Big Brother 19 Interview Roundup

More to be added as the come available. I haven’t watched them all yet but I will over the next week. WE’re going to go a Kraken hour to talk about these delusions so keep your eyes open for that.

Doctor Will backyard

CBS all access link GEO Blocked for Canadians

Rob has a podcast back yard

These are supposed to be really good..


Big Brother superfan Dana from “the Big Time”


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Best ending to the worst season.

Cody gets AFP, Jessica, and deciding vote against Paul.



Anyone catch Josh on Julie Chen’s, “The Talk.” She made a joke about how funny the pots and pans scenario was and then gave Josh two pans with his picture on it! Wow, CBS tried to minimize the bully aspect of what went down with Josh and going in peoples faces with those stupid pans. It really was CBS making light of nasty, cruel behavior by Josh. It made me sick.


That was so not cool ! And Julie Chen having been bullied when she was younger, even less cool ! Even his own Mother said she’ll have nothing of it when he returns home ! It is now only annoying to listen to, but a form of bullying.


Did Josh’s Mom really comment on the bullying with the pans, etc.?

Pelosi Needs More Botox


How surprised were you that Paul got beat and do you agree that Paul losing saved the season?


Part way into the season I was almost positive Paul was going to win it… but the closer it got to the end and after hearing the jury segments … I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t win. I felt like the season was pretty entertaining throughout, aside from the last few weeks which got pretty boring but that’s with every season.

Paul Wears Diapers


Can you give us a health update on Frankie Grande? I’m worried that he might of tore a rotator cuff waving trying to get the attention of the camera in last nights studio audience. Please tell me he wasn’t there because he is going to be on Celebrity Big Brother. The fans just suffered thru Paul. We do not need another dose of Frankie.


People on you tube are NOT celebrities. I repeat NOT celebrities. I know they still believe they are but again, self-made videos done on the daily – NOT a celebrity.


Oh please no Frankie! I can’t sit through another season of him lol 🙂


yasssssssssssss that would be interesting

Need some Canadian Vibes in there

the above is a link to a parody twitter account of raven’s mom. Just TRY to keep a straight face. LOL

Team Ahole


Your ranking system says so much about this victory by Josh. Paul ranks 13th out of 16 houseguests in popularity. Three of Paul’s four votes came from the people rated 14th, 15th, and 16th.
If those of us who watched the show ranked him this low just guess how the people forced to live with him felt. I feel bad for Kevin because he wasn’t really involved in the bullying but Paul and his squad really did live up to their name of team Ahole.


Dr. Will would rather comment on his own feeds rather than intelligently focus on the needs of the house to interview in a successful manner.


Dr. Will’s interviews were pathetic. I missed Jeff’s little grab bag dig gifts. At least he tried to discuss some topics, not like Will who kept asking that ridiculous question about the couples. He needs to be retired. He did remind Josh that Paul slapped him 4X. Josh couldn’t recall. How convenient. Then CBS shut that down real quick.


Dr. Will had to have been trolling Raven in the first few minutes of that interview.


He was actually horrible in most of these. He told them all basically what they wanted to hear. The Big Time interviews are the best!


Ya I enjoyed the Big Time interviews. She called them out on what they had said.
Christmas – I did not say that.
Interviewer – ya you did.
Christmas – was that verbatim?
Interviewer – to that effect.
Hey Christmas – welcome to the real world. We all saw what happened.


where can you find the big time interviews? Will sucks at interviewing!!!!!


I couldn’t finish Ravens interview with anybody. Big Time mentioned to every HG about #ravenexposedparty did she say anything to Raven about it?


He mentioned people were throwing parties about her while he was throwing some serious shade.

Matts gross

I agree, Dr. Will was horrendous in these interviews. He was almost as painful to watch as BB19 was. And after watching Matt in these interviews, I now see him as a dirty, ugly, and disgusting person. He will probably stay with Raven and get on board with her scams. I thought his using the chiz towel to wipe the counter was a mistake….not so sure now.

Chilltown Sucks

Could Dr.Will have been any more of a fan boy of Christmas? Sickening.

Bo Man

Horrible soft ball interviews by Dr. Will. I watched Paul and Ravens and that was all I could stand. No tough questions, acted like he wanted to be friends instead of conducting an honest interview. Will knows what viewers want to know! Ask those questions!!


Dr. Will’s time has passed.

Thanks to the jury for not rewarding Paul’s bullying. We don’t want to set that precedent.

For all the Cody haters in my case I didn’t vote for him because he was a great player I voted for him for two reasons.

1. He was the only player that had the balls to try and get Paul out. My vote was an F you to Paul, Josh, Alex, & Xmas.

2. My vote was also a huge middle finger to Production that did everything they could to push their boy over the finish line.

Slight justice

Why is Will kissing ass.. fan of Raven, impressed by Raven, and saying she controlled the jury??? Not to mention telling Paul all the BB alumni were rooting for Paul to win?? What bizarro planet do they all descend from? And please go back there!!


Its because he hasnt watched the show since the last time he was on it. Season 7 all stars 2006.


Haven’t watched yet, but read some summaries. I thought he was being sarcastic and was trolling some of them. Had to be with Raven and Matt because he’s just not that dumb to think she controlled the jury. She came out on the losing side of the vote. Now, I’ll have to watch.


