Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Monet thinks she’s Figured out Brendon’s Secret…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:45pm HOH Money and Brit Monet thinks she has Brendon Figured out. He works in the science in the medical field. she thinks he works as a doctor of some kind.
Brit: “Brendon will go as soon as possible.. but what do we do right now? ”
Monet: “I don’t know .. I still say Annie goes.. ”
Brit: “YUP annie’s gotta go she’s too big of a risk we don’t want her on our side she causes too much drama and she’s a smart player .. and by taking out Annie we hurt Brendon”….”He’s obiously next weeks target”.
Monet: “Ideally if she could keeps her mouth closed it would be for the best”…”I need to know the specific about Brendon.. I gotta start asking her specifics”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Brit: “She has more she told us she does, We’ll here is in her speech”…”That speech will destory him he will be the biggest target”…”he’ll be so heavily targeted”
Monet: “she says that andrew is with Brendon I don’t know where Kristen stands though”
Brit: “kristen stands with hayden ”
Monet: “umm ya she’ll do whatever hayden says”
Monet: “we need him on our side”
Brit: “we need him on our side like big time hardcore”
Brit: “right now we have Kathy, Enzo, I think Lane, each other, we only need one other person to gaurtenee..”
Monet: “we need Hayden”
Brit: “We have to know from hayden we are safe if he’s safe.. we as a group has better chance for HOH than he does”.
Brit: “I have no intentions of evicting Hayden”
Monet: “me either”.. “Brendon rachel or andrew HAS to go”

They make plans to backdoor brendon.. Monet is worried that Kristen might win HOH and mess everything up.
Brit: “I don’t think kristen is going to win these competitions..She’s going to throw all these comps she the ultimate
floater. I do not think we’re in danger of not getting HOH”….”theirs no target on her back there no reason for her to get”

Brit: “We do have to worry about Brendon, Rachel and Andrew… we need to put on of those guys up together then if they use the POV BIAM one of them still goes home”… “Backdooring Brendon is the ultimate”
Monet: “yes it the best case”
They start making plans for how to win HOH. They decide they need to talk to Hayden and tell him what is going on.. They check out the spy cam to look for him. Monet heads downstairs to get him. While she’s gone Lane goes up to HOH and starts talking to MOnet… Minutes later Monet comes up to HOH and they start talking about the urgency of preventing Brendon, Andrew and Rachel from winning HOH.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

MidNight – 12:45am HOH Brendon Monet and Brit
Brit tells Lane she might have some critical information for him and she needs to know on a scale of 1 to 10 how much can she trust him. He tells her that nobody can make it to the end by themselves so you gotta trust someone. SHe tells him that they need to win HOH he says he plans on throwing it. She says well at least can you prevent Brendon, rachel and Andrew from getting it. He tells her that everyone is going to be trying as hard as they can to get the HOH so don’t worry about him. they start talking about Brendon and lane tells them he thinks Brendon and Rachel are the pair… Brit points out that the sabetour said that the pair was really obvious. Lane shakes his head that is why Brit and Kathy were X out on the memory wall they were the obvious choice. Monet tell him she is certain the pair is Brendon and rachel. Brit says it might be Annie and Brendon, Lane and Monet tell her the evidence. Brit says fine if rachel and Brendon are the pair we are voting out the wrong person. Brit says if they get rid of rachel, Annie will go back to Brendon. Monet chimes in that Annie will go after Monet. Brit runs through some more scenarios . she specs out the Worst case, Brendon wins HOH puts Monet up and Hayden. They think that we’ll go back on his word with Hayden. Lane tells them that if they keep Annie she can win HOH and he thinks taht they need Annie to get rid Bredon, “it a numbers game ladies yo know that”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:25pm hot tub Hayden, Kristen and Kathy Chatting


12:30pm bathroom Rachel and Brendon she’s doing some kind of Vegs Girl Dance and laughing.
Brendon is giggling at her dancing says give her a bit of alcohol and things get wild.. She smile “I don’t drink, smoke or have sex”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:51pm Bedroom Brendon and Rachel kissing and grinding.

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Uncle Cool

Finally they’re starting to talk sense. Get rid of Rachel this week. Keep Annie. She’s not a threat. Then get rid of Brendon next week.


how is the last picture rachel? rachel isnt blonde…


That’s what I was thinking… but I thought it was the effect of the night sensors..


it is an effect of the night vision. if you have any other color than dark brown or black, it makes it look blonde.