Big Brother 22 Allstars 2 Live Feed Page and other great news.

Holy smokes folks after the last two weeks of coronavirus updates from the beleaguered LA County I was getting worried Big Brother 22 was not happening. Looking again like it is happening!

The evidence isn’t as thin as it was in the last update. Check out all this All stars goodness:

Live feed page up

Sure enough, I went over to the and saw the beautiful picture above.. Love the Blue all good!

@Hamsterwatch tweet saying August 5th is the start

One of the most reliable Big Brother twitter personalities since forever.

BB22 Allstars merchandise on CBS web store

Shortly after appearing on their storefront, the new merchandise was taken down. Source is /R/BigBrother

@backyard_big BB22 backyard pictures

TMZ article

“Big Brother” is on its way back — ‘rona be damned — but it’s not just the all-star cast that will be quarantining together to make it happen … the crew must too.

Sources close to production of season 22 tell TMZ … the people working on the popular reality competition will be taking a page out of the NBA’s book, and staying in a bubble.

We’re told the crew members will reside in RVs by the set — otherwise known as the ‘Big Brother’ house — but will be swapped out monthly.

Our sources say the system will work like this — one month on for the crew, then 2 weeks off followed by 2 weeks in quarantine … then back on. A typical ‘BB’ season lasts around 3 months.

Source: TMZ

Leaked cast lists

I’m not going to get too in-depth with the cast leaks. If it’s Allstars it’ll be fun. I compiled a list after browser through Twitter and /R/BigBrother
Josh, Paul, Janelle, Kaycee, Nicole (BB21), Da’vonne and brace your self. Sit down if you have to, grab a jug of Kraken. Sh1tmas from BB19 is rumoured to return.

TMZ cast leak

TMZ came out with an article this AM and the leaked cast list is

Here’s who we know is quarantining in Hollywood so far … season 19 winner Josh Martinez, season 8 runner-up Daniele Donato, season 18 alum Paulie Calafiore, season 18 winner Nicole Franzel, season 20 runner-up Tyler Crispen, three-time contestant Janelle Pierzina, season 14 winner Ian Terry, season 12 winner Hayden Moss and season 20 alum Bayleigh Dayton.


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Tommy Jones

Yes!!! It’s not summer without BB! I can’t wait!
Thank you for the updates!


LOL,does he shave 3 times daily now?
Hope he made it on.


Simon and Dawg, so glad you are back. Between Big Brother and NHL hockey coming back I won’t be leaving the couch for 3 month. Haha. Looking forward to a good season. Hoping Paul, Josh and Nicole F go first. Really happy to see Daniele Donato and Enzo. Could do without Bayleigh and Cody….or Paulie. So glad to see no Frankie. Yay!!!

jerk mike

im suprised mik didnt get pivked aftr what he said

jerk mike

boogie hate swaggy

Teri in Oregon

Exciting news! I didnā€™t see any of last year because of issues with directv and cbs. Looking forward to this….thanks for posting!


I was sure they were going to cast Cody Nickson (BB 19). Afterall he spent most of his season quarantining (and pouting) in his room. So thought he would be perfectly suited for 2020 season, as he could out-quarantine anyone if that became a thing this season.

Kats Alien Bitch

If it is all stars, it makes to get as many winners as you can. I HATED Josh but he did win.

Paul played well (can’t stand him) and most of these other picks make sense. Nicole A was about as likable as they come but she REALLY stinks at comps.I thought Da’vonne kind of had things figured out.

I liked Mccrae.

I am very sad that the conspiring bitches have deprived of us of the most fun person from last season, Kat. As a result the conspiracy that keeps everyone in the dark about the moon landings and the aliens will be kept in place.


I have always been in favor of a season of all returnees or all newbies, but always hate when they mixed during a season. So looking forward to seeing these egomaniacs battle each other out..

They will need a team concept for the first few weeks, so that pre-show-arranged cliques are broken up. Obviously many of the houseguests who know each other will have communicated prior to the show. So need to put people like Kaycee and Tyler on different teams, and Paul and Josh, and Enzo and Hayden etc.

I am thinking this will be shorter than a normal season but longer than the celebrity version. That is fine with me. A long season is only interesting when you get newbies and see their character develop over time. We already know what each of these returnees is about so dont need a long three-month season.


Still really dissapointed with the rumoured cast,
I’ve been waiting for years for an all-stars season but this cast is just bad.
The only ones I’m glad to see back are Tyler and Dani, the others are either bad players or boring players,.or just played too much
Why not Brett? Amanda? Helen? Zach? Vanessa? Chrissie? all were FAR better players and characters than most of this cast.


The issue with bringing back houseguests is that most have kids, jobs and other commitments. For most jobs, it is not easy to get an up to three month leave of absence and still expect your job to be there waiting for you. That is why they only seem to be able to bring back houseguests whose job is “social media influencer” (barf..) or people who are self-employed. Im sure they asked BB legends like Dr Will, Rachel R, Britney Haynes etc, and many of the people you mentioned.

jerk mike

you probaly wanted all yoyr fav allstarrs right?


I wanted good, interesting characters.
I really don’t think Amber or Christmas has anything to do in an allstars season

Manic Woods

Hey guys. I haven’t watched a season since BB16 after they stopped the live feeds in Canada. Is there a work around for this. I wanna watch this season. How do Canadians get access to the live feeds now?

Manic Woods

Thank you man.

Crazy you guys are still doing this. I used to frequent this site everyday for a few years every summer.

Then BB 17 cut off Canadians from the live feeds and I lost all interest.

Manic Woods

Who are your favourite houseguests of all time that you’ve gotten to watch over all these years?

Manic Woods

Why did they stop letting Canadians watch the live feeds? Do they go out of there way to make it hard for Canadians to work around it?


I really do not want Josh, Paul and Xmas back. Paul has overstayed his welcome and Josh and Xmas just don’t belong on an Allstars and aren’t entertaining. BB19 was lacking and unless it is Jess or Cody coming back from that season then no one else is necessary. Josh hasn’t grown up at all judging from his Challenge appearance. He is completely deluded.