If he was trolling Raven, Dr. Will coulda fooled me and he deserves an Academy Award. I was disappointed in his softball questions and surprised he wasted so much valuable interview time on asking stupid questions about the ridiculous showmances. Why not ask these idiots about how and why they f*d up. And how much were they paid extra to drink productions koolaid and sell their souls? I don’t think Dr. Will even watched the show or feeds. He didn’t know who half of them were. Eg. He said he thought Jillian was the water girl.


I liked Cameron’s interview. Accidental pregnancy, baby born with an inverted spine, and hopes maybe he can benefit from this.


I just watched Rob’s interviews. Well parts of them. Raven’s is something else and I actually like Mark more now after listening to him. Of course there were several trying to plug themselves into another show and that was terrible.


I always liked Mark. He was classy and gentlemanly. He took their bullying by just smiling and agreeing with them. Even when he cast his vote he told both Paul and Josh good luck gentlemen. I always figured he should have been in at least final 3 for AFP but he was off everybody’s radar. We WILL see Mark and Elena in Amazing race since Julie asked him in his eviction interview how he would feel about going on AMazing Race.


Depends on how the showmance holds. If it fizzles in the next couple weeks they may not have anything to work with but if it lasts a bit they can go with either couple or former couple and get some drama that way.


She did but not with Elena. Julie asked him if he would do it with Josh.


You have to watch the Rob has a Podcast interviews!! He had asked his listeners over the past week to submit questions for the houseguests, and a lot of them are the questions that have been asked here on OBB.

He is a master of giving zings to these people and them not even realizing what’s going on. He asked Raven “how are you” and after she gave a standard response, he asked about her all her other ailments like ‘rough knee syndrome’, ‘inverted spine’, and says she was ‘dealing with a lot’ this season. You could see the twinkle in his eyes when he asked her that. She answered with her long bs answers and doesn’t realize he’s trolling her. He also asks about her mom and mensa, her mom getting hit by lightning, and just about all the far out stories she’s been telling all season. She never skipped a beat and kept insisting these things happened!

If there’s one interview to watch, you’ve GOT TO WATCH RAVEN’S!!! Here’s the link to the entire set of interviews. Rob’s interview with Raven is at the 1:11:01 mark. You are going to enjoy this!!


I second this. Rob has a Podcast interviews were SO much better! Especially the one with raven. Watch them. You won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for the for the link, Ravens was classic. What was your favorite koolaid Paul made for you.


I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I feel bad for Raven watching Rob tell her that she’ll be surprised how many fans she has out there. He’s really pumping her up for a big let down. This poor girl really isn’t the brightest bulb, but I don’t think she is mean spirited.


Awesome — what was your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid that Paul made in the house, and Raven actually answers it without knowing he’s effing with her.

Damn right it’s cherry!


Was there even Kool-Aid? She’s going to get hit hard by reality in a couple days. The next few days will be mostly people blowing smoke up her butt and family making excuses. Once she tries to claim her new fan base, she’ll realize how bb fans feel.

This is the first season I really want to know how these guys are doing in a month or two.


Robs interviews were better but he talks like his mouth is full of marbles. The dude is not smooth at all but him asking Raven ” What was your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid that Paul made for you this year?” was classic.


Awesome interviews! Thanks for posting Rob Has a Podcast Backyard Interviews!

Which outlet was Rachel Reilly interviewing for? Rachel is next to Rob (in the media line in the BB Backyard). Are Rachel’s interviews online to watch?


Also loved the question about her favorite flavor of kool-aid paul made!


Dr. Will’s interviews sucked. If you only have limited time, watch Rob Has a Podcast’s interviews.

Paul the Punk

Please do not bring any of these people back to Big Brother again. This cast really had some bad humans,

Paul, Alex, Christmas, Josh, Raven, and Matt were really people who belonged on The Bad Girls Club. Jason I am really hoping that you address your comments and apoligize to Kevin and his family or else I would consider you worthy of this list too.


I’m sure Dr Will was just adding more gems for everyone with Raven. In no way do I think he was being serious at all. Remember the Dr Will from the show. He was just being funny. I got it. I thought it was hysterical. Bless her. Almost feel bad that she’s that delusional.


She is not delusional. She’s a moron. A pathological liar. A sociopath. Take your pick or all-of-the-above 🙂

Jimmy 64

Normally I miss big brother when it’s over but this time I’m glad it’s over.
I was tired of seeing everyone kissing Paul’s butt . Didn’t you love the look on Paul’s face
when Cody had the tie breaking vote . Second again . Ha ha
Cody had to have some enjoyment in not giving Paul the half million.
Let’s hope celebrity big brother is as good and they don’t get any special treatment.


Paul never expected to get Codys vote. Paul knew he lost when Mark cast his vote for Josh. I’ve gone back and watched that moment 4 times I enjoyed it so much.


