try to finish the competitions. Her strategy could be to seem like the weakest player to get through at least the middle of the game. I don’t know. I really don’t have a favorite house guest yet.