Big Brother 14 Live Feed Early Bird Special Starts Today SAVE 25%

It’s that time of year again the Big Brother 14 Live Feed early bird specials will be available Monday June 18. BB14 start date is July 12th. A recent Video reveals that this season will have the most House guests ever plus 4 SUPER-SIZED Surprises. (Commercial available on Google+)

What’s the big deal with the Early Bird Special?

Watch Big Brother 14 Early Bird Special LINK

1) CHEAP 25% off the regular price. That means, for a limited time, get the feeds for 3-Months for $29.99. That’s only $9.99 per month!
2) Mobile plugin included
Last year you had to pay to see the mobile feeds but this year it comes with your regular live feed subscription. This is a great feature to have for all you iPhone/Android user. Also this year onlinebigbrother has released 2 free apps for both iPhone and Android. All the same spoilers you read on the site are now available in apps. Your total mobile package is now complete for Big Brother 14.
3) Flashback On mobile 
Flashback is great it allows you to “rewind” back to anytime on the live feeds and watch what happens first hand. Onlinebigbrother coupled with the flashback utility is the perfect combo. Simon and Dawg watch the feeds round the clock they’ll blog about what happens and supply time stamps. You can now use this time stamp to go back and watch the feeds.
4) Last Season of Big Brother Live Feeds available. If you like to torture yourself then go back and watch the feeds for bb13.

Why get your Live Feeds from

Every Big Brother website selling the live feeds offers the same deal, support the site that you enjoy by purchasing your live feeds with them.
Onlinebigbrother live blogs the entire season of the feeds if you like our Big Brother content buy your feeds from us and support this blogs.



First off thank you to everyone who has purchased the feeds from this site. Feed sales keep this site running and without them we wouldn’t be able to provide you with round the clock spoilers.

1) Real has informed us that there is a technical problem with the sign up process which is affecting users who have had previous subscriptions. I am in constant contact with them and will let everyone know when I know myself.

2) If you sign up for the feeds and the price shows 39.99 NOT 29.99 it is just a typo. If you click a link on this site you will be charged the early bird amount of 29.99.


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Today is a kickoff of tgh


Most houseguests ever huh? Well that means 15 or 16. I feel 16 because if it is 4 giant surprises…4 4s is 16. Plus it is season four-teen. I’m feeling a play off the number 4 this season. 4 teams of four to start? 4 twists. Maybe 4 veteran captains? 4 double evictions to finish the season on time. Any other 4 ideas?


When does this offer end? :o

.Big Brother's Big Brother
.Big Brother's Big Brother

Superpass is making you look bad, as you are advertising a service this is not working, and has not been working for 3 days now.


That’s weird, I signed up for the BB live feeds on Monday to get the early bird discount and its working for me. I’ve been rewatching all of Big Brother 13 the past couple days.. It’s probably something on your end or something to do with your browser, I would try logging in a different browser or something. I dunno not a computer wizard … but all I know is that its working for me. At least its something that can be sorted out before BB14 starts … Good Luck!

.Big Brother's Big Brother
.Big Brother's Big Brother

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually had a link to Superpass, which was working on the 17th, so it has something to do with the Early Bird special I think. All other websites work and from what SuperPass is telling me, I’m not the only person with this issue.

Big Brother's Big Brother
Big Brother's Big Brother

Simon, has Real said anything to you yet about this issue? On other websites it seems clear that this is a widespread issue with multiple “fixed” false alarms. Are they not giving you any information at all? Four days is a bit excessive to be waiting as free trial is now over, with no access to service and no explanation as to why. I’m not very impressed by this whole situation.