Paul was surprised Cody voted for Josh. He thought Cody despised Josh. But obviously Cody ended up despising Paul more. I wish Cody had been questioned more about the promise or pact he made.

sunny dee

when josh got his first vote i was thinking paul was shocked already, because he didn’t think josh was going to get any. when he got a 2nd and a 3rd you could see he was speechless about it. well same thing with the final hoh and josh getting more questions right than paul did, i was very pleased with his performance. i always think that jury respond to that finale set of questions too, if they are on the fence about how it is going, they may lean more towards a guy who wins 2 of the final 3 hohs versus someone who basically gets chosen for the 2nd seat. sometimes that is all it takes, win to win it, really. if you don’t make the deciding vote, then maybe explain why you don’t know these HGs better than the other guy.

i mean he got 2 out of 7 correct, maybe 4 out of 7 isn’t overwhelming, but still

and at the end of the day i always want a winner to be someone who can say they’ve been watching since they were a kid, and it has always been a big dream to be on the show, not some guy who didn’t even watch a full season of it after getting recruited.

josh is also right, why shouldn’t he be voted a winner in spite of the calling people out and pots and pans, it was Evil Dick’s strategy and he won his season doing similar things, and was unapologetic and zero remorse, unlike josh who had shown a soft heart and loyalty through out the show.

let’s face it, there was little to choose from as valid winners from the cast, if we use only jury members and f2, paul, josh, alex and jason. xmas won things only because they were handed to her in painfully obvious ways, tho some of the other things she did, like align with a winning team is significant, it isn’t sufficient. as someone here also mentioned, paul made some serious mistakes with jury management. you don’t pretend to be everyone’s ally, then stab them in the back, and then pretend you are the victim. You be like josh and say, hey sorry about that but you aren ‘t really on my team, and we’ve been orchestrating moves for weeks now, and this is why. you show them what you’ve been doing, it is literally your only chance because they aren’t going to see the shows and DRs, you have no other chance. you can’t be an a$$ about it, obviously, but blatantly continuing to lie to their faces like paul did is why he didn’t get the landslide victory he expected. what he did wasnt jury man agement, when the evictee goes in and talks to the others who have more info, all that happens is then they look and feel even more stupid for believing his goodbye message.


Paul threw that final competition because he didn’t want to lose Xmas vote. He told Josh he was going to throw it to him.


I watched the Will interviews last night. As far as being the big brother official interviews go, I wasn’t really surprised. He pretty much asked them all the same stupid questions and got the same delusional answers. I’m 18 minutes into the RHAP interviews. had to push pause because i’m rolling my eyes excessively. He’s interviewing Paul. Paul is saying he never armed anyone to attack for personal reasons, it was all game; he is saying the houseguests took it upon themselves. I remember the day the house attempted to goad Cody and Jessica into physically assaulting someone, or quit. I remember Paul giving everyone marching orders on what subjects to push, and amping them up as his personal attack dogs. I still think that after his admission that he weaponized Josh and the house to go after Meghan, it would be interesting to see exactly what happened before the feeds were on. We all know they are still taping that stuff. We’ve seen small clips from the early days.
I wish one of the interviewers would actually call him on setting a tone where he convinced everyone it was ‘psychological warfare’ and ‘game’ instead of exactly what it was: mob rule.


Re the person who was talking about Paul denying inciting bullying I was so hoping they would have shown a clip of him on the final show ( maybe right after they showed Josh spilling the beans in good bye messages) ) of Paul literally jumping up and down in the kitchen with the stupid floatie on screaming
” come on everyone into the back yard lets get them lets really let them have it ” jump jump etc so everyone who might of missed it saw just how much HE DID incite everyone to bully.

Thats the day he got called into the DR and came out and said they told him to stop inciting everyone!! For CBS to not touch on it at all or say they will not allow it was a real miss of clearing it up
Someone has to nail him for that AND slapping Josh in the face!


Wow the interview with Dr. will and Christmas insane she has shown herself to be a true two-faced trollop she was blaming Josh for not taking her even though she told him not to and that she was not going to take him.. This is what happens when you lie and when you’re an idiot you have to cover up lies with lies.. she doesn’t want to look like she’s a complete fool for for telling him not to take her and for telling Paul not to take her and just wanting to come in third she literally made me want to get a gun…

sunny dee

josh on the talk was asked about taking xmas, and referred to her not commiting to taking him if she was the decider, and at the time i figure she was making a big mistake saying that. all she needed to do was say of course she’d take him, and he probably would have stufck with her


I saw that interview Dr. Will had with Christmas and wondered if maybe she was back on her pain meds, she was so loopy and delusional!! Last week when Josh told her he wanted to take her to final 2, she told him in so many words to take Paul. Yet she is trying to act all hurt Josh didn’t take her? It’ll be interesting to see if the 3 of them will still all be buddies and travel the world like they were planning in the house.


Groundhog Day does not make any sense.

Groundhog Day told Josh “taking me to the end is not best for you game … you should take Paul … I am taking Paul.”

What did Groundhog Day expect Josh to do after being told by Groundhog “take Paul to F2.”

It seems as though Groundhog Day fell in love with Paul – Groundhog’s love for Paul caused Groundhog to use her position in the house to “get Paul the win.” Groundhog thinking “Paul will love me as much as I love him after Paul sees I support him – Paul’s game is more important than mine (Groundhog’s game). Paul will profess his love for me and Paul and Groundhog will live happily ever after.”

More of Groundhog’s delusions.

Groundhog has no reason to be upset with Josh after Groundhog instructed Josh to take Paul to F2.


Big brother is slipping, it’s no longer about who played the best game. Too many sensitive people not only in that house this season, but in this comment section. I remember when evil dick played, that mofo was the ultimate bully, and everybody was on his team for winning. He did what he had to which included bullying houseguests and making crazier crude remarks then Paul. Yet here we are in 2017 and people get so butthurt too easily. It’s a game, remember that, if Paul was too much for you and you think you could play big brother, don’t ever bother applying because you’ll end up looking like all the sheep this season. And FYI, I am not a Paul fan, I’m a big brother fan and think the best player should win if they make it to the final 2. I like Kevin, but dammit if he made it to final 2, he would have had no chance. Well a few years ago when big brother was a game, and not a place to make best friends.


The best player did win. Josh aligned with the right people and out smarted Paul in the goodbye
Messages to secure jury votes.


Evel Dick was a jerk…BY HIMSELF. He didn’t get the majority of the house to do it for him. Paul deserves exactly what he got. Second place bc of one vote. Again. It redeemed an otherwise toxic season.

Mad Bum 50

If Paul had deserved to win, he would have won. Instead, his stupid arrogance did him in. Jury management is a required skill that he sorely lacked — therefore he deservedly lost.


But… where’s Jeff? What happened to Jeff?

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Jeff is doing Daily Blast live.


Aw… I was so looking forward to Jeff’s backyard interviews and the dollar store presents… (Yes, I am still a cat lady but NOT the Jody kind, eeewwww!)

Paul and Raven sitting in a tree

Hi Paul. Hows you moms basement today? What time does she usually bring your dinner down to u? Is raven coming over tonight to join u for dinner?

Look on the bright side, u might have lost again but u got the ultimate prize…. RAVEN!!!!!


Enjoy your mommys basement!!!!

Paul's mom

At least he won 2nd place. What did you win lately? Loser.


Thanks Simon & Dawg for the best BB site! You two are wonderful and I love this site. I’ve watched since first season and this is the worst IMO, but you guys made it tolerable. Not sure if you guys will be doing Celebrity BB, I’ll be checking back. Thanks again for all the hard work! ?


I enjoyed Rob laughing uncontrollably at Mark ranting about Matt.


Simon or Dawg – The first video with Josh & Will has audio of a girl talking & blowing her nose & stuff. Not sure if you intended to post that and didn’t know any other way to tell you other than comments 🙂


Don’t bother with Will’s interviews. Seemed he was more interested in kissing a#s.
Big time interview bought the dirt.


Good god. It’s Big Brother, not 60 Minutes. It’s a stupid reality show. It’s not serious, and it isn’t hard-hitting journalism. It’s just silly, brainless entertainment. Dr. Will did fine.


Paul sunk his own battleship, he had the game wrapped up until finale night. He should have owned up to the jury to getting everyone out not saying he no part and he had to go that way because of everyone else! Huh what is he smoking? He controlled the entire game and jury day is the time to own up to it, not lie! Also wtf was he making faces at Josh when Josh was giving his speech and acting disrespectful but calling Josh a “coward” for Josh using diary good-bye messages as a strategy(actually it was a brilliant game move, that not even great players have used in the past). The taste in my mouth after all was said and done before the vote was Josh handled all of it classy and was actually sorry for what he had done to get to the end, remorseful and truthful even and Paul was the exact opposite he thought he already won, was unapologetic and even disrespectful to his own ally in the game by calling him names. Paul played a great game, but his selfishness got in the way of him winning!


You need to share the interview of Cody refusing to apologize for his offensive remarks about the transgender community. AFP is an intolerant, offensive, individual.


go to some rally or protest and bug off




Anyone know what happened to Jeff? He did these in the past


Big Brother. Please do not bring back people that have played the game before. Give 16 new people a chance to play!! people a chance to play! It would make for a better show.

Backseat Driver

Bring back the food challenges…..assign clean-up duties…..part of the problem is these HG’s have too much time on their hands!
Why not have the bottom 3 losers on a comp go on slop for a week?! That might take care of all the “thrown” comps.
I recently watched some earlier seasons of Big Brother—more entertaining and fun to watch!
Okay that’s a wrap….this crap ass season is over and it’s Survivor time.
Than you Simon and Dawg….


Big Brother Production did put the “first ones to drop” on slop.

You are right — Big Brother Production needs to referee the game of Big Brother. For example, Big Brother Production should have intervened before the house guests were able to refuse to play in comps — “throwing’ the comps to a hg handpicked by a Big Brother Game Player Tyrant.


i agree have h g that need the money


Next year they need to do a BBAD on finale night so we can see the interaction live in the backyard. The moment Julie was signing off for the night was the moment Paul realized that all his attacks on Cody backfired and he attacked the one that was voted AFP. He looked sick, hope he gets some therapy I think he is going to need it unless he can turn around being a loser twice into something fun and funny. Otherwise he will follow Hillary on a book tour complaining about what happened. This was not handed to you on a silver platter. He should have known Alex of all people was is and will always be one of the most bitter people of all time and Jason and her think alike in this game. The fact that it came down to Codys vote was hilarious to me and then Cody winning – even more funny. One thing I walked away with was just how damn sweet Mark is… that guy and Mark and Raven…i think thats their names….need to go away..Sick and Ravens face and lips when Julie was talking to Paul…she is a fame whore but after this show, we can drop the first part of that name.


Loved Rob’s interview of Raven. Has there ever been a more clueless player in history of BB?


Simon/Dawg…………thank you so much for the best bb site on the web! And for helping us all get through this nightmare of a season. Love the posts, comments….you kept me laughing through some pretty miserable days.

And many thanks for the link to “the big time”….loved Dana’s interview with Jason…she called him out on his “rape comment”. He said he & Kevin are good. That he apologized to Kevin & everythings ok. But when you go to the Kevin interview it sounds like Kevin is reserving judgement till he talks to his family. Whistlenut….this ain’t goin’ away anytime soon…………….& it shouldn’t.

Thanks again Simon/Dawg………’re the best!

Always a bridesmaid

Did anyone else catch Jason’s interview with Rob? At the end Rob told him that he needs to talk to Kevin. I’d say. Pretty sure Thanksgiving is cancelled.


Paul kept saying that he had no blood on his hands. To me, he was dripping in blood. He may not have pulled the trigger, but he put the bullets in the gun, handed it to the HOH, told them who to shoot and in what order. Paul also claimed to be the Puppet Master, which I think he was, but he can’t claim to control everything that happens in the house and simultaneously claim to have no blood on his hands. He should have owned it during the finale but his own arrogant ass bit him in the, well, ass.


I’ve seen several interviews with Mark and he’s clearly holding back. I am waiting for him to just let it go. It will be great to hear his unfettered opinions of some of these guys. I like him more and more with each interview.

I don’t think Raven makes it past two sentences before mentioning her disease in every interview. Raven’s in for a bad time in a couple days.

I just did some manscaping on my taint

Since we all know Matt is really 50 and not 30something, when does he break the news to Raven and will he ever wear more fashionable shirts?


Please CBS don’t let any of these people on Survivor or The Amazing Race don’t ruin those shows.

The only way I would even watch them is if you did a Survivor with three teams one BB, The Race and Survivor I bet none of BB would last going against them.


Paul never expected to get Codys vote. Paul knew he lost when Mark cast his vote for Josh. I’ve gone back and watched that moment 4 times I enjoyed it so much.


I think this is my final comment of the season. I’m trying to reconcile and comprehend my impressions. To do due diligence I’ve watched three or four interview selections. I’ve read Chenbot’s entertainment weekly crap (sorry, I generally think phone it in Julie has a broken barometer at the best of times).
Here’s my final judgement:
Despite interviews to the contrary: Josh didn’t win due to game. Josh took direction well from the storyline dept. handlers. He questioned Paul without taking any action after a d/r visit in order to increase possibility of drama, and followed their direction in his goodbye messages (check the editing skips in those messages, it’s plainly evident even the goodbye messages are cut and paste to effect a story line). Nobody honestly or earnestly believes Josh’s game was superior. It wasn’t. Josh is the default winner in a season so contrived that production’s hand was too plainly seen, and complained about by the fan base. Production shifted the story line a few weeks ago. I contend Paul was made aware of the shift a few weeks ago when he was called to the d/r more than a couple of times in one day, and came out sulking crying and whining. Production altered course, or at least took their hand off the wheel. This is about the same time production asked Josh leading questions about Paul’s trustworthiness. This is about the same time Josh started his maybe I should target Paul talks that led to absolutely nothing, but was a pretty good attempt to make Josh look like a heroic figure with his finger on the pulse to the fan base: notice the word attempt.
Despite interviews to the contrary: Paul was not brought into the game with the odds stacked against him. He was put into a season where more than half of the house guests were only on this show in order to increase their brand. And what were the first actions of the season? Oh. the two house guests that were previous season feed watchers were eliminated. In one week. So the people that knew Paul’s episode edit from season 18 was a fictional recreation were no longer a factor in the season. Yeah, that seems pretty stacked against him. Oh, he’d already met another one…. even if she’s a delusional wannabe starf%cker gofundme moron? Multiple people were told by production to push the 25k button that got him in the house in the first place (as talked about briefly on feeds)? He was given the Neda safety prize and a first week nomination immunity as well the power to have everyone kiss his ass for the possibility of their own nomination safety? People that were in the house once his safety was gone that were unwilling to go along with storyline ideas that would enhance Paul’s mastermind edit were ‘subtly’ informed they’d be out (note Jessica and Elena’s commentaries after d/r the week before they were evicted, and Alex’s comments after a d/r session two weeks before her eviction)? Notice how Jessica is now appearing on a few episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful (a walk on appearance prize in most seasons, but looks like a pay off now). Perfect example of storyline predetermination in order to increase Paul’s mastermind edit: Christmas was cleared medically without crutch or scooter to compete in the foot race hoh? Riiiiight.
More likely: the everyone throws because Paul said to throw and it perfectly shows his puppeteering skills edit was just to good for them to resist. Yeah. I’m sure that’s the making of things being stacked against Paul. Nothing was stacked against Paul until the fan base complained too much about just how obvious the production manipulation of the season had become. The shift from Paul as obvious winner to Paul the loser was purposeful. The powers that be buckled to the pressure. They could easily have convinced one more juror to vote for Paul in the same way they convinced Da’vonne to vote for Nicole to complete Grodner’s vision of a woman beating a man in finals to end the ‘curse’. They didn’t. They purposefully allowed a spiteful catty petty mob mentality season that benefitted their pet project Paul’s personality and ‘game’ style to end in a bitter jury decison in the attempt to make fans think they hadn’t been manipulating the season at all. That’s right: they manipulated us about manipulating us.
Despite Julie Chen’s assertion that Cody won 25k because of his straightforward personality… let’s call a spade a spade. Cody got that money because awarding it to him was the fans’ way of sticking a middle finger up to production. Strangely enough, given his talk of walking out, and being over it, and not participating… i almost smell another pay off.
Maybe Big Brother should stop using Big Brother Canada as a beta test for ways in which they can manipulate and rig a season. The growing shift from game show premise in a reality format to reality show premise in a game format that has been occurring for the past few years may have gone too far. Perhaps they should stop recruiting people more interested in branding opportunities on social media. Maybe they need to take their hands off the wheel more and create story lines from what is presented rather than feeding predetermined story lines in the d/r. Make the d/r a confessional again, rather than who can read the lines fed to them the best. They have how many writers and storyline directors and editors? Maybe a few too many writers and directors. The classic players most remembered from early seasons walked in to the diary room like a confessional, laid out their games, plots and plans. Now it’s far more likely they’ll be called in, shown cue cards, asked to repeat their lines in another emotional tone, then asked leading questions that make them appear more game wise than they are.
The episode version of Big Brother (as opposed to the feed version) has become more an more of a let down. Bad casting gets worse. Production manipulation is so in your face that they could just do d/r in sock puppet version. Gee. Can’t wait until they bring back a couple of these jerks for another season… my last bb19 eye roll.

Applause in the room

Very good analysis…. I couldn’t agree more..

Simon and Dawg, you guys rock, dawg, I know how much dad’s participate in baby care, thank you especially for throwing your views in there during the last couple months, and I hope baby lets you get a full night sleep soon.

And another thing...

You should send your rant to CBS and sign it millions of BB fans



I know this game is rigged

Well said and I agree with 99% of this. Bottom line, this is has become a scripted, pre-determined faux game show. I would only add that I think CBS may have given the order to Grodner to change the plot lines. Originally it was paul in first, xmas in second and returning next season, and Josh for AFP. What happened was that Production is finding it difficult to separate the BBAD/online audience from the CBS audience. The nasty behavior was being brought to CBS forums and social media sites and that is not good for CBS. People began to show a strong distaste for Grodners annointed ones and the flipped the script. Paul was pissed and stunned that his game was saboutaged by Josh’s eviction confessions to the HGs. He could not believe Grodner aire that. I think they also made sure to swing/payoff mark and elena and cody to vote for josh despite his cruel behavior. The goal was to tear down paul and build up josh over the last weeks. And ditch the plan to have xmas in the final 2. They will do alright and will be paid off for keeping their mouths shut.


I think actually production is lazy. They bring in vets basically to train the newbies. To do their job for them. That way less time spent in the diary room explaining to the newbies what their role is supposed to be. I do agree that they must have changed the story arc to suit Josh because they were getting a lot of flack about Paul and his ruthless methods. And that them favouring him was becoming all too blatant.


Remember, the name of the show is Big Brother. Big Brother, in the classic sense, sees all, knows all and manipulates all from behind the scenes. Big Brother…1984… Big Brother is supposed to be running things. That’s the point. Stuff being turned on it’s head is the whole point. Remember the book?


This season was hardly doubleplus good. The telescreens are faulty.

Backseat Driver

Anonymous……you nailed it! Thank you for taking the time to write that post!


Josh didn’t win, Paul lost. If a monkey or a surfboard was sitting next to Paul in the final 2 he still would have lost Bitter jury was offended that Paul cheated on them (as in adultery). Sooooo, they voted as if to say “na na na na na naaaaa”.
Cody didn’t vote for him because Paul embarrassed Cody with the temptation he revealed at the nomination ceremony; Cody isn’t over it. Cody needs a Rx for happy pills. He actually didn’t want anything to do with any of the other BB players except for Jess; he exhibits antisocial behavior to the Nth degree.


Paul had a chance to win if he would have owned up to his game and also not acting like an a** when Josh was answering questions. Nothing to do with a bitter jury.

September 21st

September 21st back here

Thanking Simon and Dawg 1 last time. U kept me going for 6 weeks when I stopped watching! Thanks!


Nicole wins and gets Victor
Cody wins AFP and gets Jessica


Paul loses again and goes home to his mommy’s basement and gets raven and shitmas fighting over him

sunny dee

i can’t wait to see paul’s reaction to the lovebirds nicole, his nemesis, and victor, his best buddy. this romance started after day one, so he’d have no idea lol


Cody’s seems like a real Grade-A jerk, and his girlfriend is just as abhorrent. I think many of you need to just face and and admit that, while you don’t like him, Paul dominated the entire game. The vote is the vote, and Josh won, but the truth of the matter is that a logical jury would’ve admitted that like it or not Paul was the guy who deserved to win. Raven has her issues, but she actually had the most realistic take on the season in these interviews.

And as to all of this hate you guys here spew for these TV personalities – I’m sorry, but I think quite a few of you here need to get a grip on reality.


“Cody seems like a real Grade-A jerk”, why because he isn’t a immature 20 something who was more interested in being a “reality star” than playing the game? So while you think your opinion is gospel I don’t have to admit anything. Cody and maybe Mark were the only two people in that house who I would ever want to hang out with.


Paul didn’t own his game. He had the opportunity to at final 2 where you tell the house what you did. He did play the best game (only for BB19) but fell short at the end. Trying to play that he had a final 3 with every one cost him the game. Josh was loyal to his 3 the whole game.


The Alex interview was by far, the best interview of the night… Did this girl have something fall on her head and knock her senses back where they should have been from the very beginning? But, guess what Alex? TOO LATE! The part where she states, “I should have aligned with Cody….” YES, you should have, but instead you attached yourself to one of Paul’s nuts, talked spewed shit and vile at and about people, harassed people and in doing all this, persuaded Jason to go right along the route with you, even when his brain occasionally questioned everything… And if that wasn’t enough, you stated SEVERAL times, that you wanted Paul to make it to the end and would be more than happy as 2nd… You and Jason even stated that you were worried (when you thought he was at risk), that he may be at risk of being put up during Veto’s…. OMG!


For anyone to think that Paul should not have won this game, you are a sensitive, emotional, sore loser. Just like the jury. That was embarrassing to watch. Shame on the jury, and shame on America for giving AFP to Cody. Like Paul said, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It’s a game.

If the bullying was so bad, they should have all teamed up and gotten Paul out. That is called playing the game (and life). Oh, but they are sheep who have no minds for themselves and are just emotional sore losers. It is big brother. Locked in a house. Bullying happens. Anyone read Lord of the Flies?

Paul did everything right and played the game to a tee. He was the only one to play the game in fact. Maybe the only other one that did was Jess… and that is pretty sad. The vote should have been 9-0. I’m getting sick of these emotional Jury votes. They reward the person filling the seat beside the better player because they got their feelings hurt.

I can go on… but I won’t.


maybe he should have owned his game to a tee!

Whoa there Wopa

I agree that Paul should have won; however I don’t agree that bullying just happens. It takes a certain type of person who can get joy from the torment of others. No player in the history of BB ever won from bullying and personally I am happy Paul lost. It seems to me that your post was very emotional so why shouldn’t the jury be? It’s human nature. Big surprise that these HGs were human!


For anyone who has been bullied in their lifetime whether at home or the office, or school setting…this was Karma and a win for all of us. Paul thought in his smug, egotistical manner that he was the winner long before the show ended. It was fun watching him slither away when he found out he lost AGAIN. Hopefully, we will never have to see the likes of Paul ever again on any other BB season again. And for Christmas….her brand was harmed by all the bullying, foul language and overall mean spirited game play. Motivational speaker my foot…


Sad thing is Paul does not think he bullied anyone and still thinks he should have won and doesn’t know what he did wrong. YOU DID NOT OWN YOUR GAME, PAUL!!!!


There are still a lot of people saying Paul should have won because he played a better game. He did and even though the bar was practically on the ground, he did outplay the house. The reason Paul lost wasn’t just a bitter jury but Paul played very personally. He had people attacked on a personal level and was trying to cause emotional distress in his targets. That made it much easier to get his way in the game because no one wanted to be on the receiving end of it but at the same time the first chance they get to screw you without fear of retribution, they will. I think the main reason Paul refused to take credit for his game was he realized just how distasteful it was and he was desperately trying to avoid the blowback. That refusal to basically tell the jurors that they are sitting there because he put them there is what ultimately cost Paul the win. Josh took credit, though I think once he sees just how much people disliked his “gameplay” he’ll be quite apologetic, and that ownership edged him over Paul in a couple minds.

I think Raven and Christmas were both hoping to rake in the Paul meet and greet money with Matt willing to show up for some cereal.

Paul Sux

The Paul Meet and Greet Money???? What the fuck is that??? This ass clown couldn’t sell out a 7-11. Who the fuck would pay paul money to host an event? Seriously.How many people are like “Hey Paul is gonna be at the Stop and Shop next week. I gotta meet him in person”. Get the fuck outta here with that.


Ironically enough, there is a strong possibility that Xmas cost Paul his win by using the Ring of Replacement.

When Jess revealed the Halting Hex, Paul and Xmas tried to carrot and stick her into not using it, holding out the possibility of redeeming herself and making jury at least if she didn’t use it to save Cody, with the threat that she would become house target number one over Cody the next week if she did. When she used it, and threw the safety comp to put herself on the block and avoid the back door, Xmas used the Ring of replacement to take Cody out of the veto to prevent him from trying to save her.

Cody might not have won OTEV away from Mark, but he was a strong competitor, and would have been supremely motivated. Considering that the entire point of a back door, when used, is to keep motivated strong competitors out of the veto, one would have to assume he would have had a good shot at it; that his participation was something Paul and Xmas had a good reason to want to avoid in order to remove Jess.

Removing Jess pre-jury to punish her for the hex, however, turned out to be a bad idea for Paul.

Had Cody played in OTEV and won, he would have made Jess and himself safe. With Jody off the table, either Mark or Elena would have gone home, not to jury, and Jess would have made jury instead.

Since both Mark and Elena voted for Josh, and Jess stated that she would have voted for Paul, removing either half of Marlena from the jury and subbing in Jess would have flipped the 5-4 vote to Paul.

So when Xmas is boasting about taking away Cody’s chances of saving Jess, there’s a good chance she’s unknowingly boasting about taking Paul out of the winner’s circle.

sunny dee

the fact that jess wasn’t in jury was 1000% jess’s fault, no one elses. tho maybe she would have voted for paul, maybe she would have been like all the others and not done that. jess and cody were handed the opportunity to play the game, and refused. she played the hex, and went home, when she should have played the hex to save herself. well she wouldn’t have had to save herself with it because she would have been safe, all she had to do was let sore loser sourpuss get evicted. and before that, all the two of them needed to do was play along and not isolate themselves, and alienate others. even josh was going to figure out a way to save jess, and thereby save the two of them, but like alex later in the game, she refused to have a conversation with him. little he can do to make a deal and do a different move when the people involved in it refuse to play the game

Paul's mom

Paul was robbed. He was the best. Fkg Josh stole it. Waaaaah no fair.

Paul's Dad

Paul did not lose due to a bitter jury. The jury voted against Allison Grodner and to the extent she tried to rig the game. Paul was collateral damage. The Jury wanted to send a message that the show needs to change. After this show I dont think they will ever bring back another vet. The new HGs will all target any vets from day 1 after watching this season.


Admittedly I will not watch the Dr. Will interviews b/c he irks me. I did watch Raven, Christmas, Paul and JOsh with the super fan there and loved it. They continue to deflect, they believe that Josh was the one being bullied and that they didn’t do or say anything that reflected on them being bullies. They are seriously delusional. Simon and Dawg thank you for all your efforts.


Truth be told…
Paul was not robbed. He didn’t even deserve second place. He lucked into it bc he played this season with stupid lemmings that would do anything he asked – no matter how vile it was. IMO the final three were the worst three players in the game. Josh was the least bad of the three so he won. Yippee. Let’s just forget how he tormented people for weeks on end with very loud pots & pans in their faces. Go ahead…have someone do that to you for about 15 minutes and see how you like it. Better woken up like that. It’s enough to make anyone snap and break the boy. He is LUCKY production stopped Mark. Not one single person worth their brain cells would have blamed Mark for ripping Josh’s head off. Did those three outplay the others? No. They orchestrated thrown competitions. That was beyond boring to watch. Big Brother needs to learn a lesson from this season and actually earn their name of Big Brother and stop letting that stuff happen. To be on BB you HAVE to compete. If you knowingly throw it, you should get a penalty vote. If you do anything TRYING to provoke physical reactions, you should be expelled. Last, but certainly not the least as my post is long, I think they should have to compete for food they eat. EARN IT. These hg’s are lazy, entitled and quite frankly overfed. I miss the days of the week food comps BB had in the beginning.

Dat Fat A$$

Yes they are over fed. Raven’s ass seemed to be growing on a daily basis!!! That bitch should have moved her bed into the kitchen and she would never have to move all day. Except to give matt handjobs.


We just met Matt and Raven in San Diego. They were super nice and sat with us at a table. Raven is very skinny. I think TV made her look bigger. I thought she gained a lot of weight also when I watched the live feeds but it was probably just a few pounds.
And Matt is very thin and much smaller as well – I thought he would be more muscular looking. He wore a different t-shirt – haha.
*Just some side notes: When we came by to say hi, Matt immediately offered to buy us a beer which was nice. Matt has a strong dislike for Marc and asked if we saw Elena’s past tweets. Raven was very into talking about Paul and kept mentioning that they’ve been texting all day. Said that he was doing better and that they were over at his house for dinner. They also like Christmas. They were definitely still a couple. They said they did nothing but have fun all summer (at least they owned it).


Technically Paul finished in fourth place after Josh, Kevin and Cody. Their stipend plus the $25k they each won was more than the $50k that Paul won. And for the record, Josh “dragged” Paul to final two. He chose Paul for final and Paul hid behind him the entire season. He got played!

Pelvic Thrust

That is fuzzy math. 50K is more than 25K. Paul also got a stipend and more $ as a veteran.

For The Record

First and second only get the prize money. No stipend as the winner or runner up.


FYI- winner and runner up don’t get the stipend. Yes it’s funny real math.

I'm Ashamed to be Paul's Dad

Josh outsmarted Paul and played him despite all the help Paul got from production. Allison Grodner rigged the season for paul, and that fool still came up empty! Great player my a$$. I could have won that season if I got that kind of help from Grodner. Paul is a loser.


Why did Alex delete her twitter account?

I Got Crabs From Raven

Its the wake up call where their “fans” troll them and they realize how despised some of them are…


Quick afterthought. I’m one of those evil production conspiracy people… but if I’m looking at the game at face value:
If Paul was unable to win over a chick that did nothing but sit in a room giving handjobs all summer (basically raven without the terminal illness blahblahblah) the first time he played, and unable to win over a guy that seems to have emotionally stunted at the development level of the terrible two’s this time around: he has to be doing something wrong.
He can be the reincarnation of machiavelli… but if he can’t manage a jury to get them to vote for him in the end he doesn’t deserve to win. The point is to play the game well enough to get a jury of your peers to name you winner. Paul failed. What else is there to say?